Ya, ya. I know I said I wouldn't be making this for a while... I JUST COULDN'T RESIST! Once I get all the tributes, I might not start it right away though, but whatever.

Rules of the Horror Games!

In the spirit of October this year 28 tributes will be locked in a horror house fillled with, creepers, monsters, killers, ghosts (The ghostbusters helped the Capitol out with that one), creepy animals and basicly everything else. The number of victors will vary on how figures out how to escape. The capitol already told the tributes the only way out is by getting a series of keys, seven to be exact, that will open the door to get to another. Once they get the last key, it will open a secret exit. Trbutes are allowed to kill each other but:

Who wants to be alone in a horror house?


District Male Female Placement
0 Starry Knite Breeze Moon 20th/

Pearson Woods

Colbie Cain

2 Chisel Jaws Suko Yoshida 16th/
3 Elliot Helos Amythest Bane

Akouke Awe

Hail Monei


Maxwell Liang

Julia Manganese


Golden Hawbrook

Pema Alderweel


Jeff White

Kelsie White


August DePenta

Lily Streak 23rd/

Nick Gradi

Ally Free


Damian Maroon

Maive Henna

11 Grass Whistle Terra Earth /19th

Amethyst Trestan

Erien Smith


Alexander Du Winter

Sadie Williamson


Bold = Career


The arena this year will be a large building with a unknown number of floors, each floor contains different things and can be anything, it will just have some dark, dark, secret of course. In the begining the tributes will be put on floor one, theme: mansion parlor. The supplies will be here and tributes have 1 hour untill the bad stuff is released/activated. From the parlor the tributes can explore the varitey of floors, trying to find the keys to escape or to kill other poeple. The building can also contain courtyards and other outdoor areas.


Basement: Celler

1st: Mansion Parlor.

4th: Dungeon

35th: Aquarium

Day 1

This year won't be like any games in the past. This year the tributes won't have to kill each other to win. But that doesn't matter, because other things will.

The tributes raise up to see a elegent parlor, marble floors, a crystal chandlier hanging from the ceiling, the cornucopia is between to marble staircases that led to the second floor that is blackened out so no one can see in, velet couches, pottery and a piano.

The gong is off and Elliot swiftly runs up, grabs some stuff and runs off.

"Elliot, wait for ME!!!!!" Amythest screams as she picks up a back pack and follows him.

All the other tributes decidied not to kill each other but to make a camp in this room so that nothing can kill them. The Careers grab the best weapons and things but otherwise there is no more competition.


The clock strikes one. Its been one hour since the tributes have arrivied. They all know what it means.

Time for the creeps to come out and play.

The lights start to flicker for no appearent reason.

"Everyone make a circle, then there's no way anyone can get behind us!" Chisel yells. Everyone obeys and draws their weapons just as the lights go out completely and everything is pitch black.

"My flashlight won't turn on!!!" Someone screams.

"Neither will mine!" Someone else yells.

Then there's a voice, a voice that doesn't belong to any of the tributes,"I'm sorry I had to pick you... You just seemed so... Killable..."




"Oh my god!!!! Blood is all over me!"



More screams, stabbing noises, slashes, cries for help, laughter and then the lights come back on.

August DePenta is dead. His body cut open, leg sliced off, head, hanging from the chandlier.

And the words carved over his chest.

Let the Horror Games Begin!


August's death has inspiried evryone to go their seperate ways. Everyone has choosen to ally thouhgh.

The Career pack, consisting of Colbie, Chisel, Yuko, Hail and Akouke are the first to leave, walking up the staircase. As soon as their out of sight Pearson starts following them, hoping to get Ryley.

The Careers turn left and go up two flights of stairs, it ends in a large hallway lined with jail cells with dimly lit torches providing light.

"I guess this is a good place to look for keys... I mean it is a dungeon," Chisel says. Everyone agrees and they walk in. After about two cells they see a man looking at them through the bars, he has rags on, he has string grey hair and his eyes veins bulging out, not to mention the massivesmile on his face is smiply disturbing.

He looks at Colbie and says,"Well well... Aren't you the pretty one."

He starts licking his lips. Colbie shudders and Yuko puts her arm on her shulder.

