Hello everyone, I am Aniju Aura and I like to invite everyone to The Hunger Games Fanon, made it for a friend.

It is a Fan-Fiction base site for the book series. I hope people show up, it is very new, just finally got around to making it today. (May 3, 2012) There people can make their own characters, games and stories. I hope to get a multi-writer story going that several people can join. Got one multi-writer story in the making called The 32th Hunger Games, just need some people to join.

I'll be posting my Fan-Fiction there if you care to read it, may take me awhile though. I never read the book but I saw the movie and became interested after realizing a concept story I was working on was very similar and decided to just turn it into a quick fan-fiction.

Still working on the wikia so I hope people decided to use it because I made it for people who like the book.

The 32th Games

So over at The Hunger Games Fanon, we got one multi-writer fan-fiction up and ready for people to join. It is called the 32th Hunger Games. This game was mentioned in my personal story 54th Games, by the main character. Her uncle Bruno competed in the 32th Games and well I am too lazy to write it as the 54th Game is taking most of my time as well as other things. So leave it open for anyone to join and compete in alongside Bruno.

How multi-writers work is each user gets to add their own character(s) and write their own part about what happens to their own character(s). I don't know if anyone has tried this here, I think so, but I like to try one. However only one person can edit a blog so if you like to join and compete please join over at The Hunger Games Fanon, link provided above. I am open for ideas and I am flexible so I can change things if needed.

Might just write this my self with characters people would like to compete in this Hunger Games. Maybe that be better.

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