Hey everybody AB12 here to announce my (most likely) final games! These games have a huge twist and will include District 13 and The Capitol for the first time (in my games) history! Read more about the twist in the section labeled twist...


This year the 28 tributes will have to race down the Amazon river in 4 teams of 7 acording to training score. All surviving members of the team that makes it wins! The race starts at the city of Santana near the mouth of the river where the tributes most meet up at the port area once their entire living team is asembled they can procede to the docks. The second day the tributes will be allowed into the docks (filled with supplies and boats) for a "Cornucopia" bloodbath. After that they will race down the river untill they reach the floating city of Iquitos were a large temple sits. On top of that is the final flag.


The length of the Amazon river with about ten miles extra in every direction so the tributes can't get too lost. Most areas of the river is a murkey brown, although there are some blueish spots around waterfalls. The banks hold a dense rainforest that hides more then just mutts... Some plants are safe to eat, some not so much... There are plenty of wildlife like tropical birds, small rodents and lots of bugs. Ocelots and leopards also stalk their prey in the canopy. Some poisonous snakes and frogs hide in the dense undergrowth as well. Meanwhile the water is laced with its own dangers. In shallow, calm regions anacondas lurk and most ares of the river contain pirhanas. Mosquitos carry Capitol inhanced diseases such as malaria and many frech water ares contain cholrea. Tributes might also get lost unless they get a detailed map and/or a guide.


Please make them from the same District, two per person!

District-------Female/Score--------Male/Score------Team # resectivly
1---------------Ameythyst DeMoir/9--Garnet Wilke/9----- 1/1
2---------------Helen Yourface*/10----Mason Yourface/9---- 1/1
3---------------Hyacinth Astethe/6---Sorrel MacBletz/7----- 4/2
4--------------Danica Ponce/9--------Matthew Alexander/8---- 1/2
5--------------Dew Tinder/8-----------Jason Johnson/7 ----2/2
6--------------Kyler Speare/8---------Mark Gordan/6---- 1/3
7-------------Dimitri Cradel/5---------Daven Buzz/7 ----- 4/2
8-------------Luna Snare/6------------Sebastian Klein/4 ------3/4
9-------------Amber Pike/7------------Osment Pace/5 -----2/4
10-----------Jessamine 'Jess' Felton/6--Jerffray 'Jeff' Macneed/7 --- 4/3
11-----------Peyton Feller/8----------Quincy Williams/7---- 2/3
12-----------Quinna Archipelego/7--Ridge Hillsong/7 3/3
13-----------Callie Grace Reardon/7--Nick Johnson/8----- 3/1
Cap.--------Katie Rogers/5----------Jimothy E. Rockstah/3 -----4/4

.*= Not really dead, Capitol just thinks so.

Training Score

This is important because teams are assigned by training score. the highest scoring tributes will be together and lowest together, etc. Will be announced after all tributes are acounted for.


Team 1- Highest Training Scores

Helen Yourface*

Ameythyst DeMoir

Garnet Wilke

Mason Yourface

Danica Ponce

Kyler Speare

Nick Johnson

Team 2- Second Highest Training Scores

Matthew Alexander

Dew Tinder

Peyton Feller

Sorrel MacBletz

Jason Johnson

Amber Pike

Daven Buzz

Team 3- Second to Lowest Training Scores

Jeffray "Jeff" Macneed

Quincy Williams

Quinna Archipelego

Ridge Hillsong

Callie Grace Reardon

Mark Gordan

Luna Snare^

Guide: Ana #

Team 4- Lowest Scores

Hyacinth Astethe

Jessamine "Jess" Felton

Dimitri Cradle

Osment Pace #

Katie Rogers

Sebastian Klein

Jimothy E. Rockstah


.* = Left group and is now a loner.

^ = Kidnapped and seperated from group

.#= injured to a extreme extent

Underlined: finalists

The Games: Day 1

Nick Johnson's POV

The first thing I feel when I enter the arena is the pain of falling down onto concrete. I pull myself up and look around; I'm on a small street in some city and it's dawn. Everything is quiet as I make my way through the city, looking around for my team members, now dubbed the "Career Team" as we earned the highest trainign scores. I hear footsteps and I dive behind a trashcan. Two people past me, Dew Tinder and Amber Pike, both from team 2. Looks like the tributes are already assembling.

Dew Tinder's POV

Amber and I enter an ally were I immediatly start looking for anything sharp. Amber looks around on the ground while I dig around in a dumpster. "Yes!" I yell, a little too loud when I find a rusty old kitchen knife in the trash. Amber bonks me on the head for being to loud and then picks up a large rock for her weapon.

I don't understand why it would matter what level our voices are untill The District 10 male, Jeff I think his name was, hits Amber in the back with his hammer. To my relief no cannon goes off and I charge Jeff with my knife. His blocks the blow with the sharp part of the hammer on the back and punches me in the gut. Amber gets back up on her feet and hits him on the head with her rock, he drops his hammer and I stab him in the chest.

His cannon goes off in tune with a gasp from behind. I turn around and don't hesitate to throw my knife into this middle-aged man's neck.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

A cannon goes off and Jeff's face appears in the sky. I guess they are going to show who has died so the teams don't wait untill the anthem that night. It's disappointing that one of my team mates has already died but let's face it, my team his almost all the lowest training scores. We don't stand much of a chance. I head over to what looks like a tourist booth to grab a map when I hear the scream.

I round the corner to see Helen Yourface from District 2 ontop of Luna Snare (Who's on my team). Helen is trying to bash Luna's face in with a rock she's holding. I dash over to them and push Helen off of Luna. Luna stands up.

"Let's take her down," Luna snarls. "Oh, you think I'm stupid enough to fight you alone? " Helen says with a wicked grin on her face,"Guys get out here!"

Suddenly the pair from District 1 appear and charge at us, both are armed with tire irons.

Without another word Luna and I run away.

Ameythest DeMoir's POV

After those idiots from team 3 run off Helen truns to Garnet and I,"Alright, let's head to the docks and met up with everybody else." I nod obediantly but on the inside I'm smirking, Helen thinks she's the boss, she's the best. But she isn't, I am. I'm going to lead this team to victoy.

And Helen won't be appart of it.

We continue to make our way through the city and find Danica from 4 fighting off the girl rom 13 with her bare fists. I can tell this 13 girl has the upper hand since she's wielding a crowbar that she got from who knows where.

The girl from 13, who I know remember as Callie hits Danica i nthe side with her crowbar. Danica crumples to the floor. I hurl my tire iron at Callie, who sees it last second and tries to dodge it. Fortunetly she isn't the fastest tribute and it lodges in her shoulder. Callie sprints off in fear.

Danica gets back up on her feet and we move out.

Dimitri Cradle's POV

Katie and I walk past some sort of a shop and we finaly see the docks, where everyone else on our team is! Yes! We get first pick on all the supplies at the docks. "Come on!" Katie shouts in glee. We sprint down the hill and reach our team.

"Guys grab everything you can carry and load it into one of the boats," Osment says. I run over to a box of colorful paints that I can use to camoflauge myslef and shove it into a back pack filled with supplies. I grab a gleaming bow and a sheath of arrows. I put a knife in my belt and grab a back pack filled with who knows what. Katie grabs a paint box she can camoflauge herself with and I toss her another sheath of arrows and a bow. Meanwhile Jimothy and Osment are putting buckets of gasoline in the boat.

I look over at Sebastain just in time to see the sword plunge through his chest.

The Careers are on us in a flash, Helen pulls her sword out of Sebastain's chest and swings it at Hycainth. Soon everyone's fighting. I charge Kyler with my knife. She blocks it with her own. Soon we are locked in a deadly dance of knives. One mistake could be the end of my life is all I'm thinking as we dual. I swing at her head and she drops down. I pull back my knife, ready to stab her when she comes back up, only to fall to the ground.

I twist my head to see Kyler's hands gripping my leg.

The little twit tripped me.

She jumps up and slashes me in the back with her knife. I scream in pain and wait for her to finish me off.

"I'm just going to let you suffer," She whispers into my ear.

That. Twit.

I stand up, detirmined to kill Kyler when I see Amyethest. She's distracted. Or, as I like to put it. Easy to kill. I sneak up behind her, poised to kill, when something sharp enters my neck. I fall to the ground and th last thing I see is Garnet, holding a bloody knife.

Osment Pace's POV

I jump out of the way as Danica's trident sails towards my head. A cannon goes off and a look to see Dimitri's limp, lifeless body. Things are not looking good for Team 4. Danica throws a knife at me, which I dodge and then charges at me with another knife. I pry the block but she punches me on the side of the face.

I stab her in the leg with my knife and scrammble off.

"Team 4, into the boat!" I yell.

Jimothy kicks Mason in the gut and sprints towards me, the rest of the group soon follows. I rev up the engine and we speed down the river.

Mason Yorface's POV

The boat carrying team 4 speeds off and we begin loading one of the boats with the stuff we want.

"Wait, guys... Why take one boat when we can take two?" Nick asks. I smile,"In that case, why not three boats?".

Nick shakes his head,"We want teams 2 and 3 to have to fight over the last boat, more deaths, an easier chance of victory," Nick explains. We all nod.

I go over to a pile of weapons and take out every mace. My precous maces... I care about them more then I care about my stupid sister.

Matthew Alexander's POV

This is so sutpid. I'm stuck on team 2. Why am I here when I'm supposed to be a CAREER! Instead of zooming down the river with Danica and the otheres, I'm sitting here with Dew and Amber waiting for the others to finaly get here. Amber peaks through the bushes to spy on team 3 again,"Almost all of them are there!" Amber reports. I sigh. We'll be the last team to get there...

But I'm wrong. Peyton, Daven and Jason arrive about 10 seconds later, soon followed by Sorrel.

We head to the docks to find only one boat left. I smirk, Team 3 is gonna be soooo mad. I grab a trident and net and order the others to load up the boat.

That's when Team 3 arrives. "Dew, Sorrel, let's take them down," I snarl. I fling one of my tridents at Quinna and it nails her in the shoulder. I smile, this is going to be too easy.

But I'm wrong. Because Ridge just killed Sorrel with his knife. I growl in anger and draw my knife. Soon Ridge and I are caught in a deadly knife fight. Out of the corner of my eye I see Dew throwing knives at Quinna, Callie and Mark. I few of the knives meet flesh, but none of the hits are leathal. Finaly I manage to ram my knife into Ridge's gut and he crummples to the ground.

