The 54 Hunger Games is my own little fan-fiction, my first actually. It can be read over Here!. It follows the two Tributes from District 9 Sprinkle and her brother Scythe. I may or may not post it here as I lke some people to actually use that wikia I made for Fan-Fictions and stuff. Working on a multi-writer fan-fiction that more than one user can contribute too as well as another fan-fiction which will feature Silks again.

Anyways here are the characters to my little Fan-Fiction.

District 1: Male Tribute is Mercury and the female Tribute is Tiara

District 2: Male Tribute is Guillotine and Velvet is the female Tribute

District 3: Tinker is the female Tribute and Mopar is the male Tribute

District 4: Pike is the female Tribute and Vendace is the Male Tribute

District 5: Male Tribute is Quantum and Female Tribute is Jolt

District 6: Lexis is the female Tribute and Pilot is the Male Tribute

District 7: Hollow is the male Tribute and Twiggy is the female Tribute

District 8: The female Tribute is Crocket and Qiviut is the male Tribute

District 9: Scythe is the male Tribute and Sprinkle is the Female Tribute

District 10: Fleece is the female Tribute and Taurus is the male Tribute

District 11: The female Tribute is Quinoa and Thorn is the male Tribute

District 12: Notch is the female Tribute and Potash is the male Tribute

Other Characters

Zolo - Sprinkle and Scythe's mentor

Cyan - Sprinkle's Stylist

Pheonix - Scythe's Stylist

Bruno - Sprinkle and Scythe's uncle, competed in the 32th Hunger Games


So this whole this went down like this. Sprinkle was a 16 year girl from District 9. She had wavy brown hair and amber eyes. She was timid and shy at first encounter however over time she would warm up to new people. Sprinkle and her older brother lived their whole lives in District 9 with their mother and father. Sprinkle wasn’t the trouble maker type and kept her nose clean. She was quiet content with her life the way it was other than the fact that it seems none of the males had ever showed interest in her. Her older brother seemed to attract the attention of all the young ladies much to his dislike. Sprinkle had always wished she could train luck with him it that were possible to make both of them happy. Sprinkler and her brother were very close and this year they would become closer.

So when it came time for the Reaping for Tributes for that old Hunger Games, Sprinkle attended with her brother. It went down like usually picking the names and all however this year was different. This was Sprinkles’ brother Scythe’s last year that he would be allegeable. He was now 18.

The escort this year for District 9 was a women named Macy. She wore a violet colored outfit and had purple. Her skin was very pale yet her lips were maroon. Sprinkle always like the Capitol people’s sense of fashion. She liked their pastel colors that reminded her of spring. Anyways Macy picked out a name for the female Tribute and read it out loud.

“Sprinkle Starling! Is this year’s female Tribute!” Macy announced.

“Damn it,” Sprinkle muttered. “Well I had a good run…”

“Sprinkle, come on up here!”

Sprinkle did what she was told and joined Macy on the stage. Next Macy picked out the name for the Male Tribute.

“Scythe Starling!”

“Well I’ll be damn...” Scythe said rather loudly. “Alright let’s get his thing over with.

“Oh you two must be brother and sister? It is very rare that two Tributes from the same District are brother and sister.”

No one bother to volunteer for Sprinkle and her brother Scythe. Sprinkle could see the look on her parent’s faces but had to look away. How devastating this would be for her mother and father. If only one of them was going, if only Sprinkle had been chosen than she could win this but now with her brother, how could she compete against him?

So that’s how that happened and the two were taken to the Capitol after their goodbyes. The ride over to the Capitol was a pleasure for Sprinkle. She thought the hover craft train thing they traveled in was cool, and of course all the food! Sprinkle had never seen so much food in one place before and so many different kinds. Scythe had commented that if they were going to die they should enjoy their last few days alive.

“Scythe? Do you think we have a chance?” Sprinkle asked her brother.

“Hell yes! We can go without food. He know how to survive in the wild. Remember what papa learned you.”

