O.K. it's offical. I will be amking another games after my 53rd are completed. There's only one problem; I have too many ideas for one and I can't decide which one to use! So I'm letting you guys decide. I don't know how to make a poll so I'll just tally them up in the comments! :)


54th Hunger Games!: Regular Games, no twist. Votes:

The 2nd Annual Horror Games (My 1st Horror Games were never completed and I'm thinking I could make a second): Tributes hunted by creepy/evil stuff , twist. Votes: 1

Gang Games: Tributes are put in a city were there goal is to hunt down 1 of 5 gang leaders and kill them, if successful they will be transported out of the arena and declared victor, but they also have to worry about the gang members who will try to kill them. (Based off the game Crackdown) Votes:

War Games: Tributes will be placed in different cities of Europe 1 hour before a huge war. If a tribute survive's for 10 days, they win. Votes: 1

Demigod Games: Tributes will be a son/daughter of a Greek or Roman God or Goddess. (Based off of Heros of Oylimpus [Don't think I spelt that right...]). Votes: 6 (winning by a land slide so far!)

If somebody steals any of these ideas I will get them banned. :)

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