Okay I have been in some games and I wanna try making one myself. Please remember that I am danish so there might be some spelling mistakes. Btw this is not a quaterquell. This game will be quite short with no reapings, chariot or interviews


  • Three tributes per user
  • Don't hate me if I kill your tribute
  • Ask me before you spam
  • I will not accept "on my profile"

Tribute templates











Private session:

Strategy for bloodbath/game:



Name District Gender Age Weapon Strength Weaknesses Apperance Personality strategy User
Sopie Livingstone 1 Female 17 Bow and arrow, mace, axe, spear Strong, climbing flexible, svimming, seductive Rope, insecure, self consious, afraid, mutts, spear Dark blonde, gray eyes, ivory skin, thin Fun, loving, crazy in good way, outgoing, brave, headstrong, defiant Bloodbath: Run and get stuff then kill with careers, will kill careers in sleep on final days Katelyn.Danita
Kang Kao 1 Male 17 Decide by writer Stamina,built body Short attention span, no tolerence Brown skin, black hair, brown eyes "Don't mess with me and I won't mess with you Decide by writer Thresh is fresh
Ivy Marie Ross 2 Female 15 throwing knifes, spear, sword climbing, jumping, agility, strong, stealthy, camueflage, edible plants svimming, claustrofobic friends hurt easily annoyed and frightened Brown eyes, red hair , flawless skin long legs. Cold to strangers, sweet, sarcastic, clever, never in bad mood Decided by writer Leopard Print RadioStation
Gavin Adams 2 Male 18 Sword Brute strength Temper Brownish-Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, Olive Skin Obscene, vulgar relentless Ally Up With Careers You Say You'll Guard For The Night But Actaully Wait For The Careers To Sleep Then He Grabs His Sword And Kill Everyone In Their Sleep. For The Bloodbath He'll Kill Anyone Along The Way While Picking Up Supplies And Weapons. Zakel
Bianca Cole 3 Female 15 Longe range and throwing weapons, wire Fast, small, hiding Hand to hand combat, brute strength, Ballons Black hair, grey eyes, young Smart and Tomboyish, likes reading and electronics dosen't care for how she looks Run away to trees (the jungle I would assume) Mysims
Dexter Volts 3 Male 14 Tazer, electricity traps, stun gun sleuth, speed hiding Being alone Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Ashen Skin Intellignent, cocky, nervous When Ever Alone With A Partner He Brings A Tazer or Stun Gun Along With A Knife Then Tells Them " It's Just Incase Of Other Tributes." Then They Go Far Out From Each Other Tribute And Dexter Says " I Want To Tell You Something." Then They Ask "What?" Then Grabs The Tazer Or Stun Gun And Chases Them And Stuns Them And Pulls Out His Knife And Stabs Them. Zakel
Misty Oceana 4 Female 17 Trident, throwing knifes Trident, throwing knifes Decided by writer Golden blonde, slim, blue eyes sneaky, smart, vicious Ally with careers when eight is left then leave in the night MistyLovesAsh
Ryden Ethfour 4 Male 18 Trident, rope swimming, strong arms for throwing and hand to hand combat Doesn't take into account other people's needs, thinks he is the leader, arrogant Albino, white hair, dark eyes Arrogant, smug, selfish Get in with the Careers Thena.airice14
Luna Snare 5 Female 15 Blowgun Hiding, blowgun, clairvoyant, killing Close combat Red hair, pale, dark eyes sly, elusive, nice

Get a backpack for the outskirts and run

Chose a target and don't stop before target is killed.

Kyle Jang 5 Male 16 Bow and arrow Very resourcefull, fast Crush on tribute Black Hair, Asian, Green Eyes(i know its weird but thats how he is) Kind, fearless, timid Stick with other weak people and help them and leave them at the end. Stay with crush. Bananaman321
Lynette "lynnie" Handsows 6 Female 16 Knifes Decided by writer Decided by writer e has long blond hair that goes down a little past her shoulders that she usually wears in a braid over her shoulder. She has crystal blue eyes, and is very. very skinny. Nice, rebellious Decided by writer The Hunger Games Girl
Tyler Wheel 6 Male 14

Axe,blowgun,throwing knifes, wheels and round things, tridents

svimming, electronics axe, blowgun, throwing knifes, wheels and round things, trident swords spears short brow hair, pale and smooth skin, big green eyes shy and quiet but strong and fatal run without anything, hide typomarq
Charlotte "lottie" Brenman 7 Female 17 throwing knifes sprinting, climbing, strong short temper long blonde hair, blue eyes, thin

sweet brave, manipulitive,ruthless

Bloodbath:Go to outskirts, get as many weapons and kill as much as possible. Run!

Kill as many as possible and ally

Haunter Werrel 7 Male 17 spear, axe, dagger Aim, strength Svimming, careers He has short brown hair and brown eyes, he has some muscles. He is quite slim.

Quiet, fast, mean, unkind, Good aimer, alert,

spares no one unless their willing to make an alliance.

Bloodbath: decided by writer

Hide and kill by night

Coco Hiera 8 Female 16 Mace Good instincts, adapts quickly No weapon experience, not very fast or adventurous, so won't climb a tall tree to get away from pursuer Short brow hair brow eyes Bright, bubbly, but is sensible Run without anything, find food and water Thena.airice14
Brad McAndrews 8 Male 17 ]sword Strength, sword speed, arrogant Brown hair, green eyes, muscular Brad's older brother Matt is a Peacekeeper, so Brad, much to his parents's dismay, has developed a loyalty to the Capitol and is very Career-like and brainwashed. He's arrogant and slightly unfriendly. Join the careers TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3
Allianna "Allie" Whittle 9 Female 16 Throwing knifes, bow and arrow Fast , agile, cunning, judgement, aim Strength, huge decisions Brown hair and blue eyes, pale, tall , thin Friendly, kind, creative, hopeless romantic, protective, loner Find ally and get stuff while ally protects you Mysims
Alex Donaque 9 Male 13 Sword, bow and arrow Judgeing, escapeing, strong Called names, his past Blue eyes, blonde, short, Crazy, funny, can be hostile, judgeing, loves literatur Find ally and get stuff while ally protects you Mysims
Iris Sybil 10 Female 15 Sword Climbing using swords Dogs and fires Light skin,messy dark hair, dark blue eyes. Insane, intuitive Get near weapon then hide and kill lone tributes Whatrbooks
Deandre Opedus 10 Male 18 hands and rocks muscles Fast, to many people around big, strong "nasty?" Mean Run to woods Whatever it takes
Anastasia King 11 Female 15 Miao Dao Climbing, fast and quick, pinpoint accuracy Scorpions blonde with pink highlights purple eyes Happy, friendly, fierce Find allies Katniss jane Mellark
Mondi Bakermann 11 Male 18 None Svimming, holding breath Fighting, running, climbing Has only one leg, big, slow, tall, skinny Very nice Get close backpack and run find ally and find water Whatever it takes
Bryanna Tryler 12 Female 13 Pickaxe Elusive, agile, quick No weaponm training, doens't trust anyone's life to be in her hands because of memories of her father (backstory) so won't get allies easily, weak. Small, brow hair, blue eyes Quiet, shy recluse Grab close weapon/backpack and run. Thena.airice14
Nick Lovizio 12 Male 12 Bow and Arrow, knifes Hiding and very fast Small so have not that much strength Small, skinny, tan, big arms Very nice but very aggressive Get two backpacks then run to forest What ever it takes

Private training sessions

District 1


Sophie does a few flips in bubbily and smiles at the Gamemakers. She walks over to the rack with bows and arrows and gets concentrated quickly. She lifts the bow, and narrows in on the first target. She never misses with the bow. Never. her mother was Aria Camelliston, for God's sake. Bow and arrows are practically in her blood. Even though it's the only thing she has never missed on.She releases the first arrow, straight in the center of bullseye. She smiles to herself. Mom and Dad would be proud. She thinks for encouragement, remembering the first time she shot.She decides to give the Gamemakers a show and readies the second arrow, the third close by. She releases the second one, and shoots the third one so quickly it splits the second one in half and still hits the bullseye. She secretly gets very excited that it worked. Then she picks a spear up. She hits the first dummy in the chest, although she was aiming for the head. The second one completely misses and upsets her, but she gets over it quickly. She hits the third in the head. Then she grabs a mace and goes at it with the dummies. She does some damage to the first two, and mauls the third. She cuts down a fake tree with her axe, but at a normal pace.She knows she has minimal time left, so she tosses some throwing knives behind her and they form her initials "S.L." very clearly, and a few still missed but the letters are still obvious.She goes through some courses and climbs another tree at an incredible rate. She flips down from it and lands in a split, then pulls herself over backwards to a standing position to show them her flexibility and hours of practice, and decides to do one last thing."Make them remember you." Echoes in her head from her parents, quoting from the 74th Games tribute Katniss Everdeen. I pick up the bow and arrow one last time when they are oblivious.I close my eyes, and point the arrow towards the gamemaker. It lands right by the Head Gamemaker's head, and she smiles, and skips out happily, praying she did good.


I turn the training dummies into diced meat with any bladed weapon, and anythng with a blunt force I can easily use.

my only problem is im a big guy, running fast is not what im good at, i can fight but catching a runner is a problem, I am good with plants and berries I should eat so I dont die like a fool by eating nightlock, I hate that im going to have to kill so many fresh lives, I can tell these kids hate it and the fact that I would be friends with them if we were not in theis mess only makes it worse, oh well, its me or them and im not ready to die.

