The Dead Games is a fan-fiction written by Aniju Aura.
Dead Games

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The Dead are coming back for you Panem!

This is a little fan-fiction I thought up and was waiting for one of my Tributes to survives. Truns out to be Logan Hawkeye winner of the 100th Games. :3 Boy surprised me. However unexpectedly another one of my Tributes survived and won a game, Enili McGee, whom I told her to kill herself and let Jenna win. Oh well, she won and since she had more of an empoison for some reason so she will be appearing in this story a little later. All my Tributes dead or alive will be featured as well as some of their follow Game competitors. Who’s Tribute will be seen? What will happen when the dead take vengeance on the nation? What a giant demonic cat! Will I be able to finish this?

We will see! I will post them up as I write them. May be long and I may be biting more off than I can chew but Hell why not?

If you have a dead tribute that you want to be seen in this story go ahead and tell me! I will see if I can fit them in. Just tell me Their name, District, what game they were in(With maybe a link please) and how they died. Your dead tribute then can tell Logan or Enili what to do to seek vengeance for them against Panem. Whoa! I will do my best but I have dyslexia so I may spell things wrong and the N on my computer is dying. Sorry. Oh I never read the book, so I may get some things wrong but it's a fan-fiction so it's all good. Please note that during the events of the 74th Games Katniss and Peetra killed themselves with the nightlock or whatever so there was no victor during that Game. District 13 returned to living with the Capitol but have more freedom than other Districts. Cananda territory does not belong to Panem and no one really knows who the President is because Snow was killed. Details unknown. And everyone can sing!

More info on the Tributes can be found at the The Hunger Games Fanon Wiki.


The Hunted

People with the misfortune of still being alive

Logan Hawkeye --- Born in District 13, he and his younger brother moved to District 5 after their parents died. Logan was reaped into the 100th Hunger Games and survived by forming an Alliance. He grew very close to another Tribute named Clarabella because she reminded him of Mitch, around the same age. Logan survived by pure luck and won along with Zanna, Marine and Drajdah.

Enili McGee --- Enili lived in an abusive family in District 7. She was quiet good at using a bow and arrows but not much else. She was timid and shy at first but she came out of her shell when she made friends with several Tributes after she was repeaped into the 121st Games. She formed an Alliance with almost anyone which included James, Jacob and Serelle, later Lucifer, May and Logan and finally Jenna. Alex was in her Alliance but she was heart broken when he left them to join the Careers and ultimatly killed Serella.

Other People's Tributes

Camilla Averson --- Camila was District's 5 female Tribute for the 90th Games and the victor. She is seen sometimes with Logan. (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Marine Hier --- District 8 Younger Female Tribute for the 100th Games, one of the Victors. (Belongs to Thena.airice14 )

Drajdah Wallace --- District 9 Younger Male Tribute for the 100thGames, one of the Victors. (Belongs to Dabigd247365)

Zanna Vinland --- District 10 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games, one of the Victors. (Belongs to District12-Tributes)

The Fallen

People with the luck of being dead most living in District 0.

Aniju Aura --- Albino Lady

Demonclaw --- Overlord of District 0

(Aniju Aura's Tributes)

Silks Cullbert --- District 8 Male Tribute for the 88th Games

Alonzo Mourning --- Distrist 10 Male Tribute for the 90th Games

Clarabella Keen --- District 6 Female Tribute for the 100th Games

Ella Flashman --- District 3 Female Tribute for the First Alliance Games (Dubbed the 95th Games)

Lucifer Fingal --- District 13 Male Tribute for the 121st Games

(Other People's Tributes)

Landon Granger --- District 4 Older Male Tribute for the 100th Games, killed by Melissa's axe. He's seen briefly with Clarabella. (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Elena Horisson --- District 4 Older Famele Tribute for the 100th Games, Sacrificed herself, (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Luke Torres --- Capitol's Male Tribute, partnered with Ella during the First Alliance Games, he is seen with Ella alot. Killed by Kallum Briget. (Belongs to Katy)

Drake Dust --- District 12 Male Tribute for the First Allaince Games, seen with Ella alot. (Belongs to Nate777)

Aldo Gambetti --- District 2 Male Tribute for the 121st Games, killed by Enili. He is seen with Alex alot (Belongs to Dagbid247365)

Demetria Callitor --- Distrit 2 Female Tribute for the 121st Games, killed by Loga Blue with an arrow (Belongs to Readwritelivenikki)

Logan Blue --- District 4 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Jenna Everett witha dart (Belongs to Nate777)

Alex Fillie --- District 5 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Lucifer (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Maybelle "May" Carmen ---- District 5 Female Tribute for the 121st Games (Belongs to Readwritelivenikki)

Serelle Calter --- District 6 Female Tribuet for the 212st Games killed by Alex (Belongs to Thena.airice14)

Luke Searer --- District 7 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Jenna Everett with a dart (Belongs to Thena.airice14)

James Will --- District 10 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Alice Marsop with an arrow to the knee, I mean head! (Belongs to JWW)

Jacob Dawson --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 121st Games killed by Royce Deneath with an axe (Belongs to Dagbid247365)

Jenna Everett --- District 13 Female Tribute or the 121st Games killed by Enili (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Louis "Lou" Welder --- District 2 Male Tribute for the 200th, Games shot in neck by Forsythia Aljiscic (District 8 Female) (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Cleo Welch ---- District 8 Female for the 200th Games, choked to death by a scarf by Forsythia Aljiscic, resurrected and received a gunshot in the head Ian Wix (District 4 Male) (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Rachel Golden ---- District 3 Female for the 106th Games, fell into acid pool (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Malecai Gerama --- District 2 Male Tribute for the 90th Games, killed by snucks and Camila (Belonsg to Icanhasnofriends)

Aria Velinose --- District 3 Female Tribute for the 90th Games, seen with Alonzo a lot (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Amira George --- District 10 Female Tribute for the 90th Games, killed by Malecai's Axe (Belongs to Hungry4more)

Rani Cooper --- District 11 Female Tribute for th 90th Games killed by Malecai (Belongs to Hungry4more) Malecai Gerama ---- District 2 Male Tribute for th 90th Games, killed by Camilla (Belongs to Icanhasnofriends)

Ayaan Hlupe --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 90th Games (Belongs to Thena.airice14)

Misty Korna --- District 2 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Justinain Bemus --- District 2 Younger Male Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Adrianna Thorn --- District 3 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

The Plagued

People who are still suffering

Mitch Hawkeye --- Logan's younger brother

Moe McGee --- Enili's younger brother

Flo Mourning ---- Alonzo's older sister

Theo Welch --- District 8 Male Tribute for the 200th Games, Cleo's twin brother (Belongs to Jsm13athome)

Camilla Averson --- Distrist 5 Female Tribute for the 90th Games (Belongs to Cloveismywife)

Marine Hier --- District 8 Younger Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Drajdah Wallace --- District 9 Younger Male Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

Zanna Vinland --- District 10 Older Female Tribute for the 100th Games (Belongs to unknown)

The Scarifies

People Currenlty Part taking in a Game, faith yet decided

Cecil Van Helsing --- District 12 Male Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Buttercup Keen --- District 2 Female Tribute for the Second Alliance Games

Pantxo Nequoia --- District 11 Male Tribute for the 123th Games

Utopia McCool --- Capitol Female Tribute for the 123th Games or 124th Games

She-Ra Bourne --- District 1 Female Tribute, the 124th Games

Other Characters

Other people that appeare from time to time.

Flower Mourning --- Alonzo's deceased mother (Mentioned Only)

Zaphod Mourning --- Alonzo's deseased mother (Mentioned Only)

Connor Embreall --- District 9 Older Male Tribute for the 100th Games (Mentioned Only)

Chapter 1: Dark Dreams

Day I: The Victory Tour

The Victors’ Tour as it was called this time because of the four Victors this year, started like usually and Logan looked forward to it. He had always wanted to see the other Districts. After the Games had ended, Logan and his little brother Mitch went to live in the Victor’s Village in District 5. Their aunt and uncle’s family didn’t get to come live with them since they were not impediment family. The Victor’s Village was nice but kind of boring. Mitch enjoyed playing in the huge houses with the other Victor’s children but there was little to do for Logan. There was no one in the village around his age so he spent his time with his Mentor. His Mentor had helped him get over the trauma of the Games. At first it was weird being on the outside, Logan was still on high alert as if someone would jump out and try to kill him. It was something his mentor said would take a while to turn off. Besides hanging out with his Mentor, Logan also had been writing to the three other Victors of his Game. He was looking forward to see them again. During the time in-between the ending of 100th Games and the Victory Tour Logan been having strange dreams but he assumed it was a part of recovering from the aftermath of the Hunger Games. He didn’t have time to worry about that.

He and his brother Mitch were sitting in the main room of the mansion they were given. Mitch was eating something that Logan hadn’t tried yet.

Mitch: If I ever have kids, I think I’ll name one Pasta.

Logan: That’s a nice name.

Mitch: What was your dream about this time?

Logan: Um it started like usually with the same dark place, like it was the night but not empty. Oh like being in a cave. There was dust or mist nothing different. Then I could see figures, people standing in the distance all around me.

Mitch: Did they do anything different this time or only stood there mumbling?

Logan: No, they just stood there like always and all talked at the same time. I couldn’t understand any of them. I think this is because of the crowds at the Capitol when during my game. I felt alone yet I was surrounded by people.

Mitch: You had Camilla, Nicholas and Henna with you.

Logan: Yeah but we weren’t really friends. Camilla and I went to school together but we didn’t really talk much.

Mitch: I remember Nicholas; I used to play with his cousin. Sometimes he would play with us too.

Logan took a sip from his cup and thought. He hardly knew his fellow District Tributes and that made him feel bad. None of the others from his District Camilla, Nicholas or Henna had joined his alliance; he frankly didn’t know what happen to them. If there was anyone he missed it was the people in his Alliance especially Clarabella. She was a delight and reminded Logan of his brother the whole time they were in the Arena. The other three Victors, Zanna, Marine and Drajdah, Logan hardly had any contract with. In fact this would be the first time he would be seeing them again since they won the Games and were interviewed. Logan always felt bad for abandoning Marine, who was in his Alliance, at the end.

Logan: I kind of don’t want to go to the Victors Tour now.

Mitch: Why not? You get to see the other Districts! Remember how excited everyone was after you won your Game? The Capitol loved you.

Logan: But I don’t love the Capitol. I signed their Autographs and took their photos, I put on a smile for the boys and girls, but…

Mitch: You won us this house.

Logan: I killed Adrianna…

Mitch: She killed Brynn. Wasn’t he in your Alliance? You were just avenging him.

Logan: I didn’t like Brynn too much at the time and I feel bad for feeling that way. He was a good person. But vengeance is a stupid thing. It hurts for a long time after.

Mitch: You can apologize to Adrianna’s family, but killing people in the Arena is expected Logan. It doesn’t count as murder.

Logan: I think I’ll visit Adrianna and Brynn graves when I am in their Districts and apologize to them. I have nothing to say to their families. I don’t need their families’ forgiveness; I need Adrianna and Brynn’s.

Mitch: You’ll get to see Zanna, Marine and Drajdah again.

Logan sighed.

Logan: The people who are still living are going to be harder to face than those who are dead.

Mitch frown knowing nothing he could say or go could make his brother feel better. A few days later Logan went on the Victors’ Tours leaving Mitch behind alone in the house.

The Victors Tour wasn’t so bad. Zanna, Marine and Drajdah were with Logan the whole time and doing this thing with others made it a little easier. Logan would get to see all the Districts including 13, his birth District. Sadly he would have to go through the other Districts before reaching home. This meant seeing the families and homes of those he competed with. Marine was excited to show Logan her District however that had to wait too. First up was The Capitol.

Logan didn’t sleep well that night. He had that same dream again but this time the shadowy figures grew a little closer, their eyes glowed ghostly white. Logan felt his body behind bounded by vines made of black smoke. As he stood there unable to move he became aware of something behind him unseen.

He was awakening by Zanna telling him to get ready because their escorts would be coming to tell them to get ready. She wasn’t very fond of the Escorts and their bossy ways and neither was Logan. He was grateful that Zanna had awakened him from his bad dream but he didn’t tell her about it. Logan got ready and ate breakfast with the others. The Capitol was the same as last time Logan was there. People with crazy hair colors and weird accents yet Logan ready enjoyed it. He thought their weird hair color was cool and he enjoyed the food. It was like the food he and Mitch now enjoyed back in the mansion. The Capitol wanted each of them to give a speech. Logan just went up there and winged it.

Logan: Um, hello people of the Capitol. Colorful people! You how did you do your hair like that?

Random Guy: Me?

Logan: Yeah you! I want hair like you!

Random Guy: Oh well it’s a long process I am sure your escort could help you with that!

Logan: Fantastic! When I first came to the Capitol I was like looked at all the beautiful people! Their faces made me feel less afraid to be part taking in the Games!

Crowd: Awwww….

Logan: So when the Games started I remembered that all those pretty people would be watching me so I wanted to show you how kind the other Districts can be. I allied with the little people; they were cute and needed to be protected. (Logan paused for a moment remembering Clarabella and the others.) I know the Capitol have children too… You would want someone to protect them too if they took part in the Hunger Games. Well I am sure you all saw how selfless Elena was when she saved Marine. I hope you sponsor the underdogs more because they are really nice people, most Careers aren’t very nice and you don’t want them to live and make more mean people. There needs to be more nice people in the other Districts like the Capitol people.

Logan felt stupid for lying through his teeth about how nice the Capitol people were but he knew how to give the crowd what they wanted to hear. The crowd of Capitol people cheered him on pleased that he had said the Capitol was nice. Logan looked at the crowd, at people’s noses because he knew that made it look like he was looking them in the eyes without him actually having to do so. He didn’t want them to see how much pain he really was in. He kept in together and continued.

Logan: Maybe one day we won’t need a Hunger Games because everyone will be as nice as the Capitol people but for now we should at least keep our children out of it. Don’t want to corrupt them. They should all be just as colorful, nice and charming as you people. Thank you for allowing me to come and visit your lovely city!

The cheer roared for Logan as he stepped down so Drajdah could do his little speech. Logan knew the Capitol didn’t get what he meant when he said “We should at least keep our children out of it.”

Night I: The Dreamer

Logan was back in that dark place again. He was surrounded by shadowy figures he knew were people but he couldn’t see them clearly. Logan was cold as if it was winter. He decided he wasn’t going to hang around this time. He saw some come of structure through the fog and decided to head there. Logan walked away from the figures. He was aware that the figures were following him but they kept their distance. The shadowy people seemed to be heading there as well; clearly they knew something Logan didn’t. It turned out to be two to three story homes and it was crawling with more of the shadow people. As Logan drew closer he became aware that some of the shadowy people were still following him. They were getting closer, bolder. Soon one jumped on top off him. Logan was forced to the floor as a few others jumped on top of him. Their bodies were cold as ice and they screamed, jumped off but soon coming back. Logan pushed himself up, they were surprisingly light. Before he could get up another person jumped on him. It was someone he recognized.

Logan: Jett? Jett Mantis?

Jett: Hi Logan!

Logan: Get off Jett.

Jett: Aw okay…

The boy looked sad but jumped off and frolicked away into the fog. Logan noticed that Jett was bleeding. Before he could call to the boy, Logan was tackled by another person. She looked different, her face was burned but Logan had no doubt. It was Elena Horisson!

Logan: Elena! Stop it! You’re hurting me!

Elena ignored Logan’s pleases. He had no choice but to force himself up, knocking another person out of the way, he carried her on his back. Elena bit Logan on the neck and he reacted without thinking, he hit her in the face with his hand. Elena started to lose her grip. Logan turned himself and backed into a wall forcing Elena to fall off.

Logan: I’m sorry… Elena… I’m sorry…

Elena: What? Hey do I know you?

Logan was about to respond when he was pushed aside by something massive. He fell to the floor with a roar ringing in his ear. He saw Elena’s face frozen in fear. He could hear her pleading with someone as he tried to get up but he was held down.

Logan: Ah! I want to wake up!

Elena: I’m sorry! I know we aren’t supposed to talk to them!

Logan: Elena help! It’s me Logan!

Elena: I can’t!

Logan: Please wake me!

“Then wake up Logan!”

Logan’s eye slung open. His vision blurred and he saw someone standing over him.

Day II: The First District

Marine: Logan! We’re in District 1! Wake up!

Logan: Oh Marine?

Marine: Did you have a bad dream?

Logan: Huh?

Marine: You were talking in your sleep. You said Elena.

Logan: Oh yeah had a dream with Elena in it.

Marine: Was she alright?

Logan: Yeah. She was fine. Come on let’s go see District 1.

District 1 was nice, in Zanna’s opinion nicer than the Capitol probably because there were less people and at least this District competed in the Hunger Games. She still though her District was the best. She didn’t like how there were no animals. Sandra Taint, Logan’s escort wanted him to brush his hair and take a shower. Logan thought his hair was fine but she had to brush it aside. As soon as he went outside Logan shook his head so his hair returned to its usually self. Sandra gave Logan a look.

Logan: What? I fly flew in my face. I had to get it away.

Sandra just huffed with disapproval. Logan continued as usually. He really didn’t know the people from District 1; they were Norman Jacobe, Jennifer Vanle, Chase Amos and Emerald Silvers. Their families were all sad yet Logan felt more bad for Chase and Emerald’s families since they were so young.

Logan: Stupid Capitol why didn’t I tell them off when I had the chance.

Zanna: Because they were watching you… Logan: Yeah, they could have had my brother but instead they reaped Nicholas. Won’t get him now. He lives in the Victor’s Village.

Zanna: Who less lives with you there? District 10’s Victor’s Village is lonely.

Logan: Oh Camilla from the 90 Games. My mentors died. Camilla’s family is nice though. It’s just me and my brother Mitch who live there. They wouldn’t let me take my cousins. I’m from District 13 originally.

Zanna: You moved Districts?

Logan: Yeah, weird I know but since the last President died, they don’t care if you move, as long as you have as good reason.

Zanna: Why did you move?

Logan: My parents died. Mom was bitten by a black adder and dad died of old age. So it was just me and Mitch.

Zanna: I’m sorry…

Logan smiled contently.

Logan: It’s okay… They didn’t have to watch me go through the Hunger Games. You parents were probably beside themselves with grief but you came back.

Zanna: Leon, Serena and Georgey didn’t come back…

Logan: Yeah…I'm sorry... I had a dream with Jett in it…

After their speeches which Logan thought up on the top of his head again, he decided he wanted to visit the four fallen tribute’s graves. He was not yet able to visit Camilla, Hannah and Nicholas’s graves at his own District. He needed more time, however this probably would be the only time he would be in District 1 so he had too. At the Grave Yard which was very nice, Logan found each of their resting places. He recited each of their names out loud. It felt better to do so.

Logan: Norman, Jennifer, Chase, Emerald…

Night II: Night Fright

Logan heard his name but this time more clearly. He sat up and looked around. Everything had gotten dark and cold. What happen? How did it get dark so fast? Logan stood up. Wait he had seen this place before. This was where his Nightmares too place, the Arena, but this wasn’t his Arena. It was a mixture of many Arenas he had seen in the past. Logan heard his name again and turned to see Norman the boy from District 1. Logan was confused but almost expected it. Then another face appeared. It was Nicholas from his own District.

Logan: Little Nickie!

Nicholas: Logan help! He’s chasing me!

Norman: Get back here kid and let me kill you!

Logan: Nicholas!

Nicholas leaped into the air and somehow defied gravity. He seemed to move in slow motion. Logan mumbled slowly “You can’t do that…” before Nicholas’ small body slammed into Logan. He managed to catch the boy, almost losing his balance. Nicholas’s body was cold as ice, Logan could feel it through his clothes. Norman came over.

Nicholas: Logan I missed you! Why didn’t you come here to live with us!

Logan: What’s going on?

Nicholas: He stabbed me!

Logan: How could you!

Norman: Nicholas won’t die for some reason. I’ve stabbed him several times.

Logan felt angry at Norman. How could he stab a child? Then again that happen all the time in The 100th Games. Nah he was from District 1, what did Logan expect. Norman was trained to kill and that’s all he knew. It was a good thing he was dead. Then Logan looked at Nicholas than back to Norman. Both of them were dead. How was he having this conversation with them?

Norman: Wait? You are in my Game! And you are not a child! I can kill you!

Logan: But the Game ended already…

Norman: Than why am I still here?

Logan: I don’t know? I’m dreaming again aren’t I?

Norman: Stop trying to trick me! This must be some kind of trap! I kill you know!

Norman lunged at Logan but he was too slow even though Logan was still holding Nicholas. Logan jumped out of the way. Norman had a bloodlust look in his eyes! Logan had no choice but to flee. He dare not put Nicholas down. Norman had gone insane, who knows what he will do!

