The Victors



Hey,this is my 3rd games!

The title 'The Examination Games' Is based on the computer game Slenderman.

The arena will have 1 tunnel and during night one tribute will be posessed and turned into a Slenderman for the rest of the next day.

It is hard to defeat the Slenderman,you can run,but you can't hide.


The arena has 1 black tunnel surrounding the cornucopia.Inside the tunnel is black concrete,and a purple forest.And if you reach the end of the tunnel (20km walk) you will find a waterfall,survival supplies and weapons.

Tribute Template










You can have FOUR TRIBUTES.


Name Age Weapon Creator
District 1 Male Brass Sater 18 Machete,Mace,Sword,Spear,Dagger,Knives Angry birds12
District 1 Female Gretta Leidel 16 Axe,Sword Jsm13athome
District 2 Male Cobble Silverwisp 16 Axe,Sword Deaphalia911
District 2 Female Lyndsay Willis 18 Throwing knives,Spears Lead The Careers
District 3 Male Sparks Fly 16 Machete,Axe,Sword,Knives Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 3 Female Emerald Infinity 17 Throwing Knives,Axe,Combat knives,Trident Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 4 Male Antero Lisin 17 Trident Wesolini
District 4 Female Bliss Creme 16 Throwing Knives Angry birds12
District 5 Male John Carter 14 Sword,Spear,Knives,Bow and Arrow Fiske Cahill
District 5 Female Cassia Sylara 15 Bow and arrow Cupcakesrule
District 6 Male Golden Hawbrook 18 Anything he can get his hands on. Rockman117
District 6 Female Artemis Kane 17 Bow and Arrow Beetee19
District 7 Male Sawyer Thomas 18 Axe Beetee19
District 7 Female Fragile Lemongrass 17 Axe,Dagger,Spear ColourfulRain
District 8 Male Max Summers 17 Knife Rockman117
District 8 Female Celeste Ryder 12 Knife Beetee19
District 9 Male Jet Miller 14 Scythe Beetee19
District 9 Female Autumn LeBlanc 16 Bow and Arrow,Mace Deaphalia911
District 10 Male Everest Strong 18 Pitchfork,Spear,Knife Angry birds12
District 10 Female Natasha Grey 15 Throwing knives Annamisasa
District 11 Male Allan Raye 13 Katana,Throwing knives Wesolini
District 11 Female Summer Fest 17 Scythe,Sickle,Knives Angry birds12
District 12 Male Wither Quagsmire 17 Dagger,Explosives ColourfulRain
District 12 Female Vixen Albridge 17 Bow and arrow,Hand to hand combat Lead The Careers

Capitol Residents

Chessboard (The Hunger Games Host)
Stamina (Richest woman in The Capitol)
Rocket (Head Gamemaker)
Pilot (The Hunger Games Announcer)
Capsicum (Owner of Dress Shop)


Name Training In
Thunder Hand to hand combat
Ambrosia Axe Throwing
Osmin Archery
Cashel Camoflauge
Mystic Knife Throwing
Gladiator Spear throwing
Mansion Climbing
Armstrong Shelter
Crispan Axe
Park Knot-tying
Fawn Hammer Throwing
Tigerlily Sword
Violet Mace
Pontiac Swimming
Diamond Running
Lavender Blowgun
Calamity Wire
Madison Machete
Mountain Plants
Blade Dagger

Training Scores

Name Training Score
Brass Sater 10
Gretta Leidel 8
Cobble Silverwisp 8
Lyndsay Willis 9
Sparks Fly 5
Emerald Infinity 6
Antero Lisin 7
Bliss Creme 9
John Carter 7
Cassia Sylara 4
Golden Hawbrook 9
Artemis Kane 10
Sawyer Thomas 9
Fragile Lemongrass 5
Max Summers 6
Celeste Ryder 6
Jet Miller 8
Autumn LeBlanc 7
Everest Strong 9
Natasha Grey 6
Allan Raye 5
Summer Fest 6
Wither Quagsmire 8
Vixen Albridge 3



  • Sword: 200
  • Knife: 75
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 300
  • Spear: 200
  • Mace: 150
  • Axe: 150
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 300
  • Bow And Arrow (x18): 300
  • Trident: 200
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun And Darts (x12): 75


