Revive The Dead Games follows Slyder through her Hunger Game and a familiar face from the past reappears and becomes an unlikely ally.

Important Pre-Game Stuff

Here’s how this is going down. The story follows what Slyder is doing but since this is a Hunger Games, I’ll need other tributes to compete as well. They will get their own point of views and there be a winner since Slyder’s plot doesn’t necessarily need her to win. Tributes from past Games also appear here, some were lucky enough to be brought back to life from the edge of death and were experimented on in District 14. They will be used as obstacles for the Tributes to deal with in their Hunger Game. This story takes place after the 250th Games so tributes from any Game prior to that can appear here. Besides Tributes, Victors from past Games will also get a point of view since event taking place outside the Arena as just as important as what happens within. So if you have a Victor from a previous Game you like to be mention feel free to tell me about them. I only need a few Victors to act as Mentors however, so many one for each District please. Let me explain the Dead Games series, it is about Victors who can see dead tributes from their own and privious Hunger Games. They have to help the dead as well as defeat the ones who wish to come back to the World of the Living. The first story follows Logan,my first Victor who won the 100th Hunger Games by ~PopTart~. The second which I wish I would have had time to finish called Day of the Dead Games followed my second Victor Enili who won the 121st Hunger Games by ~PopTart~ again. This story however doesn't follow a Victor but a chosen one named Slyder who has yet to part take in her own Hunger Game. Gerald from the Vengence Games, by CloveIsMyWife, returned after he was brought back to life and now he decided to aid Slyder. And that's basically what the Dead Game Series is about. Also I have a wiki in which I put greater detail about my characters The Hunger Games Fanon Wiki. It would also help me out if some people went over there and started making pages for their character.  It comments take a long time to read and it is hard to relocate the right comment with info on it. Finding a page is faster and easier and you gusy can put more info about your characters on their pages. The more info I have on a character the better the character will be. Thansk everyone now on to the important stuff!

There are some important things to know. Now I know there are loads of District 14 and 0 floating around but here are my versions;

Distirct 14 it is an unknown yet not an offical District formed in secret near the Capitol. It is located right outside of the Arena used for Hunger Games. The inhabitance of District 14 are used for various experiments so the Revived Tributes currenlt live here.

The President of Panem is currently Billy, who is the aunt fo Cecil, one of my other tributes.

District 0 is where dead Tributes go after they were killed during their Hunger Games, so it is not apart of Panem. In the Land of the Dead this section is simply refered to as District 0.

The Revived Tributes actually age slower after they have been revived so they will look around the age they died. Gerald was 15 when he was killed, which explains why he doesn't look his age. This Hunger Game is the 228th Hunger Games but because Kine is in charge of making this Game, it seems more like a Quell. Kine likes to do things differently, there be some changes to the Game based off of whatever he likes and wants to do. Kine also has hiden Easter Eggs all around the Arena which can provide many useful things ranging from weapons and supplies to enchantments and special upgrades for the tributes to use.


Main Characters

Slyder Crescendo --- District 12 Female Tribute, Slyder was reaped into whatever Hunger Games this is. Slyder is stubborn, headstrong and a loud mouth. This Dare Devil allied with one of the revived, Gerald, and seeks to prevent the destruction of her nation, even if it tries to kill her, from the dead.

Gerald Durrell --- District 13 Male Tribute for the Vengeance Games, after Gerald died he was given a gift from the Albino Lady and revived by the White Coats. Gerald was experimented on, refining his disease know known as GTB, Genocide Tuberculosis, allowing him to control his disease and infect others at a faster rate.

Other Characters

My other characters who will probably make an appearance.

Enili McGee --- Victor of the 121st Hunger Games

Logan Hawkeye --- Victor of the 100th Hunger Games

Lucifer Fingal --- District 13 born loner who was freed from the Capitol’s control in the Arena.

Aniju --- A mysterious albino lady who seems capable of passing in-between worlds. She seems to know of events that are to come.

Dante Royal – A strange boy from District 9 who was reaped into the 101st Hunger Games.

Demonclaw --- Demonic Cat Overlord of the Land of the Dead.

Alonzo Mourning --- Captain of the Guard and District 10 Tribute for the 90th Hunger Games.

Silks Cullbert --- District 8 Male Tribute for the 88th Hunger Games

Clarabella Keen --- District 6 Younger Female Tribute for the 100th Hunger Games

Ella Flashman ---District 3 Female Tribute for the First Alliance Games

Cecil Van Helsing --- District 12 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Gin Tonic --- District 3 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Josh Rhogan --- District 7 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Pantxo Nequoia --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 123th Games

Utopia McCool --- Capitol Female Tribute for the 123th Games or 124th Games

She-Ra Bourne --- District 1 Female Tribute, the 124th Games Crochet Friskers

Orinoco Sundance --- District 4 Male Tribute for the 101st Hunger Games

Gazebo Keen ---- District 6 Male Tribute for the 101st Hunger Games

Family Members

Mitch Hawkeye --- Younger brother of Logan

Moe McGee --- Younger brother of Enili

Flo Morning --- Older sister to Alonzo and mother of Cecil

Makonkie Keen --- Older sister of Gazebo and Clarabella

Mist Keen --- Mother of Buttercup and daughter of Makonkie

Carlos Tonic --- Older brother of Gin

Kaluha Nequoia --- Wife of Pantxo

White Coats

The group of scientist commonly known as White Coats by their experience.

Kine Blackberry – Kine is the Head Scientist and the one who figured out how to revive the dead tributes and experiment on them, which he seems to do more for fun.

Lutin aka Snotbubble – Lutin, more commonly known as Snotbubble, is the Heads Gamemaker for the current Hunger Games. Snotbubble is psychotic and mentally unstable. He takes pleasure in taking things apart and putting them back together and tinkering with things he shouldn’t tinker with. A green glowing liquid oozes from his mouth, nose and eyes which gave him his nickname Snotbubble.

Dylan Silverweed – One of the scientists, he’s tents to be more merciless with his experiments. 

George Buckthorn – One of the scientists, he is in charge of all the male revived tributes

Young Speedwell – She’s one of the kinder scientists, she is in charge of all the mutts

Lisa Lopez – One of the scientists, she is in charge of all the female revived tributes


Capitol Escort --- Ernesto Swift (Sparrow) He was in his split personality Sparrow

District 1 Escort --- Ricou Ilanga

District 2 Escort --- Crumble Jimpson

District 3 Escort --- Moliere Rednose

District 4 Escort --- Mumbulu Njovu

District 5 Escort --- Woolf McDreamy

District 6 Escort --- Kiboko Njovu

District 7 Escort ---- Kaluha Nequoia

District 8 Escort ---- Jan Kriple

District 9 Escort ---- Arcee Lebowski

District 10 Escort ---- Loredo Mentawai

District 11 Escort ---- Shallot Mauer

District 12 Escort ---- Eigg Hudson

District 13 Escort ---- Marxxs McGee

Art Gallery

Pictures I have drawn for me fan-fictions. Art Concepts for characters.


The New Tributes who were reaped into whatever Game this is, sometime after the 225th Hunger Games and the Vengeance Games. The new tributes will be from the Capitol to District 13, one male and female from each. They will have to not only survive each other but the revive tributes from past Hunger Games and whatever the Gamemakers throw at them. Two New Tributes per-user please,  users can have a total of four tributes, two New and two Revived.

New Tributes
District Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Female Oona Jaina Cree 17 Knife Thena.airice14
Capitol Male Smick Trinket 16 Mines Nhtomahawks22
District 1 Female Chloe Madison 14 Bow and Arrows Theman77
District 1 Male Jake Lehouk 15 Throwing Knives Crazytrainftw
District 2 Female  Ivory Kranium 16 War Axe AxedFox
District 2 Male Konlok Vice 16 Harpoon AxedFox
District 3 Female Selene Davae 15 Daggers .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
District 3 Male Aiden McFinnegan 17 Electronic FastFoodKnight
District 4 Female Naomi Eribach 17 Spear ~PopTart~
District 4 Male Sandy Shipwreck 14 Trident Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 5 Female Lakota Feah 12 Knives .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
District 5 Male Chase Pansworth 14 Slingshot and blowgun Nhtomahawks22
District 6 Female Paola Fernand 18 Wooden Club ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 6 Male Asper Dell 16 Mace or Blowgun The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 7 Female Selena Kyle 17 Whip Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 7 Male Rowan Winter 17 Anything TheMysteriousGeek
District 8 Female Reeba Alyce Graver 15 Machete Thena.airice14
District 8 Male Xavier Thread 15 Traps TheMysteriousGeek
District 9 Female Quinoa Soal 16 Scythe The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 9 Male Craig Albert Corios 18 Spear Ougi-kun
District 10 Female Grace Pearson 13 Sword Crazytrainftw
District 10 Male Frankie Moorland 18 Pitfork District10male
District 11 Female Skye Silverguard 13 Bow and Arrows Annamisasa
District 11 Male Conner Machado 17 Axe ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 12 Female Slyder Crescendo 17 Crossbow Aniju Aura
District 12 Male Telav Tibaabi 14 Bow and Arrows District10male
District 13 Female Sloan Gardner 12 stiletto FastFoodKnight
District 13 Male Thomas Adrian Parker 13 Spear Theman77

Revived Tributes

Revive Tributes are those from past Hunger Games that have died but their bodies were taken to the Science Lab by District 14 and brought back to life. However this came at a cost for them, they were experimented on and mutated, and few were given various powers. The scientists found it amusing to relate the tributes powers to how they died and/or something that was their crowning trait while they were alive. Such as Gerald’s tuberculosis, which made him different from the other tributes, he was infected with a more refine form of the disease allowing him to control it; however it comes at a cost for Gerald. The Revived Tributes cannot win the Hunger Games, they all belong to the head scientist Kine. Two Revived Tributes per-user, users can have a total of four tributes, two New and two Revived.

Revived Tributes
District Name Weaopn Power User
Capitol Female Ivi Cade Stealth Control Panel .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
Capitol Male Fabio Batone Axe Poison Bite ~PopTart~
District 1 Female Jackie Devilin Throwing Knives Creates poison darts Theman77
District 1 Male Emerald Yacht Spear Crystal skin Nhtomahawks22
District 2 Female Geneive Terrion Mace Ants Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 2 Male Axel Golden Axe Invisiblity Nhtomahawks22
District 3 Female Yuna Besaid Spears and alws Healing Annamisasa
District 3 Male Gin Tonic Blowgun Technology Aniju Aura
District 4 Female Melony Yanis Net and Club Telekinesis FastFoodKnight
District 4 Male Pirate Mast Anything suitable Water Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 5 Female Petra Liit Axe Reptile Muttant The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 5 Male Pamline Falcone Mace and Axe Beserk The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 6 Female Serelle Calter Bow and Arrow Electricity Thena.airice14
District 6 Male Peter Needle Needles TBD Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 7 Female Hanna Mason Axe Ice AxedFox
District 7 Male Cornelius Richards None intangible FastFoodKnight
District 8 Female Cleo Welch Throwing Knives TBD ~PopTart~
District 8 Male John Kirk Knife Muttant Ougi-kun
District 9 Female Oreale Gae Axes and Knives Flight .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
District 9 Male Bluestar Ngome Shurikens Fire District10male
District 10 Female Isis Hathora Knife Spriggan ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 10 Male Robin Slide Sword Controls sand ViniciusDeAssis1999
District 11 Female Jay Sparrow Voice Mimic TheMysteriousGeek
District 11 Male Ayaan Hlupe Spear Spikes Thena.airice14
District 12 Female Holly Edwardson None Illusion TheMysteriousGeek
District 12 Male Prokop Clovis Whip and Axe Sound AxedFox
District 13 Female Leeya Gongzhou Bagh Nakh Claws District10male
District 13 Male Gerald Durrell Spear GTB Aniju Aura

I been figuring out from of thedead tributes who will appear here and given a few some powers. I'll explain in greater detail of their powers later, or if they have a page on Hunger Games Fanon Wiki.


A list of Escorts

Capitol Escort --- Ernesto Swift (Sparrow) He was in his split personality Sparrow

District 1 Escort --- Ricou Ilanga

District 2 Escort --- Crumble Jimpson

District 3 Escort --- Moliere Rednose

District 4 Escort --- Mumbulu Njovu

District 5 Escort --- Woolf McDreamy

District 6 Escort --- Kiboko Njovu

District 7 Escort ---- Kaluha Nequoia

District 8 Escort ---- Jan Kriple

District 9 Escort ---- Arcee Lebowski

District 10 Escort ---- Loredo Mentawai

District 11 Escort ---- Marxxs McGee

District 12 Escort ---- Eigg Hudson

District 13 Escort ---- Shallot Mauer


Everyone will get an addiction $50 per Mentor they submit. Revive the Dead Game is the 228th Hunger Games, so please give me Mentors before hand in-between the 150th to 127th Hunger Games. Just fill out the info.

District Name Age Gender Hunger Games User
District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4 Pearl Harbour 75 Female 165th Games Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 5 Amalfi Crescent 39 Female 205th Games Thena.airice14
District 6
District 7 Summer Seasons 21 Female 221th Games Prezziesnow9704:)!
District 8 Ayleta Hier unknown Female 55th Games Thena.airice14
District 9 Wolfface Jian Heixing 88 Female 155th Games District10male
District 10
District 11
District 12
District 13


The Arena is a futuristic city fill with tall buildings made of metal, wires, pipes, tubes and glass. It is always dark in the Arena and in the sky, the Gamemakers and Scientist head quarters can be seen at all times. A tall tower simply known as The Pillar stands at the center which houses a giant artufical sun. Constent music can be heard over the loudspeakers. A large clock shaped like a moon is the only form of time in the Arena, other than clocks found inside the building, however none fo these have correct time. A sun or a moon will rise on the face of the clock to show AM or PM. To west there is a large Gothic Church topped with bells and to the south is the only park called South Park complete with a small forest and lake. There are three Domed Buildings each containing a different theme, the first is an Amusment Park, the second is a Museum and the last is a Coliseum where a deadly surpise awaits. Tributes will have to find food and resources inside the buildings but they will also find other surpirses some good and some bad. I think I will call it Tokio after ViniciusDeAssis1999's misspelling of Tokyo.


Only New Tributes will need sponoring. Everyone gets 500 per-tribute, so if you have just one tribute you have 500 to sponor them. If you have two you'll get 1000. Revived Tributes don't get sponsoring but you'll get an extra 100 per-Revived tribute you enter as well as get an extra 100 if you guy part of the Arena right. The Revived Tributes will try and take the sponsor gifts from the New Tributes. If your tribute(s) die you can them sponor someone else's tribute.

Please Note that Revived Tributes Can't Be Sponsored since they have everything they need in the Arena and Kine wants them to steal from the Tributes.


Sword - 100

Trident - 100

Knife - 30

Throwing knives (6) - 50

Mechete - 30

Spear - 40

Bow and Arrow (10) - 60

Shurikens (Throwing Stars) (10) - 30

Whip - 30

Neddles (10) - 20

Crossbow (10 Arrows) - 50

Battle Axe - 70

Axe - 50

Wooden Axe - 30

Throwing Axes (2) - 30

Tomahawk - 20

Pickaxe - 30

Mace - 40

Spiked Mace - 70

Stiletto (5) - 40

Saber - 60

Sickle- 40

Hammer --- 70

Club - 30

Staff --- 20

Boomerang - 30


Cut Medicine - 30

Burn Medicine - 30

Anti-poison - 50

TB Medicine - 50

Bandages - 30

BandAids (5) - 20

Mushroom (1) - 100

Pain Pills - 40


Blanket - 30

Steel Toe Boots - 40

Flash Light - 30

Lamp - 40

Cooking Stove - 50 (The small one for camping)

Tent - 70

Sleeping bag - 50

Jacket - 50

Wire - 40

Matches (3) - 30

Lighter - 50

Empty Bakcpack - 50

Backpack - 100 (Contains random supplies)

Wooden Shield - 100

Poison - 50

Food and Drinks

Water- 30

Milk - 40

Chicken Leg (2) - 20

Whole Chicken - 50

Can Food - 30

Apples (3) - 10

Bread - 30

Candy (5) - 10 (Chocolate bar, sour candy, hard candy, brownie with nuts) 

Cheese wheel - 30

Soda - 40

Engery Drink - 50

Coffee - 30

Pizza Slice - 30

Whole Pizza (10 slices) - 50

Cheese Burger - 30

Hot Dog - 30

Steak Dinner (Steak, baked potato, salad, and pie, your choice of apple, pumpkin or cherry) - 100

Upgrades (Are random stuff that can be given to a tribute)

Knowladge - 100 (Ernesto will teach tribute something useful)

Enchant - 100 (Impowers weapons)

Ester Eggs (Can not be bought but wil be found by the Tributes througouth the Arena)

Animal Alliance - Causes Animals to ally with tribute for a short time

Become Ethernal - Tribute can not harm or be harmed for a short time

Disarm - Caused other tributes to drop their weapons for asecond

Dismay - Other tributes will run in fear from user, including allies Jump Space - Allows Tributes to escape danger

Iron Skin - Armors Tribute for a short time

Revive Alliance - Causes Revived Tributes to ally with tribute for a short while

Hammer of Dread - A magical weapon with the power of Fire

Thunder Bow - Also known as Slasho's bow, is a magical weapon with the power of lighten

Dawn Bringer - A magical blade with the power of Fire (Glows with a small sun at the center)

Somber Blade - A magical sword with the power of frost

Sparky Sparky BoomMan - A magical boomerage with the power of lighten

EnV - A magical spear with the power of lighten

Fire Axe - A magical axe with the power fo fire

Madusa - A magical whip tipped with poison teeth

Fury of Hydra - A magical trident with the power of lighten

The Slasher - A magical katana sword with the power of fire (Also known as the Betrayal sword because it gets strong if used to slay a companion)

Tribute Sponsering Money

Thena.airice14 --- $ 1250

Nhtomahawks22 --- $700

Theman77 --- $ 1100

Crazytrainftw --- $ 1000

AxedFox --- $1100

.:~*Golden Viper*~:. --- $1200

FastFoodKnight --- $1200

~PopTart~ --- $1500

ViniciusDeAssis1999 --- $1200

TheMysteriousGeek --- $1200

District10male --- $1050

Prezziesnow9704:)! --- 880


Gerall Durrell Point of Veiw:

Darkness... That was all I was aware of. I wasn't sure if I was thinking, alseep or even alive. I didn't feel anything. I didn't remember anything. Then I saw a light. It was brillient! Then something in the air drifted into my ears. A voice.

"Hello Gerald..."

A voice from a white lady in the light. I had no control of myself. I could not respone nor did I know how to. I was just observing.

"I've been watching you. All of you in the Games and I have chosen you. The most worthy."

She placed her hand on my chest.

"I grant you a gift. The gift of life so you may live on protecting those around you."

There was a sharp pain throughout my body. This was the first time I became aware of something. He was intense. The worse pain I ever felt. A image of faces, people I knew, flash before my eyes. I could not blink nor look away. I saw my mother smiling at me, my sister Molly, she always loved to play games with me, my brother Cameron, he always joking around with me, and my grandfather so proud of me. The pain edded away leaving me feeling tired and sad. The imaged left me and I saw the Albino Lady again. She with drew back into the light smiling at me and said "Live Gerald."

Everything faded into blackness again before I felt something light hitting my face. My body was thrown into something hard with a thump. My eyes slowly opened. All I saw was a blurr so I blinked a couple of times. It was cold and I could hear voices talking.

"Hey Sir, this one is still alive!"

Some guy in ragged clothes standing above said. I could hear another person appoacing but he was out of my line vision. There was another thump as someone else was through beside me.

"This bastard still alive, eh?" A man's voise said. "Well saves us time bringing him back."

"Should we throw him back?" Another person, a younger man, asked.

"No, the veiwers already think he is dead. He's not going to win anyways. Save us a second time collecting his body. We'll take him back to Kine. He'll love to experiment on him."

What was going on? Oh yeah, I was last with Lizzie and Tres before I blacked out. I wondered where they were as the hoover craft took off with me and Battleaxe dead body on top of me. Damn this guy was big. If it wasn't for the craft's sharp turn that knocked his body off of me, I would have suffocated to death under him. I guess he was killed too. Bet Gabrielle was beside herself with grief. I always kind of looked up to Battleaxe. He was cool. Fuck Piper, she abandon me and the others along with Luke. Hope she dies somewhere... No I don't mean that. I didn't have the energy to really be mad or even think. Everything blacked out again.

The next time my eyes opened I found myself in a silvery metal room surrounded by lights. I was strapped to a table of some kind. It felt like being at the doctors back at District 13. I wondered if I was back home but I soon realized I wasn't. I heard voices screaming and begging for someone to stop. They sounded like they were in pain. I lifted my head but a foggy glass wall blocked my veiw on both sides. I could make out shapes of people standing over another table doing something horrible to someone on that side. A voice screamed and begged for it to be over. I recognized it to be Lucas. Whatever they were doing to him, it was causing a lot of pain. I guess he was taken out of the Arena too because there was no way in hell we were still in the Hunger Games.

Then a man came over to me who I would later learn was Kine. He just stood over me and starred. It was freaky, especially because he ingored me when I asked where was I and what was going on. Then he put his fingers to me neck and felt the TB lump. God did that hurt! I tried to turned away but he held my head down. The cold air in the room was making my throat itchy and it was hard not to cough. Then he stuck his hand to my chest like he was examining my disease. I could still hear Lucas suffering. On the other side to me they were doing something to someone else but I didn't know who.

"What are you thinking, Kine," another person in a white coat asked. It was a woman this time.

"He is the one infected with Tuberculosis. I want to do something with that."

"He's not going to make it much longer though." The women told Kine with a sign.

"Then we will have to get to work on him right away. How's that Mr. Mason coming along?" Kine asked.

"He's coming around. We got his heart beating again but he doesn't have too much brain activity." The woman looked at me and made a face. "How is he alive with that arrow in his head?"

Kine shrugged. There was an arrow in me head? I couldn't feel anything. Did they take it out? Why was there an arrow in my head?! Kine took his figured and poked something and I felt some tention on one side of my head. I guess the arrow was still in.

"I think it hit him in a way that it missed all the vital organs," Kine said running his figured threw my hair. "He must have passed out from blood lost because of that knive in his chest."

Now there was a knive in my chest?! Okay who the Hell tried to kill me? I would put a knive through their head and an arrow in their chest!... No I wouldn't. I suck at any other weapon other than my spear. I could stab someone but then again who couldn't stab someone with a knive?

Another person came over and I recognized his voice as that guy on the hover craft. Kine referred to him as Dylan. He was saying something about Lucas but I didn't really hear because the woman had place a mask over my face forcing me to breathe in some kind of gas. I felt a niddle go into my arm and then everything got numb. My eyes stayed open but I would not move. I really didn't feel anything as it all was like a dream. I don't know how long I was laying there but it must have been a while. I could see the white coats were doing some kind of surgery on my body and they kept passing tools to each over over me. Kine took a small flashlight and shined it into my eyes a few times. After the last time he shutted my eyes and I guess I fell alseep because the next time I woke up then whole thing was done. They were still doing things to Lucas, I could hear his voice.

"What's going on?" I called out in a slur. "What are they doing to you?"

He didn't responed with anything more than a whimper. I guess it was better that I didn't know what they were doing to him. They probably were going to do the same to me or they already did. The mask had warmer air in it and it felt better in my throat. I was hoping it was medicine for my TB. I remembered Kine said something about my disease. Then I finally heard a moan to my left where Battleaxe was. I could not see him clearly but he must have been stirring. I assumed they were brining us back to life maybe for something special at the end of the Hunger Game, like for the grand finale or something. Maybe they were going to make us into mutts? God I hope not. An electric sound came from by right where Lucas was. I could see some flashes. Lucas had grown quiet. Where they killing him? Now why would they do that after bringing him back to life? Poor Lucas. I wished I could help him. We weren'treally friends and really didn't know each other, I never spoken to him during training. Dude just kept to himself and remained alone during the Game, but still we fought together or competed against each other. Now we weren't enemies and neither was Battleaxe in here. I wanted to help but I was stuck to a table. I tilted my head and something stopped me. I guess they didn't remove the arrow from my skull? This constant beeping sound was started to drive me nutts. What was that? What I on life support? Now that must have been for Battleaxe. I wondered how long it would take for them to revive him.

I could hear Kine's voice over by Lucas. Things had quieted down over there so maybe they were done with him. Lucas wasn't talking any more. There was nothing I could do to help him. I leaned my head back and rested. I felt so weak and tired for some reason. Moving my head made me a little dizzy. Perhapse it was this gas they were forcing my to breathe. Then I must have passed out again because when I opened my eyes again I was in another room that was white. Lucas was lying to my right and someone was beyond him but I couldn't see who they were. Nothing looked wrong with Lucas other than some burned marks and his feet were all in bandages. He was passed out. I never notice till now but he was kind of cute. Oh I should have gone with him instead of that dick-head Luke. I didn't want to die a virgin so I had hoped maybe we could but Hell never follow your dick. Always follow your head, it is smarter anyways. Oh well I guess nothing I could do about it now. I hoped that Madeleine was okay. I felt so guilty after seeing Michelle's face in the sky. God I am so stupid.

Day like 5 or 6 or something like that I forget...

I have been here for a while sleeping and eating mostly. The people in White don't talk to me when I try to comunicate to them. Sometimes they speak in another language all together. It's a little annoying. So I have spend the past few days strapped to that bed breathing in some kind of gas that makes my lungs tired. I heard Kine mumbled something about TB but it doesn't sound like it is going to make me better. I feel more sick than anything. They later moved me into a roomm well it is more like a cage or pin or something you keep animals in. It's a small square room, it is more tall than it is long and it is cold as Hell. They put Lucas in next to me and sometimes we lean next to each other on the bars because it is so cold in here. He doesn't talk to me much, usually compaining to me about his feet or my arrow poking him. I am not sure why I am not dead. What else is weird is that there is also a knive stuck in my chest. I don't undertand it all but I am alive I am sure of it.

I think Battleaxe is a few rooms down because I keep hearing his voice, he's mostly yelling and throwing a fit. I guess whatever they are doing to him, he hates it. Lucas throws a fit when they come for him. It looks like they have been busy reviving some dead people from other Games. There was this guy named Robin in one of the rooms near mine. He doesn't talk much. He seem depressed about something but I don't remember his Game so I am assumning something bad happened.

"Oh my God this is awesome!" I heard Kine's excited voice from down the hall. "I'm gonna totally screw with the baby. Where is she? Put his body over there and revive him."

It was weird but I noticed that sometimes Kine acts like a little kid when new dead people come in. He's odd at times but he is usually serious I think and very quiet too. Someone new must have come in. A lot of tributes have been coming in everyday now. I don't know how long this thing has been going on but I think Kine started reviving people since the lastest President took power. There was this other guy down here named Emerald, he still believed Snow was still the President. He died forever ago, we had like two or three Presidents after Snow. That's a stupid name. I mean I know he was old with white hair but when he was little I am sure he didn't look like a Snow.

Anyways, when they come for me every couple of hours to breath in that gas stuff, they take me pasted this room. Someone is in here I am sure but I can't see in. I always hear music coming from the door. This guy with bright neon green hair that everyone calls Snotbubble keeps trying to get in there. Green fluid that glows keeps dripping out of his nose and mouth. He sometimes bothers me when I am strapped to that table but usually one of the White Coats chases him away. He seems to be able to just wonder around the place as he pleases. Kine seems fond of him too. As I was strapped to that table with that mask over my head, Kine came over with a woman named Young who must be one of the scientist because like once or twice a day she injects me with some kind of medicine, one of each arm. She got me one the right arm this morning so she injects the niddle into my left arm. I hate getting shots. They hurt and conitue to hurt long after. The gas was starting to make me fell sleeping. I could hear Snotbubble humming his little songs in the background. I wonder how long I will be here.

Six months later...

So here is the jist of things. The White Coats have been experiminng with us this whole time. They do less to me now. Kine has been having me go intothis room, it's like a miniture arena were I can pratice my new abilities. Everyone has new abilities now. I can now control my Tuberculosis, sound wierd but I can. I have been infected with a new form of TB called Genocide Tuberculosis or GTB as Kine likes to call it. Basicly they cured me of my old TB then re-infected me with the new one they created. Whoop De Doo I guess...

I haven't left this science lab since I got here but I don't have to live in that small cage anymore. Once I was infected with GTB, they moved me to my own room, soI wouldn't accidently infect anyone else. It is weird because the knife and arrow in my body some how keep me from infectiong people. I have to leave them in when I am around the others. Lucas hasn't gotten any less moody but at least he talks to me now. I have no clue where Battleaxe went. Fabio is down here too and Nile. We live underground now under the science lab. It kind of like District 13 but far cleaner but with more rules. I know we are not in District 13 because we were told by the other people who have been down here long that this is District 14, or so they call it.  This guy that I met named Alex told me it is what the "experiments" started to call it District 14 and now everyone just refers to it as 14 even though District 14 isn't really a District. I live in the part called Black Fall, the undeground city but I heard their are other towns that make up District 14, each with their own particular job to do. District 14 is a little bit like a smaller version of Panem with it's Districts.

You known what else is weird about this place is they seperated the males from the females but sometimes we see each other. I have found out that both my Allies Madeleine Levenhire and Michelle Rhode are down here. I saw them and when we had a chance to speak to each other, when they asked, I told them I was forced to flee the Bloodbath and was never able to find them again in the Arena. I think they believed me. I felt to ashamed to tell them the real reason why I did not join up with them.

Right now the Victors Tour was probably going on, but we were never told who won our Game. Alex, who has been down here for a while, told me that the White Coats didn't allow TVs down here because they got messed up by the radio waves of their experiments. This guy from District 3 was trying to use some cables to make his own TV, but he hasn't made the TV yet so I guess we won't be finding out who won the Hunger Games anytime soon. The people who lives above group in Archon, I was told, had TVs. I can't live in the upper parts of District 14 because of my GTB so I am stuck in Black Fall but it isn't so bad down here. Also with the Victor Tours going on Kine seems to be depressed. I guess because he won't get any new tributes to experiment on. He spends most of his time in that room that the music comes out of with his "Favorite" he says. Kine was finally starting to talk to me a little but he mostly talks to me like I am some child or animal. He doesn't answer questions still.


