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Main Weapon:

Other Weapons:

Skilled At:


Token (Must Have):




The tributes from that district must be brother and sister.

Tributes' Info

District Gender Name Age Main Weapon Other Weapons Skilled At Weaknesses Token
District 1 Female Lucy Tillington 14 Bow and Arrows Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives Aim, Dodging, Berries, Speed Swimming, Climbing, Being Starved Locket With Picture Of Best Friend
District 1 Male Max Tillington 18 Sword Daggers, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat Cobat, Speed, Dodging Swimming, Climbing, Being Starved Seashell From A Friend From District 4
District 2 Female Aliyah Corrigan 16 Axe Throwing Knives Climbing, Swimming, Speed Jordan, Hand to Hand Combat, Plants Bracelet With Key Charm
District 2 Male Jordan Corrigan 16 Bow and Arrows Mace, Sword Hand to Hand Combat, Aim, Strength Aliyah, Swimming, Stealth Necklace With A Lock
District 3 Female Eli Flight 14 Throwing Knives Axe, Sword Aiming, Dodging, Agility, Flexibility Brother, Crushes Golden Chain With Diamond Sphere
District 3 Male Andy Flight 18 Throwing Knives Axe, Sword Aiming, Dodging, Fast Runner Sister, Climbing Silver Chain With A Diamond Sphere
District 4 Female Artemis Elto 16 Throwing Knives Anything Swimming, Running, Smart, Flirt, Climbing, Surviving Hurting Her Brother or Younger Tributes Jeweled Trident Hairpiece
District 4 Male Apollo Elto 16 Trident, Net Anything Net Making, Swimming, Fishing, Hand to Hand Combat Arrogance Arm Cuff With Trident Intentions Covered In Jewels
District 5 Female Anna Black 13 Bow and Arrows Knives Climbing, Swimming, Aim Ability To Kill Bronze Name Plate With Her Dead Sister's Name On It, Lily

District 5

Male Eric Black 13 Bow and Arrows Knives Climbing, Swimming, Aim Killing Issues Bronze Name Plate With His Dead Brother's Name On It, Ben
District 6 Female Raja Angel 17 Axe Throwing Axe Strong, Fast, Agility Endurance, Asthma Earrings From Cousin That Passed In The Games
District 6 Male Ravi Angel 16 Axe Throwing Axe Strong, Agility Belittled Necklace from Dead Brother
District 7 Female Acacia Alba 12 Throwing Axe, Carving Knife Instinct, Smarts, Small Size Climbing, Hand to Hand Combat, Using Enviroment Short Temper District Seal With Picture Of Parents And Brother On Other Side
District 7 Male Acer Alba 17 Pickaxe None Basic Survival, Climbing, Hand to Hand Combat Inable To Stay Hidden Due To Big Posture Coin With District Seal On It
District 8 Female Brooke Yin 15 Sword Axe, Knife Combat, Speed, Swimming Accuracy, Starting Fires Yin-Yang Necklace
District 8 Male Blaze Yang 15 Bow and Arrows Axe, Knife (Throwing) Accuracy, Starting Fires Swimming, Combat Yin-Yang Necklace
District 9 Female Kinny Vanilla 12 Knife None Fast, Hiding Swimming, Climbing, Weak Little Bow
District 9 Male Hunter Vanilla 17 Knife Sword, Machete Strong, Fast, Smarts Hiding, Sister, Swimming Little Piece Of Fabric From Dead Mother's wedding Dress
District 10 Female Ally Cross 13 Spear Trident Swimming, Athletic Trust Issues, Hates Gossip Girls Pink Ring With Purple Jem
District 10 Male Luther Cross 17 Throwing Axe Trident Strength, Hunting Younger Sister, Gullible Gold Ring
District 11 Female Mariah Faalu 17 Bow and Arrows Daggers Aim, Agility Fear Of Being The Last One Left With Her Brother A Purple Scarf Her Aunt Gave Her
District 11 Male Sevra Faalu 15 Dual Knives, Dual Spears, etc. Anything Ranged Surviving, Tempeture Risistance, Stealth Swimming, Small Build A Small Medallion His Best Friend Gave Him
District 12 Female Essence McPherson 17 Throwing Knives Sharpened Log Made Into Spear Camouflage, Self Preservation, Hunting Fear of Death, Lack of physical Strength Small Ring With Anthracite Coal Instead of A Gem
District 12 Male Liam McPherson 17 Small, Blunt Force Weapon Bow and Arrow, Slingshot Hunting, Aim With Ranged Weapons Fear of Water, Can't Hold Breath Long Small Necklace With A Polished Piece of Coal Instead of A Gem