“I know but…”

“We can take out a few with us before we go. Let’s go out in a blaze of glory like our uncle did.”

Sprinkle’s uncle had been reaped into the 32th Hunger Games. He made almost to the end till he was killed in a battle against the Careers people. He managed to kill off three of them throughout that Game by using the field to his advantage and his smarts and stealth. For some reason he couldn’t be track, mainly because he kept off the group and walked in the water to prevent footprints. He also set up a trap for the Careers by heavily bobby-trapping a cave and purposely leaving his footprints heading into the cave to lure them in there. He ranked 4th in the whole Games and made an alliance with several other Tributes including the female Tribute from District 9. Sprinkle like listening to stories about her uncle from her mama, but it always seemed to make her mother sad.

“We be as insane as possible and those Careerers won’t touch us,” Scythe continued. “We be smarted more clever like prince El-ahrairah.”

“I supposed we are be full of tricks and those Careerers will never catch us?”

“Yes, Sprink. I’ll keep you alive so you can go home back to ma and pa.”

And so Sprinkle and her brother formed an alliance to keep each other alive. Scythe promised he would keep his baby sister alive and sacrifice himself in order to save her. However that thought bother Sprinkle. She didn’t want to live without him and to go home back to her mama and papa without him.

The two met their Mentor, a man named Zolo. He had won the 42th games. When asked how, he said he would slit the throats of other Tributes starting with the Careers at night while they slept. Once all the Careers were dead the Game was more fair for the other Tributes and one by one they killed each other or fell victim to the elements. Zolo survived by taking his victims supplies. The 42th Games was one of the longest Games because the Careers dies so early in the Game. After their deaths it became a waiting game to see who would out last the longest. Zolo commented he only had kill two of the Careers and two other Tributes while the others had killed off the rest and died on their own. Zolo had lost track of who was still in the game and was surprise when it was announced that he was the winner.

“Zolo Mentor Person? The Careerers, they were trained their whole lives to fight, right?” Sprinkle asked.

“Yeah it’s illegal but nothing is against the law when you have money.”

“How come no one trains their children for the Games in the other Districts. We should be prepared.”

“Our papa thought us how use make and use weapons,” Scythe added. “He says if we were ever to become Tributes we should know how to defend ourselves.”

“Your father was a smart man. Giving his children the best chance at survival, as much as possible that he provide.”

“I think you two will do find,” Macy commented. “You two look strong compared to the others from your District. You have the best chance to survive.”

“The Hunger Games is like an OCT,” Scythe muttered.

When arriving at the Capitol, Sprinkle and Scythe got to spend a day at the spa. Sprinkle enjoyed being pampered. It made her feel like she was special like a Capitol person. Scythe didn’t really care. He wasn’t aware that he was dirty. After being cleaned he commented that he felt cold and lighter. Zolo and Macy said that the Capitol people were clean freaks. Once they were prepped and ready the siblings were introduced to their stylists named Cyan and Phoenix. Phoenix was Scythe’s stylists and Cyan was Speckle’s stylist. Phoenix was a nice young woman no older than her early twenties. She has fiery red curly hair and bright green eyes. Phoenix became a stylist after she won the 53th Games. She moved to the Capitol so her children won’t have to participate in the Hunger Games. Cyan had been born in District 2 but moved to the Capitol when she became a stylist. She always had a good sense of fashion. She hadn’t lived in the Capitol her whole life she had said, choosing the wonder from District to Distract to learn their styles to make her a better designer. Cyan always wanted to be stylists and she enjoyed costume making outfits for people. Sprinkle thought all the Capitol people were pretty in their own way yet odd looking. Basically all the Capitol people looked like a bunch of Jeffrey Stars and Lady Gagas.

“I think I like to be a stylist,” Sprinkle had said to Cyan. “But it’s a hard job, because the Tributes that you decorate usually die.”

“It’s nice to make them feel beautiful and to show the world who these Tribute could be if allowed.” Cyan responded with. “Now what do you want to look like?”

