This blog I will use for my tributes keeping their private sessions, extra pictures and such. Don't need to read this really, so...yeah!

Private sessions:

Shermaine's Willson:

I walk in. I looks at the gamemakers. They are pretty sober and most of them look at me. That's fine. I know that they will end up all looking at me. I walks to the hand-to-hand station. A female assistan walks over. "No it has to be man" I demand. Winning a fight against a woman would not show my full talent. A man a foot taller than her steps in. I goes into a professional fightstand that I know so well from my training days in district 2. He smiles like I am in trouble. He probaly thinks he will beat me good. "We will see." I whisper. We start fighting. The fight goes on for awhile as we hit each other. I can see his fustration as I keep making parades against him. I could just jump out of the way but that would not show my defensive skills. Then I see a perfect chance. I put my defenses down and make a jump up. I am just about to reach his nervecenter at the side of the jawbone when he hit's me the stomach. it hurts a lot but I let none of the pain show. He looks me obviously annoyed that I didn't scream or something. The fight goes on for awhile when I finally get my chance. He makes a jumpkick and I jump to the side in the last second and make a very professional circle kick in the guys head that knocks him out completely. Some avoxes walks in and drag him out. I look at the timer. I have used half of her time. I run over to the crossbow station where I shoots bullseyes 6 times. Easy. I puts the crossbow down and rushes to the double swords. She knows she won't have time for a battle against an theassidant so I walks 10 meter away and then run towards the dummies just before I reach it I jump up high and hit two dummies right the head with each sword. I hit many dummies in stomach, head or crotch. I also reach shows of some of her defencesive stands before I gets dimissesed.

Isa Guard:

I walk in. Some of them are pretty sober. I guess the wine haven't been served...yet... I walk over to the edible plant station and start the test. It's pretty easy. I was in doubt about that blackberry. It could have been a nightlock, but luckily for my sister has trained me good. A nightlock smells a little bit rusty. People don't seem to try to check smell. I hope the gamemarkers see it even if plantidentyfication isn't the most exciting skill. I look at the timer and am surprise to see that I have only used a quater of my time. I walk to the rope center. My sister have only taught me the basic and I use more time than you need but atlast I make decent basic snare. I have a third of the time back so I rush to the bow and arrows. I take quiver and my bow and then climb the 10 meter long net at the climbing station while holding my bow. This is my best skill. "Safe the best for the last" my mentor told me. I shoot the targets around the other stations. I hit the sworddummy in the head the dummy for knifethrowing and another speardummy in the crotch. I look at the gamemakers and see that most of the has a painfull expression on their face imagining if they were my target. I shoot my last arrow at the lamp in hanging from the cealing it hits the floor and the sparks explode out. It wasn't as difficult to hit the it but atleast it looks quite awesome. I look at the gamemakers and see them staring at me impressed by the girl who never stood out in grouptraining. A female gamemaker says "You can go now...don't hit any lamps on the way out" . I turn my back to the gamemakers and try to hide the big big smile comming across my face.

Detria Glace:

Detria stands outside the training room. She is very nervous. Will the gamemakers stare? Just thinking about it almost scares her to death. "Detria Glace" the loudspeakers call out.They won't be looking at you, Detria told herself. Only at your skills. But she knew it wasn't true. She walked. The gamemakers weren't looking at her nor her skills. They were eighter looking at each or the drink in their hand. Saved by colorful cocktails she thought to herself. She calmed down. She knew that they would be drunk for the rest of the day. One gamemaker looked at her and nodded. She walked over to the knife-trainingstation. Whenever she hold a knife in her hand Detria would enter this special world with only her, the knife and the targets. She threw the first knife. Bullseye. Second knife. Bullseye. Third, fourth, fifth. Bullseye, Bullseye and bullseye. Most of Detria talents came from her autism. But not knifethrowing. It was something she had praticed her whole life, the only talent that wasn't just forced to her by her autism. sixth seventh eigth,. Bullseye, bullseye and bulleyes. She was taken out of the "knifeworld" of by hearing one of the gamemakers talk. She looked and saw that all of the gamemakers were looking at her. Totally impressed by the girl who never stood out in the grouptraining. She was paralyzed of fear. Can they see my fear? Will they give me a bad score? She throught to herself. The gamemakers dimissed her. She was barely able to walk out. She started crying in the elevator but calmed down after entering her bedroom.

Liana Carter

Katriona Greystone:

Alyss Shepherd:

Lia Mainwaring:

Serina Frostsword:

Serina walks in. The gamemakers are drunk and dosen't pay attention but she dosen't care. She knows that in the end they will all be looking at her. She walks over to the targets and picks the crossbow. She shoots and hit bullseye. She conitiniues for a while but then she starts shooting other stuff. The robes that holds the dummies, the swords wooden handels and even the smallest leafs in the fake forrest where people makes fires and climb trees. The whole trainingroom is her own personal playground. In the end she position herself in the middle of the room aims at the small bowl with red paint at camueflage station. She shoots it, the glassbowl splinters and the red colour eksplodes out of it all over the place. A few drops lands at her chin like blood. She looks at the gamemakers. They all stare at her then one of them says "You can... go now". She puts the crossbow back and walks out without looking back.

May Morningleafs:

Eileen Shade

Natasha Grey:

I walk in. All of the gamemakers are singing some kind of Capitol drinkingsong. I just stand there until they stop and finally one of the see me and nod. I walk confidently to knifethrowing station and take the first knife. I aim and the knife flies out of my hand. I know it's a bullseye before it even hit's. I look towards the gamemakers. My knifethrowing got their attention and they are now all looking at me.... Is that what I want? The idea hits me. The careers tends to go after the tribute with a high score. I have been a thief for so long and I know how valueable being unoticeable is. And a high score score is noticeable. I need medium... that's the best way to survive for me. I take aim but this time I want to hit the shoulder then send my second knife flying. It hits right in the should right where I imangine. I look to the gamemakers. I lost some of their attention. I take another knife and aim an inch over the head. It hits the spot perfectly and this time I try my best to look surprise as if it really was supposed to hit the head. The next knife I throw goes to the crotch and the one after hits the stomach. I try to look fustrated. For the last knife I aim for bullseye. I throw hits right in chest as my second bullseye. Then the gamemarkers dimisses me. I barely hear the whispering from one gamemaker as I walk out: "That would be a medium score, right?"

Liam Smith

Addriana Marsk:

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