I can't do it. I can't save her.

That's all I think as I'm caught in a snare.

One of them is on her back pinning her down, holding up her head by her hair. The other is holding a trident, poisied to throw.

She screams my name as the trident sails through the air, straight towards her neck.

Chapter 1

Dare Ward's POV

"Come on Dare, were gonna be late!" My little sister, Rachel yells.

"I know, I know!" I yell back as I run down the hall.

I run into the parlor of our house were Rachel's waiting.

It's her second reaping as she's 13 and she only has two slips in the reaping ball, my family is wealthy enough to not need the tesseae. After all my parents are in charge of the Nut. For me, this is my last reaping.

We race down the streets of District 2 to the town square. We make it in the nick of time because District 2's escort, Ronnie Bell is going over our list of victors. I hate all of them. How do they get pleasure out of killing? I now, I now. I don't sopund like a 'normal' tribute from District 2. I look like one though, I'm pretty tall and muscular, a little tan, I have brown eyes and black shaggy hair.

Ronnie grabs a slip from the girl's ball and reads the name.

"Trina Smith."

Oh, no.

Trina was my best friend, without a doubt. We've known each other since we were little and we always hung out together.

Trina is a lot like me. She hates death and the games. Sometimes we do volunteer work together for the poorer familys since we don't want anyone to be forced to take the tesseae.

The shock is registered on her face as she slowly walks up to the platform.

She has straight brown hair that falls just below her shoulders, she's pretty tan and has bright blue eyes that light up like the sky when she's happy.

She's not happy now. And surprisely when Ronnie asks for volunteers, nobody steps forward. The girls almost always volunteer.

Now Ronnie reaches into the boy's ball and pulls out a slip.

I know what I have to do.

"John Walters," Ronnie calls out

"I volunteer!" I scream just before the chorus of other boys yelling the same thing.

Ronnie points at me and the other would be volunteers groan. I tell her my name, Dare Ward, and I'm now the District 2 male tribute in the 61st Hunger Games.

When we shake hands, I see tears threating to spill in Trina's eyes. She knows.

Only one of us can come back.


Dare Ward's POV

The elevator takes Trina and I to the training center, everyone thinks we're the most sadistic tributes, 2 has ever had thank to our chariot, covered in blood and we smashed dummies with maces. I already told trina to keep up the act, only when we're in the arena will we reveal our hatred for the Careers.

The trainer briefs us and we're allowed to begin. Trina glances around looking for District 1 and 4's tributes, they find us.

"Hey, 2! Get over here at the trident station!" Some guy yells. We turn to see the District 4 male, stricking red hair, blue eyes, tan, muscular and has a evil smile on his face. He introduces himself as Dondo Grouge and his District partner, Ronda Grouge, their siblings and Ronda looks the same, long red hair, blue eyes tan but, hasa bright happy smile on her face. We practice with tridents, Dondo and Ronda are masters while me a Trina suck.

"Come on! I thought you guys were supposed to be tough!" Dondo shouts.

"I'm sorry, we're used to more violent weapons," Trina snarls, she walks over to the spear station and mutilates a dummy. Dang! She's good at lying.

Dondo smiles and Ronda doesn't say anything.

"Pretty good. But I can do better."

A pair of hands takes the spear from Trina and throws it 25 yards over to a target in the archery station. The hands belong to the male tribute from 1, Syr Wrath.



This story is written by me, Brony12. I hope you like it! :)

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