Hello! (read the notes under the form please)






Weapon of choice:

Training Score:

District Token:

Interview Edge (what will you be like? cold, nice, happy...etc.):


Skills (up to 7):

Weaknesses (up to 10):


The Cornucopia is filled with supplies and weapons.

There will be two victors.

Please don't make your tribute supernatural.

Don't get mad if your tribute(s) dies at Cornucopia.

Don't use a character from the real books, like Katniss Everdeen or Rue or Peeta Mellark or stuff like that.

This is my first Hunger Games so don't explode if something is missing, just tell me.

If you don't give me your POV of private training, reaping, interview or chariot ride (and costumes) I will make them up!


No swearing.

Tributes (closed)

Name Age, Gender

Training Score

District Skills / Weakness / Allies
Arran Harthorn M, 16 9 1 DEAD

Katelynn Huxley

F, 14 10 1 DEAD
Troy Ventura M, 17 9 2 DEAD

Zerahela Initen

F, 18 9 2 DEAD
Jackson Crews M, 16 4 3


Lily Bolt

F , 13 6 3 DEAD



M, 17 10





F, 14 9 4 DEAD
Jake Swikofort M, 18 8 5 DEAD

Raine Winters

F, 15 7 5 DEAD
Blade Emmett M, 15 6 6 DEAD



F, 18 5 6 DEAD



M, 16 8 7 DEAD



F, 16 10 7 VICTOR!
Ivan Reid M, 16 6 8 DEAD



F, 16 8 8 DEAD
Alex Donaque M, 12 5 9 DEAD
Sasha Selenta F, 17 8 9 DEAD

Gary Flennex

M, 16 7 10 DEAD



F, 15 5





M, 16 6 11 DEAD
Sylvie Scarlet F, 14 10 11 DEAD



M, 14 7 12 DEAD
Annie Goodman F, 16 9 12 VICTOR!

Sponsers (open)

Aqua Waves ms.finnickodair 1500
Nicholas Davenport FinnickForever 1500
Lily Bolt ms.finnickodair 1500
Jackson Crews ms.finnickodair 1500
Avien Josque Wikia Contributer A
Tobi Odair-Victor! tobi99 470 Note - 30 and Trident - 1000

Arena (NEW)

The arena is a tropical rainforest. Although there will be lots of fruit, you can not tell which is poisonous and which is not. Who knows? The bananas could be poisonous! Tigers, panthers, snakes, spiders and other wild animals will be the least of your worries. The cornucopia is placed in a clearing in the middle of the forest. A huge waterfall, the river and rain will be the only sources of water. The temperature is freezing cold during the day and sizzing hot during the night. There are lots of good climbing and sleeping trees. The arena is ten miles wide and nine miles long. The force field is invisible and if you touch it your hand catches on fire or whichever part you touched it with.

Sponcor Gifts

If you are not sponsoring your tribute or you don't have a tribute, you start with 2500. If you are sponsoring your tribute, you have 1500.


Bow (no arrows)- 1000

Arrows (24)- 500

Spear- 1500

Sword- 2000

Blowgun (no darts)- 500

Darts (24)- 500

Throwing Knives (10)- 1500

Throwing Darts (24)- 1500

Scythe- 2000

Knife- 150

Mace- 1000

Twirling Batons (2)- 1500

Trident- 1000


Insta-Heal (heals anything)- 2000

Sleeping Bag- 2100

Compass- 500

Plant Guide (into about poisonious, ediable and healing plants- 500

Flashlight- 500

Wire- 1500

Pieces of Fabric (4, 2in x 2in)- 200

Sheet of Plastic- 150

Tent- 2500

Water (1 quart)- 400

Apples (x4)- 350

Rolls of Bread (x10)- 600


'Careers- Arran Hawthorn, Katelynn Huxley, Troy Ventura, Zerahela Intien, Nicholas Davenport, Annie Goodman-Victor!, Gary Flennex and Ivan Reid

Alliance 2- Harry Botnoc, Avien Josque and Tobi Odair-Victor!

Day 1 (Bloodbath)

The bloodbath went well, although half of the tributes died.

Raine Winters (5) was killed by Ivan (8) by snapping her neck.

Alex Donaque (9) was killed by Aqua (4) by throwing a knife at his head.

Jackson Crews (3) was by Zelahela (2) by snapping his neck.

Jake Swikofort (5) was killed by Arran by slashing his stomach with a sword.

Johanna Daniels (10) was killed by Sylvie (11) with a bow and arrow.

Peter Potter (12) was killed by Katelynn (1) with a throwing knife in his back after grappling with Avian (8) for a dark green backpack. Avian won.

