Okay people, these will most likely be my last games and after these are done I will mostly leave (see old blog for details). Since it's my last games there will be a twist >:) which I will announce later. These games will only include training scores and the games. Happy Hunger Games!

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You know the drill people, regular information, that's all I really need.

District Female/training score Male/training score Creator
1 Crystal Glow(1)/8

Scarr Blade/10 Everdeen
2 Lanila Boress/8 Wilden Criss/5 QuinnQuinn
3 Liliana Jones/7 Crick Storm/11 Rueflower
4 Swell Current(1)/9 Cod Netts/10 Moviepopcorn
5 Evelyn Dreamcatcher/8 Benjamin Logan/7 Anna-athena
6 Kathrina Loula/7 Harris Jon/7 ilovepeteta
7 Kallmi Silvers/7 Sam Sammon/3 Rueflower
8 Lilith/8 Max Vaz/8 Skyandbray
9 Kasha Farro/6 Bulgar Millet/7 Necterine
10 Ardis Blaze/5

Drake Dust/6

11 Blue Ghost/6 Sam Blah/2 Rueflower
12 Irene Seam/7 Jay Wayland/6 Necterine

Bold = Career

italics plus # = alliance

underlined = Made it to final battle


This year the arena will be split into each section, each containing a different biome.
Arena of 53rd

Arena (Click for full view)


Medow (Click for full view)

Section 1: Located in the exact centre of the arena, this region will contain the corncopia surronded by a medow filled with bright green grass that is as tall as someone's ankle, it has lots of supplies thanks to the corncopia but, offers little concelment. The tempertures vary from 60's to 70's

tundra (Click for full view)

Section 2: The northern most section of the arena, it holds an icey tundra with ice covered lakes, glaciers and a few caves. It has few anmals and no plant life. Average temperture is in the 20's-10's

Section 3: resides to the left of the tundra, it has pine trees that are closely

Taiga(Click for full view)

packed together. It snows constently and is very cold, there are a few rivers and spring fed pools as well. There are a few plants that offer poisonous berries and the area has elk, deer, and other small animals. The region also has sparse cracker jacker nests. Tempertures: 50's during the day, 30's at night.
Desert region

Desert 9Click for full view)

Section 4: Cotains a huge desert that has sparse oaisies and little animal life, it only has venomous snakes, lizards and the rare camel. It is scorching hot during the day but a nice cool temperture during the night.

Rain forest (Click for full view)

Section 5: In this section there is a tropical rainforest. It has lush plantlife coveres the surface, it has large valleys and waterfalls. Most fruits are safe to eat but, some are deadly. It has a vast amount of animals but, creatures like pythons and leapords can can a tribute. Water needs to be purified and rivers have lots of fish but also contain pirhannas. Temputures are in the 80's (Ferinhiet) but it is so humid that it feels hotter.


Hills (Click for full view)

Section 6: In here you will find a region filled with hills covered with thick green grass that is as high as someone's knees. There are some animals like rabits and turkeys and there is some trees. Rivers will occasionally be seen winding through the hills. Temputures are in the 70's during the day and 50's at night.

Section 7: This area is the largest, containing huge mountains that go above the clouds. There are a few rivers in the lower region, there is nearly no plant life and some animals in the mountains. There lots of caves offering lots of concelment though. Tempertures are in the 60's in the lower section and 30's at the top.

Broken city

Bombed city (click for full view)

Section 8: This region perhaps will be the tribute hot spot. In it is filled with empty, bombing in buildings. Some have roofs, some don't. It has some scavvenger animals, few rivers and some small plants growing in cracks of the pavement. It has good tempertures in the 70's

Swamp (click for oh you know the drill)

during the day, 60's at night.

Section 9: A swampy region filled with murky waters, low trees and poisonous plants. It has few animals besides birds, snakes and alligators. Water is toxic if not purified and all plants are unsafe to consume. Tempertures are mild but feel hot from humidity.


Ocean (click for full)

Section 10: It is a beach leading to a vast salt-water ocean with multiple islands with palm trees. The water

forest (click for full view)

is laced with dangers though, like sharks, deadly jellyfish and pirannahs. Tempertures are very hot in the 90's

Section 11: This forest region is similar in size as section 7, very large. It has mild tempertures in the 70's, the trees offer little concelment and there is a thick underbrush on the forest floor. The region has plenty of fruit bearing trees, rivers and animals though.


Every day or so I will post two questions that you'll have to answer correctly to earn money. The first person to answer gets $200 per correct answer, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $50 and then everyone else gets $10. Sponsoring can be vital towards your tribute because I have not decidied on a victor! You may also earn sponsor money by getting users with no tributes to give you $50, NOTE: One donator may only do this once and to one user only! If all of your tributes have died you may give your remaining cash to another user. Prices may go up as time progresses.

Everdeen: $10

Necterine: $0 (First to break $1000!)

Nate: $5

ilovepeeta: $40

QuinnQuinn: $0

Anna-Athena: $70

Movie: $20

Skyandbray: $300

Items to be sent:

A apple, banana and a peach- Jay Wayland/ Done

A pack of dried fruit, water container and iodine- Crystal Glow/ Done

A light Sweater and gloves -Drake Dust/Done

A sleeping bag and a light sweater- Crystal Glow/Done

Empty water container and iodine- Irene Seam/Done

A banana and jellyfish sting medication- Swell Current/Done

Knife- Lanila Boress/Done

Gauze roll and disinfectant- Drake Dust/Done

Blow gun and darts- Crystal Glow/Done

Full body armor and a grenade- Bulgar Millet/Done

Light Sweater- Swell Current/Done

Bow and 12 arrows, knife, 12 arrows, 2 bannanas, socks.-Lanila Boress/Done

Knife, a necterine and a box of crackers- Crystal Glow/Done


Bow and 12 arrows- $550

12 arrows- $200

Knife (Sharp)- $50

Six Throwing Knives- $350

Twelve Throwing Knives- $700

Blow Gun and Six Darts- $400

Crossbow with Twelve Bolts (shots)- $850

Trident- $600

Spear- $500

Sword- $550

Grenade- $750 (Only 2 in stock!!!)

Coil of Wire (For traps and snares)- $200

C4 (No remote to blow it up though)- $500


Pack of Dried Fruit- $450

Bread (Specifiy which District)- $400

Box of Crackers- $400

Fruit (One, and please specifiy which fruit)- $20

Bag of Fruits (agian please specifiy)- $500

Capitol Feast- $700

Empty Water Container- $10

Iodine- $50

Half-Gallon Water Bottle (Full)- $300

Gallon of Water- $600


Tent- $650

Sleeping Bag- $400

Thick Sweater- $350

Light Sweater- $200

Socks- $10

Gloves- $50

Medical Kit (Gauze Roll, Stomach Medicine, Fever medicine, headache medicine, disinfectant)- $700

Gauze Roll- $100

Stomach Medicine- $200

Fever Medicine- $150

Headache Meddicine- $200

Disinfectant- $20

Specific Medicine for various purposes- Cost varies, I will tell you once you buy it.

Bug Spray- $10

Flint- $10

Matches (Box of 10)- $150


Day 1: The bloody medow

Blue Ghost's POV, Section 1

My eyes squint as the sunlight washes over me and, temporarily, I cannot tell what terrain the arena is. A swamp? A city? As my eyes refocus I realize it's all of the above. To my right is Cod Netts on his plate in front of a swamp, behind me is a city and to my left are vast mountains. In the distance I also see a jungle and some glaciers. So, I guess the gamemakers couldn't decide what to put in the arena so they just put them all in. Great! Not only do I have to grab what I can from the cornucopia, but now I have to decide which section to run away to! "Pretty tough desion right?" I jump back and scream when I hear the voice. As I fall from my plate, the last thing I see is a ghost smiling at me.

