The Games

This years games will be more epic than ever.One boy.One girl.One winner. With a larger arena more weapons to choose from and with a battle to the death you don't want to miss.

The Rules

You can only tribute one boy and one girl. I will need your tributes: Name, District, Age, Skills, Stategy,and Background. The more creative you are with your tributes the better the games will be. There will be scores,chariot rides,and interviews, so remember these are YOUR tributes, the more creative the better. So let the odds be in your favor.


District Males Females

Pearson Woods 13

Ryley Cayllyatt 12

Stuart Hummes 14

Geneive Terrion 15


Golden Hawbrook 18

Pema Alderweel 17


Logan Blue 18

Misty Blue 18


Ashes Mackay 15

De'Nada Dreader 15


Perer Needle 13

Sweet Soothers 15


Yabba Dabba 16

Zoe Harrison 13


Zeus Leo 17

Juno Scarlet 15


Bulgar Millet 17

Kasha Farro 14


Talon Faust 17

Kedzie Woods 15

11 Luke Heart 15

Jay Sparrow 15


Storm Chasser 14

Forest Daylight 12


The arena will be spit up into two sides. To the right will consist of grassy plains, a dark forest (perfect for hiding), and two sources of water. This side also consist of game such as rabbits and foxes, but also holds home to dangerous muttations that have a lust to kill. To the left of the arena is a chilling wasteland that consist of snow covered mountains and caves, blizzards and avalanches are sure to happen. Very little trees are in this area.No food or plant life. Held within some of the caves connected to the mountains consist of luxories such as weapons,gourmet food, and personal belongings. The left side is the best place for secure shelter and getting away from other tributes. And the cornicopia is dropped center point of the arena were all the tributes will begin the bloodbath.

Chariot Rides

District 1: Pearson and Ryley are both on there chariot waving nervously to the sreaming fans. Pearson is wearing a suit covered from head to toe with jewels and shining with rays of light. Ryley is wearing a short dress that is also covered from head to toe with jewels with beaming lights bouncing off of her. The crowd is loving the enthusiasim from both tributes as Ryley blows kisses to all the fans. They reach the end and hop off the chariot. "You think we did good?" Ryley says as she fools around with jewels on her sleeves. "We couldn't have done better" Pearson smiles and walks off. Ryley walks off in the other direction thinking that she would love to be the final two tributes left with Pearson but remembers that she would never be able to fight him, her smile turns into a frown as she walks into the dressing room.

District 2: Geneive is holding Stuarts hand as they ride across across the field. They are both wearing a black silk clothing. Stuart is wearing silk vest and pants nothing to special. Geneive is not getting much applause either with her silk gown. But they each give the brightest smiles they can, and the audience is a little disapointed in District 2. The chariot stops and they both exit, "thanks" Stuart lets go of Geneives hand and heads to the dressing room. He didn't know why but Stuart trusted Geneive and would do anything to protect her. Geneive smiles back at him but because of his disability she knew he wouldn't very long in the games.

District 3: Golden and Pema are riding in the chariots wearing machined like clothing that changes into different arrays of colors which the crowd is loving. Golden "accidently" brushs his hand against Pemas and turns his head. Pema looks at him confused and then gets the idea, she leans over and kisses him on the cheek, the crowd roars with excitement. Golden turns his head back at her with shock.

District 4: Logan and Misty are squeezing eachothers hands as they reach the end of the field. Misty is wearing a sea green dress with fish nets tied to the back of it. Logan is wearing a sea blue suit with a sea green tie. The cuteness of the couple wins over the hearts of fans as they aww in a sappy romantic kind of way. Logan places his hand on Mistys stomach and her face turns bright red. He takes his hand back and continues to smile at the crowd.

District 5: Both Ashes and De'Nada are looking amazing with their bright red and black unitards. Ashes winks at the fan girls and they drop at the sight of him. De'Nada plays close attention to the sponsers and smiles at them. The crowd is going nuts for these two, and the sponsers are taking great notice to this.

District 6: Perer is wearing a white suit with a black tie. He waves to the crowd but not getting much out of them. Sweet is wearing a tight fitting candy stripers uniform that grabs the eyes of the guys in the audience. She blows kisses with both of her hands and Perer sighs in relief as tries to play along and smacks Sweet in the behind, the crowd blows whistles and cheers louder.

District 7: Yabba and Zoe get maybe two claps as they cross the field. The audience is very confused.

District 8: Zeus and Juno trie to get the attentions of the crowd by shooting rockets from their sleeves and Juno gives a few eye gestures that grosses out Zeus "oh god" he says to himself but gives the crowd a big smile. Although he would rather be anywhere than standing next to Juno he sucks it up and watched the crowd cheer at both of them.