Quincy Williams' POV

I deflect another one of Dew's knives and chuck my axe at her. She tries to dodge it but it lands squarly in her theigh. I laugh. These games are going to be a piece of cake. I run over to Amber Pike and ram my knife into her arm. She cires out in pai nand falls over. I grab two back packs and throw them at Daven, it hits him in the head and he falles down.

"Man am I on a roll?!!!" I hollar in glee. That's when a net falls on me. I fall to the ground, hopelessly entangled, my knife still in Amber. Amber stands up smiling as she waves the knife teasingly. I look over at Matthew to see him shove his trident into my chest.

Callie Grace Reardon's POV

I can't help but smile when Quincy gets killed. I mean, seriously, he was acting like an idoit. Soon things take a turn for the worse as Daven and Amber join Matthew and Dew in fighting us. I duck as Amber's knife hits a tree behind me, right were my head was. I look over to see Daven strangling Mark with a wire. I run over and kick Daven in the face.

"Thanks..." Mark says with a slight blush. That's when I notice how cute he is.

I grab his hadn to help him up and start to blush myself. That's when I notice the knife in my neck.

Mark Gordan's POV

"Callie!!!" I wail as Matthew pulls his knife out of her neck and runs away. The girl who just saved my life begins to cough up blood. I cringe and knell down beside her.

"Take.... Matthew.. down..." She sttuters as blood drips out of her mouth. I nod and she smiles just before her cannon booms.

I stnad up and look around. Team 2 has retreated to their boat and are loading the last of their supplies into it.

"Let's get them!" Luna yells as she and the others charge down the hill. I just stay where I am, in shock over Callie's death.

Team 2 drives away in the last boat and I finally walk over to the others.

Ridge sits on the ground, depressed as Luna tries to bandage up Quinna's shoulder. Only four of us left and no boat. We're going to have to walk. With no cahnce of winning.

Kyler Speare's POV

We cruise down the river with ease untill nightfall. Mason, Nick and Garnet set up the tents while us girls start cooking the dinner. I start to notice the aboundance of mosquitos and apply bug spray. We sit around the camp fire and make small talk when the faces of teh dead show up in the sky. Sorrel from 3, Garnet's and my kill Dimitri, Sebastian from 8, Jeff from 10, Quincy from 11 and CAllie from 13. Six deaths on day 1, pretty low. But that number will go up soon.

Because I will kill them all.

Deaths: 6

28th- Jerffray 'Jeff' Macneed: Stabbed in the chest by Dew Tinder

27tth- Sebastain Klein: Stabbed in the chest by Helen Yourface

26th- Dimitri Cradle: Slashed on the back by Kyler Speare and then stabbed through the neck by Garnet Wilke

25th- Sorrel MacBletz: Stabbed in the head by Ridge Hillsong

24th- Quincy Williams: Skewered by Matthew Alexander's trident

23rd- Callie Grace Reardon: Stabbed in the neck by Matthew Alexander

Day 2: On the Highway to...?

Quinna Archipelego's POV

We've been walking for so long through dense jungle. My legs are dying to give out but I keep walking, I will not be the tribute that slows the group down. Far enough behind as it is. My shoulder still stings from yesterday's injury but, I haven't said anything. I already know we didn't get any pain relieavers at the Cornucopia, the other teams got all of them. Oh, if only I had gotten a better training score! Then I would sitting down, relaxing in some boat, cruising down the river. Instead I'm walking, more like trudging thourgh the jungle.

This place sucks.

Katie Roger's POV

I want to stab Jimothy. He won't stop singing the song Highway to Hell. And he's not singing it to well either. He keeps getting voice cracks on the high notes. As we zoom down the river I contemplate all the ways I want to kill Jimothy before I stop myself. Stop thinking like that, Jimothy's just a different kind of person, I think to myself. He stops singing for a brief moment to say,"One day, I'm gonna be the announceer for The Hunger Games...". I roll my eyes, like that could ever happen.

Daven Buzz's POV

I fed more gas to the motor as the boat begins to slow down. With Matthew at the wheel everything's been a smooth ride. At about midday we stop the boat on the banks on some sort of cove on the river to eat lunch. That's when Peyton walks over to Matthew. "Hey, wanna make out?" She asks him, no flirting, justs asks him. My jaw drops. Dew whispers something to Amber and Amber snickers. Appearently Peyton heard whatever Dew said because her face turns red and she slaps Dew across the face.

Dew isn't one to take anything eas yso she punches Peyton in the jaw. Blood trickles out. Peyton screems and pushes Dew into the water. Dew sits uo and says,"You are such a-- AHHHH!!" She screams. At first I don't understand untill IO see the fish swarming her, ripping ieces of flesh off her skin. I sprint towards the water, ready to save her when Matthew stops me,"Don't, you'll just get yourself killed." I look at the water untill DEw stops screaming and her cannon goes off.

"Nice work Peyton," Amber snaps.

Kyler Speare's POV

I'm atempting to light a camp fire to start to heat up lunch for my team when I notice my token, a pearl neckless, is missing.

"Hey, Helen have you seen my neckless?" I ask. Helen glares at me,"Why would I know where your lame token is?". I glare at Helen, she's so stuch-up and annoying. I'll injoy killing her.

Nick is more helpfull and tells me that he saw Danica taking it down to the river. I head downthe side of the bluff to get it from Danica, I presume she was washing it off or something like that but when I get there, she's cleaning her trident.

"Danica, have you seen my neckless? Garnet said you took it down here with you," I ask politly. She doesn't even glance back at me to say,"Oh that thing? I threw it in the river, someone could choke you with it." I step to the side to she a small grin that she's trying to hide. My anger wells up and I struggle to keep it inside,"That was my grandmothers... It meant a lot to me..." I say, my voice unsteady.

She laughs,"No wonder it looked so crappy!". That's when I explude. I jump on her back and force her face under the water. She screams and struggles to unseat me but I hold on. She starts hitting me on the head with the shaft of her trident and I swat it into the river. About a minute later she stops sturggling.

I push her body into the river and it washes downstream. I grab my knife and put shallow cuts on my cheek and arms for good measure and I run back to the group, panting.

"what happened to you? You look worse then usual," Helen says with a snicker. I ignore her comment and gasp,"We were jumped by some thugs from team 2, they killed Danica and I barely got out alive..." I put my hands to my face and begin to pretend to sob. Ameythest wraps her arm aroung me comfortingly and Helen remarks,"Mason and I could've taken them..."

I smirk under my hands, I've got theses idoits right where I want them.

Mark Gordan's POV

It's about midday when we finally give up on walking. I gorge myself on an entire pack of dried fruit and a water bottle. We've been walking for hours, or shoulda I say wadding. The water level rose and we spent most of the time waist deep in the murky water. Not only that but we had to hack through desne jungle and made large loops around spots were we saw these massive snakes. I wipe the sweat off my forehead and look at our group. Quinna's shoulder is still bleeding and Ridge has been peeing red thanks to Matthew's knife to his gut. Luna and I are the only memebers of our team that are able to fight, if we were jumped by another team, it wouldn't be pretty. We take a break for another 10 minuetes before continuing our trek.

"Well, which way do we go?" I ask Quinna, who's holding our team's only map. "It looks like we're going to have to cross the river because it splits here and the side we're on follows another river," Quinna responds with minimal confidence in her voice.

We quickly devise a plan to cross the river since this section of the river is omving pretty quickly and would wash us away. Since Im's the strongest member of the group I'm going to walk across the river with a rope in my hand while the others hold the other end. I'll tie my end to the other side and everyone else will cross one at a time.

I wrap the rope at my hand and look down at the water. "Don't worry, you'll be fine," Luna says reassuringly. I glance back at her to see her eyes are full of fear. I take a deep breath and step into the water.

The current hits me like a hammer and I'm knocked under. The current sweeps me away itill the rope gets taught and I'm jerked back. I struggle back up and resurface, the others are having trouble holding onto the rope and Quinna cries out in pain over her shoudler. I slowly march my way to the other side and crawl out of the water, gasping for breath. After I've caught my breath I pull the rope taught and I nod to the others across the water.

Ridge goes first and has minimal trouble, at one point he's foreced under water for half a minute but finally gets back on his feet. At first I'm concerned about Quinna, who goes next, because of her shoulder, but my fears were unfonded and she gets across with ease. Luna ties the rope to a thick tree and begins to cross.

She's about halfway when something catches my eye; a dead tree that was resting on the bank has slipped into the water and is heading down stream, straight towards Luna. The others notice too and we begin screaming at her.

"LUNA WATCH OUT!!!" I yell at the top of my lungs. She looks over to see the tree trunk slidding towards her amd she wips her head back to face us, full of deirmination.

"I can make it!" she yealls back.

Time goes in slow motione as Luna nears the bank over the river as the tree approaches her. I spark of hope lights inside me as the dead tree swings to the side and for a monet, it seems like its going to miss.

But it didn't.


The trunk slams into Luna and her head dissappears under the surface. The tree continues to go down stream and her hnads flail around above the surface as hse despretly tries to grab onto soemthing to pull herself out. Quinna and Ridge sprint down the banks after her but I know its too late.

Boom! Ridge and Quinna stop runnning.

Osment Pace's POV

I pull my knife out of Peyton from team 2's chest and run away from the shocked faces of her team mates. I sprint through the foilage untill I reach a opening by the bank were there are a bunch of high rocks. I begin to climb these rocks when a trident hits the rocks inches to my right. I glance back to see and angry Matthew and Jason, both holding tridents, reach the rocks and begin to climb in pursuit. I arrive at the top and glance at the river to see my team's boat in the distance. I jump into thw water with my knife in my mouth and swim overt to them.

Jess helps me into the boat and asks,"Who'd 'ya kill?". I smirk,"Peyton from 11. Matthew didn't look too happy about it either." My team cheers.

When we saw team 2 camped on the banks I knew we had to strike. We plannes it all out; the method of entry, were the boat would wait and how I would be able to out swim Matthew.

For the team with the lowest trainign scores, we're not doing too bad.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

We sit by the campfire in low spirits. Another team member was killed today, that only leaves three of us. Our food satock is running low and Quinna's attempting to ration but we only will ahve about 3 days worth of it left. The anthem begins to play and the dead's faces appear in the sky. Danica from 4, we high five at that, the fisrt team 1 death, Dew from 5. I sigh because I know who's next, except I'm wrong, it's Peyton from 11.

Mark, Quinna and I look around in confusion. If Luna didn't die, then what happened to her?