The Reapings will be done in the point of views of the opposite District that is being reaped, example Capitol's Reaping will be witness by District 13, District 2 will be witnessed by District 12 and so on.

I need to write down the names of the Escorts so I can remember them and know who I will use next.


Capitol Escort --- Ernesto Swift (Sparrow) He was in his split personality Sparrow

District 1 Escort --- Ricou Ilanga

District 2 Escort --- Crumble Jimpson

District 3 Escort --- Moliere Rednose

District 4 Escort --- Mumbulu Njovu

District 5 Escort --- Woolf McDreamy

District 6 Escort --- Kiboko Njovu

District 7 Escort ---- Kaluha Nequoia

District 8 Escort ---- Jan Kriple

District 9 Escort ---- Arcee Lebowski

District 10 Escort ---- Loredo Mentawai

District 11 Escort ---- Shallot Mauer

District 12 Escort ---- Eigg Hudson

District 13 Escort ---- Marxxs McGee

Capitol Reaping

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13:

I was up early and at the Reaping Stage waiting for everyone else to get in line, which would be awhile. Now I am not one for the Hunger Games but Ilike to watch the Capitol's reaping before our Escort finally gets on stage. The Capitol's reaping is always first to be shown on the big TV sceens. So well I wait for District 13's reaping to start, I watch the big sceen in the middle. The Capitol people wave at the camera. Oh how I love their hair and colorful outfits. I wished Iived there instead of dirty old District 13. At least my family didn't live underground. The Capitol's Escort was new, I didn't know him, but I liked his hair. The Capitol didn't need a real Escort because the people who were reaped were already in the Capitol, they didn't get to ride in the train to get there. So every year till now the most senior Escort, and I mean the most elderly, would take the Capitol. This year there was a young guy in his late teens, with bright orange hair streaked with every color of the rainbow was acting as the new Escort. His outfit however wasn't very Capitol like. He wore a black jacket and a striped green and purple shirt with a purple bandana around his neck. At his side was a long sword, which I had no clue why he would need that while at the Reaping, the peacekeepers were there. His personality wasn't as interesting as his appearance.

"Alrighty Capitol people," he said into the mike. "Shut the fuck up and let get this damn thing over with alright?"

That quieted down the crowd. The Capitol was a mixed crowled of people who wanted to join the Hunger Games and some who didn't. The Capitol wasn't really a Career District since sometimes some tributes were trained and some where not, it varied each year. Depending on their Tributes, the Capitol may or may not join the Careers this year. So a peacekeeper came up to the Escort and whispered something into his hear. The Escort gave him a look and went back to the papers he was supposed to read for the speech about the Hunger Games. He read them as plain and un-interesting as possible like he had not interest in reading the speech. It was obvious he did not want tobe doing this.

"Hello say name of District.. Capitol...I am your Escort.. state you name...skipping this part... The Hunger Games remind us of... some shit that went down a real long ass time ago who gives a fuck!" He said and threw the papers behind him before conituing. "The Hunger Games are about killing the fuck out of people in the most horrible gruesome ways imagenable. We all know what they are. Now to the god damn names!"

I could her the boys behind me laugh at the sight on the big sceen. I was disappointed in the Escort they had this year but I likes his crazy hair. One of the boys behind me named Doug rubbed his hand on my head messing up my hair.

"I think you are in the wrong District, Thomas!" he joked playfully at me. "Or did you forget what District you are from? Be happy that guy up there isn't our Escort!"

"I know, we got the same old boring Escort." I responded with.

"I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!" the Escort on theTV sceen yelled at the crowed again. "Now the first loser who is going to get his assed killed... I know I'm starting with the boys first. It was the closet bowl to me!" He yelled at a peacekeeper who was directing him to the girls' bowl which he was supposed to pick from first. "Well you should have put that one closer to me! Fuck man!"

The Escort kicked the boys bowl over and walked over to the girls leaving the voxes to pick up the names as fast as they could. He picked a name out of he girls' bowl.  

"Oooona Jaina Creed? No Cree." he read rather slowly. "Who they hell is this?"

A girl around the age of 16, 17 maybe 18 with jet black hair and a red streak walked up to the stage. She held her head high as she got on the stage, maybe she would join the Careers this year. Well I was a little disappointed in her appearance. She wasn't much like the other Capitol girls.

"What the hell is your name?" The Escort asked.

"Oona Jaina Cree," the girl stated rather proudly.

"Your name sucks but who gives a fuck. Now on to the boys!"

Oona glared at her Escort as he grabbed a name off the ground. He opened the paper but before he could read the name a boy in the 16 crowd yelled;

"I volunteer!"

"Damn some is eager to die. Hell who cares? Oona? No? Well get your ass up here!" the Escort yelled swinging his sword in the direction of the volunteer almost hitting the Peacekeeper standing next to him. This Escort was dangerous!

A boy who actually looked like he belonged in the Capitol walked up on the stage.

"I liked how the Capitol children don't need to be escorted by Peacekeepers. They just excepted their fate and walked up to the stage." The Escort said into the mike swinging his sword around.  "What's your name, boy?"

"I'm Smick Trinket, sir," the volunteer boy said.

"Smick Tricket?... hmm what a stupid name? Who named their kid Smick?"

While the Escort went on about how weird of a name the two tributes for the Capitol were, our Escort finally got on the stage, so the TV was changed to our District. I was disappointed I didn't get to see the ending of the Capitol's reaping.

District 1 Reaping

Slyder Crescendo of District 12

Gawd it's that day again isn't it? Well I forced myself out of bed and got all ready before I waved a good bye to my mother and father. Dad called me back though as he always does everyday for a hug. He does this incase it is our last time we will see each other alive. I guess today is more important that any ordinary day, because it is Reaping Day. Still sometimes it is a little annoying when I am running late, but today I was early because I had a sad dream about my brother. Maybe dad was right to always remind me that he loves me. Once all the goodbyes were said and done, I headed to the Reaping Stage. Our Escort hadn't gotten on stage yet so we watched the Reapings in the other District. Gives us something to do while we wait for everyone to get in line and for things to finally get started.

District 1's Reaping was on the Screen. I must have been real early to see District 1, normally I get to see 4 or 5 before our Escort gets on stage. District 1 was real clean and plain looking and for some reason almost everyone there had blonde hair, where they all inbreds or something? Their Escort named Ricuo Ilanga was on stage finishing the speech about the Hunger Games. Even though she wore a purple and violet outfit to match her purple hair, I still thought she was kind of pretty. If I lived at the Capitol I probably be prettier than I am now and maybe I would have a boyfriend or something at least. The guy I liked was reaped last year and died. Go figure, just my luck.

"Okay now how about we get to the names?" Ricou announced on the screen.

The whole District went crazy, cheering and shouting out names for their Escort to pick. She walked up to the girls' bowl first and picked out a name. I liked Ricou, she didn't take forever to draw out names or talked forever about the Hunger Games. Too bad she wasn't out Escort, who took forever. Ricou opened the letter and read the name loud and clear into the mike.

"And our lucky lady is Chloe Madison!"

"Whoa! I was picked!"

"I volun--!"

"Oh no you don't!" Chloe yelled as she punched the girl next to her who was about to volunteer. "I'm going!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Those Career people, always so eager to get into the Arena and die. It's been a while since we had a District 1 Victor though.

"Well I guess we may win this Game with your spunky additude," Ricou said as Chloe run up to the stage. "Is there anything you have to say to the audiance?"

"Yes, I would like to thank my coach for training me! And my mom and dad for buying me the best trainer!"

"That's good to knew we have a well prepared Tribute this year! Now we let's see who will be our male tribute this year!"

Ricou picked a name out of the boys' bowl and read the name into the mike.

"Bruce Chuckles!"

"I volunteer!" someone in the crowd yelled.

"Oh thank god!" Bruce yelled back.

"Okay we have a volunteer! Please come to the stage oh wait!"

The boy who volunteered climbed over the boys infront of him and on to the middle of the stage. This guy for once had brown hair, instead of the usually blonde hair of District 1. He kind of looked fimiliar, I think I have seen this guy before.

"What's you name?"

"I am Jake Lehouk Jr." He said. "I am named after one of my great uncles who was in a previous Hunger Game. And this time I will win this Game for him."

He seemed eager to please. Chloe made a face at her District partner. I guess she was hoping for someone a little more but this year's Tributes from 1 didn't look all that amazing. They were a lot younger than your average District 1 Tributes. Maybe the Careers will suck this year.

"Well I am sure he is very proud of you for volunteering." Ricou told him with a smile. "And there we have our Tributes for District 1!" Ricou announced holding up Jake and Chloe's hands.

District 2 Reaping

Conner Machado of District 11

I met with some of my friends at the 17 year olds at the Reaping Stage. Our Escort was already on stage but here in District 11, we have a lot of people so it be awhile for things to get started. People were still pouring into the Reaping Area. I wondered what would happen if I was reaped? Would my father come and see me one last time? I probably wouldn't be reaped. I was able to watch the ending of District 1 reaping and I was surpised at how young they were. The TV screen changed to  District 2 Reaping. I was curious to see who would be doing most of the killings in the Arena this year. For some reason people from District 2 always did better than the other Careers.

The Escort for 2 was already on stage giving the usually speech about the Hunger Games. He was a young tall man with silver blue hair and a pale blue suit. His name was Crumle Jimpson. Odd name but Capitol people often had odd names. The District 2 was cheering and talking and screen so loud it was a little hard to hearwhat Crumble was saying but it seemed he just wanted to get the speech over with. He walked over to the Bowls and the District quiet down.

"Now for what we all waited for," Crumble announced. "District 2's female tribute is Spatula Baobab!"

"I volunteer!"

"As usually we have a Volunteer! Well Spatula maybe next time."

The girl who Crumble called Spatula looked releaved someone had volunteered for her. The Voluntee girl ran up stage before the Peacekeepers could escort her. Why they bother with Peacekeepers at the Career Districts? The Volunteers were always happy to go to the Games. Well that District 2 girl was fast and young. She came out of the 16 year old section.

"I am Ivory Kranium," she said into the mike.

Ivory was the usually pretty girl from District 2. She had and I quote "long flowing blonde hair that had so many coruscating curls it cascaded all the way down to her hips!" I would think that would cause some problems in the Arena, getting cought on things.

"Our male tribute is Ellie-Jade Bachi!" Crumble said.

There was like dozen volunteers.

"Ellie-Jade, why don't you pick you will go in your place?" Crumble directed a young boy from the 14 scetion to pick somone.

Ellie-Jade, who had blonde hair that was almost white with bright green eyes took over the volunteers that the Peacekeepers had gathered. He looked over each of the boys till he finally pointed at one. That boy cheered.

"I'm going to the Hunger Games!" he yelled.

"Thank you Ellie-Jade," Crumble excused the boy. "Now for our lucky volunteer what is your name?"

"I am Konlok Vice," the boy introduced himself.

It seemed the Career Districts kept getting young volunteers. Well the both the triubtes from District 2 looked like they knew what they were doing. Ivory fluttered her eyelashes at Konlok but he seemed oblivous to it. Lucky guy, at least he gets to spend his last few days with a pretty girl with real long hair. District 2 cheered and chantted their tributes names over and over again. Then the screen changed to District 3.

District 3 Reaping

Grace Pearson of District 10

It was a nice day, the sun was out and the clouds were rolling softly acrossed the sky. I remember last year it was a little rainy and very cold and clouded for the Reaping. The lady at the table too come of my blood and sent me on my way. This year I would be in the 13 year old section, it was my second reaping. The ending of District 2 was on the big screens above the Stages. District 2 was very lovely compared to District 10, but I liked it here. I waited with the other girls and waved to a few people I knew. The Reaping for District 3 came on. The Escort introduced himself as Moliere Rednose. His nose was quite fine in my opinion. He wasn't too crazy like some of the other District Escorts. He had black hair with streaks of red and he wore a jacket with a collar of feathers. It was a cloudy day in District 3 so I guess it was colder there than it was here. Moliere didn't take too long with the speech since the people at District 3 just wanted to get the worse part of the Reaping over with.

"And now the names," he stated as he walked over to the boys' bowl. "Our male tribute this year will be..." Moliere paused for a moment as he opened the name for the reading the name. "Aiden McFinnegan!"

The crowd was silent, no cheering, no praise, no chanting the name. A tall boy from the 17 Year Olds' Section slowly stepped out of line and was escorted by two peacekeepers, shorter than he was, to the stage. Moliere asked him if he had anything to say. When the camera zoomed in on his face, I could see he had a few piercings on his face. People didn't do that here in District 10, so I didn't get the appeal. Aiden had nothing to say to the District and just stood there.

"Alright now on to the ladies," Moliere picked a name from the top of the bowl and opened it. "Selene Davae!"

A girl from the 15 year Old Section, who was guarded by two peacekeepers, walked up to the stage. She had bright pink hair covering her face. She looked a mess in comparison to her District partner. The Capitol would fix her up and make her all nice a pretty before the Games. There were no volunteers for either tributes as is the way of District 3. The crowd remained silent with grim faces. I noticed that the families of these two tributes were absent. Maybe they had none.

"Aiden McFinnegan and Selene Davae our Tributes for District 3," Moliere wasn't expecting any praise from this District.

He took the hands of Aiden and Selene and put them together. I scanned the crowd for any sign of reaction maybe from a family member. The faces were all so cold and emotionless, a few had tears in their eyes because their children were safe for another year. Strangely I spotted an albino lady with two different colored eyes. That's odd for someone from District 3. The Reaping cut to District 4 and something distracted me from the screen. Two girls from my class were saying that boy from 3 was kind of cute. Too bad he was going to get killed in the Hunger Games on screen. I looked up to see if I could see my family. A flash of light blinded me for a second and I almost thought I saw that albino lady standing in the crowd. I blinked and she was gone. I must have been seeing things. So I turned back to the screen to watch District 4's reaping.

District 4 Reaping

Quinoa Soal of District 9

It was a sunny day in District 9, to bad because it was Reaping Day. Maybe I could make everyone happy somehow. I bought some cookies and muffin from my house. My mother won a Hunger Games before I was born of course, so maybe I can give a few people a treat. I handed them out to a few people before I get in line to have my blood drawn. The Peacekeepers wouldn't allow me to take any food beyond that point so I gave away my cookies as fast as possible. Everyone who got one thanks me and gave me a smile. That made me happy but it ended too soon when I had to get to my section. District 4's Reaping was on the big screens. I never been to the ocean but I bet it was beautiful. I remember one of my freinds told me that there was this guy from District 9, who was reaped into the 101st Hunger Games, that had been to the ocean before and even crossed it. In school we were taught that there was nothing beyond the ocean, however I bet that was a lie from the Capitol to keep our hopes down. The 101st Games was a long time ago so who knows if he did or didn't cross the ocean. Why would he come here anyways? I bet some of the people in District 4 would know if there was anything beyond the sea

The Escort for District 4 named Mumbulu Njovu was giving the usual speech about the Games. The crowd was roaring so loudly that I really couldn't hear his voice that well. Mumbulu was handsome though. Too bad he wans't out District Escort. Mumbulu wasn't like the crazy Capitol Escorts, and when I say crazy I mean that he didn't dress with outragous color schremes and wear a pound of make-up on his face. He had black hair, amber eyes and he was tall and muscular. He was also young for an Escort in his early twenties.

Anyways, I am getting off track because of the Escort's handsomeness. A person in the crowd shouted I volunteer before Mumbulu even finished with his speech.

"You're a little early," Mumbulu joked. "Well you all know what the Games are for. How about I skip the speech. It goes on for like another page and a half."

The crowd cheered with agreement. Mumbulu was a good Escort because he knew how to please the crowd. When he first started as an Escort when he was 19, he was the Escort for District 10 and they loved him but he got moved up a bit. District 4 just wanted to get to the drawing of names, unlike my District. They wanted the speech to go on longer so my District wouldn't have to know who was reaped. Mumbulu started with the boys first since it was a guy who volunteered. Another person, or maybe the same person volunteered again before Mumbulu even put his hand into the bowl.

"Our Tribute is..."

I couldn't hear the name because like a thousand boys yelled I volunteer all at once. Mumbulu just smiled.

"The boy is Sandy Shipwreck," Mumbulu repeated.

"I volunteered! In the crowd I was one of the people who volunteered and I didn't even know it was me! I should get to go for myself since I volunteered for myself."

"Alright Sandy, I guess that makes sense. Come up here."

A blonde haired boy from the 14 section came running up, passing the Peacekeepers completely. He looked like he belonged in District 1 rather than 4. It was amazing how eager people from District 4 were to get into the Games. Mumbulu greeted the boy and then went over to the girls boy.

"Our Female Tribute for District 4 is Cruise..."

"I volunteer!"

Someone was faster than the other girls but there was still a earth-shathering roar of volunteers and reasons why they should be picked.

"I allow someone to volunteer for me," the girl named Cruise said from the 12 year old section.

She was too young to go to the Hunger Games anyways. Probably would volunteer at the age of 18 like most Career Tributes. Mumublu had them gather the girl who was faster than the others to volunteer. She was older than Sandy from the 17 year old section. She introduced herself as...

"Naomi Eribach," she said clearly and confidently.

A few girls, probably Naomi's friends started to chant, "Nao, Nao, Nao" over and over again. I guess that was her nickname. Naomi didn't seem to impressed with her District partner maybe because he was so young. Then suddenly the TV screen fuzzed and for a split second I saw an image of a person, green and black, grin at the audience before the screen fixed itself and went back to the Reaping of District 5. I turned to my friends and asked "What was that?" They didn't see the face but they said it was probably a glitch. Oh well, the Victors for District 9 includign my mother were started to go on stage so I guess out reaping was begining.

District 5 Reaping

Xavier Thread of District 8

Due to technical difficulty, District 5's reaping was put on hold so the Reaping moved on to District 6. Go fingures, wasting my time anyways. Standing here freezing my nuts off...

After waiting for an District 6's Reaping to be done, out Escort was still not on the stage, because everyone was taking their sweet time getting in line. God damn it. It was a freezing day and I had to get up early to go to Reaping. District 5 looked nice and warm. Damn it, why the Hell did my parents have to get a post in District 8, of all the Districts. Well nothing I can do about it for now. District 5's Escort was one stage with a Victor or two. One of them I knew named Amalfi Crescent, she won like the 205th Hunger Games. I wasn't alive then though but my uncle went on and one about the different Hunger Games. Since I worked as an assasin, I had to learn about the Victors and stuff for some reason, keeping on eye on them.

Anyways, The Escort was called Woolf McDreamy, who had very faith scars on his face. He really didn't bother much with covering them up with make-up. I heard he survived an encounter with the Beast that stocks the Districts. Anyways, Woolf was probably the oldest Escort during the Hunger Games hosting this year. He didn't take to long with the speech, thank God. District 5 really didn't give a crap about the Hunger Games. So Woolf went to the draw of names.

"The name is Lakota Feah," he said.

A girl being held by two Peacekeepers was forced on stage. He looked like a mess. I remember my parents were given an assigment to catch her in the forest. They didn't take me so whatever. Anyways she was the female tribute this year. The Capitol put nothing but her name in the bowl, they want her dead. I am sure none of the other girls in District 5 knew this. They got lucky this year. When the Capitol wants to kill someone in Reaping age, they just fill the bowls with their name so they be Reaped into the Hunger Games and killed off by the other tributes or Gamemakers. The girl from District 3 was also going to be Reaped in this way. 

"Hello Lakota," Woolf smiled at her. "That's a pretty name."

"Thank you..." Lakota muttered quietly.

I don't like quiet girls. Most of the girls in District 8 fear me so none talked to me but hell the really quiet ones really bother me. She probably get killed by someone or something. I take her out if I had the chance. Once Lakota was on stage and Woolf was done talking to her, he went over to the boys' bowl. There was no one the Capitol wanted toget rid of in District 5, that was a male of Reaping age. Anyone could be reaped this year.

"Chase Pansworth!"

A born from the 14 year old section was thrown on stage. He didn't look all that interesting so whatever. He didn't put up a fight, just excepted his death quietly. I bet both wouldn't make it very long in the Arena, however I heard from my parents when we visited District 14 that this year the Hunger Games were going to be very different, because of Kine.

"Hello Chase," Woolf greeted the boy.

"Hey," was all Chase could said.

"No that won't do. That is a terrible way to say hello to someone."

"Oh I'm sorry," Chase started over. "Hello I am Chase Pansworth. Please to meet you."

"That's better." Woolf smiled. "Now you and Lakota shake hands."

Awkwardly Chase and Lakota put their hands in on anothers and shook. I supposed it would be odd to do. Whenever I am in contract with someone I am usually hurting them. Then Woolf took both their hands putting one tribute on either side of him and held up their arms.

"Our tributes for District 5," he said loudly.

Well District 5 hasn't had too many good tributes. I kill both of them in a second if I had the chance. My name had only one slip in the bowl so my odds of getting picked were slim. Hell I kill people all the time so every job is a Hunger Games for me. Still I bet it be super fun.

District 6 Reaping

Selena Kyle of District 7

I was late to getting to the Reaping because I couldn't find my cat ears I like to wear. Some of the kids at school decided to play a little joke on me and hid my ears in a tree. I spend all morning climbing up that things, ruined my dress, just to get them back, but it was worth it. I don't feel right without them. I was the last person in line to get a blood sample. You think they remember me or something. I think they should give us papers to fill out and all they have to do is take our name. Whatever. I found my spot in the 17 year old sections. I was surpised that our Escort wasn't on stage yet. The reaping for District 6 was on the screen. I guess I will watch as I wait for things to get started. District's 6's Escort Kiboko Njovu was already on stage. He was the brother os Mumbulu Njovu the Escort for District 4. For some reaosn Kiboko liked District 6 and chose to stay there instead of moving to another District. Hehad already finished his speech and was getting to the names starting with the girls first.

"This years female Tribute is Paola Fernand."

The District was quiet as usually. District 6 wasn't a Career so no one was excited for the Games. A girl from the back ot the 18 year old section was bought up, kicking and screaming. It took four peacekeepers to get her on stage and stay here. Kiboko ignored the comotion and went to the boys' bowl. He waited for Paola to be calmed down and stop making so much noise.

"I'm not going!" Paola yelled.

"And your male tribute is..."

"I'm not going!"

"Okay Paola you're not going in alone. The male is Asper Dell."

"I volun...!"

"No I am going!" Asper yelled as he kicked the guy who was going to volunteer for him in the face.

Everyone in the crowd looked shocked. I was as well because normally people didn't volunteer in District 6 and second, Asper rejected someone volunteering for him. Asper jumped on stage from the 16 year old section. Kiboko went over to the boy.

"Now may I ask why you don't want someone to volunteer for you?" he asked Asper.

"I have to avenge my girlfriend," he replied rather angerily.

I liked this boy. He had fire in his eyes, maybe be it be enough for him to win this. I bet someone he knew, a sister or brother or a friend died in the Hunger Games a few years ago. I don't know I don't remember who was in the previous Hunger Games except who won of course. Well Kaluha was finally on stage and our reaping would begin soon. I was happy I had my cat ears with me.

District 7 Reapings

Asper Dell of District 6

After all the reaping for my District, the next one came on the screen which was for District 7. I asked my Escort if I could stay and watch the reaping. Kiboko nodded while they drug Paola off to the Town Hall so she could be placed in the waiting room to say goodbye to her friends and family. I wasn't ready yet to go say goodbye to anyone just yet. I was on a mission to avenge my girlfriend. She was reaped last year and won. I know that normally would be a good thing but she wasn't able to come back to me. I know who was at fault for this. I need to win this Game and free her so we can live together at the Victor's Village.

"Why do you want to watch District 7's Reaping?" Kiboko asked.  

"I want to see who is going to be competing against me. I bet I can make an Alliance with a few of these people."

"You'll ally with the people from District 7?"

"Maybe, maybe not. I want to know what I am going up against." I responded without taking my eyes off the screen. "I want to know as much about my opponents aspossible."

The Escort for District 7 was a very beautiful woman who went by the name of Kaluha Nequoia. Her husband was reaped a few years ago into one of the Hunger Games. I was surprised to see her working as an Escort. She made no attempt to hide her hate for the Games and for that I kind of liked her. She had finished her speech that was was requiered to give at each Reaping, however she said it with the most distaind as possible. I am sure District 7 liked their Escort because she was on their side.

"Now what none of us came here to see..." Kaluha walked over to the bowls and put both hands in to each pulling out two names. "Our first tribute is Selena Kyle...and Rowan Winter..."

"Damn it!" a girl with cat earns yelled.

Selena kind of looked like she was from District 1 because of her hair and her face. She had on fake cat ears for some reason. Maybe she was crazy. Still Selena walked with confidents to the stage. I don't know if she was really good at hiding fear or if she was sure of herself, but she impressed me. Maybe I would ally with her. I know the Careers would probably be the strongest so a strong ally would benifit me and someone from 7 would be able to climb trees like me.

Before Kaluha had read the name off of the paper, she glanced down at the boy like she knew who he was. Strangely the crowd seemed happy that Rowan had been reaped. There was a empty circle around Rowan while he was in the 17 year old section. He turned and punched the closet person to him before going climbing on stage. Cearly he was irritated but I don't think it was because he was reaped. Kiboko, who was watching District 7's Reaping with me, whispered in my ear that Rowan the Eexcecutioner of District 7. Once on stage Rowan pulled out a knife when someone in the crowd said something negitive about him. Rowan tried jumpoff the stage to go stab a person in the aduiance but a peacekepper stopped him, however Rowan than turned on him instead.

"I think we should get a Volunteer," said the Mayor of 7. "You, Stanley, you parents who a debt, volunteer for Rowan and I'll make there problems go away..."

"No I am going!" Rowan yelled.

He had knocked the peacekeeper off his feet and was stabbing him repeatedly in the face with his knife. Selena had taken a few steps back and just watched the whole thing play out. The screen fuzzed for a second like the TV station was trying to go flip to District 8's Reaping but it switched back. I saw District 8, then a fuzzy screen, glimpses of District 7 and Rowan, than another fuzz, and the most strangest of all a person with very pale skin, wearing black appear for a second or two inbetween the fuzz. His hair was picth black with a neon green streak on the right side covering his eyes. He grinned as the TV screen flipped back to Rowan murdering the peacekeeper.

"Watch Capitol, watch!" The guy on the TV said while green liquid dripped out of his mouth.

The TV screen stayed on District 7's Reaping. I think someone was forcing the Capitol to watch this. A pool of blood had stained the stage. Rowan had taken the peacekeeper's gun and was holding the other off with it. Finally Kaluha jumped down on the gun's barral, kicked it out of Rowan's hand. She swiftly moved her feet so the gun was pulled out of his hands and kicked it up into her own. 

"Enough Rowan," she said while she disarmed him. "Don't waste your time on these guy. You're have more fun killing people in the Hunger Games"

Rowan looked surpsided and a big awestrucked at Kaluha. Kiboko whispered to me that Kahula's husband Pantxo had thaught her a few tricks. He also worked as an Assasin and a Mercenary in District 11 much like Rowan. Kaluha then reached her hand out to Rowan and helped him up. She took a clothe from her sleeve and gently swiped the blood on of Rowan's face. To me it sounded like Kaluha truthly seemed sad and for that liked her.

"What do you think Asper?" Kiboko asked me. "Will you ally with them?"

"Maybe Selena if she will take me, but not Rowan. He's too unpredicable. I bet the Careers will want him."

"I think you made a wise choice." Kiboko smiled at me. "Now we better get going or the Peacekeepers here will drag you off and there is no Rowan to killed them for you."

"Alright... hey who was that when the screen was messing up?"

"Someone you don't need to know about..."

District 8 Reaping

Lakota Feah of District 5

I knew I was going to be reaped. I have been kept in a prison cell for the pass few months and I knew my the Capitol wanted to get rid of me. I've had time to think about it and come to terms with my fate.At least I will be re-united with my family. Since I was born in the mountains and lives most of my life there, I never had to deal with the Hunger Games. I know how to survive however. I can hunt, forage andset traps, a am good with a few weapons as well, my parents thought me mostly how to use knivfes or anything sharp. I was never too good with a bow and arrow but other people in the Games will be and I think I may ally with one of them.

I had thought about the Games while I was in my prision cell being tortured nearly to death. I knew what I wanted to do so when the Peacekeepers drug me into the train, I have never been in one before, I wanted to know who else was going into the Hunger Games with me. My District partner wasn't in a mood to talk to me at the moment. I didn't know how to work everything, the big TV screens at the reaping stage were amazing. I wonder how they got those people on there. I am from the mountains and never knew such things existed. So my Escort Woolf turned the magic screen on for me.

The Reaping for District 8 was on the screen. A very pretty lady who was called Jan Kriple was on the screen. She wore a pink outfit and had orange hair with streaks of blond. She was pretty. I wanted hair like that but my hair was black and messy. Jan was finished up the speech about the Hunger Games, I reall didn't know what they were for, my parents just told me they were bad, but Woolf's speech kind of explain things for me. Jan put her hand into the girls bowl, mixed the papers around befor pulling one out.

"Our lady Tribute is Reeba Graver!"

A rather thin mangey girl in the area for 15 year old was isolated from the other girls. He had dirt and scars on her face and was draped in rags. The peacekeepers came and gather her from the crowd. She really didn't put up much of a fight. Woolf had told me that people could volunteer for whoever was picked but some Distrcts that is rare,like District 8. I felt bad because she looked like she needed someone to volunteer for her. She probably wouldn't do well in the Games.

"Okay no volunteers?" Jan asked the crowd but no one replied. "Then we will move on tot he boys."

Jan turned to the second bowl filled with papers each with someone's name on them. She reach deep into the bottum. She opened the paper and read the name aloud so everyone could hear her clearly.

"Our Gentlement this year will be Xavier Thread!"

"Oh shit damn it!" Xavier said rather loudly from the boys area.

Xavier didn't wait for the peacekeepers to come and get him. He pushed everyone out of the way and climbed up on the stand. Jan commented that his name sounded fimiliar and asked if he had a sister. Xavier replied that she was reaped and killed in the Arena a few Games ago. Jan apolagized for the bad news.

"I'll avenge her," Xavier said coldly. "Reeba, untill we get into the Arena, I won't kill you."

Reeba stared at Xavier wide eyed. I guess she wasn't expecting a threat from her own District partner. Both Reeba and Xavier were the same age however Xavier seemed more fit than most of the childrenof District 8. I had a bad feeling about him, I don't know why, but after living in the mountains I knew danger when I saw it. I think I would avoid that guy while in the Games. Ahand on my should distracted me for second from the reaping.

