The Games

Hello! Nice to meet you guys again. I decided because I had so much fun in my last game I'll make another one. This years games is a Quater Quell! Yes! And the twist is...double the tributes, that's right double trouble in the arena. But wait! Another twist! If one boy and one girl from the same district are to be the last left, they both will leave victors.BUT WAIT!! There is another twist. This years games will have sponsers! For each tribute that you enter you will be given a certain amount of money to buy your tributes supplies.

The Rules

Ok same as last time, I will need your tributes name, age, district, skills, strategy, and background. Also like last time, the more creative the tribute the better the games.


District Male Female Male Female
1 Pearson Woods Blingbling Creme Venom Strike Sunny Blarea
2 Crotto Crest Eclipse Frostmoon Everest Sateer Harpy Evermist
3 Pimpin Chance Sexy Godess Ray Plug Evi Tech
5 Malt Easer Foxface Jones Everett East Everest East
8 Thread Form Shay Flax
9 Kyler Harte Bacey Kimerson Tyler Harte Autum Wash
10 Damian Maroon Maive Henna
12 Josh Leopod Red Chang Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner

The Arena

The arena is set up in a cloackwise form with all the seasons of the year. The first is winter, this area is a frozen wasteland almost impossible to survive without heavy clothing, but hidden in the snow are weapons that can only be found there. Next is spring, this area consist of mainly meadows and grass, but the importance of this area is the lake that is the only source of water. Next is summer, this area is very hot during the day and humid during the night, this is the only area that has game in it, such as rabbit, squrriels, dear, and birds. Lastley in the fall section where a large volcanoe ready to erupt. Not much is know about this area.


Within the middle of all four seasons is the cornicopia where all 48 tributes will begin. Each tribute is wearing a red shirt and a black light jacket. They are also wearing black jeans and boots.

Sponser Gifts

When you would like to give your tribute a gift all you need to do is write in the comments the tributes name and what you would like to give to them. Each user will given exactly 200 hundred dollars each to buy gifts. Once you're out of money you can no longer purchase anything. You can also buy gifts for other tributes who are not your own, but the money will be taken out of your wallet. These are the gifts you can buy once the games begin...


Loaf of bread: $25

Water bottle: $30

Basket of fruit: $50

Whole cooked turkey: $100


Spear: $50

Axe: $50

Bow and 12 arrows: $100

Trident: $100

Dagger: $25

Ak-47: $200


Night vision goggles: $75

Medicine: $100

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