Fan made cover for my fanfic

The Credit for is Gorati Thank you Nightlock99 for showing it to me!

All of this is fake. Nothing more than a FanFiction. All of my friends wish there was a 4th book so I thought, "Why not make a fake one! :D" So here it is. In the end of Mockingjay, they don't say the childrens names. So I named the girl Primstone and the boy Cinna. Hope you enjoy!


What if there are far wose games to play? Katniss and Peeta, have been out of the games and out of the Capitals grasps for twenty years now. Gale is back along with two other people, all having plans in store for Katniss. Katniss gets pulled away from her home in District 12, into a mess where only she can get her, her friends, and her family out of to save their lifes. A fanbook for the Trilogy no fan wanted to end makes the last book you've known and loved, Mockingjay, turn everything Katniss was told, a lie. This is a story of when the end of a book is just the beginning. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Chapter 1: Part 1

I'm outside watching my two kids-Primstone and Cinna-play in the medow. It has been about twenty years since The Hunger Games...since me and Peeta won...since President Snow died...since everything. Peeta comes at my side and kisses my cheek. It has taken me fifteen years to agree to them, but Peeta wanted them so badly. The dancing Prim and the small Cinna trying to keep up with her. Prim is already learning about all that has happened in the past-with the games and all. Cinna would learn in a while. Peeta lets go of my hand to go and goes to play with them dispite his fake leg that he got thanks to the 74th Hunger Games. I laugh at his sillyness. "Peeta!" I smile as I come and join them.

After playing, we all walk hand-in-hand to our home. The Primroses Peeta planted years back in the backyard died, but when they do, he plants fresh ones. We say our hi's to Greasy Sae and Haymitch, and everyone. I would say life is great now...but I can't. I still have the nightmares fresh in my mind. The deaths. The fights. The games. They are all still in my mind that not even Peeta, nor the kids, nor anyone can take them away.

I hear a knock on the door and go to answer it. Chills still fill my body everytime I open the door, always sacared its Snow. I open it holding my breath and see a small girl in front of me. Her hair is a color I cannot explain. It is black with greyish strands of hair mixed with red that show when her hair is in the sunlight. She is olived-skined as me, too. Her eyes are a deep grey with a fleck of gold.

"Hi. Your Katniss Mellark, correct?" "Yes..."

"May I come in?" She leans to the side to poke her head through a gap between me and the doorway. "Sure." I answer and I lead her to the couch. "I'm sorry. We haven't meet." She says as we both sit down. "I'm Silver, Silver Snow." I try to keep my jaw from dropping and my heart skips a beat. She pulls her hand out and I shake it slowly. Peeta puts the kids in Prim's room with a coloring book then shuts the door to come and join me and Silver.

"Hello. I'm Peet-" He gets cut off my Silver finishing his sentence, "Peeta Mellark. Yes, I know. It is a pleasure to meet you both." We get into conversation. I'm still shocked to hear its Snow's daughter. "Your Snow's daughter?" I ask slowly cutting hers and Peeta conversation that I practicly blocked out.

"Oh no." Relif shoots though me. "I'm his granddaughter." The relif goes away as fast as it came. This must be the granddaughter Johanna was talking about. Johanna was a friend that was in the Quater Quell with me and Peeta.

"Who's your mother?" Peeta asks curiously.

"You know her..."

"I do?"

"Both of you do, actully." Silver says, not just directing that statment at Peeta, but at me too. Faces and names shoot through my mind. I can't remeber anyone that might look like this girl.

I'm still trying to think of who might be her mother that me and Peeta know...think of who could be Snow's daughter or son. I look at Peeta and he shrugs.

"Here's an important fact you might remeber, killed her." Silver says with a glare I know won't leave my mind.

Chapter 2

Silver is Coins daughter. Coin is Snow's daughter! I think all the dotts are connected when another bomb shell gets dropped on me by her. She tells us the whole story of everything.

"They are alive and are forming a weird rebelion against you two."

"How are they alive?" I ask. I shot Coin with my arrow and saw Snow's dead body!

"Try and remember back when you were having the vote on if there should be another Hunger Games but for the capitol only...where did Coin keep Snow?"

I don't know that one... I drop my gaze and Silver continues, "Ever think of what happen to Coin once she left? To Snow?" I don't... "Other capitol members volenteered to fill in for them, they faked their death. All the stylist for the tributes of the games didn't die...they were held captive to make the volenteers look just like Coin and Snow. They made everyone believe they were dead. Coin and Snow helped with that... The rest of the stylist are either, yes dead, or yes apart of the rebellion without a choice."

I look up at Peeta.

"So this is what it feels like to be on the other side." He says in a sigh.

"When Snow came and made a suprise vist to you, Katniss, and he knew about the kiss between you and Gale, its because of me..." she drops her gaze and piddles with her thumbs. "I was his watchful eye on you. I watched you sneak into the woods, kiss Gale, the whole ten yards." she rises her gaze to me and Peeta, a sad and upset expresion on her face. And to think I thought she was going to kill me and my family for me killing her mother!

"Isn't nine yards?" I asked.

"No...I crossed some lines I wasn't supose to." Millions of quesions fly through my mind. Some I think Peeta has too by his expression.

"I must go. I'll drop by tomorrow morning." she rises and lets her self out. Before she opens the door she calls out my name, causing me to turn around when I was hoping I wouldn't have to.

I answer with a quiet, "Yes?"

"Make sure you open the door..." At that she walks out and closes the door ever so slightly, you would barely even notice she left. Peeta comes to my side and holds me. There are far worse games to play...and I have a feeling I'll be playing them soon.

Chapter 3

I wake up with Peeta at my side watching me sleep. I burry my head in his chest as the kids come in our room jumpping on our beds. Peeta is the first to grab them, play with them, then get Prim ready for school. I go downstairs while Peeta gets the kids dressed to make breakfast. Our front door knocks as Prim, Cinna, and Peeta eat. I get up to answer it. I hesitate for a moment then remeber what Silver said the day before, "Make sure you open the door..." I guess she was telling the truth about being Snow's watchful eye on me, if she knew I might not open the door. A thought screams in my head, "What if she is watching me for Snow now?" Peeta is at my side and opens the door somehow knowing I wouldn't be able too.

"Guess you didn't do as told yesterday, Katniss..." Her expression and tone of voice stricken.

"What?" I ask confused.

"To open the door, silly!" Now I see the side of Coin and her fourteen year old side.

"Please, come in." Peeta says speaking the words that wouldn't seem to come out of my mouth. Silver walks in and sits where she sat yesterday.

Peeta left a few minutes ago to take Prim to school. when he returned Silver started talking immediately. "Snow is planing on starting a uprising-as you did, Katniss-except starting in the Capitol. He has formed a large group of people who are willing to take his side, and-" I cut her off by asking, "Are you watching me for Snow?"

"What? No! Never. How can you even accuse me of something I regret in the past!?"

"Well, for one: you telling us all about this without a reason!"

"You have never let me get to the reason!"

"Ladies!" Peeta barks at us. "Silver continue." He looks at me and whispers, "It might have an effect on our kids..."

"Indeed it does... Now, reason why I am telling this to you two is because we need you and Katniss. We need you both to help fight him."

"Your going against you family...?" I ask shocked.

"Sadly, yes, I am."

"Then you have us." Peeta says.

"It's not that simple. If Katniss comes...she puts your kids in danger."

"How?" Peeta asks curiously and a hurt look on his face.

"It's just what they want. They will somehow find out that you left District 12 in search of his rebelion and invade your home." I look up at Peeta with the same hurtful look on my face. How could someone you love so much, be put in danger because of me?

Chapter 4

I ask Silver is we should inform Haymitch. She answers wish a slight chuckle saying when she knocked to tell him, and walked inside. She had to jump out the kitchen window to prevent him from hitting her with the glass bottle he was drinking from. We all laugh at this because that is a "Haymitch thing to do."

Peeta went to pick up Prim while I made Silver tea. He comes in and Prim rushed through the living room, down the hall, into the office where I had a discusion with Snow to do her homework. Peeta smiles at her and goes back to me and Silver. I pour him a cup of tea as we continue the causes and effect on if I stay or go.

"If you would go," Silver starts, "there is a high chance your children will be killed. And if they are not to be killed, they are to suffer as Peeta did with the Tracker Jacker venom, again, as Peeta did."

Peeta nods at that, remembering the bubbly memories.

"If we stay?"

Her brow furrows as she speaks again in a more softer tone than before, "You put all of us at risk of facing Snow and Coin." This is an imoppisble decision for me and Peeta to make! Should we stay or should we go? 

"What if I go and, Katniss stays?" Peeta asked.

"Either way-if one or both go-he will surly bring enough weapons to bring everyone here down. Use you all at your will of the Tracker Jacker venom. Coin, too."

"Why do you refer to your grandfather and mother in that way? As Snow and Coin, I mean."

"Alma Coin is far from a mother to me, and same with Snow-as a grandfather, of course." She answers as she bows her head in sadness. I nod and refill our tea cups.I continue the conversation.

"Is there anywhay we can by-pass this effort of having Snow attack our home?"

"By taking your children with you! Which is too dangerous for them. He will atack your home, but not the children because they would be with you." Me and Peeta know this. "Now that I bring this up...I see it is far to dangerous for you both. I am so sorry for draging you in this."

She gets up and leaves when I get up and catch her by the arm and say, "Are you saying that you will not need our help with this?"

"No, no. We do, but your family's life is at stake, and I could not bare for anything to happen to them!" I let go of her arm and she leaves. I hear Prim call out for me to help her on homework. Peeta goes in Cinna's room to play with him as I help Prim with her homework.

I think about what she said while helping Prim with her homework. I am suprised when she finishes because I'm not sure if I even helpped her. She runs into Cinna's room and Peeta leaves and closes the door. I go into my bedroom and look inside my drawer. I find the Pearl, the Mockingjay Pin, and a picture of me and my falimy, My sister Prim as a baby in my moms arms, me, my Dad and Mom looking lost in each others eyes. My lip quivers and a tear is about to ecsacpe from my eye. Peeta startles me by hugging me from behind and resting his head on my shoulder. Tears stream down my face as he wips them. I turn and he holds me.

Chapter 5

I cut the fresh loaf of bread and give three slices to Prim and Cinna-one for each of them and one to take for Peeta. Peeta screams my name and I run to him. I stop in the doorway and see the kids okay and him too.

"What? What is it?!" I ask.

"Look!" He points to the television and it shows soething I can't believe. I rush to the phone and call Silver with the number she left me. I hear her television in the backround playing the same thing. They must have all control over the televisions now. She hangs up after saying she is on her way. I call Haymitch and his phone isn't working. He must have broke it again. I run to his house and knock. He doesn't answer so I open this window and wake him. I remembered to take the knife away this time.

"The uprising started."

"Uprising? Sweetheart, that happened twenty years ago..." he says as she stands up, only to fall again. I pick him up tell him everythig as I try to get him to the door. He acts completely sober and serious as he walks to my house. I walk beside him catching him a few times. I open the door and Peeta takes Haymitch to the couch, The kids, oblivious to what's happening, jump on his calling him Uncle Hay or Uncle Mitch. Haymitch throws a ball and tells them to fetch. I shake my head and Peeta grabs the ball.  

"They aren't dogs, Haymitch."

After a while of waiting I call Silver again. She doesn't answer so I set off paceing back and forth biting my nails. The habit I got from the 74th Hunger Games that took me a while to break will come back soon. Someone knocks and I launch myself at the door and open it, rushing Silver in.

"What took you so long?! There is a freaking uprising and--" I get cut off by Peeta covering my mouth.

"Excuse her." Peeta says guiding me to the couch next to a laughing Haymitch. He lets go of me and I cross my arms. Silver answer by rising her eyebrows and nodding with a forced smile. Peeta sits next to me and introduces Silver to Haymitch even though she already knows him by the games he was in and the fall off the stage during the 74 games reaping and everything else.

She fills us all on the facts.

"That's just the begining. It will get worse and more violent." She points to the screen, which looks like it belongs in a gore movie. Peeta shoots up and rushes the kids in another room. I lower my head and Haymitch is wide eyed and is fixed on the television, flinching at every death. I turn my head away from it all and go in the kitchen. I couldn't believe my eyes and I feel this is my fault. Peeta turns the television off and I go back in the room.

Silver leaves and Peeta walked Haymitch home.

I brought Prim and Cinna back in the family room and colored with them. Peeta comes in and he makes a beeline for the kitchen. I roll my eyes and put my colors down to meet him in there.

"Promise me you won't go." He looks me in the eye and takes my hands in his. His eyes grow worry by my hesitaion, usually this sort of thing-the kind that hints his undying love for me and how he doesn't want to lose me, it makes me feel guilty and awful. But I’m so scared and worrying about a future I have, I just let the word slip out. "Okay." I say. He hugs me and kisses the top of my head.

He goes in the family room with the kids to continue my coloring and I lean against the counter top with one thought in my mind, "I have to go..."

Chapter 6

After watching the news, I feel sick to my stomache and run in the bathroom to get rid of my breakfast. Peeta comes in and holds my hair back. When I'm sure all if it is out of my system, Peeta goes to the sink and gives me a glass of water. I go againt the wall and accept the cup and can't hold them back anymore, and I cry. He strokes my hair back and leaves the bathroom.