Nicholas: Put me down!

Logan: No!

Nicholas: I’m slowing you down! You have to put me down!

Logan: No! Not Again!

Norman must have picked up a stick because one flew past Logan’s head. Norman had good aim. This felt like being in the Arena again! Logan noticed other people running around the area. He wasn’t sure who they were but they were chasing each other and throwing things like he had seen in the Games. Logan ducked behind some kind of ruined wall and saw a door leading into a tower made of stones. Logan dashed inside and closed the door. He leaned against the door hoping his body weight would prevent Norman from gaining access. Logan clung to Nicholas.

Nicholas: (Whispering) You need to put me down.

Logan: No…

Nicholas: I will be okay.

Logan heard someone outside. He pulled Nicholas close to himself even if he was icy cold. There was a window above them but it was too high for anyone to look in. Logan hoped Norman wouldn’t find them. Then he heard someone scream and a thump, sounded like someone felt off the tower. The sound was God awful. Nicholas covered his ears.

Malecai: Ha I got one!

Norma: Hey you see a guy come running past here? He was carrying a kid!

Malecai: No! Come on I saw a girl run this way!

Logan heard the two run off with Malecai saying “Hey weren’t that brat that has been following you around?” Logan waited about a minute or two before moving. He wanted to be sure they were gone. He didn’t want to make a sound in case they would hear him. Career people were weird like that. Logan finally put Nicholas down and climbed over to the window. There was a block underneath it allowing people on the inside to see out but people on the outside couldn’t see it. Logan looked outside and saw someone lying on the ground. Blood surrounded their body. Logan looked away. He climbed back into the building.

Logan: We need to get out of here…

Nicholas: Okay.

Logan slowly opened the door and looked out. He tried not to look but his eye couldn’t help but go to the dead body. Logan slightly recognized the girl but he didn’t know where. He tried to shield Nicholas from seeing the body. Logan looked around the corner to see if the coast was clear but he saw three or four people running around with weapons. That way wasn’t safe. He turned back hoping to find another way around maybe through the tower when he heard a moan. His eye went back to the body and he was shock to see that person get up.

Rani: He killed me again…

Nicholas: He lives!

Logan: What the?

Rani got up dust herself off and wiped the blood from her face. Logan then recognized him. This girl had taken part in one of the previous Hunger Games, Logan was trying to place which one when Rani noticed them. She seemed startled at first.

Rani: A ghost!

Logan was about to speak when he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. He turned quickly and saw Norman and he had teamed up wsith Malecai and two new guys! Logan remembered these two better. It was a guy named Gunner Pann and Malik Payne from the 95th Hunger Games or the First Alliance Games.

Logan: Crap!

Malecai: Why is he glowing?

Norman: The Gamemaker made out jackets glow!

Malecai: But his whole body is glowing, not just his jacket!

Gunner: Let’s kill some people!

Malik: But there is a kid?

Gunner: Killed the glowing one and the other one!

Logan: Run Nicholas!

Nicholas ran and Logan was forced to run away from him. He looked back and saw that no one had gone after the boy. They were not interested in the child but Logan and Rani. Surprisingly Rani had followed Logan, not because she wanted to but because she had no other direction to go. Logan disappeared into the ruins, Rani didn’t follow him. Norman and Gunner followed Logan while Malik ran after Rani. Malecai had disappeared. Logan climbed up some stairs and push a barrow that was at the top down to right a slow his pursuers. Logan came to the top of the building. From above Malecai tackled Logan to the ground. Malecai didn’t have any weapons but he tried pushing Logan. He had fallen on his stomach so that didn’t anything. Malecai tied to strangle Logan next but Logan put his arm up in-between Malecai’s and his own neck. Norman and Gunner came out of the door and joined in kicking

Logan till Gunnger stepped back.

Gunner: What’s happening to him?

Logan’s body was glowing and this time he could see it. Some kind of glowing smoke or mist or something was coming off his body. Malecai let go of Logan and his three attackers back away. Logan felt weak.

Norman: This has to be some kind of trick the Gamemakers are doing.

Malecai: I’ve never seen this before!

Alonzo: Get back all of you!

Logan tried to get up but he couldn’t. He crawled forward when he heard someone walk up to him. It wasn’t his attackers but someone he didn’t known, someone new. Someone wearing black clothing different from the Tribute uniform. All the people he had seen had been wearing the usually uniform Tributes are forced to wear during the Hunger Games. This guy had one some other kind of outfit slightly armored.

Alonzo: Got back to your Games. Leave this one to me. No killing the children.

Malecai, Norman and Gunner didn’t what they were instructed and left. Logan started to feel a little better and the glow around him began to seep back into his body. Alonzo kneeled over to inspect him. Logan was above to sit up. He saw Rani watched from the corner of his eye.

Logan: Where’s Nicholas?

Alonzo: I will find him but you need to go back to your world.

Logan: Not without Nicholas…

Alonzo: He has to stay here. Rani, go get Nicholas!

Rani left to find the boy as Alonzo put his hands over Logan’s eyes.

Alonzo: Go to sleep…

Logan woke when he felt Zanna shaking him. He was still in the Grave Yard and had fallen alspee. Zanna said everyone had been looking for him. It was time to go and head to District 2. Logan's body hurt but he got up. He felt flowers on all the District 1 people's Graves including Norman.

Day III: That District after One

District 2 was nicer than District 1 in Logan’s opinion. Marine and Drajdah were excited about this District, Logan wasn’t sure why but Zanna said they wanted to see the where all the weapons were made or something like that. Zanna always gave her speech first followed by Marine, ladies first than Logan and ending with Drajdah. District 2 people were surprisingly nice, maybe it was because their children did badly that year or maybe it was because their younger children were sent.

Logan: Imagine the dream I’m going to have here…

Zanna: What?

Logan: Nothing…

Marine: I didn’t sleep well either. I don’t like traveling.

Zanna: Well we have to get this thing over with.

Drajdah: I like the food.

Logan: I’m tired of sweets. Maybe these are giving me bad dreams. My mother would say candy gives you nightmares.

Drajdah: My mamma says the same thing too.

The train was coming to a stop in District 2. Logan looked out the window and saw all the awaiting people cheering. He wasn't as excited as he thought he would be.

Logan: No one in our Alliance was from District 2.

Zanna: Well let’s get this thing over with.

The parade and speeches went like usually. Logan even met the families of the Gavin Fremie, Misty Korna, Justinain Bemus and Bianca Rose. Logan didn’t like Misty too much after watching the Hunger Games footage, she had dropped him to save herself but both ended up dead when they were crushed by elephants. Still Logan kept it to himself and he greeted her family. Logan never encountered Gavin during the games but he had seen him during training. Logan wanted to go to the Grave Yard again like he had done in District 1, but this time Zanna went with him.

Zanna: This Grave Yard is nice.

Logan: Yeah… Here’s Justinain. He was cute…

Zanna: You have a soft spot for kids.

Logan smiled. Zanna had a brother she said and Logan would meet him once they got to District 10. It seemed all the fun interesting Districts would have to wait till after they traveled through the rich Districts. Logan places flowers on Justinain’s grave. Then they found Gravin’s grave and Bianca. Misty was last and Logan felt cold as they approached it. Zanna felt it too. There was a slight misty haze over the grave and Zanna commented her name was Misty. For a second Logan debated whether or not he wanted to go over to it.

Zanna: Misty Korna…

Logan heard someone call his name and he turned his head. He didn’t see anyone. He asked Zanna if she heard anything and she said no. Zanna placed a flower on Misty’s grave. Logan was about to kneel down when a gust of wind blow his flower out of his hand.

Logan: Hey!

Logan went to pick it up when he heard his name very clearly.

Logan: Did you say something Zanna.

Zanna: No but it was that thing!

Logan turned around and saw a ball of light floating over Misty’s grave. Logan saw in Zanna’s face that she saw it too. Both of them took a step back. A faith Misty took shape with the orb in the center where her heart would be.

Zanna: Misty?

Logan: I’m awake so… She’s a ghost?

Misty: Logan… Zanna... They won’t let me in.

Zanna: I think I am supposed to faith because I am the girl but I’m not ganna….

Logan: That’s fine... Misty what do you mean? What are you doing here? You’re not alive anymore.

Misty: They won’t let me in! They say I have to bring Justinain with me because I abandon him! I’m suck here!

Zanna: Justinain is dead.

Misty: I know, I killed him. But I can’t go to the other side until I find him.

Logan: So his ghost is still around here too?

Misty: I don’t know I’ve been looking for him and I can’t find him!

Zanna: How do you know he hasn’t already past to the other side?

Logan looked around while Misty tried to explain to Zanna that if Justinain had already moved on than she would have been allowed into the Afterlife as well. Logan was pretty sure he wasn’t dreaming so these meant ghosts were really. It was a scary thought yet slightly comforting.

Logan: Let me check… Wake me in a while…

Zanna asked what he was doing and explain he had to go to sleep as he laid down on the grass. Logan went to sleep rather fast. He woke in that same world, dark, cold and crawling with dead Tributes.

Night III: Finding Old Friends

Logan walked around looking for the young boy from District 2. He wasn’t sure if Justinain was here or not and had no idea where to look. This place was huge. While wondering around Logan ran into Jett again. Jett: Logan!

Jett jumped onto Logan and gave him the biggest hug he could muster. He was accompanied by Dewayne Shade another member of their former Alliance during the 100th Hunger Games. Logan pulled Dewayne into the hug.

Logan: I missed you two.

Dewayne: Logan why are you glowing?

Logan: I’m not glowing… Am I?

Jett: Yeah like your whole body is covered in that glowing stuff, like you are decorated for the Chariot Rides.

Logan: I do see it…

Dewayne: Well you are glowing.

Logan: Hey have you guys seen Justinain?

Dewayne: I think I’ve seen him? Who was he again?

Logan: The younger boy from District 2.

Dewayne: Oh no. I don’t think that was him… Maybe it was Justin.

Logan put Jett down. He noticed that someone was watching them. He directed the two kids away towards a building. He had a bad feeling.

Jett: Oh I found Camilla! And Callope and, and Fish!

Logan smiled.

Logan: Have you seen Clarabella?

Jett: No… I saw Elena though.

Several people appeared and tried to attack Logan. He reacted by grabbing a person and threw them into two other people. Another person a boy was trying to get at Logan but Dewayne was in the way.

Dewayne: Ah! Logan help!

Logan turned around to see someone was attacking Dewayne. Another, a girl with a 7 one her jacket had wrapped her arms around his waist. Another person had him by the leg and someone else had his arm but Logan wasn’t going to let Dewayne be killed again. Logan had strength on his side. He shook his leg to try and knock the person off. He forced himself forward.

Jett: Leave him alone!

Elena appeared out of nowhere jumping into the fray. She grabbed one of Logan’s attackers and clenched him off. She punched the guy a few times before tossing him aside. Logan was now pulling less weight. Dewayne fell to the floor blood pouring out of him. Jett was kicking a boy from 9. Logan punched the closest person to him.

Logan: Stop attacking the children!

Logan grabbed another person but when he was about to punch the person something knocked everyone over. Logan was thrown to the floor the wind knocked out of him. Logan’s ears rang and for a few moments he couldn’t hear. He glanced up to see what had happen. Everyone was lying on the ground; it seemed the dead people had been stunned. Logan tried to get up when he saw Dewayne and Jett lying not too far from him but a giant shadow loomed over him. He saw a large feline creature standing over him with glowing eyes, two fangs and what appeared to be antlers on top of a fur head. Logan quickly ducked his head back down. There was nothing he could do. The giant monster cat was standing over him snarling. Logan felt the giant demonic cat smell his head. He could also feel his body being covered by smoky black vines. The giant cat was too large for Logan to fight even if he was strong but strangely he didn’t try to bite him. Logan looked up and saw that the monstrous cat was distracted by a ball of light. Logan looked around and saw that his attackers were moving back. Jett sat over Dewayne and was trying to stir him. Then Logan heard the massive creature trot off. He turned to see the monster cat chasing after a boll of light. Logan sat up. The shadow figures had moved away from the giant cat like he was royalty and they were peasants. He notice that the light had freed him.

Logan: Elena, Jett, Dewayne what’s going on?

Elena: He wanted us to stop.

Logan heard a moan from Dewayne direction. He quickly crawled over to the boy. Dewayne’s stab wounds were healing and he began to stir. He soon was able to sit up. Jett wrapped his arms around Dewayne’s neck.

Jett: I’m sooooo happy you are okay!

Dewayne: Jett, air. You kill me again!

Logan turned to Elena and was about to say something to her when he remembered why he was even in this world in the first place.

Logan: Elena thanks for helping us.

Elena: Yeah whatever. Look I don’t know you.

Logan: What? Don’t you remember? We were in the 100th Hunger Games.

Elena: I think I would remember you.

Logan: That was when we were alive, well you three.

Elena: What you mean?

Logan: Long story but have you seen Justinain Bemus?

Elena: Nope…

Logan: That must mean he isn’t here. Or you haven’t encountered him yet.

Jett: Elena you remember me?

Elena: I don’t know.

Dewayne: What about…

Elena: No.

Logan: I need to go now.

Jett and Dewayne: Aw….

Logan: I left Misty and Zanna back home.

Logan didn’t want to keep Zanna and Misty waiting. He was sure Zanna thought it was weird hanging with a ghost especially someone who was trying to kill her a few months ago.

Logan: How do I wake up?

Jett: Oh by lying down going to sleep, having a dream, hopefully not too scary and then open your eyes!

Logan: I know but I don’t think I am dreaming.

Elena: You are not sleeping.

Logan: Yes I am. I am just here when I sleep.

Elena: If you want to go to wake up than go to sleep.

Logan: I guess. Okay but can you look after these two for me?

Elena looked irritated but she nodded. Jett said they be fine when Fish comes back. Logan laid down on the ground and closed his eyes. Soon he felt someone shaking him and heard Zanna’s voice. Logan opened his eyes feeling warm. He looked up and saw Zanna and Misty standing over him.

Zanna: Wake up Logan. This isn’t helping.

Logan: But it did. I know Justinain isn’t where I go when I sleep. He must still be in this world.

Logan turned to Misty's ghost.

Have you tried looking at his house?

Misty: Yeah but he wasn’t there.

Logan: What about your house?

Misty: I’ve been there many times. I would have seen him if he was there.

Logan: He must be somewhere in this District.

Misty: But I have been everywhere! I can’t find him!

Zanna: Maybe he is in another District?

Misty: Why would he be in another District?

Logan: How did you get back here?

Misty: I came with my body.

Logan looked at Misty’s grave and he looked at Justinain’s. His soul wasn’t there. He just felt it. Logan thought. During the Game Justinain Had been kidnapped by Blaze, Melissa and Roseiline. What Districts where they from?

Day IV: The Third District

Traveling to District 3 was a little award. Zanna wasn’t too happen about having a ghost on board. Logan was forced to bring Misty on the Victors Tour. At first the two wanted to keep Misty from Drajdah and Marine but she was discovered by Drajdah and he had to tell Marine. Surprisingly the two children weren’t scared but thought she was cool. They bombarded her with questions about what it was like being a ghost and what kind of powers she had. They were a little disappointed when they learned how limited she was. For some reason no one else could see Misty, not even the Escorts.

Zanna: So what’s the plan?

Logan: We take Misty to the other Districts look for Justinain and then she can take him to the other side.

Marine: Can you possess people?

Misty: I don’t know. Never tried.

Drajdah: Try possessing my Escort! Cynthia is annoying…

Zanna: I can’t believe we are taking a ghost with us. I can’t believe there is a ghost.

Misty: Hey I have a name.

Zanna: I know!

Logan: Misty stay in here and when we get to District 3. After the parade and speech and crap; we’ll help you look for Justinain.

During dinner and lunch, the four Victors tried not to pay too much attention to Misty in front of their Escorts and Mentors. Logan figured that the four Victors could see Misty because they were in the Hunger Games with her but strangely their four Mentors from previous Hunger Games could see a slight haze. Camilla, Logan’s mentor, kept swatting at Misty as if she was an annoying bug. Camilla said something made her feel weird went Logan’s Escort Sandra Taint asked what she was doing. Logan said there was a fly inside the Train. Misty followed everyone out of the train. District 3 was nice; Logan rather liked it for some reason. Maybe because it reminded him of home, his birth District 13, yet is was a little like 5 as well. Logan included Adrianna in his speech saying if they weren’t force to fight each other that they probably would have been friends. Her death at his hands still weighed heavily on him. Logan had commented on her in his Interview after the Hunger Games. She and Logan were around the same age and when he commented on her the Capitol thought Logan may have had a crush on her, which he didn’t. Camilla told him to just go along with it to make them happy. In District 3 Logan wasn’t sure if he had to keep playing with that. He thought it be stupid to lie to her family. He also thought it would be stupid to be the killer of your lover. After the Speeches were over and the partying and all, Logan, Zanna and this time the two youngster when to the Grave Yard with Misty.

Misty: Blaze was from District 3. He was one of those people who Kidnapped Justinain.

Marine: Maybe he is here with Blaze!

Misty: I hope so…

Logan: Here is Colin’s Grave.

Colin Courtai, his name sounded good togather, but Logan didn’t know him well. He was offered an invite into the Little Kid’s Alliance but Colin turned it down to join the Careers. His ghost wasn’t floating around his grave which pleased Logan. He placed blue flowers on his grave. Tanya Verule was next. She was only 6 years old and had died during the Bloodbath. She may have joined Logan’s Alliance if she had lived longer. She was killed by Elena Logan had learn when he watched the footage of the Hunger Games. Next was Adrianna Thorn’s Grave and Logan’s stomach hurt. She had killed Colin from her own District. She also brought the death of Brynn when she shot an arrow at him. Logan just reacted and stupidly threw his axe at her. He wouldn’t have killed her if he knew what he was doing. He also wouldn’t have thrown his axe. He lost it after that because he couldn’t pull it out of her body, he couldn’t go near her, so he gave up his axe, a battle axe not for throwing. Logan wondered if Adrianna had made it to the Afterlife and if she remembered him. Probably not since their only interaction was when he was killing her. He wanted to apologize to her.

Logan: Adrianna killed Brynn…

Zanna: Was she in your Alliance? I don’t remember.

Logan: No Brynn was in my Alliance… And I killed her…

Zanna: Oh… She killed Brynn so you were just getting revenge for him.

Logan: That’s what Mitch said…

Logan kneeled down and placed pink flowers on her grave. Girls like pink right? Logan muttered that he was sorry.

Misty: Hey I found Blaze’s Grave!

Logan and the others went over to see Blaze. His grave had new flowers on it probably from his family. His ghost was nowhere to be seen. Logan was pleased that Blaze was able to get to the other side but he was sad for Misty.

Misty: Now what?

Logan: I can go to sleep and look for Blaze?

Zanna: I don’t see how sleeping helps?

Logan: I go to where everyone goes after they die in the Hunger Games. All the dead people from previous Hunger Games are there even a few from out Game. Don’t you guys have dream of the others?

Zanna: I have nightmares.

Logan: Do they say that you’re glowing?

Zanna: No… I never glow. I work with dirt animals.

Marine: I wanna glow!

Drajdah: I wanna be a bear!

Logan: Um, so you don’t go to the same place I go when I sleep?

Everyone shook their heads. This seemed to be just a Logan thing. Well Logan lied down by a tree and tried to go to sleep but he couldn’t this time. He actually slept well the night before. He had a normal dream so he must have gone to the Dead Place. Logan heard Marine calling saying she had found Tanya Verule. Logan stood up and walked over confused because they already found her resting place. Tanya’s little ghost was floating around by the edge of the Grave Yard.

Logan: Tanya what are you doing?

Tanya: I want to go home but I can’t find my mamma!

Logan: Oh well you have to leave the grave yard.

Tanya: I can’!

Marine: Maybe she’s lost?

Drajdah: We should take her home.

Misty: I supposed I’ll go get her. Tanya have you seen Blaze?

Tanya: No.

Logan didn’t know where her house was but the District 3 people were nice and they could ask around. The group headed for the Gate to District 3’s Grave Yard. When they reached the entrance Tanya stopped. She said she was scared because she couldn’t see the way. Misty took Tanya by the hand. After they guided Tanya out, Zanna asked a passerby where the Verule residence was. The person pointed them in the right direction. They found it rather fast even with people stopping them every now and then to ask questions. A group of kids around twelve asked what they could do if they get reaped. Logan said Alliances were the way to go. Better your odds by having strength in numbers. One wanted an autograph and Logan could hear Misty muttered that no one asked her for an autograph. One of the boys ran right through her and she made a weird face.

Misty: It feels weird when they walk through you.

Zanna: Like how?

