Well I think it's time I start a Hunger Games over on this wiki! These Games will include: reapings, chariot rides, training scores, the games and a victory tour! ALL SPOTS ARE FILLED!

Please give me feedback on how good I'm doing on portraying your tributes or just my writing in general!












NOTE: I would like it if Districts 1, 2 and 4 are Careers and others can join if you want them to.


District Male Female Creator
District 1 Everest Breeze Medea Roe Purplexmuffin
District 2 Brass Sater Trifle Woods Earth12
District 3 Bolt Storm Blaze Inferno Jabberjay78
District 4 Scorpius Flame Blair Lake Jabberjay78
District 5 Logan Copper Bliss Berley Nate778
District 6 Rick Torence Ruby Till Imawesomedude
District 7 Ograssu Crasser Herba Hemway TDR97
District 8 William Oscar Davidson Mystique Cirque Anon...
District 9 Marble Snow Iridessa Black Purplexmuffin
District 10 Talon Faust Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3
District 11 John Grass Rose Ash Earth12
District 12 Jake Woodwood Holly Edwardson Anon...



The cornucopia lies on a large plateau that is connected to a mountain range by four wooden bridges. The mountain range stretches all the way across the arena. The mountains contain caves, few pieces of vegatation and mountain goats to eat. If you go down the mountains you will reach a snowy evergreen forest that is filled with animals and plants. There are a few volcanos and a couple lakes and rivers that need to be purified before being safe to drink.

Cornucopia/sponsor items:

This will be a list of what is found at the cornucopia and how much it costs to send to your tributes (price goes up by $50 each day!):

Weapons: swords ($400), shortswords ($350), spears ($300), maces ($450), trident ($350) axes ($300), double headed war axes ($450), whips ($250), throwing knives (1 for $50, 6 for $200 and 12 for $300), bow and arrows (6 arrows for $200 and 12 for $300), war hammer ($300), 3 grenades (N/A), poison vile ($100), spray poison ($150), sythe ($350). (Tell me if anything important is missing).

Food and Water: water bottle ($150), empty water container ($10), iodine ($100), pack of dried fruit ($200), beef jerky ($250), box of crackers ($200), bag of fruit (Your choice $300). (Tell me if anything important is missing!)

Etc: light jackets ($200), heavy jackets ($250), sleeping bags ($450), tents ($600), pot ($150), flint ($50), matches ($150), medication for a certain illness ($700), bug spray ($250), gauze roll ($100), medic pack containing random minor healing supplies ($350), asprain ($100). (Tell me if anything important is missing)!


Hawk Mutts: These mutts inhabit the higher muntains and love to feast on human flesh. They have night vision and razor sharp teeth and claws!

Bull Mutts: Bull Mutts live in the forest region of the arena and hate any bright colors. They have razor sharp horns and teath and love to eats humans.


You can sponser your tributes with what ever is on the list, in addition you can send a feast from the capitol ($800) and a note ($10). I decide how much sponser money your tribute gets by what I call 'Capitol Points'. Basicly the Capitol citizens vote (1-10) on your tribute's reaping, chariot rides and interviews (they also get training score points by their training score) I add two zeros to each rating and total them all up to get the total amount of sponser money. In addition each day your tribute survivies they get another $100 sponser dollars. Example: Lets say Everest Breeze of District 1 gets a 6 for his reaping, a 7 for his chariot rides, a 10 for his training score and 5 for his interview, that would mean; 600+700+1000+500 for a total of 2800 sponser dollars! Don't understand. Mheh.

Everset Breeze- $2600/9

Medea Roe- $2600/8

Brass Sater- $2700/11

Trifle Woods- $2600/9

Bolt Storm- $2200/7

Blaze Inferno- $1600/3

Scorpius Flame- $1100/8 Items: sword, sleeping bag, water bottle

Blair Lake- $2500/10

Logan Copper- $1900/8

Bliss Berley- $1300/6

Rick Torence- $1800/4

Ruby Till- $2400/9

Ograssu Crasser- $2300/8

Herba Hemway- $2200/9

William Oscar Davidson- $2100/6

Mystique Cirque- $2500/8

Marble Snow- $2400/8

Iridessa Black- $2200/7

Talon Faust- $2200/9

Kedzie Woods- $1600/7

John Grass- $2100/7

Rose Ash- $1700/6

Jake Woodwood- $1400/3

Holly Edwardson- $250/4


District 1

Everest Breeze's POV

Reapings. Most people love it, it's our holiday. Another chance to have a District 1 victor. Me? I hate it. All it is sending our children to slaughter. The Capitol is so disgusting with their love of killing and not to mention their wretched fashion sense. For example, our escort Teril Bones, she wears a pink wig and she has orange skin. Who would think that's attractive? Appearently them. Anyways, Teril has just taken a slip out of the girl's ball. "Medea Roe," she reads. Everyone looks around to see who it is. I don't know Medea and she doesn't look like she's from our District, her blond hair is almost white and her blue eyes are so dark they're almost black. She manages to maintain a regular expression as she walks to the stage. When they ask for volunteers, no one steps forward. It's common enough for girls to volunteer, but not nearly as much as District 2. "Now for the boys we have... Everest Breeze!" Teril Bones says. Great. Now I'm going to the slaughter house. I walk up the stage and she calls for any volunteers, no one anwsers. What? My brothers, Emerton and Garrett, they always say they want to enter, they've been training their whole lives! So how come they don't say anything?! I look at their faces and they glare at me. I knew they didn't like me, but not this much!

