Welcome to my Prequel Games (AKA the 97th)! These will be a prequel to my End Games. Before entering please read rules and instructions bellow. These games are going to be rather quick, about two weeks at the most.

Rules and Entering Tributes

  1. I accept constructive critism.
  2. Do not flame me if you do not win...
  3. Two tributes can be submited by each user. (exceptions to this rules can be made)
  4. Advice is OPTIONAL and may or may not be followed by your tribute!

Tribute stuff

  1. Requirements: Name, District, Gender, age, weapom, skills, weaknesses.
  2. Optional: History, token, personality, etc.
  3. I will not get tributes off of user pages, links to tributes pages are fine though.

Tips on Entering Tributes and my Prefrences

  1. Try to be creative, I don't want the generic tributes.
  2. I like Careers! (But don't go overboard, the max amount of Careers I want is 6)
  3. Including optionals increases victory chances.

Things I will be Doing

  1. Training Scores
  2. Games
  3. Victory Tour


District Female


Male Placed
1 Elle Sirus /26 Titan Sirus /26
2 Scarlet Costella /26 Piston Black /26
3 Logical Queen /26 Hertz Decibel /26
4 Taylor White /26 Artic Tsunami /26
5 Serina Frostswords /26 Shield Daggers /26
6 Mystic Moonlight /26 Silver Sunlight /26
7 Avelina Rose /26 Twilight Dawn /26
8 Sapphire Mash /26 Spike Owens /26
9 Varina Tapora /26 Lucius Shadows /26
10 Kyri Lenaus /26 Vladimir Moladarviskii /26
11 Petiola Midrib /26 Bulgar Durum /26
12 Maya Kenneth /26 Garfield Slater /26
13 Lutar Heaven /26 Battleaxe Ridge /26


italics= Rebels

DISCLAIMER: I update this chart one update behind so you actualy have to read to see who dies.


Prequel Arena


This year's arena is a tropical atoll. The western part of the atoll is broken into a few small islands with no plant life or rocks, just a basic, sandy island. To the North is a peinsula that juts out from the atoll and only holds a few palm trees. To the South is the lower atoll with several shrubs and palm trees. The Eastern

Looking from the Southern part of the atoll to the North

atoll is a rocky area with a river flowing through it. The farther you go through the rocks the higher they get until it reaches a large cliff which ends in a small beach covered in multiple metal spikes. By the rocky area is a small island on which the cornucopis sits. Around the cornucopia, around the atoll and close to the shore inside the atoll is very shallow water in which people can wade, catch small fish and crabs. The deeper water contains sharks and poisonous fish. Tempatures are high in the 80s and 90s during the day and 70s during the night.

Training Scores/Pre-Games Betting Odds

D Name Score Odds
1 Elle 8 1-7
1 Titan 9 1-5
2 Scarlet 11 1-3
2 Piston 10 1-5
3 Logic 6 1-20
3 Hertz 6 1-18
4 Taylor 8 1-7
4 Artic 10 1-4
5 Serina 8 1-9
5 Shield 7 1-12
6 Mystic 6 1-18
6 Silver 6 1-19
7 Avelina 8 1-9
7 Twilight 7 1-13
8 Sapph 6 1-17
8 Spike 7 1-10
9 Varina 5 1-21
9 Lucius 9 1-6
10 Kyri 5 1-22
10 Vladimir 10 1-4
11 Petiola 7 1-11
11 Bulgar 7 1-11
12 Maya 6 1-14
12 Garfield 7 1-13
13 Lutar 8 1-9
13 Battleaxe 8 1-7

Part 1: Water and Blood

Day 1

Lutar Heaven

Fifty feet away lays my salvation. A small island, on which the cornucopia rests. Other then that, most of what I see is shallow water. Off in the distance I can make out some sort of land, what's on it is what I can't see.

The other tributes all stare at the cornucopia, their eyes never wavering from the golden horn. All twenty five other tributes seem determined to make it to the bounty of weapons, food and water first.

I quickly lock eyes with one of my allies, Garfield, and he gives me a sharp nod. All four of my alliance members, Garfield, Hertz, Serina and Shield will all be meeting up with me at the cornucopia, where we will get what we need for my plan, and get out.

I can't help but smirk a little at my superiority to them, I mean, it was pretty easy to trick them into allying with me. I told them my plan was that we could all make it to the end before going our separate ways, but no, that's not my plan. I'm going to use them to fulfill my real plan. And if it succeeds, let's just say the gamemakers won't be too happy about it.

Enjoy the 97th Hunger Games my dear Capitol.

They may be your last.

Twilight Dawn’s POV

And just like that, the gong goes off, sending twenty six tributes flying towards the cornucopia.

I splash through the knee deep water, knowing I need to get in and get out before everyone starts hacking away at each other. Suddenly something catches my eye. Scarlet, the female from 2, is already at the mouth of the golden horn, heaving some type of wicked daggers out. I make a mental note to avoid her at all costs and continue on.

Luckily, I’m one of the first people to make it to the cornucopia island, and my hand grips the handle of the sword I so desperately need. Looking around, I try to spot a backpack, and see several tributes hacking away at each other. Thankfully their too occupied to deal with me. I don't want to take ant chances though and with in moments, I have my backpack and I'm already fleeing the bloodbath in my wake.

Logical Queen's POV

I can't help but laugh when I see all these idiotic tributes trying to slice each other's heads off. While half of them are being killed, I'm leaving the bloodbath unscratched with several knives and a back pack.

Everything is going perfectly. That is, until I trip over a submerged rock and my glasses fall off my head.

"NO!!!" I scream in rage. I begin flailing my arms around in the water, desperately searching for my glasses. Without these things I'm so nearsighted I can hardly see a few inches in front of my face. Everything's so blurry and I start freaking out, surely the Careers will find me. And they do.

"Found your glasses."

I turn around in fear, eyes widening. Through the blur that was once my vision I can barely make out the male from 2... No 4... Yes defiantly from 4. In one hand he holds my glasses, the other, a gleaming knife. Normally I wouldn't be afraid of a looser like him, but with my limited vision I stand no chance. Quickly I turn around a run. Not fast enough though. I feel him grab me by my neck and pull me into a headlock.

Then I do what any panicked girl does against any guy that's trying to kill her. I kick him in the groin.. I hear him yelp in pain as he lets go off me and I fall into the warm water. Scrambling as fast as I can I hear him yell in rage.

"Not so fast you little bitch!" This time he yanks me up by my hair and quickly slits my throat open before I can react.

I scream in pain as I fall back into the water, but this time, I won't be getting back up.


Serina Frostswords' POV

Bloodcurdling screams and the sounds of metal hitting metal emits into the air as my hands grasp silver crossbow. I sprint away from the golden horn, scooping up a backpack, some bolts and a knife as I go.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Someone screams as they tackle me onto the sand of the cornucopia island. I look up to see Lutar narrowly avoid getting impaled by a knife. She instantly jumps back up, already ready to throw her axe.

Ten feet away the strongest tribute in the arena, Scarlet from two, draws another knife as she runs, and flings it at Lutar. Lutar chucks her axe back and dives out of the knife's path. It crashes into the water where she was standing and the blue liquid is sent flying into the air like a bomb went off. I scramble back up and load a bolt into my crossbow just as Scarlet rams right into me. In her hand she holds some sort of wicked blade, longer then a knife but shorter then a sword, which she drives into my right hand, and pins it to the ground.

"Aw... Poor District 5... Their precious female won't be winning this year," Scarlet giggles as she pulls a second dagger from her belt. I shut my eyes, preparing for the worst, when I miracle happens. I hear Scarlet scream as her weight is lifted off of me.

"Run!!!" My District partner, Shield shouts as he frees my hand by ripping the knife from it. I jump up to see Scarlet regaining her footing as she pulls let another dagger out. She charges Shield, who has a short sword and some short of spiked shield, and the two begin to duel.

"Come on!" Lutar yells to me. I scramble up and Lutar grabs my unwounded hand, tugging me from the cornucopia. "Don't look back, just run!" She says, her voice cracking. I look back, and I wish I hadn't.

Tears begin to roll down my face as my district partner, who just saved my life, gets his head chopped off by Scarlet. I came into these games wanting no friends, yet in the first five minutes, I already lost the boy who saved my life, the boy who was kind to me all pre games. And I already want someone dead. Scarlet Costella.

Bulgar Durum

Petiola sprints over to me, scythe in one hand, backpack in the other. I grab a quart sized container of water and a pitchfork of my own. She reaches me and we start running from the cornucopia when a arrow sinks into her right calve. Within seconds she has fallen into the sand and I turn to face her attacker. Atop the gleaming cornucopia sits the girl from 1, Elle perhaps, and she holds another bow. She smiles as she loads another arrow and instinctively I grab a shield off the ground and shove it in front of Petiola, just in time too because an arrow smacks into it.

Elle narrows her eyes in frustration; we've reached a stalemate, as long as I have my shield she can't hit us, but we can't run or she'll shot us from behind.

"What do we do know?" Petiola grunts as she pulls the arrow from her calve. Her face contorts into pain as the tip rips out of her flesh. A fresh trickle of blood rolls down her calve, and I know I need to get her out of here.

