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The 36th Hunger Games

Hello! this is the 36th Annual Hunger Games now whoever wants to join needs to give me their tribute's name age weapon district and token(P.S.this is all random dont blame me if your tribute dies)

District Gender Name Age Weapon
District 1 Male Tassilo Miwquer 18 Machete and Sword
District 1 Female Silver DeMoir 17 Bows and Arrows,Knives
District 2 Male Draco Adams 18 Swords and Spears
District 2 Female Ellie Twist 17 Throwing Knives
District 3 Male Ky Wilke 12 Strength/Stealth
District 3 Female Electa Pennygun 17 Traps and Explosives
District 4 Male Wren Combe 18 Sword and Knives
District 4 Female Franchessca Undersea 18 Tridents and Spears
District 5 Male Hunter Delaney 18 Spears and Sword
District 5 Female Doris Daneford 18 Rock
District 6 Male Marson Mckeller 17 Hooked Swords
District 6 Female Lynnie Handsows 16 Knots
District 7 Male Johnathan Hunted 17 Sword
District 7 Female Anja Crazwyn 18 Axes and Tomahawks
District 8 Male Aiden Beaufort 18 Triton,Ropes and Knives
District 8 Female Sophie Sage 15 Blowguns,Axe
District 9 Male Bernard Lindell 16 Axe,Knives
District 9 Female Claire Mutchker 17 Bow & Arrows
District 10 Male Alex Donaque 12 Knives
District 10 Female Aria Camellisten 16 Bow and Arrows
District 11 Male Quicy Williams 17 Sword
District 11 Female Lauren Hill 12 Spears and Knives

District 12

District 12



Blaze Owlot

Brianna Tyler





The Reaping

District 1: Silver never had planned to be in the games. She was hoping she would pass this year so she won't have to go into the games and protect her family. Tassilo has a crush on Silver and would do anything to protect her........except volunteering for the games. District 1's escort comes up and yells "HAPPY HUNGER GAMES!""AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR!" :Ladies First!" She puts her hand in the pile and draw out a piece of paper.and it read: "Silver DeMoir". She was shocked but she had no choice, no one would volunteer for her but she bravely walked up to the stage." Now for the boys" the escort said as she pulls out a name from the boys pile its read: "Tassilo Miwquer" Tassilo doesn't want to die but since Silver was chosen he thought he has to protect her so he walked up to the stage and shoke her hand and both are taken to custody.

District 2: Ellie Twist wants to volunteer this year for the games. But her mom is sick and needs her to take over her job as a doctor. So she doensn't want to volunteer this year. But her luck has ran out because district 2's escort walked up and drawed out the name out of the pile and it read:"Ellie Twist" Oh no she thought as she walked onto the stage."I VOLUNTEER!!!" she hears someone called a guy walked out and it was her boyfriend Draco Adams. Oh no she thought even more she might have to kill the person she loves the most. But she has no coice aand shook each other's hands and taken into custody.

District 3: The crowd gathered along the stage waiting to be reaped. District 3's escort walked up and put her name in the girls pile and pulled out"Electa Pennygun". She was very scared but there was no volunteers so she took her place. Then the escort put her hand in the boy's pile and pulled out "Ky Wilke" he was nervous but had no choice the 2 shook hands and are taken to custody.

District 4: The crowd gathred around waiting for the escort to come.district 4's escort came and gave everyone a smile. She dug her hand in the pile and pulled out a name it read "Tina Undersea" Franchessca was shocked but it was for her sister's sake "I VOLUNTEER!!!!!" she creid out at the top of her lungs.She walked upto the stage and just standed there while peacekeepers took her sister down. Then she reached into the boy's pile and it said "Wren Combe" he had no choice except to make his way onto the stage.They shook hands and are taken to custody.\

District 5: Hunter does not want to be chosen this year he is very afraid.He hopes he can pass this year as well. District 5's escort walks up and said "Ladies First" She picks the name from the girl's pile of papers and it read"Doris Daneford" She had no choice but to walked uponto the stage. Now the escort put her hand in the boy's pile it read "Hunter Delaney" Looks like his hopes had run out but he had no choice except to go up onto the stage shook Doris's hand and both are taken to custody.

