• Anonimo777

    I wrote this blog, because I watched several videos about the bloodbath on you tube and read several comments, but every theory each other. So, I decided to overshadow the BTS and to focus on the bloodbath scenes shown in the film. Here is what I found.

    Like the majority of the other tributes, the District 3 female runs to the Cornucopia to gets supplies. She gets a black backpack, but Marina confronts her and slits her right knee with a serrated sword, severely injuring her. Then she tries to escape, but the District 5 male uses his strenght to pull the girl back from escaping. She is about to fall to the ground, but he pulls her up and then lets her go, he takes her backpack and slices her forehead with a sickle, killing her. She places 2…

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  • Anonimo777

    I have a series of questions about the 74th hunger games tributes.

    1) Was D5 male really killed by Glimmer? If not, who could have possibly killed him???

    2) In the bloodbath, did D5 male attack D7 female (making D7 male attack him) or was this just in the BTS?

    3) Did D7 male die before D9 male or the opposite?? And how can we know this??

    4) Why do the 74th hunger games page say D7 female died after D5 male? Stopping the bloodbath video when D5 male gains the advantage against D6 male, I saw Marvel and D7 female in the background.

    5) Why were D9 tributes and D10 female absent in the bloodbath? Who killed D9 and D10 female?

    6) Why do the wiki say D10 female survive 23 seconds and placed 23rd??? According to the actress D10 female was the last trib…

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