Misty: You feel what’s it’s like to be that person for a second, like what it is like to be alive again. It’s depressing...

Logan: Here we are. You recognize this house Tanya?

Tanya looked around but had no reaction. He held her arms out as if she was walking in the dark. Logan asked Misty if she would take Tanya inside. Misty took Tanya by the hand and they walked through the door while the others waited outside. Logan could see someone sitting by the window, an older woman answered the door and Logan assumed this must have been Tanya’s grandmother. There was another person possibly a brother or a cousin was also inside. A few minutes later Misty came back without Tanya. Logan asked where she was. Misty explain that Tanya was able to see that she was home and after seeing her family again, she became so happy that she disappeared probably passing on to the other side. Logan was content and hoped to see her in the Afterlife.

Night IV: The Underworld Games

Logan woke to cheering and lot of cheering. He looked around and saw that he was back in the Arena. Logan felt his stomach turn. He never wanted to be in the Hunger Games again. He looked to see who he was competing against. He saw Malecai, Norman, Gunner and Malik as well as Bronze Platinum from the First Alliance Games. Cholo Werdair, Johnny Grey and Kallum Briget were also there. Star Prope, Karen Moriharu and Lily Sunne from the 95th Game were also there. Logan remembered they were part of the Careers but two died early for something. Logan vaguely remembered that Game because he was like twelve. That was his first year being eligible for the Hunger Games. He was so happy when he wasn’t picked. Logan still lived in District 13 at that time. Logan also saw people from other Hunger Games, the 90th Games John Trike and Shimmer Hyrute from District 1, Eva Stone who was Malecia’s District partner, Chrspin Lanform and Silver Ganis from District 4. There was a lot for Careers. Logan also saw a guy from District 4 from the 89 Games, both District 2 Tributes from 97 and 98. Cyle Beganton, Tityana Jones, Fernando Llan, Rossi Holme, Jeramy Al and Sofie Jones from the 88th Hunger Games.

Jett: Logan!

Logan looked up and saw Jett sitting in the crowd with Rani, Nicholas and Dewayne. Finally someone noticed that Logan was in the Arena and he was glowing. Malecia and Norman recognized him and started at him. A voice rang out for them to stop. It was a guy named Silks Cullbert from the 88th Games.

Silks: (Voice shaking) Leave him alone!

Malecia: But he’s in the Arena?!

Norman: I have to kill him! He is in my Game!

Silks: No!

Alonzo: You heard the man! He said no! You come up here!

Logan was happy to see Alonzo again. He did as he was told and climbed out of the Arena into the stands. Jett climbed over everyone sitting in front of him and drove into Logan. It seemed whenever Logan would see Jett, he was determine to hug him no matter what. Silks came over dressed in fancy clothes.

Silks: (Timidly) What are you doing down here?

Logan: I went to sleep. I just appear here sometimes.

Silks: Hmm… You are alive… Must let the others know that.

Alonzo: He’s the same guy I ran into the other day. Master said something about him but I forget…

Silks looked irritated that Alonzo couldn’t’ give him the info he need because of his lack of interest. Alonzo shrugged. Silks looked Logan over.

Silks: I know you. You won the latest Game hmm?

Logan: Oh yeah I am on the Victors Tour.

Silks: Sit there. I need to start the Hunger Games.

Logan sat down as Silks gave a little speech that was similar to the one the president would give before the Hunger Games would start. Everyone in the Arena seemed to be ready for this except for a few from other Districts not Careers.

Silks: And May the odds Ever… wait… is it Ever or Forever? Forever in your Favor sounds better… Ever in you Favor? Does it start with May the Odds?

Malecai: Hurry it up already we get it!

Silks: Whatever good luck and have fun!

The countdown started and everyone was ready to fight. Logan noticed that the Competitors already had weapons some looked handmade. It seemed in the Dead World, they Tributes were allowed to use their own weapons that they brought in. Soon the countdown ended and the Games started. Logan didn’t want to watch so he turned to

Alonzo who was sitting next to him.

Logan: What’s up with this?

Alonzo: The guys need to compete in the Hunger Games while they are down here. They feel as if they have something unfinished.

Logan: Why are they mostly Careers?

Alonzo: Because their District teach them that whole live is only to compete in the Hunger Games. If they didn’t win, usually the Career freak out down here unless they compete in the Arena. They kill everyone outside of the Arena as if they were still in the Games.

It made sense, Norman died early in the 100th Games, maybe he didn’t fulfill his need to kill or something. Malecai place second in his Games so he must have been unhappy that he didn’t win. The people who were Careers were a little harder to understand their motives.

Alonzo: What District are you from?

Logan: Um 5?

Silks: Why do you sound so unsure of your District?

Alonzo: 5? Camilla isn’t down here, did she win?

Logan nodded to Alonzo before turning to Silks.

Logan: My Birth District was 13 but I moved to 5.

Silks: So you can move District’s now? They couldn’t do that when I was alive.

Logan: After Snow died, and um Colin was killed, the newer president I forget their name changed the rules. You can only move if you have a good reason or a lot of money. I forget who the new President is.

Logan heard someone die and his cringed. Alonzo explained that they didn’t feel pain as long as they didn’t know they were dead. Malecai slammed a maze into someone’s head. Logan didn’t get how they couldn’t feel that. Logan eyed Elena competing in the Arena. She was doing well though he didn’t know why she would be down there. She scarified herself to save Marine.

Logan: So what do they win?

Silks: They feel better usually but some of them get out of here. Those who know they are dead. If someone who is still unaware wins they usually just want to join the Hell Katz.

Logan: What’s that?

Alonzo: Our police system. I’m a Capitan. :3

Elena somehow got a spear and threw it. It nearly it Norman but laid into Shimmer’s side. She kept going as if she didn’t feel it. Cyle pulled it out and stabbed Kallum with it. Kallum turned while Cyle was still holding on to the spear. Cyle was pulled along and his legs lifted momentarily into the air, hitting Cholo and Rossi over. Cyle fell off and rolled away. Kallum pulled the spear out and threw it. He wasn’t very good with spears so it just laid in the ground. Malecai jumped down from one of the ruins on top of another Tribute, it was Chrspin, and stabbed him over and over again. Chrspin somehow carried Malecai’s weight and rammed him into the wall. Malecai fell over as Chrspin collapsed. Elena killed Sofie somehow Logan missed it. A person was reading a list of names of the people who were out. Another person dressed in orange gathered Sofie and existed the Arena as her wounds healed. The Underworld Games was a little better than the Hunger Games, since everyone was basically a Career it was more interesting yet the people that were killed didn’t really die because they were already dead.

Logan: Why is everyone else watching? You didn’t watching a Hunger Games would be disturbing to them?

Alonzo: They don’t remember their Deaths.

The crowd cheered like the Capitol. It seemed they had no memories of the time they spend in the Arena fighting each other. Alonzo explained that the crowd could bet on competitors. Usually those who participated in a Game will bet on someone who was in their own game. They don’t remember usually that person, who most likely killed them; they just have a good feeling about their own killer.

Alonzo: It seems bloodlust is just in human nature. Without the fear of being picked for the Hunger Games, they enjoy watching people kill each other. It’s like the Capitol people who never take part in the Games.

Logan: They do now, sometimes…

Alonzo: That explains a few Capitols down here.

The crowd in the Arena thinned out. Some of the Tributes had already ran into the forest and swamp lands while the Careers were fighting each other. Elena faced off against Malecai one of the last Careers left. Malecai swung a sword at Elena but she dodged. She had a stick, the spear head and fallen off, and tried to trip Malecai off his feet. He took another swing and his sword and Elena’s headless spear clashed. Johnny appeared out of nowhere still alive and jumped right on in. He had an axe, a small one not at all like Logan’s. Johnny swung wildly slashing both Malecai and Elena but they remained standing. Kallum was still alive and kicking. He charged at Johnny, Logan recalled that were in the same Game. Johnny had killed Kallum with a knife to the head. Kallum had a cut on his head that was constantly bleeding. Logan wondered If Kallum remembered who had killed him.

Kallum: Team Battle?

Johnny nodded and Logan got his answer. Kallum and Johnny teamed up on Malecai and Elena. Alonzo explained that people who were in the same Game are more likely to Alliance for a little while against people in other Alliance. Kallum and Johnny probably were still unaware that they were dead. Elena lunged at Johnny with her spear out. Johnny simple broke the stick with his axe. Malecai went for Kallum while Johnny and Elena clashed. Malecai’s sword met Kallum’s. The two boys were evenly matched. Malecai kicked Kallum in the knee but Kallum was quick and blocked Malecai attack. Malecai was force to break free and met Elena back to back.

Elena: We may need to ally in order to defeat these two.

Malecai: Alliance for now till these two are dead?

Elena: Agreed!

Elena locked arms with Malecai. He lifted her up on his back while she kicked out with her legs. Kallum was taken by surprise and knocked back. Johnny had a little more time to react. He ducked back and tossed Kallum a dagger. Elena picked up a mace from the ground.

Logan: Oh why am I here?

Alonzo: I don’t know.

Logan: Every time I come here I usually have to help someone or something.

Alonzo: Oh maybe you should help um… By cheering on your favorite?

Logan: Well Elena was the only one in my Games… But I can’t picked favorites.

Elena did a battle cry as she charged at Johnny awhile Malecai went for Kallum. It seemed they switched opponents.

Logan: Yeah I don’t want to watch this anymore. I want to wake up.

Alonzo: Aw okay. Just go to sleep.

Logan: Can’t be that easy. It’s too loud here to sleep.

Alonzo: Okay they let me help you.

Logan: Wait! Did a girl named Tanya Verule come here yet?

Alonzo: I will have to check the book.

Logan: Also is there a boy here by the name of Justinain Bemus.

Alonzo: Justinain Bemus? I don’t know, have to check. Ready to go home?

Logan: Yeah I guess…

Alonzo put his hands over Logan’s eyes again. Logan heard Jett and Dewayne yelling goodbye to Logan as the world and sound faded out and he woke to the smell of salty water. The Victors were now in District 4.

Day V: Four Sounds Like Death

Logan had never seen this much water before. It was kind of scary. District four was nice and smelled salty for some reason Logan did not understand yet he enjoyed it; made the air smell fresher somehow. Marine said she saw a big fish jump out of the water. Everyone gathered at the window to see it. Logan had never seen anything like it. This fish was huge and jumping in and out of the water. The people in the boats weren’t trying to catch it but they were throwing a fish or two to it. Maybe it was like their friend or something. Soon the train would be stopping so everyone’s Escort hurried the Victors off to get ready.

Zanna: Smell that sweet sexy salty air?

Logan: Yeah smells nice.

Marine: What are those?

Some kind of white birds were flying overhead making a lot of noise. Drajdah seemed irritated by them. He covered his ears.

Drajdah: They are noisy. I don’t like them.

Logan: Come on, they aren’t as noise as the crowd.

Misty muttered something but Logan didn’t hear it over the crowd and the birds. Everything went like usually, parade speeches and crap, same old same old. Logan was getting tired of it already. The District 4 people were nice, maybe the nicest so far. Maybe it was because they lived near the sea with salty air and had a little more freedom than most other Districts. Logan remembered that this was Elena’s District. If she had not scarified herself to save Marine, she would have been here with him. She would be able to explain her District. This was also Evan’s District and Logan remembered that he had killed Callope who was only four years old. As Logan was at one of the parties, the richer Districts could through better parties; Marine came up to him with someone.

Logan: All this partying makes me feel like one of those Gamemakers… I don’t want to be like them.

Marine: Look who I found Logan!

Logan looked down. Marine had brought over a girl; she was around the same age as Marine and looked very much like Elena. Marine introduced her as Elena’s sister Irina.

Irina: Hello Logan.

Marine: Irina wants to meet all of us!

Logan: Oh hello. Okay let’s go fine Zanna and Drajdah.

Drajdah was around making friends and eating all the food. They soon found Zanna who was sitting in the corner. She didn’t seem too happy.

Logan: What’s wrong?

Zanna: I don’t like it here…

Marine: Why, this District is nice!

Zanna: I don’t like all the water…

Logan: Well you don’t have to go into the water. You’r escort will get mad if you ruin your lovely dress.

Zanna smile partly because curling up. Logan suggested that they visit the Grave Yard since it was on higher group farther away from the sea. Took some persuading but Zanna finally came along and Misty tagged along. Along the way Irina explain how her District worked. Unfortunately for Zanna they did have to walk pass a canal that weird fish was in the water again but Irina explain that it wasn’t a fish but a dolphin. Logan still thought it was a fish.

Irina: Here we are the Grave Yard!

Irina showed them Evan’s grave. Even though Logan was angry at Evan he still gave him flowers too. What could he do, Evan was already dead. Landon Granger was next; he was the reason why Clarabella went away. Logan found it hard to believe that someone could kill a kid. Still Logan respected the dead now that he was seeing them in his dreams and left London flowers. Aqua Lyons must have died early because Logan didn’t know this girl. He really couldn’t remember what she looked like. She left nice pink flowers. Irina saved the best for last.

Irina: Elena’ is over there.

Logan wondered if he should tell Irina that he had ran into Elena a few times in his dreams. It probably would sound stupid but most Victors went crazy after winning anyways, but still he didn’t know how to come out with it. Logan kept quiet and place red flowers on Elena’s grave.

Marine: She saved me you know. I would have died.

Irina: Yeah, she was a good sister. Maybe if I ever get reaped I’ll be like her.

Marine: No I don’t want you to die!

Zanna: You have to win like us then your family will be safe from the Capitol. My brother won’t get reaped now, though sometimes I think he should.

Logan: That was my brother’s first year of having his name in the reaping; he’s 9 by the way. I guess he won’t ever get reaped now.

Irina: Elena died a hero and my family is very proud of her even if sometimes my mother cries.

Elena’s grave was on a hill under a tree. Logan and the others sat there for a while. This person meant a little more to them all. They could see a group of people fishing with nets in the water. The people walked into the waves with their nets in hand. A group of what Irina called dolphins rushed to shore driving a school of fish close to the human. The fishermen threw their nets entangling the fish and the dolphin. The people gathered the fish out of the nets then let the dolphins go.

Irina: Those creatures are smart. They seem to like to help us fish sometimes.

Logan could see when the fisherman had released all the dolphins from the nets they threw them fish to eat. Irina explained that they like part of the cut. Irina said that only these dolphins did this, she could recognize them by their markings and scars. One had a spot on its head while another had a scar on its fin. They would come by every now and then to hunt with the fishermen. Logan thought it was cool. The only time he ever encounter animals was in the Arena and they tied to kill him or the stray dogs and cats that roamed the streets of District 5. There were sometimes rats at District 13 as well.

Irina had brought a basket of bread with her. She handed one to everyone. Logan liked District 4’s bread the best by far. He didn’t know why but it tasted good. Mitch probably would have liked it. Then Logan felt Misty tap him on the shoulder. Logan turned his head to see what she wanted. Misty pointed out that someone was standing on one of the rocky cliffs watching them. Logan looked to see. It was a pale while lady with a red scarf. She was a bit too far away to see clearly. She was standing in an odd position with her arms tucked in front of her, standing perfectly straight.

Logan: Irina, who’s that?

Irina: Who?

Logan: There’s… oh there was a person over there.

The white lady had disappeared when he had turned. Strange but probably one of those ghost although she didn’t look like a ghost. Misty glowed pale white but her normal colors were somewhat visible. That person was just white. It was weird. Then Logan could hear some kind of music.

Logan: You hear that?

Zanna: What do you mean?

Logan: I heard music, some kind I never heard before.

Zanna: Probably the party.

Logan: Maybe. We should be getting back.

The Day at District 4 was nice and a little later Irina took Marine and Logan to the ocean shore, Drajdah didn’t want to come for some reason and they didn’t bother to ask Zanna because she was scare of the sea. Irina, Marine and Logan even met the dolphins that Irina talked about. Marine was very excited and Logan still thought they were fish. The day ended too soon and the escorts came to gather the Victors. Marine didn’t want to leave her new friend Irina and neither did Logan but they had to leave. Zanna was happy to be going. District 4 probably wasn’t her favorite District. Next was Logan's District and he would get to see Mitch again because conituing the Victory Tour. Logan saved some bread for him. Before leaving District 4 Logan told Irina that he would say hi to Elena for her. Irina looked confused but Logan just smiled and boarded the train.

Night V: Trouble on the Savannah

When they Victors weren’t in the public light that only seemed to be during in-between Districts, the four hung out most of the time. Logan didn’t want to about his weird dreams that were getting worse while they were travelling but Zanna and Marine were interested in them. They wanted to know who Logan saw in the Dead World. Drajdah was only interested in Fish and he also started to have mood swings. Sometimes he was all nice and happy the suddenly he became pissed off at the world. It was weird. Misty just floated around and sometimes caused trouble for the escorts by knocking plates over or moving small objects or pushing chairs. It seems she could move things if she willed it enough but she couldn’t feel and she said she still couldn’t do regular things. The four Victors just giggling every time Misty played a prank and of course they were the once blamed for it. Still the traveling was fun and all but Logan’s lack of good sleep was making him tired all the time.

Marine: You look tired Logan.

Logan: I’m okay.

Zanna: Not sleeping much? I am too. Travelling is weird. I don’t care how quiet and smooth the trains go, I still know I am moving.

Drajdah: Made me see sick.

Zanna: We’re not on the water Drajdah. You can’t become sea sick while on land.

Drajdah: No I am sick of seeing things move really fast. It makes me sick.

Logan: You hear that?

Zanna: No what?

Logan listened but the faith sound he had heard was gone.

Logan: Must have been passing something. Never mind.

As the Tributes began to head towards their own sleeping places there was a loud thump and the whole chart shook for a moment. Zanna braced herself grabbing Drajdah and commenting with “What was that?” Logan steadied himself and looked out the window. He only saw the landscape tinted in blue.

Logan: I don’t know. Must have hit something on the track?

The loud speaker came on and a man’s voice was heard. The man explained that the train had experienced some turbulence and that everything was fine. Zanna mumbled that turbulence was probably a lie to cover up something. Trains didn’t experience turbulence. Marine became scared and didn’t want to sleep alone.

Zanna: Come Marine, you can sleep with me today.

Drajdah looked at Logan with pleading eyes and Logan reached his hand out to him. Both Marine and Drajdah were still kids at the age of eight while Logan and Zanna were older. Logan’s birthday was actually was coming up soon. Logan took Drajdah to his sleeping quarters.

Logan: You hear that? I hear music.

Drajdah: No. Maybe the speaker is broken?

Logan: Hmm… okay whatever. Time for bed. We need to get some sleep for tomorrow.

Drajdah: Oh okay… But soon we won’t be together anymore.

Logan: We will see each other during training sessions when we mentor other Tributes for the Hunger Games.

Drajdah: I don’t want to do that. The Hunger Games are stupid…

Drajdah folded his arms in from of him and pounded. Logan laughed.

Logan: The only ones who like the Hunger Games are the Capitol and the Career Districts, so that must mean they are stupid.

Drajdah: Yeah stupid Capitol is mean! Elena wasn’t stupid. She was nice. Logan: Maybe not everyone from the Capitol or Career Districts are stupid then like Elena and her sister. More people should be like her.

Drajdah smiled. Logan soon sent him to bed while he got ready himself. Logan didn’t notice it but the music had stopped. He left the room briefly to get some water for him and Drajdah. When he came back Drajdah had fallen asleep. Logan laid down and closed his eyes. He had a strange dream about talking dolphins that were leaving the planet and thanking everyone for the fish. His dream was cut short when he heard someone singing.

All these dark dreams gotta mean something.”

Logan opened his eyes but he wasn’t fully awake. He was back in the Dead World or he thought he was. He could hear someone in distressed.

Logan: Savannah?

Savannah: Logan! Help me!

Logan couldn’t see but he knew it was Savannah Waters. Everywhere was dark and he felt like he was floating. It felt different than the usually world he had been going too but he remembered that Alonzo said the Underworld had different places. Logan looked for Savannah. Her voice sounded like it was coming in one particular direction so he somehow moved in that direction. Logan saw a shape in the distance and headed toward it. A bright light flashed behind him blinding him for a second. Logan became aware that someone was behind him. Judging from the voice he knew it was Alonzo.

Alonzo: All alone late at night, when the nightmares come alive. I start to lose all control, Tearing at the sheets to save my soul.

Logan saw Savannah. She was being attacked by what appeared to be mutations of humans. Another person or thing appeared, that demonic giant cat was flying around.

I'm falling down to the ground, don’t understand what is around. I'm losing my f**king mind? Insecurities are eating me alive!”

Alonzo: Dark dreams all night…Dancing moonlight… Beauty star bright save me tonight.