Capitol Points:

Everest: He was calm enough but they noticied he was a little panicked when no one volunteered. 7 out of 10

Medea: She managed a regular demeaner through out the entire reapings. 8 out of 10

District 2

Trifle Woods' POV

Just one more year.

Just one more year of training, then I can volunteer. To enter The Hunger Games. Since I'm 17 my parents want me to have just a little bit more training before I through myself into the thick of things. After all I am their only child and they don't want to lose me. But I know I could win! I'm the best knife thrower at my training center. I'm the best runner, the best climber and not to mention the best killer. The escort has just called out the name Trina Smith for the girls. Ugh. She is the biggest geek ever! I can't stand to see her excitied face as she skips up to the stage. You know what? I'm not going to let her be happy! I don't care what my parents say! "I VOLUNTEER!" I just love seeing that happy expression drain from Trina's face! I put on my biggest smile and wave to the cameras as I make my way to the stage. The crowd cheers me to the stage and I catch a glimpse of my mother crying. She is such a brat, can't she see that this is my day, that I'm happy?! Well now it's the boys turn to get reaped. They all pray they don't get reaped because if you do, it's a hundred percent chance that somebody is going to volunteer. Someone is reaped and about fifty boys scream "I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!!!". Everybody fights over who said it first but I see I boy I know at school named Brass Sater slip out of the crowd and run up to the stage. Oh, no! He has two older brothers that have both won The Hunger Games! My chances of winning have just decressed by 99%.

Capitol Points:

Brass: Capitol citizens thought he had a pretty good attitude. 9 out of 10

Trifle: Her cheery personality was perfect! 10 out of 10

District 3

Bolt Storm's POV

Why does it have to rain on the worst day of the year? We 16 year olds think that while we are all hudled together, shivering, against the wind and the rain. I'd much rather be inside my home, fidling with some spare wires and microchips my dad smuggles home from the computer factory he works at. I barely hear the escort call out "Blaze Inferno!!!!", even though she's screaming it at the top of her lungs. Some girl, I can't really see much stumbles up to the stage. I don't think anybody volunteered but, I guess I'll find out when I get home and I have to watch the recap on T.V. Well Blaze is not very lucky, even though she gets to be under the stage, which has a covering to keep the escort and the mayor dry. The escort says the boys name and I wait for some figure to go forward, but no one does. Everyone is nudgeing me towards the stage, wait what's happening? "You've been reaped," some boy next to me mumbles. No, this isn't happening. But it is. I manage to get to the stage, which allows me to finally see everyone, Blaze has been crying, a lot. I feel bad for her and all but, only one of us can come home. And that person is going to be me.

Capitol Points:

Bolt: The Capitol citizens noted his panicked facial expression: 5 out of 10

Blaze: Capitolites did not like the tears coming from Blaze's eyes: 3 out of 10

District 4

Scorpius Flame's POV

I see all these eager boys around me and can't help but feel, well, awkward. I don't like the games or killing for that matter. It's just so, wrong. Why would you want to take another human's life? They give anwsers to that question like," 'Cause it's fun!" or," It's impowering!". Yeah, everybody here is so werid. Our escort wears a spicky green wig and a dress covered in pictures of werid birds as she walks over to the girl's ball. She reaches deep inside and pulls out a slip and reads it aloud," Blair Lake!". YES!!!!!! I can finaly return to my normal life! Blair and I dated for a little while before we broke up and well, it wasn't excatly a happy ending. She's hated me ever since and has made it her goal in life to make me misrable. She doesn't look upset when she walks up to the stage, in fact, I think I see the tiniest smile traced on her lips. Maybe she's happy to get away from me, I haven't been very nice to her either. Now, for the boys. She pulls out a slip and reads the name,"Orion Flames!". My little brother?! What, this is his first year at the reapings! One slip! And it was all he needed to be reaped! I have to volunteer, or he'll die, but if I go, Blair will kill be in a heart beat! Wait, she's looking at Orion with an evil smile, she'll kill him just to get back at me! That's not going to happen! "I VOLUNTEER!" A bunch of boys say that right after me. Oops, somebody else would have taken his place, I mean, this is a Career district! What have I done?!

