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Anna's Christmas Present

This is my present to Anna as her Secret Santa from the Secret Santa blog that nobody seems to care about except me.


I just can't believe how far you have come over the past year (and a bit). From your very first newb edit; "Is this live or something?", to adding whole new sections on pages and completely reshaping them. I think the most beautiful thing about you is- apart from your face- the fact that you don't know how valued you are and how much faith people have in you. I bet you doubted that you would get chat moderator, but nobody else did. I bet you doubted that you would be liked or accepted here, but nobody else is.

I hate to use cliches but here it would be appropriate; you light up chat. I mean literally, the amount of pings you must get when you go into chat. But to me you have been a big influence (which is ironic if you ever find out who I am) and stopped me from leaving the wiki. You motivate me and helped me through some of my hard times when I doubted myself.

Anyway I think I have ranted about all your good points for faaar too long. Just one more thing to say, and yes its another cliche: If you looked up 'amazing', 'helpful', 'perfect' and 'sexy' in the dictionary, there would be a picture of you. But in all seriousness I want you to look those up in the dictionary in order to improve your shoddy grammar. ;P

Merry Christmas
From your SS X

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