OMG PLP!!! I'm making another games (What a surprise, not). Anyways... I feel like doing another horror games cuz the first one was pretty fun to write about. This time its gonna have less gore and stuff though... For those of you who don't know, the horrors games are diff. then a regular games cuz the tributes do not have to kill each other, other things will for them!

It will also be different from my first horror games because the tributes do not know they are in a games, they think they won a free week trip to a special beach house on an island 100 miles off the coast of District 4!


IMPORTANT: Since the tributes aren't "in a games" don't make their startegy be a arena startegy, make it what they plan to do at the beach house; there will be a huge party when they all first get there.

District 1

F Hollis Cummings

M Mason Hanover


F Glitter RecNal

M Reggie Castillo


F Marinelle West



F Poppy Tepelis

M Wawa Lake


F Feline Ster

M Sparks Jones


F Brynn Summers

M Nico Velli


F Karen Dawn

M Rowan Winter


F Jade Ifes

M Lynx Ifes


F Demi Watashi

M Timmy Rika


F Rebecca Black

M Justin Beiber



M Benjamin Jackson


F Holly Carnation

M Kyle Jang

Italics- Group "A"

Bold- Group "B"

Underlined- Trapped in ocean

Tribute personalities I'd like:

OPTIONAL DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER TRIBUTES LIKE THIS!!! Once the persoanlity is crossed out that means i got it already!

Arrogent, cocky, stuck-up guy (Like someone whose trained for the games)

A snotty rich girl brat

A inane party guy who gos over the top

Someone who's like "Why'd I even come here, I HATE PARTIES!

A tribute with Glimmer personality. (Seductive)


As stated before, the arena will be on a tropical island 100 miles of the cosat off of D4. A sandy white beach surrounds the island and there is a small jungle-ish area in t


he center. The

Part of the beach house

tributes will be staying in a lavish beach house with a gourment kitchen (WITH FIRE WHISKEY!!!! If you don't know what that is, ask Iluvegale), a huge deck with a pool, hot tub, ping-pong table, grill, D.J. station and dance floor. There will also be a living room with a plasma screen T.V., a dock by the beach with a motorboat that has a small rack by it storing wake boards and a small deck/hottub on the roof.
Cookiecutter shark


But everything is not as it seems here, the waters are laced with hidden dangers such as SHARKS!!! Specificly, Great whites, bull sahrks, hammerheads and cookiecutters. There is also a deranged killing lurking in the jungle.

Death Order

Day 1

Rebecca Black- Knife to the neck (Killer) 24th Place

Wawa Lake- Eaten (Great White Shark) 23rd Place

Feline Ster- Eaten (Great White Shark) 22nd Place

Sparks Jones- Stabbed in the head (Killer) 21st Place

Day 2

Benjamin Jackson- Eaten (Bull Shark) 20th Place

Marinelle- Eaten (Hammerhead shark) 19th place

Reggie Castillo- Stabbed in the chest (Killer) 18th place

THE GAMES!!! DAY 1, Part 1: The party

Hollis Cummings' POV

I peek out the window of the howercraft as it lands in a small clearning. I look around at all the lush green trees, the sandy white beaches and the MASSIVE beach house. Alright, maybe the Capitol does know how to apologize for 347 hunger games, this is amazing. I grab my suitcase and step out of the hovercraft behind that one girl named Demi, she has like, maybe 5 ssuitcases, and she told me ONE was just for her make-up. She's really spoilied and seems to hate everyone, espicaly that other brat in our group; Brynn, she 'accidentaly' spilt her bottle of coffee all over Demi's suitcase, Demi then responded by smearing some of Brynn's lipstick all over her face. There are total brats, and it was soooo immature.

Okay, maybe it was just a little funny though...

Lynx Ifes' POV

This is stupid... Why am I even here? I HATE PARTIES, and most other people for that matter. Oh, wait now I remember,"It's because of YOU!" I scream at my sister, Jade. She turns and looks at me, rolling her eyes,"Oh come on, it'll be fun!!! I mean just look at this house," she responds as we enter the beach house with the others. I have to admit, the digs are pretty epic... I plop down on the couch and turn on the T.V., detimred not to socailize at all. But I guess that's not happening because that one Marinelle girl sits next to me,"Hey Lynx, your cat tail is sooo hot," she purrs as she puts her hand on my shoulder. "Ya... Thanks... you little freak" I mutter as I brush her hand off my shoulder and scoot away. She seems surprised at this and gets up to flirt with Wawa from District 4.