Capitol Points:

Scorpius: They loved his loving volunteer to save his brother but did notice he freaked out a little after. 8 out of 10.

Blair: She had a smile the entire time and it grew bigger each second! 10 out of 10!

District 5

Bliss Berley's POV

I hate my district. The peacekeepers are strict and the wages are low. Did I mention they preform horrible experiments on the adults? That's why I go hunting to get food for my family in the small forest in the outskirts of my district. The reapings are basicly wasted hunting time. The ugly escort goes on and on about how great of district is and how many victors we've had. Yeah, three victors in 51 years. Wow, that's a lot alright. She crosses over to the girls ball and my stomach clenches, I've taken so much tesserae in the last couple of years, the odds are not in my favor... "Bliss Berley!" Honestly, I'm not too surprsied. I walk up to the satge with a bored expression and on my face, I have to earn sponsers. Our escort says some boy and then I hear," I vounteer!". No... He can't come. Logan Copper, my hunting partner and friend. He walks up to the stage and gives me a half-smile. I can't take it.... I burst into tears, what if neither of us come home?

Capitol Points:

Copper: The Capitolites liked him volunteering to protect Bliss. 9 out of 10

Bliss: She seemed okay at first but then she cried. 5 out of 10

District 6

Ruby Till's POV

Everybody in this district think the Hunger Games are horrible. Me? I don't get it... It's just a big fight. I could win it easily. You know what? I'm gonna enter, to prove to everyone here that it isn't so bad and to prove to my Dad I didn't need to be trained. My training is the reason my Dad lost his place as mayor. Now some old fat guy is up were he should be sitting. "Shelby Trick!" District 6's escort, with teal skin says. She walks up to the stage and when she asks for volunteers, the only anwser is mine. I look back to see me Dad with wide eyes. I wink at him and wave at the cameras. Oh, they're going to love me! Once I'm seated the escort draws out a slip with a boy's name on it,"Rick Torence." I reconize him, he's on of the poorest kids in the district, he probably took a lot of tesserae. But I remember something else about him... He's the quietest person I know. A great killer.

Capitol Points:

Rick: He seemed passive. 8 out of 10

Ruby: They enjoied her bubbly attitude! 9 out of 10

District 7

Ograssu Crasser's POV

I smell the fresh scent of pine needles all around me. My district seems like a beautiful place, small wooden houses surronded by lush forests. But I know better. We cut down must of the trees, or peacekeepers whip us daily and my family hates me. I have Asperger's Syndrome, ADD, and OCD. My father says it means I'm a loser. My mother forgets my medication because she says she has 'more important things on her mind', my older brother won't as so much look at me and my little sister rakes my face with her fingernails! The games couldn't be as bad as this. "Herba Hemway!" our escort calls. Aw, I kinda like Herba. We have something in common, her family doesn't really like her but, I'm not going to go into any details about that... Because of that reason me and Herba sit together at lunch. Anyways, she seems to be shaking a little as she walks to the stage, probably trying not to cry. The escort grabs a slip from the boy's ball and reads it out loud,"Oragrassu Crasser." I gasp a little and stummble. She said my name! I look back at my family and a ready myself. This is no worse then a day back home.

Captiol Points:

Ograssu: They noted his panick at first but then he composed himself. 7 out of 10

Herba: She looked like she was trying not to cry but give her credit for not. 6 out of 10

District 8

Mystique Cirque's POV

Everything stinks here. The factories, the houses and town square. I'd much rather be inside the circus tent, showing of my whip skills for people who have enough money. But no, I'm out here waiting in a crowd of 17 year olds to see which boy and which girl are going to probably die this year. I feel like I'm going to fall asleep, they're going on and on about how great Panem is. Or as I like to call it, a bunch of lies. They brag about our five victors and finally a girl's slip is drawn. "Mystique Cirque!" Me? I got picked? I can do this. I can do this. I put on a stoney expression and walk up to the stage. I can do this, I know how to wield a whip. It's not like the other girls who are reaped, they don't know anything. For the boys they call "William Oscar Davidson". A bunch of girls sigh. Ugh. I roll my eyes. Looks like District 8's dreamboat has been reaped. He even puts on a winning smile as he walks up to me. "You gonna kill everyone with your charm sweetie?" I retort as we shake hands. I can almost hear the roar of the crowd in the capitol. He just scowls at me. What ever, I don't like him. And I still can't get that smell out of my nose.

