Angry birds12 here bring you my final games (Hence the name)!!! I want to go out with a bang so I'm going to write the reapings, private training sessions and interviews. A twist will also be included plus double the tributes; 48 of them! I hope to make these the best games I ever wrote so updates will be low in quanity but will have plenty of quality.

Tribute Submition Requirements

I do not have a particular form that I want everyone to use but please make sure your tribute isn't like this:

Name- John smith

Age: 16

Weapon: Sword

Skills: Strong, fast, cool, weapons.

History: Really popular, rich.

Personality: Cool

I have gotten tributes like that in the past. I want at least 2 sentences for history, skills, personality. If you give me a tribute with not enoguh information they will die on Day 1 or Day 2 with little to no writting focused on them.

As some of you may know I'm a big Career fan and I think to have a good games you need a good villian! Please don't be afraid to enter some mean tributes. Although I don't want all 48 tributes to be evil...


You may submit up to 4 tributes; 2 males and 2 females!!!

Since there are no more female spots; you may enter up to 4 males! :)

All slots filled.

NO MORE CAREER TRIBUTES UNLESS THEY ARE FROM 1, 2 AND 4!!!! I now have way too many...

District Female Male Female Male Sponsor Money
1 Kourtney Rodrigez Ryder Amondy Danielle Anners Excalibur Rose 490/470/500/510
2 Saffron Ventura Troy Ventura Tarelia Anderson Earl Zoronovic 480/490/480/520
3 Ingrid Frost Elliot Helios Colbie Sparks Norman Dalista 460/510/450/430
4 Coral Feirn Wes Quince Halo Zee Thomas Quince 535/490/490/480
5 Celeste Ryder Adron Phelan Illuminate Sensorium Alex Pizzel 450/500/490/460
6 Nadia Colman Vile Sirun Milly Clatch River Rhodes 470/500/460/480
7 Maple Tree Matty Dewell Aurora Neptune Trent Greenstone 470/440/535/545
8 Alita Oakley Zil Tow Dymentia LIights Hector Jayred 470/440/510/480
9 Azalea Firethorn Seann Gress Prism Winters Derek Reed 490/420/530/450
10 Sirenna Frost Jackson Horn Maria Moo Talon Faust 460/450/440/480
11 Harlow Ammolite JJJ Schmidt Bayleaf Magnolia "Dynames" Ryle 490/490/490/480
12 Stacy Conrad Gary Woods Ann Reed Hudson Rylie 470/460/470/480

Bold = Career Tribute




A family in District 2 quickly huddle in their living room as the father flips on the television. All year they've been waiting to hear the Quarter Quell's twist.

Suddenly President Scorpio IV appears on a stage surrounding by cheering Capitolites. He hushes the crowd and beins to speak.

"Welcome one and all to the reading of the card!" A young girl in a white dress carries a old wooden box over to the President. He opens the box and pulls out a yellowing envelope with the words, 100th, written on it in black ink. As he opens the envelope he reminds everyone of the past Quarter Quells.

"On the twenty-fith anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that families were torn apart because of their choice to fight, realatives between the ages of 12 and 18 were reaped and forced to fight each other ina one on one round before procedding to the arena."

A breif clip is shown as a young boy sobs over his dead sister's body. The Capitol audience cheers.

The crowd quiets and he continues,"On the fiftieth anniversary, as a reminder that the outer Districts suffered the most deaths in the war, Districts 10, 11 and 12 had to send three times the normal amounts of tributes."

Some of the older people remember those games, the Gamemakers rigged it so that a Career still won.

"On the seventy-fith anniversary, as a reminder that even the strongest rebels could not defeat the Capitol, previous victors were reaped."

He removes the piece of paper from the envelope and opens it.

"As a reminder that war lasted for three years, the tributes sent will go through three rounds, the first having four arenas, the second having three and the last having one. And to fullfil lthis Quell we will be requiring each District to send twice as many tributes."

The anthem plays and the screen goes dark.

What that means:

Since those two sentences can confuse most people I will better explain the twist. Forty-eight tributes will be repaed and split up randomly into four groups, each group (Each will have 12) will be sent into one of the four arenas untill only six of the twelve remain. The reamining twenty-four tributes will be split into groups of eight adn each group will be sent to another arena and they will fight untill four of the orgininal remain. The final twelve will all go to the final arena untill only one is left.


Surprise! Another twist! Before the remianing tributes enter the final arena, I will randomly select 4 dead tributes to come back to life and join them in the final arena. So even if all of your tributes die before the finals, there is still a chance they can take the crown!

Arena Information

The arenas will be named according to what round they are in. Arenas in round 1 will be numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. The arenas in round 2 will be called arenas, a, b and c. the arena in the last round will simply be called, the final arena.

Tribute's Uniforms-

In every arena the tributes will be wearing the exact same things. Each tribute gets, tight, black, long pants that are suitable for running and tennis shoes (all white) with rubber soles. Tributes with also get a short sleeved under shirt and a long sleeved jacket. The jacket's color with match with whatever district they are from and the under shirt will be a variant of that color.

Colors- District 1- White

District 2- Dark red

District 3- Yellow

District 4- Navy Blue

District 5- Burnt Orange

District 6- Purple-Pink

District 7- Dark Green

District 8- Teal

District 9- Tan

District 10- Brown

District 11- Light-blue

District 12- black

Italics = Careers

Arena 1- Wasteland of Death

The first arena will be a large wasteland with little for the tributes to survive off of. The cornucopia will be situated on top of a massive plateau which is located in the middle of the arena. Around the plateau is a sparse savanna, the only plat life is some small grasses. Because of the lack in rainfall and plant life, there are almost no animals in the arena either. This affects the tributes in two ways; the first is bad, the tributes will have no food or water source besides the cornucopia. The second is good, this means there will be no mutts what so ever. The temperatures in this arena during the day are about 90-100 F (32-38 C for Andy and TBWTPT). At night they drop to about 40-50 F or 4-10 C.


Kourtney Rodrigez

Colbie Cain

Wes Quince

Halo Zee

Vile Sirun

River Rhodes

Milly Clatch

Azalea Firethorn

Jackson Horn

Maria Moo

Dynames Ryle

Bayleaf Magnolia

Arena 2:

Info TBA


Danielle Anners

Troy Ventura

Saffron Ventura

Earl Zoronovic

Elliot Helios

Thomas Quince

Adron Phelan

Nadia Coleman

Hector Jayred

Prism Winters

Talon Faust

Hudson Rylie


Each Tribute will start out with the basic amount, $400, tributes can earn more money depending on what there training score is. A 12 will give them $120, a 11 $110, a 10 $100 and so worth untill 1 which gives them a $10. Another way to earn sponsor money is killing, for each kill a tribute gets earns them a sweet $50. Everyday they survive gives them a additional $10. Money decreases occur for all tributes once they advance to the next arena. Lets say tribute John smith had $400 when he moved on the the second round of arenas, his money would split in half and become $200 automaticly. The final ways to earn sponsor money is by answering trivia questiosn I give out, gambling on who will die next and being the 100th, 200th, etc person to comment.


Sword- $100

Spear- $90

Spear Head- $50

Bow and arrow (12 arrows)- $95

Additonal 6 arrows- $70

Twelve throwing knives- $90

Six throwing knives- $50

Basic knife (Dull)- $20

Basic Knife (Sharp)- $25

Hatchet- $35

Double-sided war axe- &100

Mace- $110

Flail- $60

Sythe- $75

Trident- $95

Blow Gun with six darts- $55

Whip- $65

Machete- $90

Steel Claws- $80

Grenade (1 in stock)- $550

Food and Water-

Water Bottle (Empty)- $10

With Iodine- + $15

Full water bottle- $40

Energy Powder (To be added to water)- $5

Beef Jerky- $50

Bread- $35

Basket of Bread- $65

Crackers- $40

Dried Fruit (Prevents from spoiling)- $50

Fruit (Will spoil after two days)- $30 each

Capitol Feast (Feeds tribute for 3-4 days)- $100


Sandwich, any kind- $60

Waffle ( 2,With butter, syrup)- $70

Panckes- (3, with butter and syrup)- $70

Toast (two pieces)- $35

French Toast (2 pieces)- $60

Ceral (any brand)- $20

Cream-o-wheat- $50

Cinnamon Roll (4 rolls) - $65


Burn Onitmint- $150

Mild Pain Killer- $75

Stomach Calmer- $90

Storng Pain Killer- $100

Sleep Syrup- $60

Disinfectant- $60

Bandages- $55

Capitol Medicine- Cost varies on type.

