This is the sequel to The Dead Games in which I am almost done. Took a break to think of some new ideas and hell do I have some. This story follows my second Victor Enili McGee, winner of the 121st Hunger Games written by ~PopTart~. I’ll start off Enili’s tales as soon as Logan’s is finished.

Here let me explain things about this story. I would like Tributes who participated in the 121st to be in this if they can. Enili can see the dead like Logan can and interact with them. Tributes from previous Games can also be in this story but they must be from a prior Games to the 121st Games, a tribute from like the 145th or 150th Game wouldn’t make since in this story takes place right after Enili’s Game.

Now the Dead are unhappy with how the Capitol had treated them when they were alive so they want to seek out revenge on their former overlords. So if you like to contribute a Tribute to join in the rebellion led by Katniss, tell me. If your tribute doesn’t want to seek out revenge and aid Enili in her quest let me know. Just tell me their names, and give me a link to the Game your tribute was in so I can use from of the info from there.


I'm just going to list them all incase I use them in this story.

Enili McGee --- Victor of the 121st Hunger Games, Enili has been living in regret about what she had done in her Game. She has been haunted by visions she cannot explain and things get even worse when her old ally comes back from beyond to warn her of the effects the Hunger Games have had on the people of Panem.

Lucifer Fingal --- District 13 Male Tribute for the 121st Hunger Games, this loner was freed from the Capitol’s control in the Arena.

Logan Hawkeye --- Victor of the 100th Hunger Games, he’s probably the only one who understands Enili better than anyone else.

Aniju --- A mysterious albino lady who seems capable of passing in-between worlds. She seems to know of events that are to come.

Demonclaw --- Demonic Cat Ruler of the Land of the Dead.

Alonzo Mourning --- Captain of the Guard and District 10 Tribute for the 90th Hunger Games.

Silks Cullbert --- District 8 Male Tribute for the 88th Hunger Games

Clarabella Keen --- District 6 Younger Female Tribute for the 100th Hunger Games

Ella Flashman ---District 3 Female Tribute for the First Alliance Games

Cecil Van Helsing --- District 12 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Gin Tonic --- District 3 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Josh Rhogan --- District 7 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Pantxo Nequoia --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 123th Games

Utopia McCool --- Capitol Female Tribute for the 123th Games or 124th Games

She-Ra Bourne --- District 1 Female Tribute, the 124th Games Crochet Friskers

Orinoco Sundance --- District 4 Male Tribute for the 101st Hunger Games

Gazebo Keen ---- District 6 Male Tribute for the 101st Hunger Games

Mitch Hawkeye --- Younger brother of Logan

Moe McGee --- Younger brother of Enili

Flo Morning --- Older sister to Alonzo and mother of Cecil

Makonkie Keen --- Older sister of Gazebo and Clarabella

Mist Keen --- Mother of Buttercup and daughter of Makonkie

Carlos Tonic --- Older brother of Gin

Kaluha Nequoia --- Wife of Pantxo

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