"You want a cupcake?" Woolf asked me.

I didn't know what that was till he gave me one. I did not know sweet untill know.I was never allowed much food while I was tortured. and it wasn't very good. I ate my cupcake as I conitued to watch the screen for more Reapings. I probably wouldn't ally with anyone from District 8 even though I felt bad for Reeba, she just weight me down and Xavier was bad news. The screen flickered and when to the next District.

District 9 Reaping

Naomi Eribach of District 4

After being Reaped and all the goodbyes were all done a said my Escort Mumbulu came and gather me and Sandy. We got on the Train for our ride to the Capitol. I was on a train when I got arrested and taken to the Capitol, however I didn't really enjoy my trip. This time was different. My District partner Sandy wanted to watch the rest of the Reapings to see who we would be killing. I really didn't care at the moment.

"Hello District 9,"  Arcee Lebowski started off. "Too bad it is such a nice day for Reaping."

Arcee knew that District 9 didn't really care much for the Reaping as most none Career Districts. I remember this girl. She loved the colors purple and green. She also had three tattoos on her face that the Capitol people really didn't like so they tried to make her cover them up with make-up but she never did. This year she put some make-up on which only made her tattoos stand out even more. She was basicly saying F U to the Capitol. I liked her.

"Well I have to give the speech for the Hunger Games but we all know what they are really about." Arcee went on. "They are to keep you guys scared and afriad of the Capitol, but you know you don't have the fear them much longer. The Capitol now send their own children into the Hunger Games along with District 13. For those in the crowd before me, you need to stay strong. Don't let the Capitol beat you. they may try and take away your family and beat you when you stand up for yourself, but if enough of you get up and stand together the Capitol will be forced to listen. As your vioce gets loud their shit will get weak and we'll stomp them with our sneekers." District 9's expressin changed a little. I could see some smiles on some of the kids faces and some where nodding in agreement. I don't know why Arcee was still an Escort, she was originally from District 6. It seemed though that she had friends in high places.

"Now for the two I will betaking with me to face the Capitol, you two will respresent District 9. Show they how strong your District is. Never give up, never give in even till you draw you last breath. They can not own you if you never allow them to. These Hunger Games are not a curse, but they allow you to be set free from the pain of Panem. Ifyou die, you'll no longer have to deal with the crapthe Peacekeepers or the Capitol or anyone will force upon you anymore. If you win then you will havethe gifts of the Capitol at your finger tips."

"Arcee is really good with speeches," Mumbulu said with a smirk. "But I think she is losing focus."

"Why doesn't the Capitol get jsut rid of her?" Sandy asked.

"She is protected as all us Escorts are by very powerful people."

Arcee finished up her little speech about being yourself because that is the greatest threat to the rule of the Capitol. Apperently the Captiol could not change who you were. They made me paranoid.

"Alright now, I need one female and one male to come along with me to the Capitol," Arcee went over to the Girls' Bowla nd picked a name. "Quinoa Soal!"

A girl with red hair and a white headbane walked up tot he stand with a lot of confidences. She didn;t look too tough but the way she carried herself made me concern a little bit. I don't liek confident tributes from the None Career Districts. They make me worry. I looked over at my District partner Sandy. He was young but I needed an Alliance to survive.I probably could kill him easily but I needed him.

"Well Quinoa, I like you headbane," Arcee said to Quinoa as soon as she got on stage. "You have a pretty name."

"Thank you," Quinoa replied with a smile.

"Okay we have you femalae Warrior, now we need a male."

All I could think of was "Please don't be some yong brat. Please don't be some young brat!" I really didn't want a bunch of young kids running around for me to kill. I wanted a challange. Arcee went over to the Boys' Bowl and picked out a name.

"Any C," Arcee was cut off before she could finish saying the name but a scream.

The camera shifted to the 18 Year Old Section in the Boys rows. There was a circle of empty space around one guy with jet black hair and black clothing. He had stab one of the guys behind him.

"I volunteer..." was allt he guy said.

"My insides..." the guy who was stabbed muttered.

Several Peacekeepers came over to aid the boy while the other guy who volunteered stabbed fthe two who tried to Escort him to the stage. He went up by himself, a path was made by the boys in front of him. It seemed they were avoiding him as if they were afraid of him. He went to the stage and joined Quinoa who took a few steps back for safety.

"Okay then, and you name is," Arcee held up the mike to his mouth.

"Craig... Craig Albert Corios..."

"Okay CAC! We have our Male Tributes and he is a fighter!" Arcee then looked at Quinoa then back at Craig. "Why do you two have the same scars on your face? Oh we all match!"

"The Prowler..." Craig said in a low voice.

"The Prowler got me too." Quinoa added. "The Prowler of the Forest that stocks the lands beyond our feilds. That is why we are not allowed into the Forest for our own safety."

"Huh well those scars make you two look tought."

I didn't like either Tributes from District 9. The girl was too confident and that made me worry and the boy was not quite right and that was a problem. Crap, I wish these two were wimpy little kids. The Tributes from District 1 and 2 better be strong to help me kill off these people! Wait maybe they should be weaker than me so I can win. Crap!

District 10 Reaping

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3

"Take care of Kira for me okay!" I yelled to my mother's friend who was going to take care of my little sister for me.

I can't believe I had been Reaped. This is the worse thing ever to happen to me since when my mother died, now my little sister won't have a brother. It feels like all my family has been taken away from me. My Escort the most handsome Moliere and my District partner Selene were trying to confort me and distract my mind from what was going to happen.The turned on the TV in the train, unfortunately it was on the Reaping for District 10. The Escort Loredo Mentawai was talking about the Hunger Games. I really didn't want to watch the Reapings but Moliere said that it would be good to have an idea who was going to compete in the Hunger Games with me. He also said that most of the Careers were younger this year, thus they would be less experienced. Maybe that would help me out a bit but still they had some form of training while I did not.

Loredo was the second youngest Escort we had this year, a lot of new Escorts had been popping up since our new President had taken power. Loredo was young and handsome I guess, or at least the ladies liked him. He kind of looked like he was from District 1 but I heard from Moliere that Loredo was from District 12. Somehow he became an Escort because of his appearance. Being born with good looks seemed to help people out a lot now-a-days. Loredo wasn't dressed all the fancy, I guess because he was at District 10, where the animals come from.

"Loredo is handsome," Selene said.

"What's he wearing?" Moliere commented. "He knows how to dress appropriately for the District."

"Does it matter?" I asked.

"District 10 likes Loredo because he behaves more on their level and even dresses like them, even though his clothes are cleaner."

Loredo had on a red shirt and some overalls compete with a blue-green tie that didn't really match the rest of his outfit. I guess that is the way of a none Capitol born. Loredo was finishing up his speech. District 10 was pretty quiet like my own District, except you would hear a crow or a chicken in the background every now and then. A sheet apperently had gotten out of it's pin and ranup on stage followed by a sheep dog. Loredo paused for the moment and watched the two animals run around the stage and then jump off into the crowd.

"Haha well then, I guess they are getting tired too," Loredo laughed. "Lets just get to the names."

Loredo went over to theboys bowl first, he mixes it up a bit every year. Last year he drew from the girls' bowl first so this year he went to the boys' bowl. Loredo wasgoing to reach into the bowl but his blue-green tie hung down and got in his way.

"The Capitol told me this time I had to wear a tie," Loredo explained. "They didn't like my outfit last year. Well I wore a tie and now look at what it is doing? Stupid tie..."

Loredo slipped his tie back around his neck before taking a name from the top of the bowl. He opened the paper and looked at the name.

"Frankie Moorland?" Loredo questioned. "Huh, sounds fimiliar for some reason. Do I know you?"

A boy from the 18 year old section had escorted by two large peacekeepers to the stage. Loredo greeted Frankie and shook his hand.  

"You name, have we met before?"

"No I do't think so." Frankie responded with.

"Okay Frankie. Well just stand there and look pretty while I get us a girl," Loredo said before he went over tot he girls' bowl. "Let's see our female tribute is... Grace Pearson. Oh pretty name!"

A young girl who was indeed pretty was brought up tot he stage. I felt my throat tighten becayse she was only 13. Even though she was years older than my little sister I couldn't help but get reminded Kira. He rubbed my sister's blue ribbon in my hand.  

"Hello Grace, nice to meet you," Loredo shook her hand as well. "I like you hair. Is that hair band going to be your Token? It is very pretty."

"No I don't want to get it dirty..." Was all Grace could mutter. I could tell she was trying to to dry on TV.

"Oh okay here you can have my tie as your token," Loredo slipped his odd colored tie out his neck and gave it to Grace.

Watching the Reaping was drepessing me ever more. I didn't want to watch anymore. I sat in my chair slipped my sister's ribbon through my fingers. I had my Token. I suppose I would never see my little sister again. At least she didn't have to watch me die on TV since she wasn't old enough to know what was going on. I am sure most of the people in this Game probably have sad depressing stories and lost loved once, but my sister only has me. There should be a Hunger Games were the person with the most saddest story gets to live or something stupid like that. I bet I would win. Then fuzzing sound ont he TV caused me to look up.

"Oh not again," Moliere grumbled. "He's been doing that all day."

"Who?" I asked.

"Oh you will probably meet him in the Arena..."

District 11 Reaping

Konlok Vice of District 2

Ivory was taking forever saying goodbye to District 1. I guess she had the right to since we may not come back. I didn't really think much about it but there is a slight chance one of us wheren't coming back. Ivory was nice but I mayhave to kill her. Hopefully she wouldn't kill me, if anything maybe someone else would do us in. Imagine if We were the last two? District 2 was pretty good at surviving till the end. I wondered if I was ready. I am only 16, maybe I should have waited till I was 18 like normal District 2 tributes. Still Ellie-Jade picked me. I wonder why. I was never nice to him. I picked on him a lot in school. I mean his name, Ellie-Jade, kind of girly. I wonder why he picked me?

I felt a tap onmy shoulder. It was my Escort Crumble. Ivory had been dragged in by some peacekeepers because she was taking too long, waving at people. People she may not see again. I wonder if I did the right thing. My parents were pround of me but I may never see them again. I've train, a lot longer than other people my age. Yes I deserved to go. However maybe it I trained till I was 18 I be even more ready?

"What?" I asked.

Crumble had said something to me but I missed it.

"District 11's Reaping is on TV," he repeated.

District 11, had a lot of trees. District 2 had some tress but they were really just there to make the place look nicer. You know what? I like trees. It be cool to visit the other Districts. I wished I had before I volunteered. Wow there was lots of stuff I haven't done before the Hunger Games. Well if I win I can at least visit the other Districts during the Victor's Tour, but I may have to kill a few people from those Districts. Better kill them fast so they don't suffer. At least I can say that to their families. That would still be awkward though. You know these Hunger Games arekind of bad now that I think about it. Kids killing each other. Without the Hunger Games I bet the Districts would be a littler happier, and no one would really kill each other, except in the poorer Districts. Huh never really thought about it before. Oh well I gotta do what I gotta do to survive.

"What do you think Konlok?" Crumble asked.

"I can take her on," Ivory hissed.

"Yeah sure," I mutter. I missed part of the Reaping. "People from District 11 are a lot tougher than other none Career Districts."

"Yeah but we trained our whole lives."

"Yes, but climbing tres makes them strong." I said. "Let's see who the males is."

The Escort for District 11 was very pink woman, I mean she was wearing a lot of pink and even had pink hair! Too much pink. A little is nice and I know girls like the color pink, but this was a lot. She had a little bit of blue. Anyways, her named was Shallot Maure, Crumble had to tell me because I missed her name. I wonder if the Escort ever talk to each other? They probably do.

"Our male tribute is Conner Machado!: Shallot said.

"Oh my god I am going to die..." Conner said as the peacekeepers collected him.

"Don't worry Conner," Shallot tried to confort him a bit. "You are a big strong gug. A big should handsome guy. I am sure you will do fine, especially with the ladies."

Conner looked at Shallot awkwardly. Ivory made a comment about flirting with him to try and trick him. I don't think that was a good idea. Conner didn't seem interested in the pink lady, why someone with mile long hair? Maybe they be a problem in the Arena. Well at least we have something to make rope out of if we every need it.  

"Okay out Tributes for District 11 this is are Conner Machado and Skye Silverguard," The Female Tribute surpised me. She was young, probably one of the youngest Tributes this year. She didn't look like the ragular Female Tribute from 11. She looked like she was from District 1. Her hair was long and blonde almost white. I bet that was what made Ivory upset. Skye was very pretty even with her scars on her face and what happen there? She had hidious scars going across her face from her hairline to her lower jaw. I bet if it wasn't for her scars, or maybe it wouldn't matter as some people in District 1 have training scars, Skye would fit right on in. Conner also wasn't the usual District 11 Male Tributer either but well whatever.

"Well looks like it is time I go get your Mentor. Had to do a raffle in order to pick one this year." Crumble said as left the room to get our mentor. 

"So Konlok," Ivory turned to me. "Do you want to? You know?"


District 12 Reaping

Jake Lehouk of District 1

So my parents were proud of me for volunteering. My mother gave me a lock of her hair for my token. I tied it together with some string and put in into my pocket. Then I boarded the train with my Escort Ricou and my District partner Chloe. The inside of the train was like being in my house except it moved on a track. Chloe waved out the window at her friends and the trained started. I sat down and turned on the TV because I didn't know what else we would do to past the time. District 1 was a lot closer to the Capitol so we be there in no time. District 12's Reaping was on. Beside District 13, District 12 is one of the farthest Districts from the Capitol. Now that I think about it, time for them was different than ours so they did their Reaping at a different time.

The Escort named Eigg Hudson was getting ready to do the Reaping. He was like 21 or something so he was one of the youngest Escorts this year. Eigg had blonde hair with blue streaking on the front. He was originall from District 4 so he was very handsome, not as good looking as me of course. Eigg picked out a name from the Girls' Bowl. 

"Slyder Crescendo please coem to the stage!"

"Fuck!" Slyder yelled. "You're never taking me alive!"

Two peacekeepers went to get Slyder but she jumped over the head and shoulders of the girls in front of her. Using the wall to lunch herself, Slyder twisted and kicked both peacekeepers in the helmets.

"Oh we got a fighter!" Eigg said.

"I volun..." a girl in the 13 year Section was about to say in an extremely timit quiet voice she was almost unhearable. .

"No!" Slyder yelled. "Don't volunteer for me!"

Slyder went up to the stage. Eigger had to ask who was the girl. Slyder commented that it was her sister. I guess Slyder was being a good big sister and not allowing her little sister to fight her battles. When another Peacekeeper came over to contain Slyder, she kicked him in the knee and he went over.

"Bloody hell damn it," Slyder muttered to herself as Eigg picked out a boy's name.

"Our male tribute is Teeelllahvie? Tiba Timba, the hell is this? "Eigg said. "Who named their kid this? Stop naming you kids weird names."

"Tilavie," Slyde attempted the read the name. "I never met this person."

"Oh my god it's me!" Someone from the 14 Section yelled. "It's Telav Tibaabi."

Telav walked up to the stage. His hair was like so blonde it was almost white! He sure didn't looked like he was from District 12. His hair would make him stand out in any Arena except for a snowy one. He be an easy kill, just look for his hair. Telav didnt' look to tough but the girl, Slyder. She be some trouble but nothing I can handle.

"Okay so out Tributes this year is Slyder an Tivi!"

"It's Telav," the boy corrected.

"Not anymore Tivi," Eigg said back.

Chloe didn't think too much of the tributes of District 12. Well maybe District 13 would be different.

District 13 Reaping

Oona Jaina Cree of The Capitol

I wasn't really there or here. I don't think I know where I am. As long as it is not the Arena I am okay with where ever I am. Some Smick did caused me to turn my head. The TV was entertaining it's self. Smick pointed that the last Reaping was taking place. Good maybe they won't call my name. That's all I hear echoing in my head.

"District 13 usually has some good tributes. You think any will be Careers this year?" Smick asked me but I didn't say anything.

Suddenly our Escort Ernesto bursts into the room.

"Crap did I already do the Reaping?" he asked.

"Yes...?" Smick responded slowly. "Don't you remember. You were there."

"No! Crap! He did the Reaping didn't he? Did I do anything crazy?"

"Not as crazy as District 7's Reaping."

"Damn it I wanted to do the Reaping." Our Escort sat down.

I don't know what was wrong with him but at this moment I really didn't care. I was busy thinking. Maybe I should form a plan. Not too many Capitol people became Victors but there were a lucky few. I wondered if I should ally with Smick or find other people to ally with. He volunteered so maybe he knew what he was doing. I really didn't have much to offer though.

"Do you know what the Arena will be like Ernesto?" Smick asked. "Or can you not tell us?"

"I don't know something about a city," Ernesto waved his hand. "Just watch the TV kid."

The Escort for District 13 was the same creepy guy they had for the past few years. He lived in District 13 or more so was from it originally. He just wore a black robe with a hood so you could not see anything else but his pale skin and purple eyes. His name was Marxxs McGee, who was related to a past Victor of District 7. He looked a bit like the Grim Reapper, how appropriate. Marxxs was about to picked a name from the boys' bowl.

"Thomas Adrian Parker," Marxxs said in his emotionless voice.

He wasn't making the Reaping any better with his outfit or the way he talked. I was glad he was not our Escort, even if Ernesto was a bit weird.

A boy with multicolored was taken to the stage. Ernesto commented on his hair. He was no older than 13 since that was the second where he came from. He had one some sort of markings on his forhead like a tattoo? I wasn't sure but he looked odd for someone from District 13. He didn't look too amazing. Maybe he wouldn't be a Career.

Marxxs was getting to the girls' bowl. He picked a name from the top, he was know to do that often. Before he could read the name or even open the paper, someone yelled a volunteer.

"Please come to the stage," Marxxs said into the mike.

A young girl with orange hair ran up to the stage eagerly. Wow I guess she was really excited.

"What's you name?"

"I am Sloan Gardner," the girl stated.

"How old ar eyou?"

"I am 12 and don't underestimate me. I am a fighter, been training my whole life to join the Hunger Games."

Sometimes people in District 13 trained, if their families could afford it. District 13 wasn't a full Career District, about half of their tributes were Careers while the other half were not. Sloan seemed a little too eager to get into the Games, she wa sonly 12 years old, barely old enough to even been Reaped. Marxxs didn't seem to be effected by her ecstatic personality. Everyone else seemed surpised that she would volunteer. It wasn't uncommon in District 13 but to be so young. It seemed this years Hunger Games had a lot of young tributes and the new Gamemakers had something awful planned for us. Well the Reapings were over and I knew who were going in with me and who probably would kill me.

"So the other Tributes will be arrive at the Capitol later," Ernesto said. "What do you want to do?"

"Can we train?" Smick asked.

"They won't let you in the Training Arena yet."

"Can I talk to someone?," I finally said something.

"Oh so she can talk?" Ernesto joked which made me a little angry.

"Of coure I can talk!" I yelled.

"Alright. Who you want to talk to?"

"My friend Josef." I told him.

"Oh you got a boyfriend?" he asked. "Didn't you get enough time to say your goodbyes already? Fine then you can use the phone to call him because I can't let you leave the building."

I felt a little better knowing I could talk to my friend, even if it was over the phone. It's only been like an hour since I was Reaped but I already miss him. The TV flicked again as it had been doing all day as I picked up the phone. Before I dialed the numbers I heard music coming from the other line. That was weird but it stopped when I hit the first number.

Revived The Reaping

Gerald Durrell of District 13

I was forced to wake up from my sleep by one of the keepers. They gathered us, all of us Revived in one room. They rarely did this so this meant something important. The big sceen at the front of the room flicked on. Kine came on the TV. He announced that today was Reaping Day for the Hunger Games. I can't believe its been a whole year since I was Reaped. I still don't know who won my Hunger Games.

"So my little pretties," Kine conitued. "This year is a special Hunger Games because you guys get to be in it again!"

I don't think anyone knew what to think after hearing that. Mosty everyone seemed un-impressed. We already went though a Hunger Game and died so why would we want to do it again? Were they doing another Vengance Game? I really didn't want to be apart of it.

"Now this Game is going to be different from usual Hunger Games, but you guys don't need to worry too much about that. Only a few of you can go into the Arena, so we will have our own little Reaping. How does that sound?"

No one said anything. We learn to never question or go against anything Kine says.

"Now I know most of you guys probably don't want to go through another Hunger Games again, but this time you gusy won't have to worry about dying. You don't hav to kill each other, only the new tributes who will be entering the Arena."

Well I could tell there was a sign of relief from mostly everyone who wasn't a Career. I didn't kill anyone in my Hunger Game or at least I think. I probably could get away with it again as long as I wasn't too hungy. Kine held up a glass bowl similar to the one used for the Districts' Reaping. One side fo the bowl was filled with pink and blue paper notes.

"Now let's get to the drawing of names. This bowl here holds all your names. The blue papers are boy names and the pin are for girls. Easy enough."

I held my breath as Kine picked out the first name. It was a blue paper so he could be my name. I felt like I did the day I was originally reaped.

"Bluestar Ngome, your our first tribute!"

I looked to Bluestar who didn't seem to happy about this. His Game wa slong before mine and we didn't talk much since she arrived here. One of the keepers hooked Bluestar's collar witha pole and pulled him out of the crowd. That's how they handled us, everyone wore a collar. They used those to keep track of our location and it also worked as a shock collar in case we did something bad. We were kind of treated like animals in a way. We were just sitting ont he ground in the anouncement room.

"Okay our next tributes is a female," Kine pulled out a pink paper. "Cleo Welsh!"

Cleo was Theo's twin sister who died before she even entered the Arena. I remmeber four tributes were reaped for their Game and had to fight each other before they could go to the Hunger Games. The three remaining tributes got to go to the Arena. I met Theo because he was working as a Mentor for my Game.

Alex Golden was Reaped next followed by a girl named Hanna Mason. Pamline Falcone, Ivi Cade, Pirate Mast, Jay Sparrow, Emerald Yacht and Holly Edwardson were Reaped.

"Okay an another male," Kine picked a blue paper out of the bowl. "It is Gerald Durrell!"

Crap I got reaped. Oh well I guess I have to do this thing now. Most of the people didn't seem to happy about being reaped. At least I didn't have to worry about dying. Kine continued the Reaping.

Fabio Baton, Jackie Devilin, Geneive Terrion, Yuna Besaid, Gin Tonic, Melony Yanis, Petra Liit, Serelle Calter, John Kirk, Cornelius Richards, Oreale Gae, Isis Hathora, Robin Slide, Ayaan Hlupe and Leeya Gongzhou were reaped. The only person who was in my Game was Fabio and he didn't interact with me much. I turned and looked at Lucas. He was pretty happy he didn't get to go and he let me know it. I noticed that Battleaxe wasn't in the room, actually I hadn't seen him in a while. Something happen to him during his weird muttation the scientists did on him. As the keeper was coming to get me, Lucas pointed out that Jackie was also in our Game. I forgot about her. No one from my Alliance would be in this Game. Maybe if we were going Alliances, I go with Fabio and Jackie, but Kine said all we had to do was mess with the new tributes and keep the Game going as long as possible. 

Everyone who was reaped was taken to another room. We had a few days before the Hunger Games would start so they wanted to get us all ready for it too. On the TV was the Reaping for the New Tributes. I didn't know anyone really but I recongized the two District 13 tributes, I didn't know them but I remembered seeing them around. Well here we go again. Another Hunger Game for me but this time I will do better. I won't make the same mistake again.


Which will consisted of things like training, forming alliances, maybe Chariot rides and interveiws.

Link to Before Chariot Rides.

Charito Rides

Link to Chariot Rides.


Day 1 of Training

Day 2 of Training

Day 3 of Training

Private Sessions

Due to the lacking on this page because ti si getting so long, for the Rest of the Private Sessions go to Revived the Dead Games.

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13

Sloan Gardner of District 13

Telav Tibaabi of District 12

Slyder Crescendo of District 12

Conner Machado of District 11

Skye Silverguard of District 11

Frankie Moorland of District 10

Grace Pearson of District 10

Craig Albert Corios District 9

Quinoa Soal of District 9

Xavier Thread of District 8

Reeba Alyce Graver of District 8

Rowan Winter of District 7

Selena Kyle of District 7

Asper Dell of District 6

Paola Fernand of District 6

Chase Pansworth of District 5

Lakota Feah of District 5

Sandy Shipwreck of District 4

Naomi Eribach of District 4

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3

Selene Davae of District 3

Konlok Vice of District 2

Ivory Kranium of District 2

Jake Lehouk of District 1

Chloe Madison of District 1

Smick Trinket of the Capitol

Oona Jaina Cree of the Capitol

Here are the alliances, in "quotations" are the names Kine started to refer the alliances as. These are not solid yet as Tributes may move to other Alliances later on and Loners are, for whatever reason, not in an alliance because they don't want to be or they haven't joined one yet.

"Careerers" Alliance 1: Chleo Madison (District 1), Jake Lehouk (District 1), Ivory Kranium (District 2), Konlok Vice(District 2), Naomi Eribach (District 4), Sandy Shipwreck (District 4) and Sloan Gardner (District 13)

"Those One Guys" Alliance 2: Slyder Crescendo (District 12) and Telav Tibaabi (District 12)

"Selene's Harem" Alliance 3: Smick Trinket (Capitol), Selene Davae (District 3), Aiden McFinnegan (District 3), Chase Pansworth (District 5) and Thomas Adrian Parker (District 13)

"Little Amazons" Alliance 4: Oona Jaina Cree (Capitol), Lakota Feah (District 5), Paola Fernand (District 6), Quinoa Soal (District 9) and Grace Pearson (District 10)

"7 6" Alliance 5: Asper Dell (District 6) and Selena Kyle (District 7)

Loners: Rowan Winter (District 7), Reeba Alyce Graver (District 8), Xavier Thread (District 8), Craig Albert Corios (District 9), Frankie Moorland (District 10), Skye Silverguard (District 11), Conner Machado (District 11)

The Games

Let us proseed with our Game!

Day 1: Bath in Blood

Gerald Durrell of District 13

So today the start of the Hunger Games kind of... The Hunger Game event had been going on for a week now but today people would be dying so everyone was pretty bumbed out. Kine came into the room to talk to us before the keepers would have their way with us.

"Okay my little experiments!" He started off with. "Today we finally get to have a little bit of fun with these poor unfortunate tribbies from old America. You're job is to keep the Game interesting. I don't want you guys to kill the tributes, let them kill each other, but try and keep them from doing so. Also becuase I don't think they are smart enough, try and help them find theEaster Eggs."

Once Kine was done, he wondered off somewhere, the keepere came out with their catch poles trying to get all the Chosen Revived Tributes. I jumped around my cage pin prison cell trying to avoid being caught. It was a losing battle and eventually my neck got hooked. The keeper drug me out of the cage struggling. Since I was from District 13 I was the last one to be pulled. They put me in another crate that was sitting on the back of a truck with the others from the lower Districts. We took a car ride tothe Arena. This was one of the few times I had been outside of the living area where they kept us. The truck went inside of a large building.

"This is the last of them," the drive said to another keeper.

I looked around and saw two or three White Coats but didn't see Kine. There were this strang machines that looked like tubes but were made of metal. The sides growed pruple and black. I saw the upper District be places inside which teleported them away to the Arena. There was an upper platform were one of the White Coats named George was stationed. He was monitoring and was controling the teleporting machines. When my truck got to the front, Young and another keeper came over and using a device in her hand, she activated the radio collar around out necks to a different setting. I guess for the Arena or something. The keepers started to take tributes out of the crates and drug them to the teleporter. I was the last one so it kind of sucked waiting. When it was my turn, I was scared but I knew these things worked. The scientists probably used these to get around. District 14 was big. The keeper pushed me into the teleporter and closed the glass door. The walled started to light up and in a flash, with a wierd feeling in my stomach, I was in the Arena.

The first thing I did was look around till my nose started to smell all the different scents. Kine dumbed us down, somewhat with animal DNA to give us a more primal nature. I was still pretty smart but damn these instints were hard to overcome. I was inside of a building and I smelled food. I was going to find it!

Skye Silverguard of District 11

The End finally arrived. I couldn’t sleep much last night and I think Conner couldn’t’ either. We barely even ate breakfast. I think my stomach was too full of worry to bother with food. Our Escort Shallot gave us our Arena uniform, a short sleeve shirt with black pants and a light jacket with our District number on it. Everything fit perfectly. We were gathered all on to a plane that didn’t look like it was made by the Capitol. It was real sleek and was a dark colors. Ernesto was there and helped get us all in our seats which was marked with our District number. I sat by the window because I wanted to watch us take off. The plane hovered off the ground to take off before it started to fly straight. I liked seeing the Capitol from above with the tall buildings and the colorful dots that were the people. We flew over and out of the city. Around fifteen minutes into our flight when we were over the Rocky mountains, the pilot announce there would be some turbulence so we should remain in our seats buckled. I felt the plane shake a little and looked out the small window. I saw black smoke and what appeared to be purple lighten. It was like flying through a thundercloud. Then Asper started to suffer from his vertigo.

“Oh God I’m going to be sick!” He said with his hand over his mouth.

“Here vomit in this,” his District partner Paola gave him a small bag.

It was all over in like a minute. The next time I looked out the small window we were clear of the storm cloud and now flying over a large body of water. I had never seen so much water before.

“Hey were over the ocean!” I heard Sandy say excitedly. “I wonder where the Arena is going to be.”

I saw some puff of white water come out of these large creatures under the sea. I wish I would see more but the window was too small. Soon a large island came onto view with a large peek. The whole island was covered in tropical forest except with one side was covered with a city. That was our Destination. We landed like how took off, hovering.

Selene Davae of District 3

Once the plane was fully landed we were ushered off into a big building. We reached a room with many large cylinder machines. Kine and the other scientist were there as well as some people I hadn’t seen before but they looked like regular District people. Some were gaunt and sickly while others looked like they had been off of drugs for a while, or were on some.

“Oh good you’re all finally here!” Kine yelled as soon as he saw us. “Awe… I’m going to miss all of you… Until I bring you back to life and experiment on you. Konlok, oh the things I’m going to do to you.”

We were directed to get into the machines to be transferred to the Arena. Aiden had to commented that he wanted to know how this device worked.