"HEY EVERYONE!!! We should go outside and party!!!!" Timmy Rika cheers as he tosses firewhiskey bottles around. Everyone cheers and heads outside except for me.

Nico Velli's POV

I grab Brynn by the waist and tug her outside. We both grab firewhiskey bottles and start drinking. That Timmy guy goes to the D.J. station and begins palying songs, that dance floor lights up and we all start to dance. After about 15 minutes Brynn starts complaining,"I'm starving!" I nod and walk over to Mason, whose dancing with Glitter. "Hey man, I'm hungry, go cook everyone some burgers!" I snarl. Glitter backs away and Mason looks at me quizicly. "Oh, no, do it yourself," He says. I roll my eyes, how stupid of him. I pick him up by the collar of his shirt and punch him in the gut,"Go. Make. Burgers." I say as I drop him to the ground. No one else seems to notcie and he goes over to the grill. I go back over to the D.J. station and yell,"Looks like Mason was just 'generous enough' to cook us lunch!" Everyone cheers except Brynn, who just flashes me a knowing smile.

Justin Bieber's POV

After numerous failed attempts to flirt with girls (all of which ending in me being slapped) I walk over to the D.J. booth and snatch the mike from Timmy's hand,"Hey everyone, I'm gonna sing you guys a little song!". Everyone stops dancing and groans, but I know they're just teasing!!! I start singing epicly while everyone starts begging me to stop untill Reggie picks me up and throws me into the ocean. Everyone laughs except Rebbecca Black who's too busy farting on people to notice. Poppy ends up kicking her in the shin and Rebecca starts crying. I walk over to her,"Wanna go for a walk in the jungle?". She smiles creppily, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!". We head over into the jungle.

Karen Dwan's POV

I eat the burgers everyone made while trying to ignore Wawa and Marinelle's make-out session, it's being going on for about 10 minutes and it's grossing everyone out. Finaly Poppy comes up with a solution,"Hey Wawa, wanna go wakeboarding with me, Mason, Feline, Benjamin and Karen. I can tell she just came up with the names on the spot but why me?! Wawa nods and we all sigh in relief but then Marinelle says,"I wanna coem too!". "NOOOOOO!!!" We all scream. "I mean uh... Rowan wants to dance with you though!" I exclaim. "Oh... Well, I can't deny... My fans..." She says. Poppy, Wawa, Mason, Benjamin, Feline and I all head down to the dock where the motorboat's docked. Mason offers to drive and Wawa wants to wakeboard so Poppy and I just sit down in the boat to watch. The boat heads out to open sea and I notice all the werid looking fish that are by our boat...

Unknown person's POV

I step off the hovercraft that brought my victim's to the island and head to my secret cavern. Inside are a massive array of weapons, torture chambers, a small water exit where my boat is parked and my faveorite, the videoscreens streaming live footage from every square inch of the island. Almost everyone is by the house but two are walking in the jungle and a few others are on a boat in the ocean, I'll let the sharks take care of them, but the others... Well the other 18 tributes will die at my hands.

Day 1 Ptt 2: Things go south

Justin Beiber's POV

I skip through the jungle weith Rebecca, who's singing her AMAZING song Friday and the animals love it so much, they die when they hear it!!! We stop in a clearing and Rebecca smilies creepy again and pushes me against a tree and leans in to kiss me,"EWWWW!!!" I sqeal. I push her back and a knife skewers her through the neck. "Nice try, but it's gonna take a lot more then a fake knife and fake blood to trick me!" I laugh. "Rebecca, get up." Now I'm getting annoyed. Suddenly a man steps into view,"Who are you?" I ask. He just smiles and pulls the knife out of Rebecca's neck. "So you're the guy who tried to prank me!" I exclaim. Then he whacks me on the head several times untill I black out.

