Welcome to Brony's and Fantasyfilm's user games (We will both be working on this)! To start I just want to say this has nothing to do with the fight and/or revenge, it's just for fun! If you want to be a tribute just say which District you want to be in, your skills (can be made up, just not overpowered) and plans for the games (If you want to ally with another user they must agree)! This might have reapings, chariot rides, training scores and interviews but I'm not sure...


District Female User Male User
1 Anna (purplex) Tommyboy
2 IRH Districtribute
3 Skybender Kenzen
4 Leshawna Rockman
5 foxface Bklmc5
6 Newgirl Wolverine
7 Effie Luna TDR
8 anon Akuhano
9 Necterine moviepopcorn
10 Firecatcher JER
11 Bookworm Nate
12 Clove District2

Day 1: Bloodbath

This year the tributes will be inserted into the arena a different way; each tribute choses two weapons of their choice and a back pack (which they don't know what it contains) and then board a hovercraft with the rest of their alliance and are randomly dropped off in the arena. The arena is a large forest with supplies hidden in locations. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Th Career pack lands on the ground and their hovercraft disappears. They search their back packs and ready their weapons.

"So... what do we do now?" Tommyboy asks the group. They all look to their leader, Wolverine, for the answer.

"I say we go tribute hunting!!!" He says with a grin. They all nod in assent and the pack dashes through the woods.

Anon and Akuhano decide to check their back packs for supplies before heading off. Anon finds some crackers, a water bottle, sunglasses and a sleeping bag. Akuhano gets the same thing. They both choose to go looking for a hiding spot.

"What should we do first?" Effie asks her alliance of Purplex and Leshawna.

"I say we climb a tree and wait a little while before going anywhere," Purplex says. Both of the other girls know she's just nervous about the death threat the Careers sent her for not joining them. But they both agree to set her mind at ease.

JER also climbs a tree but, he does it to get a look at the landscape, not to hide from the pack. Half way up he sees a tracker jacker nest and climbs back down, remembering what happened to his friend when he messed with a nest.


TDR's axe slams into a tree, already have hit a bird midair. He already found out that his pack didn't have any food inside so he's started hunting to make up for it. He's hit four birds in total now, and wants to find more.

Newgirl has been spending her time trying to find a river, she has iodine but no water in a her back pack.

Clove has spent her time setting up a small camp in a thick pacth of bushes containing berries she recognizies from training. She also has a sleeping bag, water bottle and a medicine kit.

Even though Nate, Moviepopcorn, Rockman, Necterine and Foxface are in a five member alliance, they still try to keep quiet to avoid detection from the eight member strong Career pack. Their alliance is thriving and the've gotten lots of supplies from their back packs and from gathering.

Firecatcher has been tracking some animal for the past hour (that's how long everyone has been in the arena) and when she does, it turns out to be a buck. She shots it and marvels about how long the meat will last her.

Distrct2 has carefully scanning the areana for any signs of the other tributes with his binoculars and has found no trace.

Everyone's good at hiding. But a battle will brew eventully.

(okay, now it's time for the question part of these games. You and everyone in your alliance has to decide on a direction to go in. North, South, East, West and all the directions inbetween like north-west. One direction might send you into a mutt infested area, while another might bring you to a spot that's loaded with wild game.)

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