"I don't know, but we better think of something fast before she figures out some sort of plan," I respond.

Elle still holds her next arrow in place, just waiting for us to make the wrong move.

"Petiola, get up, and run. I'll cover you, she only has such a far range," I order. Petiola looks at me like she's skeptical of my plan but she gets up, leaning against her scythe as a crutch. She begins hobbling away with me following closely behind, refusing to take my eyes of Elle and her weapon for a second. Soon, she grows impatient and lets one arrow fly towards Petiola. I j heave my shield in the way, the arrow sinks into it, and saves Petiola.

That's when I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. Actually three sharp pains. I look down, only to see a silver trident embedded just bellow my chest. I grimace in pain and fall to my knees.

"Bulgar!" Petiola screams, her voice cracking.

"Run!" I yell back, knowing she has little time to get out of range. Thankfully Petiola is splashing through the water, away from the cornucopia, and away from the careers.

I look back at Elle, she pulls out a second trident that was slung behind her back, and throws it at my neck.

Taylor White

Avelina and I emerge fro the cornucopia, her armed with a trident, I with a spear, we both also have sharp knives.

“Found our first target,” Avelina says as she points at the 10 male, Vlad I think. We both smirk at the thought of taking him out. But in the back of my mind, I remember his 10 in training. Never the less, we charge him. He turns and a wicked grin forms on his face, like we’re fresh meat for slaughter, it sends a chill down my spine. As we near him he draws his weapon, a pitch-black long-sword, its edge serrated into a deadly, jagged pattern.

I attack first, ramming my spear towards his gut, he deflects the attack and manages to slice a deep cut in my upper right arm. I scream in pain and stagger back, the serrated edge gives a sort of pain unlike any I’ve ever felt. I do not want that thing touching me again. Avelina makes the next move, shoving her trident at his neck, again he blocks but she dodges his counterattack and strikes again. Vlad sidesteps the second jab and slams the butt of his sword against the side of her head. She screeches in fear and falls into the sand. He raises his sword, ready to stab her and I fling my spear at him before he can make the kill. Vlad sees the glint of the spear and dives out of its path. This gives Avelina the chance to grab her knife from her belt and ram it into his thigh. She draws a second knife and slashes at his neck, but this time he dodges the attack and regains his footing.

I pull out a knife of my own and step behind Avelina, knowing as soon as she ducks I’ll throw it into Vlad’s neck.

“Looks like you ladies mean business,” Vlad scoffs, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s such a shame, killing a girl with such bloodlust,” Vlad continues, referring to Avelina,” but it can’t be avoided.”

This comment causes Avelina to lower her guard for a split second, and that’s all he needs. Suddenly his thick sword has been shoved clean through her neck and upper chest. The tip of the blade stops inches away from my own face. But the blood doesn’t. My upper body is drenched in Avelina’s blood and I can’t help but fall back in repulsion and fear.

Vlad pulls his long-sword from Avelina’s body and she drops into the sand. He smiles at me before sprinting off.

“I’ll kill you later Taylor, you an all your friends,” He says rather cheerfully as he sprints off into the water.

I still sit there, scared of what that tribute has done when Scarlet runs by.

“Why didn’t you kill him when you had the chance, wimp?”

Maya Kenneth

I'm about to die. Titan Sirus stands over me, sword raised, as he prepares to drive it into my skull. But then, something distracts him, a more illustrious kill. A tribute who's training score surpassed mine, the boy from 9.

Titan hardly glances back at me as he charges the 9 male. The two instantly become locking a dance of blades, sword against knife. I take my blessing a bolt, not even bothering to grab anymore supplies. As I crash off into the warm water, I hear boy from 9's scream of pain, and I know he's dead. As I continue my way through the pool of water, my mind keeps lingering on how I almost died. If not for the other tribute, would a hovercraft be scooping my up, the capitol ready to show my face in the night sky? A cold shiver goes down my spine, it was a life for a life, simple as that. Titan didn’t mind letting me escape, so long as he got to kill that 9 boy. Killing the 9 boy probably isn’t even bothering him right now. Being a murderer probably isn’t bothering him right now.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts as I reach I small beach, it arches up in a small hill but, as I cross over it, the other side is also met with water. This water is much deeper and I can make out several fish swimming about. I look out over the horizon only to see the sand that I’m on form a large circle, with the area over by the cornucopia much higher, and much more dark in color... Maybe some sort of rock formation? I frown, I have no clue how to swim or fish, if I don’t get some sponsors soon, I might starve to death.

The only things I got at the cornucopia were a slingshot and a water bottle so if another tribute finds me I’m good as dead.

Let’s just hope another tribute doesn’t find me.

Scarlet Costella

“Looks like all the other tributes are gone,” Taylor reports as I scavenge through a pile of sleeping bags.

“Alright, well you and Battleaxe hurry up and set up some sleeping areas and figure out who’s taking watch first,” I order, hardly paying a bit of attention to her. I hear her feet crunch against the sand as she walks off and continue searching for more weapons. The only thing I could find were some butterfly swords and couple knives. No damn steel claws though...

“Scarlet is this what you were looking for?” I hear Elle ask. I turn around in excitement to see her holding a pair of jet black steel claws.

I snatch them out of her hand and strap them on. They’re beautiful, shinning in the light of sunset. But they won’t be shinning for long.

“Tribute,” I say in a hushed voice. All of my allies stop what they are doing instantly and listen. The sound of sand crunching under someone’s feet echoes through the quiet air. I smile And creep over to where the noise is coming from. Sapphire from 8 is tiptoeing behind the cornucopia, carrying a back pack loaded with stuff.

I sprint towards her, a wide smile forming on my face. She glances back, sees me, and screams. Sapphire tries to run but I’m way to fast and I tackle her to the ground. Slamming my hand over her mouth, I let out a laugh.

“Thought you could steal from the Careers and get away with it? Well I guess you were wrong!” I taunt as I ram my steel claws into her neck. Her muffled screams turn into gurgles as she gasps for breath. Blood pours out of her newly formed wounds and through my fingers, which are still clamped over her mouth.

“Shhhhhhhh... It’ll all be over soon,” I soothe as I stroke her hair with my steel claws. She stops squirming and goes limp.

“Nice job,” Battleaxe says from behind me. I get up and turn around. All the Careers stand behind me with looks of horror on their faces, except Artic, he just looks impressed.

“What are you all looking at? Get back to work!” I command. They all walk off and the bloodbath cannons go off. Six in total. Just nineteen more to sound and I’ll be coming home a victor. Because no one will stand in my way. Not Lutar or her pathetic group of misfits, not Vlad, nor my ‘friends’ from 1, 2 and 4. Because they’ll all die, all of they’re beautiful cannons will go off. Because I, Scarlet Costella, will kill them all.


As the tributes settle in for the night, the faces of the fallen shine in the night sky. The killers fondly reminisce their glorious kill, while their alliance members and families grieve. Day 1 ends with six kills, leaving twenty left, all reaching for the victor’s crown. But hundreds of miles away, someone plans to save the tributes from certain death. They ready their nation’s hovercraft, arm their solders and prepare their defenses for war.

Helen Yourface sits in her throne room, watching the games on the overhead monitor, smirking.

Much like Lutar she smiles and thinks,” Enjoy the 97th Hunger Games my dear Capitol. They may be your last.”

Part 1 Deaths

Logical Queen- Throat slashed by Artic's knife

Shield Daggers- Decapitated by Scarlet's butterfly sword

Bulgar Durum- Skewered by Elle's trident

Avelina Rose- Stabbed by Vlad's longsword

Lucius Shadows- Killed by Titan

Sapphire Mash- Throat destroied(?) by Scarlet

Part 2: Insanity

Day 2

Piston Black

Kyri and I continue wading through the bright blue water on the outskirts of the atoll. We've been trekking ever since the bloodbath, only resting for a few hours at night. At the cornucopia I got two war axes and she got a spear and a back pack filled with a bunch of random shit we haven't had time to really go through. All I know is that it only had one water bottle and some iodine, which doesn't work on salt water, so we better find some sort of water source quick, or sponsors...

Finally at around nine in the morning or so we reach a split in the atoll, one way seems to jut out into the North, the other continues on the curved atoll path. We decide (Well at least I think Kyri agrees with me, as she can’t talk) to go to the North, farther away from the cornucopia and the Careers.

Eventually we find some small rocks around a small pool of bubbling water. Kyri plops down on the ground and I assume she wants to camp here. I shrug, knowing that Kyri is pretty damn smart, and fill up the water bottle from the spring and purify it. For as low of a training score Kyri got, she sure knows her way through a bloodbath, dodging between fighting tributes and knives flying through the air. She’s a pretty nice person too.

I can only hope I don’t have to kill her.

Garfield Slater

Lutar herds Serina and I to sit in front of her and Hertz. We plop down in the sand, like student before a teacher. She glances down at us before speaking.

"As you know, our chances of winning will sharply increase once we take the Careers down," she pauses, as if to make sure like we're paying attention, before continuing, "As you also know, they are currently camped out on an island. And what is an island surrounded with? Water."