Poppy Tepelis' POV

We all cheer as Wawa shows off his wakeboarding skills. Benjamin hands me a coke and I start drinking. The sea breeze whips around and I smile, this next week is going to be epic. We round the island and the beach house disappears from view, Mason says we're gonna do a lop. Feline screams in delight when Wawa does a flip. I roll my eyes, I could do way better then that. I take another sip of my drink and look back at Wawa just in time to see the pieces of teh wakeboard flying, the waves shooting in the air and a grey fin flying up. "What the heck just happened?" Feline screams. "He must've fallen off," Mason shouts as he turns the boat around to pick Wawa up. As we aproach the site I can tell that's not the case, he's splashing around despretly in the water, the red tinge of his blood is mixing with the sea water and the grey fin I saw eairlier approaching Wawa. "SHARK!!!" I scream. "Go faster! Go Faster!!!" Feline screams. Mason guns the engine's and we're about to reach him when the boat is sent flying sideways.

I look over the side to see a shark, a great white I think, ramming us. "NOOOO!!! Wawa!!" Karen screams. I turn to see his body tugged under the water. I sink to the floor and start to cry. "Head back to the shore!" Benjamin yells. Mason nods and turns the boat around. We seam to go at full speed towards the shoreline when the boat stops suddenly, sending everyone flying forward. Karen's head smashes onto the side of the boat, blood comes out and she moans. "Why'd we stop?!" Feline asks as Benjamin tries to staunch the blood coming from Karen's head with his shirt. "I didn't do anything!" Mason yells back. I whip my head around to see a shark clamping down on the engine of the boat. "The shark!!!" I sream. It realeases its grip and I see the engine is broken beyond repair. "We're trapped out here," Mason says.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Feline yells. My turns to where she's pointing and I see one of the sharks swimming over to the boat. "It's going to ram us!" Benjamin shouts right as the shark's body impacts onto the boat. I feel my body flying over the edge of the boat when I'm suddenly jerked back. Mason heaves me back into the boat. Feline wasn't so lucky, I see her bobbing in the water about three feet away from the ship. I'm about to yell for her to swim when the other shark's mouth bites down on her. She yells out in pain as she despretly tries to free herself. Mason covers my eyes untill the screams stop.

Sparks Jones' POV

As the sun goes down the party heats up. Some people have started drinking a little too much... Demi ended up throwing up into Brynn's purse when she wasn't looking, Kyle and Holly are making out and Glitter is dancing suggestivly on the dinning table to "Wild One's". After a few more bottles of firewhiskey my head starts hurting from all the music and I head inside. There's only three people inside the living room; Rowan and Marinelle who are having a make out session and Lynx, who's sitting there awakwardly trying to ignore them. I roll my eyes over the fact that Marinelle's found a replacement for Wawa so quickly.

My head starts throbbing again so I head upstairs to to get the aspirin I bought in my bag. I pull the bottle out of my bag in my room when I hear it.


I turn around and enter the hallway. At the end of the hall I notice that the window there is open, which is werid, because it was shut before. Confused, I enter one of the bathrooms to get ome water to down my pills. I fill the cup with water when I'm grabbed from behind. A hand clamps over my mouth and I look in the mirror to see that its some man holding me. He smiles wickedly and opens the medicine cabinet. His hand clamps arounda razor and I begin to panick. The razor nears my face and I scream but know no one will hear me. He rams the razor into my eye. Deeper and deeper into my head...

Holly Carnation's POV

After I finsh up with Kyle I head over to Nico, who's alone since Brynn's busy talking to Hollis. "Can you play pretend?" I ask. Her turns and looks at me, confused. "We can pretend you don't have a girlfriend..." I smile. He narrows his eyes at me when Brynn walks up, holding a bottle of vodka. Where'd she even get that? "Ni--Nico... Take me uh--pp... to my... to my... room..." she stutters as she stummbles and falls into his arms. Nico smiles in way that I've seen soooooo many times before. "Sure! Anything for you babe!" He says as he scoops her up and heads upstairs. I sit down by the pool disappointed, when Kyle pushes me in. I swim back ot the surface to see everyone cheering. I look at Kyle angrily when he jumps in, splashing me. A few other people jump in and Timmy turns up the volume on the music. I swim of to Kyle and push his head under the water and then kiss him. This week is going to be perfect.

Or so I thought.