District 9: Bulgar is flexing his muscles at the crowd as they laugh and cheer. Kasha smiles lightly and waves her hand to the crowd, she catches a rose thrown at her from the crowd and Bulgar grabs it from her hand with his mouth. Kasha laughs to this and the crowd is feeling the cute factor.

District 10: Kedzie is wearing a bright baby blue dress with her hair pulled in a bun. Talon is also wearing the same color as Kedzie but instead wearing a silk shirt with a vest covered in diamonds. Kedzie gets nervous as the crowd begins to get bored as they ride across the field. Kedzie looks over to Talon grabs his head with her hands and plants a kiss right into his lips. The crowd slowly begins to cheer louder for the couple. Talon realizes what Kedzie is doing and begins to fight her mouth with his tongue. The croud literally goes insane for this and begin to throw roses at both of them. The chariot reaches the end and they both get off. "Don't ever do that again" Talon says to Kedzie as he wipes his mouth with his hand and walks off. "Don't worry" she turns away and heads to the dressing room.

District 11: Luke jumps up and down trying to get the excitement of the crowd but fails to get a single cheer. Jay gets a little anxious and looks over to a bird on the edge of the field. She begins to bird whistle which gets the attention of the crowd. The bird flys over to the couple and begins to sing a melody of its own, more birds begin to join the song and start to fly around the chariot, the crowds confused but amazed as well. Luke looks over to Jay and they both share a smile. The crowd applauses to the birds dance.

District 12: Forest and Storm are covered in head to toe in coal with each wearing a kind of stylish coal miners helmet. They trie their best to get the excitement of the crowd but fail. They reach the end and Forest burst into tears "no one is going to sponser us" the coal begins to roll down her face. "Hey look Forest, we still have training scores to prove to the sponsers that were good enough" Storm tries to comfort Forest by wrapping his arm around her.Forest smiles "you're right, I'm not going to quit before the games even start" she heads over to the dressing room with Storm right behind her

Training Scores

District 1

Pearson- 6

Ryley- 5

District 2

Stuart- 2

Geneive- 7

District 3

Golden- 4

Pema- 4

District 4

Logan- 8

Misty- 3

District 5

Ashes- 9

De'Nada- 12

District 6

Perer- 6

Sweet- 2

District 7

Yabba- ?

Zoe- 4

District 8

Zeus- 11

Juno- 1

District 9

Bulgar- 7

Kasha- 10

District 10

Talon- 9

Kedzie- 8

District 11

Luke- 9

Jay- 3

District 12

Storm- 7

Forest- 6


A man in a black suit and tie walks upon the stage with a note card, the crowd goes silence. "I'm sorry to inform everyone but tonights interviews have been cancelled". The crowd gets upset about this. "Unfortunatlly fellow tribute Yabba has been disqualified for trying to attack one of the judges at training scores". The crowd begins to get confused. "But instead he attacked our host Apple Justice, and she is in recovery right now" he flips the card in his hand "because of such actions Yabba, from district 7 has been taken care of and is no longer in this years Hunger Games". The is upset not due to the boy being killed for attacking the host but for the interviews being cancelled. "Good night everyone" he turns around and walks off stage.

The Hunger Games Day 1

The tributes waited on their platforms for the gong to sound and for the bloodbath begin. As each tribute stood their for what seemed like hours instead of seconds, a few of the tributes began to give signs to those they wanted safe. Logan looked down six tributes to the right of him and spotted Misty, he pointed behind him and Misty understood and gave him a small thumbs up next to her side so no one would see their plans. De'Nada looked in the middle of the cornicopia and saw what she despertly wanted. Ryley was standing one platform away from Bulgar, who looked like someone you didn't want to get in the way of. Zeus looked to the right of him and saw tall trees covered in moss, and to the left looked like a vaste wasteland of ice and dead trees, he planted his feet straight towards a backpack that lead straight towards the woods. Before any more pre game moves could be made the gong sounds. Each tribute ran scrambling to grab anything and get the hell out of there. De'Nada quickly runs to the center and picked up a medium sized back pack, with a bow n arrow attached to it. Misty immeditaly runs towards where Logans platform was and runs past it into the woods. Ryley snatched a small bag about ten feet away from her and headed towards the forest. Pearson watched her run into the woods but decides to grab a large backpack near the cornicopia and head to the cold tundra.Luke and Jay find eachother in the mayham and spot Logan grabbing a few supplies near the edge of the woods, "now or never" Luke says and pulls out a knife from the pack he picked up and threw it swiftly towards Logans back.Bullseye. He stumbles over and falls down. Luke and Jay run towards the frozen wasteland with no followers. Forest gets confused in the chaos as Storm grabs her arm and takes her into the woods. Golden heads straight to frozen wasteland when he hears a faint cry "Golden!" he turns around to find Ashes pulling out his spear from Pema's side. Stuart from district 2 grabs nothing but sees Geneive running into the icy trees, and he follows her. Juno and Sweet fall victim to De'Nada's arrows as she runs into the forest. Kedzie grabs a green bag next to Sweet's body and runs to the snowy side. Zoe and Perer each find a small bag and head off into different directions into the forest. Kasha and Bulgar make a quick alliance and run to the woods. Half a hour later Forest and Storm stop running and drop to the ground. Storm hears a sound in the bushes and pulls a knife from his bag, Talon walks out of it with his hands up. Storm puts down his knife and says "what took you so long?"


