• Anthonychairez11

    The Avatar Games

    December 25, 2011 by Anthonychairez11

    I had an idea last night. Avatar(cartoon) and the Hunger Games combined. Ang vs. Katara vs. Tof vs. Sokka vs. Zuko vs. Azula. They all use their elements to represent their kingdoms.. I'm not actually gonna write it though.

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  • Anthonychairez11

    Safe and Sound

    December 24, 2011 by Anthonychairez11 i have this song on repeat it's so good.

    It's the number one song on Itunes JUST IN 12 HOURS

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  • Anthonychairez11

    This new profile for this wiki kind of looks better than the old one

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  • Anthonychairez11

    Sequel Series

    December 21, 2011 by Anthonychairez11

    Suzanne Collins should make a sequel series of The Hunger Games. It should be about her children (when they're older) and the games are back. Both are tributes for District 12. Comment if you agree.

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  • Anthonychairez11


    December 20, 2011 by Anthonychairez11

    Panem. Why did I have to go to Panem? I just had to go there. Then I learned my fate.

    “Mom?” I asked my mother.

    “Yes? Wh… what is It.” she told me while pausing to cry.

    “What did they tell you and dad outside?”

    More and more crying from my mother. I knew immediately it was bad news.

    “I’m so sorry sweetie.” My mother and father told me. “We’re going back to Panem.... because you are going to compete in the 99th Hunger Games.”

    Bursts of crying from my parents and I.

    I started of thinking of suicide so I don’t have to go through the games but then I also thought that if my parents lived through the 74th Hunger Games, I could too.

    “Mom,” I told my mother “I thought that there were no more Hunger Games.”

    “That’s what I told the guards,” my mother responde…

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