"I have to go. I have to." I say to myself. The drawbacks flow in and out of my mind. The risk of my family and maybe my friends. The risk of inocent lifes being taken away by Snow and Coin because of me. Silver might be at risk, too. Even Gale dispite the fact I haven't seen him since he left. My mom, also. I don't know what their plan is, I don't know how to react, but I know I have to go.

I go up stairs undictected and go to my room. I close the door behind me and lay in the bed. A few minutes late Peeta comes up stairs and I know I wasn't Undetected.

"Hey..." He says and I can feel him hesitate to make his way to the bed to comfort me.

"Where are Prim and Cinna?" I ask, trying to avoid the question I know he'll ask.

"With Hamitch. You're going...aren't you?"

And theres that question I was trying to avoid.

"Haymitch? That's not very smart..." I say, trying to avoid answering.

"Greasy Sae is there, too. Are you going to answer?"

And there's another question I don't like.

"Yes... I am." I choke out.

"Okay, I understand." I'm not sure if he's going to leave or stay glued in his spot. I turn and find him on his knees leaning over the side of the bed. He catches my hands and wips the tears that come down my cheek. he climbs in the bed and holds me.

"I understand why you want to go." he whispers with his chin on the top of my head. I can't stop the sniffles and the choking noises. I used to be scared to show my tears, to look weak. But now, I can't help it.

"You do understand?"

"I do understand you can't follow an order for your life. So yes, I do." I laugh at that and find my eye lids getting heavy.

I wake up an 30 minutes after my nap. Peeta isn't at my side. I go down stairs and the chairs and table tops and turned and broke. I run around my house screaming for Peeta, Prim, and Cinna. I hear a creek and turn slowly to find the front door slightly ajar and of it's hinges. I remember Peeta saying the children were at Haymitch's so he must have gone to get them. I slowly make my way out the door and see the district grey and gloomy. I ignore that fact and go to Haymitch's. There door is halfway off its hinges and broken in half. His house looks much like mine, also. I go over the door and call out their names. I go in and out of rooms. A stentch finds its way in my nose and I go up the stairs. I walk stright down the hall. The door moves slightly and I run for it. The smell gets stronger. I burst through the door to find a sceen I can't seem to take my eyes off. Peeta, Haymitch, Prim, and Cinna all against a wall in the room bloody and dead. I lean against the door way for suport. Something grabs my legs and pulls me back. I fall on my stomache, sceaming and kicking.

Something grabs my wrist and shakes me.

"Katniss! Katniss!" I open my eyes to see Peeta. His eyes filled with worry and his eye brows pushed against each other. He's breathing heavy and I calm down. I sit up and asked what happened.

"I go to get the children and come through the door to hear your screaming. Are you alright?" I nod and the kids come poking their head in the room. Peeta turns their head and they run away. He brings me a tray of fresh cookies and tea, telling me it was all a dream. But it seemed more than that, it seemed like reality.

Chapter 7

"Ready?" Silver asks me. I nod and Peeta takes my hand in his. I take Prim's hand and Peeta hold Cinna as we follow Silver who is infront of us. I see a hovercraft--a machine higher ditricts use to travel through the air. I haven't been in one of these since the rebelion. Silver stops, turns around and nods once and goes inside. I say my good byes to my friends and family.

"Remember, we are madly in love, so feel free to kiss me anytime." Peeta whispers in my ear as we hug. I smile and kiss him. I go up the ramp and turn to get one last look. Everyone holds their three fingers to their lips and holds their arm out to me. A tear falls down my cheek because I haven't seen this since the games. I turn and go inside the hovercraft after doing the same back.

"Ready?" Silver asks again.


"Are you sure?"


"Positive?" I get frustrated and turn to her. She shrugs and I say slightly more sarcasticly than I hoped, "Yes, I'm sure, I'm positive. Now, where are we going?"

She hesitates for a second then desides on saying, "The Capitol..."

We land and the place is trashed. I get out and see a mess. I turn to the right to follow Silver and in front of me is Snow's house. It seems like they put his lawn and home in a dome during a fight because the lawn is green and the house has no dirt on it and both look unarmed. I walk in and it seems the same as it did when I was at the games. Memories flow in my mind and won't leave my mind no matter how many more memories go in. I golf size ball rises in my throat as Silver gives me a tour I had twenty years ago. Dispite it being so long ago, I remember all the nooks and cranies in this place. The places I ran to to hide, the room I stayed in, the room full of roses. I get settled in the same room. I hear a knock and footsteps.

"Why are we here?"

"Because, we need a plan." I hear a voice that isn't Silver's but very recognizable. I turn and see Effie. I run to her and hug her. She laughs and returns my hug. She has no wig on. Her hair is stright and light brown with a hint of yellow. She has little make-up and I soak up Effie with out her extravigent look. She is dressed her 'normal' way though.

"How are you?"

"Feeling well."

"Good, good." She tells me. We discuss the plans and wardrobe. She pulls out Cinna's drawing book full of the sketches that came to life that helpped me through the rebellion. It seem's I haven't gotten done with crying, because tears stream out of my eyes as I turn the pages. Cinna, who I named my son after. The man who helpped me in the games, who was my friend, who was my stylist.

I go downstairs for dinner. We have my favorite, the lamb stew! I eat every bite and feel it churning in my stomache. I run to the nearest bathroom and let it all spill out in the toliet.Effie comes and pulls my braid back.

"Must have ate too much, like on the first train ride..." I say.

"Yeah, must have. You okay?" I nod my hair and Effie helps me off the bathroom floor and back in the dining room to say my good nights. I go in my bedroom to get ready to sleep. A knock is on the door and I come out of the bathroom drying my hair. I hear a laugh and look up to see Gale leaning against the doorway casually. I drop my towel and run to him. He catches me in mid-air and spins me around. After a few spines, he sets me on the floor.

"I'm so happy too see you! I haven't seen you in years!"

"I know," he laughs. "I heard about this thing about you being like the capitol and the ex-capitol you." I nod and start to fill him in when he stops me by telling me he missed me. We sit on the bed and talk about how life has been since the games and the rebellion. He tells me about his job he took as a Head of the Board Reconstruction of the Districts.

"Wow, sounds complicated..."

"It is." He laughed. I haven't thought of it, but, I did miss his laugh. I smile as he goes on. I check the time and he tells me I should sleep. I nod and he hugs me good night. He leaves and I lay to go to sleep, and wish for Peeta, Cinna(both), Prim(both), my mother, Haymitch, and everyone to be with me now.

Chapter 8

"Good morning, Catnip."

"Hey, Gale."

"Brought you breakfast." He says and hold up a tray of food as he enter the room. After we eat he leaves so I can get dressed.

"What are the plans for today?" I ask Effie.

"Well, we were going to start with your skill training, maybe with Gale like before?" Silver answers for Effie. I answer with a simple "okay" and Silver preps my bow and arrow. The same one I used for the rebellion years ago. I hold it and examine the arrows. Gale grabs his bow, smiles at me, grabs an arrow, and aims and shoot perfectly in the center of the target with grace. I never remembered him this good. I try and my frist few shots are wobbly, just like the training. I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and try again.

After a few shots with the bow and arrow, we desicde to go hunting. I use the bow and arrows I brought with me for the hunting, so its like home. I shoot like Gale with the updated bow and arrows, shooting the deer right in the eye. I smile at him and he nods. I'm about to drag the deer when Gale beats me to it and hauls it over his shoulders. I roll me eyes when he gesters for me to lead the way.

We make it back with the deer.

Silver waits in front for us.

"What took you guys so long? Effie's about to blow her head off worrying about going off your training schedule!" I laugh and go inside. Gale carrys the deer in the kitchen and I go and meet Effie.

"We are five minutes behind schedule. Your supose to be upstairs for fitting."


"Yes, fitting."

"Am I going to have to sit and be pretty like before?"

"No because when they tried that you wouldn't sit still." Silver chimes in.

"Then fitting for what?" Effie stood up and went upstairs. I followed her up and she leads me in my room. Along the walls are dresses, shirts, and pants.

"Try on a few of the outfits and pick the ones most comfertable. I know it's not like before but we have no stylist team, hence me not beautifyed." I laugh and she walks out the room. I deside to try on the dresses first and try on three dresses. I pick a beautful grey sleveless dress that matches my eyes with a red flame design. Silver comes in and helps me with trying on the dresses. Looks like we are with the flames still. The next one is a short sleaved dark morron dress that resembles blood. Suprising enough it is easy to move in. The last dress is a red dress with an orange ribbon around the waist. Once I'm about to remove the green dress a knock is on the door and Effie comes in.

"I see you picked to try the dresses first." I nod and she tells me to put them on the bed along with the oufits I like. I nod again and she leaves.Silver grabs the two dresses and puts them on the bed along with the green one. The outfits resemble each other, only difference is the colors. Silver puts though on the bed and goes to get Effie.

"Why do I need to try on dresses?" I ask Effie and Silver takes it as her cue to leave the room.

"Because, we have to answer Snow's messages."

"His messages?" Effie leads me down stairs and turns on the television. It shows Snow, Coin, and other people anouncing their rebellion like how I did with Gale years back. I look in the background and see a ashy building that is all too familiar. My eyes widen and I feel short of breath. I stand and can't seem to move and fall back. Gale rushes and catches me. I remember Gale yelling for someone to get water, then, I black out.

Chapter 9

I wake up and my face is wet. I see Silver with a wet cloth, ringing it out, dabing it on my cheeks and forehead.

"How you feeling?"

"Okay. What happen?"

"We were watching Snow give anouncments about his rebellion and you passed out." She told me putting the cloth back in the water and dabing it again. "I would think you'd remember by the hard fall you almost took."

"Oh, right."

"Why did you pass out? Nerves?" The memory floods my mind. I shoot up and she holds my shoulders still, trying to keep me from getting out of bed. She fails and I end up making her fall.

"District 12! He was in district 12! They, were in district 12!"

"What? How do you know?" She asks and she gets up and puts the cloth in the bucket and trys to dry the water with her shirt.

"The building in the background! It was The Hob!"

"Are you sure? Because the background was pretty ashy. Maybe it was 13?"

"It wasn't 13 for sure, haven't you seen it? And the background was The Hob because I saw it get burned down!"

She gets up and I go in the bathroom to get towels to clean the water. She comes back with Effie and Gale and tells me to explain it to them. As I explain worry creases their faces.

"I need to get to District 12," I get up and rush to the door. They put me back in my seat and fight me to stay. "I have to go! My children could be in danger! My husband!"

"We can't let you go. Remeber, it is his plan!" Silver tells.

"You knew they were in there?!"

"I suposed they were, I didn't think he would go that far-crossing the line and going for family."

"This is Coin! Snow! Of course they would go that far! They used tracker jacker venom in Peeta so he would go against-" It hits me that that is exacly what he is doing, and everyone knew but me. I shake my head and get up. And this time, they let me go. I walk outside-and for some reason it is cold out-and cry. I look back and no one has followed me. I run toward the forest area and don't plan on stopping until I find a good climbing tree where no one can see me.

I find a good tree with long and strong branches. A Mockingjay flys by and lands in the branch close me. I sing Rue's Lullaby and it goes quiet.

Deep in the meadow, under the willow

A bed of grass, a soft green pillow

Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes

And when again they open, the sun will rise

Here it's safe, here it's warm

Here the daisies guard you from every harm

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true

Here is the place where I love you. Deep in the meadow, hidden far away

A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray

Forget your woes and let your troubles lay

And when again it's morning, they'll wash away

Here it's safe, here it's warm

Here the daisies guard you from every harm

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true

Here is the place where I love you!

The Mockingjay flys away. A few minutes later, more birds sing it. I smile and I climb down.

"Looks like the bread boy was right." I look up and see Gale.

"How long have you been here and what do you mean Peeta was right?"

"Long enough. And I mean when you were in the games-in the cave with him-and he was telling you what he ment by "he loved you since forever." and said when you sang that song, every bird went quiet. He was right, because I have now seen it." He tells me and cups my cheek in his hand. "He's a lucky guy."

"How so?"

"Because he has you." He whispers and leans foward tucking a strad of hair behind my ear.

"Gale stop. I have a family."

"I was stupid for leaving. I miss you, I really do. Please...give me one more chance." He ignores what I said and kisses me. I wanted to desperately pull him apart from me but I have to be honest, I did miss him sometimes, too. I sink into his touch. Peeta and my children fill my mind. I see Peeta shaking his head and walking away with Prim and Cinna. I don't want to let them go.

I pull Gale's lips off mine and he rest his forehead on mine and whispers, "I had to do that, just one time."

Someone clears their throat and I look over Gale's shoulder and he turns his head. He pinches the bridge of his nose when I see Silver's eyebrows raise in question-even though her bangs are across her forhead-I can still tell.

"Well, I see you succeeded on getting her down the tree." She tells Gale. He sighs about to answer but stops him by putting her hand up as if to say "don't explain yourself and go." she points in the direction to the house. He moves and I'm about to follow when she stops me.

"We need to talk." I look at Gale for help but he's already gone. "What are you doing? You have a family, a husband, who loves you dearly! Do you want to mess that up by cheating?!"