Capitol Points:

William: He didn't really do much but the girls voted high. 8 out of 10

Mystique: The Capitol loved her spunky attitude! 10 out of 10

District 9

Iridessa Black's POV

Everyone stares at me. Beacuse of my quiet attitude, my hair style, my scratch like scar on my face and my drunken mother. But I don't care. I have my older brother Jayson and that's all that maters. He's never been reaped and he says I probably won't either. I pray that I don't. But of course today I do. When she says my name, it's like someone has hit me in my stomach. Except I don't bend over in pain. I stay the same and I roboticly walk towards the platform. For the boys it's Marble Snow. A bunch of kids get upset. Marble is the most popular kid in my grade. It's not hard to see why, he's kind, friendly, charismatic and not to mention good looking. Nothing like me. He wears an almost happy expression on his face. I look out at my district, small houses, silver factories spewing out smoke were we process the meat and can it and the woods were we hunt game. It looks beautiful but smells bad, the stench of blood and raw meat is to blame. But it's home and it was almost all I ever had. Now the Capitol has taken that away. I look at Marble to shake hands, when we do I see a small twitch on his face. What was that?

Marble: He seemed pretty happy. 9 out of 10

Iridessa: Had a regular expression the entire time. 8 out of 10

District 10

Kedzie Woods's POV

Today began the worst days of my life. It all started at the reapings, the mayor did his usuall speech and the escort did her usuall banter. But when she read the girl's slip, she messed up. My name shouldn't be on there. My name can't be on there! I stummble to the platform and burst into tears. Why? Why, me? For the boys they call up Talon Faust. I don't care, I don't know him and he doesn't know me. But one thing I do know is that he'll want to ally with the Careers, I've seen him secretly training with swords and knives, I don't know were he got them and I don't care. I look back and my brothers and sisters, they all are crying. Even little Hawk, whose only one, he doesn't know whats happening. Lucky him. I know what's happening.

I'm going to the Hunger Games. The place were Todd died. (Sorry Firecatcher, I just wanna get to the games!)

Capitol Points:

Talon: Looked solem but confident. 7 out of 10

Kedzie: Tsk. Tsk. The Capitol doesn't like a cry baby. (JK) 3 out of 10

District 11

John Grass' POV

I look over at the girl's section and my eyes meet with Rose Ash, I smile and she blushes. Rose, she loves me even though I'm so poor and she's so rich, well rich for 11 anyways. The escort pulls the girls slip and reads her name. No, no. Not Rose. She steels herself and crosses over to the stage. I know she won't win, the Career will snap her like a twig. I have to do something. Some boy is called and I scream out," I volunteer!" I push the boy aside and run to her. We embrace and she starts crying. The escort shots some stupid comments and we enter the justice building. Her Mother and Father will scold her. But she won't listen, she'll keep crying. Because she knows she's going to win.

Capitol Points:

John: His heart felt act to protect Rose was touching! 9 out of 10

Rose: She was strong but cried later. 6 out of 10

District 12

Trella Trinket's POV

Will the Trinket family always get District 12? All of the girls in my family have been escorts for District 12 ever since my great, great, great grandmother Effie Trinket. I mean look at them, most of the children are wearing rags and are paper thin. Gosh! Do the parents even feed them? I pretned to be happy as a grab the slip out of the girl's ball Moomoo Jones... Ugh. I am not going to say that. I shove it back in and grab a new slip,"Holly Edwardson!" A bunch of small kids start crying. Oh, get a grip. Holly comes forward, crying as well and I pick someone named Jake Woodwood. He seems sad. Why? Everyone loves the Hunger Games!

Capitol Points:

Jake: seemed a little depressed: 7 out of 10

Holly: cried. '4' out of 10


Chariot Rides

3rd Person

Tributes nervously step up into their chariots. What will the Capitol think of them? Dressed based on their District's industry; 1, luxary products, 2, peacekeepre training, 3, tech, 4, fishing, 5 DNA, 6 medicine, 7 lumber, 8 fabric, 9 hunting, 10 livestock, 11 agriculture, 12 coal.

"What do you think of our outfits?" Medea asks Everset.

"Oh, I don't Know. But I think we'll at least pull some sponsor money out of this," He says reasuringly.

"I'm not so sure of our outfits..." Talon grummbles.

"It doesn't mater, we just have to get high training scores if this doesn't work out," Kedzie shrugs.

"Yeah, I guess so. I'll get a high training score for sure but, you better train hard," Talon says teasingly.

Kedzie doen't have time to react, because the chariots are moving out. She looks one last time at her stylist, who gives her a gentle smile and a thumbs up.

District 1

Everyone awaits the usually stunning District 1 chariot to make its appearence. The chariot comes out, pulled by white horses and the audience gasps. The chariot, Everest's tux, bow tie, shoes , Medea's dress and high heels are covered in gems. The gems come in a patern, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and violet. Then the crowd notices something, the rainbow is moving! The gems change color and move in a flowing fashion. The crowd screems in admiration, the chariot is a big hit!

Points: 10 out of 10!