Scarr Blade's POV, Section 1

I hear an explusion, a cannon and then the gong. I sprint to my left where Evelyn Dreamcatcher, the 5 girl is also running to the cornucopia and push her over. That should slow her down, I think. I hear the knife before I see it as I drop to the ground and it whizzes over my head. I look up to see one angry Benjamin Logan holding several sharp knives. Luckily he's distracted by Codd Netts whose attemting to stab hin with his trident. I get up and grab a sword from the cornucopia and rush over to Kasha Farro who's picking up a sleeping bag. With one swish of my sword her head is not connected to her body anymore. I frown at the gruesome scene when Wilden Criss yells,"Scarr get over here and help!" I turn and see the problem, with only four Careers, too many tributes are getting away with items. I see my stupid District partner run off with a tent and a blow gun and Max Vaz escapes with a huge bag of apples. I grip my sword and run towards them.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 1

I stummble away from the ocrnucopia with my armfull of supplies when one of the Careers, Lanila Boress jumps in front of me with a sharp knife.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asks with a smile. I gulp and pull out my own knife. Even though Lanila isn't even half my size, I know I can't win. She has Career training and I'm a total clutz when it comes to combat. Sure enough, five seconds into the fight, I have several gashes on my body and she doesn't have one injury. I stagger back and she walks forward with a smile of victory on her face. Suddenly, I grab my wire from the cornucopia and wrap it around her neck. The action was so sudden she doesn't even have time to react and her knife falls to the ground. Her face turns blue and I pull the rope off and push her to the ground. I turn adn run, knowing I have enough time to get away, it'll be minute before she catches her breath and is able to pursue.

Liliana Jones's POV, Section 1

Pain pulses through my face as I trip over Lanila Boress' body and fall into the dirt but I muster my will and scrammble only to crash into Sam Sammon. I pull out my knife and shove it into his chest. He slumps to the ground and I continue to run towards the city area. I scoop up a few more things on my way out and run around my district partner, Crick and Harris Jon, who are in the middle of a firece dual. Crick wins the upper hand and rips Harris' body appart with his chainsaw and laughs as blood splatters everywhere. Fear pumps through my veins and I run twice as fast as before untill I'm far into the city.

Drake Dust's POV, Section 1


My pixkaxe connects with Cod Nett's trident in midair. He smiles as he jabbs again, which I barely block. Sweat pours down my face and I gasp for air as his attacks increase in numbers and I'm forced to munuver around the cornucopia. I'm about to reach my breaking point when he's distracted by the sight of his district partner running off with the reamianing tridents. "HEY!!! GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE--" He hollars in protest as he follows her into the swampy region. I let out a puff of relief when I see my district partner, Ardis, ordering the boy from District 12 as he grabs mutliple items from the cornucopia. The poor guy, not only is he being seduced and tricked by Ardis but, he also only has one arm. My hand grips on my pickaxe and I run over to Ardis and ram it into her skull. Jay looks at me in horror and I say as I run away,"Trust me dude, you'll thank me later!"

Kathrina Loula's POV, Section 6

Panting, I sprint over to the tallest hill and begin to hike up it. Back at the cornucopia, I managed to snag a small light green back pack and a loaf of bread but, I had to get out of there quickly because the Careers began to moblize. After that boy from 4 left, the duo from 2 and the boy from 1 began to defend to bounty with ruthless effectiveness. My mind is still haunted by the sight of the 1 boy pinning the killing machine from 3 and ripping his throat out with is bare hands. I shudder as I reach the top and glance at the cornucopia. As I suspected the Careers have scared everyone else off. I continue my hike through the hills but after about a half hour I rest behind a small maple tree and check my back pack; two knives that are good for throwing, a hafl-gallon water bottle filled with water, iodine and a gauze roll (medical bandages). I frown, it's enough, but not the amount I was hoping for.

Wilden Criss' POV, Section 1

I pull out a few knives out of a back pack and examine them; a nice, wooden handles with long sharp blades with a serated handle at the bottom. I guess they'll have to do I think as I put them in my belt. I look over at this year's sad bunch of Careers; Lanila is tending to her multiple injuries she obatained while fighting, Scarr is shrapening a knife, Lilth, our new edition to make up for a lack of members is munching on a orange while glancing around suspicously while Cod still has not returned. The sun sets and cannons begin to go off. 1, 2, 3... all the way to 6. 6! Only 6 deaths! What a pathetic group of Careers we are, I would've gotten a kill if I wanted to but no, I'm going to wait... Wait to show everyone my true colors.

Swell Current's POV, Section 9

"Man, you're slow! I thought Careers were supposed to be quick!" I taunt back to Cod as I sprint through the murky water and dodge between old willow trees. I glance back to see he's about 50 yards away and loosing ground, I'm much faster. I look back to the front and my eyes focus on one floating log, wait... that's no log, logs don't have eyes or teeth. I stop in my tracks, this creature is something residents in only one region of District 4, what once was Louisana, know of, an alligator. It has razor sharp teeth and claws and can wrestle a full grown man and suffocate him under the water. Cod gains ground as I stand still and I instinctively grab the nearest tree and start climbing. My mother aways told me the only way to escape a alligator was to get into a tree, they can't climb. "Ha! You think climbing up a little tree will save you?!" Cod hollars at me. I smile and decide to luller him into a trap,"Yep, you'll never get me!" I yell back. He goes over to the base of the tree when the alligator suddenly jumps out of the water. He yelps in fear and throws his trident at it, but to no avail, the creature knocks it aside with its hand and Cod despretly pulls out his dagger, it seems to be about two feet long. They get into a struggle and Cod and the gator struggle out of sight. I immeditly jump from my tree and run as fast as I can in the other direction, knowing I've not only lost my pursuer but, I may have killed him as well.

Irene Seam's POV, Section 11

I smile as I continue my trek through the forest, it reminds me of the many days I forged for food in the woods outside 12. But soon I'm forced to stop my trip as the moon rises and everything turns pitch black. I turn on my flashlight, one of the three items I got at the cornucopia and settle into a bunch of thick roots that will offer concelment and a reletivly comfortable place. I sort through my meger supplies; the flashlight, a pack of dried fruit and a spear head. I smile at the final item, the gamemakers might've thought this item deserved to be placed about 20 yards away from my plate but, it gives me a weapon. I can easily make the weapon's shaft out of some wood. Suddenly the capitol anthem booms through the sky and the seal hovers in the air as I steel myself to view the faces of 6 tributes that will never be seen again.

Day 1 Deaths: 6

Blue Ghost- Plate/ Placed: 23rd

Kasha Farro-Scarr Blade/ 22nd

Sam Sammon- Liliana Jones/ 21st

Harris Jon- Crick Storm/20th

Ardis Blaze- Drake Dust/ 19th

Crick Storm- Scarr Blade/ 18th

Whereabouts of the tributes:

"()" mean alliances

(Scarr Blade, Lanila Boress, Wilden Criss and Lilth) are all in Section 1

Section 2- None

Section 3- Drake Dust

Section 4- None

Section 5- (Evelyn Dreamcatcher, Benjamin Logan) and Crystal Glow

Section 6- Kathrina Loula

Section 7- Jay Wayland

Section 8- Liliana Jones, Bulgar Millet, Sam Blah and Kallmi Silvers

Section 9- Swell Current and Cod Netts

Section 10- None

Section 11- Max Vaz and Irene Seam.

Day 2: Decisions, Decisions...

Crystal Glow's POV, Section 5

I stare silently at the duo from 5, safetly hidden in the trees. They seem to be arguing about something and finally, the girl gets flustered and storms off. I simile, these two fill be easy to kill, once I find the proper fruit to make into poison. Untill then, I'll just follow them and steal their supplies when they aren't looking. If on cue, the boy runs off the follow the girl. I simle and jump from my hidding spot to look through their stuff; a water bottle, six throwing knives, a box of crackers, a small hatchet and some wire. I laugh, how stupid could two people be to run off in the jungle, alone, with no weapons in case someone or, something attacks. I grab two of the knives, a few crackers from the box and drink a few gulps of the water bottle. I hear their footsteps and scale the tree just before they return. The girl sits down, still upset and looks at the box of crackers,"You ate some of our precous food without telling me?!!" She screams. The boy shakes his head and she asks then,"who did?". He frowns and looks at their other stuff,"What the-- The water bottle's half empty and some of the knives are gone!!!" The girl quickly double checks it and they start to freak out. It's all I can do but not laugh as they quickly pack all their stuff and run off. I hop tree to tree in pursuit thinking about how lucky I was to find them.

