Alright, since I cannot complete my 51st games I've decidied to make new one! It will be a regular games, with a twist here and there but, YOU CANNOT SUBMIT TRIBUTES! I will be looking at pages to find tributes that I like and asking you if I can use them. (This idea was created by JabberJay78).


District Male Creator Feamle Creator
0 Cotto Crest Clove Sadie Canvas Kenzen
1 Tux Golden Tommyboy Kourtney Rodriguez Totaldramarox97
2 Silver Alden Tommyboy Molina Juba Totaldramarox97
3 Digit Twek Moviepopcorn Evi Tech Necterine
4 Scorpius Flame Jabberjay78 Ivy Saffron PxM
5 Rick Jones


Twinkle Night Jabberjay78
6 Seymour Darius SK999 Sutton Yates Wolverine
7 Hunter Wintermoon Clove Zoe Harrison Anon....
8 Thread Form Necterine Jade Ifes SK999
9 Fredrick Throrton Anon.... Karli Tweed Effieluna
10 Carter Evergreen Anna-athena Lily Peony Anna-athena
11 Max Summers Rockman Peppa Rannoch Firecatcher
12 Ivory Northman PxM Lilac Coalburner Rockman

Bold= Career Tributes

Crossed out= Dead Tributes


This year the evil gamemaker Brony 12 has decidied to make the arena a large jungle island. The idea was
Samll city

65th Hunger Games arena!

created with news arrvied that Panem explorers had discovered a small island nation consiting of a small port city. He sent troops to the location. they put all the citizens asleep and memory wiped them of the previus day. Now, the tributes will be raised into twon square, they have one hour to have a bloodbath before the sleep serum wears off and the citizens awaken. The city is on the southern tip of the oval shaped island, the island has a beach on all sides. All other terrain on the island is rain forest except for a small volcano on the northern tip of the island. Lots of river twist their way through the jungle, some have rapids, some don't. The rivers also contain fish to eat but are laced with dangers such as sea snakes, pirhannhas (i think i misspelt that) and small sharks. All the fruit is safe to eat and their are lots of wild game, but the land is infested with malaria contaminated mosquitos, so sponsors might want to think about sending malaria tablets (not that you guys can actully do that >:) ). There is two small islands just about a mile away from the main on island that are also all jungle. Tributes can also stay in the city if they want, but start out with no money so will have to find a way to get some to be able to rent rooms.

Day 1

The tributes are rasied into the arena and for some, it is a realavation. The 65th Hunger Games Have begun. They take in the warm air, the sound of the waves crashing in on the beach and the views of small wooden houses, palm trees and the beautiful sunrise.

Sadie Canvas' POV

The sunrise is so stunning, it makes me wish I brought my sketch book to paint it. But I know this sunrise might be the last beautiful thing I ever see in this world. I shake me head and tell myself not to be so negitive. I focus my attention to the tributes around me. To my left is one of my allies, Thread Form and to my left is the Career, Molina Juba. Gosh, her smile is creepy, how can she be happy to go into a full fledged bloodbath? Well, maybe it's because her mom was none other than Enoboria.

3rd Person

A gong goes off and the tributes dash to the cornucopia. The Careers arrive first and smile, their pack may be small, but they make up for it in pure evilness. Tux pulls a sword out of a pile of sleeping bags and attacks Fredrick Thorton. He gasps as his head falls right off of his body.

Karli Tweed's POV

Well, there goes my district partner.

I grab a back pack and look over at Sadie, whose running to get to are leader, Thread. She get to him and he takes the tent then, he stabs her in the throat. I gasp and grab a bow, arrow pre-loaded and home in on his throat.

Scorpius Flame's POV

Ivy, Twinkle and I crash through the underbrush of the jungle with only the clothes on our backs. In training I managed to convince them it was to risky to try the cornucopia. But now as I see the mosquitos and thick vines and branches, I'm starting to think we could've grabed just a few things.

"Scopius, Ivy, I think we need to go back to the city and maybe find a place to stay. The jungle is going to be too dangerous. Ivy nods and I can't help but finding myself agreeing with her. I feel myself blush and stammer whenever I talk to her. I don't know what's wrong with me. We're just friends, right?

Silver Alden's POV

What a beautiful day. Not the sunrise, that;s nice and all but, it's nothing compared to the amazing view of tributes trying to kil each other. I sigh as Jade cuts Digit's right leg as he stabs her in the arm with his knife. But enough watching, time for to get my kill on!

I grab my spear and run into the thick of things, slicing randomly and getting a little cut up myself. Then an axe that I was dodging hits the flask were I drank my first bit of whiskey, it shatters into a million little pieces. That was too far. I turn to face my new adversary, Lilac Coalburner. She rushes at me crazy fast and hits me on the thiegh with her axe, I back hand her in the face and pull the axe out. She smiles and draws a katana from her sheth and blocks the axe midair. I charge her and she deflects my jab with the tip of her sword and I kick her in the abdomen. She coughs up some blood and stabs me in the side with her katana and disarms me with her other arm. I pull out my knife last minute and block her katana but, she punches me in the face and I stagger back. She rushes at me with a smile, I dropped my knife.

"Silver, catch!" Kourtney yells as she tosses me another spear. I deflect the jab and stab her in the chest. I remember her interviews in which she said how alliances had no pros.

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