Survival Gear-

Sleeping Bag- $90

Tent- $150

Jacket- $80

Cooking Tools (Pot, pan and tongs)- $75

Matches- $90

Lighter- $100


Wire- $70

Net- $80

Note from mentor- $50

Note from family member (Words of encourgemetn, picture)- $25


Part 1: The Pre-Games


In every home across the Capitol, families huddle around their television, excited to catch a glimpse of this year's tributes. They all have questions; What will they look like? How strong will they be? How many voulnteers? But most ask prehaps the most important question of all; Who looks like a victor?

District 1

The camera pans across the crowed city square as District 1’s escort prepares to begin the Reapings. Instead of the many eager faces, belonging to the one’s hoping to volunteer this year are replaced by slightly nervous, even frightened looks. The Quarter Quell has frightened off many tributes, even the ones who have trained their entire lives from volunteering. The slim, green haired escort approaches the microphone on the stage and taps it twice to gain the crowd’s attention.

“Greetings one and all to District 1’s 100th reaping!” she says cheerfully. “Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

The escort goes over the bowl with the female’s slips her hand inside and everyone draws in a collective breath.

“Danielle Anners!” She reads.

The camera zooms in on the 15 year old girl’s section as the crowd parts for Danielle to make her way to the stage. Her blue eyes dart around, trying to take everything in as she climbs the steps towards the escort.

“Do we have any volunteers?” The escort calls out.

No one responds. A few girls shift uncomfortably, as if trying to decide to risk it and join the quell. The escort adjusts her bright blue hat before continuing.

“I guess not... Now for our next female tribute.”

Her hand goes into the girl’s bowl and pulls out another slip from deep inside.

“Kourtney Rodrigez.”

Many girls sigh in relief but one, from the fourteen year olds section, gasps in shock. Kourtney manages to keep a smooth, confident face as she reaches the platform.

Again, no one volunteers.

“Now for our boys. And I hope they are more eager then the girls...” the escort mumbles, hoping for some excitement this year.

“Blade Johnson!” She calls out, deciding to skip the dramatics and get right to it. Blade barely makes it up the steps when a lone voice rings out in the silent square.

“I volunteer!”

A strong built, eight-teen year old boy runs up to the stage and pushes Blade out of the way.

“Finally! District 1 needed a volunteer,” The escort says while clapping her hands.

“My name is Ryder Amondy, your future victor!” Ryder says into the microphone. Most of the crowd claps but others worry for this tribute’s safety.

With a little more gusto this time, the escort pulls out the last slip from District 1.

“Mike Grace!” She bellows.

Before the camera even gets the chance to find Mike in the crowd., another boy races through the crowd, yelling, ”I volunteer!”

He jumps up onto the stage and the escort hands him the microphone.

“State your name please,” She orders.

“Excalibur Rose.”

Many people in the crowd gasp. The last name Rose strikes pain into many hearts of families across the Districts. A mere two Hunger games ago Excalibur’s younger brother, Excel, entered the 98th Hunger Games and won after killing every other tribute in the final 6. The camera pans over to the seats where the victors sit. Excel smiles, eager to watch his older brother in the games.

The four tributes disappear into the Justice Building and the scene changes to District 2. Many Capitol citizens fly to their phones, already planning on betting on Excalibur Rose.

District 2

The quell deterred the citizens of District 1 but, District 2 is unaffected by the news. In fact, the kids here may be even more excited about volunteering because of the Quarter Quell. More risk, more danger, more excitement. And most of all, the extreme bragging rights of winning Quell. Yes, indeed the boy and girls here are nearly jumping up in down in anticipation.

District 2's escort, decked out in a grey suit covered in rocks, begins to speak.

"Hello District 2! I know you're very excited so let's go straight to the reapings!"

He reaches into the girl's bowl and pulls out a slip. Many of the kids cross their fingers, no one wants to be reaped. But not for the reasons many of the other District's kids. Here it's almost a one-hundred percent chance someone will volunteer.

"Crystal Shine!” He calls out. Crystal curses her luck and is about to step forward when someone yells out, ”I volunteer!”. Crystal growls in rage but does nothing else.

The owner of the voice, Tarelia, strides down the isle straight towards the platform. Her blond hair flows in the wind, her bright blue eyes sparkle and her hips sway slightly as she walks. Many of the guys in the crowd sigh, knowing that this piece of eye candy might die in the games.

Tarelia says her name into the microphone and sits down. The escort smiles and pulls the second slip from the girl’s bowl.

“Saffron Ventura!”

In the crowd Saffron’s older brother, Troy Ventura, gasps. “That’s my sister going up there,” he thinks to himself as he watches Saffron nervously reaches the stage. Troy relaxes though, knowing someone will volunteer soon.

“Any volunteers?” The escort asks. A minute passes, and no one responds. “I guess not..”

Now Troy begins to panic, knowing his sister can come back in tow ways; a victor, or in a body bag.

“Nick Star,” the escort says.

“I volunteer!"



Several voices ring out and several boys make a beeline for the stage. One pulls another back by his hair and soon a scuffle breaks out. Multiple Peacekeepers reaches the group while another boy sneaks around the fight and makes his way to the stage.

The fight stops all together when all the boys look directly at Earl Zironovic, who has just announced his name into the microphone. Many of the guys scream curses at him, which causes Earl to burst into laughter.

The escort smiles and his hand barely enters the boy’s bowl for the second time when someone volunteers.

Troy Saffron ignores the many complaints shouted into the air as he gets onto the stage, says his name into the microphone, and hugs his sobbing sister.

“What a dramatic en...” The escort is even at a loss for words just before it cuts to District 3.

District 3

The City Square is so overcrowded that the seven-teen and eight-teen year old sections are forced over into the grimy streets leading to the square. The escort wipes a bit of sweat off her forehead with her rain bow colored handkerchief (that matches her dress) before addressing the large crowd.

“Greetings District 3! I hope you are all excited for this year’s reaping for the Quarter Quell!” The escort babbles. She begins to clap but stops when she realizes no one else is. Hoping to get the event over with and get out of the heat, the escort grabs two female slips at once and heads over to the microphone.

“This year’s female tributes are; Colbie Sparks and Ingrid Frost!”

The first to reach the main isle is a nervous looking Ingrid, who begins to bite her nails as she reaches the stage. Next is Colbie, who simply skips with a bit of a smile down the isle, and up onto the platform.

“Would either of you want to say anything?” the escort asks them, hoping for some excitement this year.

Ingrid just shakes her head a little but Colbie grabs the microphone in glee.

“I wonder how long it would take for you to burn to death?”

The escort stares at her, opened mouth, in horror before snatching the microphone back.

“The nerve...” The escort mumbles to herself as she reaches into the boy’s bowl.

“Norman Dalista and Elliot Helios.”

Ingrid sprints from the stage and a few peacekeepers follow in pursuit before realizing what’s she’s doing. She runs to a blind boy, Norman, who is struggling to find his way to the stage.

“Ingrid? Is that you?” He asks her.

“Yes Norman...” She responds.

“So I guess we were both reaped...”


Ingrid helps Norman up the steps and turns so she can take a look at Elliot. Elliot casually makes his way to the stage, hands stuck in his pockets.

“You to have anything to say?” the escort asks.

“Nope...” Norman says simply.

Meanwhile Elliot stares at her in confusion for a moment before saying to himself.

“If you insist.”

Suddenly Elliot’s hand comes out of his pocket, clutching a simple butter knife. He pulls the escort towards him by pulling her arm, and rams the knife into her eye.

The screen immediately changes to District 4.

District 4

The camera pans over the bright blue ocean, the pristine, white, sandy beaches and finally the beautiful city square. Stucco buildings with bright red roofs reminds everyone of old Spanish villas. Much like District 1, the kids here are discouraged from volunteering, although some are undeterred by the news.

The escort, wearing a bright blue wig and a seashell studded dress, smiles and waves at the crowd as the walks over to the microphone.

“Alright District 4! Let’s begin this year’s exciting reapings!”

She trots over the girls bowl and draws a slip.

“Halo Zee!”

The tall, strong, looking eight-teen year old girl emerges from the eight-teen year old section and marches to the stage. She gives off a slight air of superiority and doesn’t even bother to look at anyone as she reaches the stage.

Most people aren’t surprised when no one volunteers.

The escort pulls out another slip.

“And our final female tribute is, Amanda Steiner!”