“Alright everyone, let me tell you the get down,” Kine announced. “Okay so here’s the jist. Okay so there be a lot of surprises. The major one is there will be some tributes from the past wondering around the Arena. They’ll have some unique abilities. There will be many hidden Easter Eggs. They will contain weapons, medicine, food and some special abilities for you guys. ”

It sounded like this was going to be difficult. I felt so nervous I could have fainted if I wasn’t so scared. I was worried about the other tributes or surprises Kine had in store for us. The First tributes to go into the elevator were of course the Capitol tributes. Then District 1 next to them and District 2. The doors were closed and as George prepared to send them into the Arena.

Chloe Madison of District 1

There were six elevators or I think they were elevators; I’ve never seen any like these. I looked out the window as Ernesto came over. We supposed to see our Stylist before we go into the Arena. Ernesto was the Stylist for everyone. I smiled at him. We didn’t interact much but he made me look pretty so hopefully if I win, he can meet again.

“Okay we are ready to send,” George announced.

Kine gave him the go ahead and the machine I was in started to light up. Wait, this is an elevator right? The walls light up purple white and became a little warmer. I felt a little panicked but I was sure the scientists knew what they were doing. There was a blinding light and I felt my stomach jump. The next thing I knew was I was in another room. I felt somehow into something wet. I thrushed myself back up gasping for air. At first I couldn’t see and the smell stunk. I had to get out. I felt the rim of whatever I was in. It was porcelain I can tell you that. I flopped out and hit the floor. I felt the roughness of a towel and quickly wiped my face. I gagged a little but didn’t vomit. Couldn’t do that on TV. I heard someone else scream and another made a sound of disgust. I looked back at what I had fallen into. It was a bathtub filled with blood. God was this Kine’s sick idea of a Bloodbath?

“Ah it burns!” I heard Jake yell form another room.

“What is this?” Sounded like a girl but wasn’t Ivory or Naomi’s voice.

The Hunger Games had started with no one dead and we were already covered in blood. I could almost see Kine laughing at us.

Chase Pansworth of District 5

I crawled over of the bathtub and vomit up the blood I almost swollowed. I took a few mintues to recover and clean myself off. I looked around. I was by myself. I think Kine had us sent to different parts of the Arena and dropped us into the bath of blood, I guess to represent the Bloodbath. I glanced out the window and saw I was high up in one of the buildings to the east I think. I sat back down shivering not because I was cold but because I was still sick. I had to leave the room. As I got up as noticed the the folded clothes that were siting on the towel rack. Kine must have left me some clean clothes to changed into because I was a smell. I looked over at the seperate shower and decided to change in here. There should be any cameras in there right? Plus I could clean off.

It took me a while to get clean and change into the clean clothes. I supposed everyone else was doing the same since I hadn't seen any other tributes. I needed to find my alliance and avoid the Careers, though they must be seperated as well. I also had to avoid the tributes from the past or whatever Kine had said. I decided to leave the blood clothes behind. I couldn't stand to see them. The blood in the bathtub was gone, the drain had open while I was in the shower. I existed the room.

It looked like I was in an apartment building. One of my friends live in a small one at my District but this one was a lot bigger. I needed to find a weapon to defend myself. I searched the room or anything I could use. I could sleep on the couch but I probably should leave because this was a place the Careers would be looking for. I found some bread and a bottle of water in the kitchen. This was good. I hadn't eaten much for breakfast and now my stomach didn't want food because of the blood. Maybe later I would be more hungry. I went into one of the bedrooms. There was a bed and a dresser. I looked inside and found some socks and glove. There was also a small bag I could use to carry things in. It was small but big enough to house my new pair of socks, glove and the food I had found. I decided to take the blacket with me so I wrapped it up and carried.

As I went back into the living room, I realized I hadn't heard any Canons. No one has died yet. It has been like an hour or something since the Games started. I went back into the kitchen but there were not knives. There seemed to be nothing I could use as a weapon. I started to leave then I stopped in my tracks. I could hear footsteps down the hall. I looked down and saw an umbrella by the door. It will have to do.

Paola Fernand of District 6

Amazingly I survived the Bloodbath and I managed to find Lakota, because she started near me. We were looking for the others when we appoached a room with the number 57 on it. Lakota tought she had heard someone inside so we were going to check it out. I had found a bat in the room I started in so that was my weapon for now. Lakota was luck and found a dagger. I slowly put my hand on the door knob and twisted it. Screaming like some wild animal with an umbrella rush Chase. I was startled and tried to smacked Chase but I was too close and hit the wall instead. The umbrella popped oepn throwing Chase back a bit. We all paused for a moment.

"Paola, we can't kill him," Lakota said. "He's my District partner."

"He's not in our Alliance so he is an enemy." I told her.

"Not he's not."

"She's right. I'm not." Chase said.

"How do we know you're not lying? This is the Hunger Games, we have to kill. If we don't get him now, he can kill us later."

"Please Paola. Let's go find the others."

Chase was holding the open umbrella up as if he was using it as a shield. I looked back and forth between my ally and my enemy. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have time to decide because from behind us, there was a loud monsterous snarl. I turned around and took a fist to the face. Lakota scream and Chase fell backwards. I looked up and saw some kind of mutant that looked like a lizard human. She was wearing black clothes similar to our own and had a 5 on her shirt like we did.

"Run Lakota!" Chase yelled rushing the lizard girl with his umbrella.

"Chase wait!" Lakota grabbed her dagger and helped Chase attack the lizard mutant.

I got up, grabbing my bat and joined in. This must have been on of the surprises Kine talked about. The hall way was narrow so I couldn't get a good shot in, Chase and Lakota were blocking my path. Chase held the lizard girl back with the open umbrella while Lakota tried to stab it but was whipped with the tail. Lakota fell back and I caught her. Her forhead was bleeding a little.

"Look out!" She yelled as I was pulled back.

There was another one but this was different with the number 8 on his shirt. This mutant throw me back behind. Lakota pushed her dagger into the side of the mutant but he didn't feel it. He kicked Lakota towards me. She skid to a stop and I tried to pick her up.

"We're going to die!" Lakota screamed.

Naomi Eribach of District 4

I needed to find the others. There was no Bloodbath, or at least one I wanted to be apart of. Still dripping wet with blood I was running around looking for the others. I had found a bow on a rack in the room I came out of and some arrow. These were weapons I couldn't use but it was better than nothing. Chloe could use these if I could find her. I heard screaming on the floor above me. Great someone else was having all the fun. As I was running down the hall, the building shook a little and some dust fell on my head. Oh crap. I jumped forward as the walls behind me came crashing down.

"Holy crap!" I yelled.

I turned around and saw a big whole in the wall where some crystal figure stood. My legs reacted before I could even think. Before I knew it was running down the hall with this giant ass crystal man plowing down the walled behind me. I was moving so fast that I didn't even have time to stop when one of the room's doors opened in front of me. I slammed right into that thing.

"Oh my face!"

"Noami?" I heard Sandy's voice.

I looked up and saw my District partner with a sword in his hands and a backpack. Where did he get that? I didn't have time to talk. I pointed down the hall at the hurrican of noise coming towards us. Sandy pulled me by the arm and we ran some more. We finally came to the other side of the building out of breath.

"I think we past the guy from 3," Sandy said out of breathe.

"Look a door."

There was a glass door in the room we came too. This must have been the way out of the building. I was happy to leave, I didn't care at the moment about killing other tributes. I wanted to live. The crystal giant broke through the wall. Sandy and I jumped to different sides of the room to avoid getting hit by the hiting shards. The crystal monster went for Sandy first as I loaded the bow. I had to try. I fired an arrow and I guess because I was in close quarters I hit the crystal monster in the hand before he could take a swing at Sandy. The giant made a weird sound and punched the wall where Sandy had been. The building shook again. Sandy made a break for the door with me close behind. Once outside the crystal creature didn't follow us anymore.

Smick Trinket of the Capitol

I breif caught a glimps of Oona before she ran off when the building shook. I could hear people freaking out on one of the floors but it did't sound like my own. I hadn't had much time to look for supplies and my Alliance when I was attacked by Chloe from District 1.

"I'm going to kill you!" She yelled with excitement.

I had found an axe so I was using that to block her attacks. Chloe had mace and was swining it around at me. I wasn't as skilled as her, however, maybe because I was older, I was stronger than her. I swung my axe which cause her to jump back. I took the opporunity to run. I turned tail and dashed for the nearest door. The mace hit the wall next to me. I existed the room with the Career in toe. I had to escape somehow. I had to live. I couldn't die on the first day. My parents would be so ashamed of me.

As I was running down the hall way the building rumbled a little. There was some kind of fight going on below me. I came to fork in the halls. I turned right and started down one when I saw both tributes from District 5 and the girl from 6 fighting two mutants. Ooops wrong way. I turned and went down the hall to the right. This didn't proove to be a better choice. I was tripped by some flying needles that landing in the ground in front of me. I fell flat on my face. I heard Chloe skid to a stop.

"I got you now!" she said.

I was about to get up when someone jumped down from the ceiling above me. I looked up and saw a spinning girl with red hair. She igored me and went for Chloe. I crawled forward taking my axe in my hand.

"Who are you?" The red girl said.

"I'm a competitor in this Hunger Game, who are you? One of Kine's surprises?" I heard Chloe snap.

"I'm a Career, from District 1. I will win the Hunger Games!" I could tell by the girls voice that she was a little insane like she was living in the past and wasn't aware what was really going on. "You have a 1 on you. I am the best from District 1. I am Jackie Devilin!"

"I'm sorry to break this to you, but I am going to win this Hunger Games!"

The two girls started to kat fight behind me. This was my chance to run. I got up and started for the door but before I could get there, Jake appeared around the corner. He saw me and in a flash he pulled a knife on me. He pushed me into the wall, I held back his arms to the best of my ability. I was taller but Jake was strong. He had been training his whole life. I didn't stand a chance. I was going to die. I'm sorry mom, dad. I failed you.


When Jake turned his head I kicked him in the knee. Jake yelled and tried to stabbed me with his knife but I hit the knife away from my axe. I broke away from him. Jake pulled out another and through it at me, I was grazed by the blade on my arm but I kept moving. I could hear Chloe call for Jake so I hoped he would go help her instead of chase me. I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder but kept running. I existed the building and made for another.

Telav Tibaabi of District 12

After I was done vomiting I knew I had to get out of here. I wasn't being quiet, I don't know how you could when you were throwing up. I saw some clean clothes near me. I crawled on my hands and knees, picked them up and crawled out of the room. My stomach hurt so I didn't want to stand. I sat for a second listening to the chaos that was happening around me. I heard peopel scream, people running, and moans and roars that didn't sound human. When I was able to stand I searched the room for anything I could use. There was a large axe haning on the wall so I took that and I found a backpack and some food in the kitchen, some cheese, carrots and a sweet roll. I could a water containor but it didn't have any water in it. The sink didn't work exactly. Some black stuff came out of it so I wasn't getting any clean water. I looked in the frigerator and found some soda drinks. I grabbed those and through them into my backpack. There was a knife in the kitchen as well so I picked that up. Once I was done looking through the room, I decided to leave.

I was knocked to the floor as soon as I left the room. I looked up with my nose bleeding and saw some guy Ididn't reconginze standing over me. He had a similar outfit to us tributes but with different markings. There was a 5 on his shoulder and he had some collar around his neck. On the black box part of the caller said Pamline. I glanced for my axe but I had dropped it when I got punched. Then Pamline turned and walked away from me. I didn;t know what happen but and got up and grabbed my axe headng in the opposite direction. I saw the way out of the building and headed for that.

"Hey!" I heard someone.

I turned around and saw Sloan. Crap. She had a spear in her hands. She came at me and I lifted the axe up ready to defend myself. When Sloan was almost upon me, Slyder appeared out of near where and punched Sloan right in the face.

"Run," she told me and together we headed out of the building. "We got to get out of here!"

"Where can we go?" I asked.

The Arena looked like a big city similar to th Capitol. There weren't any trees or plants where we were. I hadn't plan for a cuty Arena. I expected a forest or a jungle or some kind of Arena in the wilds. We headed for the building with the clock tower. I was happy that I had found my ally so early in the Game.

Ivory Kranium of District 2

The builind was shaking like crazy with all the action going on. I started at the top of the building in a bath of blood. I could hear Konlok freakingout in the room next to mind. Once I was able to change I went to got meet him. He was still in his bloody clothes looking for supplies. He found a backpack and some break and water. I told him that there were some clean clothes for him to change in to. When we were done searching the room for supplies, I managed to find some knives and mechicine, we took an elevator down to the lowest floor. The elevator was made of glass so I saw everything as we were heading down. I saw both tribute of District 5 flee with the gril from 6 from two mutant tributes. I saw the guy from District 3 head up in another elevator when we passed each other. I saw two female tributes but I didn't which District number was on them. I saw Chloe disappear down a hall after the gur from the Capitol. I didn't know how to stop the elevator or I would have went to help her. I saw the girl from 8 and her partner go after her. Then I saw the boy from 10 exist one of the rooms with a bow and arrow. When we reached the bottum floor we saw Sloan with a bloody nose.

"You okay?" Konlok asked when the doors opened.

"Someone punched me!" She yelled. "Where is everyone?"

"I think Kine didn't want us to kill each other too fast int he Bloodbath." I said. "And after all that training I was looking forward to the Bloodbath."

"If I would have know, I wouldn't have vbolunteered for this Game." Sloan got up.

We decided to get the hell out of the building when the walls light up and the whole building started shaking. I think Kine wanted us out of the building. Sloan, Konlok and I had no time to find the others. There was a tall building outside the exist we took. There was also what appeared to be an old church like they had in my District. Sloan decided we should go to the Church, seemed like something the Careers could gather so we headed there. The other tributes started to exist the building behind us, the mutant tributes from past Hunger Games were chasing them out but didn't follow behind the building's doors. If I had a good weapon I would have killed some, Sloan was about to throw her knive when a flying tribute came down on top of Sloan's head. Konlok yelled in surprise.

"Get it off of me!"

I pulled out my knife and started to slash at the tribute with Konlok but she kicked him in the face and he landed on top of me. I pushed him off and saw some blood run down Konlok's head from a claw mark. The winged revived tribute flew off after that. I looked around and saw that the other tributes had gotten away. This had to be the worse Bloodbath ever for the Careers. There were several platforms that led away from the building. Konlok made me looked up and saw Noami and Sandy. Konlok yelled to them and pointed to the Church. I guess since there was no cornacorpia, the Church would have to do for our base.

It didn't take long for the three of us to reach the Church. It was a long bigger up close than it looked. It was huge inside. The walls had large windows made of stain glass. I didn't know the figures in the windows. There were statues lining thr sides of the Church. It was filled with seats but we could push them out of the way and block the doors. At the far end was the alter that was filled with water. Konlok washed his face off and I applied some medicine to his forhead. Then I heard the doors open and saw Jake and Chloe come in.

"We saw you two heading this way," Jake explain.

"Noami and Sandy should be heading here too," Slaon said.

It wasn't long before Naomi and Sandy arrived at the Church. They had to go back into another building and take an elevator down to get to the Church. This was going to be out base so we had to perpare since this time the Careers didn't get the luxury of a Cornacopia.

Selena Kyle of District 7

I was lucky enough to find Asper. It seemed that we were started in order of our District next to the two Districts above and below us. Since Asper was from 6 I was started next to him. Unforuently I was also started next to Rowan, my District partner. It also seemed we were started in a boy girl, boy girl fashion as well. Rowan had attacked me and Asper with a machete he had found. We had quite a fight with him but were interupted by a Revived Tribute from 6 and 9. The female tribute shock me and Rowan and the male started to throw fire balls at us. Asper and I ran and existed the building. We got away with a lot of supplies but Asper had been injured during the fight and was bleeding. I had some cuts on my arms and head but I would be alright. Asper had found some medicine so maybe we could use that. We too shelther in one of the other building's rooms.

"I think they didnt' follow us," Asper whispers.

We were scared to try and turn on the lights or started the fireplace. We didn't want anyone to know where we were. It was getting darker in the Arena, it actually was already dark when we got here. We waited for the anthem but it never came. There had been faith music playing in the background from some speakers that were everywhere. It was faith really so I ignored it most of the time. Now that it was night the music started to slow. Asper and I decided to go through our supplies. Between us, we had some rope, bread, three apples, a hunting knife and a slingshot with ten pebbles. We also had a two backpacks, well mine was kind of a sidepack, some medicine which I started to apply to our wounds. It took away the pain but I don't know if it would heal us. In our room there was only one bed. We looked at each other when the speackers came on.

"Attention everyone," It was Kine. "Congratulations, you all survived the first day. Yeah." We heard Kine clapping on the other end. Asper rolled his eyes. "I ended the day early because I am tired and need a nap. So rest us for toomarrow and hopefully some of you come back to me. The Revived Tributes will be lurking for any New Tributes so keep an eye out for them. Oh also keep an eye out for the Easter Eggs. They contrain valuable surprises. Good night everyone."

"Great then, we better get some sleep." Asper said. "On my floor I started off on, I saw a park with some trees. We have to try and get there tomarrow so we can hide in the tress."

I nodded as the speaker came back on.

"Oh PS, there be some clean clothes coming to those of you who missed the ones we had left for you. I don't want to see dirty tributes running around."

I looked over and Asper and my clothes still covered in blood. I guess we were some of those tributes getting new clothes tomarrow. I had to sleep in these tonight though which I wasn't looking forward too. I felt sticky.

Day 2: Deadline

Lutin Blackberry of District 14

The first day of the Hunger Games was coming to a close and I managed to sneak into the control room. George was sitting in front of his computer putting in the comands for the moon on the clock tower to light up. Young and Lisa had left to go take orders for sponsor gifts and Dylan watching the monitors. Kine was sitting back in his chair writting down notes to himself. I went over and sat near to him.

"Snotbubble, you missed all the fun," Kine said to me. "Where have you been?"

"Hey I haven't gotten back my guantlet," George reminded me.

"The guy from 3 has it," I replied with pointing to his location on the map.


"Well George, I guess you're not getting that back till he dies." Kine told him.

I giggle and wiped my face. Before the tribbies went into the Arena, Kine had put tracking implants in the back of each tributes neck, in case they try to remove it, they would die. It actually was supposed to explode if they tried and if they left the Arena. I looked at all the glowing dots that marked a tribute's location on the map. If I touched them on the screen, the dot would pop up the tribute's face and info. I counted the dots and noticed one was flickering. I popped up the name and it flickered but showed the girl from 12 Slyder Crescendo.

"Kine, something wrong," I pointed.

"Must have malfuctioned... Slyder with with her ally Tivy Tiv, so wherever he is, she probabaly will be. We'll have to track her with the cameras."

"What about my gauntlet?" Georged asked.

"I'll get you a new one." Kine promised him. "Aiden probably is going to take it apart when he has the chance. He's near the top of the Pillar, so he probably won't get killed anytimes soon unless he runs into Ivi."

"Maybe I can get the Revive Tributes to get it back for me."

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3

I had spend the night in the Pillar after everyone had fled when the tower started to shake and light up like the neon lights that were made in my District. When the Pillar had stopped shaking and the lights turned off, I settled down in a room. It was a small apartment room, like of like the one I lived in but only had on bed room and a small kitchen and bathroom. The living room melted into the kitchen, that's how small it was. It would do for now. I had no idea where everyone was since we didn't have a normal Bloodbath. I didn't know which kind of Bloodbath was worse but I needed to change out of these clothes. Now that it was the second day I needed to find my allies. I knew everyone was alive after hearing and seeing Kine's annoucement. The TV turned on in my appartment last night.

Before I would leave I had took a shower and changed when I got my new clothes. Felt good to get that dried blood off of me. I slept without clothes on last night in the bed. No one was here with me so why not? After I decided to make something to eat. There was a can of soup in the cubard and some some bread and a cheese slice. In the frigerator there was a bottle of soda. These were rare in my District and only the most weathiest, like the Mayor and the Victors had these drinks. I popped the lid off and tried it. It at first burned my tongue but when away with a tickle. That was the weirdest drink I tasted but it was good. I ate the soup but saved the bread and cheese for later. I decided I would go to the top of the Pillar to have a look around and I was curious on where the music was coming from. The music had gotten louder the farther I went up so I guess people couldn't hear me but it also meant I wouldn't be able to hear them appoaching. The music had stopped during the night but started up again in the morning which was the thing that woke me up. I looked at the clock in my appartment. It said 3 in the morning on it so I knew that was wrong. It left like it was later. I took at least two hours before I had to leave.

I was reluctant to leave but I had too. I headed up the stairs to the top of the Pillar. The stairs twisted around and around till it was sickening. Finally I appoached the top. There was a bright light shining under the door and the music was at it's loudest. I opened the door and came out on top. The room was partically outside as well but was covered by three large metal spires that tilted in till they met at the top. The light source for the Arena was up there. In front of me was somekind of see through piano like the one at the chapel at my District, except it looked more high tech and sounded differe. There was a guy sitting at the center playing it. I guess that was where all the music was coming from.

Konlok Vice of District 1

So we Careers had set up base inside the Church. We slept on the ground pretty much. We my new clothes I felt better. We didn't have much food really. We needed weapons. The some of the statues were holding various weapons. One that interested me was a tall statue of a man would was dressed in what looked like animal fur armor and had a deer's skull on his head. He was holding a harpoon that was red and didn't look like it belonged. I remembers Kine said somethin about hiden surprises, maybe this was one.

"I'm going to get it," I told Ivory.

She just shrugged at me so I started to climb up the statue.

"What are you doing?" Sandy asked. "You can't just climb on a religious statue."

"I'm going to get the weapon. I'm not hurting it. Beside this isn't really a church. No one worshipped here. It's just part of the setting for the Arena."

Jake comer over and help me get my footing by giving me a boost. I took the lower part of the harpoon and felt it move. It was lose so I guess it wasn't apart of the statue. I had to climb a little higher inorder to lift the harpoon out of the statue's hand. He looked at my new weapon. It glowed a little like it had soem kind of shine on it's surface that I couldn't fell. It also made an odd hiss sound when I picked it up. On the side of the harpoon was incribed EnV. I guess that was the name of the weapon and boy would the others be jealous. As I climbed down there was the sound of a door opening and everyone braced themselves.

"What was that?" Noami asked with a slight quiver in her voice.

Then there was a black portal that opened and Enresto came out holding a gift wrapped in pretty paper.

"Here Sandy, a sponsor gift for you. Merry Christmas," Ernesto said handing Sandy a long wrapped weapon that by the shade everyone knew what it was.

"Thanks you," Sandy replied with the sound of joy in his voice. "Wait I don't know any Mary Christmas. Is she my sponsor?"

"Umm, oh that's right. You don't have that Holiday anymore." Ernesto sounded like he was talking to himself but he said it very loudly. "Christmas is a Holiday celedrated in other Countries and used to be celebrated here but I guess only the Capitol celebrates it now. Anyways, enjoy your gift."

Ernesto disappeared back into the portal. It evaperated into thin air. Sandy torn off the paper to reveal a trident. That was cool. Sandy swung it around a bit to test it. I was a little jealous he got a sponsor gift but I found my own weapon. I wanted to show up Sandy so I threw my harpoon into one of the wooden chairs. It exploded as soon as it hit the chair. The blast threw Chloe back because she was standing a little too close.

"Holy crap!"

Telav Tibaabi of District 12

I woke up next to Slyder in our little room. Slyder didn't seem bothered sleeping next to me. She had said that I kept her warm. Slyder was already awake.

"I had the weirdest dream," she told me. " Okay, I was in a dark place which later turned out to be a building and I was surrounded by other people who looked awful. There was a bell sound and as soon as the doors opened everyone poured out in two lines and started working on machines and things that seemed like District 3 or 5 would do. I heard a voice that sounded fimiliar. Then there was a light and a female voice. She told me I had to prevent something from happening."

"What were you supposed to prevent?"

"I am supposed to stop someone from coming back to life," She said.

"Wait what? How are you supposed to do that?"

"Don't know." Slyder's eyes shifted around as if she was thinking. "It was just a dream. Come on lets make something to eat." The only food we had was the soda drinks I had and the fruit Slyder had found. We ate the fruit and shared a soda drink. Once we finished eating we went over out supplies. We didn't have much but at least we had some stuff we could use to survive. Slyder's hunting knife and my knife were the only weapons we had. Not really out strong points, both of us used bows. I wasn't too comfortable having to get close to someone in combat. I rather attack from a distance. Slyder suggested we could try and make a bow, but there was the problem of no wood to make the bow out of or arrows. We also had no feathers. We had to find more supplies, especially since we had not food now or water. We were pretty high up still but the other buildings blocked most of our view.

"There's a green place over there," I pointed out. "Maybe we should head towards it?"

"I think we should stay in here for now. Everyone was expecting a forest Arena for some reason. Most of everyone had specialties that relied on a wild habitat so I think lots of people will head towards the trees. Maybe there are weapons and food in this building."

I agreed with Slyder. We gathered out things and left the room.

Conner Machado of District 11

I woke up when I heard a noise. It sounded like scratching. I looked around but didn't see anything. I was still in my room in a building near the Pillar. I clenched the axe close to me. I didn't hear the sound again after a while so I decided to get up. I had received my clean clothes last night and had taken a shower. I ate my dried meat, not all of it but enough to get me going. I put on my new boots, the clean clothes didn't come with no shoes, so I am guessing everyone else is walking around in the same old bloody shoes they started off with. These boots fit better on me and were steardier. I gatheredmy things, rolled up the sleeping bag and started to leave. Then I heard that sound again. What was that? I slowly opened the door and looked out.

There was this mutant girl a little down the hall way. She had huge hands with even longer claws that were at least a foot long. On her back there was the number 13 and her name Leeya writen in yellow. She was scratching at another door like how my neighbor's dog would do when he wanted in. I wasn't sure if I should stay in my room or trie and make a run for it. Then I heard a voice.

"Go away!" It was Skye my District partner.

I thought for a second and decided I had to help her. She was from my home. I whistled at Leeya like my nieghbor would do to call his dog. It worked. Leeya tired and looked at me. Her eyes didn't look too human anymore. Well they were still shapes normal but somehow they weren't human. Leeya crawled over slowly towards my door. She didn't seem threat anything. I took the extra dried meat and throw it down the hall way. Leeya sped up and went after it passing by my door. Well there goes the last of my food. I went over to Skye's room and knocked on the door.

"Hurry while she's distracted," I said.

"Connoer, is that you?" I heard her voice on the other end.

"Come on let's get out of here."

I heard Skye move from furniture around that she used to block the door with and came out. I took her by the hand and we ran down the hall way opposite of Leeya. It was good to see Skye again but I knew I couldn't stay with her long. Craig probably was still looking for me.

Sandy Shipwreck of District 4

The weapon Konlok had found created a blast wave of lighten when he threw it. Everyone was in shock at first but soon we thought it was pretty cool. The portal opened again and Ernesto came back out. He looked around at the mess that was made before walkingover to Konlok and Ivory.

"I bare more gifts," He said handing Ivory a battle axe and Konlok a flat box that smelled real good. "Enjoy."

Ernesto left again. Konlok got a pizza, something that was a little rare in our rich Distict, we ate fish. Konlok seemed to know what he got. Ivory unwrapped her axe from the pretty wrapping paper. This axe had to blades on each side and was big, look a little too big for Ivory but she was swinging it around with ease. Konlok opened his pizza box and started eating.

"You going to share that?" Sloan muttered.

"Yeah breakfast time!"

We enjoyed out pizza, everyone got at least two slices. We Careers were very good at rationing food. Once we were all full and ready to go, we decided to go hunting for tributes to kill. to split up into two groups. Since were wasn't much int he Church to protect we decided to all go together. We entered the Pillar, the building the Bloodbath took place in. We were safer as a group, we spotted a few Revived Tributes, but they left us alone, for now. We searched a few rooms for supplies, but the other tributes and Revived had picked the lower rooms clean. Most of the food was eat by the Revived Tributes. While Sloan, Noami, Jake and Konlok were looking for supplies in a room, Ivory, Chleo and I stood outside keep guard.

"Hey, I heard something over there," Ivory said.

"Should we go check it out?" Chleo asked.

"Could be another Revived," I pointed out. "This place is crawling with them."

"Sandy, Chleo go check out what that sound was," Sloan order. "Jake take over gaurd duty with Ivory."

"Awe, why am I still on guard duty," Ivory whined.

"Because you have you weapons and Jake has his, two you are the befends."

Chloe and I didn't question Sloan's orders and walked off in the direction of the sound. I think Chloe rather go with me than with Ivory or Jake. Maybe she liked me. She was pretty.

Oona Jaina Cree of The Capitol

I saw Paola and Lakota head towards the Amusement Park so I decided to head there. I had to get clean first. These blood clothes were annoying. After a quick shower I changed into my new clean clothes but I didn't get new shoes so I wash off the ones I already had the best I could. I gathered my supplies, ate the fruit along the way and headed towards the Amusement Park.

It wasn't as far as I thought but it took some thinking to get too. I had to go back into the Pillar to get to the platform that led to the Amusement Park. I could hear some of the Revive Tributes wondering around but I didn't see any. I felt my stomach grumble. I hadn't eaten much today or even yesterday. I put a hand full of dried fruit into my mouth. That would have to satafy me for now till I got to the others. My stomach grumbled in protest as I came to a lobby. A crash like glass break made me stopped. I could hear something ahead of me. I pressed myself up against the wall and moved slowly forward till I could kind of see around the corner. There was a Revived Tribute there moving the table around. I guess there was something in there he wanted. He had two large bat like wings on his back but they were covering in feathers. He also had long ears and a tail. There was the number 12 on his back with the word Prokop. He was blocking my path so I guess I had to find another way.

I turned to head back but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw two of the Careers at the other end of the hall. Crap, just what I need. I pulled out my sword I had found. I would have to fight my way out. The boy from 4 charged at me with a trident. How did he get that? Suddenly I was thrown forward with sharp stinging pain running up and down my back. Prokop was standing over me with blood on his nails. I heard Sandy skid to a stop.

"Chloe shoot with your arrows," Sandy yelled.

Prokop stepped over me and rush towards Sandy before he could do anything. Sandy held Prokop back with his trident but was unable to stab him. Chloe started firing arrows but she couldn't risk hitting Sandy. This was my chance. I got to my feet and ran for my life towards the exit. Just as I was about to reach the lobby I heard two fimiliar voices.