Sam Blah's POV, Section 8

When morning rises I begin my trek through the city, trying to put as much distance between myself and the cornucopia so I won't have to worry about the Careers, it's slow going though, my wheelchair slows me down tremendously when I have to swerve around huge pieces of ruble that litter the streets. At around noon I wheel under a tattered umberella by a table, the building by it seemed to be a cafe or something. I pull out my backpack and take out my package of dried fruit. The taste of the dried grapes are okay but could be improved if it was fresh. Halfway through my meal I notice something looking at me from the building across the street... Wait, not something, someone! I pull out my javelin and wheel towards the building when the person, who I now see is the large boy from nine, light the end of a wire. The spark moves across the street into the next building and I relize what's about to happen when the building erupts in a firey inferno and I'm flung from my wheelchair.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 8

Yes! My trap worked. The wire I got from the cornucopia led to a small batch of explusives I found in a building that must've been a factory or something. The poor boy from 11 now lies facedown on the ground, moaning in pain from his burns. I run down the crummbling stairs and I'm about to go outside to finish him off with my knife when I hear the sounds of footsteps, and lots of them. The Careers are coming to see what the explusion was from! I dive back inside and rush back up the stairs to position myself at the widow, this time, hidden behind a empty crate. I see the pack run to the rubble and the boy from 2 spots the inmoblie tribute on the floor,"Lanila, will you please... Take care of him?" Lanila raises an eyebrow at his choice words but moves in and slits his throat. A few seconds later a cannon booms and the Careers move away from the body so the hovercraft will pick it up. Only it won't, because I'm here. About two minutes later the Careers become suspius. "Why hasn't the hovercraft come yet?" The brutish boy from one asks. "I don't know... But, maybe there's another tribute trapped under the rubble or something... Or perhaps someone is in the other building?" The male from 2 responds. Now I remember his name, Wilden, he was the guy who showed off his skills in training and proved to be deadly. If he's so bloodthristy then why didn't he kill the boy from 11 himself? I'm pondering the question when I notice Lanila and that lucky girl from 8 enter my building while Widlen and the 1 boy start digging through the rubble. I start to paink, if they find me they will kill me. Lanila will give me a special torture for sure after what I did to her at the cornucopia, even earilier I saw her massage the blueish bruises across her neck.

Lilith's POV, Section 8

Lanila and I enter the house and we both look at the poor exuse of a staircase, the wood railing has rotted and the steps are crummbling,"Are we sure anyone could've gotten up there?" I ask. "I don't know... But you're going up first," Lanila replies with a smile as she gently prods me in the back with her knife. I glare at her mistreatment and slowly shuffle towards the staircase. Step by step, I slowly make my way up with Lanila a few steps behind me. I reach the top to see that boy from 9 jump out the back window. "Lilth, you just jumped, did you see something?!" Lanila franticly asks. I'm about to tell her about the boy but then I remember all the rude comments and jestures towards me, I may be in this pack but, I'll never be their equal. I turn to her and put on a fake smile,"It was just a bird, nothing's up here."

Jay Wayland's POV, Section 7

A cannon has just gone of. Now only 17 tribute remain, a high amount though for Day 2. I pick up my waterbottle and take as swig to quench my thrist. My stomach growls. I guess it has an excuse because I haven't eaten since yesterday, I dropped all the food I found at the cornucopia when that evil boy from 10 killed my sweet Ardis. Memories of her sweep over me. Her wonderful smile, when she held my hand during training and how kindly she spoke to me during her interview. But then my last memory comes into view; Ardis ordering me around like a pack mule and the fact that her killer told me I'd thank him later... No, Ardis loved me and I must get m revenge on her killer. Once I have full stomach and my weapon of choice; a pck axe. Right now I have a axe, a coil of wire, my water bottle, iodine, gloves and a sleeping bag. Hopefully I'll pull some sponsers soon.

Cod Netts' POV, Section 1

After wipping the alligatorr blood off my face with my shirt and arrive at the cornucopia, I notcie noboy's there. "Little loosers left without me!!!" I hollar in rage. I sit down and start shoveling pieces of bread into my mouth and gulping down water. I grab the last trident from the cornucopia to replace the one I lost and add a second dagger to my belt. Then I get into the mouth of the cornocopia to get out of the sun when I hear the footsteps. I peek my head just barley out of the cornucopia to see the looser boy from 8 runnign to the cornucopia, once he arrivies he starts shoveling items into his bag. Oh no you don't. I think as I raise my trident to throw. It whizzes through the air but he hears it and rolls out of the way. I draw one of my daggers and jump into plain sight,"Think ya could just tke whatever you wanted?" The 8 boy gulps and pulls out his sword. (TBC)

3rd Person (Viewing Cod Netts Vs. Max Vaz)

Cod unsheths his dagger and charges straight at Max, who barely deflects the blow with his sword. Max then spins his blade, cutting open Cod's arm, Cod grimaces in pain and blocks another jab from Max. Max pries Cod's sword out of his hand and knocks Cod to the ground. Max moves in to deliver the death blow when Cod grabs the trident that he threw at him earlier off the ground and manages to ram it into Max's upper leg. Max staggers back, giving Cod time to get up and pull out his second knife. Max slams the butt of his sword into Cod's head and slices his chest, but only deep enough to give him a flesh wound. Cod uppercuts Max in the jaw and and Max just blcoks Cod's knife strike to the head. Max rolls between Cod's legs and opens a gash on his lower leg. Cod turns in rage and kicks Max's rolling form. Max jumps up and deflects Cod's jab with his forearm and counterstikes with a stab which Cod has to jump back to avoid. Both tributes are gasping for breath and drenched in sweat and blood now and both know the end of the fight is near. Cod grabs a spear from the cornucopia and rushes at Max. Max knocks the blow aside with his sword and punches Cod in the side of the face. Cod stummbles back by the blow just in time to dodge Max's sword, which was whizzed past where his head was a second ago. Cod picks up his spear and deflects Max's jab nad knees him in the gut. Max falls down in cramps and Cod shoves the spear in his head. Cod turns to see the Careers arrive just in time to see Max's death. "A little too late to help," he says with a ruefull smile.

Kallmi Silvers' POV, Section 10

I moan as pain pulses through my left shoulder, sure it hurt a little when that 1 boy first cut me there but now, the wound has started to turn green and I have nothing to treat it with except for the makeshift bandage I made out of my jacket sleeve. If the wound is an infection, it won't be long before it spreads and I die. The only hope is if my mentor manages to get someone to sponser me, and like that's ever going to happen. I hear the anthem and look up just in time to see the seal disappear and the faces of the first of two tributes light up the sky...

Deaths: 2

Sam Blah- Lanila Boress (Throat slit by Lanila's knife)

Max Waz- Cod Netts (Stabbed in the head by Cod's trident)

Day 3: The Broken Heart

Drake Dust's POV, Section 3

White puffy clouds escape my mouth as I breath, the temperture is just starting to heat up from last night and it's a miracle I don't have hypothermia, all I have is my jacket from my uniform and some gloves. I know I should leave this section but, I'm safe here, with no other tributes my only danger is the cold. If I got some sponsers I wouldn't have to worry about that either. I continue my trek through the woods and manage to kill a snow rabbit by throwing my pick axe at it. I skin it then look at the meat and my box of matches longingly, if only I couild cook it with a fire. I stare at them a few minutes longer and hunger wins out. I light a fire, cook the rabit and as soon as it's done, sprint as fast as I can away from the starting point at the cornucopia. Munching on a rabbit leg, all I can think about is how the Careers may now be on my tail...