Logan wasn’t sure if Savannah was being attacked by the dark figures the decease tributes of pass Hunger Games or if these were just plain demons but he had to help her. Alonzo was beside him when he rushed into help her. The light glowed brighter and Logan could hear a woman’s voice. The beams of light seemed to cause pain to the fallen tributes.

Wake up, wake me up! Wake up, wake me up!” she said.

All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something.”

Logan pulled Savannah away from the mutants. Their limbs were elongated and they reach out for her again. Alonzo swooped down with an axe in hand.

Alonzo: All alone I dream again can't escape the monsters in my head. They are always right behind me, chasing me down a dead-end street.

The demonic beast flew overhead grabbing one of the mutations and dropping it. This allowed Savannah to break free and Logan pulled her up towards him.

Let's sail away, far away, to the skies, stars, and beyond. Now lay me down to sleep to the Sun and infinity!”

The demon flew around in circles as the mutations returned for a second wave. Alonzo bashed a few back with his axe but they just kept coming.

All of these dark dreams; they keep haunting me! I don't know what to do! Facing impending doom!”

The light from above grew bright for a few seconds. This drove the mutants back. Logan took Savannah by the hand and started to run.

Wake up, wake me up! Wake up, wake me up!”

Logan looked up and saw in the light that white lady he had seen earlier. He wasn’t sure what to think but she was pretty. The mutants didn’t like the light so they would head towards her. She was safe right?

All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something. All these dark dreams gotta mean something. I don't really know, maybe it's nothing. All these dark dreams gotta mean something. I don't really know, maybe it's nothing.”

The mutants spouted wings and started flying towards Logan and Savannah. Alonzo blocked them as best as he could. They didn’t seem interested in him or Logan. They only wanted Savannah.

All of these dark dreams; they keep haunting me! I don't know what to do! Facing impending doom!”

The demon cat came crashing down with his claws out. This time he wasn’t solid black but he had stripes that glow toxic green. He buried his two large fangs into the skull of a mutant.

“Wake up!”

Alonzo: From my nightmare!

“Wake up!”

Alonzo: From my nightmare!

One of the mutants blocked their path but Logan just kicked it in the face. Another grabbed him by the leg. Logan swung his arm back pulled Savannah along. Then he threw her forward towards the light.

“Wake up!”

Alonzo: From my nightmare!

“Wake up!”

Alonzo: From my nightmare!

The demon monster landed behind Logan right on top of the mutants. Logan almost lost his balance yet he wasn’t standing on any ground so he didn’t know what would happen if he felt. Alonzo came up from behind Logan and grabbed him by the collar saving him from falling. He righted Logan before continuing to battle. Logan leaped from where he was standing into the light. The Albino Lady grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in.

Sail away, yes far away. To the Sun, yes here we come. Now I lay me down to sleep, to the stars and infinity!”

Day VI: Home

Logan woke after having that weird dream to a surprise. Drajdah was sitting over him trying to choke Logan. His little hands did nothing so Logan just sat up. Misty was also in the room yelling trying to throw things at him. Logan pushed Drajdah off. He remained surprisingly calm.

Logan: What are you doing?

Drajdah: She told me to do it!

Misty: No I didn’t!

Logan: Wha?

Drajdah: She wants your life!

Misty: No he arg she’s lying. He um she was trying to stab you but I pulled the knife out of his hands!

Logan: Wha?

Misty: Logan, that’s not Drajdah! It’s Adrianna!

Logan: Wha?

Drajdah: You killed me!

Misty: I saw her ghost possessed Drajdah! She’s been trying to kill you!

Logan: Wha? Adrianna, what the Hell?

Logan pushed Drajdah off of him and the ghost of Adrianna fell out of his body. Drajdah sat up looking confused. Adrianna tried to fly away but she was tackled by Misty.

Drajdah: What’s going on?

Logan: Adrianna has been possessing you.

Drajdah: Wha?

Logan: I know right?

Logan turned to Adrianna. Misty somehow had pinned her to the ground. Logan felt bad for her. He had caused her death. He understood how she felt.

Logan: Sorry Adrianna but you need to go to the other side now. Go there and forget.

Adrianna: Never!

Drajdah: You have been in my head this whole entire time?

Adrianna: Well know I’ve only being possessing you since District 3.

Drajdah: Then who’s been in my head?

Drajdah shook his head and Bianca Rose fell out. Everyone but Adrianna had a shocked look on their face. Bianca waved “Hi” to everyone. Zanna and Marine heard all the noise and came into the group.

Zanna: What’s all the racket about?

Logan: Drajdah was possessed. Adrianna was trying to kill me. Bianca is also here too.

Zanna: Wha?

Marine: Hi Bianca.

Drajdah: You two have been possessing me?!

Adrianna: Well yes and no.

Drajdah: What do you mean?

Drajdah still didn’t look right. He was scratching his head. Chase Amos floated out of Drajdah’s head. He gave a smile.

Marine: Hi Chase!

Drajdah: What’s going on? How could you three?

Adrianna: It gets worse…

Drajdah: What?!

Tamora Summers, Ash Palmer, Ares West, Kaleena Ostein and Hanna White slowly came out. They were kind of embarrassed. Zanna started laughing uncontrollable. Marine yelled that she was possessed but Zanna shook her head.

Logan: Well… Don’t try to kill anyone and we’ll get you to the Afterlife when we get to your Districts. Except for you, Adrianna. We already passed yours.

Bianca looked sad.

Logan: Sorry Bianca. There must be a reason why you tow are still here.

Adrianna: I’m still her because I need to kill you!

Logan was about to say something when he heard he Escorts complaining on how much noise they Victors were making.

Ash: Adrianna, we need him to help us. You can’t kill Logan.

Zanna: Logan also can travel to the Land of the Dead soooooo, you be so screwed if you kill him!

Ares: How come you can’t do that Zanna?

Zanna shrugged her shoulders. No one really knew why Logan was the only one but he was. The Escorts came in and ordered their Tribute to get ready. Misty way to but only so any more but she didn’t like any of the people she as now with. Except for Chase since they were Careers. Despite the ruin awakening Logan was still excited to be back home. It seemed not even death could ruin his day. He was back in District 5. Logan was first out the train and Mitch was the first to tackle him. He somehow crawled over everyone’s heads to get to his brother. Logan: Mitch!

Mitch: Logan!

Logan picked Mitch up and was greed by everyone from his own District. He was the first Victor to reach his home during the Victors Tour but before, he had told them all about Zanna, Marine and Drajdah before he left. Logan was eager to tell Mitch all about his Victory Tour but as usually there was the matter of speeches and he parade and all that jazz. Of course for Logan having home-field advantage everyone cheered when he gave a speech. Zanna apologized for killing Camilla Ryden. It seemed that District 5 forgave her, the Hunger Games forced people to kill anyways. After the speeches Logan told Mitch all about the Victors Tour.

Mitch: Sounds like fun. I wish I could come…

Logan: Yeah, oh I see dead people now.

Mitch: What?

Logan: I see dead people.

Mitch: When did this happen?

Logan: All the time now.

Mitch: Where are these dead people?

Logan: There.

Logan pointed to the group of ghosts that was now following him around. He really wasn’t sure if Mitch could see them or not but he nodded. Logan eyed Zanna heading towards re Grave yard. Logan himself hadn’t visited the grave even after he got back from the Hunger Games.

Logan: Oh I have bread for you!

Mitch: Bread? Logan we don’t need to eat bread anymore.

Logan: No this is from District 4.

Mitch: Why is it green? Okay then let’s eat it!

Logan: You’ll eat anything won’t you?

Mitch nodded with his mouth full of bread. Logan smiled. He missed his little bro. When Mitch finished eating the bread he took Logan by the hand and lead him back to their house. Mitch had something to show him. Mitch took Logan into his house and showed him something in a box.

Logan: What is this?

Mitch: I found him. Can I keep him?

Logan crossed his arms and tapped his foot. Mitch held up a box that contained a fur animal inside. Mitch: I found him outside. I though since we live here in this big house and have lots of food now that maybe we could keep him and take care of him.

Logan: Did you name him? Mitch: Spud…

Logan: Crap you better take care of him Mitch. I don’t want you to dump him on him when you get bored of him.

Mitch: I won’t I promise!

Mitch helped up a small dog. Spud’s tail wiggled. Logan probably would have gotten Mitch a pet eventually. He had been wanting one because his best friend had a dog used to help herd animals. Spud would keep Mitch company while Logan was away.

Mitch: I think Spud will grow up to be a good dog like Jogu’s.

Logan: Oh my bed. I miss sleep…

Logan walked over to his room and laid down on his bed. He missed his blanket, had it since he lived in District 13 when his parents were still alive. His blanket smelled like home.

Night VI: The Lost District

There was a light that force Logan to shield his eyes. He glanced around to see he was standing in darkness unable to move. Logan looked down to see some faith lights. Suddenly he felt he was not alone. His eyes shifted from the dark figures around him. This was the same dream. Cold, lonely and terrifying. The light was new however. Then he heard something moving around behind him. Logan tried to turn to see but his body was frozen. It felt like something was wrapped around his body holding him in place. Then Logan felt something warm breathing down upon him. The warm air in comparison to the cold was a shock.

Logan: Who’s there? What do you want?

His voiced sounded muffled as if the air was heavy like a blanket. Logan desperately wanted to move, to turn his head and see however his body was shaken to the core when the creature behind him roared. The force shook his body causing him to lean over, his hair waved part his face. Logan would have collapsed at the force if he were not stuck in part. The instinct to run was overwhelming. When it was over Logan’s ears rang. Logan felt his body go stiff because of fear not because of the unknown force that was holding him in place. His head stared straight yet his eyes moved freely. The shadowy figures moved away from him slowly as a shadow loomed over him. The light in front of him moved closer and brought a slight warmth to the air. Out from the light walked a pure white lady. Logan wasn’t sure what to think of her one red eye and one blue. Around her neck she wore a red scarf and from what Logan to tell was stain red from her blood. She was the same person he had seen before in District 4 and the other night.

Logan: It’s you! Who are you?

Aniju: I am Aniju.

Logan: What is this place?

Aniju: This is part of The Land of the Dead known as District 0.

Logan: There’s a District 0? Wait Land of the Dead?

Aniju nodded. The albino lady walked around Logan. As she did so Logan felt his body become free. He was able to turn a face her.

Logan: Thank you.

Aniju: You feel the coldness of this place?

Logan: Yes, it is very cold here.

Aniju: That means you are alive. The dead don’t feel how cold it is here.

She placed her one normal hand on Logan’s chest.

Aniju: You still have a heartbeat. The dead can see the glow of life. They are either attracted to it or shun away from it. However most of them do not know they are dead.

Logan: Why am I here? How do I get out?

Aniju: You are not really here, just in spirit. Your spirit was pulled down here but you are not really here by those closest to you that have died. Those you competed with in your Hunger Games.

Logan looked around and notice more clearly now with the light of the albino lady that the shadowy figures were in fact people he had seen compete in the Games, a few just before his own. He had seen them on TV. Logan saw that the Tributes from past Hunger Games were scared a bleeding from wounds in their body. One guy had an arrow going right threw his head. Another was missing an eye and blood was flowing freely out of it. Another had claw and bit marks all over her body.

Aniju: Come with me.

Logan followed the Albino Lady into the grey haze. The shadowy figures moved out of the way and started to disperse. A few followed while the rest went back to whatever they had been doing before and seemed to have forgotten about Logan. In the distance the haze clear slightly and Logan could see a city. A large tower made from a tree growing on a mountain stood in the center, its vines and roots hung down and Logan could see that the dead had made that there home. The outskirts of the city looked similar to the poorer Districts. The dead walking around ignored Logan when he was in the light but a few gave a glance while a few followed for a short ways before turning back to their own business. Most wore horrible scars and wound and their blood covering the floor.

Logan: What’s wrong with them?

Aniju: Here the dead show the wounds that cause their death. Everyone here died in your Nation’s Hunger Games. They cannot die from these wound again because they are already dead. Blood will flow out of them for as long as they carry their death with them.

Logan: What do you mean?

Aniju: Most of them don’t know they are dead. They have no memory of their former lives however when they sleep they dream about the world they left. Soon they will realize their dreams were the memories of their old life. When they start to remember their wounds will begin to hurt. If they don’t accept their death and move on, their wounds won’t heal and they won’t be able to move beyond this world. District 0 is a holding place. Eventually they will come to accept their death and travel to the Tree of Life. Then they will move on to a happier place.

Logan kept close to the Albino Lady’s light. It seems the dead couldn’t see him when he was near her. He listened to what she told him while looking for anyone he knew. There were so many people mostly between the ages of 12 to 18 like the games required yet a few were older. Logan soon spotted one girl with blonde hair that had some kind of brace on her neck. Aniju noticed he was looked around her.

Aniju: Her neck was broke during her game. Her token that radio collar is all that is holding her neck in place now.

Logan: She looks familiar but I don’t think she was in my Game.

Aniju: She was from the 95th Game, or known as an Alliance Game, the first actually. Her name is Ella. The person she is with was the one who killed her, but she doesn’t remember. Those who competed in Games together seem to be draw together down here. Especially those who were in Alliances.

Someone small moved pasted Logan and caught his eye. He turned to see a face he knew well. Logan broke away from Aniju and went after the girl without thinking.

Logan: Clarabella!

The girl turned when she heard her name. There was blood on her shirt and Logan remembered how she died. She was accompanied by London, the boy who had killed her during Logan’s game.

Logan: Clarabella. It’s me Logan.

The girl looked confused as if as she was trying to place his face. Logan took a few steps closer but London pushed Clarabella away. Logan noticed that some of the other dead Tributes were moving away as well. They had scared looks on their faces.

London: Come on Clarabella.

Clarabella: What is that? He knows my name.

London: Stay away from him.

Logan heard someone yell it’s a ghost! He couldn’t help but chuckle but this wasn’t the first time someone thought he was a ghost. Then he remembered that Aniju said the dead don’t know they are dead. Someone yelled a ghost again and this time panic consumed the crowd. All the dead tributes dashed away from Logan, a few commented some hurtful words at him before disappearing into their homes. Logan looked at himself. He looked fine, maybe it was the fact that he was unharmed but he really didn’t think he looked like a ghost. He was probably tired looking but the dead tributes looked worse than him. Logan turned back to Aniju.

Logan: What’s up with them?

Aniju: They still think they are alive so you glowing look like a ghost to them.

Logan: Oh… Hey what’s up with that Giant Demonic Cat?

Aniju: Oh that’s just Demonclaw, he rules over District 0.

Logan: Oh I don’t think he likes me…

Aniju: Well you are still alive so you don’t really belong down here. However we been looking for someone special. He grows tired of seeing his people come from the World Above covered in scares and wounds and have terrible memories of how they died. So he has chosen to end the suffering.

Logan: Why me?

Aniju: You somehow have a better connection to others around you. You care more than most Victors. They are just happy that they won and feel bad for those who have died and then start to go downhill from there but you haven’t. You are kind ad feel great pain for those you have killed or even hated. There’s more empathy in you.

Logan: Oh okay… Hey can we see where Clarabella went? I would very much like to see her.

Aniju: She lives over there in that house but London protects her fiercely now. He thinks he is her big brother or something. The Dead form temporary families while they live down here.

Logan: Oh I see… I miss her and the others from my Alliance. Hey I have been running into a few people from my Game in the World of the Living. What’s what with that?

Aniju: Their souls haven’t been collected because something still holds them to your world. Help them with whatever then need and they will come here.

Logan: Oh Okay what’s what I have been doing anyways. Oh Misty said “they won’t let her in.” Why can’t she come here?

Aniju: She did something. She causes the death of two Tributes and their souls haven’t come here. She can’t come here till they come too. Something is holding them to your world and their souls hold her to you world as well. You have to solve their problem first so she can pass on here.

Logan: Oh like how we helped Tanya. Where is Tanya?

Aniju: She’s here somewhere.

Logan felt something, like he was being pulled. Aniju noticed.

Aniju: You are being pulled back to your world. Another thing to remember. Those who know they are dead but still continue to live down here, if they see that you are alive, they may try and take your life for themselves. If they kill you down here you will become stuck here and will never be able to return to your world.

Logan: Okay…

Aniju smiled and everything grew dark. Logan opened his eyes and saw the face of Spud licking him.

Logan: Mitch!

Day VII: Family Ties

Logan was sad to leave his District behind and his brother but he had Spud now to care for him, or Mitch care for Spud. Having so many ghost on the train was weird. Marine called it a Ghost Train. Logan explained what Aniju had said to the ghosts about how something still tied them to this world so they could leave. He also asked Misty who else she killed because Aniju said there was two not only Justinain but another person. Misty couldn’t remember though. Tamora believed she needed to know if she and Shadow were related.

Chase: You lived your whole life in District 6 and you never knew Shadow was your brother?

Tamora: We never really ran into each other. We lived on different sides of the District.

Marine: Is District 6 big?

Logan: Maybe you two are cousins. You don’t have to be directly related you know.

Tamora: But we look so much alike.

Logan: Yes but cousins look alike.

Tamora: I know we are siblings, we just have different fathers!

Logan: Okay whatever. When we get to your District we will find out. Which soon be coming up soon.

The train was arriving at District 6, Tamora’s home as well as Ash, Shadow and Clarabella’s. Logan kind of didn’t want to go yet he did. He had just seen Clarabella in District 0. District 6 was big like Tamora had said. The usual routine of parading and speeches then visiting the Grave. It was weird because two of the four Tributes were with the Victors.

Zanna: How come Clarabella isn’t with you guys?

Tamora: I don’t know…

Ash: I haven’t seen her since I died. She was the last of us to die right?

Logan: She’s already in District 0…

Ash: What’s that?

Logan: The place where we go when we die. I saw her there.

Logan had explained to the ghosts about his dreams a bit. He didn’t go into too much detail and they didn’t ask too many questions because he didn’t have all the answers. It was strange how Tamora and Ash were here yet Clarabella was able to move on. He would have thought she would have been the one to stay. She must have had nothing to tie her to this world. He was happy he saw her even if she was with London but she was okay. The real matter at hand was figuring out what kept Tamora, Ash and Ares here in this world. Tamora’s was easy, figure out if she and Shadow were cousins. Shadow’s ghost wasn’t at his grave and he wasn’t floating freely around like Misty had been, so that probably meant he moved to District 0 as well. Tamora was disappointed.

Logan: Show us your home Tamora then we will go to Shadow’s home.

Tamora: They are far apart so it is going to be a walk.

The Summers’ house was nice, better than that shack Logan and Mitch lived in before Logan became a Victor. Tamora felt sad when she saw her father and her sister. Logan wasn’t sure how to ask about this kind of question luckily Zanna was there with her straight forward personality. She just came out with “Was Shadow Summers your son?” as soon as he opened the door. After some interrogation they didn’t really get a straight answer. They had to go to Shadow’s house to hear his side of the family. Logan was still convinced that they were just cousins or something. Tamora was right that Shadow’s house was all the way on the other side of the District. Eventually the Victors had to get a lift from a passing by tuck. This was District 6 after all. Shadow’s house was a little nicer than Tamora’s but it was still small. They didn’t get that many answers from Shadow’s family and most of them were still grieving. His mother was away, went to the Victors’ Parade with Shadow’s younger siblings and cousins.

Tamora: How are we going to find out now?

Logan: We’ll um I can go to sleep try and find him and ask him if he knows anything.

Tamora: How long would that take?

Ash: What about me?

Zanna: Oh yeah, forgot about you.

Logan: What’ s holding you here?

Ash: I don’t know but I like to see my family again.

Logan: Okay we can take you to see your family. We do they live?

Ash: By Tamora’s house…

Zanna: You mean we have to go all the way back there? Why didn’t you say anything while we were there?!

Logan: It’s okay. We’ll be closer to the train anyways. Let’s check the birth records before we head back. Maybe something will be there about Shadow’s father.

As they were heading back Logan noticed that Bianca kept avoiding Tamora. He remembered that she had caused Tamora’s death. It was weird to think a child could kill a teenager; then again most of the teenagers were taken out by children during the Hunger Game. It was weird, no one expected little kids could be capable of killing yet again kids are the meanest people around. Fish had killed Ash. It was also weird to think a teenager could kill a child but it was more plausible than the other way around. The Victors hitched a ride back to the other side of the District. Ash’s house was nicer than both Shadow’s and Tamora’s but he still lived in poverty. Ash’s parents were there with his siblings. It was good yet sad for him to see his parent however this wasn’t what was holding him here. He didn’t disappear like Tanya. Something else must be wrong.

Zanna: AT the end of the day we still have both District 6 ghost following us Logan.

Marine: I like them.

Drajdah: I don’t. They might possess me again.

Logan: I hear that music again… Maybe it is the ghost calling out to me or something.

Misty: We aren’t calling you.