"No. I-"

"I am not finished." She cuts me off with a serious face. Now I see coin. "I am smart enough to know that Gale is the end of you. Don't you see that?" She tells me shaking her head. "He is a bad choice! Don't fall into his arms again, Katniss!" She grabs my hands to make her point. I nod my head. "Don't." She whispers.

Things were awkward during dinner between me and Gale...between me and everyone. I felt tired so I went to bed early. I'm too tired to get dressed in my night clothes so I pass out in my bed.

Chapter 10

Peeta, Cinna, Prim, and Haymitch are all lined up against a wall bloody. I cover my mouth to try and not make a noise and leans against the doorway for suport. Something grabs my legs and pulls me back. I kick and scream. It hisses my name. I roll on my back as it pulls me down the stairs. I grab onto anything I can get my hands on but the force it causes is to strong. It stops and I sit up. It pushes me down and puts it foot on my chest. I try to pull it off but it doesn't budge. The thing that pulled me down and faught me turns into a silhouette that connects to the foot. It leans down and whispers something in my ear that I can't make out. I turn my head away from it in disgust. I laughs and pulls out something. It is shiny and a knife. I can tell it uses all its force to fight the air and push it down in me. I scream at the top of my lungs.

Something shakes my shoulders and I wake up and my vision is blurred. I see Peeta. He stokes my hair back and hushes me telling me it's okay. My vision clears when I hear his voice and I now know it's not Peeta..its Gale. He pulls me up and hugs me, hushing me and telling me it was a dream. I see Silver and Effie looking worried with a few of the servents. That dream keeps getting deeper and deeper in my head.

During breakfast I still feel embaressed by my screaming even though it was hours ago. Gale volenteered to sleep in my room to make sure I'm okay. Silver shot him a look and he took back his plea of volenteering and Silver ended up g on the floor in my room.

I feel eyes on me and take my focus off me pushing my food around on my plate and see Gale staring at me. Once he noticed I caught him staring he looks away and down at his plate. I look atSilver and she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Effie stopped eatting and is writing, checking, and reading things in her planner.

The television flickers on. Gale imideatly rises and goes to it along with Silver. Me and Effie stay turned in our seat to get a better veiw of it.

Hello Panem! Hello Katniss." Snow says. I get up and slowly make my way to the television with Gale and Silver. I see Peeta tied up, blind folded, and tape on his mouth. I sink to my knees and dare not to faint. I've done that enough and I know I can't miss it.

"As you see we have Peeta, meaning, we have you children." Coin says in the backround pointing at Peeta. My mouth is ajar and I can't remove my eyes off Peeta. I touch the screan, wishing I can touch him. "Show yourself, Katniss! Prove you can still fight."

Then the television goes black. I missed everything she said. I look at Silver for a hint of what she said and she looks at Effie and Gale.

"Time to plan." She says and gets up.

"What about me?"

"You can go and rest. You have enough to worry about, we'll tell you the plan when we have it."

Chapter 11: Part 2

Silver sits at the foot of my bed with a stupid smile on her face.

"I take it you have a plan already?" I ask still sleepy.

"Far from it!" I confused expression shows on my face and ahe laughs. "Of course we have a plan!"

"May I hear it...?"

"Sure. Okay, now, Coin and Snow will be looking for The Girl On Fire." Her eyes widen at that and I scense the plan is a crazy one. "So, I dress up in one of you dresses and be you and-"

"No," I inturupt her. "No, not happening. I'm not going to put you in danger, Silver!"

"Oh come on, Katniss! Just let me finish." I lay back and listen to her go on. "Okay, I dress up as you using the "modernized" bow. Gale will "get hurt" and I will do a Katnissy-thing-to-do and shout his name and rush to his aid! Causing Snow or Coin to notice me and jump out of their pretty little hovercraft and rush to get me. They pull me up in the hovercraft and I say hello to my mom and/or grandfather!"

"And what will you do when your in there beside say hello? And I wounld'nt shout his name and rush to his aid!" She gives me a look I know to well. It is the Oh-you-know-it's-ture look. I sigh and sink back into my bed.

"I will have a knife or two hidden at under my dress at my ankle and fight. And I can fight!" She adds quickly knowing I'll say she might not. "Then, I take over the hovercraft and use the weapons in there on the other people."

"How do you know Snow or Coin will be in there and weapons, too?"

"Well, at least one will be because they might be planning on abduction you. And why wouldn't they have weapons? That's a waist of a hovercraft during a war." She made a point.

"How will Gale get hurt?"

"We are planing on him tripping or accedntly cutting himself. Nothing major."

One more question burned in my mind, "How will we get Peeta and my family?" A smile tugged at her mouth and I knew her answer would be a few simple words, "Leave that to me."

Me, Gale, and Silver start training immediately. We work with knifes, bow and arrows, hand-on-hand combat, and everything in between. Silver aces the knifes and hand-on-hand combat, not so much witht he arrows. Me not so much on the hand-on-hand combat, and Gale aces just about it all. We have one more week with the training.

"Ready for the annoucment of our arival?" Effie asked with a hint of glee in her eyes. I'm in the red dress with the orange ribbon. She, Silver, and Gale try to work the lights and cameras outsid ein the Capitol to film my message at the place where he started his rebelion. I feel bad so I ignore them telling me to sit down and get up to help them.

"You people look like your having dificulties." That voice is familiar.... I lift my head and turn around.


"Miss me?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Well I hear about you having trouble with he camera's and lights so I desided to come out of hiding." I look at her and tilt my head to the side. "I'm just kidding. Gale sent me to help with the fighting." I look at Gale and he smiles.

"Thought it would be nice to see another familiar face." He shrugs.

Chapter 12

Johanna helps get the light's working to the right brightness then helps on the camera's. I sit down on a low tree, crossed legged and little make on thanks to the help of Effie. I go over my lines as they try to work the camera's and get control over the televisions.

"How is it that we have to hack into their system when we should have all power over the televisions?!" Silver asked in a fusterated tone.

"Maybe this would be easier with Beetee and Wiress!" I laugh and shake my head. I miss them though, I wish I could see them both again.

"Oh this reminds me," Silver says and stops helpping and goes behind me. "You should have your hair done and not in this simple, boring braid."

"Speak for yourself!" I gasp, "You always have your hair in a low bun!" She crosses her arms and takes her pins out of her hair and it fall down on her shoulders.

"Happy? Now let me do you hair." Once I feel her fingering going through my hair, I hear her whisper the steps under her breath. "Your doing the same hairstyle my mom did for me during the reapping...aren't you?" I ask and she says yes. "You were there when she was explaining the steps to my styling team."

"And remember every second of it." She says and puts her pins in my hair to secure it down. I feel it and it brings back memories.

"I think I have them working!" Gale says and Effie pulls out a talking device and says something.

"Yes, it is working we have control over all television. And Silver..." Silver looks up, "Your going to be the shot if you don't move." She nods and gets behind the camera's with everyone else and takes my script and shows it above the camera so I can read them if I forget. We don't have muchh fancy things since my filiming team is gone. It's just going to be Effie filming for us.

I give my speach. "And you, Snow, Coin, have caused the pain on people's faces. The scars on their bodys, the nightmares in their mind. And you caused this!" I raise my hands to show the scean behind me. I see Silver gesture for me to stand and mouths the word 'walk.' I do and Gale quicky follows my with the cameras on wheels. I continue with it walking and touching the dead plants to bring effect. "You told me to show my face Coin. So here it is!"

We'll start our war in district two where Silver says they were hiding out.

"You'll do just fine." She tells me.

"What if I don't? What if you get hurt in the hovercraft? What if-" she cuts me off by covering my mouth.

"You WILL do fine!" She expazises the 'will.' She is about to leave when I ask her to sing me a song.

"I don't really sing..." I give her my best pouty face and she rolls her eyes and walks back to my bed. She sits on the foot of it. "I don't know much songs...but I know one. It is very very short but it is also the only one I really remember..." She clears her throut and begings:

If I was gone, then you would see Harder I try, more you have to know I may seem strong, but that's the surface you see I'm hiding inside, I'm stuck underneath.

She sings the "I'm stuck underneath" part three more times, holding the last note, before ending the song. My eye lids grow heavey, and I fall alseep with her soft voice still in my mind, and I wonder if this is how Rue felt when her life slowly past on when I sang to her.

Chapter 13

I roll over and get up. The silhouette curses under their breath then yanks the knife out of the gound. "You goning to get it now!" It growls at me. I turn around and run away. I push through the broken back door. I make a left and run through District 12s town center. I look back and it isn't far away. I pick up my pase and quickly go to my spot in the fence. The fence has a slight hum and it shocks me a little. My finger tips are burned from the slight electic shock but I have to keep going. I push forward in the medow. I can go to the clif where I met Gale the day of the reaping...but if it is on my heels I will sure not lose it and then what? I can grab one of my hidden bows and attack it...but it will take too long if it is close. I end up running to the lake. The water is murkey and swamy. I decide to dive in. I perfect the dive and rise my head above the water. Something brings me back down. I kick and swim uo. The silhouette is drowning me. I scream and end up going deeper into the water, kicking and watching my air bubble rise to the surface of the water.

I fall out of bed and wake up instently. I look around with no one here to be by me after this nightmare. I hear whistling and my door opens. It is Silver eatting breakfast.

"Why are you on the floor?" She ask as she sets her food down on my nightstand and helps me up.

"I fell out of bed." I say and hold the back of my head.

"Ooo," she says like a little kid who is about to tattle-tale, "If your hurt Haymitch isn't going to be happy!"

"Haymitch?" my head shoots up at his name.

"Yes Haymitch. He's here downstairs wrestling Gale for the alcohol." Silver laughs. I get up and walk downstairs. She follows me with her food. We turn the corner to enter the kitchen and Gale has Haymitch in a headlock, while Effie trys to get the knife out of his hand. I laugh and Haymitch looks up and smiles and asures me everythings fine. I shake my head and take the bottle off the table and get the knife. Gale lets Haymitch up, prepared if he trys anything funny. This moment reminds me of the train ride, for some reason and I throw the knife. It hits the wall, right in the middle of two kitchen cabnets.

"Looks like you can fight with a knife, too." Haymitch says. I turn and hugs him. "I'm glad your okay."

"Me too , sweetheart." I sence the hesitation in his voice. He was probably going to say sorry about my family, but thought it would be better not to mention it since today is going to be our first war.

"So..." I turn around and I see Silver in a sleaveless red dress with orange flames at the bottom of the skirt. Her hair is in a side braid with a read ribbon weaved through it. I look at her and see a younger version of me.

"Perfect." I smile. She looks around nervous. Something tells me she is not used to attention, let alone wearing a dress. Effie comes in behind Silver.

"I did well for not being a stylist." She says examining her work.

"Okay, ready girls?" Haymitch says and walks out the door. We follow him out. We make our walk to the hovercraft. Silver trys to board the hovercraft and lifts her dress up. Effie comes quick and swats Silver's hands away.

"Not above the anlkle!" Effie tells her.

"You'll get used to it..." I tell Silver.

"Where are your heels?!" Effie scolds.

"Inside..." Silver answers innocently.

"Your room?!"

"Well you don't expect me to fight with heels on do you?!" They yell at each other. They start yelling at the same time making it hard ot understand either of them. Gale taps their sholders and they turn at him and scream, "What?!" He holds up a pair of red heels with a orange gem on them. Silver snaches it from him and boards the hovercraft, pulling her dress above her thieghs like I did on the train ride to the capitol, making me laugh. "She must have been around you too much, spying." Effie acusses me, which makes me laugh harder.

We pass over burned houses after burned trees.

"Why are we going to district 2?" I ask.

"We are going to attack their hideout." Gale answers with a smile.

"How do we know where that is..?" Everyone looks at me then at Silver who sinks down in her seat. "You know where it is?"

"How else would I know about their rebellion plan?" after that we ride quietly going over the plan, endlessly. Besides going over the plan, the ride is quiet until Haynitch can't stand it anymore and burts out screaming out, "Where is the alcohol?! Is there any alcohol in this flying saucer?!" Gale chased him to the backroom to the alcohol cabnet and faught him for the bottle again. Us girl turn around and watch for a few seconds then turn back to focus on the plans again for the 500th time.

Chapter 14

We get relesed by the lader in the outskirts of district 2. Hovercrafts come and person after person drains down from them. Some I recognize from the past rebellion, others not much.

"How did you get all these people to come?" I ask Gale.

"You'd be suprised how many people agree with you on this problem." I stop and look at him in question. He just laughs and walks on. I follow and figied around with my bags. Silver comes out of no where behind me laughing. I ask what and she just laughs on. Effie comes and nudges he and she quiets instently. Effie leaves and she giggles. I shake my head and move on. We stop to get everything orginized. Gale helps get comunication devices on me and my other wepon captians. Gale introduces me to the spear's captian-Jacob, the cross bow's captian-Aveara, and many more captians for the other weapons. Each weapon team, has about 90-100 people on it.

"Ready, Katnis?" Gale asks and he finishes putting on Silver's comunication device. I nod and a boy hands me a bag of knifes.


"Yes, remeber... Silver is you." Gale tells me and pokes my nose playfully. I make a face and he just laughs and pinches the side of his nose. Silver slides off her coat reviling the red dress with orange flames. I forgot how she looked in it even though I just saw her in it a few hours ago...just like a younger me. She talks to one of the people on the bow and arrow team as he helps get her arrows organized. I can't help but not fight the smile that forms on my mouth.