The Chariot Race came and went and all the Interviews. Sprinkle liked all the attention. She liked the horsed the best. Cyan had said that Chariot would make a find name for a child. Sprinkle though so too. When Sprinkle was interviews she said she didn’t think she would make it but she was going to do her best and survive as long as she can so her brother won’t die. She would live for him so he wouldn’t have to sacrifices himself. She also said she liked the other Tributes and if they weren’t being forced to fight one another she would be there friend. When Scythe was interviewed, he stated that he would have volunteered for his sister if his name was not picked immediately after. When he was told that he couldn’t do that because the tributes need to be one female and one male, Scythe commented back with “You don’t think I am feminine enough? I can be a girl look.” As Scythe preformed a failed female impression twirling his long black hair in his fingers.

“My sister should win because she has never had enough life yet. She needs someone to love her before she dies. My sis always wanted someone to love her like our ma and pa do. Me, I don’t like the girls in my District.”

She and Scythe watched the other Tributes. There were the District 1 people named Mercury and Velvet who would be their biggest problem along with the District 2 people. Sprinkle saw the male from District 4. He was a young boy with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. He was from one of the Career District which meant he would be a challenged. His District partner Pike was also fierce; she was well skilled in many weapons and was also good at “Human Fishing.”

Training wasn’t too difficult but it helped Sprinkle figure out how and who the other Tributes were. Scythe like his name was very good with scythes however they didn’t offer any in the Training room. He didn’t like the swords too well. Scythe died a dagger/knife to a stick. Sprinkle also didn’t like the swords, they were heavy and bulky. She liked a slather weapon. Sprinkle wasn’t very good with the heavier weapons but her papa had told her that straight isn’t everything. The None Career Tributes that won the previous Hunger Games won not with strength or skill, luck helped but they were clever. Any problem would be solves through thought, however that took time and more effort so most people would rather act than think. During Training Sprinkle and Scythe were told that this would be the best time to scope the others out and learn who the watch out for and who would make a good alliance with. Scythe was very cautious on the idea of an alliance with someone else other than his sister. He didn’t trust the others, but Sprinkle told him that the more allies they had the better their odds would be. She wanted to have as many allies as possible with as many different skills as possible.

“How can we trust them?” Scythe asked.

“We want to live as long as possible. We all share the natural desire to survive and that is what will keep us together.”

Sprinkle wish she could have formed an alliance with the Careers since they would give her and her brother the best chance at survival however they were the people who would be the ones trying to kill them the most. The Career people however were only train in the way to fight not survive, or at least they never had too. Zolo told Sprinkle and Scythe that they just have to outlast them. When the Careers ran out of food and other supplies, the other District had a chance to win. Sprinkle liked the sticks they had yet these sticks were all straight and smooth. Besides the Career people Sprinkle like the District 7 Tributes Twiggy and Hollow. They were good with sticks and axes and knew a lot about the forest since they lived near on. District 9 didn’t have must of a wilderness however deer and rabbits sometimes came into the fields to eat the grain and other animals like field mice attracted foxes. They were very similar to Sprinkle and her brother and maybe they would be interested in an alliance. However Sprinkle also wanted people who had different abilities that her and Scythe’s own. Sprinkle also liked the two Tributes from District 8, Crochet and Qiviut. They were skilled in making rope. Qiviut had made a rope out of some cloth he had gotten probably from a table. He just sat there in the corner and all Sprinkle saw was his arms and fingers moving. Then all of a sudden he had a rope. The female Tribute Crochet was busy with her own project that Sprinkle didn’t see the end produce. Scythe commented that Sprinkle was picking people from Districts closest to District 9. Sprinkle commented back that those people were the more likely to partner up with them.

After training, Sprinkle told Scythe that they should try and form an alliance with the District 7 and 8 Tributes as well as the Tributes from District 11 because those people knew a lot about plants. Sprinkle knew a lot about some plants but District 9 only focus on a few plants. While District 11 had many plants and knew a lot about them, they even grew a few used to medicine. However District 11 mostly grew things like fruits, vegetables and cottons that was given to the Capitol. Sprinkle wondered how could the Capitol use all the things that was given to them by the other Districts. Sprinkle got in a conversation with the girl from District 11 about this topic.