Ares: Maybe it is the one on the other side?

Chase: Or someone is playing music. This is the Victors Tour.

Logan: No this isn’t any kind of music I have heard before. Sounds different from what the Capitol likes and the District. It is almost foreign. Anyway, so Ash what seems to be the problem. What else could be holding you here.

Ash: Well Fish killed me so maybe I need to talk to her.

Logan: Oh she is already in District 0.

Drajdah: What?!

Logan: Not now Drajdah. She can’t possess you. Anyways Fish was already in District 0 with Jett and Dewayne.

Drajdah looked upset for some reason. Did he want Fish to possess him or something? Drajdah’s mood swing made him too difficult to read. Logan felt Ares try to tap him on the shoulder.

Ares: Was Nicholas was on the other side too?

Logan: Yes. I saw him there with Rani from the 90th Games.

Ares: Oh okay… Bye everyone…

Ares began to fade away. Logan was surprised and a bit afraid. How could he be leaving already? Marine didn’t want Ares to go but he could no longer stay. Misty wanted to go with him but she couldn’t. Ares disappeared.

Zanna: Great we finally get one to go and we aren’t even in his District?

Misty: Why was he stuck here again?

Logan: Ares and Nicholas were supposed to form an Alliance but Ares was killed by Reggie, remember?

Tamora: So his soul was stuck here because he never got to meet up with Ares in the Hunger Games.?

Logan nodded. Ares probably couldn’t abandon Nicholas so his soul was stuck here. At least one of the ghost Tributes was able to move on to District 0. Logan hoped Ares would be able to find Nicholas and the others. Why Ash was stuck here was unknown, Fish wasn’t in this world anymore. Unable to help Ash everyone was forced to move on to help Tamora. Logan would have to find Fish in the Underworld and asked her about Ash, if she remembered. Tamora’s mother and father were still at the Victors Party; Drajdah’s Escort Cynthia Candle had noticed that the Victors kept disappearing for long periods of time. Drajdah tried to explain that they were visiting the grave yards and giving the public autographs and all so they lost track of time. Cynthia just took Drajdah by the ear and pulled him back into the party. Sandra, Logan’s Escort, didn’t mind him wondering off as long as he made it back to the train before it left. Everyone was still interested in the Mentors since they won previous Games as well. The distracted the people as bets as they could allowing the Victors to roam around.

Marine: Miss. Summers! Your daughter Tamora, did she have a brother named Shadow?

Miss: Summers: What? No, she only had a sister.

Marine: Okay, Mr. Summers…

Mr. Summers: No!

Marine: But you don’t even know what I was going to say… You’re mean!

Marine kicked Mr. Summers in the foot and ran off. Logan apologized for Marine. Their search seemed to be fruitless. Neither of Shadow nor Tamora’s families weren’t talking. Logan was still convinced that they were just mere cousins.

Night VII: Monkeying Around

Logan went in search of Shadow or anyone else he knew. He hoped he would find Shadow and ask him about his family if he remember. Logan ran into Silver Ganis and Chrspin from the 90th Games. She didn’t seem afraid of him or aware that he was alive, Chrspin on the other hand was wary. Silver had a crush on Chrspin, the boy she had a crush on from her District. Logan recalled the both died but had a small fling for a while. He asked Silver if she knew anyone by the name of Shadow Summers. She said she once met someone named Shadow in the forest, he was apparently hunting or gathered herbs or something. Logan thought it was weird because he was from District 6 the Transportation District. She pointed Logan in the direction of the forest.

Silver: It’s kind of dark in places though so you may want to take a weapon. Who knows what lives in there?

Chrspin: I ran into a monkey creature the other day while I was fishing at the lake. Be careful they live in the trees and will jump down on you.

Logan: Thank you very much.

Logan headed to the forest. He realized that he would have liked it if Zanna or Drajdah or Marine were with him. Being the only living thing down here was kind of depressing. It was probably for the best that Drajdah or Marine were with him but he missed their company. Zanna would have been helpful. Logan also missed the ghosts that were still in his world, Misty had the knack for seeing things, and maybe it was because she was a Career. Chase, Bianca and Ash being so young may not have been much help but they talked a lot about kid things. Their conversations broke the silence. Tamora, well Logan was looking for her suspected brother, would have been nice to have her along. Logan kind of knew what Shadow looked like. Henna and Kaleena hung out a lot and remained quiet most of the time. He would have to solve each of their problems on at a time. Aniju said it was his job to do so or something. He wondered where she was. He had more questions. Logan’s lonely ness came to an end when he ran into Alonzo again.

Logan: I seem to run into a lot.

Alonzo: My lord told me to keep an eye on you. But today is just a coincidence.

Alonzo wasn’t alone. He had a group of people with him. Alonzo explained that he was training the next squad of Hell Katz, or the police of the Underworld. Malecai was with him as well as Gunner, Malik and Norman. It seemed they lost the Underworld Games the other day but Alonzo had offered them to join the Hell Katz.

Logan: I am looking for Shadow Summers, his “sister” is still up there and she needs help finding him.

Logan wasn’t sure if Malecai, Norman or the others knew they were dead. Alonzo offered to help. He said it would be a good exercise for his trainees. Logan felt better about going into the forest with company. Alonzo allowed him to burrow on of his axes. Logan was happy they both favored the same weapon. Malecai was also good with axes ad he seemed irritated. One of the other trainees in Alonzo’s squad asked why Logan was glowing. Alonzo explain that he was the chosen one ad left it at that.

The forest was dark like Silver and Chrspin had said and Alonzo said Logan’s glow didn’t do much to brighten their day. He stood out too much so Alonzo his coat over Logan. It helped a bit and it kept Logan from the cold. It rained a lot in the forest Alonzo explained so Logan had the greater chance at dying then the others, still being alive. The woods dripped wet from the rain. Logan stumbled along following Alonzo. He seemed to know where he was going and could point out where the other Tributes were that were in the forest. It seems lots of people were out here hunting. Logan wasn’t aware that there were animals in District 0. Alonzo commented that the mutt come here too and other animals that were used and died in the Hunger Games. The Gamemakers supplied lots of animals in the Arena, different ones each year depending on the terrain of the Arena, so there was a stable ecosystem in the forest. Soon there was a crashing sound overhead and Logan’s mind instantly went to the monkey mutants. Something fell from the trees and landing on Norman and Johnny killing them. It was Ayaan a boy who competed in the 90th Games. He was from District 11 so he was good at climbing trees. Ayaan apparently had found a nest of tacker jackers and lost his grip. Norman was the first to stand up shaking his neck back in place. Johnny pushed the tree branch off of him and got up. They seemed unaware that they just died again.

Ayaan: I’m so sorry!

Alonzo: It’s okay.

Malecai: Hey I remember you! But from where?

Ayaan: I watched your Game the other day. Maybe you saw me in the crowd?

Malecai: No, well maybe but I think I have seen you beforehand.

Alonzo: You probably have seen him at other Games or the market Malecai. You will be seeing a lot more people and more of the District when your training is over.

Logan was trying to remember Ayaan. He must have been in Malecai’s game if he remembered him, but Logan at the time was only 7 and still lived in District 13. Alonzo was from the same Game as Malecai so maybe he knew. Logan didn’t bother to ask. Logan heard something overhead and before he could look up an orange monkey jumped down. Malecai rammed his machete into the monkey’s skull killing it. Another one appeared then another, and above a troop of monkey mutants. Logan stood out and three went after him. The animals also had to go through the same processes that the humans had to go through of remembering their old lives. Unlike the humans, the monkeys were only meant for the Hunger Games and mostly abused the rest of the time by the Gamemakers. This meant they were pissed off! Logan swung his axe slicing through the throat of one monkey but another one took its place. Malecai and Kallum were fighting side by side. Johnny was stabbing another monkey while Norman was shielding Ayaan. Alonzo was doing just as good as any Career even if he was from District 10. He really knew how to use those axes. Logan kicked another monkey in the face. He felt a sting of pain in his arm. A big monkey, maybe the alpha male was biting him. Logan’s body began to glow and he could see it this time. He smacked the monkey on the head several times with his axe but he also had to detail with another attacking him from behind.

Logan: Alonzo help!

Alonzo somehow jumped up on top of the monkeys and ran across their head towards Logan. Malecai also came over plowing through the monkeys. Alonzo took the one behind Logan while Malecai jabbed a spear through the alpha male. Logan’s arm was freed but he was in a lot of pain. The ones that were first killed were starting to come back to life. Logan was forced to forget about the pain in his arm and took his axes in the other. He split a monkey’s skull in too. The battled was heating up and it seemed that there was no end. Johnny was killed but came back to life. Ayaan had joined in the battle with a spear he picked up from one of the trainees. Logan was attacked again by another monkey or the same one he couldn’t tell. Alonzo had his back so he didn’t have to worry back being attacked by another mutant. An arrow came down from the sky right into the head of the monkey in front of Logan. A person jumped down from the trees it was Grayson Smith from District 12. Another person appeared, it was a guy by the name of Dylan Barrios, who was from the 88th Games but Logan wouldn’t remember him. The monkey mutants were growing tired and with re-enforcements the alpha female made a weird whooping sound. The monkey jumped away and disappeared into the shadows. Logan could still here them making noises in the distance. Logan leaned again Alonzo covering his bleeding arm.

Alonzo: You okay?

Alonzo was also wounded. His head was bleeding down the side and there were scratch marks on his armor some went deep to his skin.

Logan: Oh how I envy your ability to not feel pain.

Alonzo: I actually feel pain because I know.

Malecai: Why do you two keep talking in secret? What’s really up with this guy? He your best friend or something?

Alonzo: No but we do have a relationship.

Norman: Eww!

Alonzo: No Normie! We are cousins.

Logan: Wha? Oh yeah your mother was from 13 like me…

After the first rebellion, District 13’s population became mostly unfertile however a few children were born to those that had a better immunity to disease. After a few generations more children were born the next generation and so on but this made everyone somewhat related. After a while people started to leave District 13 and surprisingly people from other Districts moved to 13 which help prevent everyone from inbreeding. However Logan knew he and Alonzo were more directly related than distance relatives.

Alonzo: Here let me fix you up.

Malecai: Why is this guy the Chosen One?

Grayson: Hey I know this guy.

Alonzo: Yes it seems everyone knows him. That is one of the reasons why he is the Chosen One.

Alonzo bandaged Logan’s arm up. He told Logan that he probably should go back “home.” Logan didn’t want to. He had to find Shadow but he knew Alonzo meant that if Logan stayed he risk dying. Logan nodded ad let Alonzo wake him up.

Day VIII: Snowflakes

District 7 was coming up next. This was Ares’s District but he made peace with himself and moved on to District 0. Logan explained to Tamora that he was unable to find Shadow but Alonzo would be able to find where Shadow was. Drajdah kept going on about something but Logan didn’t have time. Zanna had said to Logan that she kind of missed Drajdah being possessed by the ghost people, Drajdah was a bit moody at the moment. Adrianna was very mean to Logan. She would toss forks at him or attempt to trip him however she wasn’t as skilled with her ghost powers as Misty. It seemed like they needed to concentrate really hard when they wanted to pick things up. Drajdah didn’t want her to possess him again and try to kill Logan so Tamora kept going into his head to keep Adrianna out. Logan assumed this was making Drajdah moody.

Logan: I’m sorry that I didn’t find Shadow Tamora.

Tamora: It’s okay I can help you keep Adrianna from seeking her revenge on you.

Chase: At least we helped Ares get to um District 0 was it called?

Logan: Yes. I saw Ayaan. He was from Alonzo’s Game and Grayson too.

Kaleena: Alonzo seems to help you out a lot. Are you two friends?

Logan: Yeah I guess so. We are cousins. His mother was my aunt.

Bianca: That’s cool.

Logan: We must have a connection or something because of our family bonds.

Sandra: Logan who are you talking too?

Logan: My friends... Is it time to get ready?

Sandra: Yes. Wash your face and coam your hair!

Logan rolled his eyes. He asked the ghost to leave. He had caught Misty and Tamora sneaking a peek at Logan when he was dressing. They were just teasing him but he still didn’t like it. They did the same thing to Drajdah and Chase did it to Zanna. Logan had heard her throw something at the wall. When her Escort came rushing in and asked her what she was doing she said she saw a mouse. That caused the Escorts to go crazy for a while. Logan liked mice. He thought they were cute. Anyways, Logan got ready and met the others.

Camilla: Logan come here a second.

Logan went over to Camilla his mentor. She fixed Logan’s hair but messing it up with her figures. Sandra had made him coam it.

Camilla: I heard to talking to the people in your Hunger Games.

Logan: Yeah I have been hanging out with Zanna, Drajdah and Marine a lot lately.

Camilla: No I heard you talking to the people who died.

Logan: Oh I have gone in sane?

Camilla: That doesn’t convince me.

Logan: I see dead people?

Camilla: Now that doesn’t convince me either. What are who are you talking too?

Logan: I just told you.

Logan heard his Escort calling for him. Everyone else had gone outside and he could hear the crowd.

Sandra: Logan, hurry up! The Parade is starting without you!

Logan turned and went outside. District 7 had to be the prettiest so far. Forest, trees, clean air, Logan thought it was beautiful and cold but he didn’t mind. Marine freaked out in a happy way when she saw snow. Drajdah jumped into it forgetting about the Parade. The kid in him came out for a while. Logan recalled that Panem had a President named Snow, right? He couldn’t remember, that guy died forever ago. President Coin was killed not too long ago and whoever was the new President Logan didn’t much care to know. He didn’t vote for them, he didn’t even get to vote.

Zanna: Logan heads up!

Logan felt something cold hit his face. Zanna had thrown a snowball at him. Logan laughed and throw one back. The Escorts started yelling but the Victors didn’t care. Marine threw a snowball at Drajdah but he ducked and it hit someone in the crowd. Not long after that the whole District was engaged in one big snowball fight. Marine‘s Escort Jamie Jones got hit in the face and started whining. Sandra started laughing at him while Cynthia was trying to get the Tributes to stop but they had disappeared in the crowd. This had to be one of the most funnest moments in Logan’s life. He wished his brother Mitch could be with him. He ran around avoiding the snowballs. The ghost people figured out they could move snow easier than solid objects. They couldn’t feel the cold though. Misty and Kaleena knocked snow off a roof on to Zanna below. Drajdah was making a snow angel with another kid. Marine got her foot stuck for a little while, step in a deep spot.

Ash: Logan, look at Drajdah!

Drajdah had licked an icicle because Zanna told him too. His tongue was stuck. Zanna was laughing like crazy. Marine came over and tried to pull Drajdah loose but he wasn’t budging.

Logan: I’ll go get something hot to drink. That should thaw his tongue out.

Logan was able to get a cup of warm water at one of the stores just for an autograph. Being a Victor has its benefits. Logan brought the water back and poured in on Drajdah’s tongue he came loose and was freed. He kicked snow at Zanna for telling him to lick the icicle but the he laugh. District 9 doesn’t have snow so he enjoyed it as well.

Logan: Well this has been fun.

Zanna: Awe do we have to go back to the Parade. I think everyone forgot about us already.

Marine: I think the Capitol would like this.

Logan heard the sounds of the Peacekeepers trying to stop the fun. He didn’t want to get in trouble. Zanna started it though. As the Victors headed back to the stage to get speeches Logan saw Camilla and the other Mentors were playing in the snow. The Escorts were trying to gain control over the Parade and Speeches. Once he Peacekeeper started getting aggressive the fun was over and the snowball fight soon ended. A few people were injured, nothing serious but were all caused by the Peacekeepers. Everyone gathered at the stage so the Victors could give speeches. Zanna went first like always and was followed by Marine, Logan and Drajdah. Logan talked about Ares, May, Callope and Dewayne. He said he knew they were in a better place where they didn’t have to suffer anymore. Logan knew Ares was happy that Nicholas was okay, and he had seen Dewayne with Jett and Fish but not Callope. Logan met her and Dewayne’s parents. They were nice and Callope and Dewayne had a new little brother only a few months old. Logan even got to hold their new sibling.

Zanna: This District was fun yet sad.

Drajdah: I am going to miss the snow.

Misty: The President?

Drajdah: No!

Ash: I like the snow too.

Kaleena: I don’t want to go.

Hanna: I like the snowflakes.

Bianca: Do we have to?

Chase: Hey where’s Adrianna?

Logan: Oh god is she trying to kill me again?

Logan didn’t see her so he felt better. He really didn’t feel too threaten by her presence. He wasn’t sure why but he did. He figured he should be. Misty, Hanna and Ash wondered off to try and find her. He hoped she was busy playing in the snow. It was distracting. Snow is dangerous like that. It lurks you in with its prettiness, let’s you play with it, making snowmen or throwing snowballs or snow angels. Innocent enough, but they it gets your tongue stuck to an icicle that you cannot escape! You spend days out in the cold froze to an icicle unable to call for help! Your only options bite your tongue off or free to death! Gasp! If you choose to bite of your tongue you’ll be a muse the rest of your live and no one will be able to understand you! Gasp! And then if you had chosen to remain frozen under the ice, an animal may come by, dig you up eat you practically then rebury you then you’ll stay there for hundreds of years! When the snow finally melts, you’ll be discovered by whatever intelligent life form has taken and put into a museum. Gasp! That would be awful!

Anyways Adrianna was actually in the train already. Logan, Zanna, Marina and Drajdah continued to play in the snow till their Escorts came. The Victors attacked them with snowballs. The Escorts squealed as they shielded their faces with their glove. One of them lost a shoe stuck in the snow. Logan could hear Zanna’s Escort complaining that snow was the worst thing ever invented and whoever invented it group die in the Bloodbath. Logan just laughed. Whatever District was next the Victors would probably be arriving late. Before boarding the train because their Escorts made them, the Victors paid a quickie visit to the Grave Yard. It was a little harder to find the graves because of the snow. Ares, May, Dewayne and Callope were covered in snow Dewayne and Callope were right next to each other because they were siblings. Logan had yet to see May and Callope in District 0 but he knew Dewayne was with Fish and Jett and Ares was probably fine. The younger Tributes were in his alliance. Logan had no idea what became of Callope, her death wasn’t in the footage shown to Logan. She left with Fish, Dewayne and Quincy to the Feast, Logan had chosen to remain behind with Brynn and Marine. None of them came back. Logan left flowers like he had done in the other Districts but he wasn’t sure they last long in the snow.

Zanna: Do we have to lea? We can spend a few days in District 7.

Marine: But my District is next! I wanna show you guys my house, my room and the pretty new dress I got and oh my dolls!

Drajdah: Boys don’t play with dolls.

Marine: I just wanted to show them to you.

Logan: Okay we will look at them.

Chase: hey you guys didn’t solve any of our problems in this District.

Logan: Well Ares already left plus we got distracted by the snow.

Zanna: Yeah snow does that don’t you know?

Tamora: Well tonight see if you can find Shadow.

Logan: Alright.

That night as Logan was going to sleep he swore he could hear that music again. It was different but the same kind of music. No words, just music from an instrument he did not know of. It was lovely. The light from the full moon was coming in through the window. Chase and Ash were in his room waiting to see the first factory. The scenery changed from beautiful forest and snow to a dirty hazy landscape filled with factories. Soon they would be in District 8.

Night VIII: Sleepless

That night on the train Logan was listening to Marine talk about District 8 and how she had always thought it was cool till she went on the Victors’ Tour. Logan had no clue what District 8 was like, he actually didn’t know what any of the other Districts were like and he really didn’t care. The only way he would get to see the other District would be if he moved but that’s a hassle or if he won a Hunger Games, but at the time he wouldn’t have had to be reaped into one and kill people which he did so well he may as well enjoy his little trip. District 5 was a lot different than 13 besides both being kind of cold. While living underground, in some places it was cold and some were hot. Logan didn’t mind living underground since above ground there wasn’t much see beside dead trees and rumple from the destroyed buildings. Logan wasn’t allowed outside anyways, so District 5 was better because he got a little more freedom and he got to live aboveground. Mitch liked living aboveground, he said being in District 13 reminded him too much of their parents and he didn’t like not being about to go anywhere or move around and the schedules. Logan however looked forward to seeing District 13 again; he liked to see his old friends.

Marine: Oh when we get to District 8, breath through our teeth. Use your teeth as a filter.

Zanna: Why is the air bad?

Marine: You may not be used to it at first. The air in all the other Districts, especially 4, were so clean and light.

Zanna: the air at District 10 also has a smell you have been warned.

Logan: You guys hear music?

Zanna: Not that again. Probably coming from the Escorts’ room.

Logan: Okay. I kind of don’t want to go to sleep. I’ll go to District 0 again and have to help someone but I can’t stay awake.

Drajdah: I kind of want to go to this District 0. What’s it like?