District 2

District 1 rolls off and everyone is eagerly awaiting the District 2 to appear. The Chariot is pulled by grey horses and the chariot is also grey, but blood splatters are everywhere. Brass wears a Roman battle helmet and Roman battle wear and is wielding a huge mace. He snarls at the audience. Trifle is wearing greek robes and battle helmet and she's got one foot on a skeleton. She has a angry expression on her face and both tributes pretend not to notice the audience. The crowd claps and gives a few hoots, but nothing compared to District 1.

Points: 7 out of 10

District 3

District 2 drives off and everyone gossips about it, then, 3 comes out. Blaze has a grey dress and sweeter that are wrapped in wire, she also has grey high heels, a pearl neckless and glaases. Bolt has a basic grey suit that's also wrapped in grey wire, he has fancy shoes and a grey belt. The audience is confused, sure they have wires, but why would the stylist pick buissness wear? Then lighting strikes down on the chariot. The smoke clears and the tributes have been transformed. Blazes outfit is now a gleaming starpless copper dress with cute heels and her hair is down and curly. She smiles and waves at the audience. A totaly confident girl that looks stunning, way different from the one at the reapings! Bolt now wears a copper colored t-shirt that has lighup explusion partners dancing across it, he also wears jeans and party shoes. He smiles and lauhgs. Party music goes on in the backround. The crowd screams like crazy, loving District 3.

Points: 10 out of 10!

District 4

People are chatting excitiedly with each other, still pyched over 3's chariot. 4 rolls out, pulled by sea blue horses. The chariot has been transformed into an oasis. Blair sits on a rock by the water in a mermaid outfit. Her tail is covered in sapphires and her hair has bits of seaweed sewn into her hair. She has light blue lip stick and eyeshadow. Scorpius has a fisherman's outfit on. Worn out jeans, white tee and an orange jacket. Everything seems O.K. except their expressions, both tributes are galring at each other. Blari screams a cuss at him and they start yelling. The audience stops clapping and just stares.

5 out of 10

District 5

The crowd mingles, wondering why Blair and Scorpius hate each other so much. District 5 comes out, being pulled by dark grey horses. The chariot is also grey but the tributes are the low point, or the... creppy point. Logan has a grey shirt and pants on but, half of his face looks like a frog's, one of his legs is a goat leg and an arm is green and scaly like a crocidile. Bliss has also has gey pants and shirt but has a crab arm, a lion leg and a bird beak. Girls scream in terror and boys grimace. The chariot is a sight not to behold.

Points: 2 out of 10

District 6

Points: 6 out of 10. They wore doctor outfits and had a banner that read: "We weild stethoscopes not weapons!".

District 7

Points: 8 out of 10. Herba had a dress made of green leaves and Ograssu had a suit made of orange leaves.

District 8

Points: 7 out of 10. They had royal robes made of varius fabrics and had gold crowns.

District 9

Points: 7 out of 10. Camo clothes, Iridessa's had sparkles. Both tributes with rifles and shot fake deer.

District 10

Points: 6 out of 10. Wore farmer outfits and feed a live cow.

District 11

Points: 5 out of 10 Had clothes made of wheat.

District 12

Points: 4 out fo 10. Baggy miner outfits.

Training Scores!

Posted by tribute's sponsor money!

Day 1

Location: Capitol News Room 2 minutes before The Games Begin! (3rd Person!)

"Alright Telvia, who's favored to win The 51st Hunger Games?" A middle aged news anchor with curly blue hair named Fedrill Pult asks he fellow anchorwoman, Telvia Shane.

"Well the odds are certainly in Everset Breeze, Medea Roe, Brass Sater, Trifle Woods, Blair Lake and Talon Faust who all make up the Career pack but, Ruby Till, Mystique Cirque and John Grass also have a fair chance!" Telvia replies.

"That's good to know because my money is on Brass, two of his older siblings are victors!" Fedrill responds.

"Oh, yes but who knows, he might get picked off today," Telvia shrugs.

"Yes, yes, I know... Oops, looks like we're out of time!" Fedrill stutters.

"Happy Hunger Games!" Both reporters say.

Scorpius Flame's POV (Plate)

My plate has just raisied me into the arena, a large mountain range. I glance around, praying that Blair is no where near me. Thankfully, I don't see her anywhere, Herba Hemway is on my left and Oscar Davidson is on my right. Should I risk the cornucopia? No, not when the Careers are out to kill since I refused to join their group. I turn around, aiming to run to the bridge connecting to another mountain, that's where I'll go, away from here. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Holly Edwardson's POV (Cornucopia Bloodbath)

I dash forward, aiming to at least get some supplies before the Careers mobilize. I scoop up a loaf of bread and a small leather bag and run across a wooden bridge, I turn for an instant and see tributes already trying to smash each other. I run and run and run through sparse trees, noting how cold it is here. I beter get some sponsors, or I might just freeze to death.