Pema Alderwheel

Logan Blue

Sweet Soothers

Juno Scarlet


Snowy side:

Forest side: Misty and Ryley, De'Nada, Luke

The Hunger Games Night 1

Misty's POV

I stopped running when the trees began to get thicker and the sky got darker. I looked behind me. Still no one. All I can do is hope that Logan is ok. Panems symbol started to shine bright in the sky and the anthem began to play. A girl from district 3 appears, and the what follows takes the breath out of me. Logans face covers the sky and I fall to the ground gasping for air. He's gone. Forever. Alone. No food or weapons with me, hoping he would survive, not much longer before I join him. I hear a thud coming from the tree behind me and a cannon fires.

Ryley's POV

It's too dark to continue traveling, I could start to hear the capitals muttations began to make their move so I climb up a tree and set up camp. I completely forgot the bag I grabbed from the cornicopia and unzip it. Inside is a small pack of crackers, a flash light, water container, a couple of matches, and a switch blade. Not much to work with but it will have to do. The sky gleams with Panems symbol and todays death toll begans. First is the girl from district 3, and what shocks me is the boy from district 4, then the girls from district 6 and 8. A small sound from the ground gets my attention as I see a girl holding a blow gun to her lips ready to take fire. I can see what she's aiming at. The girl from district 4. I grab the switchblade and quietly make my way down. "Fight or flight Ryley?" I think to myself as my feet hit the ground.

Mistys POV

The girl from district 7 I remember her due to her awkward chariot ride. She slumps towards me and falls over with a hole in the back of her neck. The body is picked up and carried into the skys by the game makers. Behind the same tree is a girl holding bloody blade in her hand. "Who are you?" I ask as she walks over to me. "Ryley" she says holding out her hand. She helps me up. "Why did you save me?" I ask, she could have easily let the girl from 7 take me out. "I remeber you from training, I'm sorry about what happened to your partner" she says softly. I knew that this was the girl I could trust to help me survive. "Team" I hold out my hand. "Team" she replies and shakes my hand. I follow her back to the tree she was hiding in and we both agreed to take turns keeping watch.


Zoe Harrison

End of day 1

The Hunger Games Day 2

Lukes POV

Jay and I had set up camp the night before in a cave along side the mountain. "We have to go to the other side" I tell Jay as I enter the cave holding up the last piece of dried fruit that was found in the backpack that I picked up at the cornicopia. "Your right" she said packing up the weapons and left over food and water. We left the cave and I hear other footsteps walking from the other side of the trees. "Quick get in the bushes" I tell her as I drop the backpack near a tree and we both take cover in the frozen bush.

Genieves POV

"How much longer til we stop" Stuart moaned to me. "Not much longer" I lied. But anything to make him stop complaining would be helpful. It would be easy if I told him I was just looking for fire wood and run off, but for some reason I couldn't leave him defenseless. I heard a sound coming from the bushes but pretended I didn't hear it. I slowed down and gently started to reach for the 6" inch dagger in my pocket. "What are you doing?" Stuart asked me. Dam he is going to give me away. But another rustle in the bush gave me no time, so I quickly pulled out the dagger in my pocket and threw it into the bush and what followed was the sound of a cannon fire.

Lukes POV

"What the hell?" I say after the sound of a cannon surrounds the arena. "Sounds like someone had a bad day" Jay says as she begins to walk out from the bush. "Yeah but I know I heard someone" It wasn't some kind of animal, or maybe one of the capitals mutts following us. I walk to the backpack I left near a tree earlier only to notice it was already open. "Jay did you get something out of the sack?" I ask her, but she shakes her head no. I reach inside. Empty.

Genieves POV

I walk into the bush that I sent my dagger flying in. Stuart starts to follow me. I push a few leaves out of the way and find the body of a boy with blonde hair with my blade cut deep into his right eye. "Gross" I say as I retrieve my knife back. The boys body is pulled up and the boom of another cannon sends a jolt right through me. I hear a body fall behind me. Stuart is on the ground, blood tripping from the back of his ear. I look up and see a girl running at full speed away from me with a backpack and a bow and arrow strapped to her back.I get down to my knees next to his body, and I turn his head to the side and see a red feathered dart pearcing his skin. The game makers are about to pick his body up until I kiss the top of his head and head straight to the forest.