"Get in posision!" I hear someone scream. Silver gets on a small chariot pulled by a white horse holding my-her-bow and arrows, in the center of the crowd. I press a button on the small machine on my forearm to connect me to only Silver and say, "Your not doing a good job hidding your fears..."

"Am I making it obvious?" She asked and I turn to look at her and she is look directly at me. I nod and she looks down and away at the trees.

"Few more feet!" I try too look over the heads of the people. The district is diserted. We enter quietly and Silver whispers directions in her wrist to all of us. We're almost here and there has been no sound besides Silver's voice in our earpiece and the wind.

I press the button to connect to only Gale. "Gale? Gale?!"


"Something's not right..."


"Something is not right!"

"What? Your breaking up...I can't hear you!" I hear static inbetween his words and curse quietly to myself. I try to contact Silver when I hear a snap. We all freeze and I hear Haymitch in my ear telling me-or us all-to hold our fire. I look up and notice a hovercraft that has been following us with the cameras. Haymitch must be in there also.

I see something bright reflect off the sun and I know what weapon it is and what direction it is aiming at.

"Silver!" I scream and she looks at me then stright. She grabs the bow and her quivers and divers foward away from the flaming arrow. "FIRE!" I hear Haymitch in my ear.

Everyone springs into action and fires their weapons orderly as Coin and Snow's rebelion charges twoard us. We all colide in fight. I slash someone's throat with the knife. I hear Silver scream and turn her way. The flaming arrow caught her charitot on fire and she is holding on for drear life of the wild moving horse. I grab my knife by the blade and throw it cutting the rope that connected the horse to the charriot. She uses the blade of her arrow to trim the dress to make it eassier to ride the horse. She moves around on the horse, helpping the wounded get out of the way with the horse. She aims her arrow and shoots flawlessly, hitting every person she is aimming at in the face, neck, or chest.

Things go incredably wrong and many hovercrafts fill the air, surounding my hovercrafts. I see sparks and from my hovercrafts and relize they are using the weapons inside to defend themselfs. Shard of the machinary fall from the sky. Silvers horse gets hit in its neck. It lets out a horrible noise and falls on its side. Silver falls with it. Gale and Haymitch quickly tell me to "stand my ground." Gale quickly pulls Silver out from under the horse and she stands. The comunication devices go stadicy and I look up to see the hovercraft that held the service for the devices falling down to the earth. I rip the device from my ear and arm and throw it to the floor.

"Augh!" I hear an agonizing sound excape Gale. I look and see a knife in his arm. I can tell this is Silver's part to be seen. I wish her luck in my head and she screams Gale's name, hitting my pitch of voice so perfect, I think she practiced it every night. One of the hovercrafts releses a lader, letting go people who attack around Silver and Gale and lift them up. Silver kicks and screams, her hair falling out of it's braid and her ear peice slipping down the side of her face with some tears. I know she is in pain and that things aren't going as planned.

Someone hits the back of my head and I fall foward. I black out and lay of the cold wet ground. I hope the ground isn;t wet because of blood...but what else would it be wet of?

Chapter 15

My vision is blured. I see...white. I blink a few times, but that doesn't help. I feel like I've been here before.... I hear whispers. I listen closely to the voices and could only make out one, Gale. He shouts something...I think it was, "You can't do anything right!" Another voice answers in a low voice that is almost soothing, dispite the fact Gale is yelling at them.

"Don't tell me to quiet down! You knew what you were to do and you screwed things up as you always do!" What is he talking about? "Your an extra! Your here for show, that's it!"

The voice answers low again, it sounds like a mumble. "No. I don't care about how you want things to pl--" He stops and lets out the same noise he did when he got hit in the arm with the I remember things a little. I blacked out in the middle of fight! And is still alive...I hear the other voice say someting that sounds harsh.

I try to get up but something pulls me down. I know that pull...I'm connected to machines again. Must be in a hospital. A door opens and people come and try to pull me back down to lay. A nurse comes and jabs my arm. My vision blurs more and I black out again.

Chapter 16

I wake up, again. My vision isn't blured. And my head is throbbing. I lift up my arm and touch my head. A sharp pain shoots through my head and I drop my arm as fast as I lifted it. I walk a few steps and stumble back a few steps and sit back on the hospital bed. I get up slowly take a look at my surroundings. There's one bed, a door to the left of the bed, two tabels-one holding clothes, the other pills, needles and medication-and then a pair of shoes under the table. I walk slowly to the table and change into the clothes and shoes. I walk out the door skowly and hear talking. I poke my head around the cornner and see Effie and Haymitch talking. I back up a little and listen.

"I'm worried. What if Silver is hurt... What would I do?"

"Don't worry, Effie. She's a fighter. She'll live."

"How about Gale? He got hurt before-"

"He has Silver who I'm sure will keep him safe." Haymitch jokes around. Effie hits Haymitch's arm lightly as if to say, "stop laughing, your drunk and shouldn't be joking around like that!"

"Where are they?" I ask and come out of hidding.

"Looks like you woke up from your three day sleep. How was it?" Haymitch asks.

"Three days? What? I heard Gale talking to someone just last night outside of the hospital room."

"Oh sweetheart, you must have been dreaming."

"Katniss, dear, you shouldn't be on your feet." Effie holds my arm.

"Why? I'm only a little light headed is all." I say as Effie swings my arm over her shoulder and walks me back to the hospital room. She sets me on the bed and lays me down. They both go outside my door and talk.

"Should we tell her?"

"She's gonna find out soon." Haymitch says.

"But it will make her crazy to get to Peeta."

"I can hear you!" I say loud enough for them to hear. They enter and sit in two chairs Haymitch brings in with him.

"Katniss your--"

"Your pregnet, sweetheart." Haymitch interupts. Effie gives him a look and he rasies his arms up in surrended claiming that she would have gone on and on about a story that would go no where and waste his time.

"I have to get to Peeta." I try to get up but they urge me to lay back down.

"We have a team sent out to get them all-Peeta, Prim, Cinna, Silver, Gale." he replies.

"Are you sure Silver and Gale would be there, too?"

"It's a good chance they are. Snow and Coin have your family and Silver and Gale were captured by them." Captured... She makes them sound like animals traped in a snare. I shake my head and rest back, trying to soak in the information.

"Get some rest. We'll be here when you wake up." Effie says and Haymitch just nods. I close my eyes and hope everyone is fine and alive.

Chapter 17

"Katnis..Wake up." I feel someone nudging me awake. I slowly open my eyes and see Johanna, worry creasing her face.

"What's Wrong?" I look around and see Effie ad Haymitch with the same look. Johanna looks at Effie, Effie looks at aymitch Haymitch looks at a telivision that must have been wheeled in. He hands me a wireless phone and I answer in it.


"Katniss! Glad to hear you. How was your sleep?" Snow hisses thoughthe phone. I look at the telivision and see a small screen on me and th wider screan with Snow. He moves and shows Silver and Gale get thrwn next to Peeta and my mother. They all have a cloth tied over their mouth and their eyes. The cloth on their eyes are damp and just for seeing their noses, they look scared. Coin holds their phone up to Peeta's cheek.


"Peeta!" I hear my voice echo through the television.

"Kaniss! Are you okay?'

"Yes I'm fine. Where's Prim and Cinna? DIdi they hurt any of you?!"

"No. I'm not sure where they are. They--"

I cut him off, "Where are you?"

"Okay that's enough of that." Coin says. "Lats make a deal, shall we?"

"What do you want, Coin?"

"A trade. A life's."

"You wouldn't hurt your daughter!"

"You'd be suprised." I dont like the tone of voice she is using. I get she means me for them. Me gone means they can regain control of Panem and make everyone work under the harsh conditions. I think of my Primrose having to go though the reapings in a comunity home with Cinna. No one to care for them.

"How can I find you?"

"You must do that yourself. Everyone's life depends on it." The phone goes staticy and the telivision ends with red splatering on a white rose. I look up at Effie, Haynitch, Johanna, and the rest of the people in the room. They just look away or put their heads down, and wal out the room. I curl up on the bed and try to remember where they could be.

Chapter 18

You could hear a pin drop. Silence is settled over the sitting room at Snow's house. The people who survived the rebelion that went down in a fail, but is still not over, are staying in the ruins of the capitol. Most of the buildings haven't been too harmed so they are able to live in them. They have to stop by here for food, but otherwise, their places are livable.

"Where could they be?" I ask myself barely audible.

"Could you have gotten a hint of some sort? A clue, maybe?" asks Johanna. I get up to get a glass and Haymitch gets up right away and stops me from grabing the bottle of liquid.

"Your pregnet, remember?" Right, I'm pregnet! He grabs it and pours him a shot. I wish desprately for one, right now.

"Give me a glass please! Figuring out where they could be is driving me insane!" Effie squeals from across the room. Haymitch pours her a glass and she takes it down like a shot. "Woah!" she says and holds her glass out for more.

Johanna holds out her glass of orange juice and Haymitch pours some of the alchoal in it. She stirs it with her finger and drinks it. I'm waiting for Effie to say something about the finger stiring but she is too caught up on trying to sit stright. I roll my eyes and settle for a glass of orange juice, myself with no alcohol.

As they get tipsy, I try to think back. Maybe Silver really did give me a clue. Maybe just in case things went wrong like how they did, she did. How would she know where they would keep them, though? is what confuses me. She did work with them before...maybe it's where they are keeping they stylists hostage. I need to relaxe. I set the orange juice down and lay back. My head rests on the sofa's armrest as a pillow and I think of Silver's delicate voce, singing me asleep with her song.

If I was gone, then you would see Harder I try, more you have to learn I may seem strong, but that's the surface you see I'm hiding inside, I'm stuck underneath.

My eyes open wide and I shoot up.

"What is it, sweetheart?" Haymitch asks and almost falls on his way to me. Eventully, he does and pulls himself up on the chair near the sofa. I ignore their stares and put the song together.

If I was gone,. She is gone.

I'm hiding inside, I'm stuck underneath. She is hiding inside where?....stuck underneath what? I don't know what the middle means...I would see what? Harder she trys, more I have to learn? What is that supose to mean?!

I may seem strong, but that's the surface you see, must be refering to as she is weak, and is scared. How will she defend herself like how Effie said?

I explain it to them. They seem to understand and try to pull the puzzle together, dispite the headache they must be getting, right now.

"Maybe she is stuck underneath this mansion!" Effie points down to he feet, eyes wide, jaw down jokeingly. She has had one too many shots, apparently.

"Now that's not funny!" Johanna says and moves the bottle, spilling it's liquid on the floor. Effie sticks her toung out, trying to ctach the liqud as Johanna gets up and moves the bottle more as she speaks, "How could she be under here? Under our feet?!"

"No, maybe freak job has a point!" Haymitch claims, pointing at Effie, her toung still hanging out, cross-eyed looking at it laughing, with his thumb. "Maybe, just maybe! They are hiding inside this house?!"

The drunks are going somewhere, I think to myself. The corner of my mouth curls up and I get up and go to my room. "Okay we'll sleep down here!" Effie yells, failing at going up the steps. I lay in my bed, knowing for sure what the plans are the next morning. I close my eyes and try to imagine the plan in my head, and trying to dream of it going well, in hope it will.

Chapter 19

A passed out Effie foot of the stairs, arm spread out, head on shoulder, a dead looking Johanna, hanging halfway off the couch, and a sleeping Haymitch, laid out across the eatting table. Glass chips everywhere, broken bottles, cabniet door hanging off its hinges. Looks like they had a fun night, and I'm glad I wasn't apart of it! I go to the kitchen and carefully look for food. I cook a couple of eggs and toast, then pour glass of milk in half a glass. I put a straw in it, so I don't cut myself on the sharp edges.

"Ugh," I hear Effie come, holding her head.

"Good morning, dear. Sleep well?" I say sarcasticly, imitating her accent.

"Shh. Every word is a jackhammer to my brain!" I shake my head and let out a little laugh.

"What happened?" Johanna comes in, still not walking stright. Effie sits on a stool near the counter, looking like she is about to bang her head on the counter.

"Woah! Waah!" I hear a crash and turn around. Haymitch's bed of a table fell to the side. I raise my glass to all of them and go in the sitting room. Johanna crawls her way back to her sofa and Effie follows behind and Haymitch is on his back, seeking help getting up. He must have been sober for so long, he forgot how a hang over felt, let alone being drunk. As kind hearted as I'm feeling this morning, I get up to help him stand. And without rolling me eyes!

"I have a idea." I say, "We need everyone, though to make it happen." They nod I send word out to the rebels living in the capitol ruins come and go to send word out more. Within twenty minutes of making sure everyone was here, I annouce what I have in mind, even if it hurts the ones who were drinking all last night.

"We are going to tear up this mansion if we have to! Wall for wall! We will serech every door, every room, every nook and crany of this place. We have to find them. We have to fight once more!" We split the rebelion up into teams to serch sections of the mansion. Luckly, Aveara--cross bow captian in the fight of district 2--knows a cure for this hang over the three have. She makes a batch of soup with many herbs and meat and broth. She pours them all a bowl and one by one, each seem a little more focused on what to do rather than how bad their brain hurts. By their thrid bowl they seem fit enough to just look in rooms, at the most.