Unknown Tribute's POV

My face wasn't in the sky tonight. I shoudl've been. I was so cocky today and I paid the price. I think I have a minor concussion and I'm covered in bruises. It was a pure miracle that I didn't drown back there, The current started to change directions and pushed the dead tree over to the banks of the river, taking me with it. I'll stay here for tonight, and look for the otheres tommorrow.

Deaths: 3

22nd- Dew Tinder: Eaten by pirhannahs.

21st- Danica Ponce: Drowned by Kyler Speare.

20th- Peyton Feller: Stabbed in the chest by Osment Pace.

Day 3: Revenge

Jessamine "Jess" Flecton's POV

"Hey Katie, do you know why water is blue?" I ask. She looks at me quizicly and says,"No, why?". I smile,"Just because... Water's cool... And it's sooooo pretty here!" I say. She doesn't respond. It doesn't matter if she thinks I'm werid, because I can do whatever I wan tand her opion just doesn't matter. I pull out a water bottle and re-fill it with the river water and add some iodine. Jimothy satrts to sing again and I cover my ears in pain. No offence to hi mor anything but, I hope he dies next...

Helen Yourface's POV

First thing in the morning we load back into the boat and Mason takes the rudder because Danica was killed by Team 2. I glance back in contempt at Kyler; I know she purposly let Danica get killed but I'm not going to do anything about. Yet. Soon I'll avenge her and slit Kylear's throat right when our team is aobut to reach the finish line.

If she lasts that long.

Matthew Alexander's POV

"Everybody up! Today's the day we get our revenge on Osment by wipping out his team!" I shout. The others emegre crankily out of their tents. I grab my tridents and knives eagerly. I will get my revenge on Osment for Peyton's death. I practicly throw everyone itno the boat and we are soon zooming down the river. Straight for Team 4. Jason will prove to be the best fighter in the upcoming battles. Sure Amber and Daven haves ome skill but their weaklings. And weaklings don't win the Hunger Games.

Luna Snare's POV

I follow the footprints in the mud, never taking my eyes off them. I get down o none knee and examine the footprint carefully. To big to be even and 18 year old male's. But then who's could it be? I stand up and draw my knife, growingly cautous about my surroundings. I continue down this trail that the footprints follow and more appear, all leading down this one trail. I raise my knife as sweat rolls down the back of my neck. the footprints go through a spot of desne foilage. Beyond that I hear shouts in what sounds like Spainish. I brush past the branches and gasp at what I see.

Jimothy E. Rockstah's POV

"I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT!!!! AND PARTY EVERYDAY!!!!" I sing at the top of my lungs. I start epicly air guitaring as everyone stares. Hyacinth snickers and mutters,"Wannabe". Under his breath but I know he's just jealous of my skillz. I lean back and wink and Katie,"That one was for you babe. Want my autograph?" she looks at me in disgust and scoots away from me. Like I said, jealous. Our boat continue zooming down the river and I bellow,"AND SHE'S BUYIN---". When I trident smacks into my shoulder. I fall to the bottom of the boat in pain as the others grab their weapons. I pull myself into a kneling postion and see Team 2 in their boat ridding at the same speed as us. It sppeds through the water and foam churns up combining with the wind to give all of us a salty spray. Matthew has one foot on the side on the boat, his eyes full of firey detirmination and he grabs another trident. Amber's hurls a knife at Osment, but he dodges it and returns fire with his spear. Amber tries to dodge but it lodges in her upper arm and she falls over. I grab my swords and stand up by Katie, who's loading a arrow into her bow. Matthew throws a knife at her but I deflect it with my sword and she launches her arrow into Daven's kidney. He falls overboard and for a moment I think he's dead untill his head splashes to the surface. Our boats continue to fly down the river and he's soon lost from view.

Jess turns the rudder and our boat slams into theirs. I swing my sword at Matthew, aiming to decapitate him but he ducks and tries to skewer me with his trident. Luckily Jess notices and turns the boat so Matthew's trident only stabs the air. I pull a knife from my belt and throw it in their direction and it slices open Amber's cheek. Jason hurls his axe at Hyacinth, who jumps to the side to dodge. But unfortunitly for him he's never been the fastest tribute and it hits the direct center of his face. His cannon booms and Osment yells,"Jess get us out of here!" Matthew chucks his knive at Jess as she begins to turn the rudder and it slices the joystick that controls the boats speed before sailing into her hip. She falls over and I jump over to grab the rudder.

"KATIE DUCK!!!" Osment screams. I turn my head just in time to see the trident slam into her neck. My eyes widen and I pull as hard as I can on the rudder. The boat hits the side of the river. The rotor blades still spin and mud spirals into the air.

"We have to run," Jess says, eyes full of fear. I look back to see Matthew's boat zooming towards us. A knife suddenly skids across my left temple. Not a deep cut, but deep enoguh so the blood starts dripping out. I glance behind me to were the knife came from to see a angry Daven Buzz smashing through the foilage. He pulls another knife out of his belt.

I grab my back pack out of the boat and follow Osment and Jess as we sprint between trees.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

"We have to find Luna!" I argue. Mark just shakes his head,"We won't be able too. We have to go forawrd, its our only hope of reaching the finish line first," Mark says, eyes full of detirmination. I look to Quinna for support but she just shakes her head sadly. "Alright fine, we'll leave her behind," I look towards the ground, defeated. I can't believe these two would just so eaisly leave Luna, a valuable member of our alliance, for dead. "I wish it didn't have to be this way Ridge..." Mark says softly. I look back at his grim face and sigh. "I guess it is what's best for our group at large," My voice low and cool. "Just try not to think about her. Keep your eyes on the prize," Quinna says, her face truly filled with sorrow. She grabs my hand and squeezes it comfortingly. I look behind us one last time, hoping by some chance she appears in the clearning, smiling, before I begin to walk.

Daven Buzz's POV

Matthew stands there, arms crossed with a superior smile plastered on his face. He's so happy that we got Team 4 back for killing Peyton. But I really don't see why he cared so much. Peyton was dead weight and she killed Dew. He orders Amber and Jason to take the supplies left in Team 4's boat. He pushes down on the dead capitol girl's head as he pulls his trident from her neck. He exaims the blood left on it and smiles. I shudder for a moment before wincing in pain. The Capitol girl hit me in the gut with an arrow before dieing and blood's dripping out of it. I sit down and Jason begins rationing out some beef strips and crackers. I we silently eat and suddenly Amber sets her food on the ground, eyes looked on the sky.

I look up to see two silver parachutes drifting down towards us. The first lands squarly on Matthew's lap, the second rests on the ground in front of me. "I'll open mine first," Matthew says or, commands. I examine the package, its slender with three tips at the end. I know what it contains before he even finsihes unwrapping it; a large, golden trident. Matthew smirks as he marvels at the trident; perfectly crafted, the sunlight gleaming off its spotless surface and the three presice, sharp tips.

After a minute he glances at me,"Open it." I roll my eyes and look at my parachute. I small silver box sut with a hatch. I flip the hatch and lift the lid to see a small glass syringe with a clear liquid inside on top of a piece of paper. I delictly pick up the syringe and my eyes focus on the slender, sharp end and the plunger on the back. The others watch me intently as I pick up the paper, on one side dark black letters are written on it.

"Well, what does it say?" Matthew asks, now truly curious.

I begin to read the note aloud,"Daven; this yringe contains medicine that will heal what ever intestinal damage you recivied in your fight. -Johanna Mason." I smile, my mentor, Johanna, my have expressed her distaste of me during the pre-games but, I know she's really looking out for me. Matthew's intrigued face disappears from his face and says with a bored tone,I was hoping it would be posion but, whatever." He goes back to munching on his crackers.

I pick up the syringe and sense Jason and Amber's eyes are still locked on me as I jam the needle into my arm and press the plunger.

Their eyes go back to their food and the sponsor gift excitment is over.

Osment Pace's POV

We walk through the jungle for about an hour before Jess' hip gave way. She crummpled to the ground, moaning in pain. I propped her agianst a tree and I'm wrapping a bandage around the wound. After that's done I look back at Jimothy, he's eyes downcast to the floor. I sit down in the mud, defeated.

"This is all my fault guys... I should have never been so dumb to have provocked them," I place my hands over my face in despair. "Don't blame yourself Osment. In fact... It's my fault. I steered the boat to attack them head on..." Jess says as her voice wavers.

"I can't believe I was so dumb. Going after the rudder and leaving Katie unprotected," Jimothy says so quietly it's almost a whisper.

My hands drop to my side and I shake my head,"This is so messed up. It's not our faults, its Team 2. They we're the ones who slaughtered Hyacinth and Katie like pigs," I say, vocie full of anger now. I stand up with detirmination,"We can't give up now. We have to make it to the end and prove the gamemakers wrong, we didn't deserve the lowest scores!" I yell now. Jess and Jimothy smile,"YA!!!". Jimothy looks aorund for a walking stick for Jess while I scavenge through our reamining supplies. Al lthat's left is one plastic container of rice and two water bottles. We have a small first aid kit and one extra knife in the back pack. I also have a knife while Jimothy has his sword and Jess has a wooeden spear.

I don't know how we're going to win, but we are.

Luna Snare's POV

I stand there, in shock over the sight of a small village of wooden shacks. Natives in simple, dirty clothing all look at me. A woman leads some children into one of the huts quickly.

"Do you speak English?" I croak after what seems like an enternity of silence. They all still stand there, silently untill on girl, aged 18 at the most says,"Who are you?".

"I'm Luna... And I need to find my friends," I respond, my voice gaining a little confidence. the girl speaks in English and a middle aged man responds,"Que su estancia en una cabaña vacía. Dar la comida y el agua."

I look at the girl, confused and she responds with a smile,"Come. I will take you to a place you can stay."

She takes my hand and leads we through a small dirt road, people line the street, starring in awe. She takes me to a small wooden shack, one of the huts in a detorated state. I step inside, there's a small bedroll whcih she says I can sleep on. She walks away but comes back witha bowl of hot rice and pieces of fish in it, in another wooden bowl is clear water. I eat and drink with a ravenous hunger. After I'm done I ask the girl,"What's your name?".

"Ana. What is yours?" She asks eagerly. "Luna. Why is everyone so scared of me?" I ask, still full of questions.

Her voice goes low,"Because you looke like the faces the appear in the night sky." I sit there for a moment, still registering what that means beffore I realize it's the death toll.

"You mean the--" I begin to say before the Capitol anthem blares louder then ever before. I rush outside, praying that none of my team amtes faces appear tongiht.

