• Angry birds12

    The Prequel Games

    February 23, 2013 by Angry birds12

    Welcome to my Prequel Games (AKA the 97th)! These will be a prequel to my End Games. Before entering please read rules and instructions bellow. These games are going to be rather quick, about two weeks at the most.

    1. I accept constructive critism.
    2. Do not flame me if you do not win...
    3. Two tributes can be submited by each user. (exceptions to this rules can be made)
    4. Advice is OPTIONAL and may or may not be followed by your tribute!

    1. Requirements: Name, District, Gender, age, weapom, skills, weaknesses.
    2. Optional: History, token, personality, etc.
    3. I will not get tributes off of user pages, links to tributes pages are fine though.

    1. Try to be creative, I don't want the generic tributes.
    2. I like Careers! (But don't go overboard, the max amount of Careers I want …

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  • Angry birds12

    The End Games

    September 8, 2012 by Angry birds12

    Angry birds12 here bring you my final games (Hence the name)!!! I want to go out with a bang so I'm going to write the reapings, private training sessions and interviews. A twist will also be included plus double the tributes; 48 of them! I hope to make these the best games I ever wrote so updates will be low in quanity but will have plenty of quality.

    I do not have a particular form that I want everyone to use but please make sure your tribute isn't like this:

    Name- John smith

    Age: 16

    Weapon: Sword

    Skills: Strong, fast, cool, weapons.

    History: Really popular, rich.

    Personality: Cool

    I have gotten tributes like that in the past. I want at least 2 sentences for history, skills, personality. If you give me a tribute with not enoguh information they …

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  • Angry birds12

    Hey everybody AB12 here to announce my (most likely) final games! These games have a huge twist and will include District 13 and The Capitol for the first time (in my games) history! Read more about the twist in the section labeled twist...

    This year the 28 tributes will have to race down the Amazon river in 4 teams of 7 acording to training score. All surviving members of the team that makes it wins! The race starts at the city of Santana near the mouth of the river where the tributes most meet up at the port area once their entire living team is asembled they can procede to the docks. The second day the tributes will be allowed into the docks (filled with supplies and boats) for a "Cornucopia" bloodbath. After that they will race down the…

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  • Angry birds12

    O.K. so I've noticed their been User challenges spoffed off of Survivor and Amazing Race but non of Celebrity Apperntice (as far as I know). So I wanna do one. Basicly you'll be divided into two teams, who will both compete in a challenge and which ever team wins is safe from having a team member elimnated but the losing team has someone "fired". The last one remaining wins a cool thing for their page!!! Each task the team will choose a "project manager" someone who is incharge of the team for that task, if the your team wins and your project manager, your safe from being fired if your team loses later (for 1 time), but if your team loses your at a greater risk of being fired(BTW the project manager chooses 2 other people to be in risk of …

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  • Angry birds12

    2nd Horror Games!

    March 30, 2012 by Angry birds12

    OMG PLP!!! I'm making another games (What a surprise, not). Anyways... I feel like doing another horror games cuz the first one was pretty fun to write about. This time its gonna have less gore and stuff though... For those of you who don't know, the horrors games are diff. then a regular games cuz the tributes do not have to kill each other, other things will for them!

    It will also be different from my first horror games because the tributes do not know they are in a games, they think they won a free week trip to a special beach house on an island 100 miles off the coast of District 4!

    IMPORTANT: Since the tributes aren't "in a games" don't make their startegy be a arena startegy, make it what they plan to do at the beach house; there will b…

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