  • Bread: 100
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 100
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Dried Beef: 100
  • Raw Beef: 80


  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 80
  • Sleep Spray: 95


  • Water (2 bottles): 200
  • Iodine: 100
  • Sleeping Bag: 200
  • Net: 75
  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Blanket: 150
  • Map of Arena: 700
  • Tribute Localizator: 800
  • Backpack: Small (110); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Rope: 80
  • Empty Backpack: 50

Day 1

Sawyer (7)

My pedastool gently sprouts up into the arena and I glare at the glistening cornucopia.I snap back into focus and remember where I am.I position myself and deem what my next move will be.Whisk away into the forest and survive another day? Make an appearance at the bloodbath and take the risk of being slaughtered? Time will tell.

Autumn (9)

The majority of the tributes are puzzled with the act of the District 12 female.She is singing Call Me Maybe into an imaginary microphone while shuffling on her pedastool.I roll my eyes and hear the boy from 1 roar very insulting comments at her.I gaze at the timer and 10 seconds remain.I think I will just attend the bloodbath.I have no chance of winning anyway.


Bliss (4)

I bounce off my pedastool and dash towards the shimmering cornucopia.I scoop up a kit of knives and pluck one out.I swerve around the cornucopia in need of a victim.I see the girl from 10 and target her.I lope towards her in a fast motion.I crash-tackle her to the ground and thrust my knife through her chest.BOOM! Her fresh warm blood sprinkles in my face and I leap off her to find more prey.

Everest (10)

Fear floods my face as I hurdle over Natashas dead body.I snatch a spear from inside the cornucopia and twinge it through Cobble's brain.BOOM! I sprint like lightning towards a backpack and seize it from the ground.I watch in disgust as Brass slices Vixens head off.BOOM!

Artemis (6)

I jerk back the string of my bow and the arrow glides through the air and sinks through Summers heart.BOOM!

"Want to join the Careers!" howls Lyndsay from 2.I flick my head back and see her throw a knife into the boy from 11's heart.BOOM! "I guess I don't have much choice,do I?" I growl back at her. "Probably not!"

Gretta (1)

I plummet my axe into the boy from 5's heart and he rips it out of his chest and slopes to the ground.BOOM! I catch a glimpse of the girl from 3 and the boy from 12 having a romantic chat.

"Hey Brass,check this out!" I yell.We dart towards them and Brass grasps the boy from 12's neck and pins him against the cornucopia."Sorry to ruin the moment" Brass tells the boy before snapping his neck.BOOM! That's my boy.

Celeste (8)

The bloodbath has finally abolished and I managed to recieve a backpack and a kit of knives.I unzip my backpack and investigate the supplies.A loaf of bread,a half-filled water bottle,rope,a sleeping bag,an axe and an extra jacket.I take notice of a white fluffy bunny in the distance.I amble towards the rabbit and start rubbing it's fur.It's very friendly.

Too friendly.

I slowly back away from the rabbit and it's eyes bloom with an unpleasent red.I draw out my axe and slam it into it's head.I ascend the axe and rip the rabbit off of the blade.Well,good thing is I have more food.

Cassia (5)

In the bloodbath,I was able to get a sword,not my weapon of choice,but I can probably still trigger a cannon with it.I perch against the concrete wall of the tunnel and clench my sword as I hear a rustling in the bushes ahead of me.

Sparks erupts out of the bushes with a machete clasped in his hand.I spring to my feet and puncture my sword through his throat.BOOM! The roof of the tunnel opens and I watch in a casual manner as the hovercraft abducts his cold,pale body.

Night slowly floods the air and I settle myself on the ground.

I wake up,baffled.My skin begins glowing with a very pale white.I feel a ripping pain in my arms and legs as they start stretching.I'm screaming in agony untill the pain slowly stops.I allow myself a deadly smirk and plunge to my toes.


Day 2

Jet (9)

I blast through the purple forest and dive behind a tree.I tear out a scythe and watch as the Careers chuckle about creative ways to butcher the tributes.

They're still going on about how the District 10 male killed Cobble,and they want revenge.Anyways,what are the odds of me winning this battle? The 6 bloodthirsty,untamed,vicious careers against an artless,caring District 9 Male.