Wilden Criss' POV, Section 1

The smile I had when I woke up this morning still is on my face as I think about today, the day I finally get to release my inner Career and slaughter inocent children. What joy. I put some more knives into my belt and load a medicine pack into my back pack and adrres the Careers,"Alright, since the arean is so big I suggest we split up into two groups and search different parts off the arena." All of them nod except for Lanila, who says with a look of scorn,"Why should we listen to you. What have you done?" I glare at her and snap,"Because I can snap your little neck in five seconds," Lanila's eyes widen in surprise, she didn't except me to be so violent. My smile grows even bigger,"Okay, Lanila, Lilth and I will go to the jungle area and Bone and Cod will comb through the city section, got it?". Everyone understands and Bone and Cod are soon out of sight,"All right ladies, let's get a move on!".

Jay Wayland's POV, Section 7

I didn't get any sleep last night, the hunger pains became to intense. Now I sit on the ground, weak, tired, starving. Any tribute could kill me now or even some stupid animal will eat me. My eyes have just shut when something lands on my back. I sit up and a sliver parachute falls offf of me. I smile and rip it open, my mentor has come through to me and sent me some fruits; a peach, apple and a banana. I peel the banana and start eating it, once it's done, I eat half the apple. I wrap the other half of the apple and the peach up and put them in my back pack for later. I pick up my axe and continue hiking.

Benjamin Logan's POV, Section 5

"Benjieeeeee... I'm hungry!" Evelyn whinnes. I take a deep breath,"I konw, you've said that a million times already but, we don't have anymore food, YOU ATE IT ALL." She rolls her eyes and I sit down in frustration, Evelyn is IMPOSSIBLE to work with, she won't do anything, she eats too much, drinks too much and doesn't give a dang anout anything that I say."YAY!!!" Evelyn's high-pitched sqeals through the air. "A sponsor item!!! I knew I would pull some sponsors!" I look up to see a silver parachute fall from the sky. Finaly, food. My stomach grummbles in anticipation. The parachute falls into one of the trees stationed by our camp. Evelyn rolls her eyes,"Come on people! Get a better aim!" I walk up to the tree when I see it, a human being, more specificly, the girl from District 1!

"So you're the one whose been stealing our food!" I snarl as I pull out my throwing knives. The girl gives me a small fake smile as I chuck a knife at her head. She rolls out of the way but falls out the tree behind me, I turn to face her when Evelyn screams.


I spin around to see both tributes from 2 and the girl from 8 facing us. I curse under my breath, Evelyn's screaming must've atttracted them. The girl from 2 smiles evily,"So what do we got here? Two love birds and the traitor. What should we do with them, Wilden?". The boy from 2, whose name must be Wilden snickers back,"Leave them to me." He draws two of his knives a hurls them in my direction, I dive out of the way and scrammble back up to see what the true purpose of the attack was. To distract me while Wilden jumps Evelyn. Wilden pulls back her hair and sadisticly and slowly cuts open her throat as she screams. Then he shoves the knife up her nose and her cannon booms. "Evelyn!!! NOOOOO!!!" I yells in agony. The girl I love is dead. "You're next, lover boy!" Wilden snarls. I raise my knives but my heart drops to my stomach, I can't beat Wilden.


"What the.." Wilden says as a small dart imbedds itself in his neck. I turn around to see that girl from 1 lower her blow gun and smile as she holds up some mashed up poisonous berries. Realization crsses over Wilden's face as he falls to the ground and the cannon booms. For a second, the other two Careers stand still in shock but the 8 girl soon snaps back to reality and lifts her spear. Suddnely something bangs into me and I'm thrown over a small cliff that faces a waterfall, Evelyn made us camp here for its beauty, and plummet to the ground as a spear sails over the spot I was standing a few seconds ago.

Kallmi Silvers' POV, Section 8

I dive behind a broken brick wall just as two of the Career tributes, I think their names were Bone and Cod run by. I managed to hide just in time and I'm thinking about killing them with my bow but realize that once I kill one, the other will take cover and fibd away to kill me. So, I just leave them alone. After they're out of view I trun and run in the oppisite direction, eating a beef strip as I go. With only 3 beef strips left, I'll need to move to the forest section to hunt some game.

Drake Dust's POV, Section 3


Another one of the grey wolves falls to the ground, dead with a broken skull. A pack of wolves have trapped me in a small clearing of trees and I've barely managed to feed them off with my pick axe. Two of the wolves pounce at the same time and I kick one away but the other bites my forearm which I raisied to block their deadly fangs. It howls in pain as my pick axe rams into its skull. The remaining wolves turn around and run away since I've managed to reduce their pack to 1/3 of its previous size. I turn around and sprint as fast as I can out of this section of the woods. About an hour later I sit down to rest and a silver parachute attatched to a small basket lands by me. I look inside to see a extra jacket and another pair of gloves. I put on the jacket and put the second pair of gloves over the first. I'm a little warmer and now I know I won't die of hypothermia just as the anthem begins to play.

Deaths: 2

Evelyn Dreamcatcher- Wilden Criss (Blood loss from wounds delivered by Wilden's knife)

Wilden Criss- Crystal Glow (Poisoned by Crystal's toxic dart)

Day 4: Down to 10

Kathrina Loula's POV, Section 6

I scare away the birds and snatch the remaining berries off the bush. These dang birds have been so annoying; eating all the games in the area, eating all the berries and worst of all, stealing my supplies! They ate all of my bread and now all I have left to eat are these berries. I've managed to kill one with my knife but there are many more, I've also tried moving to a new spot to camp but they just followed me! If this continues I'm gonna have to switch sections. If only a sponsor would give a bow and arrow to kill these things!

Scarr Blade's POV, Section 3

These last few days have been so boring. I haven't gotten to kill any tributes or been in any fights. Everyone else has though; Cod got into a fight with that 8 boy and yesterday the sky showed that Lanila, Lilth and Wilden were fighting, so when do I get my turn? My sword is at my side, sprakling clean, it should be covered in the blood of my victims!


Cod and me turn our heads at the sound of a leaf being crushed under someone's foot. I see that girl from 3 holding a knife. I guess she thought she could just sneak up on us and stab us in the back. She was mistaken. I draw my sword and kncok the knife out of her hand. "Bye," I say as my sword slices her head off and a cannon sounds. I guess today was my lucky day.

Irene Seam's POV, Section 11

Grease drools down my lip as a take a huge bite out of a grosseling neck. It's super good and I have two more to eat later. I've been busy hunting and forging for the last few days for food and I've basicly been camping out by a small spring feed pool. Of course I haven't drinken any of it since I don't have iodine or a water container but, I've been sucking the juices out of some strawberries I forged. But now, the strawberries have run out and I don't see anymore. I just pray my hunting skills earn me a sponser before it's too late.

Swell Current's POV, Approaching Section 1

I peak my head just out from behind the tree to get a clear view of the Cornucopia. No one's there but, I don't want to take my chances with grabbing any supplies. I'm just gonna run through it to get to that beach section. This swamp is filled with mutts and toxic waste and I think I'll be able to live much longer in my element. I sprint across the meadow while resisting the powerrful temptation to stuff my back pack with all the supplies I want. I reach the beach and I'm aboutt o jump into the water and start swimming to a island I see in the distance when someone rams into me. What'dya know, it's Cod and his Career friend. "I've got you this time Swell! no gators to save you!" He says evily. I struggle to unset him but he's just too heavy. He pulls out his trident and points the tip at my throat. I shout my eyes to prepare to die when Cod's weight mysteriously disappears and I'm soaking wet. My eyes open to see Cod a few feet away, also wet, on the ground. I wave of some sort must've knocked him off. I scrammble up and hear a pair of feet coming to pursue me. I chuck a trident back at the noise and hear the smack as it hits its target and the cannon booms. I look back to see Cod's dead body but instead see the Career from D1 on the ground, I forgot about him! I jump in the water and paddle away as fast as I can before Cod can get his revenge.