"Come on. Just ignore him, he can't get us. Looked up like that," Yuko says, trying to comfort her.

They walk away and the man pulls out a sharpened piece of rock and begins picking the lock.


"What's that noise?" Akouke asks. Everyone shrugs.

"I didn't here any--" Colbie begins before the creep pounces on her.

"COLBIE!!!" Hail screams as she rushes to save her but gets implaed by the rock.

Akouke runs over to her and drags her to saftey.

"Akouke...." She moans as blood gushes out the wound in her shoulder.

Chisel and Yuko draw their weapons to help but the creep says,"No one come a step closer or I kill her!"

They immedietly stop.

He slowly caresses her blond hair as he whispers,"Don't be afraid... I love you... I just want to be with such a pretty girl." Colbie is sobbing as he says this.


Pearson's body slams into the creeps, knocking him right off Colbie,"GET. AWAY. FROM. HER!!!"

There's a small struggle but Pearson manages to slit his throat. "Pearson..." Colbie says as she runs into his arms. She steps back a split second later, shocked by the red liquid pouring out of his chest.


Pema and Golden walk up the stairs and go right. After passing countless door ways they come to a small ladder heading down.

"Looks like it's going down about two floors..." Golden says. they both climb down the ladder into a small celler. They look at the contents of the containers; classic foods, jam, pickles, frozen fruits and vegetables.

"Golden! Come quick-- There's a key in this jar!!!" Pema shouts.

Golden rushes over and looks in, the key is just barly sticking out from behind a pickle. "I'll get it," Pema says. She unscrews the lid and sticks her hand in,"Oh, the stuff in here tickles." She reaches deeper and her fingers clench around the key,"Ow. My hand. It's kinda hurting--AHHHHHHH!!!!" Pema screams as blood comes out of her hand as the flesh and skin disolves before their very eyes.

Golden grabs her arm and pulls her hand out. The only thing left is the bone. "AHHHHHHH!!!! OWWWW!!!! ARGGGGGG!!!! Please!!! DEAR GOD!!" She howls. Golden wraps her hand in bandages and puts the key in his pocket. "It'll be okay Pema, we've got the first key." She stops screaming and looks into his eyes, they lean in towards each other and kiss. Pema forgets all the pain and looses herself in it. Suddenly, he just drops to the ground, dead.

"Golden?!" She tries to shake him but sees a bite mark on his back, not to mention the foot long black widow on its back.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screams as it jumps at her.


Jeff and Kelsie took several flights of stair before finding a elevator," Good I was getting tired of walking!" Kelsie exclaims as the door opens. They step in and Jeff's eyes widen when he sees all the floor buttons,"Wow! That's a lot of floors!" He pushes number 178 and it starts to go up.

The lights start flickering and go out.

"Oh no!!! It's just like before!!"

The lights come back on and there's a man in a red suit holding some wires.

"Wher-- Where did you come from!" Jeff shouts as he draws his sword. He just smiles and points up.

Kelsie looks up and sees a hole in the elevator roof, plus out of the three cords holding it up, only one remains. She gulps as the floor number reaches 178 and the last wire breaks.

"Going down..." The man in the red suit says as the elevator plumets, sending Kelsie and Jeff to their deaths.

Starry Knite's POV

I'm the last one here in the first floor and everything seems loney, and creepy. Probably it's bacause they haven't removed the remains of August.


What the heck?

I turn to the noise, the main staricase, to see Pema from 6 rushing down the stairs with some spider chasing her.

"DUCK!!!" I holler as I load an arrow into my bow. She drops to the ground and I let the arrow fly, the creature shots some liquid that melts the arrow in mid air and then jumps on my face.

Pema's POV

I see the thing bite Starry on the face and I jump on its back,"DIIIIEEEE!!!" I scream as I ram my knife into its body. Gunk squirts everywhere and it rolls off. Starry's cannon booms and I wipe my face off.

"Well... That's the horror games for 'ya."

3rd Person

"ELLIOT!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!!" Amythest yells as she walks down the second floor hallway.

She lost him after he turned a corner and is trying to find him.

"ARG!!!" She says as she rounds a corner.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screams as she sees a body hanging from the ceiling.