Let's wait and see.

Antero (4)

A figure shoots out infront of us and heaves a scythe above his head.Wow.

He jolts toward us and propells his scythe towards Gretta's brain.Lyndsay stops examining her nails and hurls a knife towards him.BOOM!

One cannon.

It was Gretta's.

Brass (1)

I growl in anger and frustration as Gretta slopes to the ground with a scythe sticking out of her skull.I become aware of the foot-steps coming from behind me.Artemis screeches and launches an arrow toward it's head.

I whirl around and see a tall white figure with long legs and long arms clasp the arrow that almost went flying through it's head.Lyndsay and Bliss back away while Artemis catapults arrows through the air.Jet winds away through the forest before I could donate him my torture.

Artemis & Bliss arise a plan.Bliss sprints around behind the Slenderman while Artemis keeps popping those arrows through the air untill the Slenderman is driven towards the ground.BOOM! The slenderman has a knife cleaved in the back of it's neck.

The roof of the tunnel opens and the slenderman shrinks.It's skin turns into a tanned tone and starts growing long blonde hair.Bliss gasps and whispers something to me.


Autumn (9)

I see night coming and decide to set up camp.I got two backpacks and a long knife.

A silver crate falls on my head and I glide to the ground.Bow & Arrows!

I look at the sky and another career is down.Then the district 5 female explodes in the air and the capitol seals fade into the sky.Jet is still alive,maybe I can find him tomorrow.

I slowly drift away to sleep.

When an evil feeling slips into my body.

Day 3

Fragile (7)

I smash my teeth into a scrumpcious red apple and look in the distance to see a tribute with armed with an axe.I look over to my weapons.Time for a fight.

I clasp my spear and duck behind a log.The figure has spotted me and runs towards me.I throw my spear and it flys straight over his shoulder.Oh,crud.

He sprints at me and swings his axe over my head.

"Oh,sorry!" says Sawyer.

"Don't worry about it,hey,want to be an alliance?"


Sawyer (7)

As me and Fragile are walking we reach the end of the tunnel.

"I wonder what's through there" I tell her and she gives me a look that tells me she's thinking the same.

"Let's find out" She says nervously.

We stride through the end of the tunnel and my mouth makes the perfect O shape.

There's a whole new island,a water fall full of fresh water,a mini golden cornucopia with weapons and supplies,and a sign saying "Welcome Tributes"

I look over to Fragile.She's already sprinting towards the cornucopia.She grabs two bags and 3 axes,I get another two bags,sleeping bags,and a golden spear.

We stop by the waterfall to fill up the 6 empty water bottles we have,and scatter away into the palm trees.

Lyndsay (2)

"Okay,Lyndsay and I will go south of the tunnel,Bliss and Antero will go north,and Artemis will guard our camp.Is that clear?" Says Brass.

"If we come back and your not here,your dead" I hiss,facing Artemis.

She deadly pierces her eyes to mine and says something under her breath.

That little cow.

Me and Brass are strolling through the tunnel when we see Max from 8 sharpening his knives.

"Mine!" I whisper loudly to Brass.

I run up to him and he looks up to me.He lifts the knife up but I have already slit his throat.BOOM!

It couldn't be easier.

Artemis (6)

I guess I have no choice but to stay here and guard the supplies.I hear a twig snap and twirl around.

I see Golden,my District partner,step out from behind a tree.

"Why would you join them?" He asks.

"I had no other choice!" I shout back at him angrily.

"Well then,time to face your worst enemy."

He pulls out a machete.I sprint away from the Careers' camp and don't dare to look back.

Emerald (3)

One cannon today.

I climb up in a tree and pull out an axe.

Pilot's (The Games Announcer) voice floods the air in the arena.




Oh great.


I waste no time.I slide on my backpack and hop out of the tree and sprint for the end of the tunnel.

The Capitol (Interviewing Capitol Citizens)

"So,Stamina,who do you think our future victor will be this year?" Asks Chessboard (The Hunger Games Host)

"I'm putting my money on Brass Sater,Bliss Creme,and Artemis Kane!" She says in a cheeky voice.