Tributes' Photos

  • Lucy Tillington, District 1
  • Max Tillington, District 1
  • Aliyah Corrigan, District 2
  • Jordan Corrigan, District 2
  • Eli Flight, District 3
  • Andy Flight, District 3
  • Artemis Elto, District 4
  • Apollo Elto, District 4
  • Anna Black, District 5
  • Eric Black, District 5
  • Raja Angel, District 6
  • Ravi Angel, District 6
  • Acacia Alba, District 7
  • Acer Alba, District 7
  • Brooke Yin, District 8
  • Blaze Yang, District 8
  • Kinny Vanilla, District 9
  • Hunter Vanilla, District 9
  • Ally Cross, District 10
  • Luther Cross, District 10
  • Mariah Faalu, District 11
  • Sevra Faalu, District 11
  • Essence McPherson, District 12
  • Liam McPherson, District 12


Faalu Alliance: Mariah Faalu and Sevra Faalu

Cross Alliance: Ally Cross and Luther Cross

Yin-Yang Alliance: Brooke Yin and Blaze Yang

Careers: Lucy Tillington, Max Tillington, Artemis Elto, Apollo Elto, Aliyah Corrigan, Jordan Corrigan

Anti-Careers: Anna Black, Eric Black, Kinny Vanilla, Hunter Vanilla, Essence McPherson, Liam McPherson, Acacia Alba, Acer Alba, Raja Angel, Ravi Angel, Eli Flight, Andy Flight

Sponser Money

District Name Money
District 1 Lucy $500
District 1 Max $500
District 2 Aliyah $500
District 2 Jordan $500
District 3 Eli $500
District 3 Andy $500
District 4 Artemis $500
District 4 Apollo $500
District 5 Anna $500
District 5 Eric $500
District 6 Raja $500
District 6 Ravi $500
District 7 Acacia $500
District 7 Acer $500
District 8 Brooke $500
District 8 Blaze $500
District 9 Kinny $500
District 9 Hunter $500
District 10 Ally $500
District 10 Luther $500
District 11 Mariah $500
District 11 Sevra $500
District 12 Essence $500
District 12 Liam $500

Chariot Costume Ratings (Ranking From 1-12)

District Boy's Costume Boy's Rating Girl's Costume Girl's Rating
District 1 Dress Clothes  Made Of Bedazzled Feathers 9 (Neat, Never Seen Before) Dress Made Of Bedazzled Feathers, Her Hair Is In A Bun 10 (Beautiful, Let Her Beauty Show)
District 2 Assorted Tiles That Form Some Makeshift Tuxedo 5 (Poor, Could Make It In An Hour) Assorted Tiles That Form A Dress 7 (Fashionable, Decent)
District 3 Naked While Covered In Wires and Other Electronical Things With Fake Sparks Coming Out 8 (Didn't Know He Was naked, Thought He Was Robot) Naked While Covered In Wires and Other Electronical Things With Fake Sparks Coming Out 5 (Saw Too Much Skin For That Young Girl, New)
District 4 Shirtless With Jean Shorts, Holding A Trident 9 (Smexy, Hot) Bikini Top With Jean Shorts, Holding Trident 10 (Pretty, Jaw Dropping)
District 5 Fake Barb Wire Is Wrapped Around Body, Neat Clothes 2 (Horrible, I Thought He Was Dying) Fake Barb Wire Wrapped Around Cocktail Dress 8 (Smexy, Adorable)
District 6 Bicycle Outfit 7 (Original, Not Attractive) Contucter Outfit 5 (Horrible, Messy)
District 7 Lumberjack With Plaid Shirt And Axe 3 (Not Orignal, Amazing Features) Female Lumberjack With Plaid Cropped Top and Axe 5 (Never Seen Female Lumberjacks, Not Enough Makeup)
District 8 Wearing Shakepeare Clothes With A Giant Timble Around Waist 9 (Unique, Handsome) Wearing Shakespeare Clothes While Knitting A Quilt 11 (Haven't Seen Quilt Making Yet, Features Stood Out)
District 9 Pants Made Of Wheat And Other Grains 6 (Okay, NIce) Wheat Weaved Through Hair, Dress Made Of Grains 5 (Wheat In Hair, Ehh)
District 10 Giant Cow 2 (Come On, Didn't Think Hard) Cowgirl With Lasso 9 (Usually The Girl Is The Cow, Beautiful)
District 11 Farmer Suit With Pitchfork 8 (Semi-Original, Ehh) Plaid Dress With Basket Filled With Vegtables 9 (Great Hair, Lovely Dress)
District 12 Coal Miner Suit 6 (Always This Costume, Lovely) Coal Miner's Wife Costume 9 (Never Seen Before, Pretty)

