Hello everyone!

As you all know, I got my games, the 101st Annual Hunger Games going, and I WILL NOT stop them. But I do want to try and write a fanfic, with characters which I can build up in a different enviroment than a game. I want to test how it is to write with characters that aren't mine outside the games. I want to test how it is when you don't have to kill your characters. So yeah, here we go!

I will ask you, if these are your first writing of mine, please do not judge my writing on these. This is a test for me and I do not know how I will do. To judge my writing, please go look at 101st Hunger games instead.

But of course, I do not want to dissapoint. I want to have some activity from users as well, and so, I will need characters/tributes from you guys! 

So yeah these are gonna be very different but I really hope you will enjoy them. I also hope that some people who do not have a character will look at these too, as I will feature some stuff that users with and without characters can do, later! So if you don't get a spot, don't take it too hard. 


  • I will only take one character pr. user!
  • Only spam if you make a character
  • I will not accept "on my profile" but I will accept a link to another page on, example: The hunger games roleplay wiki
  • No characters that have already been in my game
  • If info to your tribute is missing I will not let them in my games, so follow the template
  • This contains a very small amount of cursing
  • I do not know what people define as "sexual references" but I will not make tributes do more than kissing so we should be okay here!
  • If you like, then feedback would be awesome!
  • Reservations last for 24 hours

Background for this fanfic

This fanfic will be about a small class of students in District 7. The school is located in one of the smaller villages of District 7, The class has met after a long holiday and needs to get close again, so to strengthen their relationships again, their teacher decided that they're going out on a trib to a cabin, out in the woods.

Character template

Before you make a character, please read these important things:

1 There will be no specific amount of boys and girls, although if I get too many girls I may have to say: "No more girls" or something like that.

2 They can be aged from 14-16 because they're in a class, they have to remind of age.

3 Strengths, weaknesses and fears are probably not gonna be used but as the writer it is nice for me to know.

If you read these, please put "drawing" in the last part of your comment!

4 I REALLY hate to say it but they are gonna have to be somewhat realistic... Just pm me on chat if you're in doubt whether it's too unrealistic or not. Normally I love special backstories but this fanfic just isn't that good for it. I can still use slightly crazy tributes though!












Name Gender Age Height Owner
Twinkle Night Female 15 5'6 Jabberjay78
Dawn Santori Female 14 4'11 Wesolini
Onyx Eboni Female 14 4'9 EmpressOreo
Eupehmia Schnapps Female 16 5'6 LeGruff
Ellion Lynford Male 16 5'11 TBWTPT
Liberty Wilde Female 16 5'6 XxXMidget in a bikiniXxX
Wolf Fang Male 15 5'9 Hybrid Shadow
Maggie Starkweather Female 16 5'2 Rainfacestar
Camellia Cyrellia Female 14 5'1 Ninja~Toast
Douglas Gibbons Male 15 5'8 Beetee19
Honey Woodlock Female 14 4'8 DrewlovesKuinn
Angel Matthews Female 15 5'5 HungryTeen
Micro Veritas Male 14 5'10 Junior ii
Selena Kyle Female 15 5'5 Prezziesnow9704:)!
Neophytos Elijah Male 16 6'2 ViniciusDeAssis1999
Mist Thydell Male 14 5'1 EHKnight

The Fanfic

Day 1

12:00 pm  Angel's POV:

People are slowly walking around the snow, dragging their bags towards the bus. I remember most people's reactions when they heard we were going camping. Another one of those "strengthen the class communety" trips that we have had tons of before. And to top it off, it's in the winter. I still am not sure how will manage to survive being a cabin with no radiators in the middle of the winter!

Oh well... I mean I guess this could be fun... to get to actually talk with some friends again. The holiday has been so long and most of us got spare time activity...  Now that I think about it... I never even see Wolf outside of school... Where does this guy even live?  And Onyx is also really rarely seen... which I am actually quite thankful for... She's creepy. She never talks, unless she absolutely have to. And when she does, it's usually a threat or an insult that comes out from her mouth. Even the teachers are scared of her. She could break every single rule on the school and no one would dare to say anything... Micro, I guess I don't see him much either but he at least has somewhat of an execuse. He spends all day in his room, doing machine stuff. I will never get it myself, but he seems nice enough all though he's a little quiet... 