Crystal Glow's POV, Section 5

I can't believe I saved Benjamin. I guess I couldn'e just bear to see that Career take another person's life. After I tackled him over the waterfall the current drifted us downstream were we made our camp and dried off. We have two back packs to carry stuff, the iodine, watercontainer and dried fruit I got as a sponser gift, some knives, my blow gu nand darts a half empty box of crackers, wire a hatchet and a full waterbottle. The water runied both of our jackets, sleeping bags and other cloth based things but luckly our pants and shirts seem to be saltwater proof so we arean't running around naked. I eat another pear slice and look over to see Benjamin curled up in a ball on the ground, eyes still puffy. I roll my eyes but them remind myself he was in love with that girl, no matter how annoying she was.

3rd Person (Viewing Gamemaker traps)

As the Head Gameamker's finger hits the read button, he smiles, soon all of the arena will be in chaos.

Cod sits in section 1 with the medow around the cornucopia, sipping some water when he smells it, the smoke. The once peacefull medow has just erupted into a firey inferno, consuming all the plants and more importantly, the Careers supplies. Cod throws as much stuff as he can into the cornucopia before climbing in it himself. The fire never touches the golden horn and Cod only recieves minor burns on his arms and legs. But he also has the knoweldge that almost all of the Career supplies have just been burnt to a crisp.

Section 2 has no tributes, but that doesn't stop the glaciers from sliding down the icy plains, crushing everything in its path.

5 minutes after the section 1 fire and the section 2 ice slide, hundred of wolfs are released into Section 3, programmed to hunt down and kill any tribute in the section. Drake takes down the first wolf but as the others leap into the clearing he kicks it into high gear and runs as fast as he can from them. One wolf lands on his back and he has to throw it off before he can get back up, but it's too late, the wolves have surrounded him. He manages to pick off a few but there are many to replace them. One of the wolves rips open his back pack and all of his stuff falls out. Then he sees it, the matches. Seconds later the wolves are fleeing from the firey inferno that started when Drake dropped the match on a tree. Drake escapes into section 2 before the fire overcomes him.

Next, in section 4, a huge sandstorm literly wipes out everything in its path.

The crack of the lighting wakes Crystal and Benjamin up. The rain comes down and buckets and another jolt of lighting hits inches to the left of there camp, then another to the left, the lighting strikes get closer and closer and Crystal finaly relizes the nature of this Gamemaker trap. "The lightning is going to hit us! RUN!!!" She screams, they grab all of their stuff and sprint back up stream. There's no where that's safe, except the one location Benjamin remembers,"Back at the waterfall--ther--there's a cave behind it!". He exclaims. He grabs her hand and they dive behind the waterfall where they drag themselves onto a bit of rock.

Lanila and Lilth have not been so lucky, the lightning caught them off guard and they have no where to hide. They sprint through the trees and thick underbrush, despretly trying to get back to the Cornucopia. "I see the meadow!" Lilith yells, then scremas as she sees Lanila get struk with lightning. It didnt kill her, but gave her quite the shock. Lilth drags her out of the rainforest and into the grey, ashy meadow.

Kathrina climbs the maple tree she camped under when she sees the mudslide barreling down the hills of Section 6. It totally obliterates the lake and vegetation by her, but sadly, not the birds.

Jay Wayland pants as he tries to outrun the lava spewing from the moutaintops of Section 7. The lava is too fast though, and it quicly catches Jay and burns the back of his legs. He falls to the ground and the lava flows over his body and the first cannon of the night booms.

Buildings crummble, fire blaze and sirens blare all throughout Section 8 as the bombs fall from the sky and burst hroughout the streets. Bulgar was lucky enough to be in a building with a cellar, so while he was safe underground, Kallmi was having the fright of her life. Deirbs fly all around Kallmi as she cries behind a small box. One bomb hits the building she was in, ending her life.

A huge flood gushes through Section 9, bringing the water level to the top of the trees. It brings to water level to the top of the trees.

A massive tital wave crashes through section 10, the only thing that saves Swell's life is her amazing swimming skills. Her island is know reduced to half its size, and she also has to deal with the toxic jellyfish stings that she needs strong medication for before the venom reches her brain and she dies.

Irene only finds safety from the fire in Section 11 by diving in the pond by her camp.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 8

I stare in awe at the recage of the city. The once half bombed cities now are reduced to rubble. I sit down on a broken piece of concrete as yet another one of the building topples to the ground. Then I realize one of those buildings could fall on me. I get up and start sprinting away, bent on getting to anew section. Slowly I notice the plantlife covering the buildings and the murky water level starting rise and before I know it, I'm in a flooded swamp. I swim for a bit before setting up camp on the top of some tree. I hear the anthem and see the seal andI know it's time to see which tributes died today.

Deaths: 4

Liliana Jonas- Scarr Blade (Decapitated by Scarr's sword)

Scarr Blade- Swell Current (Skewered by Swell's trident)

Jay Wayland- Gamemakers (Burnt by Gamemaker's lava)

Kallmi Silvers- Gamemakers (Blasted to bits by Gamemaker's bombs)

What tributes need:

Swell- Medicine for jellyfish sting

Kathrina- Bow and arrows

Drake- Bandages and disinfectant

Day 5: The begining of the End

Lilith's POV, Section 1

I wake up from nightmares of last night and look around at the meadow. Ashy, burnt to a crisp, grey. That's what it looks like. And my fellow pack members don't look so hot either. Lanila is still a little wozy from the lightning strike and Cod still has all of his cuts from his fight with Max and he's also got some burns. And we're all hungry. There's not a lot of food or water at the cornucopia now and plus out weapon supply has shrunk. Cod has two tridents and a dull dagger, Lanila dropped her knife in the jungle so she ahs nothing, and I have my spear, an axe and a knife. Suddenly a small parachute lands next to Lanila, she opens it up and pulls out a shining, razor sharp knife. She smiles at it. "Alright Lilith, since Cod and I are weak and you have the most weapons. I want you to search for tributes by yourself today in the jungle, just because we're low on mumbers doesn't mean we don't hunt," she says with a voice full of authority. I nod my head back, grab my back pack and run into the jungle.

Irene Seam's POV, Section 11

The thrist has become intense and it takes all my willpower to prevent myself from drinking from the pond. I would be fine, but the smoke from the fire burnt my throat and they now beg for water. I adjust my plastic sheet to deflect the sunlight, but it doesn't help much.


A silver parachute attatched to some sort of plastic container lands next to me. I pull the parachute off and by closser exaimination, see that it's a water bottle with a iodine container inside. YES!!! I pull the iodine out fill the bottle up and purifiy it. Finally after about an hour, I gulp it down and prepare another bottle...

Swell Current's POV, Section 10

The once bright red skin has now turned purple, and I know the end is near. The posion will reach my brain soon, very soon. I curl up into a ball and think about how close I came to winning, final 10, just to die by some stupid jellyfish! My mom will be so sad to see her only daughter die. My eyes squeeze shut and the tears begin to roll out. I feel something burshup against my arm. I open my eyes to see a small basket with a silver parachute attached. I pull out a banana. Really? I'm dieing and this is what they send me? Then out of the corner of my eye I see something else in the basket. I tentativly pull out what I expect to bee some nightlock pills to end my life quickly, I could never have sponsers genorous enough to send me a antidote. But then I look at it, a small palstic pot. I unskreew the cap to see a bright blue medicine inside. Suddenly a memory from when I was little floods back. At the beach, a man with some sort of red rash got the smae medicine from some medics. This must be the antidote! I rub some on my hands and apply it directly to my sting. The pain erases immediately. Maybe the Capitol thinks I can win. And maybe if they think I can win, I will win.

Kathrina Loula's POV, Section 6

"I don't have anymore food you stupid birds!!!" I scream at the flock of white crains that have been following me, pecking my feet for hand outs. "YOU ATE IT ALL!!!" I sceech as I dump the contents of my back pack on the ground. About half a dozen of them fly to the items, searching for anything edible. I roll my eyes, they must be really hungry if they can eat thoose leather gloves. They all turn and look at me for more. "No more," I say as a few begin to flutter over to me. They start pecking my feet again. "No MORE!!" I yell again as I kick one away the pecked a little skin off. Th epiece of flesh hits the ground and one gobbles it up. Disgusting. The bird that ate my skin piece flies to me shoulder. "Get off!" I scream, trying to bat it off. More birds fly around me, and begin to peck my in various places. "Stop!!! AHH!!!" I scream as the pecks get harder and increase in number. I pull out my knife and begin to cut them, one's wing falss off. But there are too many, one pecks out my left eye and another bores its beak into my neck. Blood starts pouring out adn I decapitate it. "PLEASE STOP!!!!!" I screech as my neck bleeds more and more. I fall to the ground and the lsat thing I see is one of the birds swallow my eye.