Amanda goes up to the stage and a lone voices echoes through out the city square.

“I volunteer!”

A girl with gold steaks in her hair walks over to the stage. She reaches the microphone and speaks her name into it.

“Coral Feirn!”

Much like the last name Rose, the last name Feirn brings bad memories to many families. Coral’s family has had not one, but two victors. Her mother and older brother both claim the crown.

Coral sits down next to Halo, and the two already shot daggers at each other with their eyes.

The escort draws a slip from the boy’s bowl and read it out loud.

“Thomas Quince!”

A strong built fifteen year old slowly walks down the isle, remembering how his older brother dies in the games last year. Wondering if he’ll have the same fate.

Thomas somberly sits down by Halo and Coral. The escort looks at him questionly before getting the next, and final, slip.

“Wes Quince!”

Many members of the audience gasp, knowing that two siblings are going into the same games. Wes quickly runs up to the stage and embraces his brother.

The camera holds on the two before switching to District 5.

District 5

District 5’s city square is surrounding by grimy power plants, still pumping out electricity for the Capitol. The children here are normally depressed, forced to work long hours at the unloading docks, carrying heavy boxes of coal from District 12. It does have it’s advantages though, the kids who have enough to eat are generally pretty muscular, giving them a better chance in the games.

The short escort sighs and begins to speak.

“Hello everyone. It’s time to begin the reapings...” He says rather half-heartedly.

He pulls both of the girls slips out and reads the names with a glum face.

“Celste Ryder and Chelsea Wood.”

A young, small, girl slowly steps out from the twelve year old section and begins to cry. On the outside she seems distraught at being reaped but, on the inside, she’s already planning her wicked strategy.

Chelsea and Celste both make it to the stage when the escort asks, ”Any volunteers?”.

A sobbing girl sprints up the isle screaming that she volunteers.

“Ilum-- Ilum-- Illuminate Sen-- Sensorium,” She chokes between sobs. The escort couldn’t really care less about Illuminate’s feelings and pushes her into a chair and draws the boy’s slips.

“Alex Pizzel and Mark Vein.”

The heavy lifted really shows up in Alex, he has a muscular build and a somewhat confident stride.

Mark is approaching the stage when someone else volunteers. Everyone shivers when they look at the owner of the voice, Adron Phelan. His parents may deny it but, Adron has killed several people. Many of District 5’s citizens are happy to see him go.

Adron pushes Mark aside and reaches the stage. Even District 5’s three victors step away from Adron.

The four tributes enter the Justice Building and the screen changes to District 6.

District 6

The somewhat empty city square is shown. About ten years ago a strange disease revenged this District, it killed many and left the survivors unfertile. The most crowed areas are the sixteen to eighteen year old sections. The twelve to fourteen is nearly empty. Many people in the square wear surgeon masks while the escort wears a bio-contamination suit. She nervously sprays some Lysol onto the microphone before speaking.

“Well District 6. I’m in a hurry to leave so I can get a full check up from my doctor so let’s get this over with.”

She grabs the two slips sitting on the top and reads them.

“Milly Clatch and Nadia Coleman.”

Milly cautiously makes her way down the isle when Nadia suddenly pushes her onto the ground.

“Get out of my way loser.” Nadia snaps.

Milly slowly gets back onto her feet and reaches the stage.

The escort has already drawn the boy’s slips and reads them.

“River Rhodes and Vile Sirun.”

A cry of anguish comes from the girls section, River’s girlfriend, Sutton, begins to cry. River attempts to go and comfort her but two Peacekeepers grab him by the arms and pull him back.

Meanwhile over in the section holding inmates from the District prison, a peacekeeper takes Vile’s cuffs off and drags him over to the platform. Vile smiles as the escort sprays more Lysol.

With the reapings half-way done, it switches to a small new room with Caesar Flickerman and the Hunger Games’ announcer, Lisp Martan begin talking about the tributes.

District 7

The vast forests of District 7 are shown before changing to the city square Pieces of wood litter the area and many of the children not wearing shoes have nasty cuts on their feet. The air smells like a mix of pine trees and mulch and the sky is a bright blue. Most of the kids wear the clothes they wear to work because as soon as the reaping is over work starts again. Wood is in a high demand.

The escort begins to speak about how excited he is to be here before going over to the girl's bowl and drawing two slips.

"Maple Tree and Vanessa Woods!"

Maple approaches the stage with a face most tributes reaped from this District don't have, one filled with determination. Vanessa on the other hand looks like a total wreck, that is, until she hears the magic words.

“I volunteer!”

Aurora Septune radiates confidence as she makes her way to the stage, she still retains her tan from District 4 and her brown hair waves in the wind. She smirks as she catches many of the guys sneaking looks at her.

Aurora says her name into the microphone and secretly passes a one-hundred dollar bill to the escort. As the escort puts his hand into the boy’s bowl, he slips a fake slip out of his coat sleeve. He reads the first one,” Matty DeWell.”

The timid twelve year old slowly goes up to the stage, trying not to cry.

Aurora smiles, knowing whose name is next.

“Travis Greenstone!”

A young, thirteen year old boy begins walking down the isle. Meanwhile Travis’ older brother, Trent, is franticly trying to find a way to save his little brother from his ex.

“I volunteer!”

Trent sprints down the isle and steps in front of his shocked younger brother. Trent says his name into the microphone and sits next to Aurora, whose already planning how to kill him.

District 8

A smoggy sky hangs over the depressed District 8, out of all of the Districts, District 8 has the least amount of victors. Out of one hundred years, only one of District 8’s tributes has ever won. That lone victor has been dead for many years so the tributes are mentored by their stylists and escort.

The escort skips the formalities and grabs a slip from the girl’s bowls.

“Kathy Davis!”

Before Kathy even makes it to the isle someone screams out, “I volunteer!”

A girl with a light brown streak in her hair struts her way to the stage and says her name.

“Dymentia Lights!”

Dymentia smiles at her older brother before sitting down.

The escort draws another slip from the girl’s bowl.

“Alita Oakley.”

A beautiful girl emerges from the ground and walks down the main isle with a blank expression on her face.

“I love you!”

“Marry me!”

Many boys scream her name and proclaim their love to her as she reaches the stage. Altia still keeps her normal expression and doesn’t even respond to the love stricken boys.

The escort looks curiously at Alita briefly before drawing a boy’s slip.

“Zil Tow!”

A young looking boy begins his walk down the isle, trying to ignore the many jeers thrown at him.

“I bet you’ll die during the chariot rides!”

“I hate you!”

“You little piece of--”

Zil begins to cry a little bit as he reaches the stage. The escort doesn’t even give Zil a look of pity and snatches the next slip.

“Hector Jayred!”

Hector calmly walks up to the stage and gives a reassuring smile to his District partners. Zil smiles, Alita doesn’t react and Dymentia scoffs. District 8 certainly has an interesting batch this year.

District 9

The vast, golden grain fields of District 9 flashes across the screen. The escort wears a hat covered in pieces of wheat and she smiles and waves at the glum crowd. District 9 doesn't have too many victors, and it's tributes certainly the most skilled. Their not the weakest District but, they're not the strongest either.

Prism Winters already sits in one of the tribute chairs, last year when her games were at the final five, something went wrong. The arena erupted into a fiery inferno, the force field destroyed, the vegetation wiped away, the tributes burned. The Capitol healed the tributes and told them they were going to go into the next games.

Prism was the only one who didn’t kill themselves.

The escort keeps that somewhat synthetic smile plastered on her face as she grabs a single slip from the girl’s bowl.

“Azalea Firethorn!”

A girl with bright red hair is escorted down the main isle. She shivers slightly, but doesn’t seem as scared as most tributes from the district are.

Prism smirks at Azalea, immediately marking her as a easy target. Azalea chooses the seat furthest away from Prism, remembering all the tributes she killed last year.

The escort grabs two slips from the boy’s bowl and reads them aloud, smile long gone.

“Seann Gress and Miles West!”

Both of the boys reach the isle and Seann begins sobbing, knowing he will most likely die. Miles isn’t holding up well either and several tears roll down his cheeks.

“I volunteer!”

Derek Reed shoves Miles out of the way and nervously goes over to the stage.

The escort’s smile is back on her face and she pushes Derek over to the microphone.

“Derek Reed...”

Many of the kids from Derek’s orphanage begin to laugh and mock him. They all snicker about how he’s going to die on day 1, etc.