We seperate everyone in groups and go off in all directions. I hear walls get broken down with the large hammers we gave everyone. In my section, I find rooms I never even seen. "Katniss? You better see this!" I run down stairs and find Haymitch examining a wall with a single door. "What?" I ask just seeing Effie stand infront of a open door.

"There's another door..." She says and points in front of her. I go in the dark, cramped, hallway to the other door, holding my bow and arrows and with another person who was apart of the rebelion, who is holding a torch to light the way. It's an old hallway. There are single torches on the walls and the man light them along the way.

I make it to the door and grab the knob. I take a deep breath, ready to burst through and ready to fire my arrow at Coin and Snow. I turn it and charge through the door, only, I don't go through it. I hit the door.

"It's...locked." I say. Someone else comes in the hallway, even though we could barly fit me and the other guy. The one hold the touch leaves to make room. I lean against the wall to make room for him to hit the door with the hammer. It bounces back and almost hits me in the face. I duck and it bounces off the wall behind me. I drop my bow and arrow and catch the bouncing hammer. I poke the wall then knock on it. It's...hard. Harder than the other walls. "Try to find a way in. I'll go up stairs to find a key."

I walk out and other people go in. I make my way up the stairs, and halfway up, I hear my name. I stop short and listen again. Am I just getting paranoid or is it real? "Katniss..niss..niss..niss." It echos. I take another step and it does it again. "Katniss..niss..niss..niss." I run the stairs and kick open every door, until I hear it louder. I'm about to mick open another door when I smell something...roses. I rest my ear on it and listen. "Katniss..niss..niss.niss." I slowly bring my hand down to the door knob and turn it. You can hear it creek as I turn it or is it just me? I slowly open the door are hear it again. "Katniss..niss..niss..niss." The same room where I saw Snow. When I plucked the white rose which I told Coin to put on Snow, on his heart. Only, it wasn't Snow wearing the rose. And there is no Snow in here. "Katniss..niss..niss..niss.... Find mee..mee..mee. mee."

Chapter 20: Part 3

Out of all the roses in this room, I don't know if I'll even be able to move, let alone from who ever is saying that. I don't even have my bow and arrows with me. I'll have to take a chance. Every step I take I hear it again and again. I hear it an know it is behind a flower bed, then when I dive for it, I hear it again but behind me. Then next to me, then....above me? I look up then see something flash out of the corner of my eye. I stare at it and walk over to it. Standing on a stool, I reach up and pull down a divice. It says my name and I see a button. I hold it down and it shuts up.


"Better tell your friend to stop!" it screams. It startles me because I never heard the voice before and I thought it would speak in the creepy whisper it was before. I drop it and hear the hammer hit the door, them a crack. My eyes widen and I run out the door. I see Effie halfway to the stairs.

"Oh Katniss! I was trying to find you. Haymitch found a weak spot in the wall and is about to break through it." No.. I shove past her and ignore her questions as I run to the stairs.

Halfway down I throw myself at the handel bars and scream, "Haymitch, no!" I'm too late. By the time I finish my sentence I hear a loud noise then I see fire. I blink and run down the stairs. If I weren't pregnet I would have jumped over the handel bars. Part of your team is holding me back. I hit one in the nose, the other on the foot, and the other where it hurts him. I'm facing the fire and see movement. I reach in and pull Haymitch out. A few of the members comes and helps me. Others come in with the gardning hose and sprays the fire. We finish pulling Haymitch and two more men out of the fire. I fall back and catch myself with my arms. Wetness flows down my arms and thats when I see it, black, chard marks. It's not until I see them when they start to hurt. Pain shoots up my arms and More people come with water buckets.

They push me outside and load me onto a strecher, along with Haymitch and the other women. One of the two men gets covered in a white sheet. I see peoples mouth move but I don't hear them all that well. I'm not sure if it is because I'm in shock or if it is because my left ear went def again.

They push me into a hovercraft and Haymitch gets into imideate care. Effie comes in and says what I think are soothing words. A nurse says something and she nods. I see a needel and know they are going to put me into sleep. I try to avoid the needel and many other nurses come and hold me down, careful of touching my burns. My eyes widen as she injects it into my side. Not because of the shot, but because of my dad's bow. A tear runs down my cheek and burns my arm. I see it, turning into chunks by the explosion, just as my father did during the mine accident, then burning into ash. Gone, lost, forever...

What is it with me always having to black out at the think of times?! The burns on me aren't there anymore. All that's left of the accedent is thin, pink scares. How many times will I wake up on a hospitel bed in the same hospitel room? In the same gown? Get dressed, I tell myself. Get dressed and find Effie or Haymitch or someone I can talk to...

"Good morning, Katniss. Tough night?" I hear Coin's voice. I try not to scowl as I turn and see a phone. He voie is being projected somewhere because I hear it like she's right next to me. grabing the phone I answer,

"Morning to you, too Coin."

"That was a big mistake you did last night..."

"Cut the crap, now what do you want?" I ask not bothering about my rudeness.

"A trade? Remember?" I could see her now holding a sharp object to Silver or Peeta. "You have three days to make an appearence or every single one of your friends get publicly killed."

"That's no--" I get cut off by the static. Angry, I throw the phone and slide my back against a wall to the floor. I let out tears trying to cover my face with my hands. This baby is making my emotions go haywire! I hate conversating with Coin. She's been making things so short lately. When I believe I'm drained of tears, I set out to find anyone to talk to. I end up in a room with windows and I see trees fly by. I tilt my head a little to the right and wonder, why are trees moving fast in a hovercraft...? when I relize...I'm on a train.

I end up in a dinning cart and serve myself. Effie comes and smiles when she see's me.

"Your looking better!" She says and I just nod and eat a dish that looks simalar to the one I ate with Cinna when I first met him.

"Where are we going?" I ask after minuets of an awkward silence.

"District 11." She answers before taking a bite of rice.

"11? Why?"

"We need more people. Only people we can trust is those in 11. They love and trust you." I haven't been ther since the tours. And now, I'm going back to ask them to join me in the fight against Snow and Coin? To risk their lifes? How could I? Effie holds her hand out and takes it in mine.

"We have to start somewhere. If we brodcast our expansion like before, Snow will get an idea on who he's going to be up against." She says quietly in a comferting tone and relaxes me a little bit. We have to start somewhere. So why not start in 11?

District 11... Memories of Rue fill my mind. The flowers I put on her when she died in the 74th Hunger Games. The stories about her life here in this district. Her four note whistle. The song I sung her when she died. All of it fills my mind as a golf size lump forms in throat. Blinking back the tears I look out the window at the orchids.

"We're here!" Effie claims, inturupting my thoughts as the train stops. I'm about to step out when she tells me to have our rebelion group do the talking. Great,I think, time to sit pretty like before... They have a stage set up at their town square. They have peacekeepers--as do all of us because we still have to provide for all of us--linned up eigher on the ground of on the rooftops.

I've been hidden in the room where Haymitch rushed us too after they shot someone during the tours. The widow is as dusty as ever still and I whip it away with my hand. The ground still has broken glass from when Peeta chucked it at the wall. I look down as they go on the stage. They tell the distict about the events that are taking place in the upper disticts. Snow and Coin's plans. Ect. I stare down in turmoil as Johanna speaks about our plans and what we all must do.

Out of the corrner of my eye I see a peacekeeper on the roof tap another peacekeepers shoulder. I turn my attention on them now. The peacekeepers turns and gets punched in the face. The other peacekeeper--the one who tapped his shouder--catches him and throws him behind him. He drops down on his stomache and lays the gun out on a stand. He turns his head and the same thing happens to another peacekeeper on the other side of the roof. They nod at each other and I recognize their faces. Relizing what they are doing, I end up pounding on the glass and running down the steps. Effie calls out my name and I guess she sees what I saw because she's running behind me too. I have to protect my them!

Chapter 21

"Ambush," I think. They Ambushed us! They fed us lies! How could they after I trusted them!?

"Gale! Silver! NO!" I'm about to jump in front of Johanna when I'm too late. Chaos begins. More peacekeepers bring out their guns and fight my team. Scratch that...more of Snow and Coin's men and women bring out their guns and fights my team. I'm chiled to the bone staring hoplessless at Johanna who's life is slipping away. I try to keep from running away at the sight of her wounds. One bullet in and out of her heart. The other at the side of her neck. She's shivering and going pale. Johanna holds her hand out and I try to grab it but she shoves away. She holds her hand out to stairs leading down. Someone goes down the steps. Gale. I look back at her and know what she's telling me. That must be why they gunned her down...she found out where they were and must have had to move them. She whispers something I don't hear. Her eyes look lost and her hand drops. I weap for her, take her hand gun and fight my way threw the chaos.

Using the knife hat was hooked on my belt, I stab and slice my way threw to the doors. I check to see if anyone is following and run down the steps. Leaning my head on the door, I listen for a clue to what I'm getting myself into. I hear the agonizing scream that could only fit Prim's. Even though I know it's a trap, I burst through the doors away way, holding out Johanna's gun. I circle the room and see nobody. The door slams shut behind me and I whip around. The stalking built for sure is Gale. I stumble back when I see his riffle. Remembering mine, I hold it up and point it at him.

"Do it, Katniss," He says, "Shoot me." I put my finger on the triger about to shoot, but I can't. Closing my eyes, I try and remember who I am. I am Katniss Everdeen. I live in District 12. I have a daughter named Prim, a son named Cinna, and a wonderful husbanded named Peeta. My mother and my family have been kidnapped by Snow and Coin. I need to get them back.

Opening my eyes, I watch as Gale just laughs at me. Watch as he tells me I can't shoot him. He knows the reason why, that I need him so he can show me where my family is. To my left, someone cocks their gun. "Drop it." They tell me. Silver. After all I did, she does this. Her and Gale played my like a yo-yo. I'm about to open my hand not daring to look at her, when I hear a muffled sound in my ear and remember the communication device they put on me again.

"Drop it, now!" Says Silver more loud than before.

I turn my head just enough to see her from the corner of my eye. Her long dark hair tied in a ponytail that sticks out of her Peacekeeper hat. The light bouncing off her natural gray and red highlights. Her boots add an extra inch or two, the white uniform making her look somewhat different than usual. "I would hope you drop yours now." I say just as my squad breaks through the walls. I jolt up from my knees as five people rush me out. More people on the snake's side flood the room.

Me and the five do a little dance out the room. Me skipping, jumping, and dodging the fights. The five doing their own dance making way for us to get out the now gaping hole--of--wall. I try to resist myself to look at the fight behind. I can't help myself and look. I see Gale fighting for his life. Now you know how The Hunger Games were, I think. I know I can't forgive him for this. That I never could. They jam a needle in my back, having me see Gale blur, then disappear in darkness. How can someone who loved you so much, hurt you so badly?

Chapter 22

"Why do you always have them inject me during a fight?" I ask Effie as I sip tastless broth. You'd think I'd eat something better after being rescued.

"Because we all know you wouldn't let anyone check you." She explains.

"Check me? Check me for what?!"

"To make sure your baby is okay. You know, putting up a fight won't do much good for it!" She snaps. Desiding to back off for a while, I finish my broth. After a long pause she says they have comformation on my family's location. They have a mole inside to make sure they are okay. well, that's some good news. At least some I love is going to be safe and wouldn't hurt me.

A few hours after Effie leaves I finally deside to get out of bed and take a shower to clear my head. For days now, I haven't rested in a real bed. I haven't been in my house. Seen Peeta, Prim, Cinna. My mother, I wonder how she's going. She has aged, of curse, but how is she dealing with being locked up with a gun pointed on her twenty-four seven? I replay the memory of the ambush. How Silver so swiftly killed that guy on the roof just as Gale did. She is strong. She lied in her song. Did she mean it as emotionly strong? No, can't be. She seemed to deal with the Capitol's uprising pretty well. Didn't break down like how I almost did. My mind recalls the moment I tried to throw myself infront of Johanna but was a second too late. How she died with me holding her hand. The fight around us. How her last moment of life, was helping me find the true place Gale must have been hiding them, my family.

I close my eyes, and visions of the Quarter Quell. Johanna telling me that she doesn't care if I'm knocked up, that she will still kill me. How we joined the rebelion with District 13 and Coin. Coin, how much I dislike her and Silver now. Silver who betrayed me. Then District 13. The District least spoken of now. Where Twill and Bonnie were headed. Twill and Bonnie, the runaways from District 8 where the first uprising started my plan to form a uprising in 12. I desided I've brought back too many horrible memories and turn the water off.

The train comes to a sudden stop. Another gas stop, I supose. I put on whatever and make my way to the front of the train. A window breaks and you hear a quiet pull of a triger then a servent fall on its knees and colapse to the floor. This happens three more times then we are able to react to what's happening. The rebels rebelion-what I desided to nickname Snow and Coin's group-burst threw the broken windows. I'm spotted and stumble backward then run for the other end of the train. Halfway there, someone snaches me and pulls me in a dark corner. I try to wiggle myself free but the grib is hard. "Shhhh." They tell me. Haymitch! He losens his grib for my to turn and face him.

"Haymicth! What's going on? Where's Effie?"

"I don't know. But we have to get you off this train and fast!" He says. He looks over my shoulders and pushes me along. We travel through a maze of hallways and rooms. Haymitch makes a wrong left and we are seen by the rebels rebelion. He turns around and we turn right. We see an emergancy exit and I slam into it.