Drake Dust's POV, Section 2

Compared to the tundra, the snowy woods is a tropical paradise. The tempertures are much colder and the winds pierce through my jackets. My wounds sting as the chilly breeze brushes up against them. I continue my march to the left to escape the tundra and reach what I think will be a forest. I silver parachute lands next to me with a gauze roll and disinfectant inside. I spray the disinfectant on my cuts and wrap pieces of the gauze roll around them. Thanks to my sponsers, I no longer need to worry about infection.

Crystal Glow's POV, Section 5

I wash Benjamin's shorts in the stream as he baths behind the waterfall, where I can't see him. Thank god. I do not need to be scarred by that. As the pants are drying a silver parachute lands by me, inside are a new sleeping abg and a light sweater. I throw the shorts through the waterfall and he comes back out fully dressed. He stretches,"So what do we do today?". I shrug,"I don't know, gather food, hunt, find a good hiding spot from other tributes." He nods and takes a sip from his water bottle. Suddenly the water bottle hits the ground, blood comes out of his mouth and the tip of a golden spear purtrudes through his stomach. His body falls to the ground as his cannon booms to reveal one Career tribute, the girl from District 8, Liltith I think her name was. She smiles at me a pulls out a axe. Lilith runs forward and swings the axe down at my head, I block with a blow gun, which I was preparing to kill her with, and it effectivly deflects the blow. Sadly though, the axe left a gapping hole in the gun, meaning I can't shot darts out of it any more. I turn around and flee through the jungle as a axe imbedds itself into the tree inches to my right.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 9

A cannon goes off, that makes two for today. I do a double take, there were ten tributes left yersterday and now with two more dead... I'm in the final 8! I never expected I would make it this far... But I'm still not victor and I good future tribute would try to remember who else is left; the girl from 1 who wouldn't join the Careers, Lanila from 2, the boy from 4, that guy who was dating that girl who died from 5, the chick from 6, the girl from 8 who's also a Career, me and the 10 male. Two people from that list have died. I wonder how my parents are doing, with me being their only child... If I died... No, I volunteered because I knew I could win and that's what I'm going tto do!

Lanila Boress' POV, Section 1

I yawn and stretch as I awaken from my cat nap. It feel good to know that I can take the day off while Lilith does all the work. I look over to see Cod trying to sharpen his knife on a rock. I roll my eyes, a knife won't do him any good. Because I'm going to kill him. If Lilith and him don't die by tommorrow, I'll kill them in their sleep. Then the tribute number will be 6 at the highest. The trumpets blare and claudis Templesmith's voice booms through the air,"Greetings remaining tributes of the 53rd Hunger Games! Tommorrow at noon there will be a feast and if you don't go, well, your tracker will just blow your arm off! Bye!!!". I smile, a feast, the perfect oppertunity to finish off the remaining tributes. Not to mention I can get my revenge on that 9 boy for what he did to me on Day 1. Oh yes revenge is gonna be sweet. Lilith returns from the jungle with news of her killing the 5 boy just as the anthem plays and the dead tribute's faces light up the sky.

Deaths: 2

Kathrina Loula- Bird Mutts (Ripped her to pieces)

Benjamin Logan- Lilith (Speared through the stomach

Day 6: Feast

Cod Nett's POV, Section 11

Lanila, Lilith and I have set up camp at the edge of the forest, with a perfect view of the cornucopia. "Ugh. I'm starving!" Lanila whins. We've eaten all the food we salvaged from the burnt cornucopia. My stomach grummbles. I hit it. "Shut up! We'll be getting food in a few hours at the feast!" My stomach and Lanila don't say another word. I smile at the prospects of the feast; a new food, water and weapon supply and I get to kill Swell. I can just imagine the sweet sound of the sickening crack of Swell's neck when a I break it. I long to see her lifeless eyes. Oh both my appetites will be quenched soon. Very soon.

Irene Seam's POV, Section 11

I know they're out there, the other tributes, hiding just out of sight behind the trees and the hills and the waves and the buildings. Just waiting for the feast to appear. I tighting my girp on my spear, soon it will kill someone. The sun's arch over the sky seems to take longer then usuall. When will it be noon? I sit down and try to pass the time by; eating, practicing throwing my spear, hunting, drinking some water and humming silently to myself. I turn away from the cornucopia to pack up my stuff when out of the corner of my eye, I see a small figure dart into the golden horn. What? That's not possible... I must be seeing things. And even if someone was in there, all they're gonna do is grab some stuff and flee, right?

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 1

I raise my knife, prepared to go out fighting i someone saw me spirnt across the plain and jump into the cornucopia. Minutes passs, and no adverseries appear. I smile and pull out the small roll of wire out of my back pack and connect them to the large battery I got at the cornucopia, if someone even touches the table that I will put them on without gloves, well, let's just say I'll be one step closer to home. I risk a peak out of the horn to see the sky exactly centered in the sky. I smile, the feast is about to begin. The cornucopia satrts shaking and the ground right infront of the mouth, and me opens up and a few tables ladden with supplies rise up. The metalic surface of the tables shines, perfect, the tables are able to conduct electricity. I toss the wires onto one fo the tables and see all of the tributes rushing to them. The 12 girl, Irene, hands hit the table with the wires and she starts shaking, her eyes roll into the back of her head, and her lifeless body hits the floor just as her cannon booms. I jump out of the cornucopia, knowing I have to get out of here fast, a grab one of the backpacks on the nearest table. "I'll kill you!!!" Someone shierks, I turn to the sound to see Lanila loading a gleaming gold bow with a arrow. I dive out fo the way as the sharp projectile whizzes towards me. I don't give her the chance to reload as I dash to cover behind the cornucopia. By the time she's rounded the horn, I'm well out of her range.

Lanila Boress' POV, Section 1

I curse as Bulgar's body disappears behind the line of swamp trees. I shake my head and turn to more pressing matters, defending the feast. Crystal from District 1 shrieks in pain as my arrow embedds itself into her leg. She topples to the ground and I move into kill her but Lilith steps in the way. "What are you doing?!!" I yell in rage. "Get out of the way!!!" She doesn't move. "I COMMAND YOU TO GET OUT OF THE WAY, tee-shirt." I yell but then finish calmly with a mean grin on my face. Lilith's face turns red with anger at my insult and she draws her spear. "You've been a jerk to me all games! I'm not going to let you take another innocent life!!" she yells in rage. She chucks her spear, luckily I'm fast enough to doge but it lodges in my left shoulder. She moves to draw her axe but my arrow enters her forehead before she can throw it at me. Her cannon goes off and I see Crystal running away, sobbing. I look aorund to see who's left; Swell and Cod are in a deadly dance of blades, tridents connecting and sparks flying and Drake Dust is grabbing some stuff from one the tables. I draw my knife and charge at him.

Swell Current's POV, Section 1

I pant as I deflect another one of Cod's blows. We're both equaly skilled with a trident, but Cod's has more endurance, he's going to kill me eventualy. I step back as he strikes me let again. I despretly try to formulate an escape plan as his attacks become more and more relentless. I round one of the tables and grab a small wooden shield from it. His trident hits it and I chuck it away. He now only has a dull dagger, which won't be able to kill me with. I turn arounda nd run away before he can grab another weapon fro mthe table next to us. I jump into he ocean and paddle back to the island I camped on. Once I arrive I look throught he stuff I got, some food and water, plus new trident and a blanket. I just pray it's enough for the final battle.