Stuart Hummes

Golden Hawbrook

The Hunger Games Night 2

Talons POV

The anthem started to play and dead tributes began to show in the sky as I prepared the fire. The boy from district 2 shows up, not really surprised he's gone so soon. Then Golden.Hah! I offered that kid an alliance and he turned me down. Got what he deserved. Finally the girl from district 7 and the anthem finishes and the sky fills again with stars. "How's that fire?" Storm asks as he drops a couple of skinned foxes next to me. "Good" I replie. "Have you seen Forest?" he says. Well if you consider sending her off on a trail for water then yes. "No" I say. A loud scream comes from the woods and we both know who it is. I grab a tomahawk as Storm reaches for his spear and we both head off. We continue to follow the screams until we reach her. It's to late. A cross bread of a fox and tiger is nibbiling on her insides. "Forest!" Storm screams and chucks his spear into the muttations side, it falls over quickly. We both run to her side but the sound of a cannon means it's to late for her. I see Storm holding up Forest' head as he begins to shed tears. The sound of a foot step grabs my attention "someones here, we have to go back" I nudge Storm on the shoulder, he agrees and we both head back to camp.


Forest Daylight

The Hunger Games Day 3

Ryleys POV

We have traveled a far way from the place I met Misty. We set up camp that was near the waterfall we found earlier. "You know there are a still 15 of us left" Misty said as she splashed her face with water from the stream. "Yeah the gamemakers are going to get us together somehow" I said, if the tributes don't find eachother then the capital will make us find eachother. "I just wonder how their going to do it" Misty said, and speaking of the devil, the ground started to shake. "What is that?" I said, "maybe an earthquake" Misty replied quickly grabbing the very little of supplies we had left. I looked past her into the forest to noticed why the ground was shaking. It's a stampede. Of mutts.

Lukes POV

Our supplies were gone "no,no,no" I said to myself as Jay walked behind me and noticed what happened. "We have to leave this place" she said, I nodded my head and started to head to the woods. "What do you think took our stuff" Jay asked, "not what, who" I said, another tribute got hold of our things and I was going to get them back. But then a huge rumble behind me got my attention, and I tunred around. Avalanche. "Run!" I screamed to Jay and we both booked it. I was running so fast the beat of my heart was jolting. Jay was far behind me and the avalanche was getting closer. "Catch!" Jay yelled and tossed me the bag but was she consumed in the ice and snow.

De'Nadas POV

I was reloading my blow gun with another dart. "These games are going to be easy to win" Ashes said leaning against a tree eating an apple. "Don't get too cocky" I said placing the gun back in my bag. A sound of a cannon fires. "Are you kidding me? We don't even have to kill anyone, there doing it themselves" Ashes laughed and tossed the apple core on the ground. "You hear that?" I asked. No doubt other people were heading this way. "I'll be right back" I said grabbing my gun and heading into the dark woods.

Bulgars POV

Three maybe four mutts were chasing us through the forest getting closer with each huge step. "Quick! In the tree!" I yell to Kasha. She nods her head and we both start to climb the giant trunk all the way to the top. The mutts below were sworming the ground beneath us. "What are they?" Kasha asked, "they look like a mix between an alligator and jaguar" I said, these mutts looked angry and weren't going to leave anytime soon. "We should probably..." Kasha started but stopped in mid sentence. "What?" I say. She moves forward and falls to the ground. I look down and could bearly see the hint of red on the back of her neck. And her cannon fires.

De'Nadas POV

Perfect hit. I place my blow gun back into my bag and head straight back to camp. "What took you?" Ashes said picking up our supplies. "I think the pair from district 9 ran into some trouble with mutts" I say smiling reloading my gun, "lets just say I helped the mutts out".


Kasha Farro

Jay Sparrow

The Hunger Games Night 3

Mistys POV

The mutts that chased us earlier led us into the tundra part of the arena. "It's freezing here" I say as we head south. "Yeah we wont last very long here. We have to go back" I agree, and we both look in the sky for daily casualties. Both girls from 9 and 11. They seemed like big threats, good there gone. "Hey Ryley what do you think about.." I'm about to finish but a spear flys right past my shoulder towards Ryley. "Watch out!" I scream but she doesn't move until someone appears from the bushs and tackles her to the ground. The spear flys straight into a tree and I turn around to see who threw it.

Pearsons POV

She looks up right at me with a sign of relief. I get off her and help her up but quickly pull out my axe and turn to see who threw the spear. He was behind a hollow tree, his clothes look torn to pieces and his eyes. His eyes were blood shot red and they looked insane. I remember him, the boy from 8. He gives a vicious smile, almost like he was snarling at me. He has completely lost his mind.