District 6: People gathered around the square and Distrct 6's escort walks up and puts her hand into the girl's pile it read "Lynnie Handsows" Even though she was afraid she walked up onto the stage without complaint. The escort now reached into the boy's pile and read "Marson Mckeller" He walked up and took his place on the stage they both shook hands and are taken into custody.

District 7: In District 7 people gathred around the square the escort went up and picked a name from the girl's pile and it read "Anja Crazwyn" Everyone looked surprised but she walked up to the stage and looked depressed at everybody.Then for the boys it read "Johnathan Hunted" He was proudly walking up to the stage and gave everyone a smile but in his heart he was thinking how he let his family down if he died so he was desperete. The 2 shook hands and are taken into custody.

District 8: In District 8 people were hanging in the sqaure. When the escort walked up and picked a name from teh girl's pile it read" Sophie Sage" She walked up nervously and stared at the crowd,Then the escort came over to the bowl and picked a name from the boys pile and it read “Aiden Beaufort" He walked up nevously onto the stage and thinking he can win but who knows. the 2 shook hands and are taken into custody.

District 9: Claire doesn't want to be chosen this year. She hopes she can pass through this year without getting reaped. Same as her friend Bernard, He doesn't want to be picked for the games either. District 9's escort walked up and picked a name from the girl's pile. Claire was thinking "please dont be me please dont be me" But her luck ran out the name read " Claire Mutchker" She was so dissapointed she actually cried when she walked up onto the stage. The boy's name was drawn and it read" Bernard Lindell" He walked up onto the stage and shook her hand and both are taken to custody.

District 10: People gathered around the square wating to be called as of today a girl and a boy will be reaped and be forced to fight in the Hunger Games. This year it was different both of the tributes volunteered. " Aria Camellistant" and " Alex Donaque" They both volunteered for their family and how they might win.

District 11: Lauren didn't want to get reaped this year its her first year for The Hunger Games. She hopes she could pass this year. District 11's escort came up and pulled a name out of the girl's pile it read" Lauren Hill" She was shocked as almost the whole town was. A 12 year old girl trying to fight to the death. It must be tragic. But she had no choice.Then it was the boys turn the escort pulled a name out and it read " Quincy Williams" He walked up onto the stage and shook Lauren's hand and both are taken to custody.

District 12: Brianna doesn't want to get reaped this year but she got alot of tesserae for her family about 35. So she got her names in the bowl 35 times. District 12's escort walked up and pulled a name out of the bowl. It read " Brianna Tyler" She had no choice but to go up and stand there looking brave although she's really scared. Then the escort pulled out another name that read "Blaze Owlot" He walked up and he was very nervous. The 2 shook hands and are taken to custody.

Tribute Parades

District 1: Silver is wearing A crown with lots of jewels on it and a dress that's really sparkiling. Tassilo is wearing a sparkiling suit with a hat that the jewels matches Silver's crown.

District 2: The tributes are wearin gargoyle outfits so the stone they look like are new and refreshing to the capitol people.

District 3: The District 3 tributes are wearing Electrons over their body they look like real gadgets from District 3.

District 4: Franchessca is wearing a blur aqua dress with wave designs while Wren is wearing a suit with a very charming bow that looks like a fish

District 5: They are wearing shimmery outfits that in a push of a button the outfits generate power and the lights became a spotlight shining on them. They look stunning in that outfit.

District 6: They are wearing a pilot's outfit for the ride. The outfits represents that they are indeed very transportive indeed.

District 7: They are dressed as trees with branchese as their armsand green leaves on their head making it lumber.

District 8: Sophie is wearing a stunning silk dress while Aiden is wearing a fancy suit. They have fabrics liying aound to hold and throw out to the audience.

District 9: They are dressed in white with brown jackets and brown shoes. A bread is white with brown edges on the side.

District 10: They are dressed as Cowboys and Cowgirls from District 10. They also have lassos on their belts.

District 11: They are dressed as farmers from District 11.

District 12: They are dressed as Coal Miners from District 12.

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