Before we begin please note three things

1 This is my first fanfic so it might not be that good

2 Im danish and english is my second language not my first. THERE WILL BE SPELLING MISTAKES. And I might get some special terms from the hunger games wrong.

3 I don't have an update schedule, but I think I will update often.

Thank you for your consideration!

Rue perspetive

1 The Reaping

I woke up. A smell lingerd in the air. Breakfast. Usually i'm the first one two awake in the house. But not today. Today is the day of the reaping. My mother had woke up my sister Lily and then began to cook breakfast. Normally I cooked with my mother. I guess they wanna comfort me. Make this day easier to get through. Although nothing will ever make this day easy I fell thankfull for their try. I looked around. The rest of my siblings were still sleeping. Should i awake them? I throught. No I should let them sleep in. I walked out the kitchen. My mother stood by the oven. She used the grain for one of my eight tesseraes to bake us a bread for today. Eight. I took eight tesseraes for my whole family. The after my birthday. My father told me not to sign up on my birthday. That it would have ruined the day. Father stood by a bowl of water doing the dishes and Lily dryed them and put them away. "Should I help?" I asked. "No, go to sleep again. We will wake you uo when breakfast is ready" my mother replied. But I have always hated seeing other people work while I relaxed so I ended up helping Lily. When the bread was done I woke up my siblings and we all sat down to eat. None of us said anything but they all looked at me. We were all nervous. This was my very first reaping. After we ate the bread my mother said "We should get ready" with a hushed voice. My father nodded and me, my mother, Lily, and the twins Violet and May walked in to the bedroom. My father and the boys Ask and Blad stayed in living room/kitchen and got dressed there. My mother gave me a dress she weared her first reaping. Simple, leafgreen and pretty. After I got dressed I helped May get her skirt on. It was originally my skirt, then Lilys and then Mays. It was pretty worn out by now but new clothes isn't really our first priorety. Just getting enough food is difficult.

After getting dressed we walked to the townsquare. The stage was as always placed in front of the justice building. We live in the poor part of district 11 so we had to walk for quite awhile. "Carry me!" Violet said. "Rue you got ta carry I can no walk" ."Yes you can" my father said but I kneeled and let her crawl up on my back. "If you keep on carrying her around she will soon not be able to walk". "I can wal' longer 'han you, dad" she said. We all laughed but our voice grew faint when we reached the square.

"You should probaly go now my mother says with a hushed voice. "We can meet up in April's Street after the reaping" I says. I huged all of them. "You will be fine" Lily whispered while we hug. "Off course" I whispered back and then I walked towards the sign-up tables. Two peacekeepers was there to sign us up and get bloodsamples. I stand in the line for quite a while before it's my turn. "Name?" one of the peacekeepers asked. "Rue Morningleafs" I said. She took the thick book and found "Morningleafs, Rue" . She takes the bloodsample. "Twelve-year-olds over there" she pointed to a zone close to the stage. In district 11 we are so many that we can't all be in front of the stage. If you are fifthteen or above you have to stand in a zone placed in a street near the the square. At first I didn't know why the youngest people were placed close to the stage. Older children had a higher chance of being picked. But now I know it is because the impresition that want to give. They wont to make sure that the young children gets all of the details. They want us to wake up screaming from nightmares after the reaping. I walked to the zone. I arrived quite late so I had to stand in the back. Not that it bothered me. I was quite thankfull for it. I wait awhile. People don't rush to get to the townsquare. I remembered the reaping last year in district 2. People where so eager to stand in front that they pushed the 12-year-olds. But we just stand here. Some of us say an old prayer to the godess of harvest. No one believes in her anymore but at the day of the reaping we are so scared that we even seek help from a power that dosen't excist.

The mayor sits down besides the winners.I try to get my focus away from them. I stare down my feet daydreaming and let the speech of the mayor go in through one ear and out through the other. I manage to ignore the reaping until our silly and stupid escort steps up. Her name is Kemillabelle Joy Tia Addery. Her dress is brigth neon pink and the dressdragging is long that it could be used as tent for three and her wig is neon pink and formed as a single spike pointing straight up at the the clouds. She sends a quick digusted glare like she always does before the cameras are turned to her. She is digusted by our hungry thin bodies and the dirt our faces from the orchards. If she lived here she would probaly be more conserned by the lack of food than the dirt in her face. She puts on a fake smile. "Welcome, welcome, weeeeeelcome!" she says with her highpitched voice. "Happy Hunger Games! And may be ever in your favor!" she says. Long ago somebody wrote the scribt for what an escort should say when they are on stage and they apperntly still use it. None of us really care for what she says the only thing that matters is the reaping. "It is time to draw the girl tribute" she says. i turn my attention to her and bite my lip. Eight tesseraes. Those two words keeps moving around inside my head. She walks slowly to the ball with the girls names, enjoying the screen time and the suspense from her audience. She digs her hand down and pick a slip from the botton. Then she walks over to the microphone. There is dead silence. Then she says in a clear, loud voice. "Ruuuue Morningleafs!".

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