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The 39th Hunger Games

Tributes/District                               Age               Weapons

District 1 Male:

District 1 Female:Sapphire Schine  16    Sword,Axes and knives

District 2 Male:

District 2 Female:Cleave Stonewell   15   Knives,Axes,Blowgun

District 3 Male:

District 3 Female:reserved

District 4 Male:

District 4 Female:Lemonade Icyna   14   Tomahawk,Trident,Spear

District 5 Male:

District 5 Female:Allison"Allie" Taylor    17         Knives/Bow and Arrows

District 6 Male:                              

District 6 Female:

District 7 Male:

District 7 Female: Atlas Dunnin    16    Axes, Throwing knives

District 8 Male:Cocoa Cream            17           Spears,Knives,Snare

District 8 Female: Vanilla Cream      14   Axes,Camoflauge

District 9 Male:

District 9 Female:Noelle Hartshorne        17          Throwing knives,spear,tomahawks

District 10 Male:

District 10 Female:Aliya Andropov           15       Dagger/Machete  

District 11 Male:

District 11 Female:Layne Bresnet      13      Bows and Arrows/


District 12 Male:

District 12 Female:

Hi!this is the 39th hunger games please give me some tributes so i can put them in the games thank you and i promise i will finish it!!(plese don't blame me if your tribute dies!)

District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10

District 11:

District 12:

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