Deaths: 2

19th- Hyacinth Astethe: Head stabbed by Jason Johnson's axe.

18th- Katie Rogers: Neck skewered by Matthew Alexander's trident.

Day 4: Out of Gas

Garnet Wilke's POV

No one says a word as our boat gildes through the waves. I begin to sharpen my sword and the only noise I hear is the pur of the motor. I sneak a glance over at Ameythest; her beautiful blond hair, crystal blue eyes and flawless tan skin. I sigh, Ameythest doesn't even notice me even though we're District partners. My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the sputtering of the motor; the calm pur transforms into a growl.

"What the hell are you doing back there Mason?" Kyler retorts. "Its out of gas you retard," he snaps back. Kyler rolls her eyes. Kylear grabs our last can of gas and starts to pour it into the gas tank. Nothing comes out. The motor's sputtering decreases and the boat starts slowing down. I glance over the river at the boat that Helen and Nick are ridding it, their boat is going slower then ours.

"We're out of gas!" Kylear yells. Mason stears the boat to the side of the river and we all climb out. A little bit further behind us Nick does the same manuver and Nick and Helen run over to us with their back packs. We all watch in silence as rotor blades on our boat stop moving all together.

"What do we do now?" Kylear asks, eyes locked onto Helen. Helen laughs,"Isn't it obvious? We walk."

I grab my back pack and some extra food and the others get their stuff. It sounder so easy when Helen said it. We Walk. But put into practice, it isn't. I'm at the lead, slashing thick branches aside with my sword. Half the time we wade in murky brown water. To make it worse the entire time Helen is complaining.

I don't know why we made her leader sometimes.

Amber Pike's POV

"Out of gas?! We can't be out of gas!" Matthew yells as he crawls to the back of the boat. He searches through the empty gas tins for just a drop of the precous liquid. He throws them aside angrily and orders Daven to steer the boat the bank of the river. We climb out and we all take our supplies out. I' mstarting to regret stealing Team 4's, the load is going to by way heavier. In the end I'm forced to carry three backpacks stuffed so much the the zippers won't even shut. Meanwhile, everyoneelse is carrying a heavy load but Matthew.

I don't know why we made her leader sometimes.

Jason's at point, hacking the foilage to make a trail for us. "Guys, come see this!" He yells suddenly. We all run forawrd to see a boat on the shore. We look through the supplies that were left and move on. A minute later, we see another boat.

"Since we know Team 3 and 4 don't have any boats, these most have been team 1's!" Jason concludes. Matthew gets an evil grin,"We need to mover faster, with less brakes. I want to catch up with them. And kill them all," Matthew says. He grabs Jason's matchete and sprints through the undergrowth, hacking his way.

A cannon booms umoinously.

Mark Gordan's POV

(10 minutes earlier).

"This seems like a good spot to eat," I tell the others. It's a large clearing dotted with large mounds of dirt for conclement. We all sit down and Quinna gives us our lunch rations. I look at the dried pear slices hungrily and devour them. My stomach grummbles after I'm done. Ridge and Quinna qucikly finish their lucnhes too and none of us move. Too hungry to walk. "That's it, we're all getting more dried fruit," Quinna finaly says. As she's pulling the package of fruit out and silver parachute lands infront of Ridge. Quinna sets the pack down and looks at it.

Ridge looks at the silver basket and slowly picks up the parachute to reveal what's inside. A huge smile appears on his face. He tilts the basket so we can all see and my spirits are lifted. Several small loaves of bread. He tosses Quinna and I one and we eagerly begin to eat it. Ridge wraps up the extra loaves in the parachute and puts it in his backpack. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my forearm.

"OWWW!!!" I yell loudly. I shoot up and look at my arm, a read ant with a white head and huge pincers bouring into my arm. Quinna looks in horror,"That thing's like... 4 inches long!". Her voice snaps me back into reality and I squash the thing with my hand.

"Holy shit..." Ridge says. I look at him in confusion untill I see something funny by the mounds of dirt. My eyes focus on it and that's when I see it; hundreds--maybe thousands-- of ants pouring out of the tops of the dirt hills. They all like the same as the one that bit me. They all zoom towards us.

"RUN!!!!" I yell as I scoop up my back pack and spear and sprint between the one space not filled with ants. Quinna is long gone, about 50 yards ahead of me. Ridge is right behind me and I glance back to see him and the ants charging after us. I force myself to go faster and sprint with all my might. I begin to pant, and that's when I trip over a root. Ridge jumps over me and starts to turn back to help me up.

"NO RUN!!! I'LL BE FINE!!!" I yell. He gives me a concerned look and starts to run again. I swat a ant off the back of leg and start to climb the tree next to me. I sit down on a thick branch to watch the scene bellow me. Ridge is steadily gaining of Quinna because she's never been the fastest runner and some of the ants are climbing up my tree. I gasp and look around, even if I manage to get to the top with out falling, they'll surly devour me up there. I look to my side a the next tree, many vines dangle from it and I remember and old story my Mom used to tell me. About a boy that swung from vines like a monkey. I gulp and look bellow me, the ants are cleser now and Quinna and ridge are out of view. I take a deep breath and jump.

My hand grips the vine and I begin to slide down it befoer I manage to stop myself. I sway slightly and the vine swings forawrd. I let go and grab the next vine and the next vine and the next vine. I swing and swing untill I pass up Quinna, who has Ridge right behind her now. Quinna sees me and cheers. I glance forward to see the tree line stops. I land o nthe last tree and see a small clreaning facing a total cliff. I glance at the river to see the water falling downwards. The waterfall is only about 50 feet up in the air.

I look back at my friends, Ridge is running strong and is about 20 paces ahead of Quinna. Meanwhile Quinna is going even slower, her pace uneven. I can tell by her red face that she's having trouble breathing. The red carpet of ants move across the floor reaches Quinna's right foot and climb up it. She screams in pain and falls. the ants quickly cover her body, ripping pieces of flesh off. Some of them drag Quinna's squirming form backwards into the treeline.

A cannon booms.

(Present Time)

Ridge reaches the edge of the cliff and looks back at me for help. I glacne at the Amazon and see some rocks at the very edge of the waterfall. I idea pops into my head.

"Follow my lead!" I yell to him. I jump from the tree and into the water. I paddle my way to the roks and drag myself onto them. Ridge dives in and begins to swim towards me. He isn't a strong swimmer though and the current washes him past hte rocks and over the waterfall.

No cannon booms and I jump from the rocks over the waterfall after him.

Jessamine Flecton's POV

I carefully place my my foot on a decent sixed ledge and lower myself down. Osment, Jimothy and I have been climbing down this cliff for about an hour now. Luckily we're almost there and the height is no longer frighting. Finaly I place my foot on solid ground and we continue to walk. With our new detirmination we make lots of ground and acording to the map Osment's reading we only have about 6 more days of walking before we reach the finish flag. I smile at the thought of cleam sheets, a warm meal and my wonderfull family. Just six more days, I think to myself.

Luna Snare's POV

My eyes still stare at the crisp, white envolope sitting on the floor infront of me. The words, From the Office of President Snow IV, written in sharp black ink. When Ana came in the morning with my breakfest I hid the note under my bedroll. I now stare at it as I steel myself to rip it open. I grab the note, open it and unfold the letter inside.

Dear Luna Snare,

It has come to our attention that you plan on telling your native friends about The Hunger Games. That is unexecptable. Breath one word of this and you will be killed on the spot. No exceptions

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor, President Snow IV.

P.S. Burn this note after reading it.

I read the note over and over before throwing it into the fire pit. At that moment Ana walks in. I turn quickly to block her view of the note being burnt. I givce her a smile and she says,"Ana will you please tell me about the faces in the sky?".

My throat tunrs dry and cold sweat appears on my forehead. My minds racing, despretly trying to come up with something,"Um... Uh... I have no idea what so ever." I nod. She looks at me quizicly,"But did you not you say--" I interupt her.

"Let's just focus on finding my friends!" I say. Ana smiles,"My father is letting me use his fishing boat to help you, it has been loaded with food and water. I will take you to your friends." I notice that Ana now wears hiking boots, khakis and has a belt with knives put into it. I laugh,"Well, let's get started."

Narrator's POV

Day 4 ends with all teams with out motorizied transportation with the exception of Luna. The teams are closing in on each other with Team 1 in the lead, while Team 2 begins to catch up. Team 4 is next followed by Team 3. Luna is far behind the others but will soon catch up thanks to her new friend Ana and her boat.

Day 5 will be fcovered in blood.

Deaths: 1

17th- Quinna Archipelego: Eaten by army ants

Day 5: When Teams Meet

Osment Pace's

I know Team 4 is in 3rd place. I'm not going to speak a word of this to the others, it would break what little spirit we have left. Our chacnes of winning are slim and if we did make it to the end, the other teams would surely be there and take us down with their supierior numbers and weapons. I look back at the others; both are beaten up and tired but don't say a word. "Let's rest," I say. They smile in relief and sit down to eat. I tell the others I'm going to go hunt and I walk off into the woods.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

I haven't said anything but, Quinna's death has severly depressed me. We we're District partners and became good friends. If Team 3 was going to win and there was only one toher person left besides me, I'd want it to be Quinna. It's not fair, if she was only just a bit faster she would have made it.

Mark on the other hand doesn't even seem to be fazed by the fact that only two of us remain. Three if you count Luna but, we have no clue were she is. At least the sky has shown she isn't dead.

Mark frezzes infront of me, draws his spear and crouches behind a tree. I follow his lead and duck behind some bushes. "What is it?" I ask, confused. "Shhhh--" I mutters back and taps his ear. I forrow my brow in confusion before realizing this means 'listen'. I stay perfectly still, making sure not to make any sounds when I hear it. The sound of a motor. I look out at the river, ready to flee or ambush the unknown team.

When the boat comes into view, I drop my pick axe.

Some girl I've never seen before--and certainly not a tribute--is at the wheel while Luna sits in the back, looking around with some binoculars.

Before I can even think I sprint out onto the sand screaming,"LUNA!!!! OVER HERE!". Her head wips in my direction and a huge grin appears on her face. The girl at the helm truns the wheel and the boat cruizes over to us. Luna jumps out and runs over to me and I hug her. I notice her amazing red hair and her beautiful smile for the first time and I'm at loss for words.

"Luna where were you and, who's this girl?" Mark asks, snapping me back to reality.

Luna takes a deep breath and starts to explain.