District 2


Private Session: Ivy entered the private training room, and the Gamemakers nodded in acknowledgement. Ivy took this as the hint that she should start. She went over to the rope climbing station and stared up at it. It was long, but she's been training since she was what, seven? Stop shaking, Ivy. You'll do great, she reassured herself. She took a deep breath, wrapped her hands around the rope, and hauled herself up. She bit back a yelp as the rope swung back and forth, but she didn't stop climbing. When she was at the top, she jumped back down and looked at the stopwatch; she had climbed the entire thing in acceptable time. 18 seconds. Next, she went over to the knife throwing station. She weighed a knife in her hand, narrowed her brown eyes in concentration, and threw one after the other. One landed in the forehead of the dummy, one in the chest where the heart would be, one in the shoulder...the fourth, however, went stray. Just keep going. She threw three more knives at a different dummy; leg, stomach, shoulder. Satisfied, she went over to the camouflage station and carefully painted her arm to make it look like the bark of a tree. It nearly matched, but it could use a little more detail. She washed off the paint; to finish her session, she went over to the spear throwing station, and chucked four spears. One went through the stomach of a dummy, one in the head. The other two went stray, but one of the spears that missed skimmed past a different dummy and damaged it a bit. Ivy took a deep breath and picked up another spear; that's when a smirk tugged at her lips and she threw the spear at the ceiling. It lodged itself right above the door. She blew the Gamemakers a heartless kiss, and left.


Grabs A Sword Beheads The Dummies Along With Ripping Them To Shreds And Then Showing His Speed He Quickly Runs Over To The Spear Station And Hits Every Target With The Spear Then Demonstarting His Strength He Lifts Up A 75 Pound Ball And Throwing It Right On The Target Ending His Session He Stabs The Dummies With Knives.

District 3


I walk in, I am not that sure what to do, as I don't have much skills involving weapons. When I spot the power socket, I walk over to the sockets and grab a wire from the celing. I quickly ram it into the socket and run around the room, tying the wire round each of the dummy and sprint back to the socket. And flip the on switch. BOOM!! Everything explodes around me and I shout my name as I leave the room.


Grabs A Wire From The Technology Table Makes Stun Guns, Tazers, And Electrical Traps Then Practices How Strong Technology Can Be By Tazing The Dummies And Making Them Start A Fire And Does It With The Stun Gun And Electrical Trap Too. He Then Goes To The Edible Plants And Poison Plants Area And Figures Out All Of The Plants. Then Goes To The Survivblity Area And Makes A Full Camp Under 15 Mins.

District 4


She will slash all of the targets with her trident then the same with throwing knives and will weave a net with anything she gets her hands on!


He will quickly weave a net out of rope, then getting a trident, will throw the net in the air and chuck the trident at it. It hits and pins the net to the wall, but the net falls apart due to the knots not being tight enough.

District 5


I walk into the room, The Gamemakers look at me. Ugh, gross. I take a blowgun, and hit almost every target. The people who rule over my life pay no attention, so I leave the room without saying a word.


Walks into training room and picks ups a bow, but when he tries to find an arrow he only sees big weapons like spears, maces, and other weapons. In order to pass the training course he must eliminate the dummies. Kyle proves that he is resourceful by using a spear instead of an arrow to knock down one of the dummies and uses the bow to launch a mace knocking down 5 dummies in a row. Shooting knives at the remaining dummies. but thats not it a dummy approaches him from behind but he knows that and he thrusts his bow into the dummy and is rewarded with a waterfall of blood because it was actually...a gamemaker....

District 6



Tyler ran into the room, smiling toward the gamemakers. He starts off with his axe. He puts a dummy in place and throws it at the dummy, splitting down the head. Then he cuts the dummy in half with one shot. After, he cuts a fake tree. Next he gets his knives and throws them at one half of the tree, splitting pieces of bark everywhere. Then he takes a tridents and throws it at the tree, splitting one half into another half. Then he picks up the 150 pound weight and throws it across the training center, breaking the spear station. Then he takes the blowgun and shoots the target with the darts, getting the bullseye everytime. He bows toward the game makers and says "Tyler Wheel: District 6".

District 7


I walk in confidently. I see the gamemakers nod, and I swallow hard. I run over to the throwing knives, and pick up 4. I shoot them all, and one misses slightly, but the rest perfect. Nice! I say to myself. I look to the gamemakers, they seem interested. Now's my chance. I then, walk over to the rope station. I take a look at the rope, and instantly start climbing. I manage to pull all my strength, and confidence into 2 mighty pulls. I ring the bell at the end quickly. Ranking 6 seconds. Alright. Quickly, I sprint over to the dummy station and pull out a sharp looking sword. I grit my teeth, and angrily slice over the dummie's arm and head. I see a leftover throwing knife, and quickly think of something to do. I throw up the knife, and it shatters the light above me, showering me in beautiful sparks, and tiny pieces of glass. I smile. I nod at the gamemakers, and casually walk away, smirking.


Throws axes at dummies, getting the axe in the head or in the chest. He also throws spears at them, hitting them in the stomach and neck

District 8


Having mainly stuck to the weapons in training, Coco goes and showcases all she has learnt, with varying degrees of success. She excels herself at the mace and axe stand, ok at knifes, but awful with sword and spear.


Having mainly stuck to the weapons in training, Coco goes and showcases all she has learnt, with varying degrees of success. She excels herself at the mace and axe stand, ok at knifes, but awful with sword and spear.

District 9


I walk in, slowly and quietly, not to alert them I'm there. My training outfit is the same colour as the walls, so I blend in easily. I sneak across the room, the game makers begin to scoff that I am not here and I should get a zero. Little did they know, I'm traversing a beam above them, armed with a bow and 10 throwing knives. I get about halfway, before I stop and squat. I am perfectly and fire my arrow, it shatters the punch bowl. The gamemakers scream, all kinds of ridiculous explainations. Silly people. I throw my knife, which severs the line holding up the beam I am standing on. I slide down to the ground and forward flip off as the beam smashes into the floor. I look at the ridiculous faces of the gamemakers and smile.

"Allianna Whittle, District 9." I pant. Before leaving, feeling happy with my acheviment.


I walk in slowly, I really don't care about my score, I'm going to die anyway. Maybe Allie will win. I reach the bow and arrow. This is going to be my only thing to get a good score with. I grab the bow and a large silver arrow. I close my eyes, envisioning the arrow hitting the bullseye. I open my eyes and let the arrow fly. It speeds through the air and slams right into the bullseye. I smile. Becoming more confident with each arrow. Each finds the bullseye and I walk over to the sword. Ready to hack this to pieces. I slam the sword into its shoulder, then right through the heart. I leave the sword in the dummy and walk out of the room. Confident.

District 10


She will take a sword and stab a couple of dummies. Then she gets a rope and hangs a dummy.


He strangle and rips all of the dummies

District 11


She collects Miao Dao's and fill dummies with red paint, then she will climb a fake tree within 30 seconds and perch in the treetop. She will then throw her Miao Dao into the dummy penetraiting it in the centre of its head then somersault down and land perfectly then speed run, dodging the obstacles that appear infront of her and stabs the remaining dummy with her Miao Dao in the throat then slide the sword out sideways virtually decapitating the dummy. Then say "I may be from a poor district, but i am strong. Dont under-estimate me!" The walk out


I walk in and look over at the gamemakers. They are all drunk, off course. I look around. I have tried to train close combat with a knife. It is said to be one og the easier weapons to handle as long as you don't throw it. I am not that good, but really what else can I do? I walk to the knife station and get a dummy. I slice and slice. I don't hit the center many times but a few times I do. I look at the gamemakers. They look bored and dismisses me.

District 12


She will use something to show her speed and agility. She has a small trip, but manages to regain her balance. Then over to the rope course, where she almost makes it through, but misses a handhold and she falls. The Gamemakers laugh and Brianna has badly hurt her wrist.


He shoots a bow and arrow in the air but then throws a knife at it and cuts it in half

Training Scores

District/gender Training score
D1F 11
D1M 9
D2F 9
D2M 10
D3F 6
D3M 8
D4F 9
D4M 8
D5F 7
D5M 1
D6F 3
D6M 10
D7F 9
D7M 7
D8F 6
D8M 6
D9F 9
D9M 8
D10F 5
D10M 5
D11F 7
D11M 4
D12F 4
D12M 8

Extra Money for training:

Score Money reseived or lost
12 + $100
11-10 + $75
9-8 + $50
7 + $25
6-5-4 + $0

- $25

1 - $50


The three best words to decribe this arena is: Young, strong and healthy. The citizens of the capitol was quite disapointed when they heard of it...



Dark green color. A.k.a rainforest. It has more cover and hidingplaces than regular forest, but you will dehydrate faster cause of the heat. There are more food but less water supplies. It is closer to the cornacopia, and it might be dangerous to run over the brigde cause it will be quite crowed doing the blood bath. There are more poisonous plants in the jungle so you have to have knowledge if you wanna get food from the jungle. There are fewer mutts than the forest but they are more dangerous


Light green color. Like the forest in america or other northen regions. It has less cover and hiding places, but you will dehydrate slower than the rainforest. There are less food supplies but more lakes. You will have to cross a bridge to get to it and it might crowded doing the bloodbath. There are more mutts in this forest but not as dangerous as in the rainforest.