"It won't open!" I yell at Haymitch. They're getting closer. Fast. He grabs an ax that was on hooked on the wall and breaks the door open. He kicks the remainings down and we run for the trees. I see Effie strugle in a window. I'm about to turn around when he pushes me again. As we're running, not daring to stop, I see something black and white fly by me. A Mockingjay. It sings a beautiful song. I use it's song to keep me going. It lets out a warning call. A hovercraft must appear.

Before I could get word to Haymitch about it, the hovercraft appears. I come to a sudden stop with Haymicth. We run to get cover under a think tree. This movement reminds me of the time spent with Gale, when we saw the red headed Avox girl-before she was an Avox-and what I think was her brother. But no, I'm not with Gale. I'm with Haymicth. I'm in the Avox Girl's spot. I look up and see a girl. Not Silver, Coin. She shoots a dart out of a blow gun and it hits Haymitch right in the neck. He falls face first to the dirt. I rush to him and check for a pulse. It's slow. He's not dying, but must be sleeping. A nest comes down, along with a claw and picks me up with the net, Haymicth with the claw. I hear Coin shout something, but I don't understand what. My mind is just filled with panic. I scream for help and by instinct, reach over my shoulder to retrive an arrow. No, they're all on the train. The train must have exploded because a see a mushroom shaped gray and red cloud fill the sky. I'm almost in the hovercraft when someone comes and electrocutes me. I shake and feel the hair on my neck stand. Suddenly I'm frozen and the net is cut open.

Hours pass and I've been sitting on a very hard chair. My hands tied on the arms of the chair, ankls tied on the legs on the chair. They even took the time to buckle my waist on the chair, too. I tilt my head back and sigh in fustration. My head hurts from the shock of the electrocution. I feel exhausted, hungry, and worst of all, the pain of this higher chance of losing the family and friends. My true friends. The ones that were true, unlike Gale. This is something I would never understand why. Something unforgivable.

The hovercraf makes a sharp jolt and the chair falls on its side taking me with it. I fall along with the chair and can't help the grunt that ecscapes my lips. A wall opens like a wide door and a figure walks to me. the don't stand my chair up or un tie me. They just stand over me laughing. Another persin comes from behind and puts a cloth bag over my head. They shove the cloth close to my face and I breath in something. It makes my eyes want to close. Trying my best to not sleep, I move but it makes things worse. My eyelids give in and close and I feel me slip away into deep sleep. I hear the slight snaps of the belt around my waist and the rope slowly drop from my hands. I fall over on my face but can't move. I hear squeaky wheels then feel them throw me on something cold and hard like the chair. Then I finally slip away into the deep sleep that has awaited me.

I awake to a loud screach. I open my eyes and find me hovering above a bunch of large cat-like animals. They growl and jump, trying to bite me. One almost catches its teeth in my foot two seconds late. I'm breathing heavy and deside to tuck my feet under my rear end when I find that impossible. I'm on a small rock ledge, so small, I can hardly stand up let alone sit the way I was before I moved. I slowly place my feet under me and ever-so-slowly, pull myself up so I'm standing. I take a good look at my suroundings. A long plateform, mirrors everywhere, and the most obvious thing in this room; the hungery cat-like-mosnters trying to get a bite of me.

A movement near the plateform catches my attention and I whip around almost falling, causing a few pebbles to fall. Gale shows with that charming smile on his face. I try to look away but can't.

"Enjoying yourself?!" He shouts over the cat-like-animal noises to me. I roll my eyes "Just as much as you must be, Gale." I answer back sarcastically.

"Your wondering," He mimicks my voice, "'Oh Gale, why are you doing this?!'" Of course that's what I'm wondering! "Well you see," He starts going back to his real voice, "it started with a deal me and Peeta made. A deal that he gets you and I get to go to district two. I never wanted to leave you but, the way you looked at Peeta. It made me want to snap his neck! To make you love me and not..not..him" He spits out. "I loved you. I told you so at the lake and your reply was 'I know.' And when Peeta tells you that he loves you, you answer wholeheartingly 'yes.'I want that! I want that with you. I always have and I know you did, too once." His voice rises up in anger.

He pauses for me to answer. "Once, Gale. Once I did." I try to keep calm.

"So, why not now?" He asks. "You loved me. Why did you pick him?" This is a question I cannot answer knowing so because the answer would come out wrong even with years of rehersing it. "Answer me!" He screams then apoligizes for it.

"Why do you think, Gale? You were kind and caring. What happened?!" My voice starts rising. "You left is what happened! You made some stupid deal with Peeta! Even witout the deal I would have picked Peeta! He was true to me! Believed in me! And your answer to all of this, to solve your problems, is to what? Kill me?!" at that moment the cat jumps at me.

"Muttations, Katniss. The animals below you." He laughs at one that almost hits me with it's long, sharp claws. "We call them Lionyx. A mix of a Lynx and a Lion." There's a hint of humor in his voice. I relize why, a Lynx is what followed me in the woods making a nickname he gave me official. A sigh I let out quickly gets replaced by a yelp from the creation I now know as a Lionyx. I'm done talking to this lie. To Gale. He turns walking back through wide automotic doors where he entered when he turns again on his heel.

"Remember, we're watching you. All of us, Catnip!" Catnip, what a laugh him and many others are having right now. The mirrors transform into a window with a light from the inside of them. I see Gale, Snow, Coin, Silver, some stylists--the ones with frowns must be the ones forced into joining the group, people I've never seen before, and most of family. All five of them, staring at me. My mother,Haymitch, Peeta, Prim, Cinna. My children watching their mother who will for sure die slowly and painfully if I fall in. I drop my gaze and cover my face. A few minutes of wimpering and ready to say what I want to them, the lights are off and I scream. I scream for my family back. Screaming horrible things to those who want this. Screaming at the mirrors that only reflect my small face back. Hours of doing this, I drop my head again and a static from a microphone echos throughout the small empty room. "The glass is sound proof, Katniss." Snow says and it goes quiet again. I'm tired and need to sleep, but I won't in fear of the Lionyx. Why is he really doing this to me? Because He was jelous? No, that's not Gale. But that is what he made it seem like during our conversation a few hours ago. What ever the reason may be, I have to get out of this spot and now.

Chapter 23

Plan A: Hope the Lionyx's don't eat me or Plan B: Jump to the ledge and hope for the best. They leave the lights on to show their eyes will always be on me. But slowly, one by one, they all sleep. by the time Coin shuts her eyes, I spring into action. Plan A seems inpossible for me. Plan B seems to have the best effect for me right now. How am I going to get to the ledge without hurtting myself by falling in the pin of Lionyx's and without hurting the baby? Lowering slowly to my knees I take a quick look at the Lionyx's. Sound asleep like the ones who are suposed to watch me. I get up and try to figure out a distance between me and the ledge. Could I jump maybe? Would I fall? Would I even survive tonight?

I'm thirsty and is still scared of dehidrating, esspecially from what happened in the 74th Hunger Games. My sandpaper toung, the worry of dying from thrist. All make me thirstier which makes things worse for me. Too add onto the list of worries, I'm starving. I hold my arm out and lean over to the ledge. I'm just two to four inches away from it at arms length. I lean farther and almost slip. I let out a small yelp, covering my mouth in fear someone might wake up when I remember it's sound proof. I still won't scream because these people are unpridictable, like Gale. Gale who decived me. Lied. Out of everyone I believed to be true, he turned out to be a lie. Gale who keeps crossing my mind who I will kill for sure.

"Remember who you are," I tell myself, "You are Katniss Mellark. Once known as Katniss Everdeen. Your married to Peeta Mellark. You and Peeta have two wonderful children and another on the way. He loves you. He and your family was kidnaped. You are the girl who was on fire. You are the Mockingjay!" I hold my arms out like wings and jump. I feel the slight sensation of flying then slam into the ledge, gripping on it for dear life. I pull my elbow up then try to get my other elbow up. I find something to hold my feet on but just find me kicking the air. Looking down, I see one of the Lionyx's about to wake. I pull myself up trying my best to stay quiet. I have both elbows up after a few minutes then swing my leg over. I roll and my other leg is on the ledge.

I'm on the ledge. I'm alive and safe. I smile then remember what I have to do. My smile fades and I run to the door. There's a numberpad next to the door with a four small green squares. What would Gale have set as a passcode? I try various combinations but none work. I type in 0508 and the numbers appear in the green boxes. The numbers turn red for a seconds and I know its wrong. A few seconds later, it turns a bright green and the door unlocks. The passcode was my birthday, May eighth, 05/08.

Shocked about this I forget the door is unlocked. The door opens and I walk in half expecting Rebels Rebelion to be there alseep. The other half hoping for just a hallway. Well, it's just a hallway with many doors. Open a door to people awake would be bad. Opening it up to no one, bad. Opening it up to my faimly, good. Opening a door with my family but with people gaurding it with gun...horrible. I head straight and end up in a weird pentagon, back to the door to the Lionyx's. On each wall, there is five white doors with white walls with a full white moon out the window with while clouds around it.

I open up a door that was on the same side as the Lionyx's door and find snoring men. I clos the door quietly and play a guessing game. How many doors must I skip to end up at Peeta's? I follow a way of doors and misjudge two wrongly. I on my fourth try, I open the door and find it empty. Peeta had to be in here because I smell the sent of bread that lingered on him. Looking out their window, I see what they must have seen.

Dreadful it must have been seing me scared to death on that small peice of rock. I back out the room and know I have to keep opening doors. One wrong open door, and I may walk into a room with people wide awake. I shut the door quietly and walk down the hall whispering Peeta's name.

After what seems like years of this, I'm about to give up when I hear a slight whimper. Not a whimper...but a noise I recognize very clearly. A noise someone would make from a nightmare. I see the door is slightly ajar and I push it open. I see Peeta sitting up against the wall and I run to him. The noise is similar because I've slept next to it for years now. "Peeta..Peeta.." I say and I shake him awake. "Katniss..?"

"Yes. Yes, Peeta it's me." I say brushing his hair from his forhead glad to see him again. He opened his eyes. HIs blue eyes staring into my gray ones. There was something different about his eyes..they looked....clouded. I pushed this thought aside and I smiled and he...launched at me. Pushing me to the other side of the wall he, pinned me. His arm on my neck choking me, his other arm on my shoulder, pushing it hard on the wall.

"You!" He said in a harsh tone it startled me more than his action to pin me. My eyes grew big and I knew my face must be changing color from olive to red to purple, even. My hearing was blanking out. He was saying things I couldn't understand. I could make out a few words like 'family' or 'death'. I strugled under his grip causing him to choke me more. Once I felt my eye lids about to close forever he dropped me. I fell to my knees, holding my neck with one hand and the other to my lungs, gasping for air. He laughed then pushed me down to my side. I fell with great force and felt pain shoot up my now brused shoulder. He kicked my stomache. I crouched into a fetal position. I thought about my baby...mine and Peeta's baby. And he is killing it my hurting me!

"Peeta stop!" I cried. He looked at me confused for a second. I have to speak fast or else he'll do something more crazy. "Your killing it!"

"It?" He tilted his head, the veins in his neck that were just sticking out in anger fading away slowly.

"Yes, Peeta! It! Our baby!" I said from my teeth. He just stared down at me shocked.

"Y-your...p-pregnet?" He studdered. It didn't have to take a nod for him to crouch down beside me and touch where I've been holding my stomache taking every blow to it by my hand. "I'm s-sorry..." He whispered. He helped me up and picked up a chair he managed to knock down if our fight. Having me sit there, he bent down to his knees hugging me. Closing my eyes, I imagined what to do next. Whether to trust him now, or just let go...

"Clap. Clap. Clap."

As Peeta slowly losened his grip and turned, I opened me eyes.

"That," Gale chuckled, "That, was beautiful!" He claimed. I stare is disbelift, was this some plan? A way for me to find Peeta for some reason? Was it a performance? "Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful, even."

"What do you want Gale?" my voice breaks out.

"You." Is all he answered. You was enough for me to know what was going to happen next, but not fast enough to react.

Chapter 24

"Damn it, Gale!" I wake up above the Lionyx's, again. All that answers is laughing then, "It's more fun this way, Catnip!"

Peeta is standing gaurd on the ledge. That clouded look in his eye, the same one when I found him. He just stares at me as I stare back. Looking about ready to kill me, he presses a finger to his ear and that look for killing me fades away leaving behind clouded, lost, blue eyes. I grow bored of these jumping cats trying to eat me and find that my hair is knotted up as ever, creating a rats nest on my head. I brush my hair through with my fingers and braid it back again.

After a few hours of watching the Lionyx's jump, I name them. I named the three that jump the highest Jenny, Jilly, and Jacob. The two that jump but not as high, Kaleb and Kenny. The only three that I could see on the bottem have been named Lucifer, Levy, and Lobo. I hold up my hand and move it as they jump, almost biting it. I know it's not good to tease animals because they will hurt you more, but I'm so bored I have nothing much to do. Hours after messing with Jenny, Jilly, and Jacob, I look up and see Peeta sleeping. I know it might be a trap, but I could convince Peeta to side with me now. Maybe even guess what they put in him because for sure it's not Tracker Jacker Venom. This stuff has a more violent effect.