"Oh, wait a second that's not Elliot! That's just Terra!" She says snickering at her stupidity.


Erien and Breeze arrive at their destination: the 35th floor.

"Looks like a large aqurium,"Breeze says. "But look, there's no fish or anything in them..." Erien points out. Breeze nods, that is pretty unusual. They walk through the room and go through a twist of water tanks.

"Wait where's the way we came?" Erien says as her eyes widen. They weren't paying any attention that the tanks formed some sort of maze. The lights start to flicker off and the girls scream.


A small fire appears, it seems to be floating in the darkness. The lights come on and a man in a red suit comes into view, he's holding a lit match.

The girls draw their weapons. "Don't worry, you'll won't need those. Just your legs," he says as the lights og out again and the match hits the floor. The fire wuickly spreads and the girls run through the twists and turns of this aqurium, now with the fire nipping at their feet. "I've got an idea!" Breeze shouts as she pulls a grappling hook out of her back pack. She throws it up and it hooks to the top of a huge tank. She climbs it and Erien gets up right before the fire engulfs the rest of the room.

The grils begin to cough vigorusly. "We--cough--need to ge--cough--t out of here!" Erien chokes. She looks at the tank and says,"Maybe there's away out, I'll check in this water tank!" She gives Breeze her back pack and jumps in. She swims around and sees a small vent, just big enough for the girls to fit in. She turns to swim back up to tell Breeze, but something catches her eye.

The tip of a small golden key just barely sticks out of the end of a rock.

Erien swims down, grabs the key and holds it up so Breeze can see. Breeze smiles when she sees it.


"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Breeze screams as a shark rams into Erien's body. It rips Erien in half and begins to devour her limbs as blood and intestines float to the surface.

"Erien!!! I'm coming!!!" Breeze screams as she jumps into the water. Breeze hears the cannon as she swims towards her. Breeze kicks the shark in the gills and grabs the key out of Erien's clenched hands. The sahrk turns and charges at Breeze. Breeze swims down and the shark goes just inches over her head. She sees the vent Erien found and swims to it as the shark tries to relocate her.

Its eyes locat Breeze and it charges one last time as Breeze struggles to get the vent's lid off. It rips offf and Breeze swims in just as its jaws slice across the side of her leg. The vent's suction drifts her to a large vat that has a service ladder which Breeze uses to climb out.


Jeff struggles to climb out of the elevator rumble that just took his sister's life. He may be in severe pain but, only one thought is in his mind.

Kill The Man in the Red Suit.

End of Day 1

Day 2

"Come on Grass! We've got to get a move on!" Sadie Williamson shouts back to Grass as Alexander and her walk through the racks of rotting meat.

He mumbles are barely audible reply as he truddges to catch up to them. Grass knows he was only allowed to join them as a scapegoat in batttle but is glad to have a an alliance, even if it's only a pity one.

"Did you hear that?" Alexander asks as he shines his flashlight at a box of hams. Sadie and Grass shake their heads in reponse. "Must've been a draft," He mutters meekly.




A creature slams into Alexander's chest and topples him to the ground.

"Alex!" Sadie screams as she shoves a knife into the creatures back. Grass props Alex's body on a crate and examples the large gashes on his chest that are spewing blood and covered with a strange green residue.

"Poison..." Grass whispers as he smells some of it. Sadie starts to cry and Alexander's cannon goes off.


The Careers have found a large courtyard and begin looking through the bushes for a key.

"I found some sort of a bunker!" Akouke shouts.

"Great!," Chisel replies,"You stay here and defend it while the rest of us look for the key, we can hide in it if anything bad happens."

And of course something bad does happen. They hear the moaning and then see the zombies. Colbie grips Pearson's arm and starts to pull him towards the bunker.

"Cowards!" Chisel yells as Suko falls back as well,"Looks like it's just you and me Hali! Hali?" He turns to see Hali fleeing with the others.

"Fine! I don't need you anyways!" He growls as he shoves his sword into the first zombie's chest. He smiles but it doesn't die. "Wha--What?! You're supposed to die!" He scremas as its teeth bore into his neck.