Derek sits with the others and Prism looks at them all in contempt. She scoffs at Seann’s tears, rolls her eyes at Derek’s story about being bullied at the orphanage and laughs when Azalea says she has a broken wrist.

What Prism doesn’t know is. She’s just made three new enemies, and one of them wants revenge.

District 10

Thousands of cattle, pigs and sheep graze off of the many acres in District. Sadly the city square is instead surrounded by dozens of meat processing factories. The result; a nasty stench of raw meat chokes the air. The escort is so disgusted she pinches her nose and breaths through her mouth.

"Let the reapings begin!" Her voice comes through funny since her nose is shut.

She quickly pulls two girl slips out and reads them aloud.

“Sirenna Frost and Maria Moo!”

Sirenna looks down at her feet, trying to make herself unnoticed (Which is nearly impossible since about ten cameras are aimed directly at her) as she slowly creeps over to the stage. Maria lets out a heavy sigh and walks over to the platform.

“What interesting tributes this year...” The escort says not-so-believably.

She snatches two boy’s slips.

“Talon Faust and Jackson Horn!”


A ecstatic voice yells out in glee.

“That’s my boy!!!”

Talon glares back at his cheering father and marches over to the stage.

Jackson tries to keep a cheery expression as he reaches the stage, “Don’t worry Maria, it could be worse!”

Maria rolls her eyes and Jackson takes a seat next to Talon.

District 10 got a strange batch of tributes this year; A Goth, a girl who eats grass, a boy who wants to be a Career and a positive kid.


District 11

A huge peach orchard, a rice and potato field. These few places in District 11 are shown before the decaying, old City Square is shown. The crowd swarms between the boarded up windows, vines climbing up buildings and “No Trespassing” signs as they await the reapings.

“Greetings District 11!” The brand new escort yells out.

She has a bit of zest in her voice and a small spring in her step. Something that most escorts have long lost in the disappointing years.

She eagerly draws two slips from the girl’s bowl and her hands shake with excitement as she opens them.

“Bayleaf Magnolia and Summer Fest!”

Everyone looks in worry and Bayleaf, she’s very small and even a tribute much younger then her could take her down. Bayleaf reaches the stage first and before Summer can get there, someone yells out, “I volunteer!”

Harlow Ammolite confidently strolls up to the stage. Bayleaf slides to the chair farthest away from Harlow. The peacekeeper reports may have been filed as “Accidents” but everyone knows Harlow is a cold-blooded killer.

“Now for the boys!” the escort giggles in glee.

She pulls out two slips and reads them in delight.

“JJJ Schmidt and Dynames Ryle!”

JJJ confidently strolls up to the platform, winking at several girls.

He goes to the microphone and says, “Float like a mockingjay, sting like a tracker jacker!”

Much of the reaping crowd burst into laughter and JJJ starts to moonwalk. No one pays much attention to Dynames, but he doesn’t care though. He knows he’s the best sure-shot in Panem.

The scene switches to District 12. Many of the Capitol citizens take a moment to wipe the tears from their eyes, most of them still snickering over JJJ.

District 12

Trifle Trinket, District 12’s escort stand impatiently at the stage. She hates being last in the reapings. She’s had to be in this, “Run down, sorry excuse for a District,” all day. All Trifle Trinket wants to do is go home.

“Let’s get this over wit--- I mean started!”

She grabs two slips and reads them out loud.

“Stacey Conrad and Ann Read!”

Both girls nod at each other. They’ve meet before while hunting and both want to ally. Stacey looks back at her mom. brother and grandparents, all of them are crying. Stacey tightens her fist, knowing she has to win. Ann Read has no family to look back at, none the less, she stills knows she has to be victor.

Both girls have barely touched the stage when the escort calls out the two boy’s names.

“Hudson Rylie and Gary Woods!”

The boys don’t have the determination the girls did. Gary says nothing and slowly comes forward. Hudson struggles to hold back tears. Gary’s parents begin to sob while Hudson’s friends worry for his safety.

The reapings have ended. The fan favorites in the Capitol so far are; Excalibur Rose and Coral Feirn for their relatives being victors, Saffron and Troy for being siblings and Prism for being a tribute for the second time.

(Fast forward in time)

The Chariots rides have ended. And Training is about to begin. Who will shine and who will fall flat on their face (literally). Only time will tell as 48 tributes prepare for the fight of their lives.

First Day of Training

Illuminate Sensorium

Today it finally sank in. I didn't volunteer to eat fancy foods and dress u[ in stunning outfits. I came to fight to the death. I'm in a group with forty-seven other people. And only one comes out. But the again, what did I have to live for? The library and all of the books inside are now ashes, and there's nothing I can do about it. It's better that I'm here then there.

I enter the elevator to head down to the training center with my District partners. They're an interesting bunch. Celeste is nice, sweet, but, there seems to be something a little... Off about her. Alex is a loner, he's expressed that very loudly without saying a word. He's basically ignoring all of us and only speaking to our escort, mentors and stylists. Adron he's, well crazy. All he ever talks about is cutting off our heads and he gives us death threats.

The elevator stops and we exit. All the other tributes have gathered in the center of the room. I gulp, about half the girls and almost all the boys are bigger then me. My District partners and I reach the center the others and the head trainer, Atlas, begins to speak.

“While I do recommend learning weapon skills and agility courses, do not ignore the survival skills.”

He begins to speak about how many of us will die from natural causes, dehydration, starvation, etc. Atlas dismisses us and everyone goes to find a station. The Careers all head over to the weapons area so I, hoping to avoid them, go over to the edible bugs.

I’m already an expert in the subject, the library back in 5 had several books on bugs. The training instructor at this station seems stunned as I wiz through the course.

“Wanna ally?”

My head wipes around towards the voice, wanting to know who it is.

Trent Greenstone

My District partners and I, excluding Aurora, who's off with the Careers, gather around the edible plant section. Us three have bonded pretty well since the reapings and all agree Aurora is a horrible person.

"Wow Maple, you really know your plants," Matty compliments.

"Thanks," Maple responds.

And Maple is good with plants, she speeds through the course, shocking the instructor. Matty and I do O.K. and we move on to knot tying.

"What do you losers think you're gonna do? Tie everyone to death?"

I turn around, already knowing who's going to be standing behind me. Aurora glares at me, eyes full of hatred. Behind her stands one of the District 4 females, Coral. Coral snickers mischievously like any queen bee's follower should and sneers at us.

"While you two have no skills what so ever. Maple has some real potential. On the Career's behalf, I'm giving you a invite to our group. What do 'ya say Maple?"

I look at Maple, her eyes dart around, she gulps not sure what to do. She takes a deep breath and responds quickly, and quietly.

"I would never join you and your egotistic 'friends'."

Aurora seems taken aback for a moment, but she quickly regains her composure.

"Your loss. Let's go Coral. By the way Trent, I can't wait to see you die!"

Aurora and Coral walk off and I turn to Maple.

"Why didn't you join them?"

Maple smiles and says, "Because I'm already in an alliance. With you guys."

Matty smiles and high fives Maple. I nod, my alliance may not be much but, it's all I've got to face Aurora.

Ingrid Frost

After attempting to teach Norman how to use a spear (did not go well) we head over to the rock climbing station, hoping to avoid the Careers.

The training instructor struggles to contain his laughter when he sees Norman.

"Are you sure you want do this?" the instructor asks.

Norman gives brisk nod and I lead him over to the wall. The instructor puts a safety harness on Norman. I glance across the room to see several of the tributes looking on in interest. A few have worried looks on their face, others just laugh.

Norman begins to climb and I try to help him out.

"Feel for footholds!"

He doesn't seem to hear me so I yell louder.

"Feel for crevices!!!"

"Trying to help out your helpless, little boyfriend?"

I turn around, blushing a bright red, to face the bully. Harlow Ammolite laughs at me.

"It's no use, your blind idiot of a boyfriend is never gonna rea--" she begins.

Ring!"Oh really?"

Harlow's mouth drops about three feet as she stares in awe. Norman smiles triumphantly, his hand holding the bell at the top of the rock wall.

“Way to go Norman!” I cheer. Harlow stomps off, angry as ever and Norman begins to climb back down. My hopes slowly begin to raise. Maybe, just maybe, Norman will come out of the games alive.

On the other hand, that means I won’t.


Azalea from District 9 walks over to Norman as the training instructor unhooks his harness.

“Thanks,” Norman replies, not sure who it is.

“I’m Azalea... From District 9,” she explains, sensing the same thing I did, “ I want to ally with you and Ingrid.”

