Introduction and Twist

This is the 106th Quarter Quall, otherwise known as the 2650th Hunger Games. 130 years after the failed Second Rebellion, District 14 was discovered. District 14 is in the top of Canada. It was formed when some Capitol runways found a small civilization of people that survived the Dark Days. Now District 14 produces toys and candy for the children of the Captiol. It is the smallest District, only taking up 30 square miles. Only three villages are there and small space in between: Astroux, Oblivious and Crayton. This was made a special Hunger Games, since it is a Quarter Quall and all of the tributes come from the Capitol, District 13 and District 14. There is no age limit. Two girls and two boys from each. Let the Games begin.

The son and daughter of the Head Gamemaker must partipate. 12-18 age limit.






Appearance (I would prefer a picture):




Private Training Session (I will do the scores!):




The mutts are giant wolf-bears, yellow butterflies that bite you (hard) and silver fawns that eat you in your sleep.

The lake water is poisonous, only rain and river water is safe.

Foxes, squirrels, jackels and raccoons dwell here.

The arena is 7 miles long and 15 miles wide.

There are more supplies than usual in the Cornucopia.


The River (I am super sorry to whoever I stole this from!)

Arena Forest

The Forest (I am super sorry to whoever I stole this from!)


Longbow (with 5 arrows)- 175 dollars Compound Bow (with 5 arrows)- 200 dollars

Axe- 150 dollars

Throwing axe (x3)- 190 dollars

Knife- 50 dollars

Throwing knives (x6)- 120 dollars

Scythe- 250 dollars

Spear- 200 dollars

Mace- 210 dollars

Sword- 170 dollars

Crossbow- 120 dollars

Slingshot- 100 dollars

Sharp rocks (x4)- 50 dollars

Katana- 200 dollars

Net- 120 dollars


Insta-heal (heal anything, 3 uses)- 100 dollars

Burn cream (infinite uses)- 75 dollars

Anti-inch cream (10 uses)- 40 dollars

Blood poisoning cream (2 uses)- 100 dollars

Poison (5 uses)- 150 dollars


Small backpack (contains a sleeping bag, an empty water bottle and a pack of dried fruit(2 days))- 75 dollars

Medium backpack (contains a sleeping bag, a knife, a pack of beef strips(2 days) and a half-filled water bottle(1 day))- 100 dollars

Big backpack (contains a sword, a sleeping bag, a full water bottle(5 days), a small jacket and 5 apples(5 days))- 150 dollars

Ultra backpack (contains a sword, insta-heal, a tent, a sleeping bag, three knives, three full water bottles(15 days) matches(x14) and three packs of beef strips(7 days)- 350 dollars Compass- 10 dollars

Rope- 40 dollars

Plant guide(identifies plants)- 80 dollars

Empty water bottle- 10 dollars

Filled water bottle- 70 dollars

Flashlight- 30 dollars

Note- 30 dollars

Matches (x14)- 50 dollars


Each Person that submits a tribute has 300 dollars. Sponsors with no tributes get 500 dollars. Your tribute gets 150 more dollars, if they are one of the four with the highest odds.

Sponser template




Sponser gift:

Tributes (CLOSED)

Capitol Female: Stella Konity

Capitol Female: Thalia Combe

Capitol Male: Jack Heartly

Capitol Male: Chase Amos

District 13 Female: Lora Humes

District 13 Female: Adrianna Marsk

District 13 Male: Arran Harthorn

District 13 Male: Troy Ventura

District 14 Female: Candide Alison

District 14 Female: Jasmine Webb

District 14 Male: Argentum Silverback

District 14 Male: Marus Crane

Head Gamemaker's daughter: Genovieve Detra

Head Gamemaker's son: Jederach Detra

Training Score

Stella: 9

Thalia: 10

Jack: 7

Chase: 6

Lora: 9

Adrianna: 10

Arran: 10

Troy: 9

Candide: 5

Jasmine: 8

Argentum: 4

Marus: 7

Genovieve: 12 (really 10 but father wanted 12)

Jederach: 12 (really 9 but father wanted 12)


Genovieve's POV

I can't believe my father would do this to me. He always disliked me but, I will win to show him. I will show him. 43, 42, 41, 40, 39...What have I gotten myself into?

Marus's POV

Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10...


Lora's POV

I'm suprisingly the first tribute to the Cornucopia. Woah, these guys are slow. I grab bright blue backpack and a coil of wire and get out as fast as I can.

Troy's POV

Stella, Arran and I decided to ally. BOOM! Oh well, I guess it's now just Arran and I. I pick up a sword and fling it at Chase from the Capitol. BOOM! They aren't all that smart. This is gonna be easy to win. Thalia from the Capitol comes at me with a knife. What's she gonna do with that carve an apple?


Guess I underestimated the Capitol. Looks like it's just Arran.

Thaila's POV

That Troy guy was easy as pie. I throw a knife at Jack, but it doesn't hit him, it just pins a tree. Where did he- BOOM!

Argentum's POV

Four people already. I see Adrianna run from the bloodbath with a dark purple backpack and a blowgun (whatever that is.) Oh look. Wait, why is she pointing it at me? BOOM!

Adrianna's POV

Yes. My first kill. I run and- Oww! I bump into Lora from 13. "Uhh, umm." she says. "Want to be allies?" I ask her. She silently nods and we walk together.

Candide's POV

I guess me, Marus, Arran, Genovieve and Jederach are the "Careers" this year. Genny and Arran have a few cuts and bruises from the fight but we are are good.


Day 1 (Evening)

Nothing really happens except for Lora twists her ankle.

Day 2

Jack's POV

I decide it's best to lay-low until the final four. I stomp out the fire and sit. Then I hear voices. Oh fish guts. It's a big alliance. I throw a mace at one of their tributes. BOOM! Then run. Severel screams are heard and I run faster than ever. Right into a tree.

Candide's POV

"Genny, is your cut alright?" BOOM! I scream and turn around. Somebody falls of the bushes with a mace in their back. It's Jasmine! She was spying on us! We look around for the killer. Nobody to be seen.

Arran's POV

That was creepy. Real creepy. I hope I don't die like that. "Hey! Look!" I turn around and Jed is poking Jack Heartly's face with a stick. "Is he dead?" then his eyes open. "What the...?" I say. I forget Jack and the rest of my allies and see the prettist butterfly I have ever seen. It floats over to me and bites my finger. "Oww!" I scream and so does Candide. The butterfly zooms over to Genny and Jack throws a rock at it then takes off. The deadly butterfly falls to the ground and then makes a weird whistling sound and about a thousand butterflies come out of the blue.


Hey guys. These games aren't working out for me so I'm canceling. Here's the victor.

Congrads to Lora Humes of District 13!

How she won: Jack some how ally with Adrian and Lora and the Careers and them ran into each other and there was a big fight so Lora won by running away. Yay! Sorry again.

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