Training Scores (Ranking From 1-12)

District Boy's Name Boy's Score Girl's Name Girl's Score
District 1 Max 10 Lucy 9
District 2 Jordan 9 Aliyah 9
District 3 Andy 7 Eli 5
District 4 Apollo 9 Artemis 10
District 5 Eric 8 Anna 7
District 6 Ravi 6 Raja 8
District 7 Acer 6 Acacia 5
District 8 Blaze 7 Brooke 8
District 9 Hunter 8 Kinny 2
District 10 Luther 6 Ally 3
District 11 Sevra 6 Mariah 8
District 12 Liam 8 Essence 7

Arena and Arena Outfits

The arena is a swamp with patches of grass through out it. The tributes can walk through the water to the Cornocopia, but some areas are deeper. The mud in some places will be like quick sand, others it will be perfectly normal. Food sources are limited to the berries and herbs that lie in the meadow that surrounds the arena. There will be alligator mutts with vicious teeth and swamp monsters that will attack. Snakes and spiders also live in the arena.

Death Order

Place Name District Killer Death
24th Sevra Faalu 11 Aliyah Corrigan Knife Into Neck
23rd Blaze Yang 8 Eric Black Arrow To Back
22nd Luther Cross 10 Raja Angel Slit Neck and Drowned
21st Ally Cross 10 Acer Alba Stabbed In Back
20th Andy Flight 3 Brooke Yin Rib Cage Cut
19th Kinny Vanilla 9 Lucy Tillington Missing Ear and Beat Up Leg

Hunger Games

Day 1

Lucy Tilington

I stare across the arena. "A swamp?" I hear Raja question. I look up and she grins at me. I grin back and position myself back to run. I notice that we'll have to swim to the cornocopia to reach it in time. We can probably walk through it, but it would take to much time. I look around and remember that half the tributes can't swim, which creates prey. "30, 29, 28, 27!" I hear it call out and I smack to my senses. I look at Max, he is looking around at the moss covered trees and the water. I notice that that is all we can see. I can't swim and have trouble climbing!

Eric Black

I look around and smile. "My type of arena." I mumble. Kinny, the small weakling, is on my right and Acacia is on my left. I know they won't kill me, seeing as we are in an alliance. 12 of us, 6 of them. I look over the swamp, thinking of my first target. I notice Blaze Yang. I don't want to kill him, but he isn't on our side. "10, 9, 8, 7!" I look at the moss surrounding me, thinking of a way to avoid tangling up in it. "3, 2, 1, GONG!"

Essence McPherson

I grab the nearest pack and swim towards my brother. "Liam! Get in!" I scream at him. I know he has a fear of water, but I can't let him die. I pull on his arm and he falls in. Soon Ravi Angel, one of my alliance members, comes to help me take him away. I paddle as hard as I can for what seems like minutes and I can still see the Bloodbath. "I can do it." Liam says and he starts running through the water. I run after him.

Raja Angel

I slice the boys neck open and shove him in the water. My hands hold his head under water a moment longer. I then grab the dagger and pack and run after my brother. The boy floats too the top, and I see his younger sister reach him, only to be stabbed in the back by Acer. So far none of us are dead, atleast to my knowledge. I reach a meadow that lasts for a long ways and then ends to a force field. I look around. "Eli, Anna, Eric, Raja, Ravi, Acer, Essence, and Liam are all here. Oh and me!" Hunter says. I look around, I notice two bodies swimming towards us, obviously attacked. "Kinny and Acacia are here!" Anna says. Acer rushes to his hurt sister, who is carrying Kinny. Acacia's face is scratched and her arm is bleeding, but Kinny is even worse. Kinny is missing an ear and one of her legs is cut and beat.

Brooke Yin

I search around for my brother, I tread the waters until I get tired and decide to climb a tree. I search around and watching the water for anyone. I see a boy a little younger than me, trying to walk through a patch of sticky mud that I got stuck in earlier. I jump down and slash his rib cage open. I grab his backpack and swim away. I continue swimming until I reach a meadow. I start walking along the land, when I notice a bunch of people. "Hey!" I scream. I regret it later, because tehy begin running at me. I raise my hands to sheild my face when they stop. "Want to ally with us? To take over the  Careers?" Anna asks. I nod and walk back with them.

Jordan Corrigan

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! "6 are dead." Apollo says. I look around the cornocopia. We had to make this are base, because we don't know of any land. Aliyah is curled up on my side, fiddling with a knife. "Who's left?" Artemis asks. "Lets see." Max says, pointing at the sky as the anthem plays. Sevra, Blaze, Luther, Ally, Andy, and Kinny are all dead.

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