Ryleys POV

The boy across the field from me looked like someone who escaped an insane asylum. He pulls out some kind of smoke bomb from his pocket crushes it a little and tosses it in between me and Pearson. The small ball cracks and breaks releasing some kind of smoke. "It's toxic!Run!" Pearson yells as me and Misty head straight forward but Pearson heads straight towards the boy axe in hand. "Don't!" I try to tell him but the fumes begin to get bigger and soon it's almost impossible to see so I leave with Misty trailing behind. Then a cannon fires.

Ashes POV

Another cannon sounds which brings a smile to my face. "What are you doing?" I ask De'Nada who's messing around with her bow as we trail the forest hunting for game, and other tributes. "Nothing" she replies and straps her bow on her back. We walk past a lake, and another tribute catches my eye. "Let me have this one" I say. She moves aside and I chuck the spear in my hand right through his body. He falls backward and his cannon fires. "Alright you had your fun, lets go" De'Nada says, but I have another idea. I walk over to his body and retrieve my spear, and with the sharp tip I carve a smile into the boys mouth "much better, he looked a little sad" I laugh and let the gamemakers collect the body. "That wasn't neccessary" De'Nada almost yells back at me. "So what?" I say and walk in front of her.

De'Nadas POV

Oh you might think you're so high and mighty now, but we'll see who gets the last laugh.


Pearson Woods or Zeus Leo

Perer Needle

The Hunger Games Night 4

Ryleys POV

We finally stop when we feel like no one is around us. "We should start a fire" I say since the wind began to get colder. The anthem plays and the deaths start and I cross my fingers. Pearsons face shines in the sky and I take a deep breath, maybe he got the boy before he died. No. The boy from district 6 and girl from district 12 appear then it goes dark. The girl from 12's death sends a thought through me. Death in the arena has no mercy. A sound comes from the top of a tree in front of me and Misty throws the spear we got from the boy from 8 and makes a direct hit to whoever was hiding in there. I look at her in surprise. "I'm not just a pretty face" she says and smiles. A cannon fires and a girl comes flying from the tree and hits the ground.

Talons POV

Storm and I are resting next a larger rock after fighting off a couple of mutts earlier. "That was hard" he says wiping a drop of sweat from his face. "Here, this will help" I said holding a few berries I picked up earlier from my pocket. "Thanks" he says and puts a few in his mouth. A cannon fires and he slumps on my shoulder. "It's been fun, Storm" I say as I take his bag off his back "you wont be needing this anymore" I say as the a hovercraft comes over us. I head straight to the lake to set up camp. There was cannon earlier, there can't be many more of us left. Good.

Lukes POV

I finally reach the forest side, but with only an empty bag and dagger I'm a sitting duck. But before I start to plan my funeral light foot steps run behind me. And I see her. She's running as fast as she can and I run after her. I quickly get close behind her and she twirls around and throws a knife at me, it cuts the top of my right knee. I slow down limping. She continues into the darkness, and she's gone. But she dropped something. I try to rush over and see what it is. It's a small bag holding a pack of matches a couple of dried fruit and a pund of rabbit meat. I'm back in this game baby.


Pearson Woods

Geneive Terrion

Storm Chasser

The Hunger Games Day 5

De'Nadas POV

The sun started to rise as me and Ashes begin to arm are weapons and trail off. "Seven" he says "still seven other tributes besides us" Ashes says sounding aggrivated like he should have won a long time ago. "Wow, I'm surprised you can count to seven" I say with a harsh sarcastic tone. "Shut up" he says and rolls his eyes. "Hey!" someone yells behind me and I quickly pull my bow out ready to take fire. It's the boy from 9, who I killed his partner. "What an idiot, do you want to die?" Ashes laughed hard and pulled out his spear. "I didn't come here to fight, I came here to make a deal" he says raising his arms showing us he's unarmed. "Like we'll believe that" Ashes says as he prepares to throw his spear, but before he does he stops and a cannon fires. He drops to his knees with an axe ingraved in the back of his head. My eyes go wide and I immediatley duck my head as another axe goes flying over me. I turn around and everything feels like it's slow motion, I see a boy ready to throw another tomahawk at me, but I place an arrow into my bow and shoot it into the boys heart, he drops the axe and falls backwards. I turn back around to see the boy from 9 trying to run away, once again I arm my bow and send an arrow into the back of his neck. He stumbles on his own feet and falls down. The sound of two cannons fire.

Mistys POV

The sound of three cannons alerts me. "What happened?" I say to Ryley. "Seems like a few people ran into eachother" Ryley says as we trail off into the forest. "That's good. I hope it's that guy we met back in the snow" Ryley nods her head and we continue traveling.