"Oona!" It was Grace and Quinoa.

A rush of joy filled my stomach but the expression on their face instantly took that joy away.

"Look out!" they yelled as I was thrown to the ground.

Craig Albert Corios of District 9

I was wakened when Ernresto came into my room with a gift for me. At first I thought I was being attack so I pulled out a knife on him. He smack the knife away rather effortlessly that impressed me but also kind of irritated me at the same time.

"We'll have none of that right now," Ernesto said calmly. "I have a gift for you."

He gave me a bottle water wrapped in pretty paper. He looked me over. I didn't bother to change out of my blood clothes right away at least. I didn't mind and it reminded me of home. He had the same expression my mother always had whenever I came home with blood all over my clothes. I almost heard her voice my mother telling me to change before breakfast when I woke up. No not today. After Ernesto left, I ate the bread I found yesterday, tasteless, not what I was used to. Part of me missed my home and my room with all my little weapons I had made to past the time. Oh well, I was here to have some fun. But first, I wanted something better to eat. I had followed the guy from 10 but lost him so I spend the night inside the Pillar. I remembered seeing a machine filled with food in bags inthe lobby that led towards the Amusement Park dome. I had wondered around the Pillar a bit before going to bed. The Revived Tributes had made this building thier nest and had eaten most of the food they could get their claws on. I made it to the lobby. A Revived Tribute with the number 12 on him was in the hall way wondering around. He ingored me for the most part so I went over to the mechine. There were bags filled with salt and sweet food. I just had to figure out how to get it. I looked around for something I could use. There was a table and a chair, that would do. I picked upt he chair and threw it at the mechine. The glass broke when the chair hit it and it made a lot louder sound than I had thought. I heard voices down the hall way.Crap. I grabbed a few bags of food and stepped around the Revived Tribute named Prokop from 12 who was tearing into the plastic bags of food. I hide behind the table and listened. I heard a fight break out and Prokop went after the fighters. I was about to follow when the Captiol girl named Oona appeared. A perfect target however my plans were intturuped when then two girls from 9 and 10 appeared. It was pretty much too late. I threw Oona to the floor taking my knife in had. I was about to stab her when the girl from 9 charged at me with knives in hand. I jumped back throwing the knife in my hands. It scraped passed her cutting into her skin but wasn't enough to stop her. This would be easier if there was only one tribute. I ducked out of the way. A crash through the wall caused me to fell back. A table flip over and a Revived Tribute from 12 jumped out with an arrow in his shoulder. Two Careers came out of the hall way, Cleo or Chole or whatever her name was and the guy from 4. What the Hell was going on? Whatever, I took the opportunity to claim a victim. I turned my attention towards the other girl

"Grace look out," Oona yelled.

Grace, the girl from 10, grab her staff and started to swing it around keeping me back. Not good enough. I grabbed Grace's staff in my hand and it stung, but I swung it still with her holding on to the other end towards the girl from 9. The two girls screamed as they fell back. Now where was that other one? There was three girls right? I turned to see the boy from 4 attacking Oona.

"Hey that's my victim!" I yelled.

I jabbed one of my knifes into his side. His body became tensed up with pain. I heard his ally call out to him but she was busy with Prokop to help much. I wasn't going to let the Careers ruin my fun by killing off all the other tributes. I pulled out the knife and stabbed him again and agian.

"Sandy! No!" The sounds of his ally brought a smile to me face. "Jake! Konlok! Sloan!"

Crap she was calling for her otther allies. I saw the other girls take off towards the Amusement Park. Then I hearded the vioces of the rest of the Careers charging down the hall. My fun was cut short. There was no way I could take on all the Careers. Prokop picked up Chloe and threw her. He snarled and hissed before breaking through the glass windows flying away. I took my chance during the chaos and ran down the hallway taking my suppy of food with me. I don't think they saw me. I got the first, I was the first, it was me and that made me smile. I heard a loud boom but it didn't sound like a canon. I looked out the window and saw colorful lights. I guess Kine was going to make eveyrone's death more festive by shooting fireworks. I was satifed. Now where did my dear Conner get off too?

Lakota Feah of District 5

Paola had been angry with me because I didn't let her kill Chase, but I convinced her that being the first person to kills someone would mean the Hunger Games had really started. We were pleased that no one died on the first day. It was good that Paola spared Chase. The Amusment Park was a little scary at night, we knew there was a Revived Tribute that had set up camp in one of the rides but we were never bothered. The Amusement Park had some food and drinks, mostly soda drinks. We found a popcorn machine that was broke, it still worked but the Revived Tributes had broke into it to eat the popcorn, left enough for me and Paola. We got out new clothes and slept inside one of the rides. The next day we decided we would try and find the others.

"Come on," Paola said and I followed her.

As we were leaving we sighted some comotion at the Pillar. Three tributes came out and for a second my heart stopped. It was the other girls and Oona was bleed! We rushed over to them and helped carry her to out little camp at the Amusement Park. Quinoa was more level headed, less injured and explained what had happened to us. We had no medicine. There was a flash and a loud bang that scared the living Hell out of us. I quickly turned back to Oona fearing the worse but she was still holding on. Thank goodness it was someone else.

"What are we going to do?" Grace asked with a shake in her voice.

"Here I have a first aid kit," Quinoa searched through her stuff and pulled out a small tin box.

We used some napkins to clean off the wounds and I applied some medicine to keep Oona from getting infected and hopefully stop the pain. The first aid kit had few supplies, not exactly what Oona needed but it was all we had, so it would have to do. I looked through the first aid kit. We had some pain medicine that help fight off minor infections, some bandanges and band aids and some pills but Oona needed more. Right on cue, Ernesto appeared holding a pretty wrapped box with a green bow. He explained it was a gift for Oona. She wasn't able to open ot because of the wounds on her shoulders and arms, so Grace opened it for her. It was the medicine that Oona needed. As Ernesto was leaving he stopped for a moment to look at Oona. I know he was some kind of doctor and the doctor in him most defendly wanted to help, but it was against the rules. I wouldhave loved to have him help us, anything to save Oona.

"Lakota, you have some experience in healing," Paola said. "You need to stay with Oona. Grace you stay with Lakota and keep an eye out for any trouble. Quinoa and I will go get some more supplies."

"Be carefuly," I said as Paola and Quinoa left.

I knew how to heal with plants, not really medicine in the form of pills and ointments. Grace help me with the medince but reading to me what they were for. We applied the medicines and and bandaged her up with the extra bandages that came in Oona's sponsor gift. It was enough to keep Oona comfortable for now but she wasn't out of the woods yet. She lost a lot of blood and it would take a while for the medicine to kick in and for her body to recover. We had to keep an eye on her for a while to be sure.

"Don't worry about me," Oona said trying to sound tuff. "I'm a fighter not a quiter."

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13

A loud boom woke me up. I over slept. I knew someone had died and I was scared that it may be Smick, or Chase, or Selene, or Aiden. I needed to find my alliance. One person died, that doesxn't mean any of my alliance members have died but there was always that overwhelming fear. I had stayed in one of the buildings next to the Pillar. I knew that many of the other tributes probably left the Pillar when it started to shake and glow. That was probably a safe place and the top part of it looked like somewhere Aiden and Selene would go. It was the power source to the Arena, the light that acted as the sun was up there. I knew Aiden would do anything to get his hands on anything technologically advance that he can talk apart. Aiden was a little bit like a less insane Snotbubble. I would start there because we seemed to have started in order of District starting with the Capitol at the buttom of the building and District 13 at the time. I basically started the farthest from my other allies. I saw lots of people flee the building by the time I got down to a lower floor. I needed to find Smick, Selene, Aiden and Chase. It would have been easier if we had a ragular bloodbath, at least I would have seen my allies but I probably would have died.

I left the safety of my room with the knowledge that the Careers could be prowling and the Revived Tributes were wondering around. I noticed they were more interested in food than in hurting us. I passed a Revived Tribute named Serelle. I tossed a peice a bread to her and she went after it totally ignoring me. Food was like the Revived Tributes' Morphings, I don't think the Revived Tributes were given the opprotutity to get addicted to that drug though. If I won I probably use it, I like to say I would but I don't have faith in myself. After going pased Serelle, I ran into another Revived tribute named Robin. He was sitting perch on a table, sand was all around him. I thought it was cool that the Capitol could bring people back to life and give them powers. I tossed a little bit more of my bread to Robin. He looked at it then looked at me, I realized I threw the bread into the sand. No one wants sandy bread but still Robin reached down for it and put it into his mouth.

Anyways, the song that was playing was nice. I could hear it through the loud speakers. I wondered why Kine choice to constandly play music when people are trying to survive and not get killed? He probably say some thing like "I wanted to make the tributes death more festive," or something like that. My impression of Kine wasn't very good. With the song in the background I came to the lobby of the building I was in. I figured most fo everyone had dispersed to the other buildings so there was the possiblity that there were other tributes in my building.

"Thomas," I heard a fimiliar voice.

"Chase! Oh I am so happy to see you!"

I couldn't help but to hug Chase. I was happy to have found one member of my alliance even if it wasn't Smick. Chase explained that Lakota and Paola had spared his life and he saw them head into the Amusement Park so he went to the building closest to the Amusement Park, which was the building I was in. Togather we went back into the Pillar. It was clear a fight had taken place in the lobby. The clean up crew had just left and there was still blood on the flood. We notice the vending machine was broken and a few bags of chips were left. Chase grabbed them and stuck them into his backpack. I started down the hall way that was less damaged but then Chase stopped me and pulled me back.

"It's Craig," he whispers. "That crazy guy from 9. Let's go to the next floor."

We used the elevator to go to up a few floors. Craig being from District 9 probably had no clue what an elevator was. There were lots of them at my District, in the underground part. As we were going up the Pillar, Chase kept looking out the glass windows, while I kept my eyes on the number of the floors we were passing. The 5th floor, the 6th floor, the 7th, 8th and 9th floor, when we came the 10th floor, we saw a fimiliar face through the glass doors. It was Selene! We saw her running down the hall way with a Revived Tribute chasing her. Chase stopped the elevator and the doors opened with us calling her name. Selene run into the elevator. Chase hit the button for the doors to close as the Revived Tribute named Ayaan charged right into the doors. The glass craked a little as he punch the doors with his long bear-like nails. Ayaan was covered in spikes like a hedgehog or something.

"Chase, get us out of here!" I yelled clinging to Selene.

Chase hit the buttons to go all the way up to the top floor. The elevetor started to move upwards. Ayaan took a stepped back and watch us disappeared up the elevetor shaff. Once we were sure we were safe, Chase and I turned out attention to Selene. She had a few cuts but was alright. We were so glad to see each other. The elevator stopped on the 14th floor. I was excited to have two of my allies with me, and this was the floor that Smick would have started on so he had to be here.

"Smick?!" I called as soon as the doors opened.

"What are you doing?" Chase more yelled at me than asked. "Are you trying to alert everyone to our location?"

"This floor would have been the floor Smick would have started on." I told him.

"I started on the 10th floor, you think Aiden is still there?" Selene asked.

We heard a thump. I am sure Chase and Selene felt just as scared as I was. The door next to the elevetor title Fire Escape opened. I pulled my sword out, Chase pulled out his umbrella like that would help and Selene stood behind us because she had no weapons. We were prepaired for a fight but we didn't want one. Luckily for us, the opened with a smile. It was Aiden! Selene dashed out from behind us to hug him. It was a joyful re-union and would have been better if...

"Hey guys guess who I found," Aiden said.

He reach behind him and pulled out the person I wanted to see. Smick! This was the best thing ever. We were all together at last and we had lots of supplies. Maybe the Hunger Games weren't going to be so bad after all. After we talked a bit we made camp in one of the rooms. Aiden told us Ernesto visited him with sponsor gifts, then some time after that he ran into Smick. Aiden had gone up to the top of the building and was attacked by a Revived Tribuet named Ivi. She chased him into the stair way where he ran into Smick, who was coming up to the roof of the building. The TV flickered of with some kind of music, not the anthem. Kararios came on the TV tro annouce the first kill of the Hunger Games this year. We were suprised to see the Sandy Shipwreck from District 4. It didn't say how or who killed him. He was the only death. Won this Hunger Game had to be a record or something because no one died on the first day and only one death, a Career for that part, on the second day. Seeing Sandy's face should have made me happy that a Career was dead, but instead it made me sad. It was a cold reminder that I was in the Hunger Games.

Day 3: The Calling

Conner Machado of District 11

Skye and I had spent the whole day together. She didn't talk to me much, we never really talked anyways, but I kind of this time wanted to. I would never see her again after this. I may not survive either. I wanted to get to know her but I didn't know how. What could we talk about? Home, I asked her if she missed District 11. She said yes and nothing more. I missed home too.

We were in another building on the second floor. We were looking for supplies. Skye had no food so between the both of us, we ate all of the dried meat I had. No we had no food. Depsite no conversations, I enjoyed having her around and didn't mind to much with sharing my things with her. I was looking through some comberts for some food and found some bread and a jar that was filled with someting in it but I didn't know what, but it was colorful like a rainbow in a jar. I walked over to Skye and gave her those to carry. She slipped them into her sidepack and looked up at me. There was a height difference between us. I smiled at her and she gave me a half smile back. There wasn't much in this room so we started to leave. I opened the door and looked out. Crap!

"Conner there you are!" I heard the voice of the person I didn't want to see ever again.

I ducked back into the room and locked the door. I could hear him calling my name. I glanced down at Skye. He would kill her. I know he would. I had to save her. My only reminder of home. I am sure she could see the fear in my eyes. I didn't want her to die.

"What is it?" she whispered to me.

"It's Craig," I told her. "Come on."

Craig started to bang at the door and whine calling my name and telling me to let him in. Skye whispered to me that we could try an kill him together but I knew we didn't stand a chance. If I turned on Craig, he just kill me and then kill Skye and she wouldn't stand a chance against him if I wasn't. We went to the window and I opened it. I looked out, there was a small ugly little tree below us. I picked up Skye and put her out the window till her feet touched the tree.

"What are you doing?" ashed asked me.

"Conner, let me in!" Craig whined banging on the door. Didn't he worry about other people hearing him?

"It's too late for me but save yourself," I said to Skye. "If you live, tell my father I forgive him for abandoning me."

"If you live, tell my father is a jerk," Skye said as she started to climb down the ugly little tree with like two leaves.

I watched her go before turned back inside the building. I could make a break for it. I could go with Skye. Just then the door broke open when Craig kicked it. My chance was gone. I closed the window and turned to face him. Craig slammed into me and gave me a hug.

"I missed you," he said. "Yesterday, it was me... I killed him. I was the one who did it."

He didn't need to tell me, I knew what he meant. He was the one who killed Sandy, the Career from District 4. Craig squeezed me tighter before losening. He slid his knife against my arm to make the blood drip out.

"Now let's go hunting."

Asper Dell of District 6

One the second day we had made our way to the park that was call South Park. It was the only place with a lot of trees. The rest of the Arena was pretty much absent of trees besides a few by the Church and a couple of plants in the buildings. It was good to be in my own enviorment. Both Selena and I felt right at home here in the Park. There was a large lake in the middle of the park, so we had fresh water. Only think was we were sure other tributes would be lurking, so Selena and I were treading carefully through the forest. Both of us were surprised that there was only one kill o day 2. Kine didn't show the face in the sky for somereason so we had no clue who died. I was hoping my District partner Paola wasn't the first kill. Selena didn't seem to care if Rowan died but she was sure he wouldn't be the first.

Selena and I had made camp in a large tree. It made me feel safer being in the tree rather than sleeping on the ground. However this tree wouldn't make a good camp out so we had to keep moving. I wanted to explore a little to fimiliarize myself with my surroundings. Selena came down after just climbing to the top of the tree.

"I saw a tree house over there," She told me. "We could use that as our base."

"Probably a revived tribute lives in here but together I think we can chase them out."

We gathered our things and headed out. We had eaten most of our food by now. We weren't too worried because we could always hunt and find food now that we were in the park. I saw and heard some animals, birds and squirrels mostly. As we were traveling through the trees, we could hear the chattering of a few squirrels. Their chattering was annoying at first but then it started to get louder. I looked up when the birds started to quack at us. I had no clue what was going on but I felt like something bad would happen. These animals were making so much noise that it could alart the Careers. Suddenly Selena, who was walking behind me, grabbed my arm as she was pulled back. I branced myself and held on to her. Something had her by the leg.

"Get it off!" Selena cried in fear.

"Hold on to me," I yelled as I pulled out my hunting knife.

A black slightly shiny tentacle was wrapped around Selena's ankle. I looked back abit and saw something in the bushes.I didn't know or want to know what it was. I took my knife and stab the tentacle. I heard an ear piercing screech and the tentacle let go of Selena. I got dive bombed by the birds. I swotted at them with my arms and knife. Selena pulled otu her hammer and started swinging.

"Run!" I yelled.

In an instant we both took off with the birds and squirrels in prosuit. It was so weird being chased by small animals I would normally be hunting. Kind of pay back I guess. A squerril jumped on my shoulder and bit me on the side of the neck. I yelled more so in surprised than in pain. I grabbed it with my hand, squeezing it by the neck. Selena pulled me by the other arm so I wouldn't run into a tree, because I wasn't paying attention to where I was running. The squirrel stuggled in my hands and I shook it before throwing it into the ground. A bird flew into Selena's face scratching her a litter but she hit it with her hammer sending it flying. Another squirrel attack my leg, I kicked it off but another jumped on to my shoulder and a bird dive bombed me again. Selena was dealing with her own problems stepping on a squirrel and swinging at the birds. Even in the loud commotion I heard the low sound of a hiss. I turned my head to see a large snake wrapped around a tree branch above me, ready to strike.

"Selena look out!" I yelled pushing her and myself out of the way of it's venomous bite.

I landed on top of Selena and in a way I kind of shielded her from some more bird and squirrel attacks. They were all over me now. I panic and rolled over crushing whatever animal was on my back. I could feel them wiggle but I couldn't get but because birds were pecking and scratching at my face and stomach. I kicked and swung my arms trying to get them away. Selena had managed to get but and she swung her hammer driving the birds back. She pulled me to my feed and she took off again. This time the birds and squirrels didn't follow us as far and we were able to get away. As soon as we reach a clearing I collapsed to the floor exhausted and stringing in pain. Selena sat down next to me.

"Look the tree house," Selena pointed.

Paola Fernand of District 6

Oona survived the night, that was good. Everyone was so worried for her. I had a knot in my stomach all night. Only finding out from Lakota that Oona's wounds were almost healed releaved me. The mood began to pick up after that. Now that Oona was able to move around, we decided to wonder around the Amusement Park and find some food. We pratically ate most of it the night before. Oona was the only one of us who had been to an Amusement Park before, they only exist in the Capitol, she she explained to everyone what they were about. In my District, we helped in building the rides, so I had a basic idea of what they were for. There were able five large rides with several smaller ones. There were a few tents and stands that carried several items. We went through it all and found mostly prices like stuff animals and toys and junk that didn't help us out that much. The clowns were kind of scary. Finally we found some food, carnivel food it said. Corn dipped in chocolate, hot dogs, corn dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, some unknown thing that was deep fried, however these things were in low supply because the Revived Tribute that had made their nest in the ride had eaten most of it. Still there was enough to feed us for the day. We dug in.

"Feels good to eat but this stuff is weird," Lakota said.

"You're not used to food like this," Oona explained. "What was it like in the wild?"

"It was beautiful," Lakota told us. "You can breath the air without that after taste. When the sun rises, the birds sing you awake. The water is crystal clear and clean. You can see all the stars."

"I never been to the wild," Oona told us. "I lived my whole life in the Capitol. I've been to the zoo though."

"I've been to the wild," I said. "I ran away from my first Reaping to the forest." There really wasn't much of a forest in District 6. There was a small patch of wilderness but there weren't many animals, just a few squirrels and birds and hares. We weren't all to to really go into it and I don't know why.

"The Peacekeepers would get mad and beat the crap out of me though," I added.

"I've been to the wild a few times," Grace told everyone. "Sometimes a baby sheep would wonder off and I would have to go find them. Then one time I encountered a big black and purple animal that looked like agiant cat with wings. Then I saw it's two glowing eyes staring straight at me and then it roared at me. I ran all the way back home terrified."

"One time Craig went nuts and started stabbing everyone for some reason," Quinoa started to tell us. "Something set him off because he was mad. I ran into the forest to get away from him. There I ran into the Beast that gave me my scars. I barely survived and I never went back into the forest again."

Quinoa's story of her experiences in the wild kind of ruined the mood. The look in her eyes told us that she didn't want to remember the event. Grace quickly changed the subject to the Amusement Park. Oona started to tell us what an Amusement Park was all about. Listening to her talk about something happy and not about death lighten up the mood. It was good to not think about the Hunger Games. Oona told usthe names of the rides that were surrouning us. I looked up a the large metal one that was purple and green. Some movement caught my eye.

"There's something up there," I said.

"It's probably that Revived Tributes," Quinoa muttered.

"We should stay clear of AH!" Grace yell startled everyone.

I turned to see that Grace had a knife stuck in her shoulder. Lakota grabbed her by the other arm and pulled her behind one of the beams that held up the metal ride above us. Everyone dashed behind something. I peered out from behind a chart. I couldn't see who threw the knife. I heard a strange sound from above. The Revived Tribute was crawling around up there. Suddenly I heard Quinoa. She was being attacked. I jumped out from behind the chart pulling my wooden bat as I rushed over to her aid. Quinoa was fending off her attacker. It was Rowan from District 7. Both were fighting with their knives. Rowan was over powering her but not for long. I took a swing at him, but he jumped back.

"You okay?" I asked Quinoa never taking my eyes off of Rowan.

"Yeah, just a fe scraps."

Rowan twirled his knives in his hands grinning at us. Together we could take him. Rowan walked around us looking us over I guess twirling his knives. He probably was debating on which one so of us he wanted to attack first. I heard a commotion behind us. The other girls were being attacked. We couldn't help them, we had to deal with Rowan. I took another wing at Rowan because I wa sgetting tired of that smug face he had. He dodged and took a slice at my arm. He nicked me on the nuckled. Quinoa threw her knife at him but he blocked with the two in his hands. Throwing knives weren't really Quinoa's thing.

"Lakota look out!" I hear Oona yelled behind me.

I turned to see what was going on. I caught a glimps of Lakota, Grace and Oona, orange color and Xavier. Then I felt a sharp pain in my arm. I was knocked to the floor. I shouldn't have taken my eyes off of Rowan. He jumped on top of me slacing his knives. I chuff him in the chin with the end of the bat. He recoiled, grabbing my bat and threw it aside. I started to punch him as hard as I could. Quinoa came rushing and yelled behind him with my bat in his hands. Rowan heard her and quickly jumped off of me. He moved out of the way and tripped Quinoa with his foot. She fell to the floor. Rowan smiled and stepped over her ready to stab her in the back of the neck.

"No!" I cried desprately.

Ignoring the pain in my body I jumped up into Rowan knocking him over. I started to pown on Rowan with my fists. I kicked him and punched him over and over. Rowan snarled at my, jabbing his knife upwards. He got me right in my stomach. The pain was overwhelming. I couldn't move for a second, even when Rowan kicked me over. Quinoa got back up with my bat in her hands. Rowan turned to face her as if he was accepting the challange. Before they could clash, the Revived Tribute jumped out fo now where. I saw the number 8 on her shoulder. The Revived went for Rowan. He stepped back. Oona came into view.

"Paola, you're going to be okay," Oona told me. "Hang in there. Let me see ifI have any of my medicine left."

"No Oona," I manage to whisper feeling faith. "I'm dying..."

"No Paola, we need you. Lakota will fix you right up."

I didn't hear anymore commotion from the others. My vision was fading but I could make out the faces of my allies, Oona, Quinoa, Grace, Lakota... I saw the face of my adoptive mother, my real mother, she was my real mother. I want to go to my mother...

Cleo Welch of District 8

I chased off Rowan and his buddy Xavier. The latter gave me a good stab in the side but I would be okay. The wondered off over joyed about what they just did. I bet they would be back. I climbed up the ride I had made my nest in from the sutff animals and blankets from the building. I looked down at the group of girls below me. The were sobbing over their lost friend. I couldnt' help but feel sympathy for them. I never knew what became of my brother, he wasn't revived.

"What are we going to do with out her?" one of them said .

"Paola, get up," another with green streaks in her hair cried. "Paola, please get up."

"Rowan and Xavier are still around. We better keep a eye out for them." the one from the Capitol told them. "The peacekeepers will be coming soon to take Paola away."

"No! We can't leave her. What if Rowan and Xaiver come back?" The one with the 10 on her back yelled.

"What are they going to do to her now?"

"We can't leave her!"

I couldn't see and watch them anymore. I felt my throat tighten. I started to crawl down the metal bars but I had to turn make. I crawled down towards the group of girls. One of them spotted me and yelled at me to go away. She threw a rock at me. It missed horribly, hitting a metal barcreating a bong that echoed throughout the park.

"You know, Kine will revive her," I uttered quietly.

"Go away!"

I got another rock thrown at me. This time it hit a lot closer to me that it sent me back up the metal ride to the safety of my nest. I heard the sound of a door opening, which meant a portal had opened. I looked down and saw several keepers. They had arrive to collect Paola's body. One of the girls freaked out and started hitting one of the keepers. He shielded himself with his arms. Another came over and grabbed the girl dragging her away. The other girls took a few steps back, still crying over the lost of their companion, but allowed the keepers to take the girls body. I saw a two of the keeps had their shocking sticks out. Those things hurt. I wasn't going down there. As soon as they collected the body and washed the blood way, they disappeared into their portal. I felt miserable. It was my job to prevent the tributes from killing each other and I failed. Oh where was Theo? I missed him.

Jake Lehouk of District 1

There was another firework, someone died. After the lost of Sandy, Naomi had been a lot more quieter than usual. Sloan gave her Sandy's trident, he didn't get to kill with it. Naomi was the most capable of using it anyways being from District 4. She clung to that thing so tight that her knuckles turned white. A Career was the first kill and none of us had made any. This sucked. I wondered if this was what it was like for my ancestor who was in the 116th Hunger Games. I remembered he was partnered with the guy from 12. The Careers started off their game that year too just like this one. We were prowling around the buildings looking for tributes to kill slowly making our way to the Amusement Park. That was where she saw those girls who killed Sandy disappear off too. We wanted revenge.

"What a bother," Sloan grumbled. "This would be a lot better if there weren't these damn Revived Tributes wondering around."

"Come on, we should avoid them," Konlok suggested. "We need to be Careers and kill someone."

Ivory gave a surprise yelp and pointed We looked to where she pointed and saw a female tribute. I think it was the girl from 11. This was our chance. I reached into my pack to pull out a knowing knife. Really only long ranged weapons would do for this one.

"This one is mind!"

"What no! I want this one!"

I heard Sloan and Chloe started debating. I threw my knife but it was deflected by Chloe's arrow. I turned to her irritated. She gave me a mean look.

"I called this one first," she spat.

"Well you were taking too long."

"She's getting away," Konlok pulled out his trident and prosuded Skye. Chleo started to fire arrows but Skye had disappared inebwteen one of the builds. We all ran over there but go stuck when we all tried to crawl in after her. Too many people at once. Where Skye had disappeared off to there were many wires a piles and tubes that we couldn't sweeze through, well maybe Sloan because she was the smallest.

"Great she got away!" Sloan grumbled.

"No wait!" Konlok wiggled pointed. "There, she is there! Chloe arrow now!"

Chloe pulled her arrow back but we were taken off guard when a boulder came flying down from the sky. I didn't think, just reacted and threw mysefl at Chloe. Konlok, Ivory, Naomi and Sloan scathered. The boulder hit the ground with a loud bang that made my ears ring. I landed awkardly on top of Chloe but I had saved her life. She pushed me off.

"Oh dearie me," we heard a voice from above. "Did I do that? Sorry I didn't know you guys were down there."

Everyone looked up and saw that crazy silent guy from 9. The District 11 guy pocked his head out the window as well. So that's why. He wanted to save his District partner. I could tell that Sloan was fuming but there was nothing she could do. Craig was too high up. Wait! I got up and pulled out my throwing knives. The two guys pulled back into the window out of veiw. I could hear Craig laughing. Chloe had her bow ready in case they threw something else at us but we couldn't get a clear shot from our angle.

"Let's kill them!" Sloan shouted.

We all dashed for the entance of the building but it was on the other side. Konlok said that the may be gone by the time we get there. One the other side of the building was the entrance to the dome that held th Amusement Park. Now we had a choice, go after the Amazon girls or go after Craig and whatever that guy's name was from 11. Both of those guys were strong well as the girls were a group of girls from weaker Districts. It was an easy pick but I didn't want to look weak on National Television. That's right we are being filmed.

"Craige and that other guy probably ran off by now," Jake said.

"Maybe we should split up?" suggested Ivory.

"That last time we split up Sandy got killed," Sloan pointed out.

"Craig was there when Sandy died," Chloe muttered. "We were attacking Oona, then her two allies Grace and Quinoa appeared and then Craig from 9."

"Okay so we have both parties that were there. Which one do we go after? Which one killed Sandy?"

"I think we have to slit up," Ivory conitued. "Some of us go after the girls and the others after Craig."

After some discussion we ultimately decided to split up. Sloan, Chloe and I would go after him while Konlok, Ivory and Noami would go after the girls. We seperated after that. I followed Sloan and Chloe into the building while Konlok, Ivory and Naomi disappeared intot he Amusement Park.

Ivory Kranium of District 2

We hadn't gone far into the Amusement Park when were anbushed my the two crazy guys from 7 and 8 taking us off guard. A knife was thrown at us, hitting Konlok in the arm and moments later Rowan attacked Konlok, but Naomi helped him but blocking Rowan's attack with Sandy's trident. Xavier went after me. I was a Career, I could take him. He swung his machete at me. I threw a knife at him but he blocked it and hit it away with his weapon. Seriously?! "Haha, what's wrong, girl" Xavier mocked.

"I'm going to kill you by ribbing you insides out!" I yelled.

"Come at me bro!"