“What?” I ask in disbelief,” But Norman’s blind. Are you sure?”

She gives a sharp I nod and I smile.

“Archery section?” Azalea suggests. I grab Norman by the hand and we follow her to her desired station.

Hudson Rylie

It's almost lunch time when I notice them watching me, the Careers. At first they dismissed me as a weakling but now, they seem impressed by my skills with throwing knives. The boy from 1, Excalibur, and the girl from 2, Tarelia, stand by a sword rack, watching me intently. Tarelia twirls her hair with her fingers and smiles at Excalibur constantly, who gives a smug smile back in response. I may be no genius when it comes to love but, it's obvious Tarelia using Excalibur for her own good. Excalibur nods to Tarelia and they leave the main group of careers and approach me.

"Pretty good with throwing knives huh? Mind if we join?" Excalibur asks.

I blush slightly, intimidated by this powerful tribute.

"Uhh... Sure... I guess..." I respond.

Tarelia giggles and grabs a throwing knife. Her first throwing knife slams into one of the target's heads. Excalibur isn't as good but, he makes up for it in other weapons I've seen him use. With one swish of his sword, three of the dummies were cut right in half.

I grab a knife and aim at a bull's eye. The knife spirals through the air, smacking directly into the red dot.

"Impressive. You're almost as good as me," Tarelia says, voice filled with vanity, "What do 'ya think babe?" She directs her question right at Excalibur. He looks at me for a moment before speaking.

"I think I'm going to give you an offer us Careers almost never give. You're very skilled with throwing knives. How about you join us. We're just one big family. Plus you'll get safety in numbers, food, water, all the weapons you could possibly want. What do you say? Join us."

I stare at him, mouth slightly open from shock. My mind races trying to think of a way to say no with out offending him. I would never join the Careers, they're a bunch of heartless, cold-blooded monsters. But I can't say that. He may be smiling at me but his eyes broadcast a much different message. They're cold, merciless, unforgiving. The moment I say no he will become enraged, personally track me down and kill me in the arena, no doubt about it. Seconds pass and he begins to grow inpatient for my answer; the corners of his mouth begin to drop into a frown, his eyebrows arching into a 'v' shape. That's when my mouth says one word with out my brain's permission.


Saffron Ventura

I decide to wander away from the main group of Careers, all huddled around the sword fighting area, to practice shooting arrows. I end up choosing a low tech bow for a change and load an arrow into it. Taking a deep breath, I focus in on the bull's eye and I'm about to release it when something distracts me.


I'm caught by surprise and the arrow sails past the target by about two feet. Angrily, I turn to the idiot who distracted me to see the male tribute from District 3, the one who killed his escort.

"What do you think you're doing?" I demand. He snickers.

"Nothing... Besides watching you fail at archery."

I glare at him and he laughs even harder. I snatch another arrow off of the rack and aim again.


I jump and the arrow flies high above the target.

"Stop acting like a total d--" I begin.

"I didn't do anything," the boy from 3, Elliot I think his name was, interrupts.

I narrow my eyes and throw my hand in the air in frustration. I rip a arrow off the rack and aim for the third time.

"YOU'RE A B****" Elliot screams.

I scream in pain, I had lowered the bow, expecting him to say something when I accidentally let go, sending the arrow into my shoe. I rip the arrow out of shoe and take the shoe off, the arrow hit just between my toes. I'm about to scream at Elliot when someone else does it for me.

"What did you just call my sister?" my brother, Troy demands.

"A b****. What are you gonna do about it?" Elliot responds rather smugly. Troy cracks his knuckles and punches Elliot right in the middle of his face.

"You just made a big mistake..." Elliot snickers. Elliot lunges at Troy and sends him flying onto the floor. the wrestle around, both trying to strangle each other.

"Kill him Troy! Kill him!" I begin to chant, caught up in the ecstasy of the moment when a group of peacekeepers arrive. They struggle to separate the pair as they latch into each other's clothes and skin.

That’s when I notice how quiet the room has become. Everyone; Careers, tributes, training instructors, gamemakers and avoxes all stare silently at the drama unfolding. No one laughs but Earl, my other district partner, he whispers something to Excalibur, and Excalibur too begins to laugh. The peacekeepers finally split up the fighting pair. Troy is pretty beat up, he’s got a scratch mark on the side of his face and he’ll probably get a black eye. Elliot doesn’t look much better, blood is pouring out of his nose and there’s a pretty big gash on his lip.

“I’m going to kill you!” Troy warns as the peacekeepers drag Elliot and him off to the infirmary.

Awe struck, I rejoin the crowd of Careers.

“So what are we doing?” I ask Earl.

“Just deciding who to let in to our group. Everyone from District 1, 2 and 4 are allowed, obviously, but we still need to decide on the others,” Earl responds.

‘The others’ refers from the people from non classic Career districts, this year there are plenty of people who want to join. We already choose Prism Winters from District 9, we all saw how skilled she was in last year’s games. Aurora Septune was also a easy pick, she can take on any training instructor with a trident, spear, sword or knives, plus Coral vouched for her.

We never really discussed Harlow, she kind of barged up to us and said she would be joining, no one bothered to refuse. Vile Sirun and Talon Faust we’re both pretty skilled with swords so they were also allowed in. Dymentia Lights proved to be pretty lethal with what ever she got her hands on. Among the rejected were Nadia Coleman and Adron Phelan.

I glance around at this year’s group of Careers. All lethal, all blood thirsty, all extremely dangerous.

I’m going to have to watch my back if I want to come out of this alive.

River Rhodes

Illuminate stares at me, shocked at my offer to ally her. After a brief moment she responds.

"Sure. But only under one condition. That girl, Bayleaf, from District 11, she has to join us too."

I look over at Bayleaf, she's at the edible plant section , matching the plants so fast I can't even keep up. she may be small but, she's got one heck of a brain. I nod to Illuminate and we go over to her.

Bayleaf seems timid at first and barely excepts our offer to ally. After a little while though she begins to warm up to us.

"This is a picture of my girl friend, Sutton," I say, showing Illuminate and Bayleaf my token. Bayleaf smiles and shows us her token, a straw anklet made of straw.

"Times up! Everyone back to your rooms!" Atlas calls out. I take to elevator back up to the sixith floor to eat dinner.

I don't have much of an appetite, listening to Vile brag about being a Career, Nadia's rant about being rejected from them and seeing Milly's grief stricken face, knowing about how she's thinking about dieing. All four of us could die. Our body's cold, unmoving, hearts not beating.

But that's not going to happen. Because I am going to win. I'm going to win and return my family, friends and Sutton.

Training Scores

Hector Jayred

I nervously take a seat next between Altia and Zil, hoping to stay far away from Dymentia, and hope that I didn't make a complete fool out of myself in the arena.

"You three out to be pretty nervous. I mean, after they see my score, your scores are gonna look pretty pathetic," Dymentia scoffs, completely full of herself.

Altia doesn't react, she just keeps that blank, emotionless look stuck on her face. Zil struggles to keep tears from coming out of his eyes and I snap.

"Dymentia. I hope you realize no one cares. Stop being such a bully and please. Please be quiet."

Dymentia narrows her eyes, flicks me off, but doesn't say a word after that.

"Thank you," Zil whispers.

Our mentor shushes us and turns the T.V. on.

The legendary, pale face of Lisp Martan appears.

“Thisss year we’ve gotten sssome interessssting tributesssss but now we really get’a sssee what they’re made of!”

I can’t help but laugh, Lisp Martan has such a heavy lisp you can barely understand him. I stop laughing as he takes a deep breath, ready to announce the scores. Shaking nervously, I think about how this one moment decide if I get any sponsor money at all.


Out of 12. 12 being the highest, 1 being the lowest. Ask me if you don’t understand your tribute’s score!