Lukes POV

What!? Three cannons almost instantly. That only leaves. I started to count the remaning tributes. Six. I think to myself. Hopefully the girl who got me in the leg got dealt with. I start to eat a few pieces of the rabbit and wrap the cut in my knee to with a piece of my shirt.


Ashes MacKay

Talon Faust

Bulgar Millet

The Hunger Games Night 5

Announcer: Congratulations final six! His voice booms through the entire arena. For your accomplishment, the game makers have given each of you a prize for making it this far. Only thing is you have to go get it yourselves. At the cornicopia there will be six bags each marked with your district number, each bag contains something that will ensure your victory in these games, make your decision fast because these gifts will disapear by midnight.

Lukes POV

The announcer finishes his statement and the daily deaths begin to play in the night. The boys from 5,9, and 10 are dead. Dam she's still alive. Theres no way I can let someone else steal my bag, I have to go. With no food left I can't let an opprotunity like this pass me by. No doubt other tributes will be there, just have to make sure I get there first.

Ryleys POV

Me and Misty discuss whether going or not. The announcer said that the bag will contain something to ensure our victory, maybe he's emplying more than one person can win. If it means both Misty and I can leave this place alive, it's worth the risk. "Are you ready?" I ask her while I put two knives in my pockets and eat the last piece of fish. "Yep" Misty replies as she straps her spear to her back and puts out the fire. "Remember the plan?" I ask and she nods her head with a smile. "Then lets go" I say and we head off to the cornicopia.

De'Nadas POV

Of course I'm going, I already have this game in my hand and with a bag filled with something that will ensure a win, theres no way I can lose. I place my axe in the back of my pants, strap the spear and bow to my back and in my right pocket is a poisened tip knife, and in the other are a couple of toxic smoke bombs. I'm preparing for other tributes to show.

Lukes POV

I finally get to the cornicopia, but hide in one of the small trees next to where my platform was one the first day. There are no sign of bags nor tributes, maybe I am the first to get here. I still wait until the ground next to the cornicopia begins to open. What comes up is a marble white table and top of it are six bags marked with each remaining tributes number on it. The ground closes back up and silence. No one attempts to get there bag. I look on the table and I can see it, a bright red bag with the number "11" on it. Should I run and grab it. No. I'm sure somebodys waiting for someone to be foolish enough to do that and take them out. I wait in the tree until someone, no, the girl who cut me in the leg runs at top speed, grabs a purple bag with the number "10" on it and runs straight into the woods. Dam. I should have done that.

Mistys POV

I reach the cornicopia, spear out, and waiting for Ryley to get her bag. On the table are five bags, and I can see mine, it's a sea green bag with the number "4" on it. I can see Ryley across the cornicopia from me and she gives me a thumbs up. I return the signal and she runs straight after the white bag with a "1" on it. But before she can grab it an arrow comes flying from the woods right into her leg.

De'Nadas POV

Perfect hit. Well not completely perfect. The girl falls down before she can get her bag. I aim my next arrow at her head, but the sound of footsteps get my attention I turn to see a rock flying at my head, I duck but lose my balance and fall from the tree.

Ryleys POV

The arrow stings as I try to pull it out. I can hear someone running behind me, a boy runs right past me, grabs a red bag and runs into the woods.

Lukes POV

Yes! Couldn't have time that one perfectly. I continue running into the forest carrying my heavy bag on my back.

Mistys POV

I was about to chuck my spear at a boy running behind Ryley but he just grabbed his bag and continued running. I have to help her I say and run next to her. "You have to get it out" she says as I grab the arrow with both hands and yank it out of her, some of her blood splattering on my face as completely pull out the arrow.

De'Nadas POV

I get up from the ground to see a tall boy who looked like he was part of the circus. "So you like throwing things?Huh?" I say and pull out my knife. He runs right after me and I try to stab him my with knife it bounces back off his chest and sends me flying back to the ground. "How the hell?" I say as I see him heading towards the table.

Mistys POV

The boy from earlier is heading right towards us as I pick up Ryley with my arms. He pulls out a sword from his back and charges right towards us. But before he does, an arrow goes right threw his face and he tumbles forwards. A cannon fires immeditaley after he hits the ground. I see the pool of blood going around his head and the girl from 5 emerges from the bushes with eyes set on us as her next target. I quickly grab the white bag with the number "1" tell Ryley to hold on to it and run as fast as I can into the forest.

De'Nadas POV

Dam. I stop chasing them making sure nobody steals my bag. I grab a black bag with the number "5" on it and sling it around my shoulder. I also grab an orange and green one that was left on the table. I turn head north to set up camp at the lake.