"Well I'm betting on Golden Hawbrook,Sawyer Thomas,and Jet Miller!" Screams Capsicum,the owner of The Dress Shop.

Day 4

Pilot (Announcer) POV:

These tributes are in for a suprise.I blast up the speakers.


The first to start running is Celeste Ryder from District 8.She springs over logs and swerves around trees.

Brass Sater and Lyndsay Willis sprint after Celeste.Lyndsay throws a knife at her but misses by a long shot.Brass swings his mace at her but she ducks and stabs him in the leg.She darts towards the end of the tunnel and Emerald Infinity arrives a second later.

The girls gallop around the mini cornucopia and snatch supplies and dissapear into the palm trees.Autumn LeBlanc abducts a mace and a backpack and is about to escape when a knife hovers over her head.She whips around and sees Bliss Creme charging towards her.

While the girls are battling it out Antero Lisin dives inside the cornucopia and grabs a backpack and a trident.Autumn tackles Bliss to the ground and raises a sword above her head.Antero crashes into Autumn and rips out her hair while Bliss gets supplies.They sprint into the palm trees and Autumn chases after them.

Artemis Kane spits out of the tunnel and plummets herself into the cornucopia.She grabs a backpack and a large container of water.She sees her mental District partner Golden whisk out of the tunnel.She hides behind the palm trees and shoots an arrow at him.It whizzes over his shoulder and he sends Artemis a machete to her head.She ducks under it in a rush and shoots an arrow in his stomach.

"Sorry,but your completely insane!" She screams and runs away.

Everest Strong sprints for a backpack and dissapears into the palm trees quickly.

Jet Miller is the next to escape the tunnel and he sees Golden choking for air.Jet runs towards him and decapitates Golden with a scythe.BOOM! Jet rushes over to the waterfall and fills up a few drink bottles.He ambles around the cornucopia and picks out a few weapons and dissapears into the palm trees.

The tributes are finally settled down and they look in the sky to see who's lives were taken today.

Golden Hawbrooks picture is the only picture advertised.The tributes silently fall asleep and I got a suprise in store for them tomorrow.I'll give them a hint.


Day 5 - Who let the dogs out!?

Antero (4)

I hear a very disturbing noise around the corner.I slowly side-step towards the noise and I peek behind a tree.I sail through the air and pierce my trident in a dog mutt's chest.I hear music playing in the background...


I watch as 6 much bigger dogs fly over towards me.I take down 2 with my trident and 4 are left to kill.


She glides to the scene and lets out a yelp.She throws one of her knives at the dogs and it surfs into it's throat.



Lyndsay gives me a pissed off look and I send one back to her.

She takes down two more dogs and I shove my trident into the last dog's eye.

Lyndsay (2)

"Shit" I say as 2 grey elephants stampede towards us.

I throw a knife at one of the elephants and the knive just dangles off it's thick skin.

"GRAB THE AXE!" Screams Antero.

I run back to our camp quickly and retrieve the axe.


I chuck the axe at him and he grasps it while it flings through the air.He throws the axe and it embeds in the female elephants head.I run for the axe and jerk it out of the elephant corpse.I plummet the axe towards the male elephant and the axe is shortly sticking out of the elephant's throat.

Jet (9)

I peel the skin off of my banana and spring into the hammock I have made.I look into the sky and think of my family.They would be so proud.District 9 hasn't had a Victor in years,and I plan to give them one soon.I jump as I see a horse mutt charging towards me.I pull out my scythe but it's too late.The horse bashes it's teeth into my chest and rips out my heart.BOOM!

Bliss (4)

"WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY!?!" I scream as I search for Antero and Lyndsay.

They limp towards me covered in blood.Ew.


He locks me in his arms and I quickly pull away.

"Um,why are you covered in blood?"

"Oh,we just killed 6 dogs,2 elephants and 4 horses." Says Antero much too cheerfully.

"Okay? Brass is out hunting for tributes,only 11 tributes are alive including us."

We set up camp and see Jet Miller from 9 appear in the sky.He was so young,but extremely deadly.

Day 6

Everest (10)

I slide across the branch of the tree to get a better view of the careers. I plan to take down every single one of those vicious pigs. I aspire my spear and aim for Antero and throw it.