That was it, I charged at Xavier. I pulled out Sandy's sword, it was a better match against Xavier's mechete. I took a swing at him. He jumped back smiling at me. I took another swing but missed, then another and another but he dodged them all. He kept jumping away. What was up with this guy? He was from District 8, like the worses District ever. How was he not dead yet? He wasn't a Career. "Konlok!" I heard Naomi yelled. "Move!"

The were fighting Rowan behind me. Then I heard a snarl. Crap another Revived Tribute. I glanced over and spotted the Revived Tribute, but I didn't have time to see who it was. Xavier was attacking me. Suddenly a revived Tribute jumped down from above in-between us. This one had 10 one her back and was covered in vines, ine her hair and one her arms and feet. She swung her arm using the vines as a whip drive both of us back. Xavier sliced a vien off wih his machete and the Revived Tribute scream more with rage than in pain. I did't want Xavier to be killed by a Revived Tribute, I wanted to kill someone but I didn't want to attack a Revived, so I left her to Xavier. Then I spotted something in the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw the girl from 8. What's Xavier hunting her down? This was it. My chance to kill someone. I'll take away Xavier's kill but killing Reeba. I went for her with my sword drawn.

Reeba saw me coming and ran. She ran into a small building structure with a clown on the front. I stopped for a second and looked at the clown. Creepy but I followed her inside. I heard a female scream behind me but didn't turn back to see what happen. Inside was a lot of mirrors and glass. I saw Reeba's reflection and went after her. I hit an invisible wall. Pissed off I kicked it breaking the glass down. Reeba was feeling aroundtrying to find a way out.

"It's all over," I yelled sword ready in hand. Reeba was conrered against a mirror and an invisible wall. She started at me eye wides as a mouse confronting a prowling cat. I charged but hit another invisible wall.

"Damn it!"

"Oh no you don't!" I heard Xavier yelled behind me. "He's my kill!"

I turned around but both Xavier and Rowan came at me, Xavier smashed a mirror with his machete sending glass flying my way. I shielded my eyes. The glass flew pasted me cuting into my arms. I was kicked down to the ground, Sandy's sword flew away from my hands. I went for my knives. Rowan stomped down on my arm. Sharp pains shot up and down my arm. From a half broken mirror behind my attackers, I saw Reeba crawling away. Sloan was right to leave her alone. I had no way to defend myself other than...

"You wouldn't kill a girl now would you?" Using my one good hand I reach up and stroke Xavier's chest. "You big handsome boy."

Xavier smiled at me. He lean in closer to me.

"You know I never notice how strong and muscular you are."

I reach up to Xavier face to pull him in close to me but then I felt Xavier's mechete go into my stomach. He twisted it and pulled it out along with my insides.

"Ivory no!" I heard Konlok's voice.

The next thing I knew was both Xavier and Rowan were gone and Konlok was holding me in his arms begging me to stay with him, but I knew I couldn't. I closed me eyes as the world caved in around me.

Slyder Crescendo District 12

Another firework exploded in the sky over head. We had left the Clock Tower and made it to the other side of the Arena. It took us a good part of the day. We had to leave the Clock Tower, mainly because all the Revived Tributes had eaten most of the food and that we were too close to the Careers. The Careers made the Church their base and the Clock Tower was too close to that for comfort. I had my crossbow ready in hand. Ernesto visted us and brought gifts, giving Telav a bow and mya crossbow. Along the side of the crossbow was curved the name Cecil. There were more buildings on this side of the Arena and fewer Revived Tributes so there had to be more food. We finished off another one of Telav's sodas, that basically was all that was keeping us going. Now we had only one left. We needed food. We didn't go into the first building because we figured everyone who ran this way would have went inside the first building. Now he was walking around swaying back and forth withsome kind of purple fluid dripping out of his mouth. We entered another building that had a lot of blue tubes filled with running water. If we could figure out how to get inside the tube we could have some water, but Telav had a bottle of water so we were good. Once inside the building I looked over and saw a Revived Tribute, I recognized him to be Fabio from the 225th Hunger Games. He ignored us so we went pasted him.

"This building looks like the one we were staying in during training," Telav pointed out.

He was kind of right. It was a motel so there were lots of rooms possibly with food. We went into a room that had two beds and small bathroom and a TV. There was a microwave on a table and a small frigerator. Tela opened it and found some engery drinks and some cans of food. I looked at them. It said microwave safe, so I guess we had some food.

"Do you think there is a way out of there?" I asked Telav randomly.

"Win," he commented back.

"Besides that?"

"I don't know. Only one of us is walking out of here alive. The rest will die and probably be Revived by Kine."

"So if I get killed I'll then revived...'

"What are you talking about?"

"This Hunger Game isn't as bad as the other ones. Those who die get a chance to come back. Though I suppose they don't get to go back home. Telav, I don't think we really met back in 12. Where do you live?" "I lived in the Seam," Telav started to tell me. "We used to live in the Market Place but move after my father died a while ago in a mining accident."

"I'm sorry. My brother died not too long ago too."

We paused for a second to thinking about the people we lost. Telav went on.

"I used to work odd jobs around the District with my brothers. Where did you live?"

"Not where you lives. I lived on the other side of the District far away from the Steam. Have some friends from over there though... Hey what do you think is up with this music?"

We stopped to listen. There were hard any to no words in the music that was playing. It all sounded futuristic like this city. The buildings or sky sometimes change color to match the music. The light source on top of the Pillar was the cause of that. It was getting late so the music would be stopping soon. Telav and I cooked the can of food which wasn't much in the microwave and at it's containce. Now we didn;t have much food but we could always go looking for more. The TV flickered on and some music played a little.

"Hello my little entertainment!" Kine said. "We got to enjoy two fireworks today. Yeah!" Kine clapped his hands together. "So the two lucky tribute who will be joining me at my science lab were Paola Fernand from District 6. Oh cool, she wa slike the Little Itty Bitty Amazon Girls Big Wig. You know from Watership Down. Wait..." Kine started to talk to someone off the screen. "Do they still have this book? Can the tributes read? Well of course they can they filled out their own papers. Hahaha." Kine turned back to the camera holding a book and said with a dead serious face. "This book will be required to be rea din school if you want to live..."

Telav and I just looked at each other. What if they didn't read it they were going to be killed or something? I could understand not graduating, it wasn't that hard to fail in school though.

"Okay and the second person, well third over all, to die was oh the lovely Ivory Kranium. Even while dead her corpse is still beautiful. Wanna see it?"

"We probably should show them the body, Kine," a much quieter voice who probably belongs to Young said from off screen.

"Fine... Okay tribbies, tomarrow is another day. Another day to kill, be killed and to die. The weather for tomarrow looks like there is a 100 precent chance of rain, hehe."

The TV flickered off and that was the end of the annoucements. Only two deaths today. Three in all and two of the Careers were dead. That didn't seem so bad but how did they die? With the Revived Tributes walking around I was surprised not more of us were dead. Telav and I settled down to go to sleep. We each got our own bed this time. It wasn't long beofre Telav had fallen alspee. I was starting to dozes off when the TV flickered back on. The other two days it had turned off and remained off. I sat up hearing a hissing sound. The TV flickered over and over again turning green and black. I turned to Telav who was fast alseep. As the words became more clear, it sounded like a someone was chouting with a lower echo that followed behind.

"Bring mercy..." The TV hissed. "Come to me... Wake my soul... Set me free... Consume all fears...That lie in pain...Bright red flames...That burst in me!"

A face slowly became visionable on the screen.

"Outcast! Unite Outcasts! Unite Outcasts! Unite Outcasts! Unite Outcasts!" The TV repeated this several times before it suddenly stopped.

"Holy Crap..." Sleep wouldn't come to me easilly that night because of that and then the weird dream I had that followed.

Day 4: Day of Death

Asper Dell of District 6

I woke up on the floor of the tree house, Selena laying next to me under my sleeping bag. It got cold in the tree house and we only had my sleeping bag for warmth. We spent the night in the tree house and we surprised we weren't bothered, except for Ernesto who brought us a sponsor gift. He gave us some medicine and bandages and explained what each was for before he left. He wasn't able to help us aplly the medicine so Selena helped me out. I took most of the damage. I was sore, sleeping on the floor was terrible. I slowly sat up and popped a few pills into my mouth, drinking some of our water. Selena was still alseep next to me. I didn't want to wake her so I let her sleep. I got up and looked around the tree house. We were in the tallest tree, an oak tree I think but it had a reddish bown bark, Selena thought it was a hydrid of some kind. The tree house was hiden slightly in the leaves but could probably been seen from the buildings. There were surprisenly a lot of books in the tree house. I wasn't much of a reader so I didn't bother. Selena started to stir.

"Good morning," she grumbled to me.

"Morning," I moaned.

We had eaten most of the food we had, so we needed to find more. I wasn't feeling like hunting, my body was too sore. Selena tried to get up but couldn't. She slept wrong onher back and now had a cramp. I always hated it when that happen. I gave her a few pain pills but she would be out for the day. I took it upon myself to to get us some food. Using the dried fruit and nuts I started to set up traps, not very good ones, but I learned a few during training. Selena had some wire so I made wire traps hoping a squirrel or bird, maybe one of the ones that attacked us yesterday would get caught in it and we would have some food. Then I sat next to Selena.

"There were two deaths yesterday," she whispered.

"We were almost two more."

"What are we going to do?"

"Stay here and heal."

"My wounds have healed. I took fewer cuts than you, but my back," Selena rolled over. "Can you try and rub it out?"

I was relucant but agreed. Selena could hunt and gather food but she was cripled for the moment. I needed to wait a little longer for my wounds to heal but I was feeling better now that I took some medicine. We were also running low on water because we had to drink some inorder to swollow our pills. As I was trying to rub out the knot in Selena's back, I heard something out side the window where I set up the traps. I crawled over and peered out. My hopes were killed when I saw a Revived Tribute eating the bait I left. It was Jay the girl from District 11. I closed the clothe that made the curtain and went back to Selena. She was starting to feel better though this was making me uncomfortable. I hope my girlfriend wasn't watching this right now.

Smick Trinket of the Capitol

We had been lucky that none of us had died, though it seemed everyone else had left the Pillar. Only three tributes have died already, two were Careers. That was surprising. Who had killed them? Who was strong enough to kill a Career besides another Career. Maybe the Careers have split up and were killing each other? None of us had a clue but Aiden believed the two Careers were killed by the Revived Tributes. Aiden wanted to go back up to the top of the Pillar. He said the Control Panel and Power source was up there and he could probably figure out how it worked and take control over the Arena, somewhat. We gathered out few supplies, we were now low on food. We headed up to the top floor, the 14th Floor. We had gotten to a late start because Aiden overslept. Selene said he did that often. We used the stairs to get to the top floor.

The music was at it's loudest here but it was just the beats playing right now. There was a large circular keyboard sitting under the structure that helped up the artifical sun. The keyboard was partically see through. In the middle particaly laying a sitting was this guy. Another Revived? I didn't know who he was or see a District number on him. He was wearing black clothing with a ring of fur around his neck. He had black hair with a bright neon green streak on the right side of his head. His eyes were hiden behind his hair. For the most part he ignored us.

"He didn't bother me the first time I came up here," Aiden told us. "But there was another Revive tribute up here who attacked me. Keep an eye out for her. She's from the Capitol." Aiden walked away yawning. He was still sleepy it seemed. Selene followed him over to the keyboard. Chase, Thomas and I slowly followed but kept our distance. We kept looking around for any sign of danger. I wasn't going near the guy behind the keyboard. He sat up went Aiden got close to his keyboard.

"I don't think he wants you to mess with his keyboard Aiden," I warned him. "He controls the power in the Arena," Aiden explained. "I saw him the other day. He plays his keyboard which sends signals and commands to the buildings." There was a hiss from above us. We looked up and sw a nest had been pulled in one of the spires. There were two female Revived tributes aboved us. We saw the girl from the Capital, her name was Ivi and the other had a 3 on her shoulder so she was from the District that Aiden and Selene called home. Ivi started to crawl down the spire toward us. Everyone pulled out their weapon and he gathered in a group. Ivi hung back snarling at us. It seemed the Revived Tributes were more animal like now than human. Thomas went over to me and pulled out my last apple and tossed it towards Ivi. It bounced and rolled past her. The other Revived Tribute named Yuna crawled down and went after the apple. Ivi ignored it. The other day Thomas explained to us that the Revived Tributes were more interested in food than hurting us but that didn't seem to be the case with Ivi. We earged Aiden to leave the keyboard alone and for us to get out of here. He agreed and we slowy crept backwards to the door.

Ivi jumped off of the spire and charged at us attacking Chase first. Selene screamed. Aiden, Thomas and I started to beat on Ivi to get her off of him. Thomas had a sword but he was too afriad to use it. Aiden and I had hunting knives but we kicked at Ivi. She dashed off of Chase, I grabbed him by one arm and Aiden at the other and we drug him to his feet. We pushed him through the door. Ivi was thrashing around, Aiden and Thomas kept her back as I and Selene helped him down the stairs. Chase was alright, a few cuts and scraps, Aiden and I got a few, Thomas got luck and Selene wasn't near the fight. Aiden shut the door behind us and held it shut beacsue Ivi was trying to get in.

"We better not do that again," I said.

"But the control panel," he started.

"It's too dangerous," Thomas backed me up. "Look Chase got hurt."

"I'm okay, but I think looking into the power source is something we should try to do." We were suprised by Chase's support for Aiden's idea. "We aren't strong or skilled like the other tributes. We are best with technology."

"I don't want to go back up there," Selene said.

"Fine, but we better look for more supplies and I think we may have to leave the Pillar."

Sloan Gardner of District 13

Okay I was getting tired of how the Careers were failing this year. There were three tributes dead and none of them were killed by us. And what was worsed, two of the dead tributes were Careers! Someone out there was stealing our thunder. Konlok was devistated at the lost of Ivory. The two were very close it seemed because they were from the same District. I was never that close to my District partner Thomas. He was annoying. If I saw him, I wouldn't even hestitate to kill him. Naomi hasn't said much since Sandy's death. Jake on the other hand has been going back and forth between Konlok, his buddy, and Chloe his District partner, whom didn't seem that interested in him. I was getting tired of all of this.

"Come on, let's go kill something," I said.

The others just looked at me with uninterested.

"The last time we split up, two of us died. This time we aren't going to split up this time. We stick together. Now get off your lazy asses and follow me. We need more supplies."

"Who died and made you queen," Naomi muttered under her breathe.

"Nao, yesterday someone esle killed a member of the Little Amazon. Some of the tributes in that alliance killed Sandy. Now don't you want revenge for him before someone else kills all of them?"

"Xavier killed Ivory," Konlok got up holding his harpoon in hand. "Let's go kill people."

Jake jumped up ready to good. Chloe followed Jake.Finally we headed out of the Church on a mission to kill.

Reeba Alyce Graver District 8

After escaping the House of Mirrorsthe day before, I spent most of my time hiding from Xavier and Rowan who were still following me. I needed a place to hide. I took shelther behind some garbage cans. I don't know why these were here, there wasn't any trash in the Arena, but they provided a good cover. I needed a place to hide because I knew both Rowan and Xavier were still prosuiting me. I could hear thier voices. My fears were comfirmed when I saw them come around the corner. I looked over and eyed some blue tubes that came out of the side of a building. I could hide in there. I dashed quickly for the small hole in the tubes.

"There's she is!"

I could hide in there so I climbed over the large tubes. Either Rowan or Xavier grabbed the end of my pancho I made the other day. I was too far in for them to stab me but I couldn't get away. It was taking all my muscel to just hang onto the tube that I couldn't even turn to kick them. I heard one of the trash cans fell over.

"Hey, Xavier, there's something in this one," Rowan called to his companion.

"Whatever, come here and help me pull her out."

"Hold on, there's an axe in the trash can. Look at it. It's shiny."

"That's great. Come here and use it on Reeba."

I heard Rowan walked over and slid the axe in-between the tubes. It had the sharp end, the ragular part of the axe, but also had a pointed end that hooked into the end of my pancho. Xavier pulled while Rowan tried to get me with the axe. Rowan pulled the axe which cut a tear intomy pancho. It spontaneous caught on fire. Xavier let go because of the flame sending me forward. I landed on my face but instantly rolled over. My pancho was on fire! I kicked at the flames.

"Fire! Fire!" I heard someone else yell.

It was the girl from 11 who apparently also had been hiding in the tubes. The tubes. They were filled with water. I pointed at one as I was kicked the flames at bay. Skye took out a hunting knife and started cutting into one. The plastic was thick but Skye managed to make a small hole. Water at first slowly started to drip out but soon became a fast moving spray. Skye pushed the tube over me trying to aim at the flames. The embers were snuffed out. I breathed a sign of releif and sat up. I could hear Xavier and Rowan outside talking about the axe that randomly caught on fire. I turned back to Skye.

"Wanna ally?" I asked.

"Yes," she responded quickly.

"Thanks for helping me."

We didn't have time to talk, Rowan and Xavier started to hack at the tubes. I heard Rowan say something about the water would put out the fire in the axe. I didn't know what he meant but I knew we had to ge out of here. Soaking wet, I started to climb to the other side of the tangle of tubes. They were cold to the touch which felt good on the burns on my legs. Skye followed me. We cameout to the otherend and saw a bussinus building of some kind. We could hide there because we didn't stand a chance out in the open. I gained an ally, even if she was as weak as me, but at least I had someone to watch my back now. I couldnt' help but think of how I caused the deaths of both Paola and Ivory all because Rowan and Xavier were following me. I didn't want to be the reason why Skye died either.

Frankie Moorland of District 10

I left the building I had been staying in once I exuasted the supplies and entered the dome with the Musem. I had it pretty good in these past few days. I encountered no other tributes and only saw glimpses of the Revived. I never been to a big Musem before, though there was a small one in our District, dedicated to the most famous members like a few Victors or our past Mayors. This Musem had it all. There were giant bones that belonged to some realy big animals. I could only imagen what they used to look like. There were some old mechines too, like an old airplaneand some kind of underwater boat. There were pictures of how the world looked back then too. One had a city similar to the Capitol but not as clean or high-tech. I also saw some pictures of people who lived here before even Panem was created. I wondered how they lived their lives. Did they have Hunger Games too? No they didn't. Instead they had a war, two of them, no wait three? There were these old black and white pictures of war heroes and few had horses in them too. Cool!

I walked into another room that was about these group of people call Roe Mans. I wonder if they meant row like rowing a boat or rowing a field? Maybe they meant rue? Rue mens? Whatever, they lived a long time ago, the writings on the walk said. They were very advance for their time and had control over a large area of land. They also had a Coliseum, a large circular building where they had glad- glad-i-ator fights? And were ruled by an emperor. These guys sounded a little like Panem. I guess no matter when or what happen, it seemed there always be some kind of Hunger Game.

I liked their armor though. As I was looking at the statues the Roe Mens made, they were very skilled like District 1, I decided to sit down and nibble on my food. I sat on a bench and ate some of my bread and fruit. As I was eating, reading about thsi emperor who made his horse an offical in his court, lukcy horse, I felt something sting my leg. I rubbed my leg and looked down. There was a trail of ants, black in color but they weren't ragular ants. They had three rings around their end in the shape of a target and their pitchers were red and the ends of their feet. It was like they were a mixture of red and black ants. I felt another sting and got up. I was scared because I knew when strange things like this happened in a Hunger Games, something bad was going to accured like the death of a tribute. What was worse was I was by myself.

More and more ants were coming around the corner which was the only way into the room. I climbed up on top of the bench and started cumbling up the bread and throwing it to them ants. A mob of them went for the bread crumbles awhile the rest wondered around the floor. I felt a sting on my arm and another on my side. I wiggled and almost lost balance. It wouldn't be long before more ants would crawl up the bench legs and come get me. I was running out of bread. I would have to make a break for it. I jumped as far as I could to the door but I still landed on the ants. The ones that weren't crushed started up my legs as I ran. I could felt them pitching and stinging me. It hurt and slowly got worser as more and more started to bit and sting me. I looked back and saw that the tiny ants were following me. My pickaxe would be useless on a swarm of ants. There were too many and they were too small. My legs were burning now. I felt some ants crawl up my stomach and were now biting and stinging me all over. I tried to shake them off, I tried to smack them off, I tried to just get them off. I spun around getting dizzy from the venom and collapsed into a pool of water, which was a display for some ancient life forms that first crawled out of the ocean. The water felt cool on my skin and the ants floated off. I laid there were a while. It was only a few inches deep, just enough to cover my body but the ants couldn't get me. I felt a few still clinging to me but the stinging had stopped. I closed my eyes for a while.

Then I heard a boom which woke me up. Did I die? No I was still alive and there was a Revive tribute standing over him. She had a 2 on her arm and was going through my things probably looking for food. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the raisin I had and started to throw them away from me. The Revived girl followed them taking the ants with her. I guess she was their ant Queen. I crawled out of the water and laid on some animal fur in the Cave Men area. I pulled out my first aid kit. It had some cream to disinfect but it only kept the pain and itching away. I was still alive but now I had no food and I was covered in stings and was feeling sick.

Selene Davae of District 3

This was terrible! This was Terrible! As soon as we left the Pillar to find more supplieswe ran into the Careers. Two of them were dead but that didn't seem to weaken them enough for us. The others were trying to fend off the other Careers and the other two Revived Tributes. One of the Revived tributes was attacking Chloe.

"I'm going to kill you and win the Hunger Games!" The Revived tribute yelled.

Chloe was blocking her spikes with her bow but she couldn't load an arrow to attack. Aiden and Chase were fending off the girl from 4 and the boy from 2 and the girl from 13 were fighting against the other Revived Tributes. Smick and Thomas escaped my field of vision.

"I got you now!" I heard one of the male tributes yell from behind me.

I was knocked over by the boy from 1. He was about to stab me with his sword when all of a sudden it stopped in mid-air. Some drops of blood dripped down from the air onto my face. The air or light above me flickered and waved as if there was gus floating in the air. Jake tried to pulled his sword out of the air.

"What's going on?"

The sword was pushed back and for a second the image of a person flashed in from of me but when back to being invisible. I felt someone kick me with their foot. I rolled over and got to my feet. Aiden told us the run so I ran. Three Revived Tributes came out of no where, two from the sky maybe? One had a 13 on his shoulder and the other that had flew down from the sky, the male had a 12 one his shoulder and the girl a 9 on hers. Another from under the platform we were running on. I saw Chase and Thomas running and I could hear the others behind me. An arrow flew past my head hitting Chase in the shoulder. He almost stumbled but kept running. Suddenly, Sloan was 13 appeared out of no where and stabbed Chase with her stiletto hittign Chase in the back of the neck. He killed over and there was a flash of light and a loud boom. I was so scared I couldn't feel emotions at the moment. I need tomake sure I lived so I could be sad later. I turned direction to avoid stepping on Chase and disappeared inside a building. I kept running. I didn't know when to stop. Finally my legs couldn't carry me any farther.

I had to stop so I flopped down against the wall breathing heavily. I realized I had seperated myself from my other allies. I would have to find them later if they survived. Chase. How could he die like that? How could someone kill him like that? The Careers hadn't killed anyone so I guess it was only a matter of time. I felt my throat become sore and my eyes started to water.

"What do we have here?" I heard a voice from behind me.

Sandy Shipwreck of District 4

It was weird. As if I was dreaming this whole time. I was finally able to stay awake for a while and I started to feel again. My memory was also coming back. I was Sandy yes that was my name. I think I was trying to talk but my mouth wasn't making words, just faith noises. There was a constant beeping sound that was started to irritate me. A clear plastic bag filled with red stuff in it was hanging above me. I could hear voices.

"Oh Sandy, you're awake!" I heard a fimiliar voice. It was Ernesto. "Good morning Sandy. Well it is the afternoon but close enough. It's morning somehwere on this planet."

I never been so happy to see that bright colorful hair of his. I couldn't talk though I think I was smiling. I wanted to be smiling. Kine and another female scientist came over to me. The other scientist had a needle with her and she pointed it into my arm. I didn't feel it. I didn't feel anything much.

"Sandy, you're finally awake!" Kine came over to me. "You're all mine now. All mine. He-he. I'm going to do some many things to you..."

I wanted to be shocked. I hope I was making the epression of being fear and dread.

"First I am going to give you a new kidney! Because Craig really stab the Hell out of your old one. We are growing you a new one right now. And then I am going to have to finish closing that hole in your head and regraph the skin and drain the gaping hole in your side. He'll be sticking that thing fully closed once you get your new kidney."

"Kine, we still have work to do on the others," one of the other sceintist reminded him.

"Young is better at those things than me. Now let's go check on the Still to be My New Experiments."

"We need to get the sponsor gifts. Hey Kine, why don't we use parachutes?" Ernesto asked.

"Parachutes why? Are the tribbies going sky diving." "No it's what they normally used in past Hunger Games."

"Parachutes can get stolen by other tributes and the Revived tribbies will go after them. They will hear the bells."

Kine and the other scientists walked away from be, all but one and Ernesto. He stayed behind and pulled out a stethoscope and listened to my heart beat. I forgot he was also a doctor. He seemed like an odd person to be a doctor but then again he came from the Capitol.

"Soon you'll be all recovered and you can be re-united with your buddies again." Ernesto said to me. "Once they come over here after the Game."

My brain wasn't full capable to comprehend what he meant. All I knew what I was getting tired. I needed more sleep.

Chloe Madison of District 1

"Who's still alive?" Sloan asked.

"I am," Jake responded.

"I'm not..." I said. "I had a lot fo cuts. Damn that other 1 girl can fight."

"She didn't kill you so..."

"We better get back to the Church and patch up Chloe." Konlok said. "Before other tributes see how injured we are."

The Alliance we were attacking got away but Sloan managed to kill one of them. There was another Firework which surprised us all. The five of us were all here so who got killed and by whom? The Revived Tributes had cut us up pretty good but they soon lost interest and were actually frighten by the firework. They scathered off into the buildings. As we were picking outselves up one of the Revived Tributes came back. He had a 3 on his should and had organe hair. He crawlled over the Chase's body. The Clean Up Crew opened a portal which was fast. In other Hunger Games, the Clean Up Crew normally waiting for the other surviving tributes to leave the area before picking up the dead bodies. The Revived Tribute was sitting over Chase's body and was snarling at the Clean Up Crew. Two of them holding poles started to poke him, trying to drive him back. He snapped at them. Finally one of the Crew members shocked the Revived Tribute and he went running. I saw there was blood on his face. Was he eating Chase?

"Come on, let's go," Naomi demanded.

Konlok and Jake picked me up and helped me walk by holding me up with their arms. I was a little wobbling at first but I got the hang of it after a while. We headed back to the Church where we had some medicine but it wouldn't be enough to heal off of us. I was the worsed off besides Konlok who was fighting that guy from 13. And Sloan had a gash on her arm from one of the Revived Tributes or one of the still on their first life.

The sky started to darken as the day was coming to an end. Night always brought a sense of ease over the Arena. None of the other tributes would be out but it was a lie. The Arena wasn't totally safe. The Revived Tributes still prowled during the night. And if they ate human flesh, there was a trail of blood that led to the Church.

Craig Albert Corios of District 9

I returned to where I left Conner after washing my hands. I didn't want him to know what I just did or he wouldn't be happy with me. The other day Conner had received a sponsor gift. It was a medical kit with some medicine and bandages. I also got one and it was basically the same thing. I read the note on it, it told me to share it with Conner but he didn't think I would so he used his own. I decided to save mine for later. He would need it.

We had spent the day gathering supplies. We found some food and I found a long knife like sword that Conner called a saber. Cool. I hooked it on to my belt. I used it today and it felt good. When I returned to Conner he was changing his bandages. I walked over to him and flopped over on top of him. He made a grunting sound but didn't bother to try and get away from me at first. I just wanted to hug him for a while. As I squeezed tighter Conner started to move and I clung to him, preventing him from getting up. I wasn't ready just let to let him go. I was confortable. He kept moving away from me whenever I tried to snuggle up to him.

After a while I had to let him up, hunger drove me to get up. We ate the food I found the other day. Conner wasn't much of a talker but I didn't mind. I wasn't much of a talker either. As I was finishing up with my food, I was watching Conner attempt to change his bandages. He was having some trouble wrapping the new ones on with the hand he wasn't used to using. I sat up to help him because he was doing it wrong, but Conner moved away from me, probably thinking I was going to cut him again.

"Here, let me help you," I said as kindly as I could.

"I can do it," he responded stubbernly.

"I'm the one who put those there, so I should be the one to fix them."

I pulled Conner closer to me and took the new bandages from him. I started to roll them around his wounds after he had applied the medicine. Once I started to help him things went a lot faster. Conner was quiet most of the time but I could tell at moments he wanted to say something but didn't.

"There was a battled outside today," he finally said.

"I know, I saw it."

"Two people died today. Did you have a hand in that?"

I didn't say anything at first because I didn't know what to say. I finished bandaging him up right at that moment.

"There all done," I sat back. "You don't need to worry about fighting. That is my job."

Conner was probably not satified with what I told him and it looked like he was going to ask again when the TV turned itself on. It was time for the Anouncements. I sat back and leaned on to Conner's shoulder.

"Oh three tributes dead today," was the first thing Kine said. "First to die was Grace Pearson from The Little Amazons, poor thing. Next was Chase Pansworth. Awe sad... I'll be reviving him soon! And another from the little heram. Oh no their alpha female Selene Davae died! Now who will led the males? Now who will be their queen? Who will mate with the males and lay a clutch of eggs that will hatch into a hoard of little gumbling munchkins that will rise into an army to devour the world's supplie of noodles? Who I say? Who?!"

Kine's over reaction to the girl's death made me laugh. I couldn't wait to see him again once this whole thing was over.

"Oh wait, Smick? He's practially a female! He'll become their new alpha female! Oh all is well in the Wonderful Land of Oz! Soon our noodles! Our Noodles!"

Once anouncements were over, I snuggled up to Conner under my cloak that we were using as a blanket. It was sleepy time but Conner kept moving away from me. I had to lay on top of him to get him to stop moving. It was nice having him around, to cut and stuff but he also kept me warm at night. Conner made a good pillow. I rested my head on his chest so I could listen to his heart beat... and pump blood around his body... blood that kept him alive... blood that made him bleed.

Day 5: Mercy

Kine Blackberry of District 14

Oh I had a grea idea! The greatest idea of the greatest things that come out of my head since my last greatest idea! I'm going to do it! Today, it's happening today! Yeahz! I have to tell the tribbies about it. Oh how they will love it! I tell them now!

