Introduction + Rules

Hi! Okay, so I said in my introduction last time that I probably wouldn't be making more games, but I decided, why not go out with a bang? And bam! The Cataclysmic Games! Cataclysmic meaning a violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change, and these games are exactly that! Tributes will be reaped from twenty four countries all over the world, leaving there to be 48 tributes. This time, I won't be acceping dull tributes, at all, and I won't even warn you again, oh, and they have to be brand spanking new. You are allowed up to three tributes, and they must all be from a different country, and they can't all be one gender. The tributes must include names to do with their Country, for example, if they're from China, they must have a chinese name. Also, I will be making Lunaii's this time, so please describe what your tribute looks like, also, the tribute MUST look egyptian if they are from Egypt, and so on so forth. So get your game on, because these are The Cataclysmic Games!

Tribute Template









Appearance (I'll make lunaiis, so please don't supply one):



Backstory (Optional):



Male Tribute User Female Tribute User
Japan Taro Nakagawa PeaceLoveGir Reserved for Anna
Russia Yuri Petrov ShadowStarters Demetria Varvara Kaaitlyn
China Fu Wong ShadowStarters Yüzhen Ya Ninja~Toast
France Reserved for Write Reserved for Shadow
Germany Victor Addams TheMysteriousGeek Eva Schloz EpicnezzEmily
Egypt Adio Mazzaci WiressFan21 Amina Sarraf Beetee19
South Africa Hephaestus Tanzer Nhtomahawks22 Nomfundo Voga PeaceLoveGir
Brazil Pele Machano Ninjaguy3107 Reserved for Wiress
Canada Reserved for Wiress
Sweden Karl von Henric District1MarvelRules! Astrid Blanchers Annamisasa
Italy Reserved for Wesley Reserved for Write
Greece Ariez Halvaro Ninjaguy3107 Chloris Spring Kaaitlyn
Korea Reserved for Wiress Hee-Sun Choy PeaceLoveGir
Australia Caine Mitchell YoungGuy5 Reserved for Wesley
Spain Armando Velazquez Beetee19 Ahmed Saad YoungGuy5
Britain William Montand IX Write46747
Saudi Arabia Rebel Peacock TheMysteriousGeek Trillium Siege Moviepopcorn123
India Nick Gradi  Moviepopcorn123 Nadria Chadrakala MsA
New Zealand Bacher York New Zealand Reserved for Ranger
Ireland Reserved for Kiki
Bulgaria Reserved for HGF21 Marzia Antony IfWeBurn
Holland Reserved for HGF21 Anna Maria van Kampen Wesolini
Mongolia Miriana Gunther IfWeBurn
Mexico Juan Copper IfWeBurn Zakia West TheMysteriousGeek

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