Logan: Dark and cold. It’s always night or at least whenever I go.

Zanna: Well maybe because you only go there at night when you are sleeping in this world.

Logan: But I went to sleep a few times in this world during the day and still went there. I still heard that music and it’s getting louder.

Drajdah: And why does everyone have scars and blood and all? You said everyone was bleeding from the wounds that killed them. Aren’t they dead?

Logan: Aniju said they carry their wounds till they accept their dead. She also said they don’t feel pain till they realize they are alive. Seriously no one hears that music?

Zanna was about to say something when the train jolted forward. Logan was able to hang on to his hair while Marine fell face first into a cake. Zanna almost fell out of her site but she spilled her drink. Drajdah fell backwards into Tamora. She commented that it felt weird and Drajdah said she was cold. Logan looked out the window. The train was still moving. The mentors and Escorts came into the room panicking, well the Escorts were. Camilla walked through Ash and shivered. Ash jumped aside freaked out.

Sandra: What’s going on?

Camilla: Everything is fine. Calm down you’re getting your feathers all ruffled.

Sandra’s outfit was covered in feathers. Logan thought she looked like one of those birds he saw in the Capitol, a peacock or something like that. As soon as Marine’s Escort saw her face, he grabbed a napkin and started cleaning her face. Marine protested. Zanna was more frustrated over her drink to care about the train. Her hysterical Escort got on her nerves to the point where she poured the rest of her drink on her Escort’s head. Drajdah and Logan’s Escorts held their hands up to their mouths. The loudspeaker when on and explained that everything was okay and that there be smooth sailings from here on out. Then the train jerked again. Logan could hear the man on the other side of the loudspeaker fell over and then I went off. Several of the ghost people had living people thrown into them. Zanna spilled her refilled cup on herself.

Camilla: Okay something is going on here.

Sandra: I know the train never done this before.

Camilla: No I was talking about the cold spots in this room.

Logan: Maybe the train’s air got messed up?

Logan knew Camilla was more aware of the ghost people than the others; maybe it was because she was also a Victor from a Hunger Games. Logan heard thumping like something was pushing against the train. Things were getting scary. The trains began to slow down and Logan noticed a fog outside. Logan could hear Ash commenting to Adrianna that he was scared. Adrianna told him he couldn’t die again so he had nothing to fear. The thumping sound grew louder like something was walking on top of the train.

Sandra: We’re under attack!

Camilla: By what? What can attack a train?

Jamie: I hear that there is a group of rebels living in the wilds. I only thought it was a rumor but maybe it’s true!

Sandra: Don’t be silly.

Cynthia: What else could explain this?

Logan looked back out the window. He didn’t see any enemy ships attacking. He didn’t see anything but the trees in the haze. The loudspeaker came on again saying that the Train crashed through some trees and branches that had fallen on the track during the last storm. The thumping sound had stopped. The Escorts seemed satisfied with that answer but Logan wasn’t. He turned to Misty and the other ghost.

Logan: (Whispering) Can you guys go outside and see what’s happening?

Misty: Won’t we get blown away?

Adrianna: No we’re dead, remember?

Ash: I’m not going outside!

After some arguing it was decided that Misty, Adrianna and Tamora would go check while the younger kids stayed inside. Chased wanted to go but Misty asked him to stay and guard the younger kids. Chase wasn’t fooled, nothing bad would happen to him but it was clear he wasn’t going with the girls. Camilla asked Logan who he was talking to. Logan muttered he was saying a prayer that his mother had taught him. Camilla gave Logan a look before going over to help Zanna and Marine with cleaning. Logan wondered if it would be okay to tell her what’s going on. Seeing ghost wasn’t a crime or anything now was it?

Misty, Adrianna and Tamora were heading outside. They had learned that they couldn’t walk through walls so well but they could walk through doors more easily. The train had doors that led outside but they were all close. Since they were ghost they didn’t have to open them. Tamora pocked her head outside to have a look. She didn’t see any trees near the track. Marine had said before the girls left that District 8 people already cleared the track with the help of a large District 7 crew. There hadn’t been any big storms so the loudspeaker man was most likely lying. Misty and Adrianna followed Tamora outside. They had to hang on to the train’s side, the wind didn’t push them but they could still fall off the side. Tamora was the smallest of the girls so Misty and Adrianna gave her a boost up to see if there was anything on top of the train. Tamora looked around. Something caught her eye.

Meanwhile Logan, Zanna, Marine and Drajdah were waiting with the little ghost kids. He wondered if he went to sleep would he be able to find out anything. He didn’t feel like sleeping though even though he was tired. Soon Misty, Adrianna and Tamora came back.

Zanna: What you find?

Tamora: The top of the train was all scratched up!

Marine: Maybe we did hit a tree branch.

Tamora: Didn’t look like a branch scratching on the roof would cause that much damage. There was also this.

Tamora handed Logan some red strains of what appeared to be some kind of fiber like hair. Logan looked at it and showed it to Zanna, Marine and Drajdah. Zanna determine that it was animal hair but she didn’t know what kind. Everyone stayed awake for a little long waiting for another incident but nothing happen. Marine and Drajdah were starting to doze off and Logan could feel himself getting tired but he didn’t want to go to sleep. Zanna was still trying to figure out what animal the red hair belonged to. Tamora described the claw marks as best she could. Logan looked outside the window again and saw the first factory of District 8.

Day IX: Fallout

Logan must have dozed off because when he opened his eyes they were in District 8. He had fallen alseep in his chair. Zanna had determine the hair did not belong to a horse, cow or any other herd animal but it wasn't human. Soon the Escorts started to cause a hissy fit over their Victors. His Escort Sandra was setting his clothes on his bed for him to wear. Logan got ready. He could hear Marine telling everyone about District 8. After seeing how nice the other Districts were, she worried that her District wasn't as special. Finally everyone headed outside to meet the crowds.

Marine: Mom, Dad!

Marine waved to her parents. Everyone in District 8 were friendly and they kind of all looked the same. For the District that makes clothes, they weren't dressed very fancy but they still had on a decent attiar. The parade conitued like it always did and of course the speeches. Marine was the Victor of this District so the people were already used to seeing her around but they were excited to see her with the other three Victors. Zanna's speech included Reggie Miller who was in ther Alliance. After the speeches and the party, Marine took everyone to the Grave Yard. It was the nicest place in District 8 because it actually had grass in places and trees. Marine wasn't kidding about the air, it was thick with a yellow brown haze to it proabaly from the factories.

Marine; I've been here a few times. Thisis where they buried Justin.

Justin Neruo was the older male Tribute from District 8. He wasn't in anyones Alliance. Logan didn't know him and he was sad that he never got the chance. He hadn't seen Justin in District 0. Logan remembered he died early on in the Games. Next was Reggie Miller, Zanna's Alliance partner. He had survived a long time with Zanna and Greyson from 12, but after the Feast Greyson died and Zanna was seperated from them. Reggie was forced to go up against Elena. It was an unfair match from the start. She older, bigger and more skilled than he was. Zanna was sad and angry when she found out how he died. She felt him flowers on his grave. She stayed by his grave while the others moved on to Savannah's. It was weird that this time besides District 5, there was only three graves to visit instead of four. If Elena had lived they would be visiting Marine's grave. Logan had saved Savannah from the demonic creatures that were trying to get her but after that he had no clue what became of her soul. He hoped he would see her again or find out she moved on. He though Savannah would like yellow flowers so he left yellow ones. Zanna finally made her way over to the others.

Logan: Do you hate Elena for killing Reggie?

Zanna: I little but she is already dead and she did save Marine so I don't know.

Logan: If I see Reggie I will tell him you miss him.

Zanna: Thanks Logan. I kind of wish I could see District 0.

Marine wanted to show everyone her house. Her parents wanted to have the Victors over for dinner before they left. Marine nwo lived in the Victor's Village and her house was big like the other Victors' houses. Marine's family was already there to greet them. Marine's father named Simeon shook everyone's hands while Lou kept talking about how Marine had Victor's blood in her. Apparently Marine's grandmother's cousin was a Victor or something like that. Logan didn't really see how that would have helped Marine win, it was Elena who saved Marine, but he just smiled an nodded. Ayleta, Marine's distant relitive, had won the 55th Hunger Games. She was Rory's cousin, Marine's grandmother, Lou explained. Marine seemed proud of her heritage none the less. Marine's older brother Dan came down from the stairs and introduced himself. He was in his twenties. It seemed weird that the Heir family oldest child had made it through his reaping years without getting picked yet their youngest child got reaped before she was even old enough. Marine wanted to show the others that weird doll she had gotten from a sponsor. She led everyone to her room. Logan was surpised her room wasn't pink. In Logan's mansion there was a random pink room. Mitch thougt it was there in case th Victor's family had a little girl. Well the Hawkeye family didn't have and little girls yet in their family. Marine pulled her doll out of a fancy box and showed it to everyone.

Marine: See, isn't she pretty?

The doll was different from the ones Logan had seen in the Capitol or any other District. She had a long red dress that looks almost like a night gown or a blanket wrapped around her. She had jet black hair and lots of godlen jewlry on her face. Marine was proud of her weird doll and kept it in it's box. She explained that an unknown sponsor had given it to her after she won the Games. It came with a note that said "Look inside... Signed your Sponsor."

Zanna: Awe I didn't get anything...

Drajdah: I was sent a painting for my house but that was it...

Logan: All I got was the gift to see dead people and go to the Land of the Dead... I supposed it's kind of cool but I miss sleeping.

Misty: I just got stuck here...

While Marine was showing her doll to Bianca, Kaleena and Hanna, Chase tried to take it from her and run away with it. He grabbed the doll however he wasn't as good with his ghost powers and his hands slipped through the doll. Marine managed to catch it in time. Tamora scolded Chase.

Chase: Hey there was something inside.

Tamora: Don't be mean to Marine, Chase. How childish.

Chase: Hello, I am still a kid?

Logan: What do you mean there was something inside?

Chase: When my hand went through it I felt something.

Marine examined her doll. It felt like a normal cloth doll however being from District 8 she knew a thing or too about dolls. She flipped the doll upside and removed her dress. On the back of the doll was a zipper but it was broken. Dolls normaly didn't have zippers but were sown shut.

Marine: I can't open it.

Logan: If we can hook something into the zipper we may be able to open it.

Ash: Too bad none of us are from District 4. They can make a hook out of anything!

Drajdah: I know, Zanna your ear-rings have hooks.

Zanna: You are right! Finally a propor use for these things.

Zanna's Escort made her wear ear-rings, big heavy ones she didn't really like. Logan remembered that fater they won the Games, for their Interviews, he could hear Zanna screaming when they pierced her ears. Marine just closed her eyes and cried. He was happy that he wasn't forced into getting his ears pierced. Zanna took her ear-ring off and using the hook she was able to open the zipper. She pulled out a plastic card with the number 101 on it.

Zanna: What is this?

Logan remembered seeing plastic cards in District 13. It was like an ID Code, some gain access to curtin places while other cards were used to pay for things. Logan looked at the card but it didn't look like an ID. It must have another use but why would a sponsor send this to Marine.

Drajdah: Too bad we don't know who send you this. Hey wait! On that paint I got there is a spot on it that says 101. Maybe these are related?

Marine: How can they be related?

Drajdah: I'll show you when we get to my District. The painting is like of the wilds.

Zanna: Bring your doll along with us. May be important.

Marine: Okay but I am keeping her in her box.

Marine zipped her doll back up and put her dress back on. She grabber the box and brought the doll along with her. They went down stairs to have dinner with Marine's family. Lou, Marine's mother, kept talking about how proud she was of her daughter and said she was a lot like Ayleta the Victor of 55th Hunger Games. Marine asked Logan out loud if he could try and find Ayleta in District 0. Simeon asked what she meant and Logan said since he was from District 5, he could look up old Victors on the computers in the train. He then glared at Marine. She had forgotten this was a secret. After a lovely dinner with the Heir family, Logan liked that fact they had real food not just sweet things, the Victors had to leave. Marine said it would be lonely without the other Victors because the only other Victor who lives in the Victor Village is Marine's mentor. She was happy she saw her parents and missed them when she had to aboard the train. Drajdah's District was next.

Night IX: Someone Stole My Sweetroll!

Logan gladly went to sleep. He was tired after visiting District 8. It was nice to smell clean air again, the train somehow fillered it. When Logan woke in District 0, he was already with Fish and strangely Drake and Ella from the First Alliance Games. Apperently Fish had made freinds with both of them during her time in District 0. Fish told Logan that Alonzo had found Shadow Summers but they had to go get him inorder to ask him and questions about his relationship with Tamora, if he remembered her. She led them to another part of District 0, the Cave area. It was located in a dry rock terrain, the rocks were jagged like some kind of monster's teeth and were partically covered in moss. There was a red mist that shrouded everything in this area. It smelled sweet.

Fish: Shadow goes in there for some reason. Most people avoid this area.

Logan: What's in there?

Fish: Don't know. It's like a maze but I never go in. Those you make it to the end don't come back though. Must be something good.

Ella: I heard it leads to a secret city made of gold.

Drake: I heard strange creatures live in there. Their bodies shimmer and eat some kind of fluid.

Logan: Strange people.

Fish: Well we better go in a see if he is in there.

Logan: Should we wait for Alonzo?

Fish: Captain of the Guard is probably busy.

Fish started to go in followed by Ella and Drake. Logan hesitated but followed. It turned out Ella was looking for her "partner" Luke Torres. Logan remembered he was from the Capitol and had been tied to Ella but he couldn't remember how he died. Drake came along because he and Ella and became good friends since their Game. Drake started to complain about the smell in the cave. It smelled lightly of oil and it made Logan a bit dizzy. Ella said she recognized the smell but couldn't place where she smelled it. Logan couldn't remember what District she was from. Aniju had told him so but that was some time ago.

Logan: Do you guys remember how you go here? To live in District 0 I mean?

Ella: I always been here.

Drake: Same here.

Logan assumed they had not remembered who they really were and what happen to them. Drake had killed Ella anyways so it was probably for the best.

Fish: How do I know you Logan? Jett said we were once in an Alliance? What does he mean by that? Logan: You don't remember me?

Fish: I kind of do. You appear in my dreams a lot.

Logan: Tell me about them?

Fish: Well we are always in this place, though once we were in this other area It hd lots of weapons and everyone one is always training with them like we are getting ready to go to war or something. But most of my dreams with you in them, we are in one of these four buildings. Jett's there most of the time but he disappeared after a while. Clarabella, Callope, Dewayne and Goergey are also always there. And there is this girl named um... I forget Jett seems to know her there. She's this little girl.

Logan: Marine?

Fish: Yeah I think that was her name. There's this other younger boy but I don't know who he is either.

Logan: Quincy?

Fish: I think that was what Jett called him.Oh and besides you there always is this other guy who I can't see his face for some reason.

It seemd to Logan that Fish hadn't fully remembered but she was starting too. Since she didn't know the names of Marine, Quincy and Brynn that probably meant they hadn't found her and the others yet in District 0. This place was big and Marine wasn't dead so that made sense to Logan. Jett seemed to remember everyone. He must have gotten his memory back, probably because he lived a shorter life, he had less to remember. It was depressing to Logan but in a way Jett's memory was a good thing for Fish.

Fish: Anyways, we are always in this area with four tall buildings and there are lots of other people there too. I sometimes see London who lives with Clarabella and this girl named Elena and this other girl named Savannah. Shadow is sometimes there too. I don't remember much but I remember being scared.

Logan: Do you dream about anything else?

Fish: I sometimes dream of this place that is covered in field of grain and corn. It's warm there but I am always hungry in this dream like I can't eat the food there. These people in white keep chasing me away and they hurt everyone for no reason. They are like aliens or something and they like to control us. You know just one of those dreams.

As Fish was tell Logan about her dreams, they were headin deeper into the cave system. Logan could see other people wondering around but they stayed away from him. His glow must have made the red mist look even more creepier. Ella and Drake didn't seem to mind and Fish already knew about Logan's strange glow.The Cave was large, big enough to fit one of the Capitol's hovercrafts in places. Surprisenly it was fairly bright inside of the caves because of the red mist and these glowing mushrooms and cystals. It was pretty in a way but yet eerie. Logan didn't like the feel of it. Suddenly when Fish was talking about this old who seemed to not like her, someone jumped out from behind a rock and startled everyone!

Logan: Alonzo!

Alonzo: Ha-ha I got you!

Fish: Scared us half of death!

Alonzo: Yeah you'll be find.

Ella: You brought your girlfriend?

Beside Alonzo stood a girl who was named Aria Velinose. She was from Alonzo's Games that was all Logan remember. Logan didn't know her too well since she and Alonzo's Game was too long ago for him to remember. Alonzo just laugh but Aria seemed embaressed for some reason. Alonzo showed a lot of affection towards Aria nonhe the less. She was small and shy but she wanted to come along with Alonzo this one time to see what he does for a living. Apperently she was rejecting coming on this day because of the caves. Alonzo hadn't only brought Aria with him. He had brought his training team, boys Malecia, John, Norman, Jonny, Kullam, Londan and Reese from District 12 and girls Elena, Annebell, Eva, Bree and Jennifer. Logan wanted to ask London about Clarabella but the sounds of bats distracted him.

A swarm of giant bats came down from the ceiling. Logan's glow seemed to scare them so they avoided him. Everyone else were on their own. All Logan saw were the shimmer of metal weapons and the flashes of bat fangs. He saw Fish pull out her arrows and shoot up into the air. Logan couldn't see if she hit any bats. Drake kicked one off of Ella. He neck twisted in an unnatural but she didnt' seem bothered by it. Logan cringed though. Alnozo stood over Aria protecting her.

Alonzo: Come on! This way!

The Captain of the Guard led the way. He seemed to know his way around the maze. Logan decided to be brave and run towards the bats. The shielded their eyes and screeched. This gave everyone time to run after Alonzo. The bats didn't follow the fleeing people but flew in the opposite direction of them, because of Logan and the red mist reflectedness. Logan could see some of the tributes had been killed during the fight. Ella was one of them, Drake refused to leave her side. When she woke a short while later, Drake hugged her.

Ella: I saw us in this weird pleace with everyone trying to kill Johnny.

Drake: What do you mean?

Ella: I don't know. Like there was a lot of us and we have o kill Johnny. I and Pamline ran him over with a car.

Drake: What did Johnny do to make you so mad?

Ella: I don't know but we had to kill him. You were helping me and you were tied to Fallon.

The others started to wake up. Logan directed everyone to head in the direction that Alonzo had disappeared in. Some of the dead bats were also waking up. He hurried everyone along before another fight broke out. Alonzo and the other were waiting for everyone to catch up around the corner. Alonzo led the way and what seemed like a hour they finally aright at large gate made of marble and gold. Alonzo explained that this was the entrance to the Golden City. There were two guards hiden in pillars beside the gate. Logan recognized that they were from the Capitol.

Logan: What is this place?

Alonzo: It's a high tech city. It's apart of District 0 but it is underground.

Logan: Like District 13?

Alonzo: Yeah but this city is different.

Inside Lagon saw the buildings were made of marble and gold and were part of the cave it's self. The houses were like appartments one on top of another with spiraling stairs leading from this way to that. Waterfalls cascaded down from the ceiling and along the sides. The whole place was light up by some kind of glowing orb hung from the center of the ceiling like their own sun. Dotting the streets and pathways were the glowing cystals and mushrooms but most of the light was coming from the orb. People from different Districts were down here but mostly Capitol. Logan could tell them apart because of their weird hair colors and clothing. Besides District people, creatures made of metal were rolling along on wheels. Alonzo explained that they were robots and were made by District 3 and 5 people when they were bored. Alonzo then conitued to explain that Demonclaw hardly ever came down here so this place was more or less runned by the Boss.

Fish: So Shadow lives down here?

Alonzo: Seems unlikely because the people who live here aren't allowed to leave.

Logan: Then we better find Shadow before he gets stuck down here.

A capitol boy dressed in gold and green came up to them. Ella recgnized him instantly.

Ella: Luke!

Luke: Hello, Ella, long time no see. I am the Mayor of this wonderful city. You are the Captian of the Gaurd?

Alonzo: Captian of Squad 10, yes.

Ella: Luke you are the Mayor now?

Luke: Yes let me show you around out city. The Boss will want to see you.

Luke began a tour of the city. Logan was interested in everything, being from District 13 and 5, shiny things caught his interest especially if they moved. Luke showed them the Golden Cuty's very own lake and forest of mushrooms that glowed a ghostly white and their own castle. He took them inside the castle to see the inside. This place reminded Logan of the Capitol a lot but with more gold. Because of the sun, everything was tinted with gold. Logan's glow didn't stand out as much because everything down here seemed to glow. Luke didn't seem that interested in Ella and Alonzo didn't seem to care about the tour of the town. He seemed on edge for some reason. Inside the catsle everything was made of the finest material, marble, granet, jade, gold, silver, platium and covered in diamonds, jewls and pearls. On the sides of the walls were parts of the robots and a giant one stood in the middle of the room. The most important people were in here wondering around doing important things. Logan recognized a few escorts and gamemakers from past Hunger Games.

