Hey there everyone! So this is it... An entire year has you guys survived with me... What an ordeal o.o you should get a cake. No but really this is my one year anniversary.  I can't say how much I have treasured these 12 months I have gotten to spend with you guys. So many memories you guys has given me. So many awesome people I have met. I am very thankful for all of it. So this is my tribute to you;

Now I don't expect you to read all of this... Just read what you like and I would be happy :3 

My little story

First steps

Let me just reminiscing for a bit if you would let me... When I first joined... I had no avi for about two weeks and then I had foxface for around five months. If you haven't noticed, she managed to sneak back as my avatar. I remember the first day I came on. There was no chat back then, and I didn't really know anyone. I wasn't the best at getting to become known and finding my way around this place. I still have that embarrassing first comment thing (which Vinny is probably gonna show you all -.- Thanks a lot, Vinny -.-). My first mainspace edit was removing a double space XD Try compare that to Jade who added an entire new section for her first edit! I spelled "Off course" and "Cornacopia" which Andy fixed, luckily :P. 


But I gradually became more and more known. It was mostly in the summer that I began to socialize more, mostly because I made games (which I will get into later). The chat came back so I had a way to communicate with you all. At first, the only people I would talk to was Andy. I was really thankful, to have him by my side. And after a little while, Ian too. It was probably more my own fault than anything. I really weren't very good at reaching out and I only spoke when spoken to. I remember in the first prom, I felt so sad, no one had asked me to go with them and I didn't dare. Then Ian came along and asked me. If you're reading this Ian, then I will just tell you how thankful I am for it. It really, really means a lot. Then Ryan came who made me a bit more social and feel a bit more confident in my social skills. I still remember the drawing competition that we were in together. It was awesome. Your Madge should have won!! Ryan then introduced me to Alice and she was so nice to me and suddenly I met all of you.  And meeting all of you guys has been one of the best thing that has happened to me, ever. All of you guys are unique in your own special way, and I can't describe how much I love all of you. How much I treasure each and every one of you. I need to thank Alice, Andy, Ryan and Ian for introducing me. I would never have managed to do it on my own.


In the autumn, I guess I can say that it was sorta a downfall for me. I don't know why but I thought I got into a bit conflicts here and there but even with that I never considered leaving. I always wanted to stay with you guys. And my downfall didn't last forever because suddenly, I got modded! Special thanks to Wesley for nominating me. You're an awesome husband.  And thank you too, to Kiersten, Maybell Rocks, John and Alice for supporting me. I didn't forget you either :D I was modded with Hot and so began my rising again. It was so much fun being mod-bud with Ryan and Zack who was modded too (although I don't see you much cause of time difference ;-;). I remember being really insecure in my abilities as a mod first, and I just wanna thank both Ryan and all of you for raising my confidence the way that you have. 


Then came the winter, and here I began to feel really comfortable with wiki. I had gotten used to be a mod. Gotten used to games and such. I began to feel like "an old user". I have seen so many newer people join and makes me so happy to see that this wiki grows still. Being a trilogy, we really only have 3 books and 3 movies to feed off so the fact that we are just such a big community makes me really happy. I has been a pleasure seeing all of you people who joined after me grow up and "blossom" (sorry for being so symbolic XD!). 


I can also look at my development of games. At first, I was so scared that I didn't even make my own tributes, I would only enter sponsor games. Tobi (who is sadly not here anymore D:) got me out of my shell and I finally made my first tributes ever Serina Frostswords and Detria Glace. I still use them today and I feel so thankful that I have a way to unleash my creativity. Btw, no Erlend, you can't have Serina's babies xD I finally made my own games and I met so many people through them. People has always been so nice to me about my writing, I am so happy to read every single comment you guys make for me. I know that I may make a bunch of spelling mistakes and not be the best at updating but it really means a lot to me that you guys take your time reading it.

I also wanna thank some of my favorite game creators for the games I have gotten to participate in! I could try and mention all of the favorite writers that I have on this wiki but that would simply take too long! I wouldn't know how to get around all of you because you’re all such amazing writers. I really hope you all get to publish books one day.

The "Now"

And now I am in the spring and just had my one year anniversary. It’s hard to really describe just how much this time with all of you has meant to me. This wiki has affected me in so many ways and I am really thankful for all of them:

  • My confidence; my confidence has definitely become better. I used to have pretty much none and that was probably the biggest reason why I was so shy. I guess I am still insecure but it has gotten a bit better. I can actually stand up to some people now (sometimes). And it’s an ability that I am so thankful to have.

  • Social skills. All the time on chat must have done something. And it has, it really has. My small-talking skills has gotten much better.  I feel more comfortable and confident with other people and I think you guys taught me that.

  • My English; Well here’s an obvious one! I know that my English still isn’t very good but it has gotten much better from when I started. Just look back at my old blog, about Rue’s life… or please don’t actually… I would be embarrassed!

  • My writing and creativity; Oh dear, my writing… Looking back at my first games… I was rather bad… And now… Well I can’t really trust myself on this one. I still think that I am not that good! But people put really nice comments... and even I gotta admit that compared to my previous writing, after reading all of your awesome games and writing my own, I have become much better. My creativity has gone up a lot too!

The people

This place has some awesome people. Unique, kind, fantastic people who inspire me in so many ways. People that make me feel home... and I know I am not perfect, I probably will fail at listing all of you... But I am gonna try my best...

This is alphabetical order, by the way :3
































Jason (Angry)

Jason (Misty)







































The upcomming days I will write around in chat pms, telling people what I love about them, what I am thankful for all that stuff.  I sadly can't do that right now because I am having to go to bed soon.

But I will leave you all with this note; You are all a part of my heart and will always be. I have been so thankful for spending the year with all of you. I love you all <3

There's 315067 wikis out there... and this is the one home for me...

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