It takes a longer jump to the ledge, almost experiencing a far worse near death fall. I'm moving to the door when I hear the noise of a gun being loaded and cocked. Freazing in my steps I turn my head slightly to see Peeta aiming a gun at me. It's small and must have been on his belt. "Move." He comands in such a voice I never heard him use before. I back away when he tells me to turn and drop to my knees. Hesitating for a moment, he shoots the gun a couple of inches from my cheek. In an instant I did so.

"Peeta-" I start off slowly but get cut off by him.



"Shut up!" This startled me so much I flinched.

"What are you doing?" I ask after what feels like years

"They told me not to kill you. But I believe they are sleeping, so, they don;t have to know, do they?" I feel the gun inches from my head. Breath, I tell myself. I know he is about to pull the triger now, I know it! I leaned forward then threw myself back, dodging the bullet. I rolled back and ended up facing him. Hitting him in the face, I took the gun. Aout to throw it over the edge, I hear a grunt then see Peeta throw himself at me from the corner of my eye. The force of his body caused the gun to fly out of my hand and fall near the ledge. I flip over under his grasp and elbow his nose. I crawl to the gun about to shove it over when I relize, I need it. If I push it over I may go down with it since it's Peeta injected with something new.

With not enough time to react, he pulls me back. I pull the gun along for a short way and flip over on my back. He's pulling me by my feet, about to pull me to my feet to probably punch me, he drops one leg. I take this oppertunity and kick his chest. He falls to the ground and I get up and run to the gun. Regaining his balance faster than I expected, he comes from behind. Having enough time to push him against the door, I do so. My forearm pushing against his chest. the gun in the other hand pointed close to him. Our faces so close, the smallest poke to my back would cause our foreheads to touch. Unable to look at me, he drops his gaze to the ledge below him.

"Peeta..Peeta look at me. Peeta!" I scream at him until he raises his clouded eyes to mine. "Remember who you are, Peeta! Remember!" I take a good look at his face before he drops it. A bloody lip, bloody nose, purple eye, and a bruses along his jaw bone and cheek bone. His refexes must be quick with the stuff in him, but not fast enough to react to what he doesn't know may come next. Suprising enough, he doesn't drop his gaze. He holds it.

"Peeta Mellark." He says, the cloud in his eyes fading slowly. "Husand to you, Katniss Mellark. A Victor in The 74th Hunger Games and played The Quarter Quell with you. A father of two young ones. Captured by the Captiol. Joined a Rebellion..." His voice trailed off thinking fo something else to say. I could tell because I've seen this face offten enough. the cloud in his eyes almost gone. "And," He began again, "I love you."

His clouded vision completely gone leaving only the true blue of his eyes. I move my arm from his chest and brush his hair out of his eyes. Smiling, he does the same to me. He rubs my cheek with the back of his finger, moving it down to my back and back up to my neck. Throwing the gun to the side, we kiss. Our first kiss in months which feels like years. Everything feels like years since the news of The Rebels Rebellion. Sinking into his touch, I don't want to let him go. But eventully we pull apart for air.

"You shouldn't be doing that, you know." A voice startles us. I dive for the gun and point at the figure which is now raising their hands up in surender. Peeta does the same even though the gun isn't even in his direction. The figure steps foward and I check the gun for bullets. Three, good enough for me. I cock the gun again but the figure is infront of me. They lower their head and I see it's Silver. I should have known it wasn't Gale, Silver still has her hair pulled up.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Katniss." Silver slowly says. I lower the gun, not sure to trust her. She takes it and puts it in her belt.

"Katniss..." Peeta says. I look at him and I know by his expression that I should believe her.

"Do you know where the others are?" I ask. She smiles and nods. I come up to my feet and we hear a noise. She pushes me into the shadows with Peeta and pokes her head out the door. Graing the gun she enters the hallway and paces back a forth checking if the coast is clear. She does a low four note whistle that I know too well. Rue's whistle signaling everything is okay. She's okay. Knowing this, I pull Peeta along with my to the doorway. She nods her head to the side and we duck low and run to a doorway. Checking again she gives the call and we follow doing the samething, traveling by hiding in doorways. Repeating this to what seems like until we go around the whole building, she opens a door leading to a wall.

"Silver I thought you were leading me to my family, not a closet!" I whisper loudly. She hushed me and feels the wall.

"Where is it?" She mumbles to herself, "Umm, ah ha!" I hear typing. "Oh, Five, Oh, Eight." Is the keypad number for everything my birthday? The wall opens and shows a worried mother and two kids. I don't need to shove past Peeta and Silver because they make a path for me to cross through. I drop to my knees and gather my family in my arms. My mother whispers something in my ear, I could barely hear it through her sobbing and breath. I just nod and whisper, "I love you, too, mom." I haven't told her this in a while. It feels good to tell her that again. Ever since the games, I never relized how I may see her one day and lose the next. That I should savor everyday like every bite of the lamb stew! It's a weird connection but it's true.

"Come one. We can;t leave the piolt waiting any longer. Someone will see the engine is starting." Silver says and pulls us all together like a train.

"Piolt, engine, what?"

"I'm sending you back to District 12. It's safer there. I have had the cement house by the lake transformed into a sutible living space." She explains on the way up to the roof. Hovercraft after hovercraft is lined up. The majority of them have people inside watching re-runs of the capture of me on telivision. I had no idea it was even brodcasted. Laughing and popping little yellow things in their mouth. Gun still in hand, Silver guides us through a maze of hovercrafts, running past the areas where the people may see us like something Bogs would do. Bogs, our rebelion leader from District 13 before he died. Peeta tried at attack me half way there but is hit in the stomache by Silver. She whispers something in his ear and he repeats what he told me to de-cloud his vision. He calms and moves along again. "Good luck." She tells us as we board the hovercraft.

"Your not coming with us?" I ask. All I would want more is Silver to be with me now more than ever. She shakes her head and holds me hand tight letting me know she will be okay. "No! No!" I can;t accept her not coming alone. "Your going! You are-"

"Katniss." She cuts me off in a quiet and calm tone. "I will be okay. I promise!"

"Can I ask you a question? You know, before we leave?"

"Yes, make it quick before he gets restless." She nods to the poilt who is tapping his foot rapidly.

"Who was your father?"

"Bogs. Now go! I wish you my best!" Suprised by this answer she pushed me along. As the door closes I hear one more thing she says, "May the odds be ever in your favor!" She says in a capitol accent, waving us good-bye.

I wave back then sink into my seat as the hovercraft rises. She runs away unnoticed just as people suround the area the hovercraft once was screaming to arm the weapons. Just as the veiw of them grabing large machine guns from a cart that was rollinng by on tracks, it disapeared. Next I saw was the buildings below. "Lay back and rest. It'll be a long ride." Says an attendent near by. She gives us all blankets and pillows. I'm glad Cinna and Prim were sleeping the whole way to the hovercraft and how they didn't have to see grusome sceans of everything about this rebellion. Another thought floats by. I knew just about all of Silver's family. From her dad now to her grandfather. It is amazing how you could know two people you are for sure to hate, but love two people who are now gone.

Chapter 25

Entering the one room house, I see everything is transformed. A small fire is lit and burning bright, there are two small cotts pushed together and sleeping bags around it. Firewood sits by the fireplace and wild turkey lays next to it. Berries, wild rice, wild onions, and medical herbs are laid out on a small table along with plates and cups in one corner of the room and primroses laid out in a small vase on the window sill. I soak in the room and go to the turkey. Plucking it and cooking it for a meal.

After eating Cinna finds a chest covering in a blanet in the other corner of the room across the table. I open it and find my Mockingjay pin, Peeta's pearl, prictures of my childhood along with some from Peeta's. My dad's old hunting jacket. My mom's fancy dresses that reminds her of home. Under it all is one of my dad's many bow and arrows. The ones I first used when I was ten. Silver worked hard making this our new home and she accomplished it well. I store the left over berries and herbs in a small glass cupboard above the chest. Tucking Prim and Cinna and my mother on the cotts, me and Peeta suggle up in one of the sleeping bags. Doing so reminds me of the time spent in the cave during The 74th Hunger Games. I close my eyes and go in a deep sleep for once with out being injected with anything. It's.....peacefull.

"Katniss! Katniss wake up!" I turn over and see my mom shaking me awake. Cinna and Prim are sound asleep still and Peeta is at the door looking outside.

"What is it?" I ask now wide awake.

"Someone is outside!" I jolt up and grab bow and a quiver of arrows and meet Peeta by the door.

"See anything?" I ask and he shakes his head. "I'll circle around."

"No," He says and grabs my arm before I go, "I won't let you. It's too dangeous."

"We have no choice! Whoever it is, they want me. I would rather have it be me than you!" I say in y defense. He sighs and kissed my forehead and removes his grip off my arm.

I sidestep along the side of the house and keep my bow low. Nearing the corner I hea a twig snap. Throwing myself against the side of the house wall, I close my eyes and take even breaths. Now or never,I think. I push off the wall and take a giant step so I'm not behind the house. I shoot my arrow not bothering to look who it is.

"Woah!" says Peeta as he jumps out of the arrows path.

"Damn it, Peeta! I thought you were in the house!" I feel tears coming.

"I was. I was worried about you, though."

"I was gone for two seconds!" The tears start to build up under my eyes.

"A lot can happen in two seconds, Katniss! I thought you were hurt or worse!"

"Well I'm not!" And the tears stream down my cheeks.

"Katniss..." Peeta says as he walks over to me and pulls me in his arms. I feel my knees buckle and fall slowly. Peeta picks me up and walks over to the back of the house.

Slowly, he drops down to the floor and rest his back against the wall. As he pulls me in closer to him, he strokes my hair and tell me, "Shh, it's going to be okay." I rest my head on his chest and he breaths into my hair.

Once I calm down, he scoops me up again with my quiver over his shoulder and him holding the bow with the hand he's using to hold the bend of my knees, his other hand that is under my neck holds a knife he had before when he was checking outside the door.

"You should move the knife." I say in a whisper.

"Still don't trust me with the venom in me?" I shake my head slowly. A small smile forms at his mouth and he drops my legs so I can stand. Waving the knife infront of him, he smiles. I smile back but is scared, esspecialy since he also has my bow and arrows. He looks to his right at the lake and throws his knife in that direction. I sign in relief and he scoops me up again. He leans down and whispers against my temple, "I will never hurt you, again." then kiss it.

Once at the door he still doesn't drop me. We enter the room and the sound of mumbling turns our head. "Mom?!" Peeta drops me and I run to her colapsed body on the floor. "Mom!?" I scream, shaking her. "Please!" I whisper through my sobbing and tears. Peeta bends down next to me wit Cinna and Prim holding onto him. He pushed his two middle fingers against her neck and chescks for a pulse. He drops his hand and turns away.

"She's dead." I say. My voice is horse and I can't bare the thought That I just lost my mother. After years of putting her aside and not wanting her help, I tried to be with her. A phone call here and there across districts. And now, I don't have her anymore. I turn to Peeta and only one thing catches my eye. The cloud that is drifting across the blue. "Peeta no!" I scream and he launches at me. I jump out of the way and run to the table holding my bow and arrows. It's not far because this house is so small. I grab them and find it difficult to load my bow. I throw it to the side and grab a knife instead. Peeta pushes me against the wall and hits my wrist on the table, knocking the knife out of my writst.

"Peeta Mellark!" I scream, "Husand to me, Katniss Mellark. A Victor in The 74th Hunger Games and played The Quarter Quell with me." He mumbles it then says it louder with me, "A father of two young ones. Captured by the Captiol. Joined a Rebellion..." I smile and say, "And?"

"I love you." He says and the cloud is gone. He moves away from me.

"What did they put in you, Peeta?" I ask. It seems like he attacks me when it's just me and him and/or when someone dies. He just shakes his head and turns to the cott where we find two heads under a blanket. "Prim...Cinna." They look up, scared. I bend down and open my arms and they run into them. I look up at Peeta and he nods.

"Come on you two, lets leave Mommy here with Grandma..." They look back at me scared. I could tell Peeta's heart drops when he finds out his children are scared of him.

"I'll take the kids, Peeta." He just sighs and drops Prim and Cinna's hands. I reclaim their hands and walk outside with them. The air is fresh and crisp when I breath it in. We set out to pick some strawberries Prim found. I make a quick run inside for a basket. I bump into Peeta who is walking out the door holding my mom. We lock eyes for a second and I drop my gaze, like I did when we were younger, Peeta and I. I squeeze past and run back to Prim and Cinna with a basket, not looking behind me to see what Peeta is doing.

"Lets go inside and make some food." I say after a few hours of picking strawberries, flowers, and after I shot three squirrels with Cinna's help on spotting them. After we eat I send Prim outside to give Peeta food. I tell them happy stories by the fire dispite my depressing mood. Forcing a smile now and then, I find it's late and time for dinner. I serve them some of the left over stew from lunch. Peeta comes in and sits off to the side as I finish my story.

"Bed time." I say and Cinna and Prim quickly change and curl up on the bed. Peeta goes in a sleeping bag and I go in the other. "What were you doing outside for so long?" I whisper.

"I burried her. We can have a smal ceremony tomorrow if you want..."

It hasn't occured to me that our conversation has been going on with our backs turned to each other until we both turned to face each other. "Are you okay?." He whispers.