Kourtney Rodrigez- 9

Ryder Amondy- 7

Danielle Anners- 10

Excalibur Rose- 11

Saffron Ventura- 8

Troy Ventura- 9

Tarelia Anderson- 8

Earl Zoronovic- 11

Ingrid Frost- 6

Elliot Helios- 11

Colbie Sparks- 5

Norman Dalista- 3

Coral Feirn- 8

Wes Quince- 9

Halo Zee- 9

Thomas Quince- 8

Celeste Ryder- 4

Adron Phelan- 10

Illuminate Sensorium- 7

Alex Pizzel- 6

Nadia Coleman- 7

Vile Sirun- 10

Milly Clatch- 6

River Rhodes- 8

Maple Tree- 7

Matty DeWell- 4

Aurora Septune- 8

Trent Greenstone- 9

Alita Oakley- 7

Zil Tow- 4

Dymentia Lights- 9

Hector Jayred- 8

Azalea Firethorn- 8

Seann Gress- 2

Prism Winters- 11

Derek Reed- 5

Sirenna Frost- 6

Jackson Horn- 5

Maria Moo- 4

Talon Faust- 8

Harlow Ammolite- 9

JJJ Schmidt- 8

Bayleaf Magnolia- 7

Dynames Ryle- 8

Stacy Conrad- 7

Gary Woods- 6

Ann Read- 7

Hudson Rylie- 8

Part 2: Bloodbath

Arena 1

Milly Clatch

The first thing I notice is the sun. It's rays radiate down to the earth with such intensity I can barely see. A gentle breeze blows to my left and I feel the grit of sand rub against my cheeks. I squint my eyes, trying to focus in on the arena, knowing the clock is already ticking. Knowing I could be dead with in a matter of minutes.

My eyes finally readjust and I the cornucopia catches my eye first. It's overstuffed with supplies. Backpacks, weapons and survival gears that's usually near the dead center of the Cornucopia is now about only 20 feet away. Luxuries almost never seen in any games sit in the center; gallon sized jugs of water, harpoon guns and crossbows litter the floor of the golden horn. I turn around and look at a shear cliff just inches away from my plate, below is a large savanna, the only vegetation being grass. I turn back around, wondering how to get down the plateau the cornucopia is on when I notice it. the surplus of ropes, hooks, harnesses strewn around. The gamemakers want us to go into the bloodbath, if we don’t, we’ll either fall to our deaths or the Careers will catch us. It looks like the only option is to grab the closest piece of climbing gear, and bolt.

I glance around at the other tributes. Two of my district partners, Vile and River, stand out from the rest. Both seem determined, eyes locked on something at the cornucopia. I don’t see many Careers besides Vile, Halo Zee and Wes Quince. Wes and Halo stick out like a sore thumbs with their bright blue jackets. I’m sure there are more Careers hidden by the horn though, with so many Careers this year, we couldn’t just have three in our arena. I see the little girl from 11, Bayleaf, she seems frightened but fierce. It seems as if everyone’s ready to run into the thick of things. All twelve tributes, all reaching for deadly weapons at the same time, a perfect beginning to a Quarter Quell.

Let the games begin, I think. And a split second later, it does.

Colbie Sparks

I sprint forward, grasping a water bottle and a I coil of rope as I go, eyes locked on the lighter as I run along. It seems like every tribute had the same idea, run for the supplies. Several fights have already broken out, and many tributes have received multiple wounds. My hand grips the lighter I so desperately needed when I'm knocked to the ground. I shot back up, looking directly at Kourtney from District 1.

She throws her knife at my face and I dive behind a pile of sleeping bags. Grabbing a knife lying around on the ground, I turn to face Kourtney. She's rounding the pile, raising her next weapon, a silver hatchet. I hike my knife up just in time to counter the blow from the axe. She force of both of our attacks were so strong Kourtney is sent sprawling backwards onto the ground. I don't waste my time, I jump back up to my feet, turn and run.

Sprinting behind the cornucopia I glance around, trying to take everything in. The fights have turned into pure chaos, the other 11 tributes all battling it out. The Careers are in the middle of it, slashing and hacking and stabbing at every piece of flesh they can set their eyes on.

I circle the plateau, keeping my eyes locked on the edge, trying to find the most difficult way to climb down. I finally, spot the section I wanted, this portion of the cliff is dotted with several jagged rocks. I glance back one more time to make sure no one is following me before I make my dangerous climb down. Slowly climbing down, I look around, trying to find the best spot to set up camp. I find the perfect spot, a large out crop of rocks with a another piece of earth sticking out above it. Anyone looking down would never be able to spot me. I carefully make my way to the ledge and cautiously lace one foot on it. There's no telling how stable the ledge is or how much weight it can hold. I through my supplies onto the ledge before slowly stepping on myself.

The ledge seems strong enough to hold me but I take caution and tie my rope around my waist and the spike rock above me.

I can still hear the sound of violence above me, most of it being Careers and smile. The Careers will get what's coming to them. Soon... Soon I will avenge everyone they have killed.

River Rhodes

“Bayleaf! Drop!” I yell over the noise of metal hitting metal.

Bayleaf doesn’t hesitate, she ducks down to the ground, hiking the back pack she grabbed over her head. I fling one of my throwing knives past the spot she was standing at, and towards her assailant, Halo Zee. Halo pulls her shield up last second and the knife sticks into the shield. Halo raises her other hand and chucks her spear at me and I dive out of the way.

I don’t waste any time and throw two more knives at Halo, one slices her throwing arm, the other smacks into her shield. Halo may be a Career, but she’s smart enough to know this is the time to go on the defense. She runs around a stack of cooking oil to cover herself as she rips the knives out of her shield.

Bayleaf glances at me, unsure of what to do. We could chase after Halo and finish her off or, retreat before her allies come to her rescue. I help Bayleaf back onto her feet and look at the trail of blood leading behind the cooking oil containers.

“No. She’s not attacking us anymore, let’s just go while we can.”

Bayleaf agrees and we run back over to the edge of the plateau, we both have decent supplies and climbing gear.



Maria Moo

I crawl through the chaos, avoiding the fighting tributes as weapons clang, blood spills and screams echo in the air. I reach the cornucopia and sneak in, hoping to escape the sunlight. Inside I begin milling over the supplies, I end up choosing a back pack stuffed with water bottles, a huge package of dried fruit, about dozen throwing knives and a spear for Jackson.

I look around hoping to see my ally, and only friend, Jackson. He's now were to be found, probably hidden by the sides of the cornucopia. I bend over to pick up another back pack when I hear the voice.

"That's not yours..."

I wheel around, raising my knife, to see one of the Careers, Vile, standing right before me. He's eyes are cold and menacing and his grip tightens around his glimmering machete.

“No where to run. No where to hide. Your only option is to fight and your chances against me, are not too high, I reckon." Vile says so matter of fact, his voice is flat, void of emotion. I realize what he's saying is true, his superior skills and speed will quickly over take me. Glancing around, I looking for a way out. The cornucopia is cluttered with racks of weapons and piles of containers, a rather hazardous set up.

Smiling, I stat my plan by slamming up against one of the stacks of supplies, sending it toppling to the ground. Vile yelps in shock, and tries to jump out of the way. I scramble towards the light, out of the cornucopia.

I’m not fast enough. I hear the footsteps, going at a faster pace then mine could ever go, before the blade smashes into my back.

I scream in pain as I topple to the ground, still feeling the metallic sting of the machete long after it was pulled out. I try to pick myself back off the ground when I’m knocked back down.

Twisting my head, I take a look at my attacker. Vile sits on my back, machete raised above his head as the blinding sun shines behind him.

“HELP!!! JACKSON HELP ME!!!” I screech in fear. I call out to my only hope left, the one tribute who cares for me.

“It’s too late,” Vile says rather smugly. It’s true, Jackson is still no where to be seen. Vile swings his weapon down, into the back on my head. And the last thing I feel is the all consuming pain as my skull is shattered.

Halo Zee

Vile gets off of the dead tribute and kicks her on the side. I laugh and high five Vile on his kill, ignoring the jolt of pain in my arm.

“Now go get your own kill,” he orders jokingly. I laugh harder and look around, in search of other tributes.

Kourtney is already fighting Azalea, who’s firing arrow after arrow at Kourtney, while Vile has disappeared, undoubtedly gone around the cornucopia, looking for new prey. I scoff slightly, the non-career tributes have the nerve to take on us, the most exceptional fighters out there. They act as if one of them has a hope of winning, when chances are we are going to kill all of them.

Finally my eyes catch one tribute not in combat, Dynames. He's over by the cornucopia, loading a bolt into a crossbow. Dynames notices me as I begin sprinting towards him, shield raised, trident ready. The idiot fires his shot at me, which I easily block with my shield.

"You dumb a**!” I yell in glee as he desperately tries to load in another bolt. I jab at him with my trident, which he blocks with his crossbow. The three sharp points of my trident splinter the wooded crossbow and they reveal themselves on the other side, ready to kill Dynames.

He staggers back, attempting to keep the deadly tips away from his chest, as I force him slightly to the left, right into my trap.

Wes grabs Dynames from behind, shoving his arms under his armpits. I wrench the crossbow from his hands, snickering.