Maybe this is really what we need. Maybe this will make it so that we all get a little more close together. It's pretty sad to admit to myself that there's some people in the class where I don't even know what they do after school... I mean, don't get me wrong, I do got some friends. Me and Twinkle uses some time together. I have also talked a bit with Dawn, although seem to have dificulty opening herself up. There's no one I really hate (although I avoid Onyx)... My best friend is probably Euphemia. Like Dawn, she has a hard time opening herself up, but when you get to know her, she's the kindest girl you will ever meet. I wish she wouldn't be so shy...

"Angel!" My thoughts are cut off by Euphemia who exits the school and run up to me by the bus. With her heavy bags in her hand she manages to give me a small hug.

"I was wondering... Most people will be sharing rooms with someone, and I was wondering if it could be a possibility that I could share room with you?" She asks. Even now, she seems a little nervous asking me. As if she expects me to turn her down. After what happened to her mother, she's been so insecure... It's sad... But I will do everything to help her out of it.

"Sure, I would love to," I tell her. "Now let's get your bags in the bagage-room and get this trip started!"

Camellia's POV:

I wave and smile as Dawn enters the bus. She's probably my best friend... I tend to keep on good term with everyone, but with Dawn, I can share everything. She smiles brightly and sits down by my side.

"So, are you excited for this trip?" I ask her.

"Excited for staying out in cold cabin for a week... no. I am not sure if I am that excited to be togther with that many people..." Her words stop, but I know what she refers to. She has this... I wouldn't call it a fear, more like a disliking of crowds. She just stray away from everyone. I remember when I first met her, most kids on the school said she was a weirdo and a snob because she lives with a victor. But I wouldn't let everyone's opinion hinder me in getting my own impression of her. The first time we hang out, she seemed a bit reserved but when you got closer to her, she's actually very friendly. 

"Hello everyone!" Our teacher, Mr. Northwoods, steps up into the bus and the small taking around dissappears. "So we are going on a little trip out to the woods, to get us all closer together!" He makes a little pause, as if he was to expect an appacluase or something like that... He doesn't get it and it leaves us in an awkward silence. he begins again, but with much less entusiasm. 

"Now,  I know I already gave you the rules, but I feel my need to repeat one of them, once again." While saying so, he stares particularly at Liberty. She hasn't been the most respectful with the rules ever since she started here. Before she got into the class, she apparently had to go to the Capitol because of an illness or something... that's what she told us at least. She does not have much respect for the rules. She tells us: "I got my own rules!" but mostly, that just get her send to the principal's office.

Northwoods continiues: "No alcohol of any kind!" Normally we can't effort alcohol, but I have seen Liberty trying to talk Dawn into buying some, multiple times. I feel bad for her. She does not want to buy it, but although Liberty isn't the smartest person, she's good with manipulating... Dawn smiles a bit at me. I am usually the one to "safe" her when Liberty is at it. "That's when friends are for," I whisper silently as Northwoods finishes and then bus begin to drive.

Twinkle's POV:


The bus finally stop after about a three hour long journey deep into the woods. In the snow, a two floor cabin lays, halfly burried. Cut out in dark tree and with snow resting on the roof, it all looks quite idialized and peacefull... but knowing my classmates, this place is gonna be trashed when we are done.

We all get out of the bus. Around a half foot of snows lies on the ground, like a big white carpet. It takes a little bit just to take in the scenery. The cabin in the glade of pine trees with snow coating the roof, the ground and the pine branches. Fat snowflakes falls to the ground.

"BUMP!" A dull sound hears and a snow flakes lands on my cheeks. I look to my left and who I think is Selena... It's hard to tell cause her entire face is covered by white mass. A headshot. She takes her hand up to her face and wipes of the snow, while looking at all of us suspicously. Easy to see the desire for revenge in her eyes. Most people has their eyes wide open in a: "It was not me!" expression. I hear giggling and turn to see Ellion with a big smirk on his face. Selena does not need more proof than that. 