Green-brown-yellow color. Heavy tributes will have a hard time avoiding getting sucked into it (instant death) but smaller tributes will be fine. It dosen't provide a lot of cover, but the stenches will have rather "soft" tributes turned away (if they can't see other tributes, they would go in there to kill), and the same thing goes for the more smell sensitive mutts. The mutts that are there are to be taken seriously because when they first got you they will drag you down and you will never see the surface again... There is no water supplie or food supplies.


Brown color. A rocky terrain that will drain your tributes energy faster so muscular tributes will do better here. Clumsy tributes might slip and fall. There are a lot of caves that provides a very good cover. There are many mutts roaming around in packs. There are some mountains-springs around but no food sources other than shooting mutts which will be dangerous cause the mutts tends to travel in packs. You will have to cross the wooden bridge to get there.


Yellow color. The warm will dehydrate and loose energy faster. Your tribute will have to be strong mentally and physicly. There is no food or water but a few small oasis that are very hard to find and there is not much cover but few trees that can give a little shade. There are only few lone mutts but they can be pretty dangerous. There might be some weapons hidden somewhere in the sand.


The yellow dot surounded by grey dots that are pedestals. There are loads of weapon there and also some food and water supplies. It is the middle of the meadow, in the south part of the arena close to wooden bridge. After the bloodbath the careers will camp out here.

The village:

Five brown squares. The abandoned village are five small houses that contains a small amount of food and water and a weapon in each house. Your tribute can only enter one house!! If they enter two houses they will be struct by lightning! The houses are fenced in by grey walls and the only entrance or exit is the stepstones.

The stepstones:

There are two path of stepstones. The path to the west that transport you from the jungle to the forest is okay secure, but a heavy, slow, clumsy or tributes that carries to many items will probaly fall in. In the water near the stepstones there are fish-like mutts. They will bite your leg and drag you down and drown you. Only good swimmers can outswim them. The stepstones to the east that will transport you to the village is much worse. The patern is dificult and slippy and the stones moves around when people walk on them. Only very quick, agile, light and flexcible tributes can hope to make it to the other side. The mutts are there but this one is much faster and they can't be outsvimmed.

The wooden brigde:

A wooden brigde that will transport tributes from the south to the north. It is quite narrow and if there are more tributes on it at ones fighting is almost secured. The there are mutts like the ones by the stepstones under brigde ready to drown a tribute if they fall in

The river and the water surounding the arena:

The river is freshwater and the only main watersource. The water surounding the arena is salt and can't be drinked

Paint arena

The arena of Annamisasa's first hunger games


You can request an alliance with somebody when you are out of the arena. If more people agrees than desagrees in the alliance agrees then you. When you are in the arena you can't request it however you can tell tribute to find a specific person ask them to ally. But really it kind of hard to find a specific tribute and there no gurantee that they will say yes

Alliance 1, Career alliance

Sopie Livingstone (D1F), King Kao (D1M), Ivy Marie Ross (D2F) Gavin Adams (D2M), Misty Ocenana (D4F), Ryden Ethfour (D4M)

Alliance 2, 12 and 11 male and 10 female

Mondi Bakermann (D11M), Nick Lovizio (D12M), Anastacia King (D11F)

Alliance 3, The Mysims alliance

Alianna "Allie" Whittle (D9F), Alex Donaque (D9M)

Antidote: $200

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Darts (10): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

First-aid kit: $125

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (10): $25

Raft: $250

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Tent: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (5): $200

Trident: $275

Torch: $40

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Money remaining


Kill: $50

Top fifthteen: $50

Top ten: $100

Top five: $150

Top three: $200




D12M 650

Death Chart

Who died? By What

Who killed the tribute?

Tyler Wheel, D6M A blowgun dart in neck Luna Snare D5F
Deandre Opedus D10M Shoot by arrow Sopie Livingston D1F
Ruden Ethfour D4M Shoot by arrow Alex Donaque D9M
Alianna "Allie" Whittle D9F Stabbed in back Ivy Mary Ross D2F
Brad McAndrews D8M Sword in neck Gavin Adams D2M
Lynette "Lynnie" Handows D6F Knife in forehead Charlotte "Lottie" Brenman D7F
Misty Oceana D4F Stabbed in stomach Gavin Adams D2M
Gavin Adams D2M Arrow in head Sopie Livingstone D1F
Iris Sybil D10F Spear through head Bianca Cole D3F
Mondi Bakermann D11M Knife through chest Nick Lovizio D12M
Charlotte "Lottie" Brenman D7F Burried in lava No one
Haunter Werrel D7M Stabbed in head Kang Kao D2M
Luna Snare D5F Arrow through chest Alex Donaque D9M
Anastasia King D11F Arrow through stomach Sopie Livingstone D1F
Kang Kao D1M Arrow through face

Kyle Jang D5M

Kyle Jang D5M Arrow through chest Sopie Livingstone D1F
Ivy Marie Ross D2F Arrow through face Alex Donaque D9M
Brianna Tryler D12F

Dart in forehead

Dexter Volds D3M
Bianca Cole D3M Arrow pierced through her neck Sopie Livingstone D1F
Sopie Livingstone D1F Arrow through stomach Alex Donaque D9M
Coco Hiera D8F Forced to eat Nightlockberries Alex Donaque D9M
Dexter Volts D3M Arrow in back Nick Lovizio D12M

Status for the tributes

Who Area Possesions Needs Allies
D9M, Alex Donaque Forest Bow and arrows (5), canteen, camuelflagepaint, sleepingback (camueflaged), electricity generator (from Bianca's feastbag) , wire (from Bianca's feastbag) Food None
D12M, Nick Lovizio Forest Knifes (1), blanket, wire, Neosprin, canteen, bow, arrows (30), axe, bread, dried meat, soup None


"Let the 34th annual hunger games begin!"

Day one: The Bloodbath

Bianca's POV: {C I hear the phrace from Claudious Templesmith. It begins now. I can die in under 10 minuets. I shiver and check my position. A jungle is by the site of me that where I will head. 50...49

Luna's POV:

I look at the tributes near me. A guy, I think his name was Tyler stands beside me he seems to be ready to run to the jungle beside me. What a coward. "Fortune favors the bold" I whisper. So I guess it would favor me over him... it is nice to have fortune on my side when I kill him in a minute. I look to the cornacopia and see a backpack and a blowgun laying beside. It is my blowgun, my pack and my blowgun. Now I have victim and a weapon 38...37...36

Anastacia's POV:

Where are my allies? I can't see them anywhere. I guess I will meet up with them later it is to risky to look for them when the bloodbath goes on. I look behind me. A wooden bridge leads to the north of the area. I will go to the forest and stay near the river for awhile. Then I will return and look for my allies.

Kyle's POV:

I can see the girl from 11 near me. Good. Since I saw her reaping I have had a crush on her. It is funny. I throught I was so tough but yet I still fall for a girl even though we have to figth to the death. I can't help it! I see a bow and arrows. I look at her, Anastacia. She looks to the forest. I have to follow her, I simply have to. Get my bow and then follow her

Ivy's POV:

I look at the tributes near me. I see a girl with brow hair and a blonde boy. Alex I think that is his name. I can see them notting at each other as if they had an alliance. I look forward. There is three throwing knifes pretty close. Great I think. Kill then move to the cornacopia.

Iris POV:

I see a backpack nearby. I will need it. Somehow I know it somehow. Okay, Iris, I say softly to myself get the backpack and then the jungle. 17...16...15

Dexters POV:

I see the brigde of wood. I think it is saver over there. Plus, I can see a weird grey wall. It is hiding something, usefull hopefully... 8...7...6...


Luna's POV:

I run to the backpack get the blowgun that is already loaded and look for my taget. There he is running to the jungle. I load and shoot. I am know I will hit as soon as pull the trigger. It hits his neck. BOOM! To easy. I look and see that the male from 1 is running towards me. Better get going. I run to the south to the svamp area.

Sopie POV:

I run to the mouth of the cornacopia and get my bow and arrows. Even in a heated situation like this one I relax when I get it in my hands. I look around to find a victim when I see a tribute the boy from 10 who is still on his plate. He looks around in panic at random tribute, I guess he has a phobia of people. Well, I guess I will put him out of his misery. I load and shoot. BOOM!

Alex POV:

I find myself a bow and run to Allie. "Allie!" I yell. She turns around see me with bow and then runs in to get two backpacks. That when I sense him. I turn around and see the boy from 4 running towards me. I load the bow and send a arrow through his chest BOOM! I turn around to see Allie. She is pinned to the ground by the girl from 1. She says my name and then she stabs her in the stomach. "Hello there, Weaklex, where you to late to save your girlfriend?" I know that she will send a knife through me the minute I reach for an arrow. We stand there in a second and I sends her a glance saying: I'm gonna kill you, I will kill you. Sends a knife after me but I jumb to the side in the last second and then I turn around and run. "You just try that, Weaklex!" she yells at me while I run towards the jungle. I see the girl from 10 do the same but I somehow don't have the energy to shoot after. I hear the BOOM! Allie is dead.

Nick's POV:

I look over at Mondi who just picked up a backpack. It is truely amazing how fast he can run with a leg of metal but guess that leg has been his reality for years now. I get my backpack and we meet up, cross the brigde and are just about to head for the mountains when a girl runs over to us. She is from 8. "Please...can't I be..:"she gaspes for air "in your alliance". I look at Mondi who nods. "Okay" I say. We all run to the mountains.

