TItanic Games

Before I begin, for all yall who don't know what the Titanic is; it was a luxary ocean liner that hit and iceberg, sank and most people died because of the small number of life boats! Link for more info!: RMS Titanic

Tributes (USER GAMES!!!!)

Tell me personality and district

Slot User Class (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Placement
1 Ilovepeeta 1st Class
2 QuinnQuinn 1st Class
3 Necterine 1st Class
4 Everdeen 2nd Class
5 KwanKwan 1st Class
6 Supercutekitten 2nd Class
7 WooWoo 2nd Class
8 Iluvegale ??? Class
9 Movie 2nd Class
10 Tris 2nd Class

No males and females so anyone can join.

Only 4 users (4 slots left) can be in 1st class, fancyest and acess to lifeboats quicker) 4 in 2nd (Decent acomodations and decent acess to life boats) and the rest in 3rd (O.K. ship stuff and its nearly impossible to acess the life boat deck)!


Hmmmmm... Idk maybe... The Titanic. Based in Panem times though.

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