Bliss screams and stares at me. She ambles toward the tree and I feel the tree vibrating. I take a look down and catch a glimpse of her hacking away at the tree with an axe. Shit! I feel the tree collapsing and I let a scream choke out of my throat. I hit the ground with a thump and feel her hand around my neck. The rest of the careers draw out their weapons, but Bliss tells them to put them away. She pins me to the tree and the axe comes flying towards my head.


Fragile (7)

Sawyer and I spot the careers and we draw out our axes. Sawyer dashes towards Lyndsay and I battle Brass. I might not be as great as him , but my axe skills could definitely come in handy. I bury the axe into his chest and watch as Sawyer manages to cut Lyndsay in the neck. Two cannons fire. I take his hand and we run gracefully into the palm trees.

Celeste (5)

These people are making the games way too easy for me. I'll just wait for everyone to die and I'll become the victor. Simple as that. I hear a noise behind me, I whirl around and see Artemis Kane of District 6 aiming an arrow towards my chest.

"I want to go home, so, I'm sorry but, I have to do this" She says.

"WAIT!" I scream.

"Yes, I understand, but I want to go home too. How about we work together? I saw the girl from 9 a few minutes ago. How about we kill her instead, deal?" I answer.

She looks up to the sky and plays with her arrow for a bit.

"Okay, so where did you see her?"

Autumn (9)

4 deaths today. The first to appear in the sky is Brass Sater from 1. Wow, must have been a tough job to kill him. Next is Lyndsay Willis from 2. Two careers? Antero Lisin from 4.. Okay, seriously, three careers dead in one day, I wonder who killed them. And last is Everest Strong from 10. Well, every single person I thought would win was killed.

As I fall asleep, one thing repeats over and over in my head.

I will win.

Day 7

Bliss (4)

I'm sick of playing games, It's time to go home. I gather up my supplies and store the remaining food I have in my bag. It's not much, but should last me two more days if I eat small portions.

I run as fast as I can through the scenery when I hear Pilot's voice flood the arena.


Yeah, I think we heard you the first time.


Damn right.


Nothing really happens untill the feast, so, LETS SKIP DAY 7 :D

Day 8

Emerald (3)

I glare into the sky and see the yellow beam of light sprouting up into the sky. He said sunrise, right?

I really hope so. I run towards the surroundings of the brand new cornucopia and see the backpacks with our names on it.

I explode out of the bushes and quickly snatch my backpack, I whip around and expect company, but no one shows up.

"Wow, am I the only one who came here?" I ask myself.


Autumn (9)

Wow, this girl is so scared. She tries to make a run for it but I gently grip her hair and jolt her back to me.

"Where the hell do you think your going?" I ask her as the tears start to roll down her cheeks.

"No answer? Well, I know the answer. And believe me, you don't want to go there." I tell her in a sadistic voice.

Two more figures burst out of the trees and arrive at the cornucopia. Celeste and Artemis. Artemis shoots an arrow at me and I dodge it by doing a barrel roll. I then let my arrow fly at her but she dives to the ground before it can skewer her brain.

Celeste (8)

Artemis shoots another arrow at Autumn while I dig through my backpack. A kit of knives, and some food. I take out a knife and tackle Autumn to the ground.


I know I can't kill her, so I start to stab her legs. I cut off her toes and Artemis gives me a pleasured look.

"Never mess with Celeste Ryder!" I tell her, trying to sound all cool and stuff.

Artemis scoops up her backpack and we run into the palm trees.

Sawyer (7)

I arrive at the cornucopia with Fragile, she sees Autumn lying on the floor, silent as a sloth.

"Is she dead?" asks Fragile.

"I don't know, I think I heard a cannon earlier" I tell her.

We snatch our bags and run off into the palm trees.

I look back and the only bag remaining is Bliss' from 4.

Bliss (4)

Ugh, I'm late for the feast, missed all the action. I abduct my backpack and storm off when something throws me to the ground.

I let out a screech and look up to see Autumn standing over my body.

"Nice pedicure" I tell her sarcasticly as I pull out a knife.

I roll back up to my feet and walk backwards. She fires an arrow at me and I dive to my side.