I look over at Serina as she glances at me, slightly taken aback. The way she put so much emphasis on water was rather demeaning. She was practically saying, "I'm smarter then you."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I ask.

"That's what Hertz is about to explain." Lutar gestures to Hertz, who stand up, holding some sort of strange contraption.

"Well this device here is a machine that can emit a electric pulse which will electrify that conductive salt water, so electrified that it can kill any who touch it. This way, the Careers will either all be shocked to death, or they will be forced to sit on their little island until they starve," Hertz explains. I look at the device and I'm astounded at just how smart he is. It's made from a battery operated portable lamp and some wires.

"Granted we have to replace the batteries every once in a while. I'll go set it up now," Hertz finishes. I look over at Lutar to see a triumphant smile etched across her face. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, why is she so excited over her plan, she didn’t even make the machine. Shaking my head, I calm myself down, she’s only happy that we’re going to take out some competitors.

But in the back of my mind, something is saying, “Unless she’s lying to you.”

Spike Owens

I run across the sandy beaches, making sure to keep my eyes peeled for any beautiful pretties. Yes, yes, soon I will have them all. After running for a while I grow impatient, where are all my pretties?

“Are you hiding my pretties?! Come out and play!” I yell out. I wait for a moment, but no pretties emerge. Suddenly I understand, my pretties are playing a game of hide and go seek. But I will find them. I will find all my pretties. After running a bit longer I reach a large rocky area. Carefully I creep along a narrow ledge on the edge of the rock hill, along the ocean side. I look around diligently, clutching my knife, hoping to spot my pretties, but none appear.

Then I find a cave.

I jump in, swinging my knife around like crazy, only to find it empty. Slamming my knife against the cave wall, I let out a yell of rage. Then my eyes adjust, and what I see pleases me.

Battleaxe Ridge

We Careers lounge around the cornucopia, sharpening our weapons, waiting for Scarlet to let us hunt. And finally, she does.

“Alright everyone. Today we go hunting. Pack up everything you can carry because we won’t be coming back for a few days,” She snaps, readying her weapons. I hurriedly grab a backpack and stuff some supplies in and grab some throwing axes, with in moments, the entire pack is ready. Scarlet thrusts her arm to the left, pointing i nthe direction to go, and we all hurry towards the water. A split second before I enter though, I realize I forgot water and turn back around.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Taylor’s screams of desperation shots into the air and enters my ears and turn around, ready to take down any tributes who are attacking her. Instead of seeing the boy from 10, or my District partner and her alliance of wannabes, I see Taylor standing in the shallow water, shaking like a leaf in the wind, her eyes slowly rolling into the back of her head as her screams grow louder and louder. Titan rushes forward to save her but Elle grabs his shoulder and pulls him back before he touches the water. Suddenly, Taylor’s shrieks of pain die down and she falls into the water as her cannon booms.

“What the hell just happened?” Titan asks.

“There’s obviously something wrong with the water. So we might be stuck here for a while,” Artic responds, his eyes still locked on Taylor’s corpse as it floats in the water. Scarlet begins shaking her head rather angrily and runs back to the cornucopia, grabbing the silver cases which held the machetes, knives and spears and throws them at the edge of the beach.

“Grab some rope and tie those damn things together,” Scarlet barks as she grabs more of them. Elle and I grab several of them and tie them together, side by side, untill it forms a platform of sorts. Scarlet orders us to double stack them, so we do, and she smiles.

“Put it in the water.”

I shove it in the water, and it floats. Scarlet smiles and rips off her back pack and throws all of her weapons but her knife and steel slaws into the sand.

“I’ll be back before the anthem.”

She gingerly steps onto the platform of cases and it keeps her afloat, barely.

“Toss me that wooden spear,” she commands, Artic picks it off the ground and tosses it to her, underhanded, and she catches it with ease. She starts paddling to the atoll, ready to kill whoever tampered with the water.

Varina Tapora

I lay in the sand, admiring the beautiful, bright blue sky for what seems like hours. I'm pretty sure this is the dumbest thing a tribute has done in a long time, just laying here, with my a guard completely lowered. But being in this gorgeous arena has just left in me in a sense of peace. One I haven't felt in a while. I stretch out in the sand, digging my fingers in the loose earth. It's a feeling I've never felt before. In fact, I only know what sand is, is because of past games. All we have back in 9 are endless waves of amber grain. It's beautiful, but it's nothing compared to the puffy white clouds, clear water and white, pristine beaches of the arena. I feel my eyes close as I rest here on the beach, and slowly drift off to sleep.


"PRETTIE!" A near inhumane screech jolts me from my slumber and I jump up to run, not even bothering to grab my knife. Suddenly my arm is jerked back by a strong grip and I'm whirled around to face the psycho from 5. He grabs a rope and gags me before I snap out of my paralysis known as fear. I try to scream through my gag but its severely muffled and I know any other tribute wouldn't even come if they heard it. He grabs my hands and ties them together behind my back and starts dragging me through the sand.

I struggle and squirm but he's just too strong and I start to cry. Why was I such and idiot, just going to sleep right in the damn open?! Know I'm going to die for my mistake. Finally after what seems likes days of him dragging my through the sand we reach a small cave.

At first I think it's empty, then my eyes adjust and what I see scares me.

Silver Sunlight

“Tag you’re it!” I call out as my hand taps against Mystic’s back. She yelps in surprise and turns around to chase me. All day we’ve been running around this beautiful atoll, splashing in the water, gorging ourselves on coconut milk, our knives laying forgotten in the sand. All I can remember about past games was how horrible the arenas were, but this is amazing! We haven’t seen another tribute since the bloodbath, an event the two of us have avoid thinking about. Too much blood. Too much death.

Finally Mystic collapses in the sand next to our supplies, exhausted, just as the sun begins to set.

“I’ll make a camp fire,” I announce, eager to show off the skill I picked up in training. Carefully, I run a piece of flint over a stick and suddenly the pile of sticks we have lights up. I smile with pride and Mystic laughs.

“You call that little spark a fire?” She asks sarcastically with a look of pure disgust on her face. We both fall over laughing at her perfect imitation of the snobbiest girl at our school. Soon our stomachs start to grumble.

“Hey, Silver, can you go get some more coconuts?” Mystic asks me, ”I’ll set up our sleeping bags.”

I nod in agreement and get up to go over to the palm trees. Luckily Mystic helped teach me to climb trees during training so getting the coconuts down is pretty easy. After fetching a few of the coconuts I gather them up in my arms.

That’s when I hear Mystic scream.

I drop the coconuts to the ground, not even bothering to bring them with me. I sprint as fast as I can back to our camp. Everything seems normal, the sleeping bags are set up, the fire crackling, our supplies neatly stacked. Except for one thing, Mystic is gone.

“Mystic!!!” I shout, not caring if a Career or the psycho from 10 hears me, “Mystic!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!”

No response. No cannon has gone off, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t severely injured, laying somewhere, unable to move, unable to scream my name. Tears start pouring down my cheeks. This wasn’t supposed to happen, I was volunteered to save her, not let some unknown assailant carry her off into the night.

“MYSTIC!” I yell yet again. I fall down in defeat, not caring if some tribute strolls in and waltz off with all of our stuff, I just want my best friend back. Then I see it, the drag marks in the sand, foot prints go right beside them, making a path that will take me to Mystic. I jump back up to my feet and grab my knife, no longer defeated.

I will save Mystic, and I will kill her attacker. Even if it’s the last thing I do.

Hertz Decibel

Lutar's up to something. And I think I know what. There's simpler ways to kill the Careers, much simpler. She has another use for that machine and I know exactly what it is. But I also know it won't work. The location I placed it in won’t serve Lutar’s true purpose, mostly because her plan is suicidal and will most likely get me killed. I came into these games to win, not make some stupid statement.

I look over Lutar, right now she’s looking up into the sky, waiting for her plan to succeed. It takes all my will power not to laugh.

“Hertz, are you sure your device is working?” Lutar asks, carefully wording her question. I nod back, absolutely sure my machine has killed a Career, as a cannon went off earlier today. I head over to one of my other allies, Garfield, to warn him about Lutar. As much as I hate to admit it, but he’s actually quite nice and if I die, I want someone to stab Lutar in the back for me.

“Hey Garfield, can I talk to you for a moment?” I ask quietly.

“Sure,” He responds, “What is it?” He drops his voice to a whisper, obviously unnerved by the sense of urgency in my voice.

“It’s about Lutar, she’s up to something, and I know what,” I whisper, glancing back to make sure Lutar isn’t watching us.

“What? Are you sure?” He questions, furrowing his brow in confusion.

“Yes, her device, it’s not really supposed to kill the Careers. She’s using it to--” I’m suddenly interrupted.

“Hey Hertz. Can you go make sure the batteries aren’t out in your device?” Lutar asks. I quickly turn around.