Brass Sater's POV (Cornucopia Bloodbath)

I do a barrel roll to avoid a knife thrown at me by some tribute and curse at him, this is awesome! I run around the Cornucopia and grab some spears, who's dumb enough to try and steal some stuff from me? Looks like Blaze Inferno from 3 is. The girl who got a 3 in training. I laugh and throw one of my spears straight at her chest, it lands with a sickening smack. Ha! One down, 22 to go! I see Medea, Everest, Trifle, Blair and Talon have already made it here and are picking their weapon of choice. Well time to get rid of some other tributes!

3rd Person

Everyone is caught up in the crazyness of Day 1, Ruby Till and Bliss Berley are having a tug-of-war over a javelin, John Grass is lashing his sythe like crazy at Everest Breeze and Ograssu Crasser is taking a swing at Rick Torence with his axe.

"Where is he?!" Blair screams as she watches Trifle Woods chase Logan Copper.

"I don't think he's stupid enough to come fight us," Medea says as she loads her bow with a gleaming gold arrow," Now if you'll exuse me I have to go teach the little 10 girl what happens when she thinks she can come to the Cornucopia and get out alive."

Medea runs up to Kedzie, who throws the bag of pears she picked up at her, it hits her square in the face and her bow skitters away. Kedzie grabs the bow and runs, not daring to look behind her.

Bliss also get's a smack in the face, but from a fist that belongs to Ruby. Ruby takes the javelin and runs.

"Ow!" Bliss says. She gets up and sees Trifle Woods throw a knife at Logan, he tries to dodge it but it lodges in his abdomen. "NO!!!!!!!" She screams. Bliss stummbles across the western bridge, sobbing.

Mystique Cirque's hand fumbles around the end of a whip, she looks up just in time to see her District partner get stabbed through the throat by Everest Breeze. She doesn't care though, she moves in to the center of the cornucopia grabbing a jacket, bottle of water and a tent pack. She flees across the south bridge glancing back to see that she's not being pursued.

Iridessa Black's POV (Cornucopia Bloodbath)

Do these people have no limit? How can a human smash another human with a mace? Well I guess Brass Sater can do it to Jake Woodwood... I dodge a fighting John Grass and Rick Torence as I scoop up a large back pack. I see the bright glare of Talon Faust's sword before he can push it into my skull. I duck and grab a wicked dagger. He laughs,"You think you take me?" As soon as he finishes that sentence my knife is in his left eye. He staggers back and cuts my side right before he dies. I clutch the wound and run, away from all the death.

John Grass' POV (Cornucopia Bloodbath)

"Come on John let's get out of here!" I hear Rose yell. "I'm a little busy at the moment!" I shout back as Rick Torence takes another swing at me with his knife. I kick him in the stomach and follow Rose. She's got a sythe two back packs and a grenade. A GRENADE! Awesome! We run across a bridge and she pulls the pin out of the grenade and throws the grenade over her shoulder. "No sense in letting them follow us," she explains. I huge BOOM!!!!!! fills the air followed by a scream. We turn and look to see the remainder of Rick Torence's body fall through the chasm.

Bolt Storm's POV (Mountain Range)

I'm so lucky! I got my hands on seven throwing knives, a back pack filled with I don't know what and a tent! Ha! The other tributes will be freezing while I'm all warm in my tent. I can't use it yet, I've got to set up some protection frst. I open my back pack and find, batteries, some jerkey, socks, sunglasses and wire. Sweet! I can set up a electrical trap now! I've just got to find a clearing in the trees. I look around, this mountain has a beautiful view. I think there's a valley down at the bottom. I better head there.

Blair Lake's POV (Cornucopia)

I angrily throw on a thick sweater. God, it's cold here! Oh, I wish I could've killed Scorpius today! It would've been a dream come true. But no... He ran away. But still he'll just be freezing to death with no weapons, no food and no water. Maybe nature will do him in.

"I checked, everyone's gone!" Herba shouts. Yes, Talon's replacement. If he didn't die she'd be dead by now, but, she reasoned with us and I guess she can use that axe of her's, gave Marble Snow a big gash across his chest. I shiver. Why is it so cold! I grab some gloves and another jacket.

"I don't get why you guys are so cold," Trifle ponders. Lucky her, District 2 where the it's cold half the year! The only extra thing she's got on is a light hoodie. Well I'm used to sun and surf, not snow.

I shiver again and crawl into my tent. The only happiness I have right now is that Scorpius is probably five times colder than me.

Kedzie Woods' POV (Mountain Range)

I stummble through the rocky terrain, clutching my bow, I only have one arrow but I might be able to make more. The only other thing I got was a extra jacket, which I'm wearing now. I go down hill, hoping to find a river or something. In the middle of my trek, six cannons go off. Wow. Six Tributes dead 18 left to play. I wonder how many tributes are in the Career pack... hopefully Medea died after she got hit. The farther I go, the more trees there are. Once I get to the bottom, I'm in a forest, it's a little warmer but, not by much. The sunsets and I finaly find a shallow river, should I drink it? It might be toxic with out some iodine... I rustling in the bushes to my right and aim my bow at it.