Logan: Why are they down here?

Alonzo: They are the Gamemakers who did poorly with the Games and were killed. The Escorts seem to stay beside their fallen Tributes even in the Afterlife. Some of them stood up for their Tribute and were killed for having emotional attachment.

Logan was told once that an Escort even fell in love with one of their Tributes they were escorting and tried to rig the Game so they would live. The two almost managed to pull it off but Logan heard they were killed. District 0 wasn't really a place for the Capitol people. They were too soft so they gathered here instead.

Luke: Here have a sweetroll.

Luke handed Logan a sweetroll. Logan couldn't eat it because he wasn' dead but Luke didn't seem to know that. Logan gave it to Fish so she could give it to Jett and the other kids but when she wasn't looking Malecia took it from her after a while and ate it. Soon Luke took them into another smaller room.

Luke: This is the Boss' throne room.

Logan: What the Hell? Katniss?

Day X: Where the Prawns Live

Zanna: Katniss was there?

Drajdah: Wasn’t she the favorite from the 74th Games?

Logan: Yeah, but she and that boy from her District killed themselves before a Victor could be chosen.

Marine: What was she doing there? I mean I know she died so but why was she in the Golden City?

Logan: Well after we arrived in the Boss’ Throne room, Katniss explained to us that she had help build the society in the Golden City and soon became the Jarl.

Marine: What's a Jarl?

Logan: A Jarl is like a king or a queen. Anyways she had been gathering the Capitol people and whoever made it through the maze to get to the Golden City. She offered us some rooms to stay and even gave us a feast. I couldn’t eat any of the food but it looked like the food we eat here on the train. I went to sleep and woke up here. So yeah that’s what happened.

Zanna: Well she made it so we could have more than one Victor and that the Gamemakers cannot change their minds at the end of a Game.

During the 74th Hunger Games, the girl from District 12 became the fan-favorite and she and her District partner made it to the end. In their Game it was the first time Two Victors could be crowds however at the end the Gamemakers changed their minds allowing only one Victor. Katniss and her District partner killed themselves with nightlock. The Capitol was outraged that their favorite died and they had no Victor, so it was decided that whenever the Gamemakers decided to have more than one Victor, they could not change the decision. This was how Logan was able to win his own Game, because there could be four Victors.

Drajdah: And you say that girl from my District was with you?

Logan: Um… Who was that again?

Drajdah: Serene Viola? Fish!

Logan: Oh yeah now I remember. I thought she was from District 4. That’s right she can’t be from District 4.

Elena was from District 4. Yeah she was there with me. She was in my Alliance. Why were you two friends? Drajdah frown angry. Logan didn’t know what his deal was. Maybe he was sad that she died?

Logan: Fish was fine but she didn’t seem to remember how she died.

Drajdah: Well when you see her again tell her… arh!

Drajdah twitched to the side.

Logan: Are you okay?

Drajdah: Tell her that I always had a crush on her and thought she was beautiful and…

Zanna: Wait a minute… That doesn’t sound like Drajdah.

Logan looked to see which ghosts were present while Zanna shook Drajdah to try and get the ghost out of him. Henna jumped out of Drajdah’s head. Bianca and Kaleena giggled in the corner.

Drajdah: What happen?

Zanna: The girls were playing a trick on you. Hey when are you ghosts going to District 0?

Drajdah: We’re here! My District!

Logan looked out the window and saw an ocean of golden grain. It reminded him of the Golden City. Drajdah was from his District and he was happy to be home, for now. Drajdah wanted to show everyone around his town after the parade and speeches of course. Drajdah introduced everyone to his family. District 9 was nice and clean compared to the last District the Victors were in. The difference was like night and day.

Kaleena: This is my District too. Logan can we see my family before we go. Maybe that is what is keeping me to here?

Logan: Oh yeah, how about we stop at your house before we go to the…

Suddenly a huge black dog jumped out of nowhere snarling, sharp white teeth, foaming at the mouth, eye glowing red. Logan put himself in front of Marine. Zanna grabbed a rake and held it out ready to defend everyone. The big black dog slow advance, the hairs on its back standing up. Then Drajdah step out.

Logan: Get back Drajdah!

Drajdah: No, it’s just Chocolate Cake! Here boy!

The dog’s ears perked up and its stubby little tail started wagging. The big black monster jumped forward knocking Drajdah to the ground. Zanna and Logan braced themselves for an attack but the dog just flopped its big pink tongue out licking Drajdah’s face off.

Drajdah: Down boy, down. I’m happy to see you too.

Drajdah commanded the dog to sit and the beast stay down. Drajdah got up.

Drajdah: This is my dog, Chocolate Cake. He’s a Rottweiler-pit-bull mix. Maybe parents got him for me like two years ago. Got him when he was just a puppy like this big.

Drajdah shows everyone with his hands how big his dog was when he got him. Zanna put the rake down and Marine wanted to pet the dog.

Drajdah: Come on I want to show you the Grave yard.

Logan: We need to get Kaleena’s problem solve. After we visit Kaleena’s family we’ll go to the grave yard.

Drajdah nodded. Kaleena lived in District 9 her whole life too and she and Drajdah were around the same age. Drajdah got to come home alive but Kaleena came home in a body bag in a box. Drajdah knew where Kaleena’s house was, she seem to have trouble remembering District 9. It turned out she lived near Drajdah’s old house before his family moved to the District’s Victor Village. Unfortunately when they got to her house no one was there.

Drajdah: They must have gone to the Victor’s festival.

Logan: Okay, um we better find them.

Drajdah: Damien! It’s my brother and my sister Asari!

Drajdah’s older sister and younger brother came over. They had been looking for Drajdah after his speech. Asari was just 10, only two years older than Drajdah and his younger brother was 2 barely speaking sentences. Their grandmother was with them and Drajdah’s mother. Drajdah’s grandmother turned out to be really old though she didn’t look it. Drajdah introduce everyone to his family. Damien swatted at Ash as if he could see him.

Asari: Come on Damien, don’t do that. Are you Logan?

Logan: Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Marine: How old is your grandmother?

Zanna: Marine, don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady her age?

Granny Wallace: It’s okay. I’m 99 years old.

Marine: Wow, you were born almost 100 years ago.

Drajdah: Do you know where Kaleena Ostein’s family is? We like to see them.

Drajdah’s Mother: Why? They are mourning.

Logan: We like to pay our respects.

Drajdah’s Mother: They are at the Grave Yard.

Drajdah: See I told you we should have went there first.

Drajdah jumped on to Chocolate Cake’s back and rode him to the Grave Yard. Logan and the other followed him. Like Drajdah’s mother had said,Kaleen’s family was there. The little ghost girl flew off over to her family.

Adrianna: Should we go after her?

Logan: No leave her be.

Misty: The Hunger Games are stupid… Images like these after the Games are not shown to the Capitol. They don’t know how much it hurts.

Zanna: Except for the few Games the Capitol participates in.

Drajdah: I have to mentor next year. That’s going to be weird.

Marine: How come?

Drajdah: You and me are the same age and our apprentice will be older than us.

Marine: By the time I am mentoring I’ll be nine.

Drajdah: Yeah my birthday is in a few months too.

While Drajdah and Marine were discussing how they would mentor the next year’s Tributes, Logan and Ash found Serene Viola or Fish’s grave. She was in Logan’s alliance and despite that fact that she was only twelve years old, she was his alliance main defense. She was very skill with weapons. Logan never saw her again alive after the Feast was announced. Most of Logan’s Alliance died during that Feast leaving only him, Brynn and Marine. Logan was happy she was doing fine in the Afterlife.

Logan: She made a great ally.

Zanna: She was cool and all wasn’t she? Why was she called Fish?

Logan: He was a good swimmer for someone born in District 9.

Zanna: Maybe her parents found her in the river.

Logan: What?

Zanna: It’s a story my mother use to tell me when I was little. This slave put her baby in a basket and send him down the river. I don’t know why but he was found by the queen and raised in the palace.

Logan: That sounds pretty awesome.

Zanna: Yeah but he later freed the slaves because he was one of them. So he trained his luxury life for a simple

armer lifestyle.

Logan: Oh a moral story. Hey Drajdah where is Connor’s grave?

Drajdah: Oh he doesn’t have one.

Logan: What do you mean?

Drajdah: Oh yeah his body was never found his body or something. Yeah his whole family was devastated.

Logan: So just Fish and Kaleena are buried here?

Drajdah: Yup. Oh yeah that reminds me. You said you saw Fish in District 0 right?

Logan: Yeah, she was with me the last time I was there.

Drajdah: God I don’t like that girl.

Logan: Why?

Drajdah: I just find her annoy! She was always talking about the water and swimming it it and how she wished she lived in District 4.

Logan: Lots of people wished they lived in richer Districts Drajdah.

Zanna: Yeah and besides, there aren’t that many rivers you can swim in here in District 9, right?

Drajdah: But all the time! Oh and she was so popular here and she really didn’t deserve it. Everyone liked her.

Logan: I liked her. She was in my alliance.

Drajdah: Oh yeah I forgot. Sorry Logan. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Zanna: Anyways, um… How is Kaleena doing?

Misty: She’s still with her family.

The Victors’ group didn’t really want to go over there while her family was still visiting her grave. The fell of the mood wasn’t right.

Zanna: So hopefully this helps her moved on. Now what about the rest of you? What is holding you here to this world?

Misty: Well I can’t go to District 0 till I find Justinain’s soul.

Adriana: And Logan killed me so I am not happy about that.

Logan: Sorry…

Bianca: I don’t know why I am here…

Logan: We passed your District.

Bianca: I started following you when you got to my District. I found Adriana there by her grave too.

Logan: Who killed you?

Bianca: I don’t remember.

Zanna: It was Grayson. He was in my Alliance.

Logan: Well I saw him in District 0 I think.

Ash: Serene killed me. I don’t know why I am still here.

Logan: She is already in District 0. I am sure she didn’t want to kill you but we were in a Hunger Game. Why’d she kill you?

Ash: I don’t know.

Zanna: I remember form watching the footage of the Game, she threw her mace at Serena, you remember her right? But she moved just in time and the mace hti Ash. She wasn’t aiming for him. He was just unlucky.

Ash: So Serena really got me killed?

Logan: It would seem. Fish wasn’t trying to kill you.

Zanna: Serena was from my District. She was terrible in the Arena but the Hunger Games does that to people. She was only eight years old but she cause havoc in the Arena. She killed Georgey. He was only three but I remember when her body came back to District 10 everyone, but her family, were so angry.

Logan turned back to Ash.

Logan: I guess we’ll try and solve your problem when we get to District 10.

Marine: Tamora is here because of her brother, Shadow.

Logan: Oh yeah I am looking for him.

Zanna: That just leaves Chase and Henna.

Chase: I was killed by Marine but I don’t think that is what is holding me here. I know I died and she killed me but I am not that mad.

Marine: I didn’t mean to kill you.

Logan: Only in Hunger Games will eight year olds kill. Henna was killed by Jennifer. She was from District 1.

Henna: I don’t know why I am still here.

Drajdah: Here’s where my dad is buried. He died when he spoke against the Capitol after he tried to sneak my cousin into the District. They made my cousin into an Avox.

Drajdah pointed to a grave. Everyone gathered around it. Logan felt like he should say something to Drajdah but he didn’t know what. Logan thought that was strange. He and Mitch were allowed to move to another District, than again they got permission and weren’t snuck in by their relatives. Logan remembered he had to fill out paper work with Mitch. Logan was only thirteen at the time and Mitch was barely 8 when their father had died. Logan’s mother had died two years before after she took a snake bite to the face protecting Mitch. He had wondered off while they were above ground and ran into a black adder. She had thrown herself on top of him to protect him. Logan was supposed to be watching him but he had gotten distracted and hadn’t notice his brother was missing.

Logan: Is your cousin still alive?

Drajdah: Yeah, he lives at the Capitol at some rich guy’s house or that is what my mother told me.

Tamora: Hey Kaleena is gone.

Tamora was right Kaleena was nowhere to be seen. Everyone knew she was able to gain closure and move felt good but in a way it was sad that Kaleena would no longer be traveling with them anymore. After Kaleena’s family had gone, the Victors were able to leave her flowers. Then Drajdah commanded Chocolate Cake to go home. The dog whimpered bit obeyed. Drajdah would miss him but soon the Victors’ Tour would be coming to an end. It was time to go to District 10.

Night X: Scroll of the Elders

Logan woke in his room in the Golden City. Fish was knocking on his door. He wasn’t sure what time it was but he assumed it would be the next day for District 0. Logan got up and met Fish at the door. She told him that Alonzo wanted to see him. It sounded important. Alonzo was in his room.

Logan: What’s wrong?

Alonzo: Something doesn’t feel right about this place. The things that Katniss said. I got a bad feeling.

Logan: What do you mean?

Fish: I have the same feeling too.

Alonzo: I need you two to find something for me. It’s a scroll with this symbol on it. I didn’t come down here to help you Logan, find Shadow Summers. I was sent down her on a mission. Our leaders suspect Katniss is up to something.

Logan: You don’t trust her?

Alonzo: A place that isn’t ruled over by Demonclaw, somewhere out of his sight, what could they be hiding? Why would they hide?

Logan: Demonclaw is a big scary monstrous cat; maybe they are afraid of him?

Fish: I’m not.

Alonzo: You should join the Hell Katz Fish. I am sure you make a great addition.

Fish: Maybe one day but I have to look after a lot of little kids. Wonder how they are doing without me?

Logan: Who is taking care of Jett, Dewayne and Georgey?

Fish: A friend named London.

Logan: Clarabella Keen lives with him?

Fish: Yeah, you known her?

Logan: Yeah once…

Alonzo: Well sneak into the library. They won’t question you two because you’re not guards. Now before Katniss came here, the Golden City did exist. My Lady Aniju built it with the spirits. There are hidden pathways in these walls. They are the natural cavern and I checked them out. It seemed no one discovered or even remembers them.

Fish: How do you know all this?

Alonzo walked over to the wall. It was covered with various paintings and a dresser. He moved one of the paintings and a table. The wall there had a column carved into the wall. Alonzo pulled on it forcing it to move. With years to no use it was stuck at first but he managed to pull it out. Logan went over to help him. Together they pushed the wall aside revealing a pathway into the darkness.

Alonzo: You to need to go in alone. If I am missing, then they’ll suspect something. Plus Malecai would probably go on a search party and wreck the place.

Logan: Okay, come on Fish.

Alonzo: Wait; here is a dagger just in chance. I would give you my axe but that would look kind of weird carrying it around. Here is a map of all the carvers. It’s old so it may be out of date but it should help you. There are markings on the walls that will tell you where an opening is and what it leads too. Use this to translate.

Fish took the dagger and followed Logan into the darkness. Alonzo had also given them a piece of the glowing rock so they would have light and they would need it because Alonzo closed the door. Logan led the way down the pass. The pathway was wide enough for the two to crawl through but in some places it became a tight squeeze.

Logan: It’s a good thing you are small.

Fish: I am happy you are big. I had a dream last night about our Hunger Game. How did I die? Logan was surprised she had remembered. He didn’t really want to talk about the Hunger Games but Fish wanted to know.

Logan: You left us, our Alliance. There was a Feast.

Fish: I remember, we had a big alliance. There were mostly little kids though.

Logan: Some of the kids wanted to go to the Feast while I wanted everyone to stay together. Finally you took everyone but Brynn and Marine and went to the Feast. That was the last time I saw you alive.

Fish: Who is Brynn?

Logan: He was from District 13 and the older brother of Jett.

Logan saw a marking on the side of the wall. He felt it. He didn’t recognize the symbols. He handed Fish the map and the list of translated words.

Fish: I think it says, this is the bathhouse. I don’t know I can’t read this so well. It’s written in the old language.

Logan: Old language?

Fish: In District 0, we are taught how to read in the universal language used in District 0. I haven’t finished my lessons.

Logan: Well were looking for the Library. Can you see where that is?

Fish looked over the map. She pointed to the location. Logan studied the map. It looked like they would hit a turn and then two pathways. They would have to take the one to the right. Logan led the way again holding up the light. He turned to the right and followed the path upwards. As they were moving along Fish heard some voices. Both Logan and Fish froze. They assumed this part of the wall was close to someone’s room and didn’t want to be heard.

Fish: (Whispering) It sounds like Katniss.

Logan: Can you hear what they are saying?

Fish put her ear up against the wall. Logan did too and the wall was cold. Logan could hear people talking about a plan of some kind to take over something. Logan looked at Fish. He notice how baldy she was bleeding from her head and she was wincing in pain.

Logan: Are you okay?

Fish: My head hurts…

Logan knew she wouldn’t die from her wounds because she was already dead but he instinctively wanted to stop the bleeding. Logan pulled part of his shirt off and tied it around Fish’s head. Fish waved for Logan to come closer.

Fish: (Whispering) I think Katniss is planning on taking over Panem.

Logan was surprised. How could Katniss do that? The voices stopped and they waited for a while before decided to continue. Soon they reach their destination. Fish read the map and pointed to a rock on the wall. Logan pushed the door open. It was brighter on the other side and Logan worried that sound of the door rumbling on the ground would alert others but the Library was empty. The Library was big and had more then on level. Logan looked around and then wondered what where they looking for.

Logan: Fish, what does Alonzo want us to do exactly?

Fish: Oh he told me we are looking for a scroll. It will be marked with this symbol.

Logan looked at an imaged on the map. The symbol was of a long snake like creature with wings. Fish said Alonzo called it a dragon. Logan never seen an animal like that probably something the scientist of Panem would make to kill people in the Hunger Games. Fish read the writing Alonzo had left on the back of the map. Logan suggested they should split up and look for the scroll. Fish took the upper half of the Library while Logan remained on the bottom. He looked around for the symbol. Soon he heard Fish call for him. Logan went up the spiral stairs to where Fish was. She was standing in front of a wall of scrolls. The two began to look through the mountain for the right one.

Fish: What if it isn’t here?

Logan: I don’t know.

Luke: What are you two doing?

Both Logan and Fish jump. Luke was behind them dressed in his fancy clothes. Ella and Drake were with him. Ella waved at Fish and Logan. Fish came up with something quick.

Fish: Logan and I wanted to be alone.

Luke: Ewe… Couldn’t you be alone I your rooms?

Drake just chuckled while Ella blushed.

Logan: We both like reading. What are these?

Luke: Oh these are scrolls from all across the wasteland. Most of them come from beyond District 0.

Fish: You can’t leave District 0.

Luke: Well you are not supposed to but you can if you tried.

Logan: What’s beyond District 0?

Luke explained to Logan that when District finally ended there was a dark desert wasteland in-between District 0 and the other Oasis around the Land of the Dead. It seemed Luke knew he was dead. Luke pulled out a scroll that was a map of the other locations in The Land of the Dead. He said that the spirits kept the “islands” separated so the dead people wouldn’t freak out from seeing the other races that lives around the universe. Both Drake and Ella looked confused and Fish seemed to be a little upset about something. Luke continued to explain that it was pitch black in-between the various locations and only the light of the stars and moons light up the wastelands. If anyone tried to travel to the other Oasis, they were usually brought back by the scouting spirits that fly around. Some people make it back.

Luke: We just sent someone off to go exploring the Wastelands again. He is very skilled at not getting caught. He should be coming back soon.

Logan: Who is this person?

Luke: He’s name is Shadow Summers. And like his name he is good at hiding in the shadows.

Logan: Shadow Summers? I am looking for him. His sister wants me to find him for her.

Luke: Oh well you’ll meet him when he gets back.

Logan felt a little better knowing kind of where Shadow was. He had good news for Tamora. While Luke was explaining the wastelands to Logan, Fish apparently asked Ella and Drake to help them out. Both agreed. Ella asked Luke if he knew where a particular book was. Luke wondered off to go find this book with both Drake and Ella in toe. Logan could hear Ella asking Luke questions about the wastelands and District 0. Logan and Fish began to look for the scroll again. Logan looked up and saw something above them. It was a scroll with the marking that they were looking for. Logan climbed up what ladder and grabbed the scroll. He put the scroll under his shirt. Luke seemed to have found that book Ella wanted. Logan told them that he and Fish were going to head back to their rooms to be alone. Fish wrapped her arm around Logan causing Ella to giggle. The two left and had to find their way back to Alonzo’s room. All the guards were dressed and ready to go. Logan handed Alonzo the scroll. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the luxury of the Golden City. This made Logan feel like when he was reaped for the Hunger Games.