Brad's POV:

I run to the cornaopia. The careers are there. A spot in the career alliance will almost certainly mean survival. I run in and Gavin from two sees me. He runs to me with his sword ready to strike. "No" I yell. "Can I be in your alliance?" He looks at me, judges me. Then he noods. I smile a little then run in to retrieve a sword when Gallin's swords goes through my neck. BOOM!

Haunter's POV:

I see a career stabbing another tribute in the neck with sword. Monsters. I am running with an axe in hand over the bridge. I see a girl there from 7. I am just about to send my axe to her stomach. I could do it easily. Even a running target is easy for me when it hits me. Only Careers... I don't won't loose my honor. I don't want to be down on their level. I let her run. She probaly didn't even notice me...

Charlotte's POV:

I run towards five knifes I saw close to me. I take them, look around and see the girl from six running towards the cornacopia. I threw my knifes that goes through her leg. She screams and falls and my next knifes goes through her head. BOOM! I get a backpack and then decided to leave the bloodbath before my cannon sounds. I run to the jungle. I see the boy from three run across the bridge and hide near the mountains. By the look of his face while he rans tells me that he is gonna go to a special place near the mountains. I might check that out later...

Bryanna's POV:

I got the backpack. I were so scared. I throught that one of the careers where out to get me but luckily he ran for another fierce looking girl with a blowgun. I will run to swamp for now. The smell and the terrain should keep most tributes out of here. I can do this, I just have to outlive them, I tell myself.

The bloodbath is over

Dexter's POV:

I finally found a cave close to the exit of the mountains. I sit down and tries to relax. It is dark now and the anthem start to play. The boy from four, wow a career die in the bloodbath! But this means that all of the careers and Bianca is alife. Then both from 6. The boy from 8 and the girl from 9. Hmmm, I heard that district 9 had an alliance, but not anymore I guess. Then the boy from 10 and the screen faints.

Kang POV:

We are all sitting in mouth of the cornacopia. Only six deads, that isn't anything to be provd for... Even a career died today. I look t the other who sits and eats some dried meat and bread we found in the cornacopia. The girls from 1 and 2 sits and smile. Lucky them they got kill each. Gavin got a kill to but I don't really count it. I still think we should have taken Brad in. "I am tired" says the girl from four. What did she do in the bloodbath? Nothing usefull really.

Gavin Adams POV:

They are all asleep. I am on guard I guess it is time to excicute my plan. I take my sword and walk to the girl from 4 who sleeps close to my guarding place. She looks so pretty in the night. Well the most pretty things are the most useless. I send my sword through her body. BOOM! I stand still for a second. Would the boom awake anyone? Dosen't seem to. I am about to walk over to the girl from two when I am pinned to the ground by another body.

King Kao POV:

I ram into him with all my strength pinning him to the ground. I knew that I shouldn't sleep while he was on guard. The boom confermed my worries. I hoped that he would let go of his sword when i attacked it but he still holds on to it. It slowly moving towards me and now he is slowly getting his sword by my neck he is about to ut my head when a arrow goes through his forehead. A centimeter of and it would had hit me.

Sopie Livingstone

My arrow goes through his head. Ha! His cannon sounds. BOOM! I was awaken by yelling when Kang pinned Gavin to the ground. King Kao looks at me. "Needed some help?" I smile knowing that I saved his life. "I just did what I had to do" he says defensive. "Ivy would have died". We look at her. She still asleep. "I will take the first guard" I say. He looks at me and then goes to sleep. Now we are only three careers...

Day two "Colder and warmer"

Bianca's POV

I awake to a beeping noice. It is before dawn and pretty cold. It quite bright but the sunrise have yet to happen. I sleept in a tree. It is kinda funny how a cold branch can fell like my bed at home when you are exchausted. I look at the parachute. A coil of wire, dried fruit, a canteen and a spear. "Thank you so much" I whisper thankfully. I read the note. The guy from 9? I think I saw him go to the jungle... In the training I remember that he was so attached to his district partner. How does he take her death? Is he depressed or has he turned into a killing machine? Whatever you say, I think and slide down of the tree. I walk a little when I hear breathing. I see the girl from 10. She is all curled up. Then she yells "No no dont take the mirror! DON'T TAKE IT!!" I jump back. But she still asleep. She yells in her sleep? Poor girl... "This won't be painfull... hopefully. At least it will be quick" I whisper sadly. Then I pierce my spear through her head. BOOM!

Coco's POV:

I wake up. Me, Nick and Mondi are in a cave together. There backpacks are in a corner and they are both asleeo. How easy for me would it be to take their backs and flee? But I will not. I am so glad that I got to be in. I remember when I ran up to them. If Mondi haven't wanted me in I would not have got in, I am sure of that. The look in Nicks eyes... But he seems nicer now. That is when I hear it. The tiny little "beep" that's is repeated every second. It would only be hearable if it was close. And then I recornise the sound. It the sound of parachutes! I walk out and look. It has gotten a lot warmer outside, weird... There is two. Nicks contains a bow arrows, and throwing knifes...hmmm... There is nothing but small notes in mine. I kind of wants to look at the other guys but I decide not to. Sigh, I guess my mentor didn't think I needed anything... but a weapon would be nice. I fell vunerable. I read the note. It says I should trust them but not make too big sacrefises for them. Well, okay I guess...

Anastacia POV:

I awake. There is parachute beside me. Great! A sleeping back, I guess that pretty fortunate although it is actually hotter today. I might not use it... But it has a nice green color so maybe I can use for camueflage. I look in the parachute. A bread that is still hot. I don't need anything hot right now but food is food no matter how hot it is. I walk away from my campside. Keep moving and they won't find you. That is when I hear it. "Snap". I freeze. "Snap" and asian looking guy steps out from the bushes. I am just about to run when he yells "No, please! Please can we be allies?". I look at him. Can I trust him? I look him in the eyes. There is something in his eyes that tells me that he won't betray. "Okay, do you have anything?" "I received some water". I am so thristy but I don't wan't to use him. "You want something?"he ask. "Yes" I smile. He hands me the canteen and I take a big gulp. "I have bread and a sleeping back" I say. "We can share bread if you want" I continiue. "If you want to, you don't have to" he says however he looks hungry. We sit down on a fallen tree and share our bread together. He seems so nice.

Luna's POV:

The svamps stinks. Both literally and the slang way. I have no food and the only thing I got was a little message telling me to make traps around my camp! I don't have anything but my backpack and blanket to make a camp out of although it is actually an okay pillowcase. And I don't even have rope to make traps with. Gee, I am in trouble. "SEND ME SOMETHING!" I yell at the sky. I don't care if anyone hear me I got a blowgun and darts. Plus I am starving.

Brianna's POV:

"SEND ME SOMETHING!!!" I hear someone shout far away from me. I am not alone, some girl is here too. I shiver. I should get away but I am quite courious. I leave my stuff and sneak over. A pale girl with dark hair and eyes sits on he blanket with a loaded blowgun. A canteen is beside her but I see no food. She walks up and I freeze for a second thinking that she has seen me. But she just walks to the jungle for hunting with her backpack. First she packs all but then figures that it is to noicy to cary everything. She leaves her blanket behind and drops the matches box on the ground. The matches spread out and she picks them up then she leaves. I walk into her camp. She forgot at least 10 matches in the mut. I can't take the blanket cause I want her fell that she is alone. I take them and sneak back. My backback with my possesions is where is left them but there is a silver parachute on top containing painkillers for my wrist. It hurts a little but not much. I take one of the pills and save the rest for later

Nick POV:

"Wake up there are gifts to Nick" I hear Coco highpitched voice in the cave. She carries them in and carefully lay them down beside me, 3 knifes, 10 arrows and a bow together with a little note. "You got yourself a good mentor" she says. "Did you guys receive anything?" Mondi shakes his head and Coco takes a little note up. "Nothing too important" she says. We eat the rest of the berries and I read my note. The others sits and wait for me to finish reading. Attack the careers and kill your allies if they survive the attack. A surprised facial expression comes across my face. I look up and I know I can't just say it's nothing. I guess I can tell them about the first part. "Let's attack the careers!" I say and try to sound confident. They don't look to happy. "We can do it! They are only three and we have the element of surprise. Mondi looks more secure but Coco is still unsure. Then she says: "Okay" we walk out of the cave.

Kang's POV:

I look at the careers after giving them the wellplanned speech. "Sounds okay to me" Sopie says. "But where should we hunt?". "Let's start with the north and make our way down. It is freezing down here" Ivy says. "It's not that bad" I say annoyed. Can't she just be happy that I saved her life? "Let's start with the mountains. Next day we can take the forest and then the dessert" Sopie just nods and Ivy sends me a glare saying "who made you the leader?". I would have stabbed her with my sword if she wasn't in my alliance. Then we take our weapon a backpack and head to the mountains.

