aka Jasmine

  • I was born on September 10
  • I am Female
  • Archerychick01

    Tribute Name District Weapon(s) Personality
    Sapphire 1 knives;spear strong;16;blond;doesn't talk much
    Silver 1 spear tough;shy;18;blond;loves the forest
    Dareia 2 darts/blowgun deadly;14;brunette;not very smart
    Alexio 2 sword deadly;16;black hair;reasonable
    Kora 3 snares;wires smart;18;black hair;fast runner
    Adam 3 weights;knives smart;13;Brown hair;reassuring
    Melani 4 dagger shy;14;dirty blond;Doesn't talk much
    Damon 4 trident;spear strong;15;Brown hair;talks alot
    Erika 5 wire;sword strong;16;Brown-blond hair;doesn' t like people
    Kastor 5 weights;camouflage nice;funny;18;black hair;good at hiding


    6 camouflage nice;12;Orange hair;likes rainbows
    Galen 6 knives smart;16;black hair;doesn' t like Iris
    Selene 7 axe;spear shy;tough;14;Brown hair;not very …

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