She launches a few more arrows at me and I throw a knife at her head. I miss badly, knowing that I threw with my left hand. She screams and yells something at me.

"DUCK!" She screams again and I follow her orders for some reason.

An arrow goes whizzing over her shoulder, that arrow would have killed me.

She just saved my life?

I twirl around and see Artemis shooting more arrows at me, I dodge about three and chuck a knife at her.

She falls to the ground but it doesn't matter, the knife found it's mark.

In Celeste's stomach.

Artemis (6)

"NO" I scream as the knife is lodged into Celeste's stomach.

I know one thing for sure, her time is short.

She falls backwards and I catch her in my arms.

"It's okay, Artemis" she tells me, but it's not.

I don't dare touch the knife, I stay with her untill I know there's only less then a minute left.

"Kill Bliss, and one more thing" she says to me.

"What's that, sweetie?" I ask her,.


Her cannon goes off and the tears start to barrel down my cheeks.

I take the knife out of her stomach and turn around.

Autumn and Bliss have now scattered out, I know that tomorrow is the finale.

Or as I would like to say:

The day I, Artemis Kane, Kill the vicious monster, Bliss Creme.

Day 9 - The Final Showdown

Sawyer (7)

I bolt up from my sleep and hear the rumbling of the earth. I look up into the sky and it fades into a deadly pitch black. This is where it ends. The trees start to set on fire and Fragile and I start to make our way to the cornucopia.

Artemis arrives with her bows loaded, my tracker starts to sting and it has come clear to me that the gamemakers want every single tribute here before we begin the battle. Soon enough, everyone has arrived. I look over to Fragile and she gives a nod.

Fragile (7)

The battle has begun, I fly towards Emerald, armed with an axe, I swipe it through the air and it finds her shoulder. She chucks a knife at me and it lodges itself in my hip. I jerk it out and retrieve my axe from the ground, swing it at her a few times, and theres one thing I know for sure, this is going to be a while.

Artemis (6)

I watch as Bliss crumples to the ground, begging for mercy. Ha. Yeah, right. I pull out a black sword, and hold it infront of her face to see. I'm about to impale her when Autumn smashes me to the ground. I push her off of me and start smacking her in the face.

Capsicum's (Capitol Citizen) POV:

The tributes are bruised and battered, axes are flying, swords are swinging, and blood is pouring. Emerald is down to her last three knives, she throws one at Fragile, missing her head by an inch, the knife clings to Fragile's ear and Emerald's second knife is already flying. It catches Fragile in her calf.

Fragile stumbles and Emerald's last knife finds Fragile's other calf. Fragile plummets to the ground and drops the axe. Emerald runs up to Fragile and is about to kill her when an axe lands in Emerald's tailbone. BOOM!

Sawyer tears the axe out of Emerald's back and quickly glides to Fragile's side.

"I would have died" says Fragile as she builds up the strength to hold her axe.

"That wouldn't happen" Sawyer reminds her.

"Come on, two more kills and we're out of here!" yells Sawyer as he helps her up.

The cameras focus on the battle going on between Bliss, Autumn and Artemis. Artemis drives the blade of her sword across Autumn's leg and Autumn swallows some painkillers. Artemis remembers what she has to do.

Kill Bliss.

Artemis starts hacking away at Bliss and chops off her legs, Bliss screams in pain and drags herself away as Autumn throws a brick at Artemis. Sawyer and Fragile arrive at the scene and start battling it out with Autumn and Bliss.

Fragile throws an axe at Autumn, Bliss throws a knife at Fragile, Artemis shoots an arrow at Sawyer, Sawyer swings his axe at Bliss.


The arrow that Artemis shot is now sticking out of Sawyer's skull. He hits the ground with a thump and Fragile drops to her knees.

"I can't" She tells herself and closes her eyes.

"Me either" says Artemis...

"Same here" announces Autumn

"Me too" advertises Bliss.

They drop their weapons and Autumn lifts up Bliss.

They all apologise for the things they have done and refuse to kill eachother.

They pick up their weapons and start cutting their necks.

"STAWP!" Yells The hunger games announcer.



CONGRATULATIONS Angry birds12, Beetee19, ColourfulRain, and Deaphalia911 !!!

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