The others arrive at the bunker to find several ghouls (slang for zombies) feasting on Akouke's flesh. Hali moans in agony as Colbie and Suko try to get them off of him. Suko finds out the way to kill one. Stab it in the head. Colbie takes note and with in minutes all of the ghouls are dead.

"There's more coming!" Pearson shouts as Colbie helps him limp inside the bunker and more ghouls stummble towards them, this time with the reanimated body of Chisel. Everyone else gets in and locks the door. Inside there is some sleeping abgs, food and water. They all try to sleep but, can't with sound of banging and moaning.

Pearson wraps his arm around Colbie as she starts to cry.

"Will we ever get out of here?" She sobs.

"I don't know, Colbie. I don't know."


Ally Free's POV

"So... Nick... How was your life back home?" I ask in hopes of breaking the tense silence.

"I was super ric-- I mean I was super poor," He stutters.

I raise one eyebrow in suspiusness but don't say anything. "Where do you think this sewer drain leads?" He asks to change the subject. I shrug in response as the tunnel begins to shake. We look ahead to see Breeze Moon being chased by a torrent of sewage water.

"RUN!!!" She screams at us. I turn to run but the water slams into my back and I'm pushed into a chamber along with the others.

The small room is circular with no drains and is filling with water. "Oh, no! It'll fill up and we'll drown!" Mick moans in dispear. The water reaches the halfway point and is still rising. We all despretly search for a way out and I step on a brick that opens a hatch on the roof.

Breeze swims to it but, I push her out of the way. "See you guys later!' I laugh I as shut the hatch.

Two less competitors, I think as I hear them ponding on the roof. I climb up the ladder and see someone at the top. Who ever it is he's wearing a cherry red suit.

"See you later," He says as he tosses me a stick of dynamite.

Breeze Moon's POV

"Please Al--*gurgle*," I gasp as the water reaches the top of the room. Nick desprettly hits the hatch but, I sink to the bottom in agony. What an awful way to die, I think as my body hits the bottom.


THe hatch bursts off its hinges and Ally's burnt, mangled body hits the water as I swim to the surface and take in a great big gulp of air.

"What irony," Nick reflects as we look at Ally. I smile at my new ally.

Jeff White's POV

Pema and I allied last night and now we're walking around the 46th floor, which is some sort of Roman arena, while we look for a key.


All the entrances are blocked by a falling gate, except for the two in front of us and behind us. Tthe lights begin to flicker out,"Pema grab my arm and what ever you do, don't panick!" I shout. Pema grips my arm tigthly and I hear her draw her knife.

Tthe lights flicker back on and The Man In The Red Suit comes into view. My eyes narrow as I look at our antagonist,"What do you want?!" I ask. "I just want to finish waht I started... Killing the White Family,"He replies. The remaining gates start to shut and I yell at Pema,"RUN!!! It's me he wants, RUN!!!" She nods, wishes me luck and rolls under the lowering gate. "Now, let's get this started," I snarl, drawing my sword.

Pema Alderweel's POV

I sprint down the hallway as a cannon goes off and relize he's coming to get me now. I rip open a door way and climb out onto a balcony which has a little ladder going up about two floors, I look down and see the deadly frop and gulp. About halfway up, he comes out onto the balcony holding Jeff's head, which is still dripping blood.

"It's a long drop but, don't worry, my birds will catch you!" He laughs as he blows into some sort of whistle. What comes next is a scene from hell. Demon birds with razor fangs, black feathers, glowing red eyes and a screech that could give Chuck Norris nightmares. The attack pecking and my flesh and ripping my bodfy to shreds as I grip the rungs screaming in agony.


An arrow enters one of the bird's neck and it plummits to the ground. I look up to see Maive and Damian pocking their torsos out of a window as Maive reloads her bow and takes another bird down.

"Climb up quick!" Damian yells as he reaches out to grab my hand. Maive takes out two more birds before they realize who's the bigger threat. They fly up to them but Damian stabs them with his sword. A cannon goes off as The Man In the Cherry Red Suit's knife hits Damian in the chest. Maive screams and I scrammble over the window sill into the room she's in.

Mavie falls to the floor sobbing and I grab her hand and pull her out of the room.

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