"Ellion! You did not just do that!" She yells but before Ellion can reach to react she scoopes up a big ball of snow and throws it right back at him, laughing at it his face.

"SNOWBALL FIGHT!" My friend, Honey screams and throws a snowbal at Douglas. Douglas jumps to the side, just barely dodging it, causing it to hit Onyx who was standing behind him. Knowing Onyx, Honey is in for a bit of trouble, and my expectations were confirmed when she retaliate by scooping up a bunch of snow and mashing it out in Honey's face, giving her those infamous "washers" that everyone fears in the winter.

Douglas throws at the already soaked Honey and soon the fight begins. I manage to get Douglas with a snowball to the head, avenging Honey like a good friend would, but after that, I slowly sneak over to the house, while the others fight. Considering how cold they are gonna be when they get inside, I guess it would be a nice deed to make them some tea or something. 

I walk in and see that Maggie is already sitting by the table, reading a book she must have brought along. It's sad. She's so quiet. Probably one of the people I know the least in this pack. She walks home directly after school. I have only seen her talk sometimes with Neophystos... Does she do it on purpose? Is she a loner or just shy? Her mood seems to change all the time. Sometimes she will be quiet, and smile slightly. Other times she looks like she's on the verge of tears...

"Hey Maggie," I tell her. It feels really awkward talking to her this way. It's long since I talked with her. "I thought I would make some tea for our friends out there... They're probably gonna be pretty cold when they get back in. Wanna help?"

"Sure," she says. She stands up and puts down the book, leaving it on the table. "The body's anatomy"  She has always been clever. In some breaks, she will just burry her face in books, avoiding people. But even though she reads a lot, she never says anything in the classes... Is she shy? I really don't know.

Maggie get up and walk into the small cabin kitchen with me. There's loads of boxes with different food for the week. Maggie looks in the crate and pull out some cookies which she puts on a plate and place on the table. I take the water of the heater and pour it in a pot. Then, I go to help Maggie placing nicely decorated mugs on the table, for people to grap.

"SLAM!" The door almost bursted out, as a punch of teenagers soaked in snow almost fall over each other to get inside to the heat. They look up and see the pot in the kitchen.

"Twinkle made tea!" People yell and begin to throw their jackets on the floor. "Maggie did too," I tell them but they don't listen. They all grab some mugs and begin to pour themself some tea.

"Wait..." Maggie asks to . "Where's Micro and Honey?"

"Oh, they stayed out." Camellia tells and Maggie and winks. Micro and Honey has been very close for a long time now. Everyone is talking about how they're dating, and teases them with it but they're both denying it. I have often talked with Honey about him. She says he's a good friend and nothing more than that... Honey wouldn't lie to me, would she? I mean, we're close friends... "Honey gave Micro another washer and they began to wrestle in the snow. We other walked in but they stayed out there, fooling around. They're probably gonna catch a cold but they really didn't seem to care when they were running around in the snow."

Wolf's POV:

I grap my hands around the warm mug, hoping that I will soon be able to feel my fingers. Mist stands beside me, his eyes all red from the washer that Neophystos gave him. It felt good avenging my friend, throwing a headshot right back at Neophystos. It's weird... we're alike and yet, he annoys me. He teases my friend Mist with his small height occansionally. Not enough to really make him a "bully". He doesn't do it more than everyone else. But... somehow it feels like when he makes a comment about it, it's much worse than when everyone else. I can't really explain why...

I look up to see Mr. Northwoods decending from the staircase leading up to the second floor while people are still standing around the room drinking tea and eating cookies.

"So everyone. The baggage has been placed up at your rooms and all that's really left is to go and pack out. Now, you can switch rooms anyway you like, but try not to make it too complicated, we do not want a mess here. Also, we got ten rooms so you can sleep alone if you like. Now, the roomates are, as decided by yourself: Euphemia and Angel! Dawn and Camellia! Mist and Wolf! Twinkle and Honey! Ellion and Neophystos! Douglas and Micro! Selena and Liberty! Onyx and Maggie!" Some of the girls clap their hands together in excitement and hug... quite stupid considering they picked themself but I guess that's girls, and that I can't understand all their... "girl stuff".