“Of-- Of course!” I stumble, relived that she didn’t hear me. Serina tosses me some spare batteries from her back pack. I head off over the sand dune, towards the inner atoll, intending to get this over with so I can go warn Garfield. It won’t be long before Lutar runs out of a use for us. I reach the shore and the device, making a whirring noise as it charges the water with electricity. It has been carefully concealed with some shrubs and seaweed so no one will find it. I remove the camouflage and open the battery compartment when I hear a shriek of rage.

Scarlet Costella

I run forward, flinging my knife into the back of the boy from 3. He goes down, not dead yet, and I pull his head back up by his hair.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” I scream at him, pressing my steel claws against his exposed throat.

“I don’t know!!! Please don’t hurt me! I-- I-- just- ju--just found this thing and I was gonna destroy it,” He says, clearly lying as he stutters over nearly every word.

“Tell me the truth!” I bark, pressing my steel claws harder on his neck. A little blood starts to trickle out, and he starts to freak, thrashing about, trying to knock me off his back.

“LUTAR!!! HELP!!! LU--” I quickly shove his face into the ground, muffling his screams. Convinced he’s the one who cause Taylor’s death, I ram my steel claws into the back of his head. His cannon booms instantly and I get up, whipping my bloody hands on the side of my pants.

I go over to his stupid contraption and kick it over, it falls to the side and instantly shatters, the whirring noise stops and the wires stop crackling. I step into the water cautiously, and sigh in relief that I’m not zapped. Time to head back to my allies and tell them the good news.

I know where Lutar and her friends are.

Day 3

Petiola Midrib All I can think about is Bulgar’s death. It’s like it’s on an instant replay, the trident smacking into him, over and over and over... That 1 girl will pay. She will die at my hands for killing my friend. And she will suffer.

I don’t know if I’m going insane... Or if it really is Bulgar, emerging from the water, walking out from behind the rocks. Comforting me, telling me everything will be alright. Telling me to kill the filthy girl from 1. To avenge his fate. Then he kisses me and when I open my eyes, he’s gone, and I start to cry. She took him away.

I grab my scythe and head towards the cornucopia, not caring how many Careers I will have to kill before slitting Elle’s throat.

Artic Tsunami

I roll my eyes as Scarlet orders everyone around like were pack mules. I get up, and grab my spear and my knife, ready to hear what shit Scarlet has planned for the day.

“Alright everyone. We’re going hunting. But this time I know where an alliance is hiding. We’re going to sneak attack them and slaughter the whole group. But I have one rule for this massacre. I get to kill that weakling from 5, she’s my kill. Got it?”

Everyone nods but me, if my spear happens to kill the 5 girl, to bad. Everyone approaches the water but no steps in. Despite Scarlet’s arrival yesterday, everyone’s a bit on edge because of Taylor’s death. I shake my head and walk into the water, unaffected by its presence. The others all sigh in relief and continue on. After a while we reach the shore and Scarlet leads us over to the spot where she said the machine was.

Except its not.

“Crap!” Scarlet shouts, she turns and sprints over the sand dune, cursing her head off. We all run after her and we reach a spot with a pile of burnt logs and some empty containers of beef strips.

“They must’ve realized Hertz died and that we would find them,” Titan says, stating the obvious.

“Toss me the binoculars,” Scarlet orders, fuming. Elle hands them to her and Scarlet runs to the top of the sand dune. After about a minute of searching she shouts in excitement, “I saw my district partner and that stupid mute girl who got a 5! Let’s go!” Scarlet yells, sprinting past us in glee. We all dash after her in pursuit.

I smile as I run after Scarlet, she thinks she’s running these games. She thinks she has complete control over us. But she’s wrong. She may have four of a kind, but I’ve got a royal flush.

Kyri Lenaus

Piston and I sit around, eating some dried fruit and sipping water for most of the day. We can’t exactly have a riveting conversation but, at least Piston’s cool about it. And I’m really glad he hasn’t stuck a knife in my back yet.

“Hey Kyri. I hope you know, if I don’t win, I want you to,” Piston says, “You’re probably the only one who deserves it. The Careers certainly don’t. Lutar and her cronies don’t.”

I nod and pick up a stick off the ground and write in the stand.

Thanks, thanks for being a friend.

Piston gives me a light smile but then his eyes go downcast. Only one of us gets to go home. I sit down next to him and give him a gentle (friendly) hug.

“You’re a good friend too,” He says after a brief moment of silence. We both sit there, in the sand. Realizing this is one of the few peaceful moments we might actually get in the games.

And I think it’s over.

Suddenly Piston jumps up, grabbing my hand, and pulls me behind one of the large rocks surrounding our little pond. My eyes widen in surprise as a trident and a axe slam into the ground where we were just sitting.

“Stay here,” Piston whispers, handing me his knife. He runs out from behind the rock towards another one, grabbing a few of his throwing axes along the way, several knives whiz past him as he runs and I want to scream. I peak out from behind the rocks to see the Careers running towards us, and it won’t be long until they get here.

Piston Black

I jump out from behind my rock and send an axe at Titan from 1’s face, he dives out of the way, and the axe narrowly misses his gut. His sister looks at me in anger and fires an arrow at me, I try to dodge but it lodges itself in my left forearm. I curse my luck and rip the thing out.

“Come out and fight like a man! You’re only prolonging your fate!” My sadistic district partner, Scarlet calls out.

I grip my axe, ready to pounce at a moments notice, but I don’t respond.

“Fine, then I guess I’ll just come kill you myself,” Scarlet announces, I still hear her after that, but her voice drops to a whisper as she speaks to her allies. I grip my axe tighter, hoping they come after me and leave Kyri alone.

Realizing my only hope may be the element of surprise, I jump out swinging my axe. Battleaxe jumps back in surprise, but my gleaming weapon slices him in the gut, not deep enough to kill, but enough to send him to the ground in pain. Scarlet yells in rage and jabs at me with her steel claws. As I dodge, I can make out Artic just behind her, Elle and Titan must be heading for Kyri. I growl and swipe at Scarlet with my weapon, ready to take her out and save Kyri.

Scarlet dodges and smiles, “So eager to fight. This’ll be fun!” She grabs one of her evil looking butterfly swords and slices at my head. I duck and swing at her leg, which she barely blocks with her steel claws. Thankfully I know her fighting style and I’m able to quickly pull my axe up and slam the butt of the handle into her face. She stumbles back and the only thing preventing me from killing her is Artic. Artic jumps forward, ramming his spear into my left shoulder, ready to protect his ally. I stagger back, grimacing in pain. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kyri copy my surprise tactic and shove her knife into Elle’s thigh.

Knowing I don’t have much time left to save Kyri, I throw my axe at Titan’s face and run towards her, readying my final axe.

“Kyri go!” I shout as I slam my body into Artic. We crash into the ground as Kyri turns and sprints away. I jump up off of Artic and slash Elle’s bow in half, preventing her from shooting Kyri. She yelps in surprise and draws her knife.

I’m running on pure adrenalin now, every move sending pain through out my body as blood pours from my various wounds. Even though I’m stronger then Elle, I’m so exhausted I can barely fend off her attacks. I grab my axe with both hands and shove the handle at her chest, causing her to stumble back and collapse onto the ground.

I turn and run after Kyri, who hasn’t made it very far, due to a cut on her leg curtsey of Titan.

“Go to the water!!!,” I yell to her, gasping for air. Hopefully the shallow water will be far out enough so that we can cut back to the atoll and loose the Careers.

But then a knife hits her in the neck and a spear embeds itself in her back. She falls forward into the water, unable to scream, as her cannon goes off.

I glance back to see the triumphant smiles of Scarlet and Artic as I continue to run, unable to say goodbye to my dead ally.

Mystic Moonlight

As I wake up after being knocked out by someone, my head starts throbbing and I squint, not knowing where the heck I am.

"Finally, my prettie has awakened," My eyes adjust and I find myself staring into the face of the creeper from 5. I try to scream, but I realize I have something stuck in my mouth, some rolled up cloth most likely. The boy from 5 stars stroking my hair.

"Yes, you and the other prettie sit tight, I will fetch more play mates!" He practically giggles as he sprints out of the cave. I look around, unable to move because I'm tied to some sort of a wooden pole, sitting on the ground. I twist my head to see the girl from 9, Varina I think, tied to a pole in a sitting position. The rest of the room looks like the inside of a torture chamber, strange scalpels on silver trays, along with several coils of rope. I take a closer look at Varina and notice something in her hand, slowly cutting the rope binding her to the pole.

She slides her hand make and forth rapidly, knowing every second counts, as the boy from 5 could come back at any moment. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, the ropes splits and she jumps up, ripping the piece of fabric from her mouth.

"I'll be back, I'm gonna go find help," She whispers in a frantic voice. She turns and sprints from the cave.

And that's when the 5 boy jumps her.

"HOW DARE MY PRETTIE TRY TO ESCAPE?!!!" I shouts in rage. He pulls a knife from his belt and shoves it into her eye. Varina gives one last scream as he pushes the knife deeper into her face before her cannon booms. I start sobbing. If Silver doesn't find me soon, I might have the same fate as Varina.