"Wakey Wakye Triblets!" I say into the microphone. "I have a surprise for you! It's the bestest surprise you will ever have in your life and my be your last! Till I revive you of course and then, and only then will there be more happy surprises! Yeah! Sunshine smiles and rainbow dust!"

I looked at the cameras to see the expressions on the tribbies faces. I am delighted with what I see. Some were baffled and others had fear and dread on their little facies.

"Now I know it is day four and there is like only six of you guys came back to me soooo, some of you need to die. As you all know in like ever signal other boring lame ass Hunger Game in existance there has always been a Feast."

I really hated with a passion that there was the samle old thing in other Hunger Games, Feast, Feast Feast Feast, stupid. Not fun. Boring.

"Well I say Fuck that! I'm in charge and I wanna do something different and since I am in charge and there is no one to stop me, I'm ganna to something different."

My baby Snotbubble came up beside me and started tugging on my sleeve to get my attention. Unfortunately I couldn't give it to him at the moment.

"This is a Hunger Games, but this isn't a Game. It's pointless killing of a bunch of babies barely wheened from their mothers' and able to crawl fighting each other for the entertainment of the snobby people. Hold on Snotbubble.. So to break the norm in half and grine it's bones into the dirt and make this a real Game, I decided you make you guys and not guys compete in a tournamet! Yeahz!"

I clapped my hands with instandly Snotbubble miniced me.

"There be many different types of events that will test you strenght, smarts and will and if you are so to fail, it will be instant death and the Revivies will be there."

"Will there be prizes?" Snotbubble asked.

"Oh yes lots and lot of prizes for those who survive and walk away from this! Weapons, food, medicine, that one thing and for the grand prize something very special will be given to the winner who complete the Tournament the fastest! The Games will take place inside the Coliseum at noon so you have um however long it takes till noon to decide. No pressure, just the weight of the atmosphere bearing down upon you that's all. Oh take remember to take your socks off. Good Luck and may the Leprechauns be with you!"

"Peace out!" Snotbubble added.

I clicked off the microphone and turned to my little green head slime ball.

"Kinie Kine, Kiiiinnnah! When, when the Funny Games are gone can I be the one to do the announcements?" Snotbubble snorted the green gooe back up his nose when he finished.

"Oh yes, yes, after all the fun and happiness the tribletie will experience today, they will be so delighted! You can be the one to tell them who is still not mine about who came into my possession after to preform my experiments on and make into my own little minnions... He-ehe-he. All mine... All mine... Haha lets go bring them out of that little Hell Hole I made so they can come live with me in my paradise!"

Snotbubble was agreeing him with the whole time but then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was that colorful rainbow headed Ernesto.

"Kine don't go all mad scientist on me just yet. We still have alot of work to do. Sandy, Paola and Ivory are awake and doing well. Though Ivory tried to seduce me when she woke up. Ewe. Grace, Chase and Selene are still out but Grace is showing brain activity. Selene is in pretty bad shape after Craig got done with her."

"Kay, kay, now let's go check on the tribbalings and make them all mine to entertain me for my own pleasure..."

Frankie Moorland of District 10

Oh God I'm dying!

My body was burning. I had been vomiting all night and my body was cold even though I felt hot. I was so sick. How was I still alive? I didn't want to die. I was scared. I don't want to die like this. That ant girl was still around. Why hadn't she attacked me yet? She kept looking at me with hungry eyes. Was she waiting for me to dye so she could eat me? God I don't want to die like this. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. Please someone help me. Why was no one was helping me? Don't let me die!

I was so sick that I didn't even notice Ernesto had arrived. He tapped me on the should and I was so happy to see him. He brought me a sponsor gift.

"Mmmmhhh," I couldn't talk for some reason.

"Hey there little horse lover," Ernesto whispered. "I got some medicine for you, but you need apply it yourself."

Ernesto showed me how to inject the medicine into my arm. He couldn't do it himself even though he was a doctor. Ernesto wasn't allowed to help beyond deliverying the medicine and showing me how to use it.

"You just need to inject this into you arm and you'll start to feel bette."

He placed the needle into my hand, I could barely hold it, my hand was shaking so much. Somehow I was able to give myself the medicine. According to Ernesto I needed to take some pills in an hour to help with the anti-vemon.

"Go back to your hive Geneive," Ernesto shooed the ant girl and she listen running away from where. "You'll be okay once the medicine kicks in. I have to go now. I'll see you later."

Ernesto relucently left me. I had to admit I didn't want him to leave me. I didn't want to be alone. Once Ernesto left the medicine started to kick in. I was feeling tired because my body was purely exausted but I was too scared to fall asleep. That's how people die. They simply fall alseep. I got to stay awake. I gotta stay away. I gotta stay...

Asper Dell of District 6

Selena had recieved a sponsor gift, a steak dinner, though it served as out breakfast. She was willing to share it with me and I was gradeful. We had no food and our water was running low. I was better off than she was, a little because of our medicine. It wouldn't work for Selena's back but I managed to get the cramp out. Selena wasn't at her best still but she could move now. When Ernesto came to give us our sponsor gift, he mutter something into my ear, he wasn't allowed to help us but I bet he couldn't help it. He was our Stylist and he was a doctor. His info helped me heal Selena. Now we enjoyed out breakfast together.

"This isn't so bad now," Selena said to me. "We have food and a food hide out."

"Jay is still around though," I pointed out. "If she smells out steak, we'll have no food."

I knew Jay was still around. That's what Ernesto called her. I saw her wondering around the forest whenever I looked out the window. I had made a quick run to the lake that was in the middle of the park, I brought back some water but we had to boil it to make sure it was safe to drink. It was hot but we were drinking it down like it was candy. I didn't want to make another mad dash for more water. Jay sent her birds after me the first time. I knew she be more aggreisve next time.

"Asper," Selena interupted my thoughts. "I am happy we became allies you know."

"Yeah me too," I said back with a smile.

"I like you Asper. We have a lot in common."

Selena then leaned in close to me but I moved back.

"What? No, Selena. We can't."

"It's okay Asper. We are probably going to die so why not?"

I jerked away pushing her back. What was she pulling? Of all times!

"Do you not like me?" she asked.

"No, no I like you, just not like that."

Selena looked a little irritated with me.

"What's wrong then?"

"I can't, I have a girlfriend. She is the whole reason why I joined this damn thing. She could be watching me now."

Selena looked at me with genuinely surprise. I had never told her my reasons for volunteering for the Game. I bet she didn't even know I volunteered. I didn't want to tell her or anyone about my motives. Selena sat back.

"I'm sorry Selena. I should have told you."

"No, it's my fault. I should have know." Selena got up and started for the door. When I asked her where she was going, she told me, "I'm going to the Tournament."

"What? No Selena, it's dangerous!"

"I'm dangerous. I can win us something good. You're too injured."

I begged her not to go but she refused to listen to reason. I knew I upset her. I had to make her stay, I wanted her to stay but she wouldn't. I followed Selena outside.

Thomas Adrian Parker of District 13

This Game sucks! This whole thing sucks! I hate this Arena. I hate everything about that Hunger Games. Selena and Chase died yesterday and who was to blame? The Careers? The Revived Tributes? No, none of this would have happen if the stupid Hunger Games didn't exist. Yes the Careers and Revived tributes had a hand in my alliance deaths but they wouldn't have needed to kill Selena or Chase. I wouldn't be here! I wouldn't have to watch my friends die. Stupid Capitol. Why don't they get rid of the Games? How could my Capitol betray me like this? How?

Aiden said he wasn't going to the Tournament. I'm not going either. I don't want to die. I know that is what the Tournament is going to do. Smick was on the edge about going. We needed some supplies and Smick knew his parents weren't happy with him. He hadn't kill anyone. Smick's parents sent him a note, it had nothing of value but it stated how disappointed they were in him. I fear he will go to the Tournament to prove himself to his parents. Poor Smick. He was from the Capitol but he was nice and friendly and everything I had imagen the Capitol would be. I didn't want him to go.

"I have to show my parents," he said. "I have to make them proud of me."

"Hell with your parents," Aiden said sharply. "You're parents aren't worth dying for. What mother and father would send their own son to his death just to prove himself?"

"The Careers parents," Smick responded with. "You don't understand Aiden. You're mother loved you. My parents don't love me and they won't until I win."

"Smick please don't," I begged. "the Careers will be there and they will kill you."

"We're stronger together." Aiden added and conituned. "You're parents want you to win, if you walk into danger, you'll just be walking to your death and then your parents won't love you."

Smick lowered his eyes. I could tell he was conflicted. How could someone's parents not love them? My family loved me. Stupid Hunger Games. If they didn't exist there be no reason for Smick to not be loved.

"Fine, I won't go..."

I couldn't help myself. I was so over joyed that I enbraced Smick in a hug. I think I took him off guard but he hugged me back. He was the one last good thing about the Capitol I had left. Our joicous moment was inturpted when the TV came on. It was time for the Tournament to start and I guess everyone who wasn't going was going to watch the event take fold. I was happy that Smick didn't go because all the Careers were there. I was still holding on to Smick and I didn't want to let go.

Lakota Feah of District 5

This tournament sucked! It was so difficult! There was no way I would survive this! Kine had us preform similiar task to the ones we had done in the Testing room, but these all had a big twist. The Coliseum was set up like a giant board game, or so what Oona had told me. Kine called this game Mouse Trap. An obstacles course was set up and we had to complete the various tasks on our alliances or alone. Oona, Quinoa and I were doing okay at first. We had to figure out this comtraption in order to get to the other side. If we didn't get it right, it shocked us. We failed it the first time, a jolt of pain run up and down my arms. We were successful the second time. The Careers were doing okay and Selena had showed up with Asper her ally. They were doing poorly. We weren't allowed to attack the others untill we came to a crossing point, a place where the different teams' path crossed, or so what Kine had explained. If one team made it to the crossing point they could activate s trap that would slow down another team. The Careers beat us on the second obstacle, and forced us to go a different path. There were many paths in this maze to go with different obstacles. Selena and Asper wentout of sight and then I saw Reeba and Skye go down another path and Xavier and Rowan who were doing farely well were close behind. All of the Revived tributes or I think all of them were here. They were crawling along this metal web above us sharling and hissing waiting for one of us to screw up. Kine said they were allowed to kill us when we came to this check points, which were marked by a red circle. We would have to hurry though those inorder to survive the Revived.

The third obstacle we came to required us to climb a rope that kept flipping like the one from the Testing room but if she felt this time, we land in a row of spikes. Luckily I was good at climbing and made it across alright. Quinoa was having trouble, Oona was trying to hold the other end while I was at the other trying to keep it steady. The Careers over took us and Sloan started to attack Oona. Quinoa barely made it across with Chloe shot and arrow into his back.

"Quinoa!" I cried.

"I'm okay," Quinoa said to me but I could hear it in her voice that she was in pain.

Oona managed to get on to the rope bridge and started climbing across. Sloan and Konlok started to cut the ropes. We urged Oona to hurry. She climbed as fast as she could as we held the ropes down. Then Konlok gave up on cutting the rope and started shaking the whole net.

"What are you doing?"

"How are we supposed to get across if we cut the ropes?" He said to Sloan.

Oona was almost to us when the rope snapped. She felt and hit the sit of the ditch below us. Oona was still hanging on to the rope which luckily she was high enough still to now fall straight into the spikes. I yelled for her to climb. We helped her up but her leg was bleeding. She had cut herself on one of the spikes barely missing from falling in. Quinoa and I carried her by her arms to the red check point. Three Revived tributes were waiting, the girl from 4 Melody, a boy from 6 Peter and Ayaan from 11 were waiting for us. One tribute for each of us. They had to crawl down these see through tubes, this only allowed a curtain number of tributes to come down and attack us. They plastic doors at the ends of the tubes prevented them from coming down till we stepped on the red check mark. Peter slammed into the grond breaking the floor under him. He was strong, super human strong! Melody came at us once she wiggled down through the tube. Ayaan came at us from the other side. Quinoa punched Ayaan in the face. He cowarded back frighten. Peter came at us with Melody on the other side. I was pulled away from Oona by Melody. I fight her off the best I could but something was wrong. It was hard to move around her like the air was dense. I hear Oona scream as she tried to to fight Peter. He tore into her. Oona was kicking him and punching him and hitting himw ith her bow but he was too strong. Ouinoa came up from behind him and started stabbing Peter with her knives. I took Paola's bat and hit Melody in the side of the head with it. the air around me became breathable again. I rushed over to aid my last two allies. Then I felt sharp teeth sink into my side. Ayaan wrestled me to the ground.

Sloan Gardner of District 13

We were stuck on the other side and watched as the Revived Tributes started attacked the three girls. We had to go around. I was angry because I didn't want any Revive Tribute to kill someone I could kill. I through a stiletto at the Revived Tribute that was attack Oona, it hit him in the shoulder but it did nothing to him. Konlok yelled for us to go around. I rejoined the others at another check point. Three Revived Tributes came down from above, a Capitol boy named Fabio, District 1 girl who pushed another Revived tribute out of the way and District 7 girl named Hanna. Fabio went after Chloe first but Jackie tackled him. The two bickered with each other for a second before Fabio crawled away from Jackie. She jumped at Chloe and started tearing her apart. I started towards them but Hanna attacked me. She shook me around for a few seconds, I tried to kick her but she froze my leg to the ground. Then she crawled over me. She went for Jake and Konlok while Fabio was tried to bite Noami.

"Anytime you want to help?" Noami called to me.

I turned to look at Chloe but I think it was too late for her. Jackie was trying to stab her but Chloe had stabbed her with an arrow. I couldn't tell who's blood I was seeing. Noami was probably the better choice as she wasn't injured and we had no medicine. I got up and pulled a stiletto out. With it I hit the ice that had frozen my leg to the ground. It crackled and broke away. I looked up to see Fabio was bitting Noami's trident that once belonged to Sandy. His spit was starting to corrode the metal.

"I'm coming!" I yelled and throw my stiletto.

It hit Fabio in the leg and he hissed. I heard Jake yell from behind me. There was a loud boom with a flash of light. I took the opporunity to tackle Fabio. He was unstable with his wounded leg but he was still strong. Naomi got back to her feet and tried to stab him with her trident. Fabio grabbed the end, elbowed me in the face and pushed the trident back into Naomi's stomach. Luckily for her, it wasn't the sharp end. I rolled off and away. Fabio spat at us, part of it fall on my arm and it burned a little. There was a buzzing sound and a small light lit up by this upside down U shape in the wall. It slid open and Fabio crawled into it and disappeared. Hanna followed him but Jackie was still attacking Chloe.

"Chloe no!" Jake yelled and rushed over.

He started to stab Jackie but her spikes stood up. Konlok stabbed her with his harpoon and her body shook violently. Konlok was thrown back because he also got skocked. Jackie pulled the harpoon out of her side and stood up. I grabbed another stiletto, I only had six left. Noami held her trident out to keep Jackie at bey. She forced Jackie back a bit and she slipped on the ice where Hanna had frozen me to the ground. Jackie's collar lit up and a surge of electricity went throw her body I think. Jackie started screaming and thrashing her arms and legs aroungd. Noami and I moved back. Finally Jackie was able to get up and she went into the hole int he wall and it closed behind her.

"I guess she was punished for now following the others?" Noami said trying to figure out what had happen.

"Chloe, hold on," I heard Jake say behind me.

I was surprised that Chloe was still alive. I expected her to have died. Then what was that firework for earier? Someone else must have died. Chloe was bleeding a lot. Jake tried to save her but her body was shaking and her eyes had gone back into her head. She wasn't going to live much longer. Jake started sobbing. What a wuss. His District partner had to die sometime if he expected to win. That reminds me, my District partner was still alive. How could I allow him to live this long? Thomas must die...

Rowan Winter of District 7

This Tournament was fun! These obsticals were easy to figure out. They all had something to do with the different Districts. We came to the fourth one when we heard a loud boom with a flash of light above us. Someone died, ooohh! Xavier looked ahead and pointed out that both Reeba and Skye were still alive. The fourth obsticle was one a red check point so a signal Revived Tributes was allowed down from the metal web above us. It was the female from District 12 named Holly. I took a swing at her with my axe while Xavier tried to figure out how to get us beyond this point. Holly jumped away from me.

"Anytime now Xav," I said.

"Hold on, I almost got it."

We only had a few more to go before we reached the center were a surprise awaited us, but first we had to get there. Xavier wasn't too interested in reaching the middle. He just wanted to kill Reeba. Holly made another attempt at me but I hit the axe against the wall which lit up in flames. Holly stumbled back transfixed with fear. I guess she didn't like fire. Finally I heard a click and we were able to move on. Holly tried to follow us but her collar beeped and she stopped. With the Revived tributes no longer following us, we focused on Reeba and Skye who had solved their obstical and moved on. I looked over to see what the other groups were doing. There were only two girls left in the female alliance now, one of them must have died because there were three of them at the begining. There were two firworks so someone in the Careers or either Asper or Selena had died. I didn't really care. Up ahead of them the female alliance reached the middle of the maze alone. There was some bright lights and sounds and Kine's voice came on.

"Oh goodie they made it! Okay, now I have a suprise for you!"

When the smoke cleared, in the center stood a mutanted person. He had dark blue purple scales on his arms and legs and had pawed feet with large claws. His hands were like some kind of animal. He also had red and blue streaks in his hair. Looked like one of Kine's Revived Tributes but I didn't recognize him from any of the Games, maybe before my time.

"This is UV," Kine explained. "Defeat him or sometimes her in any Game of your choice and you'll win. If you lose, then UV gets to kill you. Have fun!"

Xavier and I reached just one obsticals away from Reeba and Skye. Xavier stopped and said he wanted to watch and see what happens. I agreed. Reeba and Skye didn't seem like they were moving anywhere, probably chose to watch as well. There were only two girls left in the female alliance now, one of them must have died because there were three of them at the begining. There were two firworks so someone in the Careers or either Asper or Selena had died. I didn't really care. I stood beside Xavier and kind fo leaned on him as I watched the two remaining girls pick a game from a box. They pulled out a game that I didn't know since I never played board game with my family. I looked over at Xavier but he didn't know what it was.

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3

After Smick decided to stay with us, he and Thomas were talking about things. Somehow this led to the two making out so I didn't want to be a third wheel but there was nowhere for me to go. I just stayed in the room and leaned against the wall. I wasn't too intersted in what Smick and Thomas were doing and really didn't care. So I started to mess with the gauntlet Snotbubble had dropped. I figured it was some kind of computer. It had the local time but also was like a phone. I had to built these things at the factory I worked at. As I was messing with it I hit a an icon that opened up a map of the Arena. Damn this place is a lot bigger than I though and a lot more complicated than I thought as well. This whole place was one big michanical city, the perfect place for me. Only problem was everything was written in a defferent language. A few icons popped up and I decided to see what they do. I clicked on one with a cloud which lead to some more icons and words I didn't understand. I looked at them over before I tapped a button that looked like a bird. Then I was given the chioce of color which confused me. As I was about to click on one I accidently touched so the pink color and I was taken to another screen. I was given a sentence in a different language and the option of two words. I clicked on the first one and was taken back to the map.

The sky got dark with storm clouds outside the window. I guess I hacked into the Arena and created a storm. This gauntlet must have belonged to one of the scientist. I remember hearing from them that Snotbubble had taken something from one of them. This was good. As I was hacking into the system I heard thumps outside the window. I look up when I heard Thomas make an odd noise. He pointed to the window. I looked over and saw pink plastic flamigoes falling from the sky.

"What's going on?" Thomas asked in disblief.

"I made it rain flamigoes," I said. In one of my little sister Kira's book had flamigoes in it.

"How did you do that?" Smick questioned me still with his arms around Thomas.

"With this," I held up the gauntlat that was on my arm.

"Can you make it do something else?" Smick asked me.

"Why did you make it rain flamigoes?" Thomas was still stuck on that.

I started fittling with the gauntlet again. I wanted to see if I could make it rain ragular rain instead of flamigoes. I am sure Kine would notice something is up with that. I didn't want to get killed off my the Gamemakers if they find out I had hacked into the Arena. Thomas pointed my attention back to the window. The pink flamigoes were now multi-colored. Oops...

"Aiden what are you going?" Thomas sounded like he was started to panic.

"I got this."

"The Gamemakers, the scientist, Kine will know we did this."

"I got this. Just give me a minute to remember the icons."

"Hurry Aiden. Fix it!"

"Calm down Thomas." Smick spoke up finally. "Can you make it rain food?"

"Let see what I can do."

I messed with the buttons a bit and figured out how to go pack a page and undo what I did. I didn't know how to make it rain again other than plastic flamigoes. I don't know how I got there. One of the buildings next to our lights started to flicker off and on. Oops. Thomas was started to panic. Smick tried his best to calm him down. I clicked on to another button and the Coliseum zoomed in. I could see the structure of the tournament. Despite the fact that the Coluseum was in a glass dome it was still raining flamigoes inside. Well I can change that I think. Don't want to ruin Kine's fun or that be it for me. As I was messing around with the gauntlet, an evelope popped up in the corner. I tapped on it and a message from Snotbubble came up. He was apperantly using Kine's gauntlet now to message me.

Skye Silverguard of District 11

I got hit in the head by a multi-colored flamigo. Reeba and I were trying to avoid being hit by flamigoes while trying to figure out our obstical. The Revived Tributes totally lost interest in us and were picking up the flamigoes, bitting them and kicking them around in a playful manner. They looked like my neighbor's kitten playing with the peach seed they brought home for it to play with. The bright and colorful flamigoes were basically toys to them. If I die, Kine probably will revive me and make me have the same mindset.

"I don't want to be Kine's kitty," I said to Reeba. She seemed to understand me.

"Here, pick up a flamigo and hold it above your head," Reeba showed me what she meant. "We'll use them as umbrellas."

Reeba smiled at me and I smiled back. Okay we got this. I picked up two flamigoes and held them over my head so the other falling flamigoes wouldn't hit me. I looked over at the middle of the tourament. The two remaining girls hand to complete against UV. Kine had made somekind of fabric shiled over the middle of the Tournament so UV wouldn't be disturbed by the flamigoes. I wonder why Kine would make it rain flamigoes?

"Come on let's figure out our way out of here," Reeba said to me.

Suddenly there was a weird metal bending sound. The Tournament's walls began to move and buckle. The Revived treated down to the doors when they opened and came out to our area. The obsticals started to go heywire as well and the one seperating us from Xavier and Rowan. Reeba squeaked and made a break for it now that the obstipcals were solving themselves. I followed her but the flamigoes on the ground were making it hard to run. Xavier and Rowan came charging at us. A Revive Tribute with an eight on her back dashed out of our way in terror. Suddenly Reeba tripped falling into the sea of flamigoes. I skid to a stop because I didn't know where she went. The Careers had spotted us and Selena and Asper were making their get away.

"Attention eveyone!" Kine's voice rang throughout the Arena. "Revivies! Drive my little Tribbies to the middle pleased."

The Revived Tributes head popped up and looked around at all of us. They followed Kine's orders and started raunning towards us. They started herding us towards UV under the tarp. Reeba reappeared out from under the flamigoes. A large Revived Tribute with a 5 on his should came up from behind her and picked her up with on hand. He carried her over kicking and scream and tossed her near UV. I ran over to her and helped her up.

"You okay?" I asked and she nodded.

I looked up at the Revived Tribute. His name was on his back, Pamline. He stood over us to make sure we wouldn't make a run for it. The other Tributes gathered under the tarp with the Revived Tributes circling around us. Kine's voice came over the loud speakers and the floor under our feet changed.

"Okay instead with the sudden weather change, I am going to have all of you guys compete against UV. Look at the ground my little tribbies."

I looked down and the floor turned white. Then several different color dots appeared on the ground in rows of the same color.

"Look up here triblets!" Everyone looked up and above us in under a covered area in the seating rows were Kine and his scientists. "Hello everyone. Good to see you in person again, still alive, before you come to me all dead. Hehe, some of you will not be leaving this place alive! But don't worry little tribbie-tribs, I'll revive you and you'll be mine forever."

Naomi Eribach of District 4

Great, it was this guy again and oh look he brought his crew and that little snotty face too. Snotbubble was sitting on Kine's lap messing with Kine's gauntlet. I guess Kine came in person to watch us die.

"Okay tribs, see those different color dots. We are going to play Twister! The point of the game, I will tell you a color, and you will have to put whatever body part I say on that color without falling over or from removing any other body parts from any other color dots I have previous told you to put on. Whoever loses their balance and falls will get a nasty shock and if you do this three times, UV gets to kill you. Then the Revivies may try and eat your body. Sooooo, don't fall or you'll soon be mine." UV grinned at us with her sharp teeth. Crap.... Wait wasn't this a guy eariler?

"Okay, Asper, your looking better. I want you to put your right hand on a red dot, please."

Asper looked at his ally Selena and then stepped forward to a red cirle. He put his right hand on the dot and remained there. Kine directed Sky to put her left foot on a yellow and she did so. Jake got left hand to a blue dot and Quinoa had to put her right foot on a green dot. Soon we were all tangled with each other. UV was too flexable it was crazy! Xavier kept trying to wiggle towards Reeba but Jake and Konlok were in the way. Somehow I got left leg to green which made me have to slide half way under UV. My right hand was on red and myright leg was on yellow. UV gave me a grin as I slid under him.

"Oh joys! Look at how I got them to all get into each others' personal space!" Kine giggled.

Suddenly the there was an odd noise that sound that made me look up but I lost my footing and slipped. UV was about to stab me with his claws but he stopped when there was a green explosion. The blast knocked everyone over. I was pushed off on to Reeba.

"Aaaahhh! Don't hurt me!" she screamed with her hands over her facing shielding her.

"No she is mine!" Xavier was on his feet with his machete in hand.

"Oh no I wasn't trying to hurt her," I tried to explain myself. "I just fell on her."

Xavier went to slice my head off. I pushed Reeba out of my way as Xavier's machete came cutting down. I moved in time but he slice my arm open. I kicked him away. I crawled on my good hand and knees till I was able to get up. I started to run away as everyone else were confused in the chaos. There was a thick green smoke that smelled a little sweet. I could hear the Revive Tributes making their weird animal like noises. It sounded like a few of the other tributes were fighting them. I just wanted to get out of there because I dropped my weapon. Sandy's Tritend! I had to find it. It was the only thing I had left of him and my home. I was looking for it with my good hand holding on to my injured arm. Blood was dripping down my arm and side leaving a trail behind me. I couldn't see so well and I was starting to get dizzy from the blood lost. I swayed to one side and thumped into someone. I fell back and a shot of pain went up my arm. I looked up and saw a rather tall person standing over me. The first think that popped up in my mind was a Revived! But wait I didn't recognize him with the others. He had black hair with a green streak on the right side, his hair was covering his eyes. He didn't look fimiliar. His grin, sharp pointy white teeth, looked too big for his face.

"Ah, look at who we have here," I heard someone from behind me say. It was UV. "Come to free me?"

The flamigoes were started to stop falling now. The green and black man stepped forward and I noticed his feet were large paws, similar to UV's but were not covered in scales and fur like UV's. His were just dark grey fur with black nails. He also had a long thin tail with long green hair at the tip that hung down. He was wearing blue black clothes with a grey belt that had some kind of green orb at the middle that glowed a little. This guy had to be one of Kine's experiments. He kicked the plastic flamigoes out of his way and completely ignored me.

Quinoa Soal of District 9

"Rain Rain won't go away cloud on my head every single day..." I heard someone singing in the green smoke.
"This pain pain goes right inside breaking me down till' I just cry..."

Using my hearing I pin pointed where the voice was coming from. A tall guy with black and green hair came out of the green smoke.

"Little Bully wants to play. Hits me every single day. Pain, pain go right inside guess I'll just have to let it slide..."

Another one of Kine's experiments? Oh god I had to find Lakota. We just lost Oona, I wasn't going to lose her.

"Drain drain all my life. Why can't I just stop this strife? Rain rain, won't go away. Cloud on my head every single day... Beat on another kid but not on me! Rain rain won't go away. Cloud on my head every single day."

I glanced over and saw Lakota was on the other side of the singing guy's path. I didn't want to run in front of him out of fear. He was heading towards where Kine and the other scientists were sitting.

"These games games that you play... Eventually I'll get up and say. No, no not this time I'm taking back what is mine..."

The guy with the green and black hair held up his arm. He had one a guantlet that was similiar to the one Kine and the other scientists had but he fired some kind of ball of light towards the scientists. There was a loud booming voice that filled the Arena but I could not see where it was coming from, not the guy or anyone else. "With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony
of brotherhood. With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together. Knowing that we will be able to sing with new meaning."

From out of nowhere the guy charged at Kine and the tohers and somehow like how Ernesto has been teleporting, he summoned a large black sword to his hands. My eyes went to Kine who just smiled. From above the Revived Tributed jumped down to sheidl and protect their mad scientist.

"Stand up and take what's mine! Insecurities is what you're trying to hide! I don't care for the things that you say. I know that you're just one step away from breaking down! Pick yourself up off the ground... I know that you are better than this!"

He swung his sword as it was engufled with an outer layer of smoke. This deflected the Revived Tributes with out hurting them. One by one they gave up their assult on him and came after us. I ran towards Lakota and helped her to her feet. We had to get out fo here.

"Open your eyes! Now is the time to rise up! With darkness we'll still shine. Idolized and Despised, Wrong or right, We'll make it through to the other side..."

A Revived Tribute cut my leg with her claws but I ran passed her. The smoke was clearing and I could see the way out of the tournament. A loud boom sounded and I realized someone died.

Selena Kyle of District 7

Soomeone died! I looked around frantically and my eyes fell to the middle of the tourament. UV, that weird human animal mutaunt, had stabbed Quinoa from District 9. The Revived Tributes were running around everywhere but several started to head towards her body. Lakota, the last of her alliance ran as fast as she could. It wasn't Asper. Where was he? I had to flee. The Revived Tributres were everywhere. An injured Revived Tribute was being healing by another who's shirt said Yuna. There was another Revived Tribute that was in a little scuffle with another Revive.

"Selena!" I finally heard Asper's voice.

He was limping but seemed to be okay. I started t run over to him but was thrown to the ground by a loud boom. The guy that was singing had created an explosion. I crawled over Asper and helped him up. A Revived popped up next to us. It was Cornelius who was unharmed somehow. He looked over at us and took off running. We started heading in the opposide direction towards an exist.