Kyler Speare's POV

"Are you sure?" Helen asks, eyes full of fire,"Team 2 is right behind us?" Nick nods vigorously,"Yes, all four of them; Matthew the boys from 5 and 7 and the girl from 9." Helen's smile grows larger,"Let's go kill 'em.". Mason cheers and everyone grabs their weapons when I say,"Shouldn't we prepare a trap instead?" Helen smiles, mockingly,"Wow. You call yourself a Career. We have the numbers and the skills. We'll take those losers down easily!".

"At least let Kylear plan a battle startegy. I mean, better safe then sorry," Nick says. Hlen rolls her eyes but agrees. Thoughts battle formations flow through my head untill I get the perfect one. One that not only will curush Team 2 but, gets my revenge on Helen.

"O.K. Garnet, Nick and I will take point with Amyethest, Helen and Mason behind us incase we get in trouble," I say. Everyone nods but Helen's eyes narrow,"Why am I in the back? I got the highest training score!". I put on a fake smile,"Because you're the leader and we don't want you hurt!" She takes the excuse and I smile.

She's not in the back for protection, but so she gets a front row seat to her brother's murder.

A silver parachute lands by me as we head towards Team 2. Inside is a meat cleaver, the shinning sliver shows my reflection. Not for long though.

Because soon it will be covered in blood.

Jason Johnson's POV

We ocntinue creeping through the jungle, folowing the footprints left by Team 1 untill we reach a large clearing. That's when Team 1 attacks.

They come barreling down a hill in a distinct formation. I draw my axe to fight. The girl from 6 stops them when they're about 5 yards away.

"So you guys are so chicken that you want to fight by throwing things at each other?!" Matthew taunts. "I think I'l cut you open first. You little piece of s***," The girl from 6, or Kyler who I hear soemone call her, snaps back as she draws a nasty looking meat cleaver. Matthew's face contorts into full rage and he throws his knife at her. Kylear deflects it easily though and he draws another.

I turn my attention to Nick Johnson, who's opening his jacket to reveal a bunch of throwing knives. I throw my axe at him, which he nimbly dodges. He pulls three of his knives at a throws them at me one at a time. I duck bellow the first one and try to sidestep the second but it slams into my calve. I wince in pain and the third his me in the shoulder. He pulls out more knies and I take the chance to pull out my double-siden axe. This time not to attack but, to defend. This time when he throws the knives I'm ready. I deflect all five of them with my axe. He narrows his eyes and starts to pull out more and I glance over at Amber. For a twelve year old, she's doing awesome.

Amber is shooting arrows at Garnet, who's trying to dodge while attempting to throw his spear. One arrow hits Garnet's arm and he drops his spear. Amber loads another arrow, this time aiming for his head wen Amyethest steps infront of Garnet and blocks the arrow with her arm.

I knock the knife heading towards my head aside and hurl my single sided axe at him. This time he fails at dodging it and it hits him in the theigh. I take my first step forward to finish him off when something catches my eye.

Matthew throws his trident at Kylear but, instead of deflecting it ike she was before, she jumps out of the way. the trident flies past where she was standing, into Mason Yourface's chest. His cannon goes off and his dead body hits the floor. For a second, the clearing is in total silence.

Then, Helen Yourface's inraged shriek fills the air. She sprints forward and I think she's heading for Matthew--Matthew thinks so too as he draws his knife defensivly-- but she turns to the right and slams inot Kylear.

"You b****!!! You did this!!! YOU! DID! IT! ON! PURPOSE!!!!!" She screams as she hits Kyler on the face repeatedly. Helen pulls out her knife but Garnet comes to Kyler's rescue and pushes Helen off. Helen screams in fury one last time but runs away.

No one moves a muscle, still in shock over what just happened.

I'm knocked to the floor, someone ontop of me to see Kyler--how did she recover so fast?-- swinging her meat cleaver down into my neck. Blood splaters into the air and she pulls the wicked balde out, stands up and steps on my face for good measure before charging Daven.

Daven Buzz's POV

Jason's cannon booms and the rest of Team 1 charges us. I'm fighting Nick and Garnet off at the same time while Amyethest and Amber incage in a nasty fist fight. I swing my knives at any piece of flesh I see as the fighting groups converge. Now we're all together in one huge groups; punching and kicking and uctting each other to pieces untill Matthew yells,"Team 2 RETREAT!!!". I punch Nick in the jaw and turn to run.

"COAWRDS!!!" Kylear hollars, her voice becoming increasingly distant.

We continue crashing through the jungle untill Matthew collaspes from exhustion. I sit down and lean myself aginst a tree. Matthew is vomiting in some bushes while Amber is putting a ice back to her left eye. I'm not doing so well either, I'm covered in ctus and bruisies.

Just before the fight with the Career Team we had 4 members and all of us had full strength. Now, we have 3 poeple and we're all wounded and exhusted. Our only concelation prize is that Matthew killed the District 2 male and the female ran away. Then I realize, Team 1 has the most members, 4. Everyone else only has 3.

Only 14 tributes reamain.

Helen Yourface's POV

I. Will. Kill. Them. All. Team 1 will pay for what they've done. Sure Kylear's the one who let Mason get killed but the others didn't help me at all, in fact, Garnet tried to kill me! They will all die.

Starting with Kylear.

I almost have no supplies; only a half empty water bottle and some crackers. Plus my knife but, you can't exactly eat or drink that. I turn around and head back towards the clearing were Team 1 surly still remains. Sure enough once I arrive they're all sitting there eating lunch. I will stalk them and steal ther supplies with out them noticing.

They pack up and disappear into the jungle. I grab a broken tree branch and follow in pursuit.

Jessamine "Jess" Flecton's POV

The discovery of the abondoned boats gave us all hope. Now all of the teams are traveling on foot and we're sure to catch up. Osment seems to be walking with a extra skip in his step and Jimothy has started singing rock songs again. Not matter how annoying it can be. Osment declared it 'safe' to walk along the shore now that none of the teams have a boat so now no one can spot us.

He was wrong.

We stare in awe as a huge fishing motorboat approaches us. Luna, Ridge and Mark from Team 3 all ride in it along with some girl. We draw our weapons, ready for a fight untill Luna asks,"Wanna ally?".

Deaths: 2

16th- Mason Yourface: Stabbed in the chest by Matthew Alexander

15th- Jason Johnson: Throat slit by Kyler Speare

Day 6: The Kidnapping

Amber Pike's POV

Helen's inraged screams still haunt me. The way she attacked Kylear was awfull, even if she did deserve it. Ever since that battle Matthew has become slightly depressed. We all know Jason was his faveorite and he was hoping I would die sooner then later. Just because I'm 12 Matthew looks down on me. That'll change once I prove to be stronger then him even.

Currently we're trudging through a thick patch of jungle with lots of muddy puddles. Acording to my map we should arrive at our final destination in about 2 to 3 days. I'm praying it's 2.

Amyethest DeMoir's POV

I don't really understand why everyone hates Kylear. Sure when you first meat her she's cold and seems sadistic but, once you get to know her she's actually supper sweet. Yesterday she secretly told me she put me in the back yesterday to protect me. She says I'm her faveorite in the group.

"Here's a fresh waterbottle," Kylear says with a smile o nher face. I take the waterbottle and smile back and go over to Garnet.

Garnet is cluthcing his shoulder wound. I hand him the waterbottle and after he's done drinking he asks me,"Why did you save me? You could have just let me die and no one would question you."

I take a deep breath.

"Because I like you. A lot."

He looks at me in shook for a moment before pulling me in for a long kiss.

"I like you too," he whispers.

Luna Snare's POV

Why did we ask Team 4 to ally? So we could take down Teams 1 and 2. We now have the advantage in numbers over every other team and we plan to eliminate them. We haven't talked about what happens after that.

I lean back in my seat as Ridge wraps his arm around me. In the days before I realizied that I missed him so much. Sure I missed Mark and Quinna (Before she died) but, I missed Ridge more. There was always something about him, his seflessness maybe, that always made me attracted to him. Ana continues to drive the boat down this peacfull river and I smile.

The rest of these games are going to be a peace of cake.

Helen Yourface's POV

I dash forward and snatch the forgotten water bottle and beef strips on the ground. It's a good thing the Careers are being so careless or I would be straving to death. I put the precous food in my back pack and continue to pursue the Careers.

Everywhere I look I see him. Mason.

Laughing, teasing me, talking, even hugging me. Telling me to avenge him.

And avenge him I will.

Jimothy E. Rockstah's POV

Ever since we've allied with Team 3, everything's been so... Peacefull. The sunset casscades beasutifuly as our boat pulls into a cove for the night. Ana cooks up some rice with shrimp which we all eat quckly as it's soo good. We all laugh and talk and even sing a little at our little camp fire that Ana built. Ridge and Osment drag over some fallen logs to sit on. We continue to chat after the sun has gone down and I realize something.

Not a single canon has gone off today. The audience will get bored and we all know what that means.

Kyler Speare's POV

I meat cleaver knocks the snake's head off as Ameythest stabs another in the neck. My eyes wip around our small clearing, 30, maybe even 40 sankes are slithering around trying to bite us. My foot samshes one's head in and Nick skewers another. I wince in pain as a sharp pain enters my ankle and I rip the snake's fangs out of my leg and slice it in half. Damn these things are huge, about 3-4 feet long.

"Grab your stuff! We're leaving!" I shout to the others as I grab my back pack. I dash out of the clearing closly followed by Granet and Ameythest with Nick right behind them. I turn to the left only to find it laden down with more snakes. Nick goes to the right only to report the same thing. Looks like they want us to go forward.

This attack cannot be natral, the only explainanation is that they're gamemaker driven. Obvously not sent to kill us or my snake bite would have proven to be poisonous. The only reason is that they want to drive us somewhere, possibly other tributes.

I run as fast as I can untill the hissing sound disappears. We sit down in silence, trying to catch our breaths when I hear talking.

My head whips around I peak through some bushes to see Teams 3 and 4 lounging around some camp fire. I grab my meat cleaver, ready to fight, when my most brillant plan comes into my head. I begin to speak in whispers to the others.

"...Got it?" I ask after explaining my plan to the others. they nod, eagerly to begin. I reach into my back pack to grab one of the late Danica's nets as the other begin to climb their assigned trees. I hand the net to Granet and climb my own tree. My grip tightens on my meat cleaver as my eyes focus own the girl directly bellow my tree.