Twilight Dawn

I sprint across the shallow water, heading straight for the abandoned cornucopia. I reach the small, sandy island and begin shoving all the food I can carry into my back pack, my stomach growls in anticipation. I didn’t get any food during the bloodbath, so I’ve had to wait for the Careers to leave. As I’m stuffing an extra pack of dried fruit into my bag, I hear the faint sound of laughing. I peak out of the mouth of the cornucopia to see the Careers returning, and fast. I jump and sprint behind the cornucopia, heart pounding faster then it ever has in my whole life.

I group of trained killers are about to catch me stealing their stuff.

I look around, desperate to find a hiding spot, and my eyes lock on the waterfall. I take the risk and dash off the cornucopia island, ditching all of my stuff, and into the water, running as fast as my legs will go. I swim around it, as the water is too deep for me to stand now, and listen to what they are saying.

“Guys, when you killed that looser from 10, did you see Piston’s face? It was hilarious! He was like, ‘No you killed my friend, wahhhh!!!!” Someone says, imitating the boy from 2. Everyone starts laughing and my arms start getting tired from keeping me afloat.

“I can’t wait to kill Lutar and her dumb friends. I seriously hope they don’t think they can win,” The boy from 1 says. They continue making fun of various tributes when all of a sudden the monster from 2 says.

“What was that?”

They start muttering to each other.

“It sounded like someone splashing water...”

“Is someone trying to sneak up on us?”

“I heard it come from the waterfall.”

“Let’s go check.”

That’s when I start panicking. I can’t keep this up for much longer, and it’s not like it matters, they’re going to find me, and when they do, I’m going to get my throat slit. I hear a few of them get into the water and I instinctively dive bellow the water and swim as deep as I can go. Maybe, just maybe, I can hold my breath long enough so that they’ll leave. Suddenly I notice a small glimmer of light beneath the water, too deep to be the sunlight coming from above. I swim over there, lungs literally bursting, and go through a small opening in the rock wall. After going through the passage I start kicking up, as my lungs start screaming in pain and I start feeling light headed. I crash through the surface and swallow a lung full of air.

I look around after catching my breath and realize this is some sort of underwater cavern. On the far side is a small pile of sand, I swim over there as it’s the only dry land I can find and my muscles can’t take much more swimming. I heave myself onto the island and find it covered in supplies; swords, knives and arrows litter the floor, tables laden down with food and water bottles basically invite me over to eat. I sit down and start feasting on some ham and I notice a small passage way.

Where it leads is what I plan on finding out.

Lutar Heaven's POV

As Serina and Garfield set up our new camp, I try to get my wits about me. Everything was going perfectly until yesterday. When Hertz was killed and the device destroyed. Luckily we managed to get the remains of what was once going to destroy the arena, and ditch our old campsite before whoever killed Hertz could return (Most likely the Careers).

But now I have to start my plan over from step 1, build the device. And without Hertz, this task is going to be much harder. I sit down and start rewiring the lamp and notice something.

The battery is missing.

"Serina, do we have anymore batteries for this thing?" I ask. Serina rummages through the bag and shakes her head no. My eyes widen, there's no way to rebuild the device now.

"Attention tributes. Tomorrow, at noon, there will be a feast at the cornucopia. There will be food, water, weapons, and batteries," the arena announcer declares. I look at my allies, this couldn't be anymore obvious.

The gamemakers know what I plan to do. And they intend to kill me before I do it.

But they've got another thing coming. Because I might as well be using a human shield, because Garfield and Serina will be the ones going to the feast.

Silver Sunlight

I take small notice at the announcement of the feast, most of my concentration focused on the entrance to a cave. I clutch my knife, hands sweating, as I know this is the spot where Mystic and her kidnapper are. Slowly, I lean over to peek into the cave.

The psycho from 8 has Mystic tied up to a pole, he’s muttering to himself as he looks through a case of weird looking weapons. Mystic spots me, and her eyes widen. I place my finger against my mouth to tell her to be quiet and I leap into the cave, knife ready, right at the boy from 8.

He turns and blocks my knife with a machete type weapon, except the end has been twisted into a C-shape, ending in a point. He hooks the weapon, sending my knife flying into the rock wall.

“No one messes with my pretties and I,” He growls as he swings his weapon at my head. I duck and sprint across the cave, towards a rack of weapons. My hand grips onto a small hatchet, which I rip from the wall and swing to deflect his blow. The boy from 8 swings again, ramming the curved end of his weapon into my forearm. I howl in pain, and he pulls the weapon towards him, dragging me with it.

I’m sent flying back as he slams his fist into my face. I become unhooked from the weapon, but it rips a chunk of flesh off with it. I scoop my axe back up just in time to block the deadly swipe of his blade and I stagger back. The 8 boy’s eyes narrow and a inhuman smile forms at his lips.

“Once I’m finished with you I can move on to prettie,” he says, gesturing over to a teary-eyed Mystic. I grip my hatchet in rage.

“You’re not gonna lay a finger on her!!!” I yell in rage as I charge the 8 boy. I jumps back as my hatchet slams against his weapon, surprised by my new determination, and the strength that goes with it. I don’t hold up though, and I swing my hatchet up against his blade again, sending it across the cave.

He turns to run and I slam my hatchet into the back of his head and crimson blood squirts out of the wound and onto my head. I recoil in shock and quickly wipe the blood off my face with my shirt. I grab a knife off of a rack and slash through Mystic’s bindings, freeing her. She rips the cloth from her mouth and starts to sob.

We sit there for hours, crying.

We cry over the horrors of the games, the tragedy that has befallen us, and over the loss of innocence.

End of Part 2: Insanity

Part 2 deaths

Taylor White- Electricuted (Caused by Hertz Decibel)

Hertz Decibel- Stabbed by Scarlet Costella

Kyri Lenaus- Impaled by Artic Tsunami's spear and Scarlet Costella's knife

Spike Owens- Head trauma delt by Silver Sunlight.

Part 3: Revelations

Day 4

Serina Frostswords

I fold my arms, eyes narrowing at Lutar as she says after we rebuild the device it will be placed on the outside of the atoll, not the inside.

"Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?" I ask.

Lutar shakes her head, "This way instead of killing Careers we can take out a higher quantity of tributes."

Garfield and I glance at each other, each growing more and more suspicious of Lutar by the second. She's up to something, and I intend to find out what. I open my mouth to ask another question but Lutar cuts me off, "Today you guys will go to the feast while I finish working on the device.”

My mouth falls open in shock over what she just said.

“Wha--What?” Garfield stutters, just as shocked as I am. My surprise suddenly turns to rage.

“You know what, fine! I’ll get your stupid battery. And if I die going to get parts for your device, just like Shield did, my death will be on your hands!” I shout in rage. Lutar steps back, her mouth open in shock and distaste.

“Come on Garfield, time to tend to Queen Lutar,” I growl as I stomp away, crossbow in hand. Garfield starts to follow and once we’re out of Lutar’s earshot we start to talk.

“I say we go to the feast, but get stuff we actually need and just never go back to Lutar,” I say. Garfield nods.

“Hertz knew what she was planning, but before he could tell me... You know,” Garfield supplies. I sigh, knowing that Lutar’s lies have caused two deaths. We continue walking, towards the cornucopia, and away from our former alliance member.

“Hey guys!” Someone shouts, Garfield and I grab out weapons, ready to kill whomever is following us, to see the girl from 11 run over the sand dune.

“Can I please join you guys? I need some help if I want to kill that 1 girl,” She says as she catches up to us. Garfield looks over at me and I nod, lowering my weapon.

“I’m Serina, and this is Garfield,” I say. She smiles and says her name is Petiola. She seems a bit off, and a bit obsessive about her dead district partner and killing the girl from 1, but she’s a nice person and has some useful skills. I look up to the sky and see that it’s almost noon, and we increase our pace, eager to get to the feast.

Scarlet Costella

All of the Careers run about like ants, scooping up knives and spears and arrows. I sit in the shade of the cornucopia, waiting for noon to arrive. My trusty butterfly swords, steel claws and my vast array of knives are ready, ready to claim another kill. I lay back and imagine my next kill. I hope it’s bloody.

“Scarlet, it’s almost noon and we’ve spotted some tributes coming towards us,” Elle informs. I jump up and walk past her, drawing my butterfly swords. I motion for the Careers to get into formation as I look around, locating several tributes coming our way. I snatch the binoculars from Battleaxe and zoom in, wanting to see who I’ll be killing today. The 6 duo, Lutar’s wannabe friends, the psycho from 10, my district partner and the 12 girl. They’re all here with the exception of the boy from 7 and Lutar herself. I smile and drop the binoculars to the ground.

Behind me the grumble of the feast tables sprouting from the ground emits and the tributes increase their speed.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Elle asks as the tributes come barreling towards us. I smile, we’re outmanned and outgunned. But we’re Careers, and we fight.

“CHARGE!!!” I bellow as I sprint at the sea of tributes running towards me.

Petiola Midrib

I dash ahead of my allies, trusting them to deal with the other Careers while I head straight for Elle. I jump up out of the water and onto the cornucopia island, swinging my scythe around like crazy, making a path straight to Elle. She stand farther back then the other Careers, sending arrows at other tributes. She spots me and launches an arrow in my direction. Instead of fleeing like I did at the bloodbath, I jump to the side and continue forward, eager to spill Elle’s blood.