Marble Snow's POV (Valley)

I stummble out of some bushes and see Kedzie Wood's bow pointing directly at my heart.

"Allies?" She asks.

"Sure," I'm really in no position to refuse. I show her my stuff, a spear, small medic kit (which I used to treat my chest wound), a pack of crackers and a bag that contains some iodine and a empty bottle of water.

"Yes!!!!" Kedzie exclaims. She quickly purifies some water and we drink and snack on some crackers. We look around for a place to sleep and decide on the bushes a came in through, they're big, thick and tall. We settle in and I offer to take first watch. The Capitol symbol lights the sky and the faces of the dead appear; Blaze from 3, that means Careers from 1 and 2 made it, Logan from 5, both from 4 also survied Rick from 6, Oscar from 8, Talon from 10, so one Career down and Jake from 12. Things are going to begin to heat up tomarrow, with the Career pack strong and other tributes with surprising skills.

End of Day 1: 6 Deaths

Blaze Inferno- Brass Sater 23rd

Logan Copper- Trifle Woods 22nd

William Oscar Davidson- Everest Breeze 21st

Jake Woodwood- Brass Sater 20th

Talon Faust- Iridessa Black 19th

Rick Torence- Rose Ash 18th

Day 2

3rd Person

Tempertures dropped into the negatives last night and Scorpius Flames, Bliss Berley, Ograssu Crasser and Holly Edwardson almost froze, having no extra jackets, sleeping bags or tents. The temperture came back up for the morning but it's still snowing and very cold.

John Grass and Rose Ash stayed warm inside their sleeping bags, tethered up in a tree, now, they drop to the snowy ground, sythes ready incase any tributes make a surprise visit. The jog through the woods when they see Ruby Till sitting at the base of a tree, eating dried fruit. She smiles and grabs her javelin," Bring it on!"

Even with John and Rose slashing away with their sythe, Ruby still manages to hold them off and get a stab on them once or twice. Their battle is interuppted by the bulls mutts, agitated by the bright jackets all three tributes wear," Maybe we'll continue this another time!" Rose yells as she and John run from the scene.

Meanwhile, the Careers are waking up from a long nights rest. "Everybody, pack up! We're moving out by noon!" Brass shouts, he loads a mace, a swortsword and the two grenades in his belt and wraps three spears on his back. Everyone packs back packs and are about to leave when Medea falls down a hole hidden in some bushes by the Cornucopia.

Everest Breeze's POV (Cornucopia)

"Medea!!" We all shout. She hollers back up that she's okay and that she's in some sort of a passage way. She clambers back out with Brass' help and describes it; a huge tunnel that goes in a downward slope. "Hmmmm..." Brass says," Alright, Herba and Medea you two go investagate it and see where it leads, the rest of us will stay here.

They nod and go through the hole. I like Medea, she's not like the others, she's not bloodthristy and detests killing. Then I remember killing William. I don't know what happened, was I trying to prove myself to the Careers? Caught up in the crazyness?

Or am I really a cold blooded killer?

Holly Edwardson's POV (Mountain Range)

I look down at my fingers, blue. BLUE! I'm getting hypothernia. Great, just great. I cover myself with more pineneedles and curl up in a ball. Then a silver parachute desends, i rip it open with my numb fingers and pull out a jacket, which I quickly pull on, a bowl of hot soup! I start sipping it but then dump it on my hands, my fingers return to their normal color. I smile even bigger at the last gift, a tent. Now I will be warm!

Herba Hemway's POV (Secret Tunnel)

Medea and I crawl through this tunnel for what seems like hours untill we pop out through some dense bushes. "Hmmmmmmmm..... It seems like we're at the bottom on the plateu were the cornucopia is..." Medea says. I look around, we're in a small clreaning surrounded by trees and the tunnel is perfectly conceled by the bushes. "We better report back to the others," I say after a short silence.


" basicly it's just a shortcut down the mountains,"I finish descirbing the tunnel to Brass and the others. Brass smilies wickdly and tells us his plan.

Iridessa Black's POV (Mountain Range)

BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!! I turn to see the cornucopia in flames. The Careers most've destroyied the remaining supplies. Pretty cocky if you ask me. A silver parachute falls onto my lap and I open it to find some throwing knives and a heavy jacket. I already have a jacket but it's cold so I put it on anyways. I walk into a small cave and decide to make my camp there.

Scorpius Flame's POV (Valley)

This is were i'm going to die, right here, right now, in the cold. I cold stabs my skin and freezes my body. I don't want to move, I don't want to live. Then a sponsor gift arrivies, a sleeping bag, water bottle and a sword. I slowly climb in and slowly warm up. Maybe I will live...

