I wrote this blog, because I watched several videos about the bloodbath on you tube and read several comments, but every theory each other. So, I decided to overshadow the BTS and to focus on the bloodbath scenes shown in the film. Here is what I found.

District 3 female

Like the majority of the other tributes, the District 3 female runs to the Cornucopia to gets supplies. She gets a black backpack, but Marina confronts her and slits her right knee with a serrated sword, severely injuring her. Then she tries to escape, but the District 5 male uses his strenght to pull the girl back from escaping. She is about to fall to the ground, but he pulls her up and then lets her go, he takes her backpack and slices her forehead with a sickle, killing her. She places 24th [Ref: The District 10 male was killed in the bloodbath asan extra death and his death immediately followed the District 8 male's one. When the District 3 female died, the District 10 male was still alive, meaning she was the first tribute to die].

District 8 male

Like most of the other tributes, the District 8 male runs for supplies. He tries to slash Marvel with an axe, but Marvel grabs his wrist, stopping him. Marvel uses his kukri to slash the District 8 male's throat, knocks him to the ground and stabs him to death. He places 23rd.

District 10 female (non-canon)

Like the other tributes, the District 10 female runs for supplies. Marina attacks her and tries to stab her but she avoids the attack and runs away very fastly. She then tries to pick up a knife, but Cato digs a machete up into her chest when Marvel finishes to stab the District 8 male. She places 22nd.

District 6 female

Like the other tributes, the District 6 female runs for supplies. She is one of the first tributes to reach the Cornucopia. She hides behind a crate and watches the bloodbath unfold, but Glimmer grabs her by the hair, shoves her to the ground, picks up a knife and repeadetly stabs her to death. She places 21st.

District 9 male

When the gong rings, the District 9 male runs to the Cornucopia He fights the District 10 male who throws him to the ground. Then picks up an axe and tries to kill Katniss, but Clove throws a knife into his back, killing him. He places 20th.

District 7 male

When the gong rings, the District 7 male runs towards the[1]Cornucopia. He first gets into a physical altercation with Jason. Then he picks up a spear, while Thresh gets in the way. He tries to stab Thresh, but Thresh kicks the spear out of his hands, silts his throat and kills him. He places 19th.

District 9 female (non-canon)

When the gong rings, the District 9 female runs towards the Cornucopia. She hides behind a crate. She sees her sitrict partner being killed by Clove, so grabs a backpack and tries to escape, but Clove throws a knife into her back, killing her. She places 18th.

District 5 male

District 7 female


District 4 male


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