aka Annie

  • I live in District 4, Panem
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Finnick Odair's Wife,Being A Gleek
  • I am A Gleek
  • AnnieCresta4

    Hi Guys, These Are My First Games. Everyone Can Sumbit 3 Tributes, Everyone Can Sumbit 1 Gamemaker and Everyone can Sumbit 2 Stylists. In These Games There will be no Escorts or Mentors But You Can Send Your Tribute Advice By Commenting. Yeah So.. "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!"

    (For Reasons Such As School, Most Days I Cannot Post Anything Until The Evening, So Just Be Aware Of That)

    Everyone Can Post 3 Tributes Which Must Have The Following Information:







    Training Score Skill:

    (You May Reserve Tributes)

    District: Name&Age: Appearance: Weapon:

    District 1 Male:


    Chase Amos, 15 Short Brown Hair (Unsual for a District 1 person) with blue eyes, he is medium height and is quite slim, he has …

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