Day XI: Animal Farm

Logan was happy to be back in the World of the Living. Alonzo had told him he would look over the scroll and plan a way of escape in cast Katniss didn’t allow them to leave. Logan could leave the Golden City by sleeping in District 0 but he would wake there when he slept in his world. Logan liked being back in the District and away from the golden version of the Capitol. Zanna was happy to be back home. District 10 smelled like animals, Logan be Mitch would have loved this District since he loved animals. Everyone was happy to see Zanna with the other Victors.

Marine: Look sleep! They look like fluffy white clouds.

Drajdah: Gah sheep, goats, chickens, pigs smelly animals.

Zanna: You should smell the cows. When I was reaped my brother covered himself in poop so he wouldn’t be picked. Well they picked me instead.

The usually routine played out with the parade and speeches and the big party after. Zanna punched her brother in the arm when she saw him, not in a mean way but playfully. That seemed to be the way her family showed affection.

Marine: Can we see the animals after we visit the graveyard?

Drajdah: Do you kill the animals here?

Marine had a shocked and sad look on her face. Zanna nodded but Logan wasn’t sure if she meant they could see the animals or if they killed them here. Logan didn’t really care or need to know what happen to the animals. The Graveyard had a lot of grass and some sheep were wondering around. Zanna said that was how they kept the grass low. Unfortunately they probably would eat the flowers. Serena Yale was buried off to the side. It seemed that District 10 were displeased with Serena’s behavior, she killed Georgey who was from her own District. Logan felt a little resentment towards her but he didn’t hate her. Why bother, she was dead? Maybe he would see her soon in District 0. Leon Silas grave was next. Logan never encountered him during the Games and even in training. Zanna said he was okay and she saw him working in the fields with the animals a lot but they weren’t really friends. The last grave belonged to Georgey Dirkson. He was in Logan’s Alliance and he was the person Serena Yale had killed. He was only three. Logan did his best to protect him and as soon as he left his sight, Georgey got killed. Logan always felt responsible for his death.

Zanna: I didn’t know him too well because of his age. I saw him a few times with the pigs. He liked playing with the piglets.

Zanna took everyone to the stall were some of the animals were kept. Most of the animals were off in the fields grazing but some of them were kept inside. The Victors ran into some of the families members of the other Tributes and a few fans. Zanna’s brother was with them. Logan signed some autographs for the kids. Georgey’s family was really nice to him. It seemed District 10 people wanted to be around the Victors making it a little difficult to move around. Logan didn’t mind the attention since they already visited the graveyard. One of the kids who looked a little like Georgey but older kept asking Logan questions about his Hunger Games. Marine was making friends with the younger girls while Drajdah was talking about how awesome his dogs was and how he could command him. Zanna was with her two brothers Sydney who was older and her younger brother Jordan. Sydney had brought Zanna’s younger brother Jordan out. He was crippled and in a wheelchair, not the fancy ones Logan has seen in the Capitol, though those were used for lazy people who didn’t feel like walking, but Jordan’s looked to be partly homemade from scrap that the family had found. Logan went over to meet Zanna’s family.

Zanna: Sydney, Jordan, where are our parents?

Jordan: Probably at the saw mill again.

Zanna: They didn’t get to day off? You would think they would have gotten the day off because their daughter is a Victor. Why do they still work there?

Marine: Is something wrong Zanna?

Zanna: Just that my parents aren’t here, that’s all.

Drajdah: My parents quit their jobs when I became a Victor.

Zanna: They are working on quitting but there’s like some kind of paper work or something stupid like that.

Sydney: I’m sure they will get a half day because it’s the Victors’ Tours.

Jordan: They’ll come. They wouldn’t miss this.

Zanna: I supposed but… yeah where is Logan?

Everyone looked around and noticed he wasn’t with him. The ghost people were also wondering around looking for Logan.

Misty: Adrianna is missing!

Tamora: Oh God she killed him!

Chase: Calm down, I am sure he is around her somewhere.

Zanna: Sydney, Jordan, help us find Logan.

Sydney: I am sure your friend is fine.

Jordan: Maybe he is her boyfriend?

Zanna: No he’s not! He’s older than me!

Sydney: She’s denying it. This must mean it’s true!

Zanna punched her brother in the arm angrily. Sydney just laughed but still gripping his arm. While Zanna bickered with her brothers, Drajdah and Marine wondered off to look for their missing comrade. The ghost people joined in to help since the Vinland siblings were busy. Misty came back from flying over the cows.

Misty: The seemed to be afraid of me. Can animals see ghost?

Marine: Maybe they can sense them.

Drajdah: Forget the cows, did you see Logan?

Misty: No.

Tamora: Oh god Adrianna killed him! Now I’ll never find my brother!

Bianca: Maybe he is back on the train?

Henna: Let’s go look!

Both Bianca and Henna floated off towards the train station while the others looked for Logan or Adriana on the farms. He wasn’t at the goats or sheep pins, Marine had to stop everyone because there were five hour old baby goats. Finally after a while Zanna and her brothers caught up to the group. Chase came back from looking where the pigs were kept a little after Zanna and her brothers met up with them, he had no news of Logan.

Zanna: Where did this guy go?

Drajdah: If only I had Chocolate Cake with me. He could sniff out Logan in no time.

Sydney: Who’s Chocolate Cake?

Zanna: Drajdah’s dog.

Sydney: Well we have the sheep dogs that look after the grazing sheep. They keep the foxes away from them and the chickens.

Drajdah: We can try it.

Sydney: Only thing is the peacekeepers don’t like us taking animals out of their areas.

Chase: Why can’t you use a dog for search and rescue?

Marine: he can’t hear you Chase.

Sydney: Huh?

Marine: Nothing…

Chase: I forgot…

Misty: Okay so what if after we looked there, like at the goats, Logan got there right after?

Chase: Do you want us to check again?

Tamora: Now I’ll never find my brother! What are we going to do?

Misty: First off calm down. Second we better split up. We’ll cover more ground.

Marine: Okay Misty.

Drajdah jabbed Marine in the arm and indicated with his eyes towards Sydney and Jordan.

Zanna: Hey you hear music?

Sydney: Like from the Victors’ Party you should be at?

Zanna: No it’s different.

Marine: I don’t hear anything but the animals.

Tamora: We’re never going to get to District 0! I’m never going to see my brother again! All is lost! What will we do without him! Adrianna how could you?!

Zanna: Damn it Tamora calm down! You are starting to piss me off!

Sydney: Is something wrong with you?

Jordan: Is that who you are looking for?

Everyone’s eyes looked in the direction that Jordan pointed in. There standing face to face with a huge horse was Logan. Everyone rushed over to see if he was alright.

Zanna: Logan what are you doing?! You scared us!

Logan didn’t respond. He just started at the big brown horse in front of him. Zanna asked him if he was okay and Logan just nodded.

Logan: I want a horse…

Zanna: Great. He wants a horse he says… You had us all worried half to death and you were over here by the horses the whole time! We though Adrianna killed you.

Logan didn’t respond again. All he did was put his hand on the horse’s face. Marine jabbed Zanna in the side and pointed at her brothers.

Logan: I remember the chariot rides. We had four black stallions pulling out chariot. I remember before the ride and after I got to spend time with the horses. Our stylish even let me feed them.

Marine: Awe… They didn’t let me near the horse till I was on the chariot.

Zanna explained that the horses for the chariot ride are raised here. Since Logan was a Victor maybe he can buy one. Logan hadn’t gone very far from where they last saw him. In fact while everyone was busy running around looking in a frantic for him, Logan had remained in one spot the whole entire time. It took some persuading but they were finally able to drag Logan away from the horse. Bianca and Henna met up with everyone on their way back to the train. It turned out Adrianna had gotten bored and went back to the train to be alone. Zanna saw her parents for a minute or two before the peacekeepers hurried them onto the train. The first thing Logan said to his Escort was;

Logan: I want a horse...

Night XI: Remembrance

Logan still in the Golden City again with Fish, Alonzo, Ella, Drake, Aria and all the guards and they were all invited to a feeds. Logan hated to word feed because it meant people would die, or so it did in the Hunger Games. It was weird eating with the girl on fire who started a rebellion that failed. During the 74th Hunger Games, the two last tributes Katniss and Peeta, her district partner committed suicide which kicked started a rebellion in the Districts. District 13 also got involved and lost the rebellion with the Capitol, however after this, The Hunger Games would include the Capitol and District 13.

Katniss: So how are you liking my city so far?

Alonzo: It’s very nice.

Drake: It’s very golden.

Katniss: Logan how do you like it down here?

Logan: It’s nicer than the Capitol.

As soon as Logan said that he remembered that maybe Katniss no longer remembered the Capitol or the Hunger Games. Katniss just smiled at Logan. Logan saw out of the corner of his eye Luke make a sad face.

Alonzo: Now not to be rude or anything but may I ask why you have called us down here?

Katniss: My researchers have discovered something and were wondering if anyone beyond the Golden City would like to be involved.

Alonzo: What did you find?

Katniss: We have found a way out.

Malecai: A way out?

Katniss: There is a way for the dead to return to the World of the Living.

Ella: The dead?

Katniss: Yes, we are all dead down here.

Katniss glanced at Logan briefly. He was surprised she would blurt that out like that. Clearly Ella nor some of the other knew they were dead. Logan could see some of the others were confused and starting to freak out.

Norman: What do you mean we are dead?

Malik: I’m not dead.

Katniss: Do you remember how you got down here?

Malik: I’ve always been down here.

Katniss: You don’t remember your own death. You never questioned why some people are always bleeding from open wounds that never heal? Or when new people show up every year or why some just disappear?

Gunner rumbled the hole in his head from the arrow that killed him. Logan could see it was starting to bother him.

Alonzo: Enough! Guards don’t listen to her and go outside. She’s just trying to get into your head so you’ll stay here.

The guards under Alonzo got up and went outside into the Golden City. Aria, Ella and Drake followed but Fish and Logan remained. It seems that Fish was already suspecting that she was dead long before Katniss said it.

Alonzo: Why did you do that? You’ll freak them out. In their own time they will realized they are dead on their own.

Katniss: It’s better to just straight up and tell them.

Alonzo: Doing it that way gives them no time to accept what has happen to them and they won’t accept their death.

Katniss: It wouldn’t matter. Soon the way to the Upper World will open.

Fish: What do you mean?

Katniss: During a particular day the dead may emerge from the Earth and walk among the Dead. The Gate will open and everyone can leave this holding tank and return to their families.

Logan: Won’t that freak their families out?

Alonzo: How do you know this will happen?

Katniss: It was written down by the creator of this world. It opens each and every singal time he comes and leaves.

Katniss indicated towards Logan.

Katniss: But only he can pass through the Gate because he still has life. Otherwise the death was pulled back in. But on this day, the Gate is weakened and the dead can freely pass through and leave. We will lead an army to the Upper World and defeat the Capitol and bring an end to the Hunger Games. Then no one will ever have to die again.

Alonzo: Death is important Katniss. Over wise the world would over populate.

Katniss: Well people can die but at an old age. Why do they have to die young?

Alonzo: That’s life way of weeding out the weak from the strong. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Katniss: We can use it to kill off our enemies and remain alive in Pamen? What about that?

Death doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Death doesn’t have favorites.
Logan: This wouldn’t help Katniss. Then the death people will find the way out too and come back as well.

Katniss: Only those killed in the Hunger Games come here. If we kill the Capitol people or anyone else, they won’t come here because they didn’t die in a Hunger Games.?

Fish: Who’s to say wherever those other people go can do the same there? Maybe those other places have ways out too.

Luke had gathered some of the Golden City guards in case they visitors were to do anything to their leader. However Katniss was already dead, when could they do?

Logan: I don’t think Demonclaw would be happy about this.

Katniss: That demon holds us prisoner in here. Why can’t we leave?

Alonzo: People can leave and travel to the world beyond this one, but it is not Earth.

Katniss: How do you know there is a world beyond this one? Have you ever been there? What if the portal takes us somewhere worse than here? Or Panem?

Alonzo: I never been beyond but we are told it’s better than anywhere we have been. However no one can travel there till they accept their death.

Katniss: And who tells you this place exists? Demonclaw? He could be lying. Has anyone ever seen the portal to the next world?

Alonzo: It only makes itself know to those who wish to go.

Katniss: Don’t you want to return to your families? Wouldn’t you rather go to somewhere you have been too and already know and love? This is our chase to escape this place.

The atmosphere in the room was starting to heat up. Logan didn’t approve of this idea either even if he would like some of the Tributes to return like Clarabella or Fish but he knew death was important. His parents died but this plan of Katniss’ wouldn’t bring them back.

Alonzo: Leave the living to deal with their own problems. The dead cannot exist in that world. If you go through the Gate it will kill your soul forever and that’s worser than death.

Alonzo was irritated and had enough. He got up and left to room. Fish and Logan followed. Outside the castle the rest of the Guards waited for their leader. Alonzo did his best to comfort some of them and disprove what Katniss had said.

Malik: My chest hurts.

Alonzo: You’ll be fine. Just don’t think about it. Here eat this, it’ll make you feel better.

Alonzo gave Malik some kind of plant leaves. The leaves had a strong sweet smell to them and they were strangely green at the end but a reddish violet at the bottom. They were not like any plant Logan had seen before. Malik put them in his mouth and chewed them. Malecai was pacing back and forth while Kallum was glaring at Johnny.

Johnny: What’s your problem?

Kallum: You killed me. I remember now.

Johnny: I didn’t kill you.

Logan recalled that Johnny had killed lots of people during his Game and he wasn’t even from a Career District. Still Logan couldn’t remember if Johnny had killed Kallum.

Kallum: Your face is the last thing I remember. You are the last thing I see when I sleep.

Johnny: Well maybe someone else killed you and I was trying to help you or something. Maybe they killed me too.

Kallum: No I was against you, I remember.

Malik: If Johnny killed Kallum who killed me? Am I really dead?

Alonzo: You are fine. You feel better now?

Malik: Oh yeah my chest doesn’t hurt anymore.

Alonzo: Then you are fine. Here everyone else eat some. It’ll make you feel better.

Cholo: Johnny killed me too.

Johnny just grunted in disbelief. Cholo’s eyes went to Malik, while Gunner was staring at Star now. Ella was sitting down next to Drake. Logan realized that most of the people in Alonzo’s squad came from the same Game and most had killed each other. However when they were unaware of their death they worked together pretty good. Maybe because they knew each other before. Norman wasn’t from the 95th Game, so he was unaffected by this.

Malecai: Did I kill anyone?

Alonzo: No you were from another Hunger Game.

Malecai: How do you know?

Alonzo: We
were in the same Hunger Games. You wanted to kill me for some reason.
Malecai: Why?

Alonzo: I don’t know. I didn’t do anything to you. You just hated me.

Malecai: That’s stupid.

Kallum: So we are dead??

Alonzo: Come with me. I’ll explain it to you.

Alonzo: Crap stop taking about it.

Kallum: We want to know.

Alonzo lead the guards off a ways while Logan and Fish stayed with Aria, Ella and Drake. Logan could hear Alonzo explaining what had happen to everyone and how the Land of the Dead work.

Ella: I killed Johnny… And I killed Fallon. I killed both of them.

Drake: I know.

Ella: Why do you know?

Drake: Because I killed you after you had killed Fallon.

Ella: Why? Why did you do that?! It was an accident. Johnny would have killed her. We were working together remember?

Drake: I was partners with Fallon. I was angry. I’m sorry.

Ella: You killed me! You bastard! How could you do that? How could you take me away from my mother? My father, my brothers and sisters! You took everything away from me!

Drake: I’m sorry. I didn’t know you then.

Ella: You knew all along that you had killed me? We’ve been living together here ever since we got here.

Drake: No not at first but later I remembered but we were already friends, so I didn’t want to tell you.

Ella: You killed me!

Ella began to hit Drake over and over again. All Drake did was curl up into a ball along the side of the wall. Fish went over and stopped Ella and pulled here away.

Fish: There’s nothing you can do about it now. He’s already dead.

Ella: I know but I want to make him pay for what he did.

Drake: I’m sorry…

Ella: I want Gary, where is he?

Logan: Gary died.

Ella: How do you know?

Logan: I was twelve when your Game took place. I remember because it was my first time having my name in the reaping. Drake was killed by Cedar one of the Victors.

Ella: Aria why are you not freaking out?

Aria: I already know I died. I was killed by quicksand in Alonzo’s Game. We were allies.

Finally Alonzo returned by himself. He declared that they were leaving but first they needed to know what Katniss was up too.

Day XII: Area 11

District 11 wasn’t as bad as Logan had thought it would be. There were lots of orchards with fruit trees which made the place smell nice.  Logan was happy that the Victors Tour would be ending soon. He was getting tired of giving speeches and just wanted to be home in his own back and be came with his brother Mitch. He didn’t like the idea of leaving his brother for too long. The Escorts were annoying as well.

Zanna: Was anyone in an Alliance with the Tributes from District 11?

Logan: None were in my Alliance.

Drajdah: I was by myself most of the time.

Marine: Who were the people from 11?

Logan read the list of names. The Victors were given a name list of the people in their Game. Logan actually never knew the tributes from 11.

Logan: Caleb Kieds, Melissa Clover, Viscuss Mar and Roseiline Fitzgerald.

Marine: How did they die?

Zanna: I don’t really remember.

Logan recalled from the footage of the Game that London killed Roseiline. Aqua killed Viscuss and Caleb died during the Bloodbath by Gavin. Melissa lived the longest but ultimately met her end by hands or knife of Elena. District 11 tributes really didn’t do that good during this Game. Melissa was the only one who made any kills. She had killed Aqua, Nicholas and London after he had killed Roseiline.

Drajdah: Great we are here finally. Come one let’s get this thing over with.

District 11 people were real friendly like all the others but somehow the people felt warmer. They must have liked the Victors since none of them had killed any of the 11 tributes during the Games. Everyone here seem to wear the same kind of clothing probably to protect themselves while climbing trees, or it was some kind of uniform worn by the orchard workers. Beside the trees, District 11 was kind of boring. Once the speeches were over, the Victors headed straight to the grave yard. District 11’s grave yard was big and located by a church. Caleb, Melissa, Viscuss and Roseiline’s graves were spread out and were rather hard to find.

Logan: I don’t think I have seen any of these guys in the Afterlife.

Marine: I think no one really cares about District 11.

Logan: They don’t win as often I guess.

Logan felt bad that he really never knew the Tributes from 11. He should have spoken with them before the Game in the training session but at that time everyone was really nervous. Logan really only spoken to the kids and Fish and Brynn.

Logan: Well I guess this is all we can do now. Let’s figure out how to send the ghost tributes to the Afterlife.

Misty, still needed to find Justinain's soul, Tamora wasn't leaving till she knew if Shadow was her brother or not. Ash, Hanna, Chase, Bianca and Adrianna were also this in need of peace. Henna and Bianca seem content with playing with each other and their ghosty powers. Chase was killed by Marine but he already said he wasn't angry with her. Marine was using Callope's spear.

Logan: When Marine killed you Chase, she used Callope's spear.

Chase: So Callope killed me?

Zanna: Kind of, maybe that is why you are stuck here. You need to make peace with Callope.

Logan: I think Callope is in District 0. I don't remeber if I ran into her or not.

Logan was extremely tired. He managed to get some sleep but not a whole lot last night. Alonzo visted him several times when Logan returned to the World of the Living. He had check out the files with Ella since she knew Luke, and discovered that Katniss' plan held some truth to them. Logan had to figure a way to stop her now.

Chase: If Callope is in District 0, maybe I should go there too?

Logan: That would be nice...

Logan was so tired he heard the sounds of clip-clopping like a horse. Zanna, who was sitting in front of Logan, turned her head in surpise.

Zanna: Is that a horse?

Logan: Wha?

Logan turned in the direction to see what Zanna and the others were looking at. A big black horse with a long shaggy mane and tuffs of hair on it's hooves. It stopped just behind Logan and rubbled it's nose against Logan.

Logan: What's this?

Marine: It's a pony...

Drajdah: It's a big black pony with red eyes...

Bianca: There's a note on it's rains.

Instrictively Hanna grabbed it without think she is a ghost. Somehow she was able to picked it up. Logan knew she could move some objects but not that well.

Hanna: It's for you Logan.

Logan: Oh kay...

Logan opened the letter and read it. It said:

Dear Mr. Hawkeye,

I know you have been wanting a horse since your visit to District 10,

Well, here is your own horse.

He can travel to and from worlds when you need,

Just whisle when you need him.

Your Sponsor,


Logan: Holy Crap I have a pony!

Night XII: Coming Soon

To be conitued...

Something to keep my followers occupied: The 101st Hunger Games

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