End of Day 1

Day 2

Karen Dawn's POV

I wake up with a missive headache and wonder why I'm on a boat in the middle of no-where when I remember everything that happened yesterday. I turn over to see that Benjamin and Poppy are asleep while Mason's hunched over, looking defeated. "Where's Feline?" I ask. He looks up at me. "She's... Gone," He says carefully. I put my hand over my mouth and start to cry. He wraps his arm aroun me and says,"Hey, atleast were safe now, the sharks won't be hungry." I nod until an awful realization hits me,"The others... They don't know about the sharks." He sighs just as Poppy wakes up,"Should we swim to the shore, it's not that far away." I shake my head, knowing I could never get into the water now. She shrugs and wakes up Benjamin. Mason opens up the coolers and pulls out a coke,"This is the last drink we have... So we'll have to ration it.". Everyone nods. I look at the coke can intently as its passed around and finaly I get my sip. I set the coke down when I see something just sticking out of the water. I sit up as my eyes try to focus on the object. "Its... a shark fin..." Benjamin says confused. The shark fin glides through the water, approaching the boat. "Grab on to something!" Mason yells.

The shark hits the boat and everything after that is a blur.

I feel the warm water, pieces of the boat fly everywhere, I hear Poppy scream. I spalsh through the water towards the nearest dry thing I see. Then I feel Mason's hands as he pulls me onto the boat, or what's left of it. The boat has been split in two. Mason and I are on the part with the steering wheel, while Benjamin and Poppy are on the back part of the boat. Theri piece is a lot smaller and I see the panick on their faces as they struggle to keep themselves out of the water. The shark loops around and heads back towards us. But which piece? It heads towards the left and I let out a small puff of relief. It hits the broken boat piece. I see Bewnjamin flung about 15 feet away while Poppy manages to hold on since she wrapped her arm aorund the rail. Benjamin starts to swim away from the boat pieces and towards a mangrove tree in the water. He climbs up onto it just as the shark reaches him.

"What are 'ya gonna do now you stupid shark! Can't get me way up here!" He taunts. I see the blur of grey which is the shark's tail smash into the roots of the tree and it tips over. Benjamin splashes into the water. Blood splatters onto my face as the shark rips him to shreds. Guts and limbs are flung everywhere as Poppy and I scream. Benjamin yells in agony one last time just as his body is tugged beneth the surface. I start sobbing as I attempt to wipe the blood off my face. "Don't worry. The sharks gone," Mason says as he tries to soothe me.

"For now," I say ruefully.

Holly Carnantion's POV

I wake up i nthe morning to find myself curled up on the floor in the living room. Brynn is over at the bar making smoothies, Reggie's putting on sunscreen and Marinelle is looking at me funny. I get up and address her,"Why are you staring at me?". "Because your such a--,"She begins before I can interuppt her,"Says the girl who made out with one boy after another." I stop out of the room as Reggie and Brynn begin to laugh. Instead of heading towards the main beach were I see a lot of people I head out to a small area looking out over a 2 foot drop to the water.

"Hey I wasn't done talking to you."

I turn to see Marinelle looking at me, arms crossed. She walks over and comments about how I,"throw myself at guy after guy." And the rage builds up inside me untill I push her into the water. I wait patiently for her to resurface but seconds start to pass. I roll my eyes,"Ha ha very funny!" I say. Then the blood rises to the surface. I start gagging as I see the shark surface to the water with Marinelle's arm clamped in its jaws. I try to scream but can't. I sprint back to the lake house nd enter the living room to warn everyone about the sharks. But instead of being greeted by familiar faces, I see Reggie's dead body on the floor with a knife sticking out of his chest and out the bcak patio screen door, some man dragging Brynn away. I turn to go to the beach but realize others are closer. I sprint up to the roof top to see Nico, Timmy and Jade sitting in the hot tub.

"Where's Brynn with my smoothies?" Nico asks, irritated. I start crying and fall down. Jade gets out of the hot tub and comes over to me,"What's wrong?"

"Marinelle... REggie... their dead... Brynn's gone..." I stutter between sobs. "What?!" Timmy yells. "Down stairs!" I scream. Timmy sprints downstairs while Nico looks over the railing.


