Welcome and Tributes Template

Welcome to Aqua Starr's 32nd Hunger Games! This will be a short Hunger Games with many tributes dying on the first day at the cornucopia. PLEASE keep your tributes PG, or I will not except them and don't use tributes you used in my last HG, only Annie Goodman's owner and Tobi Odair's owner are allowed to do that. Only three tributes per person.

Tribute Template




Appearence(lunaii, tektek and real life picture only and have a reason if you can't):








District 1 Female: Jennifer Shin, bow and knives

District 1 Male: Lion Scrapes, mace

District 2 Female: Sopie Livingstone, bow, axe, mace and spear

District 2 Male: Harve Screster, mace and axe

District 3 Female: Jennifer Davario, long range weapons

District 3 Male:

District 4 Female: Karen Moriharu, bow and scythe

District 4 Male: Cholo Werdair, mace

District 5 Female:

District 5 Male:

District 6 Female: Emma Ryder, throwing knives

District 6 Male: Brann Clatch, sword

District 7 Female:

District 7 Male:

District 8 Female: Sophie Sage, blowgun and throwing knives

District 8 Male: North Cross, mace and short sword

District 9 Female: Lexi Poisonsong, everything poison

District 9 Male:

District 10 Female: Fiona Brighton, bow and throwing knives

District 10 Male:

District 11 Female: Amera Oliva, inexperienced spear

District 11 Male: Ross Pliers, slingshot and bow

District 12 Female:

District 12 Male:


A simple arena with simple cornucopia and a simple lake. The same arena Katniss was in.

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