Zeus Leo

The Hunger Games Day 6

Ryleys POV

Misty wraps my wounded leg with medical supplies found in my bag. "Good thing, they had that huh?" Misty says and finishes, "good as new" she says and pats my leg. "Yeah right" I say sarcasticly as I attempt to get up on my own. Inside my bag contained a light sword, three apples, four pounds of rabbit meat, night vision goggles, and a couple of medical supplies. "I have a question" I say over to Misty "what" she replies taking a bite from one of the apples and hands it over to me. "Why did you get my bag?" I ask her, whatever was inside her bag would have helped her tremendously. "I felt like you would need your's more" she says and smiles at me. Five. Five of us left until it's all over. Seeing me and Misty in the final two didn't seem too impossible. Except that girl who tried to kill me at the feast, she's not going to be easy to deal with.

De'Nadas POV

Inside my own bag contained mainly food and a pair of night vision goggles, seems like the game makers felt like I didn't need much help. But inside the green bag I found a perfectly cut dagger made specifically for big game. Perfect. Inside the orange bag, which I assume was the boys I killed, contained 5 pounds of fox meat, a cross bow, and medicine for poisen. Four other people to take out and the games are mine. I arm myself with all my arseniles and head off to find the others.

Lukes POV

Alright, so inside my bag had a ton of fruit and meat, excellent. I also found a jar of medicine for my knee, I rubbed it on, and my wound instantly heeled in a matter of minutes. Man the capital really has some amazing scientist, no wonder so many people from there look so young. Before I packed up my stuff the sound of a cannon shocks me and I almost have a heart attack, with only five, well four, of us left that sound wont come by too often. I wonder who it was. I bend down to pick my bag up and behind me is the body of the girl from ten laying face down with a large mutt spun around her. It looked like a snake but also a lizard. I see a bite mark on her neck, and a knife in her hand ready to kill me. Before I make any more examinations I grab my bag and high tail it out of there.


Kedzie Woods

Dawn of a New Day

Ryleys POV

It feels like the end. Today is going to be the last day, I just know it. "What will happen?" "what?" Misty asks and turns to me "if we make it to the end?" I say as Misty and I trail across the plains into a tall meadow. I hope that Misty and I are the final two, but what then? There can only be one winner. "Well first we have to make it to the end, then we'll figure it out" Misty says taking the lead. Although she knows what happens to alliances that make it to the end, they turn on eachother. I remember a few years back a boy announced his love for this girl, and the girl said the same. But once they were the last tributes left, they turned against eachother, no sign of mercy from each of them. I hope Misty doesn't do that with me, after saving my life I couldn't kill her.

Mistys POV

Ryleys comment sends ideas into my head, lets say we are the last tributes, how can I turn against her? She saved my life when I went found out Logan died. No food or water and she helped me out, for no reason. But there are still two other tributes. The monster of a girl from district five and the boy who didn't attack Ryley when he had the opprotunity. Eleven was the district I think he was from. They both seemed well fed and armed with weapons, me and Ryley will have to fight harder than we ever have to even make it to the end.

De'Nadas POV

Still no sign of no one, where are they? After last nights death toll I know who's still left. The girl from four, the girl from one who I almost killed if it weren't for that idiot boy. And some boy from eleven who I haven't seen the entire game, he didn't seem like a big threat though. Until a sound of a foot step comes from thirty yards away from me, finally.

Lukes POV

Walking across the forest leaves me thirsty so I lean against a tree and take a water bottle from my bag. Ok, who's still left. I remember both girls from four and one are in some kind of alliance, but the one from five will be tougher to beat, I remember her training score, the highest out of everyone. She will be the one I have to worry about.

Ryleys POV

Misty and I continue walking until something gets my attention, someones close. I bet it's the girl from five wanting to finish me off. Or maybe the boy from eleven, I have no idea what he's capable of. I start get aware of my surroundings, no surprise attacks. "Hold up" I say to Misty and she stops "what is it?" she says, I turn to my left and see her, she's high up in a tree aiming her bow at me, and she fires the first shot.

Mistys POV

I see her, the girl from the Feast, she shoots her arrow at Ryley but I quickly push her out of the way. I pull out a switch blade that Ryley gave me the first night I met her and throw it, I get her right in the hand, right as she was about to set up another shot. She drops her bow to the ground holding her hand trying to put pressure on her wound. Ryley immediatly grabs the spear from her back as I pull out an axe from my bag.

De'Nadas POV

Damit, she got me right in the hand, I pull out one of the smoke bombs from my pocket and throw it at them, it hits the ground making it impossible to see. I drop to the ground looking for my bow. Can't find it. Guess I'll have to finish it off the old fasion way. I pull out the blade I got from district fours bag, and start to charge the girl from four who is trying to make her way out of the smoke.