Drake Dust's POV, Section 4

I don't know how I got away from Lanila, or why I choose to hide in the desert. I guess I got tire of being cold. Now I camp by a small oasis and sip soem water. Only two deaths at the feast but still, now the tribute count is down to 6. The final battle will come soon. I have my pick axe, which is my best weapon, so I do stand a good chance but, Cod and Lanila, there so powerfull, how could I beat them? Plus there's still Cyrstal, Swell and Bulgar out there so I"m not sure if I even have a chance. No... I will win... I will win to return to Ember.

Cyrstal Glow's POV, Section 5

I can't believe what happened at the feast... Lilith saved me... I was going to die but, she sacerficied her life to make sure I lived. And that ruthless Lanila killed her. I clench my fists, I will be the one to kill Lanila, for all the pain she's caused in this arena. Two Careers, the 4 girl and the other two guys, that's all that stands between me and victory. I sit down on a small rock and eat a slice of the loaf of bread I got at the feast; I only got small pickings but, I already had plenty supplies so I'm fine. A sliver parachute arrives and I open it to find a blow gun with darts. Good, a replacement. I hear the anthem and look up to the sky, already knowing that one of the dead faces is Lilith's...

Deaths: 2

Irene Seam- Bulgar Millet (Electrocuted)

Lilith- Lanila Boress (Arrow to the brain)

Day 7: Preperations for the finalie!

53rd Hunger Games!

Le the 53rd Hunger Games End!!!

Swell Current's POV, Section 10

I wake up in the morning to find a silver parachute awaiting me, I open it up to find a light sweater inside. I put it on and gulp down several gulps of water. Last night the sky showed that only 6 tributes remain; Cod, Lanila, Drake, Bulgar, Crystal and me. By the end of tommorow, I'll be returning home, either in a body bag or as victor. The final battle is sure to be bloody, I mean, everyone hates each other. Cod hates me, Lanila hates Bulgar, Crystal hates Lanila so I guess the only one not hated is Drake. He also never killed anyone. If anything, he deserves to be victor.

Lanila Boress' POV, Section 11

Cod and I have permanantly moved our camp to the river in the woods. He didn't want to but I'm afraid we're too exposed in the meadow. A silver parachute lands by me and a take out a new bow, 14 arrows and another knife. Perfect, now I have all the weapons I need for the final fight. I sit by the bank of the stream and gasp. I look nothing like I used to, dirt caked nails, cuts and scarpes all over my body, a thick bandage over my left shoulder and my hair... Almost all the pink dye was washed out. My natral blond now shines through. Not only is my body dirty, but so is my soul... So many poeple hate me know, people in the Districts grieving over their lost loved ones, the other tributes for their dead friends. I'm certainly a villain in here. But that doesn't matter, because I will win. I will kill everyone, even Cod.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 9


My axe embeds itself in the nearest tree. For the past hour or so I've been practising for the final battle because I'm gonna need to be ready to face off with Lanila. I probably could've taken her at he feast when all she had was her knife, but since she got those arrows, I have had no chance. Then comes the answer to my prayers, a silver parachute, inside I find full body armor and a grendade! A FREAKEN' GRENADE!!! Now Lanila, or any other tributes for that matter, stand a chance against me! I put on the armor to find it blends in with my clothes and is a perfect fit. I smile as I latch the grenade to my belt and load up my gear. Time to go hunting.

Drake Dust's POV, Section 4

For the first time I really think about what it'll mean to come home. I can see my family again, a huge new house in victor's village and District 10 will be showered with gifts for the entire year. The image of their smiling faces as they take their first bites of a choclate bar and ice cream is what'll give me the resolve to win these games. No matter what I see, what I do, I will come home.

Crystal Glow's POV, Section 5

The day's coming to a close and I'm getting more and more paranoid. No deaths today, the audience will get bored. And when they get bored, the gamemakers kill us. So all of today I've been as interesting as possible; hunting and just keeping myself busy. But I know it won't be enough. A silver parachute descends from the sky and I open what will most likely be my last sponser gift, a knife, a necterine and a box of crackers. I add them to my already aboundant supply of food and make a feast out of it. Roasted rabbit, all of my crackers, a juicy necterine and my dried fruit. The only thing I save for later is my beef strips. I get up stertch and prepare myself for what ever the gamemakers are going to throw at me.

Lanila Boress' POV, Section 11

"Cod, it's been all day, and no one's died!" I say. "So what?" He says. I roll my eyes, he's such an idoit,"Because the Capitol audience is going to get bored!" I yell as the panick starts to fill my chest. "Okay, okay, let's pack up our stuff so we can make a quick get away if needed," He replies. Suddenly trumpets blare throughout the arena. "Greetings to the final 6 of the 53rd annual hunger games!" Claudis Templesmith yells,"As you're all aware, the end is coming soon and since none of you are anywhere near each other, we're going to have to get you together! In exactly 10 minutes we will be realeasing over one million tracker jackers into the arena specificly programmed to kill you all! The only safe place will be one of the five metal plates the now surround the cornucopia, good luck!" I fly towards my pile of weapons and sling tem over my shoulder and put them in my belt, I grab my unpacked back pack and start zipping it as I sprint as fast as I've ever run before to the cornucopia with Cod right on my heels. As we approach the golden horn I see the gleaming silver plates, identical to the ones we emereged from at the begining of the games, ringing the horn. I land on the nearest one and as the glass case raises around me Cod says,"I'm gonna see if I can kill some tributes before I get in one!" I nod as the glass connects at the top, leaving me in a tube. Then I realize it, I've just secured the first slot in the final 5.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 1

I was already running to the cornucopia before Claudis even finished his sentence. The silver plates come into view as Cod Netts rounds the horn and runs towards me. The trident sails through the air before bouncing off my chest harmlessly as I continue running. His face turns into compliete fear as I punch him in the jaw. With no time to finsih Cod off, I jump into one of the metal plates and secure the second spot in the final 5.

Swell Current's POV, Section 1

Here's my chance, Cod's sprawled out on the ground, unconious. I run to one of the metal plates when I see her, Crystal Glow, foot caught in a root. My feet shuffle, unsure of which direction to go, safety, or to save to young girl. My father would want me to head straight for that plate, I can almost her him chanting it in my ear. But I know what I must do, I must do what is right. With about 3 minutes left on the clock I run towards Crystal. She cries out in fear as I pull out my knife. But I calm her,"Don't worry, I'm going to help you." I mutter as my knife slices the root in half. She gets up and says thank you and I know we both must be allies. I turn to the corncucopia to see Cod, back on his feet, charging at me, trident raisied.

Cod Nett's POV, Section 1

YES!!! I've done it, my trident smacks into Swell's shoulder and she crummples to the ground, blood gushing out of the wound. I swat aside the punny little girl from 1 with my hand and move into fish her off. Swell struggles to get up and I kick her in the side,"That's for stealing the tridents!" I kick her again,"That's for sicking the alliagator mutt on me!" My foot connects with her side again and her body goes flying,"That's for killing Scarr!" I pull out my knife and put it to her neck,"And this is going to be for being a nice person!" I yell as a evil laugh esacpes my lips. The tip of my knife is touching her neck when I'm tackled to the ground. I tilt my head to see who's ontop of me. "Run! Hurry, I can't hold him off for long!" Drake Dust yells as I struggle to unset him. Crystal runs to Swell and helps her up. Crystal puts her arm over he shoulder as the y both struddge to the cornucopia as I despertly try to get Drake off me, doesn't he know time's almost up?!"

Drake Dust's POV, Section 1

I couldn't let him kill her. Not after what she did to help Crystal. This monster will die, stung by the tracker jackers. Of course, I will too, but that is a sacarfice I'm willing to make. I let out a huff of relief as Crystal sets Swell down in one of the remaining plates. Crystal then gets into her own. I know I'm throwing away life and my family will certainly be sad but, Cod cannot be victor. I robotic voice sounds throughout the arena declaring only 20 seconds reamain on the clock, and it starts counting down. I sigh and look up to the sky as memories of my life flash befoer my eyes. Suddenly a sharp pain enters my side and I fall of Cod What?! There are 15 seconds left how is this possible? I fall to the ground to see Cod back on his feet, holding a trident covered in my blood. "I would kill you, but you deserve a much more painful death," He says as he sprints to the last metal plate. He gets in just as the timer hits zero.

