• Are Zombies Dreaming?

    Hi this is Cas and Claudia, and welcome to our first collaboration Games! 

    • Please submit detailed tributes. You needn't write a novel, but we need enough personal details about your tribute(s) to at least give us something to work with!
    • Please do not spam-advertise in the comments without permission.
    • Also, do not cause fights or disruption or use heavy negative criticism.
    • As for swearing in comments, do it at your own risk but please keep this in mind.
    • Links from THGRP Wiki are also allowed!

    If you already have a tribute on THGRP with all or most of these things, then you may link them.

    Also, italics on a template form indicate that this field is important and should be detailed.



    District (This decides which Queen will be ruling/betting o…

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