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  • ArleneLove'sTHG

    Return: 6th book of The Hunger Games

    INFO ON BOOK: ...

    "So now what?" Aubry winces as one of the careers, I forgot her name, bandages up her leg. Balthar paces the bare spot of forest that they are in.

    The area looks quite odd. On one side, there is a lush, green forest, while on the other side, there is a bare desert with nothing but tumble weeds and cacti. Chase and his allies moved to the desert to explore, since it looked like there was a lake on the farther side of it. The forest, where most of the others scattered--the careers included--looks quite menacing. All around them, they hear these movements, sometimes loud and most of the time, quiet. The careers only have two on guard since they lost two when the mutations came out.

    As everyone…

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  • ArleneLove'sTHG

    FOREVR: 5th book of The Hunger Games


    Who can you trust during times like these? Annie visits Katniss and Peeta, along with her and Finnick's son. Altogether they bring Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, and Katniss and Peeta's children to District 13. Why though? They all don't know. But they will soon find out in the extended Hunger Games Trilogy  Series.

    I'm in the water teaching Prim how to swim.

    "Just keep kicking, okay? I won't let go of you until you have the hang of it." This is the way my father taught me. He alway told me to never stop kicking and to fight my way through things.

    Things have been very well, dispite the fact that not even a year ago I lost so many people in my life. I'm glad that is behind me and that I have so…

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  • ArleneLove'sTHG

    Okay! I had an idea of introducing Nightlock99's ideas by having Cinna visit them. Turns out he didn't die. It was all apart of the Capitol's plan from Revenge. If Anyone has any other ideas comment! I'll be more than happy to read them and take them into consideration!

    I have in idea for the 5th one: gales family is mad at Katnisses family for killing him and silvers evil brother just took over as president and he hates katniss too, also gale is still alive and he doesn't really hate katniss silvers brother was just using him so now everyone is after Katnisses family once again.

    ....silvers brother should hate katniss because of the rebellion and how she killed Coin also he should bring back everyone who has died in Katnisses life (evil or …

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  • ArleneLove'sTHG

    All of this is fake. Nothing more than a FanFiction. All of my friends wish there was a 4th book so I thought, "Why not make a fake one! :D" So here it is. In the end of Mockingjay, they don't say the childrens names. So I named the girl Primstone and the boy Cinna. Hope you enjoy!

    What if there are far wose games to play? Katniss and Peeta, have been out of the games and out of the Capitals grasps for twenty years now. Gale is back along with two other people, all having plans in store for Katniss. Katniss gets pulled away from her home in District 12, into a mess where only she can get her, her friends, and her family out of to save their lifes. A fanbook for the Trilogy no fan wanted to end makes the last book you've known and loved, Moc…

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  • ArleneLove'sTHG

    Peeta's POV

    My platform was risen up. All 24 of us were facing a huge cornucopia filled with items. My hands itched to get on at least a couple items. I knew they would be able to help me during the Games. I peeked at Katniss. Her chestnut brown hair fluttered in the wind, kissing her cheeks. Her chocolate colored eyes darted from place to place on the cornucopia, looking for… whatever. Her eyes lock on something, and I follow her gaze. A bow and arrow. Her best weapon.

    NO! Everybody knows that the first confrontation at the cornucopia is a bloodbath. At least half of the tributes die. Katniss catches my eye. I shake my head at her. If she dies, I may as well kill myself. I could not live without her. The buzzer rings. Katniss scowls at me a…

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