“The Capitol isn’t as large as all the District combined right? Why do they take so much? What do they do with it all?”

“I don’t know but I think the Capitol is over populated or something.” The District 10 Girl named Quinoa said.

“I think they are just spoiled.”

“I think the Capitol people just like the take things,” Taurus the male Tribute from District 10. “They take the District children away from their families and force them to fight. S

prinkle decided she liked the girl from 11 and the boy from 10. Quinoa was very practical and she knew a lot about plants. The boy however seems to be depressed. Taurus was quiet most of the time and he didn’t seem too impressive other than the fact that he was rather large and muscular. He for some reason wasn’t seen with his female counterpart but was often seen sitting near Quinoa. Sprinkle figured he liked her or something. He girl from District 10 was happier than Taurus. She was busy making friends with everyone. She was harmless, small and young. Her named was Fleece and she was quiet happy to be there. Quinoa’s partner was named Thorn and he has the same darker skin tone as Quinoa. The two seems to get along well. Thorn was tall but not as big as Taurus yet he was rather fit for someone from District 11 which was one of the poorest Districts.

Sprinkle also liked the people from District 5 and 6. Quantum and Jolt were the Tributes from District 5. Quantum was smart and he seemed to be more interested in the technology in the Capitol. He started to take thing apart to see how they worked. Jolt figured out how to create an electric charge and shock the water in the training room. Sprinkle liked their ingenuity however in the Arena there will be no electronics. Still they were clever and quick thinkers, they be of some use for Sprinkle and Scythe. Pilot and Lexis were from District 6, and they were friendly, or at least Pilot was. Lexis was more interested in hanging out with the Careers, probably to form an alliance with them. She wasn’t seen much with Pilot. However Pilot was intelligent in the ways of camouflage, he commented that he had to paint the vehicles sometimes. Pilot was friendly enough to everyone and seem rather harmless. That made Sprinkle sad in a way. Lexis also seem to be a little mean to him and snapped at him once over something Sprinkle did not know why. Pilot however shrugged it off and apologized for whatever he did. Besides these people Sprinkle wasn’t too interested in the others much. However Scythe surprised her by saying he thought they should form an alliance with the people from District 3. Mopar and Tinker were very smart and knew how to build things, mostly electronics but they also were good at figuring things out. Sprinkle commented that they may be useless because there would be nothing for them to make anything out of in the Arena.
By the end of the training session, Sprinkle decided she would try and find Quinoa, Taurus, Pilot and either Twiggy or Hollow in the Arena assuming these people survived the Bloodbath. Scythe commented that they should try and make an alliance with anyone if they were going to try in the Arena but they should be wary of others in case they have are being played by the other Tributes.

“I think we should try and make ourselves seem as weak as possible,” Scythe had told Sprinkle when they were alone. “Make the others think we are helpless, easy targets so they won’t suspect us. Then when he get in the Arena, go all badass on them and kill them all.”

“Yes but won’t the Careerers attack us first?”

“I think they would want to get rid of any rivals to the Careerers in the Bloodbath before they pick off the weak.”

“I don’t know if you can appear weak Scythe. Look at you. You big and all strong and they know it.”

“Then you pretend to be weak and helpless. They will leave you alone. I will lead them away from you and you will escape and live. You have to live as long as you can.”

Sprinkle frowned.

“I don’t want to. I am not strong; I can’t be all badass like you Scythe. I am not strong and am defenseless.”

“No, you aren’t. You have me.” Scythe smiled.

“Stupid Hunger Games. Who thought of it?” Sprinkle hissed.

“Don’t know someone stupid clearly.”

And so that was the start of this thing. Scythe and Sprinkle were allowed to wonder around freely and interact with the other Tributes. Strange Sprinkle hung out with the majority of the poorest District Tributes as if they were friends. Scythe continued to follow her around where ever she went. Soon it was time for the Games to begin.

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