im gonna write up a little hunger games, so im gonna make it here. please excuse any improper grammar or incorrect spelling because im not american, im actually a melting pot of different cultures that disclude america.

The Tributes!

i still require tributes. to create one, leave in the comment section below their name (first and last), their district (1-13, Capitol or Beyond), their gender (male, female, or unisex if you so desire), their age (10-20), their description (in SHARP detail), weapon of choice (i will post a list on my profile), token (bracelet, neclace, locket, pin, etc), and describe their token (also SHARP detail), their personality in full (their natural personna, their actual personality, etc. again in SHARP detail), their weakness, physical advantages (tier 1 speed makes them run 10 mph instead of 5, tier 2 is 15, tier 3 is 20. strength tier 1 is close combat advantages, tier 2 is the ability to throw tributes, tier 3 is the ability to pick one up then rip it in half. tier 1 agility is the ability to climb mountains and trees, tier 2 is the ability to jump from the trees to another one, same with rocks, tier 3 is the ability to jump over someones head), their skill advantage (camo, traps, knots, explosives, and vehicle building) and thats about it. oh and dont forget, your limit is 3 tributes per person, and for each tribute you have 1000 sponsor cash. as soon as that first sentence up there isnt i still require tributes, then put in what your tribute did as a reply to your tribute, and ill evaluate their scores. you each have 10 vote points, vote on a tribute 1-3 points, ill keep score somewhere how many points youve spent that have been correct. also, you must have an account to create a tribute. if you want to send nothing but a note to your tribute, then they must be whacked on the head with a rock, it costs nothing to whack your tribute, and your note can have more than 25 characters.

The Interviews!

ill do the interviews here, its where the tributes earn their personalities.

Training Scores!

ill evaluate once i have all the tributes.

Day 1 The Bloodbath

ill put in the bloodbath here.

Day 2 The Careers Regroup

ill have the careers regroup, and since they wont be together, then they wont kill, and no one will die

Day 3 Alliances

Ill have some tributes form alliances.

Day 4 Survival

ill have the tributes who arent in alliances survive, itll be like a survival show.

Day 5 Disaster

the gamemakers will punish the tributes for not killing anyone for 3 whole days

Day 6 Career check up

we check up on the careers

Day 7 Vendetta

alliances will form against one another, and some people will owe others.

Day 8 Ted Bear

the survivalist from Cyanide and Happiness on youtube, check out the video! some people shall die.

Day 9 The Feast

ill have a feast set up.

Day 10 Death

ill make it a goal in this one to kill off some tributes that arent necessary.

Day 11 Break in the alliances

some alliances will break up, but will this be for the better?

Day 12 A score to settle

some tributes set out to settle some scores made in 'Vendetta'

Day 13 The careers break up

the careers are killed, a few might survive.

Day 14 End it

unleashing the mutts to kill some tributes, and drive the rest to a spot for a showdown. the victor shall be crowned.ever

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