I give the signal and we all jump down o nthe unexpecting group.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

Chaos erupts as suddenly almost everyone's jumped, including me. I struggle to push Nick Johnson off of me while holding his arm back. The one holding the knife. Finaly I knee him in the gut and punch him in the face and he rolls off. My eyes dart around to see what's happening. Ana lies on the floor, blooding seeping from her head, Osment also lays unconsius with a knife in his gut. Jimothy is fighting Nick off now and Mark is still out looking from some game to hunt. That's when I turn around.

Luna is tangled in a net and Garnet and Amyethest are dragging her away. "Ridge!!!!" She screams. "Help!!!"

I stand up when something catches my eye. I don't know how I didn't notice it before because it's so gruesome. Kylear swings her meat cleaver down into Jessamine's face over and over again. I try to move, try to help. But I don't, I sit there, frozen in fear over this girl's wickedness. Jess' cannon boomed long ago but Kyler still slams the knife into her head. Finaly I muster the the will and charge, Luna forgoten for the moment as one thing flashes through my head.

Kill this monster.

I slam into Kyler and force her onto the ground and push her arms down. She just glares at me instead of sturggling. "What are you going to do now?" She taunts. I put my knee ontop of her forearm as I grab my pickaxe. Now she struggles. She slams her knee into my gut and groin intil lthe pain is too much and I fall back. Kyler grabs her fallen meatcleaver and slowly walks towards me. She raises the meatccleaver when suddenly someone slams into her and she goes flying.

"Mark?" I ask, bewildered. Mark smiles back. "Let's kill her!".

Kyler gets back on her feet and backs up to Nick. Nick looks at Kyler questingly and she nods. The duo turn and run, Kylear dragging her meat cleaver across the trees she runs past.

I run to follow but Mark holds me back. "We need to make sure the others are O.K." he explains. "But they took Luna!!!" I yell in protest. He shakes his head. "Later."

Luna Snare's POV

"Let me go!" I scream again and again as I despretly struggle to escape the net. "Let me go!!!" Finaly Garnet clenches his fists and kicks me. "Shut up you little dumb-****!!!!" He angrly says," Next time it'll be a knif that goes in that net."

"Garnet... What's gotten into you?" Amythest says with a concerned look. They begin to talk and a plan comes into my head. If Garnet hugs or kisses Amythest they'll get distracted and I can flee. Sure enough Garnet let's go of the net and I jump out and run.

Only to run into Kyler, holding her bloody knife.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Deaths: 1

14th- Jessamine "Jess" Felton- Severe brain truma caused by Kyler Speare

Day 7: Appraoching the End

Jimothy E. Rockstah's POV

Osment groans in pain as I spray the disinfectant onto his wound. Yesterday we took a heavy hit; Osment, Ana and I were all wounded pretty badly. Plus Mark and Ridge ditched us to find Luna after they made sure we were O.K.

"Should we go after them?" Ana had asked after Mark and Ridge ran in pursuit of the Career Team.

"Screw them... It's obvious they don't care us!" Osment said in a bit opf rage. Ana glared at him and grabbed her back pack.

"We'll I for one am going to help!" Ana said as she glared at Osment. "Are you coming with me Jimothy?"

I had nervously glanced between a questioning Ana and a angry Osment before shaking my head no.

"Osment's my team mate. I'm not just leaving him for dead," I finaly said with a solem look. Ana narrowed her eyes and dashed into the shrubbary.

Helen Yourface's POV

I silently observe The Careers. Kylear seems to be interogating that Luna girl, when ever she doesn't respond Kylear orders Nick to punch her in the face. I pity that Luna. Finaly Kylear seems to give up and she, Garnet and Amythest round up their weapons and head out, leaving Nick to guard Luna.

Too easy.

I pull out my knife and my wooden spear and step out into the open. "Miss me Nick?"

His head whips around when he sees me and his eyes narrow. "Look who came crawling back. Guess you gave up on your whole revenge plan." Nick taunts as he draws a few throwing knives.

"Oh I didn't give up. I'm still going to murder all of Team 1. Starting with you," I snarl.

Nick's face contorts in rage and hew flings two of his knives at me. I dodge both nimbly and charge with my wooden spear. Nick thows a few more knives, most of which I dodge but, one of them slams itno my calve and I stummble, throwing away all of my speed. Nick reaches for his belt to grab more knives as I run at him again. H manages to draw one just as I swing my own knife at him. I pries the block and slashes at my face and I duck and topple him over.

I jump ontop of him and raise my knife above his head.


Matthew Alexander's POV

I'm sort of surprised we haven't run into any tributes lately. A lot of cannons have been going off. I have no problem with it though, less tributes in my way to victory. Daven is in the front, hacking the plant life out of the way for us while Amber covers our back. I smile at my loyal team mates. They have proven usefull so far but soon. Very soon. Their use will run out and they'll die.

Like now. Daven struggles as he begins to sink into the ground. "Quicksand!" Amber screams.

"Amber you try to pull him out while I look for some vines or something!" I franicly yell. Man am I a amazing actor or what? Amber nods and begins to pull on Daven's arm as he's sunk to his theighs now. I know very well that I could easily pull Dimitri right out of that sand. But I won't. It's time for Daven to die. Then I get the best idea yet.

I sneak up behind Amber and prepare to shove her in when Daven yells," AMBER WATCH OUT!!". She dives out of the way as my hands drive towards her. She gets back up and draws her knife, Amber looks at me with her most intimidating face but I can see her hands shaking. I'm much stronger then her.

I pick her up as her knife falls to the ground and I fling her into the quicksand.

Amber Pike's POV

"See you guys later. Or not!" Matthew snickers as he runs off with most of our supplies. I squirm franticly, Matthew threw me into the quicksand in a laying down postion. While Daven has sunken into to his waist, I'm halfway under.

"Amber. I think I can lift you to a branch..." Daven says. He moves his arms over to me as his torso begins sinking under the earth. I feel his strong arms lift me up out of the sand and I grab a thick branch over the quicksand pit. I squirm up onto the branch and look down at Daven. He hasn't much time left, the sand covers everything but his shoulders and above.

"Thank you Daven..." I almost whisper as a single tear escapes my eye.

Daven smiles peacefully before his face disappears forever.

Amythest DeMoir's POV

"ARGGGHHHH!!!" Kylear shrieks in rage when we reach our campsite. Blood stains the ground and almost all of our stuff is gone (Luna still remians tied up though).

"Who did this?" Garnet asks. In a flash Kylear wheels around. "That. Dumb b**** Helen. I'm going to rip her throat out when I get my hands on her!!!" Kylear's in a rage. She throws knives at random animals and screams. She's calmed down to the point where she's fumming silently when we hear the trumpets.

"Attention sssssurvining tribbiess!!!" the latest capitol announcer says with a heavy lisp. I can tell that he's smacking gum while talking. "I know ssssome peps are a little moody so I have sssome super-duper news! For every kill a trib gets starting now they recive a sweet treat! AKA a bread basket or a pack of beef jerkey!" The microphone clicks off and Garnet and me start laughing at the announcers voice.

"Did you idoits even hear what he just said? We need to kill someone now!" Kylear screams at us.

"Then let's go hunting for tributes," Garnet offers.

"No. No!" Kylear waves off his suggestion. "We've been looking all day and haven't found anything let."

"Then we could kill Luna," I suggest.

"Have you people even been listening to me?! She's apart of our trap! Remember?" Kylear barks back. Suddenly Kylear stops pacing back and forth and bends over to pick something up. I can't tell what though. I see the gleam in her eye and know what's about to happen before it actually does. Her meatcleaver sails through the air and hits Garnet in the head.

"Yo-- y--- You... Ju-- st..." I begin.

"Killed him?" She finishes. I run away from Kylear at this point.

Away from the monster that was once my friend.

Luna Snare's POV

Kylear only worries about her ally for a brief moment because a silver parachute lands inches infront of her. Kylear gleefully opens the container and pulls out basket filled with loaves of bread. The amazing smell of the food floods my noise and my mouth begins to water. Kylear rips one in half and takes a huge bite out of it.

"Mmmmmm... Still warm!" Kylear taunts to me.

After she's finshed the loaf she packs all of her gear up and adresses me.

"We've got a change of plans Luna. With out any allies my plan of trapping you rpathetic friends is ruined. Instead I'll take you with me untill the end where I'l slit your throat infront of the finishing flag. Got it? Why I'm I even bothering to ask, it doesn't matter if you've got it! I'm gonna kill you anyways!" Kylear snickers micheveously and unties me from the tree. Now Kylear stops making a trail for Ridge and Mark to follow. She also sticks to safe ground where her footsteps won't appear.

If my friends can't find Kylear I'll be dead meat. I get an idea from when my wrist started bleeding because of the ropes she tied me up with. With out her noticing, I begin to rub them against the rope untill blood begins to drip out. That should be enough for my friends to follow us.

I only hope the catch us before it's too late.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

"I don't see the tree marks anymore!" I announce to the others. We we're follwoing the trail of notches in the tree untill a small campsite area, covered in blood.

"You don't think they killed her, do you?" I ask, my mind consumed with the thought of Luna's pale, dead body being shipped back to District 8.

"Could have... There certainly been a lot of cannons so far," Mark responds. As if on cue, another boom fills the air.

"Guys look at this!" Ana yells. Mark and I sprint towards her. She's crouched down, exaiming something on the floor. I squint and see small red marks splattered on some leaves. I look forawrd and see that the spots continue along forward.

"I think Luna's leaving us a trail of breadcrumbs..." I mutter.

Osment Pace's POV

Blood fills the lake Jimothy and I fight in. Caimen after caimen lunges at us from the water and we despretly stab or slash it with our weapons. Amyethest's dead body still floats in the water, nearly ripped to shreds by those things.

5 minutes before.

The girl from 1 stares at us, knife in hand, ready to fight. But I can see in her eys that she's scared.

"Where are your little Career friends?" Jimothy asked, raising his sword menecingly.

"I-- I left them... We'll what was left of them. Kylear is the only Career left standing," she explains as she slowly begins to lower her dull, weak weapon. Jimothy and I glance at each other for a moment. It's decidied istantly. Even though we could get plenty of food and she might be lying. we ask Amythest to join our team anyways. She acepts and we move on.

We reach a large lake and Jimothy consults the map. "It's massive, it'll take forever to go around it. The only way is through."

We begin to wade through when Amythest complains,"Okay, which one of you keeps pinching my leg. It really hurts!" Jimothy and I bothe shake our heads no.

