Hi Guys, These Are My First Games. Everyone Can Sumbit 3 Tributes, Everyone Can Sumbit 1 Gamemaker and Everyone can Sumbit 2 Stylists. In These Games There will be no Escorts or Mentors But You Can Send Your Tribute Advice By Commenting. Yeah So.. "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!"

(For Reasons Such As School, Most Days I Cannot Post Anything Until The Evening, So Just Be Aware Of That)


Everyone Can Post 3 Tributes Which Must Have The Following Information:







Training Score Skill:

(You May Reserve Tributes)

District: Name&Age: Appearance: Weapon:

District 1 Male:


Chase Amos, 15 Short Brown Hair (Unsual for a District 1 person) with blue eyes, he is medium height and is quite slim, he has some muscles, but is not as buff as others from his district. Sword, Throwing Knives

District 1 Female:


Destiny Flair, 18 Snow White Hair With Beautiful Lilac Streaks, Mauve Eyes and Fake tan Bow And Arrow

District 2 Male:


Haunter Werrel, 17 He has short brown hair and brown eyes, he has some muscles. He is quite slim. Axe, spear and a dagger

District 2 Female:


Thalia Combe, 16 Dark long brown hair, blue eyes and porcleain white skin Throwing Knives & Bow And Arrow and Most Other Weapons.

District 3 Male:


Darren Wits, 15 Decent build, glasses,brunette soft hair,emerald eyes Throwing knives, Bow and arrow

District 3 Female:


Donna Green, 15 Long messy Dirty Blonde hair and green eyes, beige skin, Traps, Sythe

District 4 Male:


Sam "Salmon" Rokinarias,

Smooth face with no freckels and nearly no fat. Amazing physical specimen with extreme speed, strength, and size. Trident, Slingshot, Mace, Club.

District 4 Female:


Cascade Fen, 14 She has brown hair and emerald eyes and is very pretty Knife and Swimming

District 5 Male:


Tristan Cale, 15 Short brown hair, pointy flat ears, green eyes, 5'6

Knives/ Throwing Knives.

District 5 Female:


Olympia Willings, 16 Olympia has mixed bright red and blonde hair that she always ties up; Olympia's eyes are originally green, but nobody knows why her eyes turn red when she is angry, which they do. Hand To Hand Combat And Physical Strength

District 6 Male:


Vroom Rouge, 15 Dyed red hair, Black eyes and his trademark sunglasses. Medium height, not too skinny, not too heavy Spear And Sword

District 6 Female:


Silken Dimity, 16 She has strawberry-blonde hair and grass-green eyes Bow and Arrow, Knife

District 7 Male:


Rory Slank, 15 Dark Hair, Blue Eyes. Axe and Awls.

District 7 Female:


Demi Trusker, 17 Short dark hair, grey eyes, slight tan from being outside most days. Axe

District 8 Male:


Sebastian Klein, 13 Short Brown Hair and Green Eyes. Blowgun, Poison Darts and Throwing Knives.

District 8 Female:


Luna Snare, 15 Long Red Hair and Dark Brown Eyes. Blowgun and Poison Darts

District 9 Male:


Matt Treaty, 18 Brown short hair, a little taller than most boys with big muscles. throwing knife and close combat knifes

District 9 Female:


Havana lo, 14 White Hair and Pale Skin, Grey Eyes. Throwing Axes, Kunai and Combat

District 10 Male:


Willow Clove, 18 Dark, overgrown red hair, silver eyes, tan skin, and a murdurous grin Skythe, spear, anything he can get his hands on

District 10 Female:


Mackenzie LeBong, 13 Pink Hair, Dark Grey Eyes and Tan Skin. Throwing darts, scythe and Bow and Arrow.

District 11 Male:


Parker Greenfield, Quite dark skin and black eyes with short, dark gray hair. Blowgun And Poison Darts, Camoflauge.

District 11 Female:


Calla Rose Marit, 14 Short, Skinny, Chocolate Skin, Black hair that is long and usually in two french braids. Freckles and bright brownish green eyes Knives

District 12 Male:

(Coal Mining)

Jacob Pribe, 14 Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Peach skin, Firm build. Axe, Spear, Throwing Knives.

District 12 Female:

(Coal Mining)

Katelynn Huxley, 14 Long blonde and brown hair, often tied up; green eyes with deep red eyeshadow, bright freckles. Very beautiful. Throwing Knives


Name: Role: User:
Lilyana Styneson Head Gamemaker AnnieCresta4
Deputy Head Gamemaker
Inia Scarlet Head Of Muttations Dept. Pendillumna
Jenifer Ellie Head Of Arena Dept. TheKatnissEverdeen
Danlow Choit Head Of Events Dept. Katniss&PrimSisterhood
Matthew Barker Head Of Training Dept. Mrweare121


Name: Age: District: Female Chariot: Male Chariot:


You Can Give Me Refrences To Who You Want To Be Your Tributes Ally By Commenting.


District 1 - Chase (POV)

Reaping day I think as I walk into the the courtyard infront of the justice building. It glows with this grey colour but I'm soon distracted by the vibrant yellow wig of our escort, She pushes ruthlessly past the mayor and to the podium. I watch as more people pile in. I spot my parents which lightens my spirit slightly. She taps the microphone as everything falls quiet. "Welcome to this year's reaping!" She squels, "Ladies first". She heads over to the ball and places her gloves down carefully. She clears her throat loudly as everyone waits in anticipation. She dives her hand in and searches for a slip of paper. I turn to look at the girls all looking up longingly at the stage. She clutches a slip with two fingers and pulls it out quickly. She swiftly skips back to the podium and reads the name printed on the slip, "Rachel Spite" She says loudly into the microphone. A small girl, probably 14 or so looks suprised and realises its her. Just as she starts to walk away from the pool of girls, a voice speaks up "I Volunteer" she shouts confidently. I turn back to see Destiny Flair walk over confidently up to the stage and take her space next to the escort. "Well that was intresting!" the escort giggles "Must be moving on though!". She trots over the the ball and repeats the same gesture this time reading "Chase Amos" I stare at people who exchange looks with me. It's Me. I look around waiting for the usual people the volunteer but to my suprise no one makes a sound. "Come on dear!" she shouts trying to be kind. I walk up the steps and take my place beside Destiny, she smirks at me and turns back to the crowd. "This year's tributes!" she squels with delight "Destiny Flair and Chase Amos". I turn to her and place my hand forward and She follows my action and shakes my hand. I wave to my parents then turn and follow the escort as she pushes us into the justice building. This is going to be intresting.

District 2 - Thalia (POV)

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