The Games

This years games will be more epic than ever.One boy.One girl.One winner. With a larger arena more weapons to choose from and with a battle to the death you don't want to miss. I decided to cancel my Quater Quell.

The Rules

You can only tribute one boy and one girl. I will need your tributes: Name, District, Age, Skills, Stategy,and Background. The more creative you are with your tributes the better the games will be. There will be scores,chariot rides,and interviews, so remember these are YOUR tributes, the more creative the better. So let the odds be in your favor. If you had tributes in my last games, I will not accept the same ones.

Tributes and Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score

Rodney Wilcoks 12

2 Rosery Jones 17 C 3


Everest Sateer 15 C 4 Jupiter Dorthog 17 C 7
3 Austin Gerjanjer 17 8 Noelle Vignios 15 C 9
4 Cedar Mellark 14 4

Kajama Odair 13

5 Shane Hover 12 3 Carrie Hover 15 4
6 River Rhodes 17 C 11

Sutton Yates 16

7 Kendall Mason 16 11 Jade Sycamore 16 12

Down Smith 14


Raqel Numez 18


Venom Strike 17

7 Sunny Blares 15 4

Carter Evergreen 13

8 Lily Peony 12 10

Max Vaz 14


Angel Lunar 17


Riley Carr 17

1 Sparkle Chan 16 3


This years arena will be held on a tropical island that consist of beauty and relaxation, or so you think. Although it is beautiful this island is home to deadly muttated animals such as foxes,monkeys, and tigers that wait to feed on the tributes. Fruit is easy to find here except only half of the fruit is edible while the other half will kill you in a matter of seconds, if you're low on food or starving you might have to take a risk. Water is the easiest thing to find, but only when boiled you will be able to drink it.


Day 1: The Bloodbath

Each tribute held their place on the platforms, none of them moving a foot. Rosery looked to her left and noticed a huge rushing waterfall behind the male tribute from her district. The waterfall had a purple shade to it and anyone who paid attention in training would know that the water was as toxic as rat poisen. Rosery scoffed at the water as if anyone would fall for that. Carter being infront of the waterfall heard it behind him but didn't turn his head from the cornicopia. Lily and Shane noticed eachother from the opposite sides of the cornicopia and nodded their heads, they both agreed to be in some form of an alliance along with Rodney sense they were the youngest and didn't have much of a chance on their own. Kendall looked in the heart of the cornicopia and the gong sounded, he charged straight in the middle and grabbed a large violet backpack and headed near the waterfall, his size had other tributes move out of his way. Jade picked up a tomahawk near her and a medium sized backpack near the mouth of the cornicopia and headed towards the forest. Lily,Shane, and Rodney picked up a couple small items near them and headed in the same direction, "come on!" Lily shouted to Rodney as he ran towards her and Shane "I'm comi..." he stopped and blood started to ooze out his mouth. He fell to the ground with a thin needle impaled in the back of his head. "Run!" Shane screamed at Lily as he pulled her out of a state of shock looking at Rodneys body. The careers made up by Rosery,Everest,Jupitar,Noelle, and River began to kill as many tributes as possibly and headed out west which looked like a sandy path leading to a beach, to set up camp.

Lily's Pov:

Me and Shane kept heading north falling the sound of a river, "we're almost there" Shane said and placed his hand on my shoulder and we still have to find Carrie. "How could someone just kill him like that?" I asked as Shane started to go through a bag he picked up at the cornicopia. "We're in the arena now, it's kill or be killed" he said. Seeing Rodney dead, someone I talked to just hours ago is gone. "We have to defend ourselves" Shane handed me a small switchblade "They'll be coming after us" he finished and we both saw a rushing purple river. "Boil" I said "what" Shane said looking at me "we have to boil it first, if we drink it now we'll be dead in seconds" he looked at me with a nod and "good thing you picked up that pot" he pointed to the small pot sticking out of a bag I picked up . I started a fire and the night was covered with the Capitals symbol and faces began to appear. First was Rodney I looked over at Shane and I could see tears coming from his eyes, next was the girls from 4 and 6, both I would assume have been careers, both tributes from 8, and boys from 9 and 10. "Wonder where Carrie is?" Shane said with a sigh of relief, I agreed to help find Shanes sister if he agreed to help Rodney and me. "She's out there somewhere" I said resting my head and closing my eyes. "Only 17 of us left" I mumbled and fell asleep.


Rodney Wilcoks- pin needle impaled in head

Kajama Odair- unknown

Sutton Yates- unknown

Down Smith- unknown

Raqel Numez- unknown

Venom Strike- unknown

Carter Evergreen- unknown

Day 2: The Careers Base

Roserys POV:

I had just put out the fire we set up last night as Jupitar and Noelle kept looking in the bags we picked up at the cornicopia. "There's nothing left" they looked at me "no point in looking" they looked at eachother and walked over to me "what's the plan" Noelle asked sitting down next to me. "We should start looking for the others" Jupitar jumped in the conversation. "I know that, I mean after we take out everyone else, what do we do about them" Noelle nodded her head towards the guys who were talking about something near the shore. "I'm not sure, but if we have to, it's them first" Jupitar and Noelle agreed with a nod. River and Everest walked over to us "we should start hunting, it's getting late" River said as me and Noelle stood up. "We're waisting time, if we don't lower the numbers the gamemakers will" Jupitar said and picked out a bow from the weapons supplie. "Right, but two of us should stay behind and watch camp" River said, and Noelle and Everest volunteered to stay behind. Me,River, and Jupitar gathered our weapons and headed north from camp. Two cannon fires shot almost instantly.

Sunnys POV:

"Nice shot" told Sparkle as we walked over to pull off the bags from the tributes we took out. "Feels light" Sparkle said lifting a green bag from the girl laying face down. "Not this one" I grabbed a large bag from the boy. "Here they come" Sparkle looked up at the hovercrafts hovering above us. "Let's go" I said and we headed west.

Jupitars POV

"Dam, where is everybody?" it began to get dark and we each put on night vision goggles. The capitals symbol shined and only two faces were shown, both tributes from 11. "Hold up" Rosery said and placed a finger on her lips telling us to shut up. I noticed what she was looking at, some guy rubbng his hands against a fire. Rosery straightened her bow but before she set fire, a tomahawk went whizzing and breaking through the boys head. He dropped on his back an a cannon fired. "What the hell?" River started but saw a girl with short hair grab the axe and sprinted as fast as she could away from us. "Should we go after her?" I asked "no" River said "we should get back to camp". Rosery lowered her bow and we started back to camp.


Max Vaz- killed by a poisen dart

Angel Lunar- killed by a poisen dart

Riley Carr- axed in the head

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