"Then who di--- AHHHH!!!" Amythest fails forward, into the water. Jimothy grabs her flailing arm and pulls her out. My sword slices a small, most likely a baby, caimen.

"Good d---. That hurt!" Amythest moans.

"And it looks like, mommy, daddy and the whole ding-dong family aren't happy about their babies death!" I yell as several, log like forms begin approaching us. It happenied in a flash, Amythest was pulled under, only to emerge back up, dead.


"Jimothy run! I can hold them off for a little bit!" I yell.

"I'm not leaving you man!" Jimothy slices a angr caimen's arm off.

"There's no time to argue. Just go! I'm wounded, I'll never make it!" I plead. Jimothy stares at me, unsure what to do as I slide infront of him and kill yet another caimen. Then he begins swimming in a wide ark, towards the other side but far away so that the caimens do not pursue him. I smile a little bit when he makes it to the shore.

Then I feel the fangs bore into my neck.

Helen Yourface's POV

They treat me like royalty; the people of Iquitos. Why, you ask? Because I look identical to their beloved princess. I now rest for the night in the king's palace. I was treated to a lovely dinner of lobster and I lay on a bed. A real bed.

I haven't grabbed the end flag on the top of the apalce and grabbed victory yet because if I win, Kylear wins too.

And that can't happen. So I'll wait, I'll lurk by the finsih line untill Kylear arrives, then. I murder right there, inches from the finish.

Inches from victory.

Deaths: 5

13th- Nick Johnson: Throat slit by Helen Yourface

12th- Daven Buzz: Drowned in quicksand

11th- Garnet Wilke: Stabbed by Kylear Speare

10th- Amythest DeMoir: Eaten by caimens

9th- Osment Pace: Eaten by caimens

Day 8: The End.

Part 1: The Revelation

Amber Pike's POV

I hate to say it. But I kind of miss Matthew. Sure he was stuck up, annoying and very bossy. Not to mentio nthe fact that he killed my friend. Under all of that, there was one thing good about him. He could cut down branches for me. Now I have to squrim through thick branches anf bushes, covered in leaves. It completly impeds my travel.

The only good news is I'll reach Iquitos by noonish. I just have to pray I that the other teams don't bet me there first.

Matthew Alexander's POV

I hate to say it. But I knid of miss Amber. Sure she was, puny, annoying and very weak. Not to mention the fact that shewas no help in a fight at all. Under all of that, there was one good thing about her. She could do simple tasks for me. Now I have to cook breakfest, check the map and carry the supplies. Sure I'm able to do that. But it's much more simple if she does it for me. Well it doesn't matter now.

Because I'm going to win.

Kylear Spear's POV

I smack Luna across the face with my bow.

"You little, stupid, b****!" I scream at her. "You've ruined everything!!!" Tears begin to roll down her face as I slam my bow on her head again.

"To think I would have never none if my sponsor's didn't send me a note telling me of your little plan. Plus my sweet new bow and arrows," I scold Luna. I walk over to the splotches of blood of the muddy ground and wash it away by dumping my water bottle on it. "Your plan is over." I announce as I bandage her wrists.

She glares at me, unable to speak thanks to her gag. I smile.

Things have been going relativly wel lthese games, beside the whole Helen business and what not. But sadly they will soon come to a close. I remember the highlights; stabbing the 7 girl on day 1, plotting to kill Mason, taking control of Team 1 and kidnapping Luna. But then again, there have been some lows. Discovering how my token was washed away, being beaten by Helen and the discovery of my missing supplies. But most of all, the sadness of realizing what I did to my best friend in these games. I killed the love of her life.

I smack myself awake. I can't focus on the past now. Only on the future.

The future where the victor's crown is placed on my head.

Jimothy Rockstah's POV

I've lost so much these games. First Katie, then Jessamine and finaly Osment. Through it all Osment was my best friend, we fought together like brothers. Now I know I must win. I won't let the world forget about the sacrifice Osment made. He saved my life. I can never repay him for that. That best that I can do is win, and give some of my prize money to his family.

So I will fight. I will fight and I will win!

Mark Gordan's POV

"D***..." I mutter when I see the spot, where the trail of blood drips end and a huge splatter begins. Only a small section. It seems like Kylear bashed Luna on the head by this tree. I would be worried but, not a single cannon has gone off today so far.

"What now?" Ana asks Ridge and I.

Ridge just shrugs and I come up with a plan. "We go to the end of the race. Kylear will surely be there. We just take her out and get Lun back."

Ridge and Ana smileat my idea. We break into a sprint, detirmined to get Luna back.

Helen Yourface's POV

I rip the beautiful tapestry from my guest room wall in rage. "When. Will. Kylear fricken get here?!" I scriek to one of the place's many servents.

"I.. I do not know..." He sutters, frozen in fear. I grab a vase from a pedastal and smash it on his head. He sprawls out onto the floor, dead. I screamin horror at what I have just done and dash out onto the balcony.

"Why? Why did Mason have to die...?" I moan to myself. Tears roll down my cheeks in saddness as I slump to the ground.

"It's all Kylear's fault!" I scream. It was all her, her plan to make sure Mason was behind her in that stupid fight. A fight because of the idoits reaped into Team 2. A reaping because of The Hugner Games. A Hunger Games because of the Capitol. A Capitol because of the...

I think for some time. Trying to figure out why the Capitol has The Hunger Games. Surely the Districts have learned their lessons after all this time. Yet they still ahve them. With these strange twists like traveling a river.

All I want to do now is leave. And all I have to do to do that is grab the ding dong flag. Al lthis time I've been so obssesed with kill Kylear I haven't even realizied I'm less then two blocks away from victory! I can be victor.

But what would being victor do? Bring back Mason? End the Capitol's evil regime?

That's when She walks in. My so called "twin". If only I could be her. I would be living in a fancy palace with all her power. I'd be in control of a huge nation. Even bigger then Panem. I nation, if it put its mind to it, could defeat Panem.

I look up at my twin and smile. "No, everything's fine. Other then how the servent in my room killed himself."

"Oh, that's unfortunate." she says without I hint of sympathy in her eyes. That's another thing that makes us a like. We have no care for other lives.

"Let's go change for the royal lunch. Shall we?" I ask. She nods and we enter the private dressing room with our gowns. As she changes behind the screen I inspect the room. Just a golden carpet and beige walls. No hiddingspot for a secret camra. She comes out from behind the screen in her dress. That's wehn I realize our dresses are identical. This makes everything so much more eaisier.

I go behind the screen and put the dress on. I pull a glass shard from my old clothes pocket and call out,"I need some help back here."

I hear her moan quietly and walk around the screen. I jump her and push her down. Then I stab her in the heart with the glass shard. I pull the bloody knife out, wipe it clean and shove it deep into my arm where my tracker is. The small metal device spills onto the floor and I rip the bottom of my dress off and wrap it around my arm.

The tracker will not show a heart beat and I have a dead body, that looks exactly like me. I grab the tracker and shove it deep with in her chest wound for good measure and put on my acting face.

I sprint out of the changing room screaming. Some guards run out,"Help! My twin Helen tried to kill me!" The guards run to the changing room when I notice a man carrying a silver platter with some cookies on it.

"Excuse me? Who are those for?" I ask.

"Why, your father of course," He responds, eyeing my bloody bandage.

"I think I'll take it to him," I say as I pull the tray from his hands. I walk down a deserted hallway and sprinkle a vile of poison onto the cookies.

Day 8: Part 1 Deaths: 1 (Officaly)

8th- Helen Yourface- Stabbed in the chest by the Princess of Brasilia. (In reality it was the other way around)

Non- tribute

The King of Brasila- Poisoned by Helen Yourface

Part 2: The Climax

Luna Snare's POV

I drag my feet on the ground as Kylear struggles to pull me on. All day I've been stalling her the best I can. Hopefully my friends will catch us befoer Kylear can win. Before Kylear can kill me.

"Slow me down again, and I'll slit your throat!" Kylear screams as she brings her butchers knife to my throat. I sigh in defeat as Kylear pushes me forward, keeping the knife close to my neck. With out me slowing her down, Kylear makes great time and arrives in Iquitos in no time.

I can't help but admire the beutiful city. Sure it isn't as high tech as the Capitol but, it's old like charm and creative building style really outshines anything from Panem. Kylear doesn't give me much time to look at the city against the afternoon sky as she pushes me forward.

"Get your lazy butt in gear woman!" She yells. As we make our way through the city I begin to motice the emptyness of this place. It seems like everyone went inside, locked their doors and shut their blinds. Soon the loom of the temple appears over the city skyline and I see the shine of the metalic flag pole.

It's over. Kylear has won. I don't see anyother tributes. Just me and her. I'm the only one who can stop her.

That's when I realize. I could've tried to stop her long ago.

All these games I've been dependant on other people; my Team when I was washed away by that log, Ana to find them again, Ridge to protect me, my friends to find me. My strategy was to be strong and independant. Instead I've turned into the Damsel-in-ditress of ym nightmares.

Well no more.

My teeth clamp down on Kylear's hand and I hear her knife hit the ground. I elbow her in the gut and sprint away, knowing ym element of surprise wouldn't last much longer. I turn to the left and duck into a side street as I hear a arrow whiz past the spot I was at a split second ago.

"Get back here!" Kylear screams.

I look back to see her at the entrance of the street, notching another arrow into place when her head whips up and she runs the other direction.

I begin to ponder were she's going when I remember.

She didn't need me to win.

I feel my feet flying towards the temple as the sun begins to set.

Amber Pike's POV

I reach Iquitos just about the time Team 3 does. They see me and draw their weapons, thinking Matthew is nearby.

"I ditched my team mate a while back," I say as i slowly put my bow on the ground. Ana and Ridge seem to believe me and get into a brief agrument wiht Mark before allowing me to join them. We go through the eerily quiet city before Ridge points to something.

Up on the temple I see a little figure anout half-way up. Most likely Kylear because of the long hair followed by another person, with bright red hair. Luna Snare.

Without another word Ridge and Ana pick up the pace, speeding through the city, leaving Mark and me in the dust.

Suddenly I'm tackled to the ground and I twist my neck to see Mark ontop of me. Fear curses through my veins. He's going to kill me. But then he gets up and draws his sword.

I look over to see Matthew twirling his trident mencingly. I get up and load an arrow into my bow. Dimly notcing I only have two more in my sheth.

Matthew charges and we prepare urselves to fight. I will get my revenge for Daven, Mark will avenge Callie.

Unless of course, he kills us.