Bliss Berley's POV (Valley)

Logan's death has just ruinied me, the saddness fills my body and refuses to leave no matter how hard I try. I sit in my tree, cold, sad and alone. The sunset the only witness to my plight. I decide to just end it, right here, right now.

I climb down and tie a rope to a branch, make a noose and wrap it around my neck. The life slowly drains out of me and then I remember, I remeber the smiles od my father and sister. I pulls my knife out and cut the rope suspending me in the air. I'm going to come home for them.

Bolt Storm's POV (Valley)

The moon raises and so does my level of drowsyness. I know I'm not sone with my trap the will protect me from the Careers and it's not safe to have my tent out in the open.

But what are the odds that they'll find me?

3rd Person

The Head Gamemaker has been pressured, pressured to make these games a success. So he decidies to end them in a EPIC BATTLE ROYAL!!! Using mutts, natral forces and other stuff, he has lead all the tributes in the same general location.

It will all end soon.

Day 3- The Epic Battle Royal Begins!

3rd Person

It isn't till morning untill John and Rose notice how close the Career pack is to them.

"Here's our chance. We jump at them, kill one or two and run away," John whispers. Rose nods, they both grab their weapons and prepare to jump.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They both yell as they jump at the pack.

John's scythe connects with Everst's shoulder and Rose's hits Brass in the leg. Their screams fill the air, insuring that other tributes will be drawed to the location.

Ruby Till, Bliss Berley, Ograssu Crasser, Mystique Cirque and Iridessa Black charge into the clearing and the fight begins.

Ograssu rackles Herba to the ground,"Please, don't join them. Come with me!"

Herba responds by pushing him off of her with her feet and attemmpting to salsh him with her axe. He staggers back as blood drips from the fresh wound on his cheek.

"Fine then. Be that way!" He shouts as he charges back.

She smiles as she blocks it and says,"This'll be easy!" She swings her axe up and slices his chest right open.

His vision blurs as he begins to loose all senses.

No, you can't give up now!

He grabs his knife and throws it striahgt at her face. She sidesteps but it cuts across her shoulder. He jumps up and brings down his axe right into her head.


Juby's javelin hits Blair's trident.

"Move out of the way. I'm looking for Scorpius!" Blair snarls. Juby just smiles as she draws her knife and attemps to stab her. It stabs Blair but she also manages to knock the javelin away and skewer Ruby right in the head.

Blair runs away from the fight with Trifle right on her heels.

"Blair wait!!! I want to help you!" She screams.

Blair stops and an evil smile spreads on her face, "You want to help me?"

"I want to help you kill Scorpius," Trifle pants. Trifle turns as Rose tackles her to the ground.

"AHHHH!!!" Trifle screams. Blair throws her trident and it sails right into Rose's head.

No. John thinks as he sees Blair and Trifle run away as Rose's limp body is lifted into a hovercraft. He stumbles away from the fight. No will to go on. Then a new thought fills his head. "I have to kill Blair," He says aloud.

"Same here," Scorpius says as he emerges from the shadows. They both nod. Same goal and now they have the same alliance.


"DIE!!!" Brass shouts as he tries to impale Mystique with his mace. She tries to dodge but it lands on her arm. He lifts it up to swing again and she scrammbles back like a wounded animal, which she might as well be. He swings it down and it lands in her head.

A knife flies by, slicing the tip of his ear. "Whoes got the nerve to face me?" he says as he turns to face Iridessa. She smiles as she throws another knife. He jumps nack, excpecting it to hit him, instead it slices the mace in half.

His wicked smile trusn into a snarl as he draws his spear,"That was my faveorite weapon. You'll pay for that."

He runs at her and pulls the spear up, Iridressa hikes up her knife to block it but he does twists his hand, bringing back down, out of her blocking range. He thrusts his spear into her stomach. "Aarggg..." she gurgles. Iridressa falls down and curls up. She has her last thoughts as she remembers her brother, and the times they had together.

She opens her eyes slowly, why hasn't he killed her? She sees the face of Marble and Kedzie,"Get up, Brass won't be hurting you any time soon." She looks over to see a arrow in his neck.

"Thank you," She mumbles to Kedzie, the only one holding a bow.

Day 3- Ptt- The battle rages on!

Everest and Medea look at the limp body of Brass and smile. The act is over, the Career pack is finally broken with Brass dead and Blair and Trifle gone. They look at each other and know their going to ally.


A knife lands in Medea's head. Everest turns to see Holly staring at him with a lgare of detirmination. She throw sanother knife which he blocks with his sword.

With one swift movement of his sword, Holly has been cut in half. He smiles at first, but then realizes what he has just done.

I've just killed yet another tribute.


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