O.K. so I've noticed their been User challenges spoffed off of Survivor and Amazing Race but non of Celebrity Apperntice (as far as I know). So I wanna do one. Basicly you'll be divided into two teams, who will both compete in a challenge and which ever team wins is safe from having a team member elimnated but the losing team has someone "fired". The last one remaining wins a cool thing for their page!!! Each task the team will choose a "project manager" someone who is incharge of the team for that task, if the your team wins and your project manager, your safe from being fired if your team loses later (for 1 time), but if your team loses your at a greater risk of being fired(BTW the project manager chooses 2 other people to be in risk of elimination). Serpentking999 and I will be judging the tasks. And Serpentking will check up on the teams at the halfway point. A task will be assigned every 4 days, which means you have 3 days to complete the task and on the 3rd day i will judge and the members of the losing team will have to defend themselves to prevent themselves from being fired. If your absent there is a greater risk of being fired. (I might increase the tome slots of more time is needed).


User----------------------------------------------- Team

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