"I'm surprised Halo, that anyone was dumb enough to fall for your trap!" Wes mocks, his eyes full of fire as Dynames struggles to get free. I kick Dynames in the gut for good measure, and Wes starts dragging him to the edge of the plateau.

"Good bye. I hope you learned your lesson, b****," I giggle as Wes raises Dynames up into the air, hanging over the edge of the plateau.

The wonderful sound of Dynames body smacking into the ground sounds and Wes and I high five.

"MORE KILLS! MORE KILLS" We chant in ecstasy, sprinting back over to the cornucopia. But then I catch something, something I didn’t see before. The tears welling up in Wes’ eyes, the shadow of a smile resting on his lips, the paleness of his face. Wes is just pretending. He isn’t a killer. He’s not a murderer.

But I am.

Kourtney Rodrigez

The madness from earlier has died down, the fighters at the golden horn have left, scared off by us Careers. Vile mills around, checking behind piles of blankets, stacks of weapons and crates of food to make sure n one is hiding while Halo and Wes begin to set up tents.

"Kourtney, check the cliff sides, see if you can pick off any of the tributes climbing down."

I nod briskly at Vile and run over to the edge, grabbing some throwing knives and spears along the way. Reaching the edge, I look over, intent on getting at least one kill today. No tributes are seen, so I begin to walk along the edge, checking to see if any tributes are visible.

I spot a few tributes but, they are too far down. There is only a remote chance that I would actually hit them with a knife, or even a spear. Then, I find Milly Clatch, she’s only about 20 feet bellow me, a easy target.

“Hey Milly, how’s it handing?” I tease. She looks up in fear as I throw my spear down at her head. Luckily for her, she’s hooked up to some ropes and she swings to the side, out of the path of my spear.

Cursing my luck, I try to think of another tactic to kill Milly. Then it hits me. I make my way down the side of the cliff, biting down on the handle of my knife, until I reach the rope that’s stuck into the cliff face.

“Bye Milly!” I taunt as I saw the rope off. She slips and grabs onto a small piece of rock sticking out for the way.

“Don’t! Please don’t kill me!” she begs.

“Fine, I won’t,” I begin to say. She smiles but not for long.

“Gravity will.”

I throw the knife at her hand that’s she’s using to hand on. Milly screams in pain, her hand slips off, and she falls to her death.

The axe embeds itself in the rocky wall inches to my left as I turn and run.

Azalea Firethorn

The axe embeds itself in the rocky wall inches to my left as I turn and run.

"She's dead!"

He wails, preparing to throw another axe at me. I franticly pull a arrow out of it's sheath as I sprint around the base of the plateau.

"She's dead! Just like you will be!!!" He screams in rage, tears pour down the side of his face and he flings his second axe at me.

It smashes into my arm and I stumble back in pain.

My vision starts to blur as I notch the arrow into place. I vaguely see my opponent draw his knife, shinning in the evening light as I fire the arrow.

His body hits the floor, dead.

Cannons begin going off, 1, 2, 3, 4. Four deaths. Four tributes, no longer living.

I struggle to get back up to my feet, and it's even a bigger battle to trudge away from the dead body, knowing the hovercraft needs to pick it up.

I fall down in pain and my mind flashes back to the previous events. After I escaped the bloodbath.


My breath became uneven and short as I run around the massive plateau, trying to look for a good place to hide.

That's when I hear him.

The sobs echo around the rocky structure and I slowly circle around, wondering who I will see.

Jackson Horn sits on the ground crying. His District partner was killed maybe an hour before. It must've traumatized him because he attacked me, and then I killed him.

I killed him.

The phrase seems alien in my mind. I killed him. I never thought I would ever kill someone, sure this is The Hunger Games but... I always thought, somehow, someway... I could avoid it. But now.

I'm a killer.

Arena 2

Hector Jayred

Panic begins to curse in my veins. One, two, three, four, five... I slowly count the number of smiling Careers standing on their silver plate. A sickening feeling enters my stomach as the chances of me coming out of this drops drastically. My worst fear, Careers, take up at least half the number of tributes in this arena. I turn around, wanting to not have to look at their evil faces any longer.

My plan instantly changes, instead of grabbing a weapon at the Cornucopia, I'm just going to sprint into the woods and pray for sponsors. The thick oak trees should conceal me for the time I will be here, which won't be long. The Careers will kill as many of the other tributes as they can find before realizing they just have to kill each other to go home.

And eerie breeze suddenly rolls bye just as the gong goes off. Making me feel as if something awful is going to happen as I run into the forest. Leaving the bloodbath in my dust.

Hudson Ryle

For the first time since training, I'm actually glad I joined the Careers. As I sprint around, I only see maybe three or four non-Career tributes in this arena. In the back of my mind I feel bad for them, having a near certain fate of being murdered by a Career... But mostly I'm grateful.

"Here, take some of these," Prism suggests/commands as she holds up some throwing knives. I gulp, remembering how this tribute killed so many last year. I take three of the knives and look around, seriously hoping I don't have to kill anyone.

But today is just not my day.

"Hey Hudson, take out that little bitch from 6 for me," Prism says, rummaging through a pile of weapons for more knives.

My palms begin to sweat as I desperately try to think of an excuse.

"Err... Wouldn't you prefer to kill her?" I ask hopefully.

Prism just laughs.

"No, I'll get a kill later."

My stomach begins to feel queasy. I look over at the girl from 6, Nadia I think, as she tries to unzip a jammed back pack. Her back is turned.

"Hurry up, pint-sized. She distracted!" Prism shouts. Now she seems angry, wanting me to prove myself. And I know that if I don't, I'm dead, right here, right now.

Hands shaking, I prepare to throw one of my knives at Nadia.

"I'm so sorry..." I whisper.

I shut my eyes just as the gleaming weapon slams into the back of her head.

Earl Zoronovic

"Nice kill Hudson!" I shout. He gives me a feint of a smile and goes to collect some supplies. I look around the weapons pile at the cornucopia and my hands clasp the first weapon that calls my name. A mace. Simple enough, with a wood handle and a perfectly round, shinning ball at one end, dotted with small, pointy spikes. The weapon seems heavy, and one decent blow would certainly knock another tribute off their feet, that is, if it didn't kill them first.

With my weapon in hand, I go scope out the scene. Unfortunately, the non-Career tributes seem smart enough not to chance the Cornucopia and there's almost no one.

"Prism, tell the others I'm going hunting," I bark. Determination curses through my veins, I will be getting a kill today.

I sprint off into the thin forest, sparsely populated by small pine trees. Luckily for me pine needles don't conceal tracks and I soon find a pair of footprints.

A small smile emerges as I wonder who my victim will be.

“Hello Adron.”

Adron’s heap whips around, his eyes dying to see who his opponent will be. Adron nervously takes a step back once he sees me, unarmed.

I ready my mace, noting wanting to take any chances with this tribute. He may not have a weapon but, he did earn a 10 in training.

Sure enough, Adron makes the first move. He pounces on me, hoping to unbalance me and maybe make me drop my weapon. I’m no light-weight though and Adron falls back. I swing my mace down at his head but he rolls out of the way.

Adron expertly maneuvers me around the trees, avoiding my attacks as we go. Adron may be skilled, but he isn’t super human. Finally my mace makes contact. I lunge past one of the trees and swing my mace at him. He tries to dodge but it glances across his side and he crumples to the ground.

“Sorry Adron. You won’t be cutting off anyone’s heads today.”

And with one blow of my mace to his head. There’s one less tribute to worry about.

Danielle Anners

“No more tributes,” Thomas reports grimly. Prism sighs in aspiration, she, and many of the other Careers, were all eager to get a kill today. So far only Hudson and Earl have managed it (Earl came back from hunting a little while back). Now we all sit by the mouth of the cornucopia, milling over our options.

No one has dared to say it but, there’s only four non-Career tributes in this arena. Meaning, two of us will die. At the least.

Me, I hope I don’t die or have to kill anyone.

"I say we set up camp and go hunting tomorrow. Get rid of our biggest threat, Elliot, first," Troy suggests, Saffron sits beside him, nodding at Troy's plan.

"Well. Here's your chance."

I look around, confused, until I realize that it wasn't one of my alliance members.

Thomas Quince

Elliot Helios stands before our group, holding nothing but a simple katana. I scoff at his arrogance, how could he, a pathetic tribute from 3, expect to beat 8 Careers?