The girls begin to rush up the stairs like as if they were some kind of raise to who will reach their rooms first. I begin to walk up and Mist follows along. I don't really... I don't really like to talk. Mist has gotten used to that. Most people has. After living in the woods for so long, you don't really focus on the social skills. Just surviving by yourself is difficult enough... I shake my head as if to shake the thoughs away. I can relax now, at least for a bit. 

I enter the room and we look in. It's quite poor, as expected. A bunker bed is lined up by the corner, with green sheets. There's a small closet, and on it is written a whole bunch of names and signatures from previous campers. I walk up to the bed and throw myself on it, still exchausted over the snowball fight. I close my eyes. And then I hear it.

A scream.

My eyes flies open. The scream, filled with pain and terror, sounded right outside. I get up, with Mist right in front of me and we fly down the stairs with the other campers. Ellion runs up and almost rip opens the door and step outside. His jaw drops. I can't see what he's looking at but from his expression, it's bad. Very bad. He steps futher outside and press myself out of the door, trying to get pass the others. 

It's not hard to see why Ellion's jaw dropped all the way down to the floor. I think mine has too. I can't really focus on that now. Because the only thing i focus on is Honey. She's sitting down in the snow. Horror is painted on her face, but no tears. She has one of those How-in-the-world-could-this-happen look, her eyes widen to the size of baseballs. Her cloth is colored crimson. Beside her calf, rests a crimson colored figure. Micro. Her hands are placed on Micro's head. Through the head, a big thick icicle is pierced. The crimson... it's blood. Micro's dead body... Honey just sits there... no tears, no screams. She takes a deep breath. Her gritty voice begins to sound but it's almost hard to really comprehend what she's saying... Hard to focus on anything but Micro's dead eyes, really... 

"H-h-h-h-e... H-h-e went to i-i-inside. I f-followed behind him." She can barely press the words out of her mouth. "The i-i-icicle... it fell from the r-roof... Right through his head... I... I..." She stammers and then a big sob sounds from her mouth. She burries her face in her hands, while sitting beside her dead friend, just crying... I want to say something but... I don't really know what... "I am sorry your friend died." Isn't really enough. Twinkle walks out of the crowd and sits down by her side, hugging her tightly."

"Okay guys...." Mr. Northwoods, says trying to find the right words. It's ironic. Now, we need him more than ever and then he's speechless. "There's a telephone in the cabin. I will phone the busdriver and we all go home... I am very sorry." Is that it? "I am very sorry?" But then again... I didn't know what to say either.

Selena pushes herself out of the crowd and walk right up to Twinkle, Honey and Micro. She kneels beside them and the places her hands at the icicle. At first, I am almost about to yell at her. How dare she just walk in so coldly examining the body? But something make me stop. The look in Selena's eyes.... worried, horrified actually.  "Guys..." she says. Something in her voice... something tells me that this is not good... that this is bad... very bad.

"Look at the top of the icicle." She steps back and almost drags Honey away. She whimpers slightly taken away. Twinkle steps away too. "Look at the top of the icicle. This one is flat. When an Icile falls natrually, the entire icicle will fall. Yet, here it's flat, meaning that up on that roof, the rest of the icicle is still hanging. An icicle would never have a flat end when it falls. The entire icicle would fall and the end would be rounded."

"Exactly where are you going with this, Selena?" Liberty asks. I already know the answer but I still hold my breath, fearing it being said out loud. As if not talking about it would make it less true.

"I mean... That someone wanted this to fall. Fall and kill Micro. That someone cut it off the roof..." 

"Okay, Selena, you're over-reacting. Icicle's can fall like that. We will all just remain calm, and I will head inside and phone the bus centre. It's gonna be alright, don't worry."

"But what if it was intended!" Selena yells at him.

"It wasn't. Stop scaring the other's with your stories, Selena."