Katelynn Huxley (1) was accidently killed by Arran (1), when he was aiming for Gary (3), he hit Katelynn.

Lily Bolt (3) was killed by Nicholas (4) wit a mace in her head.

Sasha Selenta (9) was killed by Gary (3), with an axe in her back.

Sylvie Scarlet (11) was killed by Arran (1) with a sword.

To avenge Sylvie's death, Harry (11) attempted to kill Arran (1), but failed, although cutting his left thumb off.

Absolutely breaking Blade's heart, Starship (6) killed Blade Emmett (6) with a knife, after a cold-hearted goodbye.


The remaining Careers (Arran, Troy, Zerahela, Nicholas, Annie, Aqua, Ivan and Gary) are mourning the loss of Katelynn and gathering the leftover supplies from the Cornucopia.

Avien is warm inside a small cave, her dark green backpack and a knife are her Cornucopia items. Her backpack contains a half-filled water bottle, two oranges, a plant guide, a flashlight, a compass and a small sleeping bag.

Starship is wondering why she killed Blade, but she soon gets over it. She climbs a tree and nests on a large branch. Her orange backpack contains an empty water bottle, a water skin, two extra pairs of socks, a pack of nuts and a roll of duct tape. She also has two twirling batons and a slingshot.

Jake and Tobi are not to far away from Avian. They have a black backpack (three apples, a plant guide, a flashlight, a dagger and a fishing pole.), a bow and seven arrows (which they don't seem to be very skilled at that) and three knives. They hear a noise and move on towards the lake.

Harry is sitting down next to the lake and freaking out. He only has a mace and a sleeping bag. His plant knowledge will be very useful in this arena.

Day 2

Arran's POV

I am sitting down and crying. This is absoluely this insane. I, like, just killed Katelynn! I stand up a kick a runaway apple has hard as a could. While everybody else was stacking the suppiles up, Annie suggested that I sit down. The apple hit a tree about 50 meters away. "Impressive." a voice calls and I turn around. It's Zerahela. "Better help know. If you want to eat." I look behind her and they have already started a fire. It's going to be a long Hunger Games. Well, if I am gonna win, Katelynn has to die.

Aqua's POV

The bloodbath was absolutely terrifying. I thought it wouldn't be so bad after watching it several times before. The girl from 8, Avin...I think? No, Avien. She nearly killed me! I still remember her terrified face after I kicked her in shins when she was about to take my eye out. Arran just joined us around the fire and anyone could tell he was upset about killing Katelynn. Nicholas passes me a bright red apple and I smile. I might just win.

Avien's POV

I am happy because I am alive. It's around 8:00ish in the evening by looking at the sun. I sigh, realizing that I am going to die. I am scarred forever. The look on the boy from 12's face was terrifing. The thing with the backpack was hard. That kid had the grip of an eagle. I make a small bed next to a tree with my sleeping bag, sat back and peel an orange. Good-bye, District 8 and Hell-ooooo, Hunger Games.

Starship's POV

It's been a day since I killed Blade. Time to hunt for tributes. I have my backpack around my back, a baton in each hand and a sinster smile on my face. Go on, Starship, win.

Harry's POV

I hate the Capitol, I hate the food, the fame and everything else. "Ahhh!" I yelled and kick a tree as hard as I can. "Oh my gosh! Is this what you do?! Innocent children are dieing here! UGGHHH!" I sit down and nurse my aching foot. "Umm, hello?" I hear a voice behind me, I pick up my mace and get ready for a Career ambush. "It's just me, Avian. From 8." A beautiful girl steps out from behind a tree trunk. "I want to be allies." She says in her sweet voice. "Ok." I put my mace down, "I don't have that much supplies." She sits down and smiles. "It's okay. I do." She throws me an orange. "Be careful, because this is all the food I have. I can go looking for fruit and nuts." I sit back, knowing this was a good allience. She gets up and walks towards the jungle. "I will be back in a few minutes with food. Don't go anywhere." With a compass and a knife in her hand, she dashes into the trees. I smile and then frown. She is going to die. Maybe not now, maybe not tommorrow. She will die. I will die.

Tobi's POV

I hug Jake close. Never in a millon years would I have imagined this would happen. Jake is cutting an apple in half with a dagger. Jake is such an awesome sock. Ever since our father died, he changed. I am going to make him win.

Day 3

Annie's POV

I can't believe I have made it this far. District 12 tributes usually die first. I think I can win. I sit up, everybody else is still asleep. I rub my eyes. BOOM! I wonder who that was...BOOM! Bad luck. I walk over to the supplies pyramid, or the Pyramid of Awesomeness (as Zerahela and Gary call it) and take down an apple. Good morning, Panem.