"You have a lot of nerve coming here," Troy says, gripping his double-sided war axe.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. No please leave so I can get some more supplies. I'm not really in the mood for killing you losers right now," Elliot responds half-heartedly, he seems distanced, unattached, as if he's only paying a little attention to this conversation.

Prism steps forward.

"You just made a big mistake," she growls.

"No Prism. I've got this one," I declare eagerly.

I brandish my trident as I approach the fool from 3.

“Fine. I’ll kill him!” Elliot yells, throwing his arms up into the air. For a moment I stop moving. Was he talking to himself? I have no tome to ponder this though, as Elliot has just drawn his katana.

I charge Elliot and thrust my trident towards his abdomen. Elliot is more skillful; at fighting then I expected, a knocks the attack aside with ease. We continue to fight, trident against katana, for at least five minutes, both drenched in sweat, before he gains the upper hand.

Elliot swishes his sword at my neck, aiming to decapitate me, and I hike my trident up to block the swipe. I manage to stop the deadly piece of metal but then, suddenly, I fall to my knees in pain. I clutch my gut as blood oozes from the several stab wounds.

Elliot laughs as he waves a short, bloody knife in front of me.

“You-- You shanked me!” I say, voice coated with shock.

“Hey, no rules in The Hunger Games! Am I right?” Elliot teases. I throw my trident at him in rage but he knocks it aside.

“Pathetic!” Elliot bellows as he plunges his knife deep into my right bicep.

I look back at the others, screaming in pain/for help. But I know they won’t come.

Talon and Danielle look like they want to come to run to my rescue, but Saffron has her arm out, holding the others back. The look in her eyes is cold and unforgiving.

“Remember guys, at least two of us were gonna die anyways.”

Suddenly my head is jerked back around by my hair. Elliot’s left arms grips my hair tightly as he pulls it upwards. I lash out with my own, hoping to knock him off balance, but Elliot simply stabs it with his knife.

“Like I said, pathetic!” Elliot says, shaking his head in what seems like disappointment,” Well, let’s get this over with.”

He pulls his knife out of my left arm, which is still gushing blood, and positions the tip right in front of my right eye.

“See no evil,” he almost whispers right before he plunges it into my skull.

Hudson Ryle

I take a step back and cringe as the sound of Elliot's knife exiting Thomas' skull enters my ears. Elliot calmly wipes the blood off the knife with one finger before placing it back in his belt and readying his katana.

"Who's up next?" He asks.

"Me." Prism responds as she draws two knives. She runs forward, swing both knives down at Elliot's head. Elliot is a good fighter though and blocks the slash and counter jabs. The two duel for quite some time before Elliot finally knocks both of Prism's knives away.

Prism turns and sprints back to the safety of the Careers.

"Come on! Who's a worthy opponent?" He questions rather arrogantly.

Prism looks at Earl, who nods.

"All of us. At the same time," Earl says.

And without another word, Elliot turns, and runs.

Part 2: Fire, Water and Earth

Arena 2

Hector Jayred

Panting, I slowly make my way up this massive hill. I've been trekking since the gong went off, not stopping once, and the sun is beginning to set. I still look around cautiously though, making sure no tributes lurk behind trees or these weird deposits or this yellow, chalky rock.

So far everything has been quiet, just the sound of leaves rustling in the wind and the gentle trickle of water going down a river I'm following. The last beams of light bounce of the water's reflective surface, causing a beautiful view I've only seen in pictures.

Suddenly my peaceful world is interrupted.

One, two, three... I count the cannons as they go. Three deaths. Three deaths. That's a little sad for a bloodbath. Then again, with so many Careers, who could they really kill?

Finally, I reach the top of the hill and discover where the stream comes from. A 60 foot high, concrete dam is stuck in the hill, preventing a large amount of water from passing through. I glance back down at the rest of the arena as a plan begins to form in my head.

That's when the one thing I needed to execute my plan lands right at my feet.

Some matches.

"Thank you," I whisper as I free the matches from the silver parachute. I read the note, it tells me to set an alliances camp on fire.

But I have a better idea.

I sprint back down the hill to the yellow rock I saw earlier. I scoop up as much of it as I can and carry back over to the dam. I slowly place rock after rock in a neat row all the way down the bottom of the dam as the sun sets even further, casting eerie shadows, even furthering my sense of unease. Finally I finish setting up the rock line and take a step back to admire my work, the line shoots all the way across the dam, ensuring total destruction.

Pulling out my box of matches, or should I say box with a match in it, I sprint to the right side of the dam.

I pull the single match out of the box and quickly drag it across the box, knowing that if it doesn't light, my entire plan fails.

It lights though and a small flame emits from the tip of the match, giving light to the dark world around me. I raise my hand, holding the match above the explosive material. I smile, knowing I'm about to fulfill what the gamemakers envisioned when they placed sulfur in the arena. The explosives station at the training center, the obvious piles of sulfur and the dam, stuck in a river that if the gamemakers wanted, wouldn't exist.

I look back one last time at the valley bellow me, a small trail of smoke emerges from the cornucopia clearing in a otherwise clear sky. I take a deep breath, prepare to run, and drop the match.

Danielle AnnersI sit there, gnawing on a strip of beef when the ground starts to shake. The earth moves so fast and so violently Prism falls from her feet, her head connecting with the ground in a sickening smack. She’s not dead though, unfortunately. Prism instantly tries to regain her footing, cursing along the way.

“What’s going on?!” Hudson asks, fear consuming his voice.

The answer comes soon.

A massive torrent of water crashes through the trees, uprooting them and tossing them aside like twigs stuck in the sand. Without hesitation I turn and run, terror pumping through my veins. The Careers jump up to follow but soon, the slower runners such as Troy and Earl are lost behind the wall of angry water. Hudson is ahead of me, running faster then I’ve ever seen a human go in my life. Soon his hands reach the cornucopia and in no time at all, he heaves himself up onto what is now a lifeboat.

My fingers barely touch the golden metal just as the water hits me from behind. The force of the water is too much to bear and soon I’m pulled under, feeling its icy tendrils jabbing me all over my skin. The water must be bellow freezing, adding to the already existing danger.

I splash up to the surface, my numb fingers just clutching onto the mouth of the cornucopia. Above the sound of millions of gallons of water surging through the valley I can just hear Hudson’s shouts. Through the spray of muddy water I make out Hudson, extending his hand, trying to reach me, trying to save me.

With my left hand. I reach out too, and just for a moment, I think I’m going to make it. That’s when Prism Winters grabs the hood on my jacket. My head jerks back, and soon does my hand, out of Hudson’s grip. Prism’s other arm flails about, trying to grab something to give her leverage against the surge.

“Stop!” I screech just before her other hand pushes down onto my head, causing me to go under while she goes up. Suddenly I feel I sharp pain in my left calve and the shock gives me enough strength to struggle back to the surface. Prism’s hands slips from my jacket and she’s sucked into the cornucopia and I’m about to be sucked in too when Hudson manages to grab my arm and pull me halfway out of the water. I struggle up the rest of the way, I try to use my left leg but, it nearly screams in pain and Hudson has to drag me onto the top.

That’s when I get a good look at my leg for the first time. A three foot long stick is lodged in the dead center of my clave, and blood oozes from the wound. I nearly faint.

“Don’t worry it’ll be fine...” Hudson says, although he doesn’t look so sure,” This might hurt a little bit.”

Hudson grabs the piece of woods and rips it from my calve. I bite down onto my shirt sleeve, willing myself not to scream, not to show any weakness to the capitol. Hudson rips his jacket off and ties it around my leg injury.

“Why is it so cold?” I ask, realizing that just before the tidal wave hit, it was warm, and now, icy white puffs of air escape my lips. Hudson begins to shiver in the cold, but he doesn’t have nearly as I do, I was just dipped in freezing cold waters while he never touched a drop.

“Look!” Hudson says in awe, his finger pointing to the waters bellow. The current has stopped, and the water has begun to actually freeze over. As if someone was pulling a blanket over the water, an icy sheet of ice begins to form over the water.

“Help...” Hudson and I whip our heads around to the sound of a voice, nearly a whimper over by the mouth of the cornucopia.

Hudson crawls over and gasps, and follow suit and peer over the edge. Prism is just inside the cornucopia, trying to slide out of the water and onto the ice. It’s a pure miracle in itself that Prism lived, if the water had just gone a little bit higher it would’ve closed off the mouth of the cornucopia, trapping her inside an icy tomb. Hudson reaches over and grabs her. After a bit of pulling, Prism is heaved onto the cornucopia, and to safety.

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