Nick's POV:

We see them walking far away but still visible in the meadow seperating the dessert, mountains and forest. We jump to the side and look at them. They have their deadly weapons and it is easy tell that they are hunting for more than just animals. "Let's do a surprise attack" I say. We hide here and jump out when they walk past. I hand one of my knifes to Mondi. "Guys" Coco says nervous. "I don't wanna do this". "What? It to late now Coco!" I hiss at her. "If you aren't in then you aren't in alliance!" really it is bluff. She seems to be frigthentent easily so maybe she just wanna try to get us all away. "Well then I leave" Coco says stubborn. "WHAT!?" I whisper. "You coward, you can't keep running!". "You will see" Coco says. "Bye, Mondi" she says and starts to jog away from us. I take my knifes and am about to throw when Mondi stops me. "No". "But she is betraying us" I say. What a pack allys I got. A coward and a weakling with no leg. "She is just leaveing us that should always be a choice when your in an alliance. Idiot good thing I am killing him soon. I look at the careers. They are near but haven't heard our fighting. I make myself ready. Coco will be my target after this I tell myself.

Ivy POV:

I walk when I am suddenly pinned to the ground. I scream when I see knife and the boy from 11. I fight back and move in the last second so he hits my leg instead of my stomach. I scream when I fell the burning pain. Caos is out cause I had fallen more and more behind when we walked. Mondi keep me still pinned to the ground when Sopie's arrow missed his head by 2 inches. I look up and see a little boy from 12 sending a knife after King that misses. Then 11 screams and droppes his knife cause he is hit n the arm by an arrow. The knife slides over the ground away from him. I try to get him away but his weight is to much "Let's get out of here" he yells at 12. "We aren't done" he yells back. "I'm hit!" he prostests. Kang runs up to 12 and is just about to smash him against the wall when 12 avoids, runs to 11 and gets him up and runs to the mountains. I scream again because of the blood that is quickly running down my leg. Sopie sends another arrow and it hits 11 leg but it makes a sound like it hit a piece of metal then they run behind a corner she drops the bow runs over to me and looks through her pack. King runs after the tributes. She takes her bandage. "The glass bottles of the instant relief where to fragile to put in a backpack" she says fast. "The bandage should keep untill we reach the cornacopia" she says. "I can't walk" I say and my eyes tear up. "I can't find them" Kang returns. "But before they hid I hit them by throwing my sword" he says. "Where did you hit them?" Sopie ask. "12 in the left lower arm" he replies. "Ha" I say. "Swords aren't surposed to be throw with, Ivy, we are lucky that I hit him" He puts his sword in his belt. It is coverd in blood and makes his pants very red. I step up and has to use Sopie for support. "There is no way I will let him surport me" I mutter. "Good, cause I would not" he replies coldly. The career group is really not doing well...

Nick's POV:

I drag Mondi into a cave tiny cave that looks more like a pile of rocks. We stay still and completely quiet. We even hold our breath. My left arm hurts badly. Mondi right upper arm is hit too. We can hear King walk outside. Then I hear him leave. "You are a weakling you know, Mondi" I say. "Sorry" he says. Then i pierce my knife into his heart. BOOM!

Bianca's POV

Where is he? I guess finding one person in a jungle is harder than I througth. My feet are sore from all that walking and the only thing I got out of this was the water in my canteen. I walk until I reach The end. 20 meters under me there is endless ocean. I turn around. In the shade of the trees I can barely see him. But I can see loaded bow and the arrow pointing at my heart. "Leave" he says in a creepy emotionless voice. I just stand there. He looks scary. His open small wounds thin body and the empty eyes. I remembered him in the trainingroom with a bright smile. Now he is like a shell. He gotta be greving over the girls dead. Or was it more? I saw them together in the trainingroom they where friends but nothing more and their age. It gotta be something at home. "Are you the girl from district 3?" he ask me. "Yes" I reply. "My mentor told me he had talked to yours. They want us to ally". "Please" I say. I am scared to death. Of the arrow, of the empty boy and the games in general. He takes his bow down and put arrow back. He walks and I follow. A little camp is set up. There are two un-up-packed parachutes with bread and water. "There is something more than just Allie, right?". He dosen't answer but I know that I right. We stay silent in the camp and just rest up for more than an hour then he walks over to the parahute and rips two pieces off. He walks over and give it to me. "I already have food, you don't need..". "No, you can have it" he says. "We should share the supplies".

Dexters POV:

I have moved from the mountains to the stepstones. I have walked all nigth but I am still to worried to sleep. When I reach the river site I can see the stones. In a dificult patern they are layed down. These will be a dificult task... It might even cost my life. I look down at the mutts under the stones ready to pull you under and drown you. I take a rock and throw it out on the stepstones. They begin to move around randomly. I throw one more and they move again. This will be such a risk I think. But I am too exhausted now. I find a tree near the riverside, and sit down. Then a ton of parachutes appear: Wire, a sleepingbag, a canteen with water, dried fruits, a blowgun and 10 darts. I smile. Maybe if can come up with a idea I might find another way to get over... The anthem begins and the tributes faces are shown: The girl from 10 and the boy with a metal leg from 11.

Day three: "Heat"

Ivy's POV:

I sit down looking at them lying, sleeping in their sleepingbacks. I hate Kang. I hated him from the first day. It is kinda hard to explain why but a big part comes from his desire to be the leader of this group. I don't really know about the girl, Sopie. She just seem to go with whatever Kang says. She never speaks up and I guess that is why I don't like her. I should go. The idea have gone through my mind many times however I have been scared to go. But really I would rather be alone than with these people's company. I look at our pile of goods. I carefully select a backpack. I fill it with dried meat, dried fruit and a bread. I search but I can't find the instant relief. "Dammit" I whisper. I do find neosperin and painkillers so they will have to do. I take two filled canteens. Last I take a spear and 10 throwing knifes. It is all heavy and I can't get far with all of it so I decide to make camp in the jungle. Before I leave I take a box of matches. I lit one at the time and lie them in the stack. It would all be gone when they awake.

Bianca's POV:

I see the murder walking up the stairs. The knife raised. I wanna do something so bad but I can only watch as opens the door to my sisters bedroom. The murder walks to the bed and my sister is just sleeping not knowing she be dead in seconds. Then suddenly her eyes open wide and the face, no the whole body of the murder chances. It And when I look down my sister isn't there is Iris.

I scream loud. I scream and kick to shake the rest of the dream of me. "Bianca...Bianca" my fathers says and hug me. Everything is gonna be okay. I look up but it is not my father it is Alex. The empty boy isn't empty anymore he but he seems so sad as he hugs me. I don't know what is best. Being full of sadness or being empty. Iris. I killed her. My eyes tears up and I begin to cry. "Iris" I whisper. Alex nodds and hugs me tighter

Nick's POV:

I awake. I am shaking. Mondi. Why did I...kill him. Did I wanted to? Or was it just me doing what my mentor told me? Did I... wanted to kill him. My arm hurts I am glad that Coco got away from me. It was so easy to do but I never imangine the pain it would bring. "Focus, Nick" I whisper to myself. "There will be time to greave later". Then I notice. The mountains...the stone cave floors and walls...they are warm. Something is wrong. I don't hesitate. I get up get my stuff and run. When I am almost out of the area I can hear the rumbleling. I look back and see the lava and smoke going out from the summit of the mountains. Atleast ten of them are errupting.

Charlotte's POV:

I awake hearing some rubbleling. I don't wanna awake the stone that I use for my bed are so nice and warm. Wait? WARM!? I run out of my cave and see the lava comming down of the mountains. I breath in, knowing that it is way to late to run. A second after the lava burries me. It fells like my whole body is on fire and then everything fades. BOOM!

Nick's POV:

The lava moves fast and I hurry while holding my shirt in front of my mouth so I won't breath the smoke in. I run over the meadow, thinking that the lava would stop but it dosen't. I run over the wooden bridge. I look back. The rumbling have stopped and the lava is slowly dragging away. The cornacopia is in front of me and I can see two careers sleeping. I look at the pile of goods hopeing to steal something before I leave but it is just a big pile of ashes. Someone destroyed burned it probaly. I look around and then decide to go to the swamp.

Coco's POV:

I awake lying on the ground in a forest. Where am I? Then I remember. I was in an alliance and was going to attack them. I remember that the only faces that appeared on the sky. Mondi and the girl from 10. I guess it was a good thing that I fleed. Then I see the parachute falling silent down. It carries some supplies I can see. "Yes!" I whisper. The parachute get's all tangled up in the branches. I climb the tree and climb out to the branch and carefully let go of the branch while untangeling it. I just finished untangleling the last parachute when I fall down. "AAAAW" I yell before being able to stop myself. I look at my left hand thankfull that it is not broken, but sprained for sure but lucky for me I am right handed. I look in the parachute. A mace, a canteen and some rope. No food...crap... My growling stomach and my broken hand will make this day hart to get through.

Sopie's POV:

I awake and walk over to get breakfast. I freeze when I see the big pile of ashes. I look around to see if the tribute left any signs. There is one. Ivy is gone. I sigh, knowing that I shouldn't have trusted her. "Kang!" I yell. He awakes, yarnes and walks over to me. He is still half asleep and dosen't notice it right away. I await a angerfull reaction and look at him. "Dammit" he says and spit in the ashes. "It was Ivy" he says. I nodd. "She will pay for this" I can hear that she is gonna pay with loads of pain... "Where should we go?". "Let's go to the forest and hunt we will find her eventually" he replies. Loads and loads of pain...