"Enough, Selena. Just stop it." Northwood cuts her off. "I will take care of... the b-body." Even someone as cold to Northwood stammers a bit. He was a just normal teacher, going on a boring field trip with a lot of students. He probably predicted having some problems with Liberty bringing alcohol, but not having to deal with the death of someone... It's hard not fo feel bad for him... It's hard not to feel bad for all of us even though I usually don't apporved of self-pity. Honey... sitting in the snow, still having tears streaming down her face. Micro, who's face is speared by a thick icicle. And the creepy idea that it may actually be one of us... I can't even believe I am considering the idea! It's ridicoulous! It can't be one of us! We... We may be weird, some of us... I mean, I live in a forest, after my parents were brutally murdered by the peacekeepers. Onyx trains daily at home for a game of deaths... but we wouldn't do that to each other... would we? Would we...?

Day 1 - Night

Onyx's POV:

I head down the stairs from my room with Maggie. She has been lying in her ever since the incident, crying her eyes out. She didn't even have time to read her book about "Science - Another world to discover", or some other cheesy title like that. Seriously, if she reads books like that every day, she really needs some friends. I never even open my school books, unless it's to studie something I will actually be able to use in the arena. I know my path. I train and I will volunteer for The Hunger Games when I feel ready. I will kill them and be known as the most vicious tribute from District 7. "The Most Vicious"... The title sends shivers down my spine. It's mine. I have to... For my father...

My steps echoes through the cabin. It appears so quiet because everyone is in their rooms, crying their eyes out about Micro. It's stupid really. No one but Honey showed him any attention what so ever and now they all act like they were his best friend forever. No one would have said anything would it only been a broken leg but now everyone feels bad for him. It's stupid. You shouldn't feel sorry for the dead, they're are not even able to grieve over their lost lifes... they're dead... fabric of past. If there's anyone who you should be sorry for, I guess it would be Honey. But I can't feel empathy for her. I can't feel empathy when I am going into the games...

"Dammit!" I hear a voice filled with fustration yell, and something getting slammed. I look towards the sound and see a door leading into a small room, that I didnt notice when we were here. I tip-toe to the door, almost feeling as if I shouldn't be here. I carefully sneak towards the door and lean my ear towards to eavedrop but no sound comes. Come one, Onyx! You're Onyx Eboni! If you wanna know what happening behind that door you don't eavedrop you either kick it in or burst it open, I think to myself. I set my hands on the handle and open to look in. It's a small room. A desk and a chair is place and over by the window Mr. Northwoods stand. Beside him is the phone. He looks up and his eyes widen as he sees me. I scare even the teachers.

"It's broke... isn't it?" I ask him. But I know it's true.

"What is?"

"The phone. It won't work, right?" I ask him, again.

"It's just bad connect-"

"Don't lie to me," I cut him off. It's not brainscience that the phone was gonna coinsidentially "be broken". Of course it is. I walk over to it, ignoring Mr. Northwoods and pick up the lit. No response, not even that little sound indicating that it's on. I take the entire phone and flip it over as I carefully lift the lit of buttom to see inside it. Now you would expect to see wires and machineneries and such right? Well, there's none. Instead it's almost empty and it's not hard to see that "someone" has used a knife to carve all the wires and such away. I hold it up for Mr. Northwoods to see.

"Just... don't tell the others." He begs.

"Why, you wanna avoid spreading panic? I think Selena already took care of that one for you, dumbass." Normally I would get detention for calling my teacher that but he's the one who needs something from me. I can do whatever I like.

"I will just tell them that the bus agency couldn't arrive. That they will come in a week, that's how decided it originally." He tells me. "There's no reason to spread panic just because the phone doesn't work..."

"The phone was destroyed! You already know it, you just refuse to face it! We're gonna die and you won't even let us know the truth?!" I hiss at him. It's hard to keep my voice somewhat low, but I manage. The last thing we need is another idiot to sprint in here.

"It wasn't destroyed. Selena is full of stories, she likes to scare people. It's not true. What happened with Micro was tragic but it's not gonna be repeated, you hear me?" He hiss back at me.

"Keep telling yourself that." I tell him and turn around heading up to my room. Leaving him in a void of doubt of whether I will tell them or not. I probably won't... I really hate when people moan and whine over their reality and those news are gonna make them all sit in their rooms, crying out there eyes. Sometimes, I feel like the only cold person here.

