Hey guys! This is just like a regular Hunger Games. Except District 13 and the Capitol will be joining. And there's two victors.

Tribute Template



Weapons(up to 3):



Appearence(Picture or lunaii please):

Skills(up to 3):

Weaknesses(up to 4):

Training Score:

Chariot Outfit(pictures only):


Tributes (CLOSED)

Name District and Gender Weapons User
Rosalind Shimmer District 1 Female Bow and arrow ShimmeringFire
Manny Finn District 1 Male Axe Cato'sSon
Amanda Hawks District 2 Female Sword, spear and throwing knives Bluefire16
Josh Eagleye District 2 Male Axe, sword and throwing knives Bluefire16
Skye Silverguard District 3 Female bow Annamisasa
Tim Longworthy District 3 Male Darts Harvey The Hunter
Bubbles Foam District 4 Female Trident Prezziesnow9704:)!
Harvey Free District 4 Male Throwing knives Harvey The Hunter
Hannah Morel District 5 Female Bow, poison blowdarts, knives Lynnmetorchidkiss
Tristan Cale District 5 Male Knives Thena.airice14
Redlinda "Red" Pearl Jameson District 6 Female Throwing knives and swords Readwritelivenikki
Luigi LaBlanca

District 6 Male

Knife and Shriken Jsm13athome
Serelle Calter District 7 Female Scythe and knife Thena.airice14
Bob Smith District 7 Male None Random Tribute because I need to start the games!
Kayleigh Reed District 8 Female Bow, knives and axe kikieverdeenreed523
Syres Thompson District 8 Male Axe, sword and throwing knives Deaphalia911
Jane Skye District 9 Female Sword ShimmeringFire
Basil Diome District 9 Male Throwing axes and blowgun Deaphalia911
Gracie King District 10 Female Knives and whip Thena.airice14
John Carter District 10 Male Swords, knives and bow Fiske Cahill
Shelby Woods District 11 Female Bow Bubbashelb
Scythe Waters District 11 Male Scythe and knives IHGWIKI
Katrina Edenor District 12 Female Throwing knives ShimmeringFire
Lavan Pickelli District 12 Male Spear SuperTomato
Lynn Osborne District 13 Female Bow, axe


Ozzy Wultring District 13 Male Sword SuperTomato
Encyclia "Encie" Perry Capitol Female Blowgun Readwritelivenikki
Lumex Albane Capitol Male Tomahawk, scythe swords and spear Captainsv

Death Chart

Place Name, District and Gender Killed By How
28th Tim Longworthy, District 3 Male Redlinda Pearl from 6

Head off with sword

27th Bob Smith, District 7 Male Encyclia Perry, the amazing, the one and only Capitol female! Stabbed in the lungs
26th Rosalind Shimmer, District 1 Female Lynn Osborne from 13 Axe in the head
25th John Carter, District 10 Male Manny Finn from 1 Slit throat
24th Luigi LaBlanca, District 6 Male Manny Finn from 1 Sword in chest



Training Scores

Your training scores have nothing to do with your odds! I will be using random! I put everyone's name in a hat and pick two names. Like that!

Name, District and Gender Score
Rosalind Shimmer, District 1 Female 9
Manny Finn, District 1 Male 10
Amanda Hawks, District 2 Female 10
Josh Eagleye, District 2 Male 9
Skye Silverguard, District 3 Female 7
Tim Longworthy, District 3 Male 6
Bubbles Foam, District 4 Female 10
Harvey Free, District 4 Male 9
Hannah Morel, District 5 Female 5
Tristan Cale, District 5 Male 7
Redlinda "Red" Jameson, District 6 Female 6
Luigi LaBlanca, District 6 Male 8
Serelle Carter, District 7 Female 8
Bob Smith, District 7 Male 0
Kayleigh Reed, District 8 Female 9
Syres Thompson, District 8 Male 7
Jane Skye, District 9 Female 6
Basil Diome, District 9 Male 9
Gracie King, District 10 Female 6
John Carter, District 10 Male 8
Shelby Woods, District 11 Female 10
Scythe Waters, District 11 Male 9
Katrina Edenor, District 12 Female 6
Lavan Pickelli, District 12 Male 6
Lynn Osborne, District 13 Female 9
Ozzy Wultring, District 13 Male 10
Encyclia "Encie" Perry, Capitol Female 12
Lumex Albane, Capitol Male 12

Let the Games Begin! (Bloodbath)

Bob Smith (7)

I guess this is it. I step into the glass cylinder and it shuts quickly. I wave to Petraelle, my stylist, as the pedestal rises into a blinding light. We're in...the Capitol? I sorta of looks like the Capitol like I've seen on TV except it's all grey. The shiny golden cornucopia stands out against the dull buildings behind it. I gonna go for that thing over there. Looks like a spear. 35, 34, 33, 32...

Ozzy Wultring (13)

Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die. Die. DIE. DIE!!! Calm yourself, Ozzy. Stay focused. Okay, umm...uh. That sword over there. You know what, I just gonna run away. Then, I can die less painfully. Die of hunger. Yes! That's my plan. Run away. 24, 23, 22, 20, 19...

Jane Skye (9)

Okay. This is insane. These people are insane. My family is insane. I'm insane. Somebody get me out! Encyclia from the Capitol is giving me the evil eye. This can't end well.... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...


Tim Longworthy (3)

I run to the cornucopia as fast as skinny legs can take me. I see a bag of darts on the floor. Score! I run over and before I can scream or do anything else, Redlinda Pearl from 6 takes my head off. BOOM!

Encie Perry (Capitol)

I feel like I'm on Total Drama Island! This is so much fun! I see Bob Smith from 7 and stab him in the lungs happily. BOOM! These tributes are soooooo stupid! This is an exact replica of the Capitol! Meghan's house is supposed to be there and Tara's house is there. Nothing could ever be more fun than this! I walk away from the cornucopia, unharmed, with a backpack swung over my shoulder and a sword and a blowgun in my hands. I am so perfect. I look down into a puddle to fix my hair and keep on walk. Shelby's deluxe penthouse over there would be a nice place to stay.

Shelby Woods (11)

This is not fun. I dive behind a pile of sleeping bags and backpacks and freeze. It seems as if no one is in the cornucopia. I look up to see the piercing eyes of Rosalind Shimmer. Even though I have the one of the highest training scores, there's nothing I can do in this situation. I open my mouth to say, "Please don't make it hurt to bad." but instead a scream comes out when I see Lynn Osborne's axe fly into the side of her head. BOOM! Lynn grabs my arm and pulls me up, we each grab a backpack and sleeping bag and run off together.

Manny Finn (1)

I don't know anything right now. Whether, Rosalind, Bubbles and Josh and Amanda are alive. All I know is that I am sliting John Carter's throat. BOOM! This game is sick. Sometimes it can be fun though. Like when I kill people. Like now, Luigi LaBlanca from 6, sword in chest. BOOM! Why am I just killing boys? Time for some girls to get a taste of Manny Finn.

Kayleigh Reed (8)

I can't believe I got away. Can't believe it. I had gotten a knife and a sleeping bag from the Cornucopia. NF

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