She starts to panic and flings her only close range weapon at me, her trident. I knock it aside with my scythe and she turns around and starts to run. I shove the butt of my scythe into the small of her back and she crumples to the ground.

“TITAN!!! TITAN HELP ME!!!” She screams in fear, her voice cracking. She begins pushing her upper body off the ground when I swing my scythe at her. The tip of the blade punctures the back of her head and comes out her forehead. Her screams stop instantly and a cannon goes off.

“I’ve avenged you, Bulgar...” I whisper as I pull my scythe from Elle’s head. Bulgar walks up to me and smiles.

“You have Petiola, you have, “ he says as he strokes my hair, suddenly his smile increases in size, “And now Petiola, we can be together, forever.”

He points behind me and I turn around, seeing Titan, Elle’s brother, charge towards me, his mace in hand, tears pouring down his cheeks. I open my arms wide, accepting my fate.

“Together forever Bulgar,” I whisper as Titan swings his mace towards my head.


Serina Frostswords

Firing my crossbow at the boy from 13, I quickly reload and sprint towards the feast tables, Garfield right beside me. He quickly snatches some spears off of one of the tables and flings one at a group of fighting tributes. I chuck my wooden crossbow aside and scoop up a high-powered metallic one from the table, along with another sheath of bolts. As I load the crossbows, my eyes spot the boy from 1, sobbing over his sister's corpse.

Petiola did it. But her skull was smashed in the process. I raise my crossbow, aiming for the 1 boy's head. He turns and looks at me.

"Please," he says, barely audible. I fire the crossbow, sending a bolt into his eye. His cannon goes off. And the boy from 1 is reunited with his sibling. I shake my head, repulsed by the whole scenario and turn over to Garfield.

"Do we have enough stuff?" I ask. Garfield nods and gestures me to follow. He starts running away from the feast and I follow. That's when I'm tackled from behind.

Garfield whips around, hearing the splash of water and slams into my assailant. I feel the tribute's weight lifted up off of me and I jump up and draw my knife. Scarlet and Garfield wrestle around in the water, both trying to drown the other. No, Scarlet won't take my friend this time. I jump her and knock her off of Garfield and swing my knife at her face, she grabs my hand and holds it above her head and forces it back. I fall back, shocked by Scarlet's strength and she jumps up, drawing her wicked swords.

"Finally, I get to claim my kill," Scarlet snarls, recalling how I escaped her wrath during the bloodbath. She jumps to the side, dodging my knife and Garfield's spear and charges, swinging her swords like crazy. I jump back and hike my arms up, blocking the sword from skewering my chest, but it slashes my arms open, causing blood to splatter out and into the water. Garfield jabs at her with his spear, but she deflects the blow and slices his right hand off. Garfield shrieks in pain as blood shots from the wound and his severed hand drops into the water.

"Garfield!!!" I choke, tears welling in my eyes. Scarlet starts to laugh and knocks me into the water, eager to finish us off. Garfield musters up his strength and rams into Scarlet.

"GO SERINA!!! RUN!!!" He howls as Scarlet rams her steel claws into his side. Garfield doesn't give up though and shoves her into the water. I stumble up to my feet and start to cry.

"Garfield no!" I shriek, no reduced to tears and blood.

"JUST GO!!" he orders. I stagger back and turn to run. Scarlet and Garfield are in between me and the atoll, so I'm forced to run back to the feast, and that's when the boy from 13 jumps me.

Lutar Heaven's POV

I slam against my district partner, Battleaxe, and knock him off of Serina. He starts to get up but I ram my axe into his head, causing his cannon to echo through the air. I rip my axe out of his skull and turn to Serina.

"Where's Garfield?" I ask, voice cracking, suspecting that I already know the answer.

"Scarlet got to him..." she mutters. I offer her my hand, which she grudgingly accepts and she gets back up onto her feet. I reach over and grab some batteries with my other hand and we sprint from the feast, heading back to our camp.

"Why did you come?" Serina asks.

"I realized my plan isn't worth sacrificing lives. There's a lot of people who deserve to die, but you, you and Garfield aren't some of them..." I admit.

"You're a little slow on figuring that out. Thanks to you Shield, Hertz and Garfield are dead," she says, her voice filled with hate. We continue running until she stops, pulling me back.

"What is your plan? You're real plan," Serina questions accusingly.

I shift uncomfortably.

"The electrifier was not made to kill tributes but.. But to deactivate the force field, using the water to send the electricity to the force field," I admit. Serina steps back in horror.

"Are you an IDIOT?! I'm shocked the gamemakers haven't killed us yet. I'm leaving. Before you're stupid idea GETS US BOTH KILLED. ROT IN HELL LUTAR!!!" She screams, her voice growing more enraged by the moment. She turns and runs away from me.

"Serina wait! I need you!" I holler, voice cracking. She doesn't stop though, and soon disappears over a sand dune. I turn and head back to my camp, batteries weighing me down in guilt.

Maya Kenneth

My hands latch onto the food I so desperately need, and I turn to run, only to see Vlad from 10 standing in my way. I veer out of the way and feel several sharp pains ram into my back. I crumple to the ground and feel myself being dragged back. I flip my head to the side to see Vlad pulling on a rusty chain, connected to half of a bear trap, which is stuck in my back.

I scream as I try to free myself from the strange, and painful weapon. Vlad Heaves me into the air and shoves me off of the bear trap. I yelp in surprise and start sprinting away, only to feel the bear trap slam into my back again. Vlad begins to laugh and I cry out in pain. Is this some sort of sick game to him?

He yanks me up into the air again and frees me from the bear trap. This time a sprint around the feast table, using it to block the bear trap. I sprint around it and to the side of the cornucopia, only to fall to the ground in pain. the bear trap wound hurts like shit and I can hardly move. I try to get back up and suddenly something very sharp slams through my back. I look back to see Vlad laughing, his sword embedded in my back. I start to scream only to have blood squirt out of my mouth and onto the sand. Vlad smiles and shoves his knife into my eye.

Artic Tsunami

Battleaxe, Elle, Titan, Maya, Petiola. Their dead bodies litter the floor, their blood splattered across supplies, clothes and the once white sand. This feast has turned into chaos, a chaos the remaining Careers can't beat. Piston and Vlad are already long gone, their shadowy outline disappearing over the horizon. Scarlet is no where to be seen, although another cannon did go off, meaning she could be dead, or that she killed Serina or Garfield.

I scoop up some more spears from the feast table and realize the only two Careers left are Scarlet and I (Or just me). The games are reaching the climax. And I need to prove myself to the last minute sponsors. Out of the corner of my eye I spot two tributes running up to the cornucopia, and suddenly I know how I'm going to get my sponsors.

Silver Sunlight

Mystic and I hit the cornucopia island and jog up it, me clutching the 8 boy's old, curved machete, Mystic griping a knife. Mystic and I already have plenty of food, and a load of weapons but, the wound on my arm the 8 boy gave me is very deep and we don't have any bandages. Right now all I've got on my gash is a piece of cloth we found in the cave. Mystic reaches the cornucopia table first, grabbing a medical kit and turning to run, I follow, covering her from behind. Suddenly, Artic from 4, runs up and flings a spear at me, I manage to deflect it with my knife.

"Mystic, grab a bow! I'll hold him off!" I shout as I sprint over to Artic, swinging my curved machete. He draws a dagger and blocks my desperate swings and counterattacks, sending his knife towards my face. I duck and roll out of the way as Mystic fires a arrow at Artic, he jumps out of the way, only to have it land in his calve.

"Come on!!!" Mystic franticly screams. Without hesitation I run back over to Mystic, praying Artic doesn't have time to recover and send something sharp into my back. I look over at Mystic as she pulls her bow back and screams for me to run faster. I pick up my pace as she releases the arrow and it starts flying past me, undoubtedly towards Artic, who is most likely ready to send a weapon at me.

Closing my eyes, I run even faster, bracing for the weapon that will skewer me. After a few more seconds, I open my eyes.

I see Mystic fall to her knees, knife stuck deep in her abdomen.

Mystic Moonlight

The next minute is a flash; Silver running towards me as blood spews from my fresh wound, Silver scooping me up and running away and seeing Artic Turn away, satisfied with one kill. Silver trudges through the water, his breaths becoming on even from all that running and carrying me (Silver isn’t exactly the strongest 12 year old in the world). Suddenly he falls into the water and I jump from his arms. He gets back up and reaches for m, this time propping me up so that we both walk.

“We--We’re gonna head back to the cave, and I’m gonna give you the medicine and your gonn---gonna--gonna be alright. Alright Mystic? You’re gonna b--be alright,” Silver says, barely holding back tears.

I shake my head in response, “No. It’s too late for me. Save yourself. Take me back to our old camp, where we played in the water and chased each other around on the beach. It’s the only place I’ve ever been happy over the last few days,” I say.

“No Mystic! I’ve already lost you once, you're not dying," Silver states.