 1:00 am

Selena's POV:

For the 107th time I turn myself around in the bed. It's two hours since I layed down and sleep still hasn't come. I can't stop thinking about it. That one of us... would even think to do that... that we would commit such crimes... I know the others thinks I am crazy but I know I am right. I know it's the truth... I can't really tell you why, it's just a feeling in the gut, I guess.

Below me, in the punker bed lies the person with the smallest IQ alive, Liberty. I can't believe I got to share room with her. The other girls really own me a favor. She snores and it's probably one of the reasons why I still am not asleep... Then there's Ellion. I can't stop worrying about him. Micro's death means that he is alone... vurneable. He may aleady be dead... already dead...

I get out of the bed, only wearing my PJ's and sneak out of the room. I head down he hallway and silently knock on Ellion's door. No response. I knock again and feel my heart raising... What if he died?! What if he was killed right as I was lying in my bed!?

I sit up and almost jump out of the bed. Before running out I take the covers and swing them around my body (I am not gonna run around in the middle of the night in my PJ's like Liberty decided to do last year, on camp). My naked feet hit the cold floor and shivers goes up my spine. I quickly sneak to the door and walk out on the hallway connecting the room. It's all dark and suddenly, the 10 meters that leads to Ellion's room seems as if I was walking on a minefield... as if a wrong step could make the entire place explode... Maybe this was a bad idea... I look back to the door, to the safety of my room... No, I have to check on Ellion. I have to. Come on Selena, you're no coward. Just run across the hallway, you're aren't scared of the dark... But I am... At least now, knowing someone is out to get me...

I muster of courage sprint across the floor with small soundless steps. I reach for the handle, ready to slam the door open but then realize that it may be a better idea to not wake the entire floor. I knock silently. Nothing happens. What if he's dead? What if he died just before? What I was just one minuet too late? I could never forgive myself if-

The door opens and a very drowsy Ellion stands in the doorway. My heart sinks as if I swallowed it, and it's hard to resist giving him a big hug right there. But him only wearing boxers and his covers I decide to give him a bit of room. 

"Selena," He mutters, his voice sounding very faint from sleep. "It's past 1 am..."

"I am sorry...." I mutter. I feel pretty silly now... But at least I am silly girl with a friend who is still alive. "I am just worried, with all that..." His gaze turns more serious.

"I know you're worried Selena, but no one says it's true... Nothing is gonna happen to you." He tells me, trying to comfort. I weren't really worried about myself, it was more for his sake.

"I was more worried for you." I tell him bluntly.

"Typical for you, Selena." He smiles slightly. "Now, just go back to bed. I will be alright and you be alright, okay?"

"Okay, I guess..." I tell him but I don't feel any better and he can tell that too. He looks a bit at me...

"If you like... the bunker bed below mine is free... If you would feel more sake, it's alright for you to use it..." He mutters, slightly embarressed. "If you can keep up with my snorring that is..."

"I think I would like that..." I mutter, shyly. It's weird... me and Ellion has kinda had this "best-friend-thing" going but I never know whether to cross the line between love and friendship with him... I want to but... I guess I am bit scared of rejection... I... I don't want to lose him.

He climbs up into the bunker bed above and I take the bunker bed below. A few minuets after, heavy snoring is heard from above. I smile a bit and soon sleep takes over...

Day 2

6:00 am

A piercing scream cuts through the air, icecold and filled with horror and Mist eyes flies open, his head halfly burried in his pillow. He stares up into the bunker bed above him that moves as Wolf turns around, also awakened by the scream. He watches as Wolf slides down, not even bothering using the small iron ladder in the back. Wolf runs over to Mist, while shouting:

"Mist, wake up!" He yells, his voice filled with worry and shock. Mist knew what this could mean. What is probably meant... A murder was lose and someone was screaming... had one of them... died...?

"I already am!" Mist yelled back at him. He almost jumped out of his bed, rushing. He quickly snatched the covers from his bed and wrapped them around his body, like Wolf to keep himself warm. Wolf runs over and almost smashes through the door to run out to the hallway 


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