Harry's POV

"Avien! Wake up!" I poke Avien's face and she swats me away. "Fivvvveeee mooooooore minutessss..." she replies, rolls back on her sleeping bag and I have no choice but to pick her up. "Hair-rh-y! Put me down!" I swing her around and set her down. "Pack your stuff but keep a weapon close. We Are going to find some more allies, so we can attack the Careers." She does what I say with her knife in her hand. The only things a have are a sleeping bag and a mace. I swing the mace over my shoulder and hide the sleeping bag under the rock. Time to go. I'm gonna make Avian win.

Jake's POV

I run back over Tobi, holding a raccoon by the tail. I was kind of surprise I caught this considering snares are not one of my specialties. I see Tobi has already set the fire up and is rolling out the sleeping bags. "Hey, Jake! What did ya catch?" she looked up and her eyes turned to stone, "Jake, DUCK!" I raised an eyebrow. "What? No, I caught a rac-" I looked down and the last thing I saw was the end of a knife through my stomach.


Tobi's POV

"JAKE, NO!" I rushed over Jake's lifeless body. Oh, no. This can't be happening. No! "You killed my brother." I mutter. I don't even bother looking up at the killer. I take her ankle and chomp it. Hard. "AHHHHHHH! Stop!" she screams and falls to the ground. It's funny to me. Pickles. I like pickles. I wonder what mother is doing at this time of day? TOBI, snap out of it! Oh gosh, I'm going mad! BOOM! I look down and see Starship Luni's foot deattached from her body, a piece of her flesh is stuck between my teeth, blood pouring from my mouth. I will win for Jake. I will be one of the victors of this Hunger Games. Pickles.

I hear some voices and grab one of my hand-crafted spears and stuff more of Starship's blood in my mouth. "Hello?" I holler and the voices stop. My ears prick at a snapping twig and an orange butterfly floats by. "It's Harry Botnoc from 11 and Avien Josque from 8. We are planning to attack the Careers. You in?" I sniff and ready my spear. "Alright. But first, show yourselfs!" A small girl and a large boy step out into the clearing. I walk over to them gladly stepping on Jake's killer's face. "We will attack tommorrow."

Nicholas's POV

I think I like Aqua. I mean, she is really pretty and sweet...and smart...and pretty. It's almost dark and we have only heard two cannons. I sit by the fire next to Aqua and Arran. Zerahela tosses me a piece of tiger that we had attacked earlier. Annie (being the Annie that she is,) starts chasing Gary around with a bucket of water. Troy is cartwheeling around the Pyramid of Awesomeness and Ivan is adding wood to the fire. I hold Aqua's hand and look at her. She smiles. "I really like you." She says to me. "I like you too." I say back. I will make Aqua Waves win. Even if it means dying.

Day 4: The Final Battle

Zerahela's POV

It's time. To win. Everybody is asleep but me. I take out to knives, close my eyes and stab Arran and Troy, who are sleeping. BOOM! BOOM! "Zerahela!" Oh, no. It woke Annie. She throws a trident at me. BOOM!

Avian's POV

Harry and Tobi are making a net from the letter she got from her mentor. I am scared of Tobi. She is bad cheese, you know what I mean. Three cannons. I touch Tobi's trident and she hisses. "DUN TOUCH IT!" and continues weaving. Severel minutes pass, they are done. "Let's go kill."

Aqua Starr (Gamemaker)'s POV

Oh, goodie! Avian, Tobi and Harry have arrived to the Cornucopia and charge at the Careers. Nicholas is fast and throws Annie's trident at Harry. BOOM! "No!" Avian cries throws a knife at Nicholas. BOOM! Knowing Aqua was in love, Tobi ends Aqua's pain with a trident in her face. BOOM! Ivan and Gary are fighting eachother for some reason and Avian throws another knife at Ivan. BOOM! Annie runs right into Avian and Annie backs up. They look at eachother for a moment and Gary bludgeons Avian's head with a mace. BOOM! Tobi throws the net on Gary, who gets tangled up and falls and soon has Annie's axe in his head. Tobi and Annie are the only ones left. I turn on the intercon, "Congrads to Annie Goodman of District 12 and Tobi Odair of District 4! The Victors of the 31st Hunger Games!"



Thanks to all who joined my Games! I will be doing a less completed games next with no sponsors no anything just the tributes and the Games. If you join, please do not use a tribute you used in this Games, only the owners of Tobi and Annie can use them. Please don't be mad if I killed your tributes, this was my first games. Thanks again.

'Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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