"My mother just died, Peeta." I tell him, "And I don't even know how! I wasn't even with her!"

He faced the ceiling and said, "She had a stab wound in the stomache. Her arm was covering it when we found her." Nodding, I find my hand threaded trough his. He faces me again and brings my hand to his lips. He seems unsure if this is what he sould do now. He hesitates on pulling me closer to him but his hesitation goes away when he sees I'm not going to put up a fight. Resting my head on his chest and his arms wraped around me, I fall asleep hoping not to get a nightmare.

Chapter 26

So, I am wrong. I wake up to a nightmare. Blood streaks on the floor, the chairs and tables all toppled over each other. The door hardly hanging off it's hinges.

"Peeta?" I whisper as I slowly stand up out of the sleeping bag. Peeta isn't by me and my children aren't in their beds. I'm suddenly scared and about to follow the blood trail. The fire is still burning but not as bright. I see the trail lead for the door. Who ever or what ever caused the trail was strugling. The trail lead stright, cuts off by some drips, starts again to the right, the left, then straight again.

"Prim?" I try again. No answer. "Cinna?" not likely Cinna would answer, but it was worth a try. The only thing that replies is the wind whipping through the broken door making its way to me. My teeth chatter at its coldness. I make my way to the chest when I hear whimpering, a sound of metal on bone, then a harsh sound of whispering. I slowly open the chest and pull out my dad's hunting jacket. Slowly, I turn and grab my bow and arrows. My movement plus the wind closes the chest lid with a snap that echos throughout the cement walls. A gunshot makes my ears and I dive to the floor.

Even surrounded by cement walls, a crack forms on the wall when the bullet must have striked. I crawl to the table on the other side of the room where the door hinges are so I'm not shown by the wide gap. I pull my self to look outside to see two figures. One has their arm swung around another's neck with a silhouette of gun in the other hand.

"Come out, come out where ever you are! You can't hide!" I hear the voice tell. The one and only Gale. I could almost see the smirk on his face through the dim light. How did he find me? Was he the one who murdered my mom just early this morning? Did Silver tell him where I was? No, she wouldn't. Would she? She is too unpridictable when it comes to life and death. "Now or I shoot him!"

"Don't believe him, Katniss!" Peeta yells out. Another shot rings out and I hear Peeta's cry of pain. My breathing goes uneven. A noise crawls up my throat and excapes my mouth inbetweens breaths. The gun is cocked and he yells out, now. This voice sounds more powerful than ever making me flinch. I stand and go over the broken door. His mouth moves but I don't hear anything from shock. I guess he wants me to throw my weapon. I do so in the direction he nodded and he smiles.

Throwing Peeta to the ground, he approaches me. I take a quick glanse at Peeta and see his shoulder, waist, and calf bleeding. He's curled up in a ball and looks like he's fading away. The venom must have worked out of his system. If it was still in he would have fought. Distracted by Peeta, Gale takes this moment and brings me in a headlock. Something hits his face and he loses his grip to hold his eye. Taking this moment, I elbow his stomache.

"Run!" I hear a high pitched voice yell out. I do so and dive in the lake. My head breaks the waters surface and I gasp for air. I see another small figure fight Gale and succeeding at it too. From the moonlight I see the small strand of gray hair. Silver has come to my rescue. Gale elbows her face and she whips around and falls. I dive under and again and is about to swim when I hear a splash and something is bringing me down.

"The end of my nightmare...the one I never finished," I think to myself. "This is how the nightmare I got the first couple of days about the Rebels Rebelion. Never finished, and now will be in real life." I kick and scream, only to let bubble rise up and pop at the surface of the water. I'm wasting my oxygen. I look down and see Gale's heavy figure sinking us both. Freeing my leg, I kick his face and scissor my legs upward.

I rise up and swim. I look to the side and see Silver's body gone. She's not there on the edge of the lake like before. Is this all a dream? That I'm fooling myself? Not because dreams are never this realistic. I'm climbing onto the shore when something grabs me and pulls be back in the lake.

"Here we go!" Gale says through his teeth. I grab onto katniss roots so I don't sink back down into the lake but they end up ripping out of the earth. I grab something not a root. It's smooth. I get a gip on it and see it shine in the moonlight. Peeta's knife. With all my force I whip around and stab it where I feel Gale's hands. I hit his forearm and he screams in pain. Releasing his grip on me, his attention turns to the knife. I run to my arrows. I fall just a foot away from them and crawl my way to them. Loud, angry foot steps rush in my direction. I load my bow and turn on my back. Gale is standing there laughing at me. The knife is out of his arm. He has another gun, smaller than the other.

"It's over!" He spits out. Blood drips from his mouth although he is still laughing. "Bullets fly faster than arrows, Catnip." He steps closer and I raise my bow higher. Laughing he raises his gun and cocks it, ready to shoot.

"What ever happened to your arrows, Gale?" I ask, trying to buy me some time.

"I like the guns better. Makes me feel like I have more....control. Power."

"You barely have control over your own rebelion, Gale. Just admit it." I see a small figure creep up a few feet away from him. They walk low behind him. I see a small gun in their hand then their other hand rise up to their lips and put a finger up to it to form something inidating a, shh. Gale must have seen my eyes changed from him to behind him because he's turning his head slowly. The figure walks faster, still low and darts to the side of the house before he see's them. A gray shine in their hair meaning it's Silver.

"What?" Gale asks when he turns around.

"Nothing," I say quickly, more urgent to get his atention away from behind him and back on me, "Nothing at all. Just thought I saw a...a rabit." A rabit? What am I thinking?!

"Better check then." He smiles. Taking is slow, easy, quiet stride-the same one when we used to go hunting-to near by bushes." "I slowly stand up, my bow still loaded. Gale walks directly past Silver when she creeps out of the shadows. She follows behind for a couple of steps, his gun held low. About to shoot, I watch in silence. I creep closer to her but leave a few feet between us. She steps on a twig and Gale shoots around and pulls his triger. Silver shoots her gun at the same time and hits Gale in the side of his neck. Silver takes a few steps back before toppling over and falling on her back. Her-or, well, Gale's gun-goes flying behind her. Gale has already fell to his knees then on his back. I run to Silver and lay her head on my lap.

Chapter 27

"Silver, Silver!" I find myself shaking and screaming her name. Her mouth moved a little and I know she's alive, just weak from shock. "Where did it hit you?" It takes me a while to figure out what she's saying. She strugles lifting up her arm and I see Gale all of a sudden towering over me. Not him, but his shadow that is casting from the sun slowl breaking through the night sky. I'm suddenly paralyzed with shock. How the hell is he still breathing?! I stumble backward on all fours. My hand finds my arrow and bow. I load it and aim at him. Something hit him before my arrow but I still shoot him. The arrow hits perfectly in the stomache. He turn to the side and I see the arrow came out of his back too. A knife is dug deep in his skull.

That's when I notice Peeta's frame standing behind Gale. Gale slowly puts one and to the back of his head while the other is rested around the arrow. I'm still crouched in a shooting postision when Peeta kicks Gale to be sure he's dead. He makes his way over to me. I rest my head on his shoulder. His face in my hair, his lips brushing against me neck spreading warmth through me. We stay like that until we hear coughing. We break apart and I crawl to Silver, resting her head back in my lap. The sun is almost all the way up. The morning shine makes Silver hair look more beautiful. Her dark strands of hair mixed with gray strands. The gray was never really gray, but a shiny version of gray. Like Silver. Red strands balace it all out. I stroke her hair long, wavy hair out of her face while Peeta is inside looking for the book witht he medical herbs listed in it.

As the sun makes it's slow trip up in the sky, I see a better look of the wound. The gun hit her stomache, missing her major organs by at least an inch. Tear fill her eyes and fall own the corner of her eyes. Mine drip down my cheek and fall on her face. Whipping them away is a waste of time because more come, eventually.

"Katniss..." Silver's voice trails off. I manage to choke out one word, "Yes?" She reaches in her jacket pocket and pulls out a gold necklace. The gold is dark and more bronze, but still gold. The chain is long and at the end of it holds a thick circular object. It looks like a large locket. It spins in the air. I hold it in my hand as she drops the chain. I rub my thumb along the back of it. The back has flowers and vines engraved in it with small leafs. I flip it over and the front has a pattern on dots...small, heart shaped dots. Around the dots are curved lines. I look inbetween the lines and hearts and see white with black lines. She lifts her hand and pushes a button on the top on it. The front opens, showing a small clock with simple numbers. The minute and hour hand are thick then expand outward becomeing thinner. At the tips of the hand are cirlces with a point at the tip of the circles.

"I found it in a tree following you once in the woods a while ago," She whispers, "It was just hanging off the branch, like the tree was handing it too me." She smiles a little at this. "Keep it, please." Se closes her eyes causing the tears that puddled at the bottem of her eyes to fall.

"I will." I whisper, my voice cracking. A golfsize lump forms in the throat. I try to swollow it down, only causing more tears to stream down my face.

"Forever..." She whipsers after a few minutes of silence. I takes all her strenth to close the lid of the small clock and to barely breath that one word. Her sentence doesn't seem finished. The word echos in the air as she slips away from me. The sun claims it's morning and Mockingjays begain to sing. Peeta walks out the door holding the book when he stops short. I may look crazy right now, red stains from tears on my cheeks, still holding onto a dead girl that I felt like was me in a way. Peeta sets the books down and walks over to me. He puts a hand over my shoulder and I lean my head on his soulder. We stay like that for hours, letting our tears flow for the loss of my mother, of Silver. I have to admit, I even cry a little for Gale. He was my life long friend who hurt everyone from jelously.

I lift my head and look at the trees in a distance. Mockingjay's fly up into the morning sky. Opening my hand, I see the closed clock. The flower and vine pattern on my palm along with the lid pattern on my fingers. Slipping it over my head, I look up and gasp and can only whisper one thing. One word. Once sentence. "Always."


Peeta makes silly faces at Prim and Cinna while holding our new baby girl, Silver. Smiling, I go and join him and our children. Just a few months ago we held a ceremony for my mother and another for Silver and a very seperate one for Gale. I remember me dressed up in one of my mothers dresses, holding out my three middle fingers up to the large stones with their names and birthday and death year. I don't know when Silver was born so I had to count fourteen years back to figures a year.

The morning Gale killed my mother was followed by something Peeta told me that help me get what happened that night. He said that Silver came in our cement home the night Gale attacked us and took Prim and Cinna to the hover craft with the piolet of the hovercraft's watch. She had no time to get me or Peeta to safety because she already heard the hovercraft making it's way to us. She lead the group I was in with her and Peeta and Haymitch. Everything was planed. I was told when she changed sides, it was a plan. I believe it was for family but then again, I was always not told everything until it happened. She was at the first uprising at the capitol, she knew the ambush was going to happen, she knew everything. Silver was smarter than she looked.

It turns out that after me and my family left on the hovercraft to our new home, she and her group of people raided the building. Bombs blew up every story. Guns were shot randomly. Weapons flew out of people's hands hitting everything in it's path. The majority of her group got out before the building came crashing down. I found that she never ment for it too happen, but some of the men got carried away with the bombs killing her only living family. Everything seemed to fall into place after getting all the details from Haymitch and Effie who vist my new home in the woods. After what Silver did to turn the one room cement hut into a home, I just couldn't leave it. Peeta and Haymitch are working on building more rooms around the cement house, but nothing will change in this room ever.

"Katniss..." Peeta says as he holds out a crying Silver. I can't help the smile that creeps up on my face as I shake my head. I scoop Silver in my arms and walk over to a small rocking chair my the only window. It takes minutes to calm Silver down and get her too sleep. Haymitch watches Peeta play with the kids as he plays catch with himself and Prim at times.

I turn my head and look not at the baby and mother deer outside the window, but what's on the window sill. Right in the center holds a vase of Primroses. To the right of it holds a picture of me and my whole family in an old frame. On the top corner of the frame holds a pocket size picture of Peeta and his family. On the other side of the vase is a picture of our new family. Peeta, Haymitch, me, Effie, baby Silver, Prim, and Cinna. Next to that picture is Peeta's pearl. My eyes move to the bottem on the vase. Leaning against the vase is my Mockingjay Pin refelting gold lines from the sunshine and right next to that, Silver's locket. Lid open to a still clock.


OR IS IT...?


I would like to keep this short, simple and straight to the point! I would love to thank everyone for reading this, first of all! When my friends wanted a 4th book for this wicked crazy amazing lovely trilogy, I wasn;t sure of it. I was scared of the ending being ruined like most books that continue as a series. But I tok the chance! And turns out many people cross America love it! Thanks for that! Everyone's comments kept me going(good and bad). I would also thank one of my best friends for helping me come up with part of this! Shekept me going when I was at a dead-end and pulled me away when I worked "over-time" on writing. I could never have done it without my friends complaining about the ending!

About the Author

My real name isn't Arlene though. It is Kelci. I get refered to by my middle name, Brook, at times. I have a ton of nicknames and it's just crazy! I want to go to Hamilton College or Hopkins University(which is far away from CA/home but they have good classes for English Majors who want to become Fictional Authors) and even though I have 4 years until I graduate, I am still going to plan my future! I love anything creative and being creative.

FOREVR: 5th book of The Hunger Games -->'sTHG/Forever:5th_book_of_The_Hunger_Games

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