Xavier Thread of District 8

I pulled my machete out of Noami's body. This showed everyoen that only I was allowed to kill Reeba. They didn't learn when I killed Ivory, by accident so I will show them again. I kicked her body aside. Rowan came up to me, looked at Noami and said we should leave. He was bleeding from a head wound but looked to be okay. I nodded and followed him towards an exist. I looked back at Kine who was totally fine. Snotbubble was clinging to him and with a big grin on his face. The other scientist were freaking out. The plastic flamigoes were making it difficult to run. I kicked the stupid plastic things out fo the way.

"Hey," Rowan snapped at me.

"Sorry bro..." I had kicked one at him.

We made it outside alright. The Revived Tributes didn't follow us that much. It seemed there were not flamigoes outside. We headed for the closest building. I was disappointed that Reeba and her ally got away but at least I killed that girl from District 4. I just realized that both tributes from that District were now dead. And yet my District partner still breathes. That irritated me greatly and I didn't know why. I had to kill her. Rowan stopped me when we entered the building.

"Someone is here," he whispered.

I looked down and saw some dried blood droplets on the ground. We decided to follow it to see where they would lead us. Rowan went first with his Fire Axe while I followed behind him, covering his back with my blood machete. It lead us to the second floor to a room. We heard the TV on, but all the TV and radios were on airing the Tournament. Rowan slowly opened the door and we charged in.

Snotbubble Blackberry of District 14

"You ready to do the annoucements Snotty Bubbly?"

I spazed out in responds.

"Goodie! Okay here is a list on who died... Wait that's it?"

Kine handed me the list. There was only three names. I see why he seemed disappointed. I climbed up to where the mike was so I could talk to all of the still living tributes in the Arena.

"Everyone who is still alive!" I said into the mice. "Listen up, the report starts now... Ummm more of you need to die! Start killing each other fast or Kine will find ways to kill you."

I swiped the drool from my face so I could talk better.

"Okay, who died.... This person, show the face George."

George glared at me as he was setting up the different faces to show in the TV screens. Oona was first because he was from the Captiol. Kine didn't like don't the Districts in order but Oona died first so she got to go first. Usually he did ladies first then males despite their District but today they were all females.

"Oona.... hmhm... odd name... Oona Jane... Jania?"

"Jaina Snotbubble!" Dylan spat at me.

"Oona Jaina Cree.... died... I forget how.... She died... Oh and next um... Chloe Madison died.... Got killed by Jackie. Madison... that's a nice name... Madison sounds like a mad person."

Kine didn't really like the people from District 1 or 2 for some reason. I think it was because they were more prepared for the Hunger Games than the others, or they were more eager to join the Games. That bothered Kine for somereason. They killed people fast in the Games so he was doing everything in his power to make the Hunger Games suck for them. I knew he enjoyed it when they came to him to be revived. The ones remaining though were some of his favorites however.

"Lastly Nao died from District 4. Naomi Eribach. I want to call her Nano for some reason. Nano, hmhm means tiny."

Kine didn't mine District 4 even though they were a Career. He actually been there. He thought they were doing things well but wished they wouldn't over fish the occean so I think he was going to do something about it. Strangely Kine liked to eat fish. I didn't really. Where we used to live we didn't eat fish that much or live near the water.

Well that was it for the annoucements for today. I finished it off and they were over. Kine picked me up and hugged me.

"You did good! I am so proud of you!"

The other scientist started to bombard Kine with questions about whatever was concering them about the Games. Apperently Kine didn't like it that there were still too many people alive in the Arena. That needed to change. George was complaining about his guantlet now that he knew Aiden was messing with it but Kine simply told him that he should have kept a better eye on it. Well he should have. If I can get my hands on it.

Day 6: Freedom

Smick Trinket of the Captiol

Kine's voice woke us up today.

"Alrighty my tribbies, there are too many of you still alive and that makes me unhappy! I can't wait for you guys to come to me anymore sooooo you'll all going to have to die a lot faster or I will be killing all of you."

"Crap..." Aiden muttered.

"Now my little Revivies, I am giving you permission to kill off any of the tribbies you see mkay?"

There were lots of odd noises that followed that statement. I'm guessing the Revived Tributes were happy. Wait, they were not allowed to kill us this whole entire time? We been running mad scared of these guys!

"Oh Dante is also running around so be on the look out for him. Sorry about that. UV, see if you can find him and bring him back for me sweetie!"  Kine finished up his speech and that was that. Thomas were ready to go but Aiden just lied back down. It was too early for him to be awake. However this gave me and Thomas some time to ourselves.

Sloan Gardner of District 13

So we were out hunting down tributes and who do you think we found? The 12's! However our chance to kill these guys was hindered by the Revives. They had gotten vicious and Jake was injured while trying to fend them off. We had driven Slyder and Telva to the water tubes. Several revived tributes jumped out of no where and then there was a loud bloom as a firework shot into the air. I looked around to see who was dead but both Jake and Konlok were alive and well. Both tributes from 12 were still kicking. That meant someone else got a kill! Slyder jumped onto one of the tubes with a revive before her. He was from 13.

"Telva, come on!" she yelled.

The boy hestitated at the edge. Just what I needed. I pulled a stiletto and flung it into the shoulder of the male 12. He was thrown off balance and fell into the water.

"Telva!" Slyder cried going after him.

"Oh no you don't!"

I went for another stiletto but my arm was pulled back by a Revived. I kicked the kid away in the face and he backed off. I went back to my terget. Slyder had climbed down to Telva who was hanging on to the edge of the tube with the water rushing pasted him. The water was stained red from his blood. The Revive tribute was 13 was also climbing down however he did something unusual. He reached down and grabbed Slyder as if he was bracing her fo balance as she tried to save her injured companion. I may be able to make two kills maybe three is I get the revived.

"Holy crap!" Jake yell cought my attention

I looked up higher at the tubes and the revived tribute from 13 was flighting around up there chasing after a female revived. The two caused the plastic tube to comundone during their disagrement. The water came rushing down like an avalache. I took off running but the water was too fast. The world was swepted away. I tried to hold the air in but I was kocked against a wall and then I fell. I managed to grab a wire and hung on as a waterfell casaded over the edge of the platform. I heard Jake above me.

"Konlok! No!" Jake screamed at the top of his lungs.

I heard Konlok's cries and saw him go over the edge into the wires and tubes of the buttom of the Arena before he disappeared. Crap! A Revive tribute almost meant the same faith, but she dug her claws into the metal and hung on. When the water rushed away finally she was able to crawl up to safety. I struggled to get a footing but there was nothing but air below my feet. My hands could bafrely hang on. There was no way for me to get up. I was going to join Konlok in the endless blackness below!

"Jake!" I screamed. "Where are you?!"

I heard coughing and strubbled splashes above me before Jake's hand came down and pulled me up. He fell back and started crying like a baby.

"Konlok! Chloe!"

"Shut up Jake, or the revived tributes will come after us!"

He didn't listen leaving me to pull him to his feet. We needed to get to somewhere safe. We were sitting ducks out here. Slyder and Telva were gone. What the hell man? Did they die too just like Konlok? Strange there was no firework.

Asper Dell of District 6

I dreamed of her face again. Oh how I missed her so. I rolled over and looked at Selena. She was beautiful but she wasn't the same. My mind longed for home, my body longed for a hospital and my hear longed for her, my love. I wondered if she was watching me now from the outside world. I wondered where she was and who she was with. What was I thinking? There was no way I could save her, not when I am in here. If I died, then I would belong to Kine and he would experiment on me. Maybe he would give me the powers I needed to save her. Maybe death wasn't so bad?

The walls shook suddenly. Crap was Jay back? Selena finally woke and got up ready for an attack. I just layed there as still as I could. We heard odd sounds like many wind chimes clashing against each other in the wind. I could see Selena was looking very scared. I finally sat up slowly. Selena wanted to say something but we both didn't want to give our location away. Suddenly the walls came alive with many small bugs! They were crawling through the cracks. Selena screamed! She stomped her feet on the ground trying to kill the bugs. I through the sleeping bag into the air and tried to use it as a fan to blow them back. Jay came in through the window with several raccoons and birds. I didn't think I just throw the sleeping back at the window and ran for the exist. I crawled down the latter but the squirrels had chewed throught he ropes and it broke. I tumbled into the bushes.

"Asper!" I heard Selena cry my name.

Selena! She didn't follow me. She was trapped! What could I do? Climb back up the tree! I started to get up but a sharp pain shot up my arm. It paralized me for a minute. The pain was so great the worse I ever felt.


"Selena..." I mummbered so terriblely I barely knew what I said. "I'm trying..."

There was no way I could move. The world began to spin around me. My stomach felt like vomiting but I had nothing to grow up. Even with all the sounds going on and my head twisting and turning, I heard a twig snape and saw a form beside me. I felt a two rows of sharp needle like pain in my neck and pressure on my chest. There was nothing I could do. My struggle was over. Take me Kine, I'm yours now.

Slyder Crescendo of District 12

I was still alive! I had nearly drowned in the water as my body went through the pipes that lead in and out of the Arena. I was amazed I lived. For a moment I got stuck but the revived tribute that got sucked down with us somehow broke the bars and free us. The water thrushed me outside or I think I was outside. The sky was blue beyond two grey walls on either side of me. The Revived Tribute came splashing out of the tunnel along with... TELVA! I tried to swim to him but the current was too strong at first.

"Telva!" He didn't respond. "Telva I'm coming!"

The revive tribute managed to cling his claws into the side fo the wall. He watched as Telva's body floated past him. I heard voices above and called out stupidly for help. What was I thinking? Those people could kill me! Wait, I wasn't in the Arena anymore was I? Over the edge of the wall someone looked over. He didn't look like anyone in the Arena, not a tribute not a revived.  

"Help!" I begged.

It wasn't long before several other people came over trying to figure out how to save me. I had gotten stuck up against a metal gate that led into a dark tunnel. The revived tribute also came swimming over. I kicked my feet at him to make him go away but he crawled over me and out of the channel. Telva's body had also gotten stuck in against the bars and I could see he wasn't alive. He tried to revive him but I couldn't.

"Telva, oh Telva don't leave me..." I sobbed when the people came to get me out.

When my feet were on dry land all I could do was crawl to Telva's mangled body. One of the guys in the crowd explained to me that the tracker placed inside of his neck had imploded which killed Telva. This prevented the tributes from living after escaping the Arena. Many tributes had escaped before and Kine thought ahead. The guy who later introduced himself as Andy explained to me that the only reason I lived was probably because the tracker in my neck must have maluctioned or I would have met the same fate. All I could do was cry when the people took me to their village.

It was hours before I could calm down. Andy had taken me and Telva's body to his house which looked like an inn or something.  The guards would come for Telva's body and probably take the revived tribute back if they could find him. All I could do was lie down and cry myself to sleep.

Konlok Vice District 2

Two loud blooms woke me up and there was a flash high above me. I was hunging. My body was broken and the pain was there but I didn't really feel it. My body was cold and wet. I couldn't look around but in he corner of my eye I spotted some movement. There was a hiss and I heard something metal hit against something else that was metal. Then I heard mumbling words.

"No good... No... no good." A low raspy voice breathed.

I tried to speak but couldn't. My mouth wouldn't work. Or my brain wasn't ableto tell my mouth to form the words. Still I heard the person come over. He was a revived tribute clearly. Part of his body has been shifted to machine but I could make out his face. I couldn't place him in what game. He bobbed his head a few times checking me out before he pulled on the wire that held me in the air. I swung slowly then fell on the tubes. My body felt so much pain that I could no longer feel. The world began to darken even more, despite the fact that it was already dark down here under the Arena. I couldn't feel but I heard the revive tribute tear into my side and pulled something out. Probably something I needed. My side felt warm from the blood and the last thing I saw was the revive tribute pulled my organs out.

Day 7: Friendship is Magical

Konlok Vice District 2

It was dark for a long time. I don't remember what happened, but all of a sudden I was aware of the world's existance. I could hear, but nothing I could make out made sense. My brain wasn't ready to comprehend what I was hearing. It felt like it had been days before my eyes opened.  I felt their hands on me and whatever they were doing to me. During that dark time one voice I could make out that I knew. It was Kine's. When my vision became more than blurs I saw nothing different. Nothing was wrong with my body, however I couldn't see my body entirerly because of a blanket covering my body. Every now and then, probably hours apart, that seemed like minutes, someone would cast a shadow over me to check on my condition. They would shinned lights into my eyes and checked some machines that gave my vitals outside of my line of vision.

The first thing I could remember experiencing was Kine standing over me. He was talking to me about something while he was doing something with his hands under my blankets. He said he had to check on a tube that was keeping me alive. I needed new organs since my original ones were eaten.

"I'm happy you came back to me." Kine whispered. "We thought you wouldn't come back since you are missing your vital organs. Thank you for coming back to me."

Kine rubbed his fingers across my head into my hair. I couldn't talk because I had air pummed into my lungs from a machine of some kind. I wasn't sure how I was still alive. I hadn't eaten in what I think were days, or maybe it was hours. I don't know.

Conner Machado of District 11

I woke surrounded by murderers. How did this happen? I would have never guess I be in an Alliance, or I think we can call this an Alliance, with the three most insane people in our Hunger Games, beside Kine I guess. No one is more insane than that guy. Craige had been snuggling up to me all night and now he was laying across my stomach. On the other side of Craig, our two new Alliance from District 7 and 8 Rowan adn Xavier were sleeping. I glanced over at the door. Rowan and Xavier had pushed some chairs in front of the door so it couldn't open so easily and made a lot of noice. The only way to kill these two probably would be to take them out in their sleep. Sadly if one dies, the others probably would wake up and kill the attacker. I probably could make a run for it, but Craige would come after me.

"Good Morning my little play things!" The TV flicked itself on. Oh Kine, what now? "Get up! Come on I see you. Aiden get up!... Don't you look at me like that. They hell yout wo been doing? Oh look my favorites!"

Rowan and Xavier sat on, their hair a mess and their eyes were groggy. Craige snuggled up agaisnt me and bit me on the neck. I winsted in pain and than Craige kissed me where he had bit me, like that would make it better. The only thing he was good for was he kept me warm at night.

"Aiden get up. Alrighty I'n tired of waiting. The Capitol may love this blood sport but I'm tired of waiting. I am sure your families won't be able to take much more of it. I am sure I would freak and be murdering if my baby ended up in one of these Games. So I will end this all today. You, every singal one of you, all must die!"


"Kiney Kine," The little neon head came into view on the screen and tugged at the mad scientist's coat.

"Hold on little one," Kine made a sinister smile. "Oh my little experiments. Be good little children and drive you still living brothers and sisters into the main platform for me sweeties."

There were several ghoulish howls from the rest of the Arena. A smile creeped across Craig, Rowan and Xavier's face.

Aiden McFinnegan of District 3

It wasn't long before Kine's revived tributes drove us out in the open right in front of the Pillar. Smick and Thomas were close behind me when we came out in the open. Out of no where Smick let out a cry. Had seconds to duck down as a knife flew past my head becoming lodged in the wall behind me. The two remaining Careers had showed up at the same time as the "Little Amazons" whihc now consisted of two members. Sloan, Jake and Noami had their eyes on us when Reeba and Skye appeared flewing several Revived Tributes. Slaon and Jake came for us. Smick now bleeding from his arm dashed for the door to the Pillar but the revive from District 8 stopped him. The revived tributes crowded around us and it seemed they wanted to keep us in one place. There was no where to go. Jake was blind sided by Rowan and Xavier the two sociopaths and out worse fear, Craig was with them. It was clear the worest thing had happen, they had joined forces. I had no hope of living now. Xavier flipped out on Noami who had gone after Reeba.

"She's mine!" Xavier yelled. "I'm the only one allowed to kill her!"

Xavier began stabbing Noami over and over again. Jake and Rowan were busy locked in combat. Wait, where was Sloan? I looked around and my eyes fell on Smick's bloody body. Thomas was wailing his head off. Sloan in cold blood sliced Thomas' throat open.

"You make too much noise!" She said coldly.

I stood there for a sec unable to conprehend what had happen even though I knew there would be no saving him or Smick. My alliance, my brothers in arms. Some kind of feeling that started warm in my gut krept up my body growing hotter till it reach my head filled my body. With out thinking I threw myself at Sloan. I took her off guard knocking her to the floor. I grabbed her head and started banging her against the floor as hard as I could. As any true Career, Sloan fought back, cutting my arms open and slicing my chest but I didn't care. I couldn't feel anything. She kicked me in the jaw, the force threw me back for a sec. Behind me I was aware of some screams but I could only focus on what was in front of me. Sloan started to craw away from be and somehow got to her feet. Although I was a lot bigger than her and probbaly stronger, I didn't stand a chance against her fighting skill. She came at me with her little knives out or whatever they were. I threw my arm up that was covered by the guantlet just in time to block Sloan's knive. The gauntlet cracked and sharder a little bit flying into Sloan's eyes. I picked her up with her kicking and beating on me. Letting out a loud cry I threw Sloan off the platform. There was a small scream and a loud thump sound followed by a crack. Everything started to move in slow-motion after that as I realized what I did. I just killed someone. I stood there with a stupid look on my face as everyone behind me were slauthered. Finally I turned towards Smick and Thomas who died beside each other. I started to stumble over to them in a daze as Graig came charging at me with the look of a devil. I had no time to move as he came at me with full force, but then the sound of a door opening and I was pulled away from him. Everything flashed bright purple and I found myself on the floor in a dark room. The hell just happen? Snotbubble climbed on top of me drooling all over my head.

"Lutin Snotbubble Blackberry!" I heard the fimiliar sound of Kine's voice. "What did you just do?!"

I turned with Snotbubble clinging to my head to see that crazy scientist. Behind him was a wall of different screens that showed the Arena in different angles. "Snotbubble," Kine said in a softer voice that I never heard him use before. "Why did you teleport Aiden head out of the Arena?"

"I didn't want him to die," Snotbubble said.

"But this is a Hungry Game, he's supposed to die."

"But Daddy I love him!" Snotbubble cried wrapping his arms around me.


Kine signed and thought for a second before speaking. "Fine you can keep him. Craig was going to kill him anyways. He can be your nanny!"

"But Kine," the scientist named Young spoke up. "We aren't supposed to save anyone in the..."

"It doesn't matter," Kine cut her off. "He was removed from the Arena, there for he can not effect the events that take place within the Arena. The dead can not effect the events that go on in the Arena... besides my Revivies. So it's as if he is dead."

"My guantlet! What did you do to it?!" The other scientist named Goerge pulled my arma way from him as Snotbubble snuggled up to me.

"Awe it's over..." Kine moped. "I missed it! Awe now we have to have another Gunger Hames so we can do it again..."

I stil wasn't sure what was going on. Gunger Hames?

Craig Albert Corios of District 9

The finale was here! I was waiting for this since this whole thing started! I never felt so alive as everyone else were dying! Rowan and had layed claim to Jake and Xavier prosuited after Reeba so I went for little Skye. She and her ally Reeba were stopped by the Revived kids who had circled around us, herding us like little sheep. I kicked Reeba out of the way because she was in the way. Skye screamed as I took her by the head and forced my knife into her back. This was more fun that rolling around in the wheat fields' crop circle that sometimes appeared. Reeba punched me but I think it did more damage to her than to me. I turned slowly and gave her a grin. However that grin slowly left me face. I dropped Skye and ran over to my Conner trampling over Reeba. He was bleeding from a wound in his side.

"My Conner who did this to you?!"

He did say anything as his body went limped and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Conner! Don't leave me!" As I was begging Conner to not leave me I became aware of some strange feeling I didn't know existed, or that I was capable of feeling. Other people cried, other people cared about others, other people loved. I didn't do that. Not to my parents or to anyone.

I stood up. There was nothing I could do for Conner. I only knew how to kill, not save. The sounds of someone wailing triggered a rage in me. I turned to the closest person next to me which so happen to be Quinoa and I stabbed her right in the eye before pulling out my pocket knife. Lakota stabbed me several times, but I didn't feel it. I elbowed her off me before finishing off Quinoa. He body fell to the floor. I then turned on Lakota and began kicking and stomping on her head and body till she stopped moving. I looked over and saw that Rowan had killed Jake finally but he had taken a fatal stab to the chest. Nothing I could do for him like I couldn't do for Conner. Xavier taken a pickaxe to the head from Frankie, totally forgot about him. My whole alliance was dead now. Oh there was hell to pay! I didn't care much about Rowan and Xavier, people had to die so someone could win this, but my Conner didn't need to die!

I grabbed Frankie, he was strong and managed to break free some me. I heard a scream some Sloan but I didn't care. Frankie tried to retreavehis pickaxe from Xavier, but the sight of the dead body freaked him out. The Revive Tributes were drawing closer to us, shrinking the circle around us. Frankie grabbed one of Xavier's knives and threw it at me. I didn't bother to move and let it hit my shoulder before walking towards him. Panicing Frankie reached down, putting his foot on Xavier's backa nd pulled the pickaxe out of his head. He swung the pickaxe are me and it slid across my chest. He swung again but this time I caught the pickaxe and pulled it away from him. He backed up to the edge of the platform. He looked at me then looked down before looking at me again. Then he jumped off.

I heard a splash and peered over the egde. It seemed the Arena had flooded a little. The male Revived Tribute from 4 was down there. He had been mutated into a shark like humaniod. Damn Kine. Frankie's blood stained the water and the guy named Pirate swam over to him. There was a splash and a water horse appeared from under Frankie kicking it's legs out driving Pirate away. Then the horse and Frankie went under water and didn't come back up again. Whatever... I looked over and saw a blood stain around Sloan's body, she had landed on one of the walk ways that hadn't flooded. If she only landed two more feet to the right she would have landed in the water. I turned my head and saw that guy from District 3 walking in a daze. I became irritated that one was still alive. I charged at him, he looked at me with a stupid depressed look on his face. I was almost to him when behind him a black and purple whole in space opened. I skid to a stop as arms reached out and grabbed Aiden from behind. Snotbubble pulled Aiden into the blackness and disappeared. It shrunk and closed before disappearing. Well that was that then. I turned and looked around

The Revived Tributes had broken away from their circle and were tearing into the dead bodies. I walked over to Conner's body and kicked the Revive Tribute from 12 off of him. They would eat the others I didn't give a crap about them. I collapsed, my body was finally aware of the damage I had taken. I was bleed uncontrolably and my vision was fading. My legs stopped working properly, so I had to pull myself forward to Conner till I was laying half way on top of him like how we used to sleep. He was my pillow. I rested my head on his head. There was nothing this time. I tapped my fingers on his chest as it that would kick start his heart again. I felt my throat tighten and my eyes became watery blurrying my vision even more. Some how I was able to make out movement beyond me. It was Reeba. She wasn't mine to kill. Xavier was supposed to kill her and I couldn't take that from him. I lifted the pocket knife Kine had given me and slice my throat with it. I wasn't going to leave Conner.

Reeba Alyce Graver of District 8

"And we have a winner!" A loud booming voice thundered across the Arena.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when someone from behind me grabbed me and picked me up. It was that guy from that room I and Frankie went into.

"Bass up, through the top, I like the beat, get ready to rock. Supadupafly!" He began to sing as hespun me around.

I hears the sound of some doors opening and the clean up crew walked around of them. The began to drive the Revive Tributes off of the dead tributes by socking them with poles. The guy put me down and I stumbled away from him dizzy. I ran into Kine and he took me by the arms and started jumping around excitedly.

"You won, you won! I can't believe you won! Everyone else is dead! This is so Sunshine Smiles and Rainbow Dust!" Kine swung me around without much effort on his part before he brought me back for a hug. He crushed me but I don't think he meant to do that. "I'm so happy you won! Wanna know why? Because you're absolutely useless!" What a thing to say to the Victor...

"You can do anything! Beside make clothes and stuff. No I don't want you. If you had died, I probably wouldn't have bothered to bring you back to life... Put him over there." Kine said to one of he clean up crew. "Oh maybe I would have made you a spider hybrid so you can spin a wed and make clothes or something stupid like that. No I'm so happy everyone else died and you lived. They're all mine now, he-he..."

Kine finally let got of me and I fell over.

"Now we have to get you ready for the interview because for somereason the Capitol likes to interview the victor after they watched all their friends and enemies die in cold blood. You'll need therapy for years! Oh you father comitted suicide by the way."

I was taken from the Arena to a cleaning room. Ernesto rushed in and hugged me for a long time. He got me ready for what would happen after the Hunger Games. I don't think the Capitol was too happy I was the one who won. Kine commented that I "Foxfaced It" which became attached to me on all the articles. When I went home, there was no one waiting for me, the District was over oyed they had a Victor finally but I had no family. My father had killed himself after I was reapped which no one told me about. I moved to the Victor's Village. Life was very different after, but it wasn't totally better for a long time. The Victor's Tour came and went, Kine took me to his lab to so me what he had done with the other tributes that were in the Arena with me. Xavier definently remembered me. I was surpised to see that Aiden was still alive and well as well as Frankie who drowned by Snotbubble revived him by giving me mouth to mouth. Aiden was tasked with caring for Snotbubble while Frankie was in charge of the mutant horses that were to be feathered in future "Gunger Hames" Kine called them.

After the Victor's Tour, life didn't change much other than I wasn't beaten to a palp and I was no longer starving. By the following Hunger Games, everyone had forgotten about me. I mentored many tributes after that, but only two were Victorious. It wasn't till I was in my thirthies when I finally met a man and got married. After that life finally took a turn for the better for me.

80 years later...

It was a warm spring day, the air was clear and the sun was out. Kine had really cleaned up the District. It irritated him about how polluted it had been. I was sitting outside my house on the swing under the porch. My vision had gone many years ago but I could hear my grandchildren playing no too far off. A glass of my daughter's ice tea sat on the table net to me with a vane of flowers my son's children had brought me. I was now the oldest person in District 8 at the age of 95. I no longer had to mentor tributes... One of my grandchildren was reaped this year and had died inthe Hunger Games...

I heard the wooden planks that made up the stairs creak and I became aware that there was someone standing beside me.

"It's time Reeba." I fimiliar voice said but I couldn't recall where I heard it.

"I'm sorry I don't think I know you, child..." I responded with. "Maybe see my daughter. She will be more hepful than me."

"I think you know me. You've always be mine."

"Oh I remember now."

"It's been a long time. We would love to have you with us. So we can all be togather again." He said softly.

I turned my clouded gaze to the sound of my grandchildren playing in the grass.

"Don't worry about them. They will be fine."

I nodded. "I'll go with you. I was always you'reafter all." I said as I closed my eyes for the last time. "I'm ready Xavier."


Careerers are located in the Church. Jake found a 7 throwing knives, 3 bottles of waters and medicine. Konlok was found partically eaten by Gin. EnV(Harpoon) was lost during the fall. Naomi still has Sandy's tridend. Sloan has a knife, 4 stilettos, a backpack that containds water, a sleeping bag and rope. The Careers have no food.

Those Other Guys escape the Arena through the water tunnels. They are in District 14. Telva died when his tracker device in his neck exploded. Slyder's is still alive and is with Gerald at Andy's house.

Selene's Harmen are all togather and have left the Pillar. Aiden a hunting knife and George's gualtlet (Which is like a phone/computer/teleporter shapes like a metal glove). Smick has a backpack with a water container, some bandages, rope and a small hunting knife and an axe. Thomas has a backpack, a sleeping bag, boots, a water container that actually had water in it and a sword. Chase has backpack with a bottle of water, a pair of socks and gloves, a blanket and still has the umbrella. They are low on food and water.

Little Amazons are still inside the Amusement Park. Lakota has dagger and Paola's bat, Grace's sword. Quinoa has a first aid kit, some rope and throwing knives(5). They have no food or water.

7 6 were found in and near Sout Park in the Tree House. Asper body was collected after chasing Isis way. Selena was found torn apart in the Tree House.

Loners are scathered through the Arena. Rowan and Xavier are still together. Rowan has a backpack filled with rope, 5 knives and a water bottle. Xavier has a sleep bag, wire, and a mechete. They have the Fire Axe and have no food. Reeba and Skye have allied. Reeba has a backpack, a sowing kit, some wire, dried fruit and meat and a water container. She has medicine for her burns. Skye has a sidepack that contained some rope, water, a hunting knife, a pocket spy glass, some bread and a jar of jellybeans. Frankie has a pickaxe, a blanket and a first aid kit. He has no food and needs some medicine for his wounds or he will die. Craig and Conner are together. Conner has a wooden axe, a sleeping bag, a pair boots, some medicine and bandages to help him survive Craig's cutting habit. Craig has 3 throwing knives, a saber, a cloak, some wire, water, some bags of food and some medicine for Conner.


Death Chart
Name District Killed By Cause of Death Day
Sandy Shipwreck District 4 Craig Stabbed to death 2
Paola Fernand District 6 Rowan Stabbed in the Stomach 3
Ivory Kranium District 1 Xavier Stabbed herself 3
Grace Pearson District 10 Rowan Die from her wounds 4
Chase Pansworth District 5 Sloan Stiletto to the neck 4
Selene Davae District 3 Craig Craig's Specialty 4
Oona Jaina Cree Capitol Peter Clawed to Death 5
Chloe Madison District 1 Jackie Poison Quills 5
Naomi Eribach District 4 Xavier Stabbed 5
Selena Kyle District 7 Jay Killed by animals 6
Asper Dell District 6 Isis Strangled 6
Telva Tibaabi District12 Kine Track exploded 6
Konlok Vice District 1 Gin Serverly wounded 6
Smick Trinket Capitol Jake Bleed to Death 7
Skye Silverguard District 11 Craig Stabbed to Death 7
Thomas Adrian Parker District 12 Sloan Slice Throat 7
Conner Machado District 11 Jake Beed to Death 7
Quinoa Soal District 9 Craig Stabbed to Death 7
Lakota Feah District 5 Craig Beaten to Death 7
Xavier Thread District 8 Frankie Pickaxe to the head 7
Rowan Winter District 7 Jake Various wounds 7
Sloan Gardner District 13 Aiden Drop on her head 7
Frankie Moorland District 10 Craig/keplie Drowned 7
Aiden McFinnegan Diistrict 3 Snotbubble Nanny 7
Craig Albert Corios District 9 Craig Suicide 7
Reeba Alyce Graver District 8 Xavier Came for her ?

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