Crystal Glow's POV, Section 1

I tunr away from the horrific sight of the tracker jackers swarming around poor Drake. Drake who sacarficied his life to save Swell. I know Swell and I will now have to kill Cod. Cod will suffer a horrific end. Correction both Cod and Lanila will suffer horrific ends. Because I will kill Lanila and then Swell and I will kill Cod. After that we finish off Bulgar and after that well... That I don't really want to think about. Drake's cries of pain end as his cannon goes off. The Capitol anthem begins to play over the sound of the bodies off tracker jackers hiting the glass cover. And I know who's face I'm going to see tonight

Deaths: 1

Drake Dust- Tracker Jackers/Cod Netts (Skewered by Cod's trident and them stung by tracker jackers)

Day 8: And The Victor is...

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 1

I wake up in the morning with a serious kink in my neck, I had to sleep sitting up since the plate is so small. I look around to see that in the middle of the night the gamemakers set up a huge fence that connects at each plate. I'm asumming we're gonna be released into this little pen to see who the victor is gonna be. A distinct advantage I have today is that Crystal and Swell are going to fight Cod and not me so all I have to worry about is Lanila. Which shouldn't be problem since I have a grenade and body armor. I sip some water and eat the rest of my food. One way or another this is my last day in the arena.

Lanila Boress' POV, Section 1

I quickly finish eating the reaminder of my dried fruit and load my bow. Time to kill Bulgar. As the sun raisies higher and higher into the sky the other tributes all wake up and get themselves ready. My legs start shaking. Today is the die that decidies if I live, or if I die. No, I'm going to live, I'm going to be victor. Suddenly I hear a voice I've grown to hate, Claudis Templesmith,"Greetings final tributes, as you know today is the day that decdies who's going to be victor! Good luck and my the odds be ever in your favor!". The part of the glass cage that faces the cornucopia opens up and I rush out to fight Bulgar. Seems like he had the smae thing in mind, he's running at me, axe raisied. I smile at his stupidity and send an arrow flying towards his heart. It bounces off his chest and he continues running. What?! Why isn't he dead? His sponsers must've sent him body armor. His hatchet lashes out and breaks my bow. I stagger back and draw my knife. "You wanna dance? Let's dance," I snarl.

Crystal Glow's POV, Section 1

Cod slowly comes towards us, twirling his trident meancingly. I draw my hatchet and Swell pulls out her trident. Cod's trident connects with Swell's triident and he pulls out his knife to block my axe. Even with two of us, his extreme skillls keep him alive as we engage in a fierce dual. In fact, I think Cod has the upper hand. We continue to fight and out of the corner of my eye I see Lanila and Bulgar fighting, knife against knife, and I know I won't have to worry about them for a while. I block another one of his knife strikes and look loningly at the cornucopia. Oh, how I wish I could scale it and shot him with a toxic dart from there but I can't. If I leave Swell to fight Cod by herself he will surely over power her. My only hope is that one of us deals him a deathblow soon.

Bulgar Millet's POV, Section 1

Lanila's knife makes a clang as it meets mine and I grunt. She's tough one. We continue to fight for a while but I'm not nervous, I've got my body armor. My body armor that's about to help me kill Lanila Boress. I strike at her with my knife, purposly leaving a portion of my body vulnrable to a jab. Stabs me right there, forgeting I'm protected. I grab her arm holding the knife and twist it untill the knife falls out of her hand. I lash out with my knife ans she staggers back to dodge, but she's too late, it slices her cheek. She steps back a few paces and takes me in and smiles,"You're not completly protected!" She says as her fist flies towards my face. I lift my right arm up to block it and she grabs my arm. I figure out her plna too late as her other hand presses the red x on it. I feel the armor retract and she grabs one of her arrows from its shelf and stabs me in the gut with it. I crummple to the ground and she laughs,"Told 'ya I'd get my revenge!". As she walks away all my hatred for her swells up inside me. Lanila must die. I pull the grenade out of my belt, pull the pin and chuck it at the cornucopia and it erupts into a firey inferno.

Swell Current's POV, Section 1

The cornucopia expludes and I'm sent flying back and my body hits the floor, hard. I feel my right arm to find out that several small pieces of shrapnel have embedded themselves into it. A cannon goes off and I look to see if Crystal's okay. Bulgar's on the ground, not dead yet, Cod's struggling to get back up on his feet and... Oh, no. Crystal. Her limp form lays on the ground. I pray she's not dead, I pray she' not dead. The moment I see Lanila I know my prayers have been answered. A HUGE piece of sharpnel from the cornucopia it stuck in her chest, it probably punctered her heart and lungs. I look back at Crystal to see Cod approaching her knocked out body with his trident. I panick, he can't kill her. I struggle to my feet and grab my trident. He swishes his trident down towards her body and I block it with my own trident. He's stronger though, and I know it won't be long untill the tips of his trident enter her chest.

Cod Nett's POV, Section 1

The trident lowers slowly but stedily to that little girl's chest. I smile at Swell, this is better than hurting Sell myself. Killing her friend will be the ultimate torture. I push down harder untill its about a centimeter from her chest. Tears escape Swell's eyes as the tips just barley touch her skin. I get an idea and kick Swell back and my trident slams into Crystal's body. I laugh evily as I approach Swell as she attempts to get up. "I aim the tips of my trident at her neck,"Goodbye Swell, have a horrible afterli-- AHHHH!!!". I fall to the ground because of a sharp pain the back of my knee. I look back to see Crystal pulling the knife out and reaiming at my back. What? No!!! I was supposed to win!!! I was supposed to be victor!!!


Swell Current's POV, Section 1

I push Cod's body out of the way and grab hold of Crystal,"Win... Please win for me..." She whispers. "I will Crystal, I will win. No one will ever forget the sacarfice you made," I say as tears casscade down my cheeks. "I was... Just... Repaying... My debt..." She whispers. Her eyes close and the cannon goes off. Something lightly hits my side and I look to see that Bulgar kicked over a knife,"Let's just finish this..." He says solemly. I pick up the knife and nod.

3rd Person, The Final 2

Both tributes overcame large obstacles; the environment, mutts and fierce eneimes to get here. And now, it all comes down to this. It's a even fight; both tributes only have knives, both are wounded and Bulgar's armor is broken. Bulgar chucks his first knife at Swell who rolls behind the cornucopia to dodge it. He sprints around it, swinging the knife to the side where he's sure she's waiting, only to feel the clang of the kinfe hiting the charred reamins of the horn. Swell is farther back, swing her knife at his head. Bulgar jumps back and hurls his knife at her. She deflects it with her knife and charges in pursuit. Swell follows Bulgar back around the golden horn, only to find he pulled the same trick she used. He slams into Swell, knocking her to the ground. He holds her down as her knife skitters away, out of reach and and brings the knife down towards her head. Swell grabs his arm to push it back and her other hand flails aorund despretly to find another weapon. It grips on a trident. She jabs at his side and he grabs her arm. Both struggle to overpower the other. Both weapons inch slowly towards their targets, soon the 53rd Hunger Games will have a victor.


The cannon goes off, one of the tributes has succeded. The trumpets blare and Claudis Templsmith announcies that they are the victor. The tribute grabs the lader that descendes from the hovercraft. The Capitol Audience is cheering....

Because Swell Current is the victor of the 53rd Hunger Games.

After the Games

Swell returns to a prideful District 4. Her Mom fiercly embraces her at the train station,"Your father would be proud." She whispers as both girls cry. Swell moves into a peacefull life in Victor's village and returns to school. Many people wish to be her friend now but, she refuses many of them. She doesn't a friend who likes her just becuase of her title. At night she recivies fierce nightmares. Cod and Lanila hunt her down and kill her, she kills Scarr and Bulgar over and over and Crystal and Drake are trapped and she can't save them. These are her most frequent visitors at night. Swell spends her time giving to the poor. and maybe she thinks, just maybe, life will return to normal. With just one difference.

A pure hatred of the Capitol.

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