Brianna's POV:

I leave my camp and walk to my little spying spot. I can see the girls creepy hungry body trying to hold her blowgun steady with her shaking arms. She tries to take her other supplies but they are to heavy and she drops them. Then she walks away with small energyless steps. She is going out to hunt I think. She didn't return with anything yesterday and probaly won't today. Someone should kill her and put her out of her misery but I am not sure if I am able to kill coldheartedly. She will probaly die out there in the jungle I tell myself. You don't need to of that. As long as I stay near so I can get her stuff. It is almost sad but something about that girl tells me that I should stay away from her. Her whole camp is just there messy and easy to steal from. I could really just take it now. Or I could really just take over her camp. If she were to return I could kill her with one kick. I step in and sit on the blanket. It fells kinda weird like being in a somebody's when home when the owner is not home. I look in her backpack. A canteen with of water, some matches and the blanket. I take a big gulp. Then I hear the pipping from the parachute. It contains some dried meat and rope. I eat some strips and try to relax. I can win this.

Haunter's POV:

It is so hot in the dessert. I think I have begun to halucinate from thurst. Or did that grasshoper turn into a gamemaker? I am not sure. I haven't drinked for... how many day? How many days have these games last? A week? A month? The rise of temperature told that I had to leave this place but I wish that I had hurried. I finally reach the meadow of the northen part of the arena when I see them. The two careers that walk on a purple snakeback. What should I do? The only thing that I can think about is my dry throath. I swallowed 10 kilos of sand yesterday...I think... I look at my hands. They are green and have yelloe fishscales instead of fingernales. Then I see the bow in my hands. It is made of butterflies. I load in shoot. The careers stops but apperently I missed.

Kang's POV:

"What is he doing?" I ask Sopie. "I have no idea" she replies. We stand and watch the boy from 7 load an imanginary bow. He yells something that dosen't really make sence and sends another imanginenary arrow after us. "Let me get this" Kao says and run up to him with his sword ready to stab. The guys is still trying to shoot him when the sword goes through his chest. BOOM! We walk to the forest. "There is too much land to cover" Sopie says. "Lets split up" she says. "Okay we meet here as soon as I gets dark" I say and walk into the forest.

Nick's POV:

I walk around the swamp while looking down on my feet. I am thinking of Mondi. Why did I do it? Who fault was it? Mine... I hear the scream and I look up and see Brianna from my district running away from me in panic. We lived in seam together and we talked even talk together sometimes. Her foot gets stuck in a root and she falls. "Don't" I say and walk I over to her. "I am not gonna hurt you, you know" I know it is true. I will do what I can to protect her. Past is past but I hope that protecting her can make up for what I did to Mondi. "Allies?" I ask. I will just let her run if she says no. "Emm..." she says and then "Okay". We walk back to her camp. "Does your angle hurt" I ask her. "No it is okay...But your arm isn't" she points at my dirty dressings made out of a part of my t-shirt. "I poured some neopisirin on it" I reply. She opens her backpack and takes a little box out with a cross on it. First aid kit. She takes a roll of white fabric and carefully takes my shirt-dressings off. Then she wraps arm in the new clean dressings and gives me a pill. "Painkillers" she explains. "Thank" I say swallow. The pain dissarpears completely and we sit down. Then three parachutes appears on the sky all containing food. We sit down to eat.

Kyle's POV:

Me and Anastasia are sitting on a falling tree. Anastasia received a whole buffet of food. Now we sit eat the meat strips. That when we see him. I pull Anastasia down in the a bigger bush and we look at the career walking right pass us. I can't see any possesions of his other than a sword. Dammit I left my bow in the camp so we just stay hiding.

Bianca's POV:

I think i fell asleep again. Alex woke me up and hold his hand over my mouth silent pointing at something...someone 25 meter away from us. A shaking girl trying to hold her blowgun steady. Alex look at me. "I can't...I don't think I am able to" I whisper. He nods and gets his bow. He puts a arrow on string, pull it back and shoot. I hear the BOOM! a second after. I look up and see that the empty boy is back...

Dexter's POV:

No...that won't work. Another plan ready to the trashcan. I curse and kick rock in the river. It hits two stepstones and one of the mutts jumps up in the air and catches the stone with it's mouth. The sharp teeth in it jaw it's just a warning about what will happen if I fail to cross. Hm... I look at mutts svimming. There are so many I would never be able shoot all them...But maybe...I look up say loud: "I need something to generate electricity".

Sopie's POV:

I freeze when I hear the loud steps through the forest. It is like the person is trying to step on every branch on the ground. I load my bow and am about to shoot when I see that it is Kang. "Kang!" I say surprised. He stops and look at my loaded bow. I put it down. "Did you find anyone?" I ask. Kang shakes his head. "Me neither" I say. "There gotta be some tributes in this forest" He says. "Let's stay here and make camp. He can hunt again tomorrow". We sit down and a silverparachute for Kang appears. Night vision goggles. I am so hungry. The anthem play and then the faces of the fallen tributes appears: The creepy girl from 5, The girl from seven, I think her name was Charlotte and then the boy from the same district that we killed. Ivy is still out there...

Day 4: "Announcement":

Kang's POV:

I awake. The red light from the rising sun is reaching through the leafs in the trees. My stomach is hurting, the hunger is weakning. Why haven't I received some food yet? I don't know. I awake Sopie and she gets her bow. "I am so hungry that I am considering eating my victims" Sopie says in dark tune of voice. "We might find someone with some food" I say. The last thing we need is hopelessness. But I gotta admit that my chanches for winning are lowering.

Alex's POV:

I wake up when I hear their screams. Allie in my own nightmare and probaly Iris in hers. She screams very loud and kicks in her sleep. "Bianca" I whisper. She still kicks but the screaming stops and then she starts to cry. I hug her and she finally relaxes and then the tears starts running down. It is just like last night. And then I am furrious. Why do they force children to do this? Be killed? Killing others? Forcing us to go through emotions most people did know excisted. I hug her a little tighter and think that is when I let go of Allie. Cause even if I couldn't safe her... she got something we will never. A life were you aren't a murder. I look at Bianca. My jacket arm is soaked in her tears. "You were right...There is more than Allie. I was..bullied while grew up". She looks at me taking every word in. "And it was hard to life...but there were one girl... Tia... Allie's sister. She was kind of an outcast too. We played together and suddenly... well suddenly we where together always. People bullied her because of ehr friendship with me. But life seemed easier with her around. But she got new friends and we saw each other lesser and lesser. I don't no why...Maybe we just grew away from each other. But when I was reaped she came in when we should see our loved ones. She was crying over her sister. Tia crying... that was the worst thing I've ever experinced. And so I promised her...that I would protect her sister. Yet I still let her go to safe myself in the bloodbath". I have no more to say. I don't know if I fell better or worser. Bianca dosen't say anything. She just hugs me even tighter

Brianna's POV:

I awake in the swamp. Nick is sleeping beside me. I smile. I have missed some combany when I have been in the swamp. I am still thinking about that girl from 5. Should I have allied. But then again. I am pretty sure that if Nick had stumble into her camp she would have shot him without hesitating. I sit down to enjoy the felling of being safe but I am disturbed by my grownling stomach. I cut to slices up the bread and eat. I don't think anything is gonna happen to me today and I am thankfull for that.

Coco's POV:

The forest is hot. The temperature keeps rising in the northen part of the arena. I steep up when I fell severe pain from my hand. My spain is all blue-purple. I shudder. I rip some fabric of my jacket and tie it around my hand when I hear them approaching. I look back and see them. Two of the careers walking towards me. They haven't seen me. There is no place to hide that would not be obvious around me so I start to run.

Sopie's POV:

"Snap, snap, snap" I hear the sound of branches breaking under running feet. We start to run. We run but we don't see the tribute we are pursueing. We continiue to run but then the sound of breaking branches stops. "Stop" I say and Kang stops. I listen but I hear nothing. The tribute is probaly hiding somewhere. I look up but there is no tribute on the branches. We start to walk around a little. "He or she could have gotten so far away that we could hear the snaps" says Kang "Or maybe just started to watch where to step..:" . "I am not sure" I say. I look around but can't see anyone. "Okay, let's continiue running. We might be able to catch if the tribute takes a break.

Coco's POV:

I hold my breath for ten more fatal seconds while run pass me. It fells impossible to keep your breath after you have run. If I ever win these games I will do running training, I tell myself. My mouth is as dry as a dessert, the sweat I running down my face and my throat fells like it is on fire. The heat in this forest isn't a help either. But I am alive and that is more than I could ever imangine. I am alive cause I was clever. I was aware of the noice I was making while I ran and I knew that if I would have stopped and hid the lack of noice would give me away. It was almost impossible to stop my body and force myself into walking slowly. I did that for as long as I could before I hid in a bush. If I had waited one second before hiding I would have been seen and probaly be dead. But I guess I am just lucky to survive two run-ins with the careers...

Anastasia's POV:

We sit our camp. We gotta be alone in the woods. How would we not? We haven't seen any tributes since the bloodbath started. I don't know about Kyle. I think I am starting to like...more than I would like a friend. But I should not let myself get attached to anyone I keep remind myself. It is dangerous. Some leafes shake and suddenly there are two careers less than 30 meters away. We all freeze cause none of was expecting this encounter. And then I fell pain. I look down and see the arrow through my stomach. Then everything happens so fast. The girl shoots and arrow but Kyle evades it. He gets his arrow and shoot after her head but she evades. The male from...1 I think carges at him with his sword ready to stab when Kyle's arrow go through his face. BOOM! Then the girl from 1 hits him in the chest. "Now we can always be together..." He whispers and his cannon sounds, BOOM! "Yes..." I whisper and take his dead hand. Then all goes black. BOOM!