Me and Jade walk over ot him just in time to see the man dragging Brynn just out of view. Timmy runs back upstairs,"Holly what the heck! There's no dead bodies downstairs!". "That guy must've cleaned i t all up..." Jade realizies,"Wehave to warn the others!"

"Look, I don't care about Reggie or Marinelle or any of the others for that matter. We have to go find Brynn, every second counts!" He exclaims. We all nod and run outsideand into the woods.

Kyle Jang's POV

I sit in one of the beach chairs as Rowan lites the bon fire. The smoke raisies into the air and Demi cheers. Glitter turns on her portable stero and starts dancing. I laugh and grab another firewhiskey. Everyone seems to be having fun but Lynx, who just sits their pouting.

"What's wrong with you?" I ask as I sit down next to him.

"It's nothing... Hey I was wondering, why aren't all those people who went on the boat back yet and Justin and Rebecca went for a walk in the woods lastnight.

I just laugh,"Trust, Justin and Rebecca are having their own fun and the others probably just decidied to stay out on the boat all night. Watch, they'll all be back soon."

"Whatever...,"He says as he pulls out a book. I start dancing with the others when we her a scream.

"What was that?" I ask, concerned,"It sounded a lot like Holly." Demi looks at me and giglies,"Man you're so dumb, someone just threw her into the pool or spanked her or someing like that."

I sit back down in my beach chair suddenly feeling like something's not right.

Jade Ifes' POV

We trmap through the woods searching for Brynn as Nico says,"What ever happens guys, we can't split up." He says. I'm a little surprisied that Nico said that, I didn't expect him to be smart.

Suddenly Nico stops and turns to look at us,"Something's not right...," he says, confused,"We need to split up."

"That's... That's a good idea..." Timmy sasys. "Timmy, Jade you two go left and me and Holly will go right," Nico says.

Me and Timmy run off and I'm so confused on what's going on. We continue are trek when Timmy screams. I turn around to see him clutching his leg, stuck in a bear trap.

"Waht the hell?!" I scream as I try to pry the trap open. Timmy moans in pain as blood spills from the wound. "Timmy, keep quiet, I'm going to get help and I'll be right back,"I say as he nods. I get up and start to sprint, intent on making it back to the beach house.

Then I hear it, the sound of leaves crunching under a foot, and I know tis not my foot. I cover my mouth to keep myself from screaming and I hide behind a tree. I hear the footsteps pass by and I peak out from behind the tree...

Holly Carnantion's POV

"I don't think we're going to find them..." I say to Nico in desperation when I hear the screams.

"Jade..." I gasp. With out hesitation I sprint towards the sound. I rip through the undergrowth untill I see Jade... Hanging from a tree branch by a chain that's under her chain. The man is... Hanging her...

"JADE!!!" I yell,"I'm coming!" She sees me and starts shaking her head. What the heck does that mean? I'm slammed to the ground and I tilt my head to see the man I saw kidnapping Brynn ontop of me, In his hand I see a syringe. He clamps his hand over my mouth and brings the syringe towards me face. I squirm and kick but I can't unseat him. I feel the prick of the needle and his finger pushes down on the plunger. My eyes start to close and the last thing I see is Jade's body as she stops moving.

Brynn Summer's POV

"NICO!!!!!" I scream for the millionth time since the strange guy took me to a strange cave base. I tug on the chain on my wrist that's attached to the wall.

"NICO!!!!" I scream again. This time my scream wakes Justin up, who's also cahinied to the wall but he's above a small tank filled with water. He's also covered in wounds.

"Whta happened to you?" I ask.

"Well.... The strange guy has been hitting me with a spicky whip thing..."Justin says cheerfully. It kinda creeps me out.

My kidnapper walks back inot the room with that Holly girl slung over his shoulder. He chains her to the wall next to me and lights a cigar. He smiles nad goes over to Justin. I shake Holly untill she wakes up.

"Where am I?" She asks in a hushed voice. "The murderer's hide out,"I respond. The word murderer hangs in the air as he pulls out a knife and heads over to Justin. He slowly slices Justin's kneecaps open and blood pours into the water tank. Th water turns red as the man slices JB over and over again.

"I haven't seen anyone drown in their on blood before, have you?" With horror, I realize he's talking to me.

"N-N-No sir,"I say. I hear Holly start to cry. The killer laughs,"Well you're about to."

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