Okay! I had an idea of introducing Nightlock99's ideas by having Cinna visit them. Turns out he didn't die. It was all apart of the Capitol's plan from Revenge. If Anyone has any other ideas comment! I'll be more than happy to read them and take them into consideration!


I have in idea for the 5th one: gales family is mad at Katnisses family for killing him and silvers evil brother just took over as president and he hates katniss too, also gale is still alive and he doesn't really hate katniss silvers brother was just using him so now everyone is after Katnisses family once again.

....silvers brother should hate katniss because of the rebellion and how she killed Coin also he should bring back everyone who has died in Katnisses life (evil or good) and make them half-human half mutt and have them go to her at different times but not kill her just torture her. And since gales family doesn't know that gale is still alive they are working with silvers brother to get katniss (I had a special mutt in mind but I don't want to ruin the surprise) :)

If you decide to make the 5th book I have all of the people that turn into mutts (or other animals) and what they could turn into written down. I also think that you will like the twist/mutt I have in mind. ... If you do make the next book I could help you by giving you ideas if you need them but, I really hope you make it because with both of our ideas I think the book would turn out great!

I have what all of the people/mutts written down some of them are kind of wierd so if you have an idea about how to change them let me know, prim, rue, gales mutts- dark shape shifters, Mrs. Everdeen- human sized owl, mr.everdeen- human sized eagle, clove- lioness, Cato- lion w/ mane of fire, glimmer- leopard, marvel-tiger, finnick- water serpent/dragon, Johanna- black wolf, silver- silver dragon, mr. Meelark- gorrilla, mrs. Meelark- very large spitting cobra, thresh- grizzley bear, buttercup- buttercup. Other mutts- re-invented jabberjays w/ homing devices, armor, and people's voices, and another twist is fox face comes back as a fox, gets a name, and more... :)

..,.here are some titles for the 5th book, revenge //, Tears of torture, No Mercy., Forever..., Nightmare(s), Bronze (maybe silvers brothers name) I also came up with some new mutts, and bronze??? Recreates the people/mutts to torture katniss

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