Sopie's POV:

I hear the cannons of the lovebirds. I almost fell guilty but really you shouldn't get attached to anyone here. "It's a part of the games" I say out loud almost like I have to make an excuse for it. I walk over to his bow. Mine is better kind, actually, it is amazing to me that he could even shoot with that. But his arrows are very fine and his food is pretty good too, dried fruit and soup and a half filled canteen. I have food, a weapon and water now but I alone. "You can still do this Sopie, with or without allies" I tell myself.

Bianca's POV:

"We should move" Alex says. It is weird. I am pretty sure he is about as back to normal as he will ever be. "Our water is about to up so we should probaly get to a watersource" he continiues. And we should move cause my scream might have told people our posetion. But Alex is too nice to say that. We pack our stuff and get up. The only water I've seen since I allied with Alex was the water in the ocean surounding the cornacopia. "We will just walk until we find it" He says. We start to walk and walk for around an hour when we find a big stream. But there just one thing. A girl tribute is sitting by the other side of her river. She looks up and opens her mouth to scream but she never does cause Alex's arrow goes through her head. Then I realize who it's Ivy.

Dexter's POV:

I had hoped that I would have received a parachute containing something to make electricity but no parachutes appears on the sky. Sigh, I look over at five lonely houses sourounded by a grey stonewall. At last I decide that it is not worth it... All of this for nothing. I try to remember what I saw in the bloodbath. There were a jungle by the cornacopia but if it is filled with careers then I am not really sure if wanna try to sneak past them into the jungle. I take my stuff and get going. The mouth of cornacopia points to the north so I can easily see the pile of ash. There are no career. I walk to the jungle and find a tree that climb. I settle down and then the anthem starts to play. The tributes faces appear: The boy from 1 and the girl from 2, wow two careers in one day! Then Kyle from 5. I talked to him when we were on the edible plants station. He seemed like a nice, and then the girl from 11. I am about to fall asleep I hear the sound of trumpet. "Hello there tributes!" Claudius Templesmiths voice rungs over the whole arena "We gamemakers think it is time for a little feast". The backs will be in the mouth of the cornacopia at the break of night tomorrow. And may the odds be ever in your favor".

Day 5: "The feast"

Brianna's POV:

A bread, dried meat and some dried meat in parachute slowly falls from the sky. I cut two slices of the bread from it with Nick's knife and wake him up. "It a big big big big day" I say in fake capitol accent copying our escort Melody Terrens. He laughes and we eat. Really I am scared to death and he's probaly too. Joking seems like the only defense against being scared to death by the feast. "Are we gonna go?" Nick ask me. "Yes..." I say. "It's okay if we don't" Nick says. "I am not sure if we effort not to".

Bianca's POV:

I awake with Alex holding me tight. Another nightmare. How many times do I have to see Iris face? I shiver. But there is no tears this time. The nightmares are already begining to become an everyday ordeal. We eat the rest of the food. That weren't much left anyway. "Will we go today, right?". "We should" . "I will run. You can use your bow to cover for me" I say. "No I will" Alex says. "Use your spear to cover for me". Something in his voice make me not protest. "Let's just relax for now. We will leave afternoon".

Sopie's POV:

It is weird being alone. I fell so vunerable out here. I fell kinda sad. It was diffrent. I have killed and killed the whole game without hesitating and know after seing the boy from five and the girl I think was from 11 holding hands while dying... I almost regret it, I guess...Am I even ready for this? I try to make myself cold. Make your parents proud, Sopie, make them proud I tell myself. I load by bow and shoot some leaves. Sadness apparently dosen't affect my shootingskills

Dexter's POV:

I sit in my tree in jungle. My blowgun and my 10 darts is ready. I will leave the rest here. I jump down from the trees. I still haven't killed any tribute. Not that it bothers me. I can win this without. But I guess I will have to kill someone if I end up in top two. The trought scares me. I jump down from the tree and head to the cornacopia.

Coco's POV:

I wake up. Two silver parachutes are tangled in the lower branches. No way I will climb this time. I take a rock and throw it up. If it's soup, I'll get a shower, I think ironicly to myself but it makes sound that probaly would come from a plasticbox. I throw another rock, bullseye. They fall to the ground. I check them. Dried meat in the first one. "Thank you" I whisper up in the sky. Does my mentor watch me right now? The feast is today so I guess most tributes will try to get some rest. I can rest all day, I think. I am not going. I check the other parahute. A simble red box with a white cross on it. I open it and find all sorts of stuff. It takes me awhile to find a little blue, icecold gelpack. I put it on my hand and sigh of relief.

Nick's POV:

We arrive at the cornacopia. We stand ready hiding by one of the few trees around it. I am pretty sure that the gamemakers made these tree for the feast. They weren't there in the bloodbath. We look and I can see the sun go down. I make ready take my bow and my quiver and take a position ready to sprint. "Stay here, I will run and get your bag too" I say. Then the table rises. I sprint out. I run 10 meter then an arrow flies by me only one inchs from my face.

Sopie's POV:

"Damned" I whisper. I knew the arrow was gonna miss the second it shot. Now my position is known to tributes. It is pretty easy for people to follow the path of the arrow. I know that I have to find another place to be before I run. I go around the cornacopia to the jungle nearby.

Nick's POV:

I reach the mouth of the cornacopia. I look around and load but no one have made a run for it. I decide that it is better to get to safety first and then find Brianna. I look and sprint to the start of the jungle and then make my way the swamp.

Dexter's POV:

I see him run and get both packs from 12. 5 packs left. I better run now I think to myself. I remember the arrow flying past me. I even think I saw some of her long blonde hair. Who else is here. The girl from 12 won't run now that the boy has taken it. I run to the mouth. None arrows fly past me, none knifes hits my limbs and no darts hits me in the neck. I see the packs. A normal sized pack for 1, a rather small pack for me and Bianca, A medium pack for 8 and a huge one from 9. My couriousity gets me and I take my pack and the packback from 9. As I run, an arrow shoots pass me. Another arrow almots hits me but I turn to the right and run to the south. It hits the stolen pack I carry almost to say: "That's mine". "Come and get it if you can" I think to myself as I get in the safe cover of trees. That is when I see her sitting by a tree. In one moment I don't know how to react. But then she tries to reach for her axes and I fire a dart to her skull. BOOM!

Alex's POV:

"Dammit" I say. "He got my pack". "Should we follow him?" Bianca ask but I shoock my head. "We still need yours" I tell her. I am ready she says with her spear ready to throw and I sprint off. I reach the mouth of the cornacopia when I hear the scream. It's is Bianca I am sure of that. I sprint back to our hideout and see the girl from one sitting on Bianca's stomach with an arrow in her hand and her spear lying helplessly long away from her. I load my bow when I hear the BOOM! She pierces the arrow through her throath. I let go of the arrow and hit her right in her eye. She screams in pain. My next arrow hits her in the stomach and then I kick her in the face. BOOM! I hug Bianca's still warm body like I used to when she wakes up from a nightmare.

Nick's POV:

Where is she? I heard three canonshoots today. Could one of them be her? I reached the swamp around a half hour ago and haven't seen her "BRIANNA!!" I yell. "BRIANNA!!!". I fell awfull. I crawl to a tree and hear the anthem. Please, Brianna, pleeease. I see the girl from one...Then the girl from three. "Not Brianna, not Brianna, not Brianna" I whisper. And then her face apears. Could it be a mistake? Or do the gamemakers put her face up on the screen to make good television filming my reachtion? I cling to the lies although I know that it is true...Brianna is dead... I fell so empty and then I bend over and vomit.

Day 6: "A painless dead is a gift now"

Dexter's POV:

I wake up. A horrible stench comes from the swamp nearby. No way I am going in there. I wonder how she, Brianna, could handle the stench. I think she ran over there in the bloodbath. Brianna... She was in my nightmares. I wonder...will she ever leave me? Will she haunt all my dreams... Could I have done something not to kill her? I decide to go. I wanna get as far away from the swamp as possible. I look to get my stuff when I see the whole arsenal of weapons dropped on my stuff. Five knifes for throwing, a spear, a bow and 10 arrows, and a mace. There is also some dried fruit,a first aid kit and rope. I also open the boy from district 9. It is a bodyarmor but the arrow that he shoot after me have pierced the little box that can make the fabric as hard as a rock and still moveable. Now it is just a piece of useless fabric with a hole in it. I dump it in the swampwater. How am I gonna carry all of this? I try to take priorety. I can fit the fruit the first aid kit and the rope in my pack. The mace and the spear are heavy. Should I just stay here? I look out at the swamp and see Brianna's face. I need to go. I take the mace and my blowgun in my hands while carrying my spear in my mouth. I must look redicioulus.

Nick's POV:

I somehow wake up. I throught I was never gonna fall asleep but somehow I managed to. I yarn. Not a good thing to get this little sleep when you are in the top four. I jump down from the tree I sleept in. I look in the backpack I got and... Brianna's. I swear I will kill who ever killed her. Coco weren't at the feast, I didn't see her atleast. That leaves the boy from 3 and the boy from 9. If I kill both I am sure to avenge her... My backpack contains dried meat, soup and a bread. Also 15 more arrows and an extra bow. Brianna's contains an axe and dried meat and soup. I will have food enough. I eat the whole soup an fell more full than I have felled in a looong time. I'm ready to find Brianna's murder. I walk to the cornacopia to look for trails from the tributes. The guy from 3 ran towards the swamp...where Brianna was waiting...for me... It's him. I am sure. "I will find you I whisper. The ground here is soft and it is easy to follow his trail.

