I'm bore so I think I'll take a wack at one of these Games. Here's what's going down. I'm gonna make a Pony Game, oh my gawd, I'm not a brony nor am I a hater don't worry. I just wanna make the ponies fight for my amusment. So the villians, Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis and King Sombra have joined together and taken over Equestria and locked up the main six ponies so they could not use the Elements of Harmony. Then for their own amusment they started up their own Hunger Games because they can! Got it? Goodie! :P

 Rule and What Nots

Now for fairness and so I have an equal amoung of ponies I figured out which Districts will be what kind of pony. So I should have four sets of the three types of ponies. No Alicorns or Changelings please, maybe for another Game.

Districts 1, 5, 8 and 12 are Unicorn Ponies.

Districts 2, 6, 7 and 11 are Pegasus Ponies.

District 3, 4, 9 and 10 are Earth Ponies.

Also a mare is a female horse and a stallion is a male horse just so you know but you can say male or remale, I'll understand in the descriptions. The Ponies can use some weapons, unicorns can use their magic for like bow and arrows, and lances can be harnested on to the sides of ponies and swords can be used in the mouth.

Since this will be the first Game I will make I'll just do the reapings, training stuff and then to the Games which probably will only be a few days. The Ponies will encounter Equestian creatures along the way and whoever is left standing wins!  Four Tributes per-person please. And I'll do my best not to suck, I have a little bit of dislexia so sorry if things are misspelled. I'll try my best.

For the Winner I'll draw a picture of their tribute.


Name: Give me a good pony name, rather than a human name please.

Cutie Mark: Just tell me what it is or show me a photo if you can't get in on your pony

District: Where does this pony live?

Personality: What is this pony like

Appearance: Tell me what your pony looks like. Also please make me a photo using this Pony Maker

History: Tell me a little bit about your pony's past.

Weapon: What do this pony use

Strenghts: What's your pony is good at

Weaknesses: What your pony is not good at

Token: Good luck charm

And be sure to tell me anything else you like me to know about your pony(s) if you want it in the story.

District Name Weaopn Cutie Mark Creator
District 1 Stallion
District 1 Mare Star Sword Swords Sword EpicnezzEmily
District 2 Stallion
District 2 Mare Mystical Creature Throwing Knives  An Eye .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
District 3 Stallion
District 3 Mare
District 4 Stallion
District 4 Mare
District 5 Stallion
District 5 Mare
District 6 Stallion
District 6 Mare
District 7 Stallion
District 7 Mare Tree Breeze Axe Tree EpicnezzEmily
District 8 Stallion
District 8 Mare
District 9 Stallion Tracker Mead Machete Animal footprints Smiley :P
District 9 Mare Blossom Whip Blue Daisy Sir Rock
District 10 Stallion Wolfvane Spear Wolf howling at the moon Sir Rock
District 10 Mare Oracle Maneryder Shurikens Fireplace XXxLiGhTsxXx
District 11 Stallion
District 11 Mare
District 12 Stallion
District 12 Mare


Since Lunaiis are useless in this story you can use this Pony Maker instead.


I'll figure this out later.


The Area is the cave system under Canterlot. There are several chambers and tunnels. For added light there are crystals and mushrooms that glow so none unicorn ponies can see. There are also two underground rivers that encircle the Cornicorpia which is located right in the middle of the Cave System.


Get to it when we are ready!


I like


Lets us proceed... with your Games!

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