"No matter what you do Silver, I'm going to die. Please, I'm begging you. Take me to the place where I want to die," I nearly whisper, tears starting to emerge from my eyes. Silver doesn't reply, but he leads me over to our old camp.

We pass over the sand down to see the palm trees swaying in the wind, the fire pit, now blacked and burnt, our old supplies, covered in a thin layer of sand. Silver takes me over to a palm tree and props me up against it. He sits beside me, takes my hand, and we start to cry.

"You're going to win. You have to," I finally manage to say, the pain in my gut pulling on my conciseness, "Once I die, apply the disinfectant and bandages to your wound. then take our food and head back to the cave and regain your strength. Win Silver, win for me."

Silver starts crying even harder.

"I promise Mystic, I will win for you."

I look around our camp, fondly remembering my innocence, snatched away from me by the boy from 8. My life is almost over now, I can feel it. With each bit of blood oozing from my wound I can feel myself slowly slipping into death.

"You are my best friend Silver, you always have been, you always will," I say, the tears stopping suddenly.

Silver embraces me and I can her him choking back tears.

"I'm going to miss you so much..." Silver cries.

"I know... I know... Just remember, you're strong, you're brave... You can win... I know you can..." I mutter as I close my eyes.

"I love you Mystic," Silver whispers, I open my eyes back again. I squeeze his hand tighter.

"I love you too," I reply in sadness. My eyes begin to close one last time and I look at my best friend, a small smile on his face despite all the tears pouring down his cheeks. And I smile too. Now at peace with my death.

Twilight Dawn

Another cannon of the day goes off, and I sigh, knowing so many lives have been lost. I eat one last apple before gathering some stuff up and heading to the back exit of my cavern. I really wish I could stay here longer but, I know if I don’t leave soon the gamemakers will pull something. I flip on a small flashlight and head down the passageway, rough rocky walls and a sleek metallic floor. After a about half an hour I reach a metal doorway, one opened only by sliding it to the side. I carefully set my weapon down in a spot where I can easily grab it again and slide the door open.

Instantly a blast of sunlight hits me and my eyes adjust for a moment. Finally the bright blur vanishes and I take in my surroundings. I’m on a small, raised rock over looking a beach dotted with silver spikes. The beach is rather narrow and behind me is a steep cliff with several ledges sticking out. I head down to the beach and I notice how easy it would be to trap all of the tributes down here.

That’s when it dawns on me. I’ve stumbled across the location for the final battle.

End of Part 3: Revelations

Part 3 Deaths

Elle Sirus- Stabbed by Petiola Midrib's sythe

Petiola Midrib- Skull smashed by Titan Sirus' mace

Titan Sirus- Shot by Serina Frostsword's corssbow

Garfield Slater- Stabbed by Scarlet Costella's butterfly sword

Battleaxe Ridge- Stabbed by Lutar Heaven's axe

Maya Kenneth- Stabbed by Vlad's sword

Mystic Moonlight- Skewered by Artic Tsunami's knife

Part 4: A Hope Shattered

Day 5

Scarlet Costella

The morning has a sense of finality in it. As if today is the day that my time in the arena ends (Because I'll be victor of course). I rest in the mouth of the cornucopia, watching the rain drizzle down from the sky and fall on the darkened beaches. The gloomy clouds above make everything somewhat, muted, dark and morose. The beaches, once a beautiful white, now a dark grey. The once bright waters now a murky, cold abyss. Soon Artic returns from fishing in the waters with only two, tiny fish.

“It’s like the gamemakers took all the food out of the arena or something,” he explains as he sets the fish down and shakes some of the rain water out of his hair. I glance back into the cornucopia, a empty pit since this morning. The gamemakers removed all the food and water during the night, and by the looks of things, all the animals and fruit as well. We begin eating the fish raw in silence before Artic suddenly stands up in surprise.

“Where did our weapons go?!” he shouts. I look down at my belt, noticing my butterfly swords are no longer there. We look everywhere but not a single blade is found. I look up as two silver parachutes flutter into the cornucopia and drift at our feet. One has the number 2 etched into it, the other, a 4. I slowly open the package to discover a note, and something from home. A pair of pitch black butterfly swords and a few glaives, each with my name bejeweled into them. I read the note after putting the weapons into my belt.

Dear Scarlet Costella, District 2 female;

Today will be the final day of the games and to insure that we have removed all sources of food, water and weapons from the arena. From now on you may only use the weapons given to you from the package and all alliances are considered null and void.


Head Gamemaker, Hullum Finish

I put down the note in shock and look over at Artic just in time to see his knife flying towards my face.

I quickly dive out of the way, immediately grabbing on of my glaives. I jump back up to my feet and take in his weapon arsenal; two spears and two knives.

“That quick huh?” I ask, eager to spill the oaf from 4’s blood.

“You know Scarlet, I never liked you. I’ve always though you were barbaric, bossy and extremely arrogant. I’m going to take much pleasure in killing you,” Artic taunts, drawing a spear.

I sprint forward, shoving my glaive at Artic's chest. He sideswipes the blow with his spear and with his other hand, punches me in the nose. I stagger back, slicing my glaive through the air to make sure he can't counterattack as I slowly pull one of my butterfly swords from my belt. Artic takes his chance and throws his spear at me, I jump out of the way again, but this time it hits me in the calf. I rip the spear out and toss it aside as I pull my butterfly sword out and slice at his arm.

Blood flies from the underside of his forearm as my glaive slices across it. Artic falls back and into the water.

That's when I notice the rain is coming down much harder, and that the island is slowly sinking bellow the sea. Without hesitation I sprint out of the cornucopia and hurry towards the atoll, panic and fear coursing through my veins.

I can't swim!!! I CAN'T FUCKING SWIM!!!

I splash through the water, hoping, praying that the water is still shallow enough so that I can reach dry land. Thankfully, I manage to reach the atoll, barely keeping my head above the water, and take in my surroundings. By the looks of it the Western part of the atoll is completely submerged, but the rocky area to the East looks like it's the highest up.

Running towards the rocky area, I notice the other tributes have the same idea and some of them are already approaching the top. I reach the rocks and start scrambling up them, determined to kill the other tributes before the water kills me, and in no time, I'm at the top.

But no one else is up here.

I look around, brandishing my glaive and I see the other side of the top is a drop off of sorts. I run over to it and see the other tributes slowly inching their way down onto the small beach, which somehow isn't effected by the rising water.

I smirk as the wind whips my hair around. The beach is small, enclosed, with almost no way out. The other tributes might as well be dead.

Silver Sunlight

Water rushes into the cave, preventing me from swimming out. The surge of water presses me into the back of the cave as the cavern begins to fill with the now deadly blue liquid. The water goes higher and higher and I start to cry.

I’m so sorry Mystic.

As I close my eyes, submitting to death, I see Mystic, laying under the palm tree as she slowly died, telling me I could win.

And I will win. I quickly open my eyes back up and get in a position to use my legs to shoot me forward. I slowly squat against the wall before quickly launching myself forward with my legs. I fly up and my fingers barely grip the edge of the cave as gallons of salty water try to push me back. I struggle, but eventually I pull myself out.

I look around the arena in shock, the Western half is completely submerged and the top of the cornucopia is the only thing left of the cornucopia island. Without hesitation and run over to the rocks and climb up to the top, gripping my sponsor weapons, a machete and two knives. I reach the top and look over the cliff to see the majority of the tributes going down, including the remaining Careers. There’s no way I’m going down there.

And that’s when the wind picks up. The rain water suddenly flies towards the ground nearly sideways as the wind increases speed, sending me towards the cliff. I jump down, gripping the cliff face, determined to survive.

It looks like all the tributes will be down on that beach, one way or another.

Serina Frostswords

I slowly make my way down the cliff face, counting the tributes around me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 5 tributes are almost down at the beach, with the exception of Twilight from 7, who's at the bottom, pounding on something with his sword. I look up to see Lutar about 20 feet above, carrying that stupid device of hers. Reaching a small ledge, I stop and load a bolt into my sponsor crossbow, leaving four in my sheath. I fire my crossbow at Lutar, but the wind and rain alter the trajectory, and I end up hitting air instead of Lutar.

Cursing my luck, I decide it's a better idea to make it down to the beach instead of wasting ammo. Eventually I reach the bottom and stagger over to one of the metal spikes in the sand, with the high winds trying to knock me off my feet. The water starts coming down even harder, and lighting strikes through the sky, slamming into one of the nearby spikes. I jump back in surprise, realizing if that hit my spike, I'd be burnt to a crisp. The wind blows me over to some rocks and I lock onto them with one hand, the other grabbing my crossbow.

Here's my chance to kill Lutar.

Vlad (Too lazy to spell his whole name)

A huge smile forms on my face as I see that pathetic excuse of a tribute named Lutar slowly make her way down the cliff. She’s struggling so much because of some stupid thing she’s carrying. Her lack of speed is going to make it so much easier to kill her.

I grab my bear-trap weapon and fling it down at Lutar, she screams in surprise and horror and manages to dodge. Not only does my wicked torture device slam into the rock, a bolt from a crossbow does as well.