Alex's POV:

I fell nothing. I remember how sad that I flet like I was about to break in two when Bianca died but since the hovercraft carried her body away I haven't felt anything but a wish to win. Win for Bianca...and Allie. I own them that. I walk to the end of the jungle and see the steprocks there. I jump easily over to the other side and walk into the forest. I find a somewhat safe camp spot there and sit down. As soon as I start to eat two parachutes with a sleeping back and some camueflage colors. On a note my mentor has told me to camueflage the the sleepback. I will do that later. I eat and then walk. And that is when I see the girl from eight. She is standing in her camp. She sees me and runs for her mace. "Stop" I say and my arrow is loaded. She stands still and looks around in panic. "Pl..ples...please" she says but I am not gonna let her go. I will win. For Allie and Bianca. And then her eyes fasten on something. Black berry hangs down from a bush. "Let me take one, atleast" she whispers. "So it won't hurt". The tears streams down her face but I don't fell a thing. Still I nod. While my loaded bow points at her she walks with shaking steps over to the bush a picks a single berry. She looks at it and begins to sob. She cries while she place the berry in her mouth. "You are a monster" she wispers and swallow. BOOM! "A painless death is a gift now" I tell her although she can't hear anymore.

Dexter's POV:

I walk all the way to the end of the forest when I see the stepstones. "Dammit" I whisper as I remember all of the trouble I had with the one before. But it is okay now when I have something to generate electricity. I take out my generator and connect my copperwire to the generator and then lie the other end in the water. I walk away from the water I flick the "on" switch. It only takes one second for the water to spread the electricity. A electrical sound eccos and then the bodys of the dead mutts with big jaws float in the watersurface. I jump the stones when I trip and drop the spear. Then I fell pain and fall down in the water. BOOM!

Nick's POV:

Bullseye. I saw him struggle to get across the rocks and then I shoot. I followed him for a halfhour when I suddenly saw him. When I pictured him I imangined a cold murder. Not a smart guy who knew how to handle electricity. He must have had good sponsors too, considering all of the weapons he was carrying. I consider the idea of taking his weapons for myself but I push the throught away. I don't know which weapon he used to kill Brianna with but I don't wanna use anything he has used. I killed Brianna's murder...Now I can go home...

I find a place to sleep in the forest. The anthem plays and I see the faces of the guys from three and...Coco?! I fell sad. Our little fight some time ago seems stupid to me now. I wish I could tell I am sorry. "I am sorry" I whisper out in the cold night. Who know? Maybe Brianna and Coco can hear it.

Day 7: "Though you won who is really the victor?"

Alex's POV:

The games I will end today. I will be leaving this arena alive or in a coffin. I sit down in my tree. My camueflage coloured sleepingback has given me a quite pleasant sleep. But the dreams has not been pleasant. Allie's, Bianca's and that girl from 8 faces keeps haunting me. I have to win I remind myself. For Allie and Bianca. I hear the beep from the sponsor gifts. They are all on the ground and I jump down from my tree. Soup, bread, dried meat strips, a canteen filled with water and a sword. I eat the bread and some of the strips and drink my container a of water. I am ready

Nick's POV:

I awake by the beeping of the parachutes tangled up in the branches close to my head. I unwrap them and find some camueflage paint and a pair of nightvision glasses and 5 more knifes. I spend the morning eating soup and my bread and painting my shirt in a mix of black, brown, green and dark green colors. That should do. I drink the rest of my water and am done packing when I fell the intense heat. I look over and see the wall of fire slowly coming towards me. I jump down from the branch and start to run out into the field. As soon as I see it I know that the that this field is gonna be our own personal arena. Then an arrow flies past me one inch away from my neck. I load and shoot.

Alex's POV:

I spilled my chance, but I have no time to think about that right now. I load my bow the second after he realize his arrow. To avoid it I jump to the side while shooting but the shoot misses. He starts to run over to the swamp. I fire and but I don't hit where I am supposed to and the arrow goes through his foot.

Nick's POV:

The adrealin is pumping through my veins and barely fell a thing when the arrow goes through my foot. But I do know that I can't hope to run know. It's now or never. Life or death. I jump to the side when another arrow is fired and I realise a knife from my belt and throws it. I know it is to far to hit his center but I wanna distract him. It misses him and he jumps to the side and shoot. The arrow goes through the lower part of his leg. None of us can run now.

Alex's POV:

I try to move closer to him while avoiding his arrows. For what I can see the only close range weapons he have is his knifes. My leg fells weird. Although I don't fell pain it still fell weird trying to walk with it. "Come on, Alex" I say as jump to side again avoiding another arrow. One second later and it would have hit my heart.

Nick's POV:

Damned. I had hoped his leg would have slowed him but I guess he dosen't fell the pain either. I look at his sword as he is comming closer. It is in his belt right now, and he is still using his bow but not for long. I have to end it now I know. I shoot another arrow and then see it fly through his stomach and getting stuck there. Then I fell pain. I look down and see his arrow through my stomach too.

Alex's POV:

We both fall onto the ground. I can hear his and my own breathing. We are both struggleling. The adrealin goes out my veins now that I know that none of us are able to fire another arrow. This is all game of enduring and surviving. Who can take the most pain and still live? Who of us can survive? Who cannot? I close my eyes clinging to my life

BOOM! Someone's cannon sounded...


Alex's POV:

I am tied up to a tree. It's night and can't see a thing. Then someone appears. It is hard to recornise her with the totally white eyes and creepy smile on her lips. It's...Allie... She comes over to me and raise her hand. She holds a long and my names is carved on it. Then she pierces it through my stomach and she disappear. Then another pair of eyes appear. White without any iris or pupil, and her stomach is coverd in blood. Bianca... She also have knife with my name on it in her hand. She smiles pierces it through my stomach right next to Allie. And then Luna appears...and Ivy...and Sopie...and Coco... And then Nick .He is coverd in blood and smiles. He walks over to me and pierces a knife with my name on through the space between my eyes and then he whipers: "Though you won, who is really the victor?"

"ARRRGH!!!!" I scream and wake up in the bed that I was given on my floor. An avox is standing in the room with a cannula full of medicine. "No" I say gasping for air. "I am awake". How can be awake but no alive? It dosen't fells like I am. I fell down. Like I could just give up and stop living. Then my escort walks in and the avox walks out. "Oh, Alex, daaarling" she almost sounds like she purs. "We have a big big big day ahead with your and then we are going back to district 9 so put on smile get out of the feathers" she says. She sounds happy probaly happy to have a victor from 9. I expected that I would go into the emotionsless state I enterd when Allie was killed. But right know I just fell...broken. I step up of the bed. I am going home soon... I won The Hunger Games... But I lost more than I won...

A half year later

Alex's POV:

I wake up screaming from the nightmare. This one was a returner. I remember that I had this dream one year ago after I won the games. Now I am back in the capitol. The mentors are to be choosen today. It is our own personal reaping where our names will be drawn from a glassbowl. I look at the clock. Like usually I could sleep and I drifted of around dawn. Now it's 5:00 pm. There is one our until. I get dressed and take the elevator down from floor 9 till the mentor launge. It stops at the 4th floor and a woman in the lastest 30's enters. "Oh!" she says surprised "You must be the victor from the game last year" she smiles to me and I try to smile back. "I am Mags" She says and shook my hand. "Alex" I just say. "So Alex are you excited to be a mentor this year?" I shook my head. "Yeah, it is hard...sometimes..." she says and her eyes wander. "I hope that you go free" she continiues. "Thanks" I say. The elevator stops and we step out. There is a stage with 12 bowls with some paperslips in them. There are only two in the 9th one. There is only one in the 12th bawl. Most of the victors are already here. People says hello to Mags, but just looks at me. I get some strawberries dipt in chocolate and sit down in a corner by myself. Then a woman from the capitol walks in and present herself as Demenia Karteress and she is gonna draw the names. And then it begins. Some of us screams "YES!" when they get reaped, others look down to the floor and walks up. She walks to the 9th ball, picks one of the slips and reads "ALEX DONAQUE!" and the few strings that holds myself together breaks and I go into the emotionless state. I fell nothing...and I never will

A message from me/Anna/the creator/Annamisasa

Yeah this is my big gigantic speech...Nah, I will try to make it short so...yeah here we go!

First of all thank you to all of the people who enterd there tributes, I am so glad that I did not ahve to wait a month before starting... Sorry if killed your tribute first and/or killed your tribute in horrible painfull way :p

Thank you to all of the active users a game isn't fun to write if no one gives advice!

Thank you to all of the really active users (Zakel, Thena.airice, Mysims, Whatever it takes, and others) who commented after each day. As you all can see it pays off

Congratulations to Whatever it takes for making your tribute reach the top two he really deserved that.

Congratulations to Mysims for getting his tribute to be the victor. Sorry for all of the horrible things I made him do/ go through

And thank you to all of you for putting up with my terrible grammar. English is only my second langueage so I am doing the best with what I got :)

I find this very adicting cause I love writing and I will defernetly make another game. I will make it after next week around 4th of august. You can't resere tributes until the page is up, and please don't enter someone who has already been my games and/or someone who has already won.

This was a blast to write and I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

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