Ryleys POV

I find my out from the fog as Misty fallows behind me. The girl is running after her carrying a thick blade in her good hand. "Behind you!" I scream at her, Misty turns around blocks the girls attack with her axe. I can't make a clear shot with my spear. They each knock eachothers weapon out of the other persons hand and go to fist. Misty gets in a clear shot to the girls face, but she's no match. The girl from five gets three good punches at Misty and she falls to her knees. The girl pulls Misty back by her hair, and pulls out a knife from her pocket. "Goodbye sweety" she says but before she pulls the final cut, an arrow finds it way sideways into her head.

Lukes POV

Direct hit. She stumbles a few feet but falls down and a cannon fires. The girl who was on her knees falls face first to the ground. She isn't dead. If she was, then another cannon would have fired. A young girl runs over to her and rolls her on her back. She begins to check her pulse and sighs in relief. A hovercraft comes over all of us and picks up the girl from five. But the announcer speaks over the arena.

Announcer: Wow! I give each of you a round of applause for making it a great show for everyone. It's down to only three of you, may the odds be in your favor.

Lukes POV

Great. I can easily take it out these girls and go back home. But to what? More Games will follow after this one. More lives lost. If I kill them now, I will be giving the capital what they want, or maybe there is a third option.

Ryleys POV

She is still unconsious, and the boy is across from us is staring at me. That soon ends as he drops the bow and runs after me with a knife in his hand. I'm not going down without a fight. He punches me across the face with all the might he has. He jabs his knife right into my side in a weird postion and yanks it out.

Lukes POV

I pull out my knife as she falls over on her side. I take a few steps back, turn the sharp end in my direction curve it accordinly and jab it into my side. I pull it out as trumpets begin to play, then everything goes dark.

The End

Lukes POV

I wake up in a hospital bed with bandages around my waist. I look over to my right and see Misty and Ryley laying in beds both wrapped in bandages. There still sleeping. Footseps from the doorway alerts me as President James begins to walk over to my bed clapping his hands. He stops clapping as he reaches the side of my bed, "you put on quite show, didn't you?" he says as he starts to go through his pocket with his hand. "You had guts doing what you did, knowing exactly were to cut that girl and yourself". He pulls out a gold medallion from his pocket and pins it to my shirt. "I wanted to be the first to say congratulations" he gives an odd grin and pins the medallion to my shirt. This is starting to confuse me "as being the last one consious in the arena, you Luke Heart, have won this years Hunger Games" he turns around and walks out of the room. I finally stop holding my breath and my heart rate goes back to normal. I look over to my right again and see Ryley and Misty start to open there eyes, and for what I feel has been forever, I smile.


De'Nada Dreader

The Hunger Games Victor:

Luke Heart

Alternate Ending

Ryleys POV

I find my out from the fog as Misty fallows behind me. The girl is running after her carrying a thick blade in her good hand. "Behind you!" I scream at her, Misty turns around blocks the girls attack with her axe. I can't make a clear shot with my spear. They each knock eachothers weapon out of the other persons hand and go to fist. Misty gets in a clear shot to the girls face, but she's no match. The girl from five gets three good punches at Misty and she falls to her knees. The girl pulls Misty back by her hair, and pulls out a knife from her pocket. "Goodbye sweety" she says and runs the blade in her hand right across Mistys throat. A cannon fires and the girl lets go of Misty as she drops to the ground. "NO!" I scream and chuck my spear right at her. She ducks and dodges the spear, but while she was on the ground an arrow goes flying over her as well.

Lukes POV

Man I was so close. I drop the bow and run with a small sword in my hand across the field to finish her off. She climbs back on her feet as she pulls out an axe and we fight.

De'Nadas POV

He tries to get me in the side with his sword but I'm too fast for him. I make a charge with my axe and miss. I make a quick glance to look for my bow, it's nowhere around. He tries to get me again with his sword but I dash to the left and get a clean cut in his side. He drops to his knees as I make the final cut into his skull. A cannon fires.

Announcer: Congratulations final 2. Lets make this a crowd pleasing yogurt, uh I mean game.

De'Nadas POV

I remember theres still someone else, but it's too late as I see the arrow fly right threw my chest.

Ryleys POV

Yes! I got her! She puts her hands on her chest, but no use, she falls over and the last cannon fires.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen I would like to congratulate miss Ryley Cayllyatt for winning this years Hunger Games!

Ryleys POV

Trumpets begin to play as a hovercraft comes over me and drops a ladder. I quickly grab on to it as it begins to lift me into the air. I look down and see her. Misty. I wished we both could have survived, her death was invane, and I will try my best to make sure these games never exist again.


Misty Blue

Luke Heart

De'Nada Dreader

The Hunger Games Victor:

Ryley Cayllyatt


Grrrr,ok I will admit I couldn't really decide an ending for these games. So both endings are acceptable. Which ever ending you prefer I'm ok with.

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