Panic and fear appears on Lutar’s face, causing her to slip from the cliff and fall onto a ledge 10 feet bellow. She screams in pain and struggles to get back up as I quickly climb down towards her. I reach my bear-trap and rip it from the rock all and send it down towards the ledge. Lutar manages to roll out of the way, but falls off the ledge in the process.

I watch as she plummets another 15 onto a rock just above the beach.

Twilight Dawn’s POV

I slam my axe again and again into the door leading to the underground cavern. The door closed as the rain began and now all these tributes are coming down here, I realized I can’t beat them, I can’t win. Not against Scarlet or Vlad or Serina. Chances are even the twelve year old from 6 could bring me down.

It’s no use though, the gamemakers want us all down here, and the door won’t open just because I’m hitting it. I sit down in defeat and it’s a good thing I did.

Because Scarlet’s butterfly sword jabbed down through the air where my head used to be. I scream in terror as she retracts her sword to her little ledge she’s sitting on, which is a few feet above my little rock on the beach.

“Come on Twilight. Why are you playing hard to get?” Scarlet taunts as she draws her second butterfly sword.

I quickly grab my other sponsor weapon, a bow, from my back pack and load one of my five arrows into it.

“D-d-don’t come d-down h-here or I’ll shot!” I say in a pathetic attempt to intimidate her. Scarlet just smiles and swings her sword at me from above again. I drop to the ground and I can literally hear the blade swipe through the air milimeters away from my head. As she pulls the sword back I quickly fire my arrow up towards her. She jumps back to the safety of her ledge and I’m given a moment of safety.

But it doesn’t last long.

Piston Black

"Please don't hurt me!" Silver from 6 cries out as I drop down onto the same ledge as him. I consider my options; kill the twelve year old, or let him be.

"Fine, just get out of here," I growl. He quickly nods and turns to leave when Artic from 4 slams into his back. I draw my axes and swing one into Artic's back. He howls in pain and rolls off of Silver. Artic gets back on his feet quickly though, as my strike didn't go very deep, and spins his spear around menacingly.

"I'll gut you like I did your pathetic little friend," he spits in rage. I see Silver jump up and run to my side.

"Get out of here," I say, not dropping my gaze from Artic.

"No, he killed Mystic, I won't let him kill anyone else," he responds. I can't help admire the kid's bravery in a moment like this. I nod and we charge Artic together.

Lutar Heaven

I moan in pain as I struggle to get back onto my feet, that last drop must’ve broken something. Glancing down at the device still cradled in my arms, I sigh in relief, it’s not broken.

Now all I have to do is get it to the water while two people try to kill me. The odds are slim, but I’ve made it this far, and no one’s going to stand between me and destroying this arena. Not Serina or Vlad or Scarlet or anyone left in this damn death trap. It’s time to finish this. Finally I regain my footing before ungracefully falling off the rock pile and face plant onto the beach.

That’s when I feel the sharp pains in my back. Screaming, I twist my head to see Vlad’s bear trap thing implanted into my back. He howls in laughter and slowly pulls the chain over to where he’s standing. As I’m pulled back, the device slips from my arms and I scream. I watch as Serina runs from her hiding spot and raises her foot over it, fully intending to destroy it.

“PLEASE!!!! DON’T!!! Put it in the water, show the Capitol they can’t treat us like pigs for slaughter!!!” I beg, tears pouring from my eye sockets as I’m pulled closer and closer to Vlad. Serina keeps her foot hovered above the device, and her expression turns confused as she has some sort of internal argument in her mind.

I feel Vlad’s arms of death wrap around me as a sharp pain enters my side. Serina raises her crossbow and aims towards me.


I feel Vlad’s grip loosen instantly as I drop back onto the ground. Serina runs towards me and helps me up, allowing me to use her as support.

“Why?” I ask weakly.

“I still hate you for what you’ve done... But I don’t want our ally’s sacrifices to go to waste,” she explains. We slowly make or way over to the device, fighting the gale force winds as blood flies from my wounds. Serina hands me the device, and we approach the beachfront, dark indigo waves crashing against it like cannon fire exploding against castle walls. I grip the wires and throw them into the water, and watch the ocean crackle with electricity.

And that’s when the sky turns to fire.

Artic Tsunami

I hardly register the force field disintegrate as I duel Piston and Silver. They may be good, but I’m a strategist, and I know I can win this. In one hand I hold my spear, and throw jab after jab at Piston as he slashes at me with his axe, in my other hand I hold one of my knives, which I use to counter Silver’s machete.

The gamemakers are not too happy about their arena being destroyed, but they can’t exactly pause the games in a moment like this, but they can prevent us from escaping by making the rain come down even harder, making the winds pick up even harder and making the waves increase in size and speed.

Soon the winds prove too strong for Silver, and he’s blown off our little outcrop and onto another ledge.

It’s just me and Piston.

I quickly take advantage of Piston’s surprise and stab him in the arm with my spear. The wound isn’t deep, but blood spews from the fresh wound. Piston staggers back and I kick him off the ledge and onto the beach bellow.

I’m about to throw my spear down into his chest when I hear it.

The sound of hovercrafts.

I look up in shock as three hovercrafts hover above the top of the cliff. But what surprises me even more is that they don’t have the Capitol symbol. On each hovercraft a door slides open and a ladder falls down onto the ground. On the one in the middle a man leans out of the hovercraft with a megaphone.

“Come into the hovercrafts!!! We can take you out of the arena!!! You can all live! BUT HURRY!!!” she bellows over the wind. I quickly take action, and scale the cliff (I’m already pretty high up) and reach the top. The man seems to be surprised that someone got up the cliff so quickly.

But he’s even more surprised when my spear enters his chest. He stagger back in shock and falls out of the hovercraft and the wind carries him over the cliff and into the water bellow.

I weighed my options, and chances are the Capitol will destroy these rebel ships before I can escape.

And it seems like I was right, because a missile streaks through the air and hits the hovercraft on the right.

And sends it down right towards me.

Part 4 Deaths

Vlad- Bolt to the face from Serina Frostswords

Part 5: Vendetta

Twilight Dawn

No words can describe the chaos that erupted when the first hovercraft blew up. Bits of fiery, metal rain down from the sky, causing Scarlet to leap from her perch. I crawl up to the door, using the ledge above to deflect the deadly shrapnel.

Eventually the explosion dies down and I run out from my hiding spot. Only two hovercrafts remain, and I have to get out of this arena. I begin furiously climbing the cliff and head towards the top. The whole way the wind threatens to fling me from the cliff and to my death, but somehow I manage to keep my hold on the rocky wall. I scramble up to the top and come face to face with Silver from 6.

"Don't hurt me!" he croaks, raising some sort of curved machete.

"I won't, come on let's get out of here!!!" I scream, barely audible over the howling rain. We run over to one of the ladders, whipping back and worth in the fierce air current.

That's when the knife enters my calve.

Silver Sunlight

"Twilight!" I yell as he crumples to the ground, withering in pain. I look up and see a deformed Artic standing before me. Bright red burns, grey, crispy hair and pieces of shrapnel litter his body. But the most disturbing thing is the smile on his face.

"I. WILL. WIN!" he screeches as he sprints towards me, no doubt hell bent in driving his knife into my skull. I should run. But if I do, Twilight will die.

And this is the tribute from 4. And he killed Mystic.

I charge Artic, swinging my machete at his face. He deflects it with his knife and laughs, sounding more hyena then man, and draws a second knife. I charge once more, and suddenly, it doesn't matter that I might die from this maniac, I will avenge Mystic. Even if it's the last thing I do.

Lutar Heaven

Serina props me up under her right shoulder as we slowly make our way up a less steep portion of the cliff. I may be bleeding out, but we will make it to those hovercrafts in time. I just know it.

"You know Serina, I didn't want all of you to die. I just... Wanted to show the Capitol we weren't their toys. That we were more then something that could be discarded after a few days of play," I say, hoping that Serina will finally understand. She just nods and we continue up the cliff until we reach the top.

Finally, my goal since I was reaped floats above the ground a mere 20 feet away. And only one tribute stands between me and those hovercrafts; Scarlet Costella.

“Let us go Scarlet. Don’t you see?! We can all like now!” Serina shouts.

Scarlet just scowls, ”Only one can win.”

She draws her butterfly swords and smiles, eager to kill us no doubt. Serina raises her crossbow but I throw my hand out in front of her. After five days in the arena, I finally understand why everyone hates me so much. All along my plan only ensured my safety, not the other kind-hearted tributes in this arena. And we’ve lost Garfield, Shield, Hertz and even Kyri and Mystic because of it. But I have a new plan now, one based on selflessness, not my own greedy vendetta to show the Captiol who’s boss. I will help the others escape the arena, even if I die in the process.

“Serina, go to the hovercrafts, and get out of this hell-hole. I’ll hold this bitch off myself,” I order, drawing my throwing knives.

“You won’t stand a chance!” Serina protests.

“I know,” I respond, my voice not wavering. She looks at me for a moment, and nods.

“May the odds be ever in your favor,” she says simply before, running to the side, intending to loop around Scarlet.

“I never liked that saying,” I growl as I approach a grinning Scarlet.

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