Kylear Spear's POV

I spin around and let the arrow fly at Luna's face. She's a quick tribute though and dodges it nimbly. I notch the next arrow in and let it fly in her general direction. I begin to pant after running up these endless steps, luckily I'm still far ahead of Luna, but she's slowly gaining.

I stop suddenly when I get a brillant idea. I pull out my last match and lite it. Then I put the match on my arrow to set it on fire. I load the arrow and quickly send it flying towards the nearest house. Everything here's made of wood beside the temple so, this should cause some chaos.

Luna screams as part of the burning building breaks of and smashes onto the temple just behind her.

I hit the floor as the knife slices open my left cheek. I see that dumb native girl that joined Team 3 climb around the burning wood and draw another knife, Ridge is right behind her. I curse my luck, I didn't expect Team 3 would ever catch up to me and load let another arrow.

Soon they're dodging arrow after arrow as I send a brage of the deadly weapons down at them. Severl hit flesh, Ana clutches her wounded arm while Ridge rips one out of his theigh. I reach backat my quiver only to feel one arrow air. With horror I realize I'm almost out. I pull out my butcher kinfe, turn around, and run.

Jimothy E. Rockstah's POV

I dash down the allyway as the burning building collaspes behind me. The whole city is engulfed in flames. People scream and run down the streets with whatever they can carry. One woman clutches her crying child, another running with a large fur coat.

The streets are in chaos, everyone's pushing and shoving to escape the flames. Several soilders fire warning shots into the air to no avail. There's no calming this crowd. Finaly after almost getting trampled several times I make it to the base of the temple.

It seems as if Team 3 is chasing Kylear up to the top.

I'm too late.

No, maybe I'm not.... Team 3 will catch her and she will put up a fight. I can pass them up while that's happening and steal the flag.

I can steal victory right from under them.

Mark Gordan's POV

Matthew takes the first move and tackles Amber to the ground. I swing my sword at his neck and he rolls off to dodge. Amber jumps up and juns behind me to shot an arrow at him. Matthew takes the arrow to the arm so he can throw his trident at the same time.

I wip my head around to see the trident in Amber's theigh. She screams in pain and hits the ground. Matthew isn't fazed by the arrow and rips it out of his arm. I deflect a jab from his trident with my sword and he punches me in the gut. He moves in to finish me off when he dives to the left as Amber shots another arrow at him.

"One more..." Amber mutters nervously. Matthew gets back onto his feet before I can make the next move and he throws one of his knvies at my face. I duck, turn around, and run. Amber runs to follow and I hear Matthew's footsteps following us. We run through a market that isn't on fire yet and Amber sends her last arrow into a rope holding a bag of apples up in the air.

I look back to see Matthew slip on the many apples rolling around on the floor and smash into the ground.

"Finish him!" I yell to Amber. She reaches at her quiver and I remember she has no arrows left. Matthew gets to his knees and throws his trident just as I fling my sword at him.

Matthew falls down again, sword in his gut.

"WE DID it..." I excalim before seeing Amber. She's laying on the ground, a trident stuck in her, right below her chest. I run to her, pick her up and set her down by Matthew.

"I'll let you do the honnors," I say solemly. Amber pulls her knife from her belt and shakily raises it over Matthew's head.

"I hope you rot in h--" Is Matthew's last words before the knife shatters his skull and the cannon booms.

"We did Mark..." Amber whispers.

"We did, didn't we..." I mutter as a tear rolls down my cheek. This little 12 year old girl lies before me, having her final moments right before my eyes. And It's all the Capitol's fault.

I get up as her cannon booms. With a new resolve.

A new resolve to win. And to make the Capitol sorry for what it's done.

Ridge Hillsong's POV

Kylear's cornered and she knows it. If she keeps rnning, we'll catch her and kill her. Her only option is to fight us all 3 to 1. For the first time since the games started, the odds are not in Kylear's favor.

What a great time The Capitol audience is having. The grudge match between Team 3 and Kylear while Mark and Amber are dealing with two of the three; Jimothy, Matthew or Helen down in the city. Lots of betting must be going on.

The thrid cannon of today goes off and I can only pray it wasn't for Mark. Kylear arms herself, her meat cleaver in one hand and a thrwoing knife in the other.

"Who's gonna fight me? Or are you all a bunch of cowards?" Kylear taunts. Luna's face flushes with rage and she charges, Ana and I right behind her.

We may have the numbers but, Kylear is a master fighter and gives me a decent sized gash on the arm and disarms Ana. Finaly Luna stabs her in the forearm and Kylear lashes out at all of our heads. I jump back up to see her retreating back.

I'm about to step forward when I notice Kylear preparing to throw her knife. With out thinking I tackle Luna to the ground and I look up to see the knife flying to the left of where Luna was standing. I'm about to yell a warning when the knife hits its mark. Ana drops the knife she was stooping over to pick up, coughs up a bit of blood, and hits the floor.

No cannon goes off. But I know she's dead.

Luna Snare's POV

I'm on Kylear in a flash swinging my knife at her repeatedly. She killed the girl who helped me find my friends, my only girl companion since Day 2. Kylear isn't prepared for this new onslaught of attacks and backs up as I continue to jab and cut at her. She gets bit cut up, my knife hits pieces of flesh every once in a while. But all of them are shallow wounds.

Kylears starts running backwards so quickly that I trip on one of the steps. I curse my luck, knowing Kylear will surly finish me off when I hear her grunt and fall down. I look up to see her pullnig Ridge's pick axe out from her left shoulder and getting back onto her feet. Ridge jumps infront of me, now wielding a dagger and the two begin to fight.

I struggle to get back onto my feet as I notcie Kylear gain the upperhand. I'm up again when Ridge's final weapon clangs to the ground. Ridge responds to theis event by jumping Kylear and the two begin wrestling. I run towards them as Kylear slips out of his choke hold and throw another knife at him. Ridge tries to roll out of the way but it slams into his calve.

"Get away from him!" I scream as I charge Kylear yet again.

Jimothy E. Rockstah's POV

I look a head at the still raging battle. Luna is slowly backing Kylear up the temple and to the top. I start running faster, not wanting one fo them to grab the flag. Ridge manages to get back on his feet, he rips the knife from his calve and drops it on the ground.

Kylear tunrs around to grab the flag but Luna dives at her. Luna's knife rips open Kylear's backpack and sends everything that was inside it down the steps and towards me. I dodge knives, spear heads, wire, packages of fruit, a bread basket and several awls that attempt to skewer me.

Meanwhile Kylear has regained the upper hand, she pulls out her last arrow from its sheath and stabs Luna in the chest with it. I don't think it punctered her heart because Luna tries to get Kylear back by sicing her check open with her knife. The strength pours out of Luna, I think the arrow may have punnctered her lung, and she falls down. Kylear pulls the arrow out of Luna's chest and turns to grab the flag.

Ridge grabs her from behind though and the two get into a nasty knife fight. Kylear kicks Ridge in the chest and he falls down the steps. Kylear reaches for the flag as a bound up the steps, despretly tring to stop her.

He fingers have just touched the flag pole when I slam into her, kncoking her hand away from victory.

Part 3: The Lone Victor?

Kylear Speare's POV

I roll out of the way as Jimothy slams his knife at my face. Escaping his grasp, I reach over and scoop up my butcher's knife. Jimothy attempts to tackle me yet again but this time I'm ready. I side step the lunge, grab him from behind adn put my knife to his throat.

"Annyone move and he dies."

Ridge isn't paying attention, he's too busy trying to staunch the flow of blood pouring from Luna's chest. Mark has just reached the top though and he stops in his tracks, not wanting to be responsible for Jimothy's death.

"You are one sick b****," Jimothy sneers, hoping to through me off my game.

"Why thank you. I take pride in that," I respond cooly. I press the knife harder against his throat, and a small trickle of blood begins to drip out. He doesn't dare move, knowing even the slightewst twitch will end his life.

That's when the cannon booms.

I look over at Ridgee, tears stream down his face, Luna's eyes are glazed over, her arms dangle limply to the side. Ridge's face contorts into rage and even though he can't speak, his face says all the words I need to hear.

You sicken me.

This distracts me long enough for Jimothy to break free. He kicks me in the gut and I despretly lash out at him. the blade slices deep into Jimothy's side and he falls over in pain. I can tell from the wound that he only has a few minutes. Ridge just stands there, still in shick over Luna's death. Mark's not though, he slams into me and I franticly fling my knife, not knowing who or what, it will hit. I hear the smack of the knife hiting flesh though.

Mark picks me up and carries me over to the edge of the temple, his eyes cold and unforgiving.

"Good bye Kylear. I wish I had a district partner with a little compasion."

"You don't have the guts to kill me," I respond, hoping to stall him long enough so I can stab him with my arrow. Mark doesn't take the bait, he rasies me over the back side of teh temple, a sheer cliff and says.

"Oh don't I?"

I feel his hands move from under me and I lash out with my arrow, wanting to kill him so despretly as I begin to fall.

I splash of blood hits me and I know my arrow found it's target.

As I plumet towards the ground, I take one last look at the sky, wondering how my life could've been.

3rd Person

Mark falls backwards in pain, the arrow deeply embedded in his gut. Ridge also moans in agonny, Kylear's butcher knife stuck in his chest. He lays down next to Luna's dead boudy, crying. Jimothy tries to stop the flow of blood, hoping to out last the others in their final test.


Who can survive the longest. The Capitolites lean in, waiting for the Amazon Games to come to an end. And it does.

The lone tributereaches out and grips the plag, with his last remaining strength he pulls the flag out, earning victory. The capitol cheers, the Amazon Games are over...........................................................

And Mark Gordan is victor.

After the Games

Mark Gordan returns home and hugs his parents at the train station.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" He cries, speaking to his parents for the first time since Skyla died. They embrace him and he cries harder, remembering all the death from the games.

Mark returns to school, still haunted by the games. The sickening smack of the log when it slamed into Luna still rings in his ears, everytime he sees an anthill he's reminded about how Quinna was torn limb from limb by the creatures. Everythime he notices Kylear's family and friends he's reminded how he killed her. How her body slamed into the ground.

Mark's life gradualy shifts back into it's old reutine. That is untill a mysterious voice in the middle of the night tells him.

"She's not dead. Helen yourface is not dead."


Helen Yourface's POV

I walk down the hanger, admiring the new line of hovercraft my nation has built. Soon we will be at war. Soon we will the Capitol's evil regime. Not today, not tomorrow. But soon. Soon we will strike.

And avenge my brother/

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