• Annoying Purple Prune

    RolePlay #1

    Description: 20 girls and boys are chosen to be slumberers at a slumer-party-to-the-death full of wedgies, suicide, blood, truth or death, and more.

    1. Name: Bratniss Green

    Weaknesses: Blood, wedgies

    Stengths: Wedgies, truth or death

    Gender: Female

    District Diva

    Age: 13

    Age- 18

    2. Name- Petra Liit

    Weakness- No emotiion


    3. Name: Violet Lewoh (Loo-Oh)

    Age: 16


    Weaknesses: Blood

    Strengths: Truth or Dare, Wedgies, Scaring the $#@& out of anyone

    District: Dork <u>4. Name: Joy Valdes </u>

    <u>Age: 15 </u>

    <u>Gender: Female </u>

    <u>Weakness: Truth or Dare </u>

    <u>Strength: Wedgies </u>

    <u>District: Bully </u> <u> <u>5. Name: Joy Valdes</u> </u>

    <u> <u>Age: 15</u> </u>

    <u> <u>Gender: Female</u> </u>

    <u> <u>Weakness: Truth or Dare</u> </u>


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